The Tiger's tails 05

Bull’s story

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After our encounter I went back to my tribe. I didn’t tell them about you, or what we did. Not that it would have caused me troubles, quite a few males slept together. I simply felt it was something personal. I did get some ribbing about being clean and not bringing anything back from my hunt, but it was good natured. I was still considered too young to be an effective hunter.

Over the following years I became a better hunter. I also realized that I felt nothing for females. Maybe it was because I had sex with a male first or maybe not. At first it didn’t matter, the females left me alone since I preferred the company of males. When I came of age it was expected that I would father a child. That thought didn’t bother me, it was how things were done, and I expected to uphold the traditions.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a female I was attracted too. I mentioned that to the males I slept with, all of them had one or more child. They told me that I probably never would. Their advice was for me to pick just find a female and father the child.

When I pointed out that I didn’t even know what to do with a female they tried to explain it to me. One said that it was exactly like fucking a male, except that the hole wasn’t under the tail. They tasted differently, added another. Their bodies weren’t built like ours, someone mentioned, and they didn’t react to the same thing we did. From there they started talking about how females react to different kind of touches. I left them to it, I felt out classed.

I went walking along the paths in the mountain, and thought about my situation, something I’d never done before. I didn’t just think of having sex with a female, but being a father, taking care of a child, all of it. In the end I realized that I wasn’t interested in it. Trying to figure out what to do about my mind could only come up with; ‘I need to do something, but I don’t know what.’

I heard someone’s whizzing breathing, and looked to see Toromak leaning on his staff, struggling for breath. Toromak was the grandfather figure to our group of males. He’d ben part of it years before I joined, but I’ve never seen him have sex. He claims to be too old and didn’t have the strength for it, not that anyone believes him. I asked to have sex with him once, he smacked me soundly with his staff and told me to show proper respect for my elders. We’ve been good friends ever since.

“If I didn’t know you any better,” he said between breaths, “I’d think you walked all this way just to make it impossible for me to reach you and give you my advise. You youngsters should never go any farther than an old male like me can walk.” We sat down, me leaning against the rocks, he leaning against me. “You’ve been thinking, I can tell,” he grinned.

I nodded, not noticing the way he tried to lighten the mood. “I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Do what?”

“Sleep with one of the females.”

“Figured as much.”


“I’ve watched you those last years, you’ve always had an eye for the males. You kept it discreet, I’m sure none of them realized how you looked at them, but I’m old, I notice these things. You never looked twice at a female. I don’t think you’d notice if they were wiped out of the tribe tomorrow.”

I sighed. “What am I suppose to do then?”

“You need to find another way to contribute to the tribe.” He stood, stretching, which made his joint pop.

I winced. To an outsider he probably looked to be as strong as I was, but I could see how thin he was, the lines on his face, and how his muscles were barely visible under his tan hide anymore. For the first time in my life I realized how old he was.

“That’s all you have to give to me?” I asked as he walked away.

“That’s all you need.” He answered without turning.

I went back to my thinking, I wasn’t particularly stronger, or a better hunter, than anyone else. As I tried to find something else I could contribute to the tribe I noticed a column of smoke in the distance, and it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to find it here.

I left without saying goodbye to anyone, Tomorak already knew I had to do this, and the others might try to stop me. The world outside can be a scary place, especially when you don’t know anything about it, but at that moment it looked more inviting than having to force myself to father a child.

The little we knew about the world came from people we captured, usually by stumbling on them during a hunt, like when I caught you, but there have been times, when we were desperate for food, that we stalked roads crossing the forest. Some of those people managed to learn enough of our language to tell us about the world, but it only served to frighten us of it even more.

The one thing I did know about the outside is that I couldn’t walk around naked. I never understood why it was, but if I wanted a chance of surviving the least I could do was hide my cock.

I figured I’d kill a large animal and skin it for the fur, but instead I was attached by a group of humans when I walked in their camp. I made short work of them. I didn’t find anything that fit me, not that I was expecting it, but I managed to make something that could pass for a loincloth using part of a tent. I also found a bag with gold and silver coins as well as a stash of weapons. Even we knew that coins had value, and I figured I could exchange the weapons.

I won’t bore you with my adaptation to what is termed the civilized world. I’m sure that everything wonderful and terrifying to me was common place for you, I survived it. Although I almost found myself in a circus, as part of the animals. I did most of my living as a guard or a mercenary, I was big and strong, and I liked it. It allowed me to meet plenty of interesting people.

What set me on the path to meet Growl was a Prince. I don’t remember what city it was, but he was quite a handsome fox. I fell for him immediately, but I didn’t dare approach him. At best I’d be nothing more than a fixture in the palace in his eyes, at worst a dumb brute. He also had quite an eye for the females. I resigned myself to loving him for afar.

