The Tiger's tails 02
The first time II

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It started with me gasping as cold water fell on me.

“What happened?” I asked, startled, to no one in particular. The sound of my voice made my head ring. I moaned as I tried to remember how much I drank the previous night. Everything after the tenth ale was fuzzy; Dwarven ale will do that.

“We fought.” I looked up to see Thor holding a pitcher. Thor was a lion, he was part of the mercenary group I had joined three years before. I had accidentally stumbled upon them while running from a bunch of killers. At the time the group numbered twenty. Now, there was only four of us left; Me, Thor, Sulan and Shadow.

Sulan was a vixen, she led us, although Thor liked to claim that title for himself every change he got. He also liked to try and claim her, but most of the time she managed to bring him down pretty quickly. They were two of the best fighters I’d ever seen.

Shadow was a black panther, and even after three years all I knew was that he was a sorcerer, the rest was a mystery.

There had been a fifth member, Katara, but she’d died in our latest mission, and was the reason I drank so much, trying to drown the sorrows.

“Who did we fight?” as I asked, I noticed that he had some claw marks on his face and chest. I knew those hadn’t been there before.

“Each other.”

“By Lumar’s claws why did we do that?” I was genuinely surprised. We’d never been the best of friends, even when he was training me. I thought he was just a lazy blowhard who preferred talking the credit for something already done rather than doing it himself. Not to mention that I didn’t think highly of Lions in general. What ever he’d though of me he kept to himself, but I knew he was always working me harder than he had to.

“You don’t remember?” He didn’t seem surprised. How much ale did I have?

“I hardly remember coming back to the room, let alone fighting you. Which one of us started it?

He shrugged “Does it matter?”

I focused on the previous night, trying to remember something; I could almost grasp something about a fight. “What ever it is I said must have been a lot to get your lazy butt off that chair and up here.” I had this image of him glaring at me while I said something. That was before the fight, I was pretty sure of that.

“Don’t you start that again,” he said in an exasperated tone. “Do you have any idea how tiring it is to hear you constantly put me and my kind down? Why are you always trying to get a reaction out of me?”

I tried to give him one on my snappy comebacks, but I couldn’t. I realized at that moment that I’d never stopped to think about why I was doing it. Sure he was lazy, and he pushed me hard, but that wasn’t why I’d been doing it. Then there was the fact that his kind and mine weren’t suppose to get along from hearing people talk, but that made even less sense. While I’d done a lot of wondering about where I came from and who my people were, I’d never been one to hold any kind of blind loyalty. Specially not to some people I didn’t even know.

For the first time, I actually took some time to think about why I’d done something.

“I resent you.” I finally said

“Me?” I’d never seen him surprised by anything before. “Why?”

“Lots of little things; the way you never seem to be bothered by anything, the way you always get up and go back after what you want, no matter how many times Sulan beats you down.” He chuckle briefly, “and for teaching me all you did.”

He looked at me seriously while cleaning one of his cuts. “You realize that makes no sense?”

I looked at him. I wanted to look fierce. I wanted to be angry at him for not understanding, for making me explain it, therefore making it real to me.

But I just looked away. “Before I met you I was supreme. I was the best fighter there was, the best thief. Sure I was pretty much always in over my head, but I never needed to depend on anyone.” He tilted an ear in my direction. “I know it was just an illusion, but it was pretty much the only thing I ever had to hang on to. I guess the reason I resent you is because you forced me to grow up.

“That had to happen eventually.” He looked around for a cloth to dry his fur. Not finding one he, took off his loincloth and used that instead. I worked very hard at not looking at his naked body. I didn’t feel very worthy of it at that moment. “This must be the first time you don’t try to catch a glimpse of me.”

“You knew?” I looked up, surprised. He nodded. “You never said anything.”

“Why should I have? I enjoyed looking at you. Only fair you got to look back.” He was grinning and his sheath was swelling.

My ears started burning. I didn’t know what to say, or do. I’d imagined doing many things to him, but I’d figured it was just youthful fancy. “What about Sulan?”

He chuckled. “Me and Sulan? That’s mostly play. We’ve laid together, but I’ve never been her first choice in males, and females have never been mine. But we do it because it keeps her on her toes, and forces me to think of new ways around her defenses.”

