The Tiger's tails 04


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I was running in the woods this time. The wind was ruffling my fur, there was the scent of wet earth from the rain the night before and animals were running away. Not that I was paying attention to any of it, I couldn’t afford to. I was being hunted.

It had showed up as I left the city, a shadow across the sky. A big shadow. A dragon’s shadow.

I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, after all dragons weren’t that uncommon, but when it dove for me I ran, and hadn’t stopped since.

I could have tried to escape by going through to another world, but dragons were powerful sorcerers, there were no guaranties it wouldn’t be able to follow me. And I preferred keeping my amulet a secret, the fewer people who knew about it, the better were my chances of pulling a vanishing act when I really needed to.

At that point in my life, there were only four dragons who wanted to get me. Those were the four still alive from the seven I’d had dealings with, although one wasn’t technically alive, but death hadn’t been enough to stop him from trying to get me.

It also occurred to me that I was still running, so I was alive. Any of the four who wanted me would be happy to roast me on the spot. That it wanted me alive was unsettling. Don’t smile, when a dragon doesn’t kill you outright it means it has something much worst in mind. Some have been known to use their enemies as guinea pigs for their experiments, maintaining them alive through all sort of gruesome things.

It also opened up the possibility that it might have been hired to get me. It was rare, but not unheard of. Gold could move a dragon in strange ways, and I had plenty of enemies who could afford to pay a dragon, I was just surprised that they’d be willing to separate themselves from that gold to start with. It would take a lot of gold.

I did have one advantage; I knew the lay of the land from when I did a job here. If thing hadn’t changed there was a tunnel not far. It went under a hill, to a cavern which, ironically enough, used to be a dragon’s lair before me and some friends killed it. That was the one who wouldn’t stay dead. The last time I’d seen it the entrance was almost completely collapsed, with only enough room for someone much smaller than a dragon to fit through. I hoped it was still the same.

It roared as the entrance came into view. I used the last of my strength to make it and jump in. The dragon barely missed me as it swooped down. I forced myself up and moved further in as I heard it land. I didn’t want to be close to the entrance in case it decided to be satisfied with my roasted hide.

Since my world didn’t turn into an inferno, nor did the ceiling come crashing down I figured I was safe, for now. I looked around, catching my breath. The place hadn’t changed all that much even after what must have been at least a century. The walls were cracked, and some places, further in, were partially caved in, all as a result of the battle with that dragon. And that fight had happened much father in, in the dragon’s actual cavern. That gives you an idea of how much damage an angry dragon can do.

I started walking again. The cavern had other exits; with luck one of them would be accessible and I’d be able to use it to escape without the dragon noticing. When I reached it the cavern looked much larger than I remembered, specially with all the gold gone. We’d taken some of it, as much as we could carry, as part of our payment. The others must have come back for the rest, or some villager overcame his fears of the place and became extremely rich.

A paw dropped on my shoulder and an instant later I’m out of reach, sword in hand. The visibility wasn’t great, but there was enough light for me to make out a bull, a very muscular bull. He was unarmed, wearing only travel leathers, but with fists as large as his he could still do plenty of damage.

We stood, facing each other. In the silence I heard the faint sound of claws clicking on stone. The dragon had found a way in. At that point it was obvious the bull was working with it so I got myself ready for a fight that might send me to the edge of death, again.

“It’s been a long time tiger,” he said in his deep voice, taking me by surprise. Conversation wasn’t exactly what I was expecting at this point.

“Am I suppose to know you?” I tried to remember him. I’d known too many people to expect to remember them all, but I was sure I’d remember such a specimen.

“You don’t remember me.” I could have sworn he was smiling.

We were interrupted by the dragon, or rather a miniature version of it (still twice the height of the bull), entering the cavern. I readied myself for the fight, but the dragon barely glanced my way. He went for the bull, rubbing himself against him. The bull didn’t move, but it became apparent, from the bulge forming in his breeches, he enjoyed it.

I took a deep breath and focused. The situation was too dangerous to let lust get in the way. I had been right about them working together, I just hadn’t figured on them working THAT closely. I shut down that thought before it sent my mind fantasizing about the two of them together.

I was in deep trouble. I promised myself to never mess with dragons ever again, assuming there was going to be a ‘again’ period.

“Is it he?” The dragon asked, lowering its head next to the bull’s.

“Yes,” the bull answered, running a finger along the dragon’s jaw, “he hardly changed.”

I tried to remember who he was again. The only bull I could remember hunting down was dead, unless someone had resurrected him, but he’d never been able to speak intelligently. He was just a dumb beast.

“Gooood,” answered the dragon, grinning. I’d seen grins like that before, on other dragons. He was hungry, and I was to be the main course.

Against either of them alone I stood a chance. I could beat the bull, or evade the dragon, but together . . . I had none. Now was the time to leave.

I concentrated and felt the gateway open behind me. I stepped back, or at least I tried, but my body refused to move. The dragon looked at me, his grin becoming wider. I’d forgotten a simple, and important fact, Dragons were sorcerers.

Very good sorcerers.

I was theirs to do as they pleased. If I’d thought it could help I’d have prayed. As it was I cursed the Gods and fought against the hold.

“How is he?” asked the bull.

“Annoyed, angry, cursing Gods, and realizing I can see his mind.”

He was right, and that explained how the bull knew to be in this cavern.

“Is he afraid?”

By the Gods, no I wasn’t afraid, I was too fucking mad to be afraid. The dragon conveyed my thought, without the vehemence, I’d thrown in for his benefit. I tried to ask what they wanted, but while my tongue worked, by lips didn’t. Even I didn’t understand what came out.