Guarding him was how I learned about the dragon terrorizing the country side. I figure that if I brought back its head the prince would have to acknowledge me. I left that night without telling anyone. I didn’t want someone else beating me to it.

It took me some time to find the cave. When I did I was resolved to come out with a dragon’s head, or not at all. Expecting to find a giant, I instead found a small dragon, no taller than I was, with dull yellow scales. I wearily looked around, not believing this small thing could be the cause of all the stories I’d heard on my way here, but there was no one else. I’d promised myself I’d bring back the head of a dragon, so I faced him and prepared myself.

The dragon had remained still until then, choosing this time to attack me. We fought for quite a while, his scales deflecting most of my blows while I dodged most of his. The fight got my blood stirring, my cock straining my breeches. His emerged from his folds so I knew he was also getting excited. It grew to an impressive size, even bigger them mine.

It became a distraction, I could easily imagine it impaling me, and that wasn’t helping how my cock felt. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against smaller cocks, but for someone like me to have his ass filled properly it takes a certain size. It’s rare that I found someone large enough to do the job well.

That cock looked like it could do a very good job. Only I didn’t know how to tell him what I wanted him to do to me. I wasn’t going to just drop my breeches and bend over; he might not leave me with an ass.

I decided the best way to do it was to show him how much fun he could have doing it, like you did for me. It took some work, but I managed to get him on his back. His cock was long enough that I was able to pin his arms down with my knees and still lick below the head. His wing weren’t fully formed yet so he couldn’t used them to get himself upright. Still, he kept trashing about. Finally I snapped at him “Stop moving! You’re going to enjoy this!” To my surprise it work. I figured it was the tone that had done it, but he told me later that it was the surprise at hearing me talk.

The shaft was wonderfully large in my paws. I could barely close a paw around it, its head like a beautiful mushroom, which I immediately started licking. He didn’t protest. In fact he started purring. That gave me the courage to get my knees off his arms and move down, so I could lick the shaft, all the way down, while a paw reached within the folds. He simply lay there, trembling with pleasure. I went back to licking the head, and pushed my tongue in the slit, making his body shudder. Then I bit the edge of the crown, which made him tremble.

His shaft started jerking in my paw so I stopped. I wanted to drink everything he’s have to offer so I slowly took his cock in my muzzle. The width of the head stretched my muzzle open painfully, but I was willing to endure it. I carefully sucked on him, more to make sure I wouldn’t break my jaw than fear of scraping my teeth against it. Once I was comfortable I picked up speed.

Without warning he arced his back, shoving his cock so deep down my throat I couldn’t even breath. I felt his cock spasm, but I didn’t get to taste his cum as it bypassed my tongue.

I fought for breath, and to pull him out of me, but the head had flared. We were stuck until he calmed down. I could only hope to still be alive by then.

And then he relaxed. I pulled myself free, taking a much needed breath, and tasting some of his cum. Like you found out, it tasted wonderful. While I was catching my breath he moved from under me. I didn’t know if he felt shame over what we did. I didn’t know anything about dragons at the time. If I had, I would have known that cumming doesn’t soften a dragon’s cock, it only serves to increase his desire for more.

With a strong paw he pushed me on my stomach and ripped my breeches off. I was in no state to fight back, but when I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and his cock head press against my hole I panicked. Yes I wanted this to happen, but not like this, there was preparations to be made, oils to use. I tried to tell him, but he was past listening.

In one thrust he pushed himself completely inside me, making me scream in pain. It felt like I was being ripped apart. He pulled put and than back in. it hurt, but slightly less, there even was a bit of pleasure mixed in. The more he did it, the more the pleasure overcame the pain. His cock was so long that it was pressing against thing that had never been touched before.

About half way through his fucking I came, a more powerful orgasm than I had ever felt. He never noticed; intent only on what he was doing. When I came down from my high it started going up again. Each time he’d bang himself against me, my cock would go up and the pleasure increase.

With a very loud roar he came. His cock jerking inside me and the sensation of being filled with his seed sent me on another orgasm.

He laid on his side to rest. Since his cock was still inside me, and hard, I had no choice to follow, and I was too exhausted to object. We were like this for a few minutes and then he started sniffing.

I was still too tired to react. I saw his head move over me and smell the puddle on the ground beside me. He tasted it and then licked it all. After that he cleaned the cum off my stomach and moved close to my cock.

He licked it, cleaning it too. I think he then realized that he could do to me what I’d done to him. He swallowed it in his steamy muzzle and started to suck. I tried to tell him that I was too spent to get hard again, that he was wasting his time, but he didn’t listen. His tongue felt very pleasurable moving on my cock, sometime even pushing itself in my slit.

I never got hard, but he managed to make me cum again. With a satisfied smirk he swallowed my seed and held me close. I jerked each time a load would be delivered. Then he laid his head next to mine, and licked my cheek just as I fell asleep, utterly exhausted.

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