I gulped. “Are you saying you and me . . . you want . . .” I couldn’t get myself to say anything, so I just pointed to the bed I was on.

He tilted his head to the side, “don’t you?”

Of course I wanted to, but I was also terrified of it happening. I had spent so many nights imagining it. What if it didn’t measure up to? What if I didn’t measure up to what he was expecting?

He sat next to me. I didn’t dare look at him. I was afraid something would happen, and that nothing would, at the same time. I was quite a mess.

I closed my eyes when I felt him run his paw through my headfur. Suddenly he grabbed it and pulled back, forcing me to tilt my head back and expose my throat. I was scared again. Not having been raised by my kind I didn’t know the significance of this kind of act. All I knew was that I felt vulnerable.

Before I could say, or do, anything he took my throat in his jaws. I could feel his teeth pressing on the veins on each side of my neck. This is it, I thought, he’s going to kill me now over what I said last night. It had all been a trick to let me drop my guard. I held my eyes shut tight. Any moment now he was going to rip my throat out.

“Are you ok?” I’d been so busy concentrating on my doom that I hadn’t felt him let go of me. “I can smell how scared you are.” I looked at the floor. “Have you ever done this before?” I shook my head. I wasn’t sure what he meant by ‘this’, but I’d never been held like that before. “Have you ever laid with a male?”

“Five or six years ago.”

“What did you do?”

“I sucked him, then I mounted him.”

“Nothing else? What about before and after that?”

“We slept after.” I shrugged. I hadn’t known there was suppose to be anything more to it.

“I see.” Thor was pensive for a few moments. “Alright, lie on the bed.”

“What? Why?” He had me confused, again. He was always good at that.

He patted my leg. “Don’t argue with me. When I grabbed your throat it was to show dominance, so I’m in charge this time. We can fight for dominance next time, but right now you do what I say.”

I laid back as he’d told me, unsure of what he was going to happen.

“I suggest you relax, unless you want me to make you relax?”

Telling someone to relax, especially when using that flat tone, was like yelling at someone to sleep. It didn’t work. I tried, but he was making me so nervous. I had more conflicting emotions in me than ever before. When he saw I was still nervous he sighed and kneeled beside the bed, resting his head next to mine, his muzzle almost in my ear. The first thing that crossed my mind was the he would bite my ear off. Instead he just breathed next to it for a while.

And I relaxed.

After that he slowly licked my ear, inside and out. The feeling was unlike anything I had felt, it was comforting. He then groomed the side of my head, before climbing on the bed himself, on all fours over me, and did the rest of my face. All that time I felt like I should be going something back, but I couldn’t figure out what.

He moved down to my neck, lovingly grooming it before moving to my chest. Slowly and methodically he licked my fur, never stopping or going over the same spot twice, even when he found some that I really enjoyed, like my nipples and sides, not to mention my cock.

I feel into a sort of trance, time ceased to exist. All that was real was the contact of his tongue on my fur.

When he finished grooming my front, he slowly lowered himself, careful about how much weight he put on me. I opened my eyes to look into his, he was smiling. He lowered his head until our muzzle touched. I felt him open his muzzle, and his tongue gently prying mine to do the same.

I did, and shared my first kiss.

It was a bit clumsy, my fault, but I’ll never forget the way it felt, the tenderness that came from it, the way his tongue moved against mine, his taste. When he pulled away I felt like something was being ripped from me.

I watched him move down my body, his mane gliding over my fur, making me shiver slightly. During out kiss, my cock became so hard it was painful. When his mane slid over it I moaned in delight. He could have made me cum just by shaking his mane on it, but he kept moving all the way down.

Then he rested his head between my legs, his muzzle right under my ballsac. He put my legs over his shoulders and, where he had just licked them before, he played with my balls. He took them in his muzzle, he nipped them, lapped them. His paws rested on my stomach, not doing more than kneading it.

I was gasping, shuddering moaning, begging him to stop, asking for more and, we would discover the next day, clawing the sheets to shreds.

When he stopped I was panting,, only he didn’t give me much time to rest. He dropped my legs on the bed and nibbled the base of my cock. I started uttering the names of various Gods. I probably even made up a few on the spot. I’d never felt anything like this before. The experience with the bear had been pleasurable, but nothing to really make me want more. This? . . . Oh THIS I wanted to feel again and again, but I also wanted to cum, unfortunately he seemed to be in no hurry. It was maddening every time I tried to move he just held me in place.