The dragon translated.

The bull moved close to me, his muzzle next to my ear. “What I want,” he said in a neutral tone, taking the sword out of my paw, “is payback.” He sounded like someone one who had spent years rehearsing exactly what he’d say. “Years ago you did something to me that marked me for the rest of my life.” He looked me in the eyes. “I don’t blame you for not remembering, but I never forgot you, or that day you pushed me in the river, rubbed my back and had me make love to you.”

It all clicked. I remembered who he was. That’s what you’re mad about? I sent to the dragon, hoping he’s say it for me. But he only grinned back. He could have stopped me anytime he wanted I told the dragon since I couldn’t say it out loud. He was bigger than I was; all he’d had to do was try.

He moved his face very close to mine. His voice became soft. “I can guess what you’re thinking. I’m not angry at what you did. When I woke up I wanted to thank you in kind, but you had left. When I saw you in the city a few days ago I knew I could finally show you what that day meant to me.” He moved his head back next to my ear. “I hope you can forgive the game we played to get you here.” He then proceeded to slowly lick the inside of my ear.

My loud moaning, and my knees giving under me were the signs that my body was my own again.  He held me up, moving his licking along my neck. I shuddered pleasurable for the entire duration. Once I’d recuperated from it he let go of me.

“I’d like to present my lifemate to you.” The dragon moved closer. “You can try saying his dragon name, but he’s happy with Growl.”

The dragon lowered his head to my level and smiled. This time the smile was tender “Wanted to thank you also.”

“Why?” I asked, surprised.

“You initiated me to the pleasure of sex,” answered the bull.

“He initiated me,” finished the dragon; who then kissed me.

I was taken by surprise, but I quickly melted in that kiss. There’s nothing that compares with being kissed by a dragon. Even what I’d imagined came nowhere near the real thing, the way their tongue can reach deep into your muzzle, lick and explore every space, the simple taste of them. It’s . . . extraordinary . . . it’s . . . as I said, there’s nothing to compare it to.

Somewhere outside the reality of the kiss I felt Growl lift me, and then I could fell a breeze on my hard cock and balls, I had no actual recollection of my breeches being taken off. I moaned as a tongue licked my balls and then made its way up my shaft. My cock was throbbing, if the bull kept this up, I’d cum in no time.

Growl disengaged himself from the kiss and lowered me down on the bull’s belly, who was leaning against one of Growl’s legs, who himself was lying on his side, presenting his enormous cock for my muzzle. There was no way I could swallow that, but I placed my paws around it, rubbed it and licked its tasty head.

The bull started on my cock again, concentrating only on the shaft and balls for now, while he pawed my ass, kneading and pulling my cheeks. I remembered how his cock had felt inside me and wondered if I’d get to feel it again. I glanced at his groin to see Growl already had it in his muzzle. From what I could see he wasn’t sucking on it, but what ever he was doing must have been good because the bull was moaning under the treatment.

I got back to the cock in front of me, massaging it up and down while licking and nipping it, sometime hard enough to make the dragon jerk. The texture of his cock was so smooth, like silk. If it wasn’t for its size I would have loved to have it up my ass. One of my paws wandered down and I realized he had no balls. Someone had once said that a dragon’s organs were internal, coming out only when excited, but I had expected the balls to come out at the same time. Guess not.

I was then distracted by something poking my ass. I looked back to see the bull guiding the dragon’s tail under mine. Quickly it’s pushing against my hole and then it’s inside me, making me gasp. Luckily it wasn’t too wide, stretching me without being painful, I couldn’t help thinking that it had looked bigger before. I was panting and purring, losing track of how deep it went, until it started moving inside me, pressing some tender, and pleasurable, spots. This proved too much for me and I exploded.

The bull swallowed all I fed him, never missing a beat, and continued sucking on my cock even once I was done feeding him, keeping it stimulated and the waves of pleasure coming. The only thing I could do was hold on and ride it out. Eventually he had to stop and I could catch my breath. He leaned back, a satisfied smile on his face, but it didn’t last long as he tensed under me and started grunting.

I looked at the dragon, from what I could tell he hadn’t moved one inch through all that. He was simply holding the bulls cock in his muzzle. That tongue of his must have been quite something. He opened an eye and looked at me, the corner of his mouth lifting in a smile. Once the Bull calmed down Growl released the now soft cock, and lied on his back.

The sensation of his tail pulling out of me nearly sent me into another orgasm. I was leaning against the dragon, panting, as the bull pulled himself up. He climbed up the dragon, who seemed bigger now, having me follow him. Standing next to the dragon’s cock I knew he was bigger. While it had been close to two feet long before, now it was almost four feet in length.

The bull stood on one side and I on the other. He showed me how to pleasure his lover; how licking under the crown of his cock head would make him moan, how bitting around the slit would make him shivers and gasp, how running claws along the length of the shaft would make it throb. In the end we hugged each other, keeping the cock between us and rubbed it that way. Growl must have really enjoyed this because in no time he was roaring, arcing his back and showering us with his wonderfully tasty seed.

With Growl still shuddering under us I let go of the bull and licked as much cum as I could off the dragon’s chest. Once I had a full stomach I sat down, shrugging when I noticed the bull looking at me “What can I say, I love cum.”

“I know how tasty Growl is,” He chuckled, “that’s often how he feeds me.”

“How did the two of you meet?” I asked, licking a paw clean.

They looked at each other “He tried to kill me.” They said in unison.

I stopped in mid lick “How did you ever get from trying to kill one another to a sexual initiation?”

The bull chuckles “I guess I’d better start at the beginning. . .”

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