The Tiger's tails 03

Taking the bull by the horn

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I woke up slowly, trying to figure out why the world was shaking, or why my chest hurt so much. The last question was answered first as I remembered being hit by a large . . . something.

I had been running from the city guards, I remembered that much. I knew I’d lost them when I entered the forest, but I kept on running, just enjoying the wind through my fur, the sound of the animals I was scaring away, and the clean scents of nature. After a week in the city that was the most invigorating smell I can think of.

What ever hit me I never saw coming.

I realized something was bothering me, a smell; unwashed fur.

I opened my eyes and found the answer to the first question. I was being carried over someone’s shoulder. My muzzle was pressed in short, curly, fur, the smell of which made my nose wrinkle. I carefully looked down and saw a wonderfully think cock swaying from side to side.

I closed my eyes and controlled my breathing. I needed to avoid giving away my reaction. It had been months since I’d tasted cock, let along had decent sex.

I decided not to wait for my carrier to realize I was awake and pushed myself off. I rolled on the ground, and stood, catching sight of a beautifully firm ass and short tail before my ex-captor turned around.

He was a bull, rather young looking, who looked angry. He said something in his language, which I, unfortunately, didn’t understand. I just stood there, so he rushed me. I jumped over him and we turned, facing each other again. He started talking, it sounded like he was whining, not that I was paying much attention at that point. I was too captivated by his shaft of pleasure.

The wind shifted and I was reminded of how dirty he was, that would have to be seen to first. I didn’t know where we were in the forest, but I knew it was crisscrossed by streams.

When he charged again I turned and ran, making sure to remain just out of his reach. It was a merry chase, which continued until I caught the smell of water on the wind. And once I heard the water I sprinted for it, making enough noise for him to follow.

It wasn’t a stream, but a river, which was even better. I climbed a tree and out of my clothes, finally freeing my erection. I’ve never cared for clothes, but city folks have strange ideas about that.

He came crashing through the foliage, and I watched him come to a stop at the edge of the river, looking around for me. All I had to do was jump down behind him and shove him in the water.

He trashed in it, getting up quickly and walking to the shore. I pushed him right back in. I had to do that three more times before he finally understood that I wanted him to stay in there. He stood there, with a sullen look, the water up to his waist. He obviously didn’t like the water, but from his smell I figured it was more because he wasn’t used to it than any actual fear

I entered the water and stood in front of him. Being smaller the water was over my belly. We stared at each other for a time. The authority had shifter and he didn’t like it.

I lowered myself until the water was over my shoulders. I looked up and motioned for him to do the same. He didn’t move. I motioned again. He simply stared at me.

So I kicked his leg out from under him.

He trashed and got up, but only took his head out of the water. We remained like that for a while, staring each other down. Then I started moving around him, but he turned with me, making sure we remained facing.

I signed for him to turn around, but, again, he only stared. I raised an eyebrow, sighing. It seemed like he was intent on making me work at it.

He must have recognized something in the look, because he turned around, but without taking his eyes off me.

I placed a paw on each of his shoulders making him flinch and move several step away. I waited for him to calm down before signaling him closer, and once he did that, to turn around.

Again I placed my paws on his shoulders. He tensed, but stayed there, just looking at me over his shoulder. I waited until he was used to my paws there before pushing him down until our heads were level. He resisted, but only a little. Then I slowly kneaded his shoulders, careful to keep my claws sheathed. I wanted him to enjoy this, not howl in pain.

He relaxed quickly as I massaged his muscles. This had the same effect on every male, and probably females, they melt. He did the same, if to a lesser extent.

After the shoulders I rubbed his back, letting the water carry away most of the dirt that had caked on him. I didn’t go further down because I’d have to submerge myself for that and while I love being in water, being under it I didn’t. Water in your ears is hell to get out . . . alone.

When I moved in front of him I was surprised to see his eyes were closed. He had stopped looking at me when I was doing his back, but I hadn’t expected him to relax this much. He opened his eyes when I started rubbing his chest, looking at me, and then closed them.

I worked my way down his fuzzier chest. As a race bulls are probably as furless as it’s possible to be, while still having fur. This particular bull only had very short, black, fur on his head, shoulders, chest and a small line going down to his groin, which had longer fur; the rest of his body only a hint of fur, almost invisible against his light brown hide.

Passing a paw over a nipple I squeezed it lightly, not enough to pinch, just so he’d feel it. His breath caught a little, but that was his only reaction.