After an eternity of, wonderful, torture he finally moved up. My cock throbbed under his wonderfully raspy tongue. The only thing preventing me from bucking was him holding me down. Slowly, too damn, but oh did it feel great, slowly he licked his way up my shaking shaft right to the sensitive tip.

Then he took my cock into his muzzle. It was so hot that I thought I was going to blow right there, but (thankfully?) it didn’t happen. He swallowed me, again so slowly it was, delightful, torture. With his nose in my groin he rested, his tongue continuing to tease me with languid caresses. Then he sucked me good. At that point it didn’t matter how fast he went, or that he’d hit the proper spot, I was like a crossbow, ready to shoot at the merest touch.

And shoot I did.

The orgasm hit me so hard that I roared. This time he let me buck, drinking my seed while never stopping his sucking. Even once my climax had passed and I wasn’t feeding him anymore he kept going, making me moan and groan. He finally, unfortunately, stopped. I was utterly exhausted, and content

He lay beside me, gently stroking my side, letting me rest. “That wasn’t so bad now? Was it?”

I didn’t risk saying anything. I don’t think I could have been coherent. I just smiled.

After a few minutes he turned me on my stomach, my legs hanging over the side of the bed. He went to my bag and took out a bottle of liquefied fat, which I normally used on noisy hinges.

As he came back I had the time to look at his beautiful spear. It was longer than mine, but seemed to be thinner. He kneeled behind me and I gulped. Not in fear, I was just nervous. I had no idea what this would feel like, but I couldn’t imagine it would fit.

He must have noticed my worries because he rubbed my back. “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. If this hurts just tell me.” I nodded, but nonetheless braced myself for it.

The first thing I felt was his warm breath as he lifted my tail. Then he licked along my crack until he reached my hole. The feeling of his tongue pushing against my ring of muscle caught me so much by surprise that I tensed up. After a few moments I relaxed, and the next time he did it I was able to remain like that, letting him explore as far as his tongue would go. The sensation was unusual; it felt strange having something moving around down there. But at least it wasn’t painful.

He removed his tongue and replaced it with a finger. He pushed it in, deeper than his tongue had been able to and moved it around. THAT felt really strange. It was slightly painful, but nothing too bad. He took it out and pushed it back in a few times, he later explained that it was to make sure I was well oiled, and moved in closer. When I felt something press against my asshole I knew what it was.

The sensation of his cock entering me made me gasp. It felt like he was ripping me apart. He stopped at the first sound I made and slowly pulled back. He waited a little and pushed back in. It didn’t feel as bad, He went in a little deeper before I had to clench my teeth. I didn’t want to tell him to stop, but he must have noticed, because that’s what he did. He didn’t pull out, he just stayed there, giving me time to get used to the size of him. It felt like he was trying to push in a tree trunk

Once the pain subsided I let him know and he pushed again. This time he managed to enter me completely. His cock was pressing against something that made me feel strange. He slowly pulled back and then started thrusting. Now I knew why the bear had buried his muzzle in a pillow, because I did the same. The pain didn’t last long and even through it there was an underlining sensation that was quite pleasurable. As he pushed and pulled himself in and out I got more comfortable and the pain vanished completely.

I was quite sore the next day. Not that I ever complained about it

At first I tried to analyze what I was feeling, but then I simply lost myself in the sensation. Soon I was extremely relaxed, so relaxed that I was found myself purring, to my great surprise.

He kept thrusting in me, speeding up, or slowing down, as he liked. I knew he came when his paws tightened up, making his claws dig in my sides slightly, and I felt something new inside of me. But he didn’t have any other reactions, not even a sound. He didn’t change his rhythm or stop thrusting. Some time later his paws tensed again, and still he kept going in silence, and again after that.

Being so new at this I had no idea if that was normal, it was for him, and if I hadn’t been enjoying myself so much I might have grown concerned. On the fourth time he started grunting right before his claws dug in me, and his thrusts became ragged as he filled me again. And then he collapsed on tom of me.

He held me tenderly, and whispered in my ear. “Now you know what I keep my strength for”

I nodded and decided, as I fell asleep, that being lazy wasn’t such a bad thing.

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