That was a good sign

I crouched down as I rubbed lower on his belly, the water now to my neck. Finally, I slowly, but firmly, rubbed a paw over his cock.

His breath caught and he looked at me.

Luckily it wasn’t a look of horror, something I’ve had a few times with males whose signals I misread, or of anger, which usually followed the horrorred look. So I rubbed all the was to the tip, which was slowly rising. I traced circles on the head, but lightly and not too long. Most males love that, but it can quickly become too intense to be pleasurable.

He closed his eyes, and I’m pretty sure I saw a smile. I let go of his cock and stood up, pulling him along with me. It looked like he was about to object, but one of his nipples emerged from the water and I licked it

My rough tongue made him take a deep breath. I slowly suckled on it and then lightly nipped it. I could feel him shiver. I went from one to the other as I continued to pull him up. Eventually he was standing, with his paws on my shoulders to steady himself.

While my muzzle was on his nipples, my paws slowly roamed his body, gently rubbing or scritching him, letting my claws very lightly rake his skin. His sides proved to be especially sensitive; making him moan lightly each time I’d pass a paw there.

When I scratched the inside of his thighs he nearly fell. I tried to keep him up, but we would both have fallen if he hadn’t regained his footing. This was as good a time to get him to the shore as any.

I had him lie down on his back and I lied on my belly, between his legs. He looked at me with curiosity, and a bit of anticipation, as I buried my muzzle under his balls and took a deep breath. With the dirt washed away he was left with a nice musk, a male scent that aroused me even more.

I regained some control over myself; after all I did have a goal in mind here. While I’m sure he was enjoying himself I was after one and one thing only; his cock up my ass. But I wasn’t going to just sit on him; I wanted this to be something he’d remember for a while.

I slowly licked his balls, from under to over and then back again. My rough tongue was just what was needed on his tough skin. I doubt he would have felt anything softer. As it was I had him moaning and panting. Then I started working on his shaft, licking up to find the sensitive, and not so sensitive, spots. I played with them, licking and nibbling as was needed until his cock was throbbing. I stayed away from the head of his cock since I didn’t want him to cum too soon.

When I saw the large drop of precum forming I knew he was ready. Normally I’d lick it right off, but this time it was going to be lube, since I didn’t have my own oil. I straddled his stomach and with a paw guided his cock under my tail, rubbing the wet tip against my hole.

His expression changed to one of worry, and he might have put a stop to this, if I hadn’t impaled myself on it to make sure he couldn’t. It hurt. I’d done that faster than I should have, but I knew it’d pass, and this was going to be worth while. Our eyes were locked together as I forced all of him inside me. He didn’t look like he felt pain, only worries marred his face.

Once I was sitting on him I caught my breath. My cock was hard and throbbing, but I wasn’t paying any attention to it. With the pain receding I was feeling comfortably full. I sat up, slowly pulling almost completely off him. The feeling of his shaft moving inside me was extraordinary. It had been a long time since anyone had filled me this well.

The look on his face told me he was really enjoying this. I closed my eyes as I lowered myself again so I could concentrate on what I was doing, and feeling; slowly up and slowly down, until I was loosened enough, then I picked up the pace.

Ma purring could probably be heard across the entire forest.

I was going steady when he started stroking me. The sheer surprise of it stopped me moving. He was clumsy at first, holding my cock too hard, or moving his paw too fast, but I showed him how to do it, and it was doing great in no time. I went back to what I was doing, moving slowly at first so he could get used to stroking me at the same time, and then faster

I was already so worked up that I knew I wouldn’t last long. Quickly I felt my balls tighten. I tried to relax, to prolong the pleasure, but feeling both his paw on me and his cock in me was too much.

My orgasm hit like a fist, but it was a much needed release. The spasm came one after the others as I tried to keep working his cock. I don’t know if it was the sight of me cumming, or my ass tightening around his cock, but he quickly filled me with his cum, grunting in time with the spurts I could feel inside me.

I opened my eyes once we’d both calmed down. I chuckles at the sight of my cum spread all over his chest and even his muzzle. I picked up a spot of cum with my finger and licked it clean, enjoying the taste. I presented him my finger, which I’d recovered with cum, he sniffed it, and then licked it, but made a face. Obviously he didn’t care for the taste as much as I did. I licked his chest clean before lying down on him, feeling his cock slowly slip out of me.

We were quickly asleep

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