The Tiger's tails 06

War Story

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The sound of the horn literally threw me off my cot. Hardly awake I had trouble remembering where I was, not really uncommon when you’ve traveled as much as I did back then. It came back to me. I was in a military tent. I’d join the army to help with some money problems. Not the wisest of choice at the best of time, and a war had just been declared when I joined.

I got off the ground, rubbing the sleepiness out. Unsurprisingly the tent was empty. There had been four of us per tent when all had started, but our numbers went down from the beginning. I didn’t expect our army to survive the next battle, which, if we were lucky, might never come. A cease fire had been declared while both sides talked.

Hopefully our surrender would be accepted. I wasn’t afraid of being caught or even dying. And no, I wasn’t planning on running off in the middle of the night as so many stories have me doing. I’d sold them my services so I was going to stick with them till the end. I simply found each new death to be a waste now that it was obvious we were going to lose.

The horn sounded again and I snapped fully awake. It was the alarm. At the same time an officer pulled the tent’s flap. “Get in armour soldier, the battle as restarted.”

“But the truce?”

“They just broke it.”

“But it’s not even daylight.”

“They don’t care!” I was answered in an exasperated tone. “They’re attacking the camp!” He left without another word.

I was stunned.

Attacking the camp? I could still hear his voice resonating in the tent. They had broken one of the oldest rules of war. Camp was supposed to be a sanctuary. Thinking back on it I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I’d gotten complacent from living among ‘civilized’ beings for so long.

I snapped out of it and started putting on my armour. I really hated the type they were giving out. You had to fit each piece one after the other, it took over half an hour to put it on, if you were lucky. Give me chain mail anytime. It might not offer as much protection then the plating I was trying to put on, but at least you were in it quickly.

I wasn’t even halfway armoured when an enemy soldier burst in. I grabbed my sword and cut him in half before he even realized I was there. To hell with it; I picked up my shield and walked out with only the armour I had on me. I was ready to give them a good beating for having broken the truce. And I was willing to do it naked if I had to.

The first few soldiers were easily dispatched. I might have been overconfident, but I did have a few centuries of experience to back it up. After a while I attracted the attention of a mounted warrior, he charged. I dodged his swing and then did something that, in other circumstances, would have sickened me. I slashed his horse open.

I know. What I did was probably worst than them attacking the camp. But I was THAT angry.

The horse fell, throwing him. He quickly stood. He was heavily armoured, and well armed. I didn’t care, he was mine. In that moment I wanted to make him pay for all the wrongs I felt his army had done to us.

I ran at him. We collided and he pushed me back. Our sword flashed in the torchlight. I was so focused that I stopped hearing all other sounds. There was only the two of us on this battlefield, which had been my camp. I don’t remember how long we fought. More than once I lost a piece of armour, mainly because I hadn’t taken the time to fasten it properly.

Another piece fell and my opponent stepped back, a grin visible on his face in the slowly increasing morning light. The piece I’d just lost had covered my midsection and groin. I was now displaying an erection. No, I wasn’t turned on my the fight, but fighting for your life gets your blood flowing so much that a hard on is often the result.

I didn’t pay it any attention. It wasn’t the first one I’d had, in or out of battle, and if I survived this fight it wouldn’t be the last. We renewed our fight, striking at each other, parrying, moving away, and doing it again. I could have sworn he kept stealing glances at my cock. I couldn’t let that distract me because my opponent was extremely good

Then he caught me by surprise. Our swords were locked together, we were so close we could smell each other’s breath. We were pressing against each other, trying to dislodge our weapons and continue the fight. At least that’s what I was trying to do. He had other idea, as I found out when he fondled me. My eyes must have been as big as gold coins in surprise. He grinned and kissed me.

I froze.

That was a mistake, a dumb beginner’s mistake, but you know what a kiss does to me. Next thing I know my head’s ringing from pain just before the world goes black.


When I woke up I moaned, feeling like I had a hang over, and suffered from heat stroke.

“I apologize for the way your head feels,” said male voice. “It’s an unavoidable side effect of the potion I had to give you to ensure you remained unconscious until we reached my manor. It should pass quickly.”


That would explain why my head felt like a gong was ringing for each word he said. My body can’t deal with it as well as it does the rest.

Slowly I sat up, looking around. I was in a large, luxurious, bedroom. Weapons of all types were hung on the wall. A large fire was burning in an equally large fireplace, explaining why I was over heating. Standing before it, with his back to me, was the male who had spoken, he was dressed in an ornamented robe. From the scents in the room he had to be the one I had fought with.

“I hope the temperature is to your liking,” he said, turning to face me. He was a wolf, which I already knew from the scents, and since his robe was open I could also see that his fur was gray from the tip of his ears to his toes. Even his sheath was the same colour. His cock was poking from it, a bit of red in a sea of light ash. “Since your kind is from the south I figured you’d prefer a warmer climate.”

“The heat’s about to choke me back to unconsciousness.” I barely managed to say. Just because I look like a tiger doesn’t mean I have the same tastes as them.

He observed me a moment to see if I was lying, and then put out the fire. I hadn’t been lying. The effects from the potion were slowly fading, but the heat was making me pant, and making it difficult to breath. He took something out of a chest and placed it on a table. I couldn’t see what it was, but the temperature dropped to a more bearable level.

He turned and looked me over. His gaze slowing only at my hips. I was naked, but that never bothered me. “So,” he said after his examination, “You’re Kindar.” I raised an eyebrow. I wasn’t going to acknowledge who I was THAT quickly. “The amulet burned into your chest makes you easy to identify.” I sighed, so much for passing myself as someone else. “I’ve heard many things about you, chief among them that you are quite the lover.”

I groaned, letting myself fall back on the bed. “I hate that reputation of mine.”

I really do.

Because of it people seem to think that I have more sex than a rabbit, or even a fox. It would shock some to learn that I’ve gone years without feeling the need for sex. Alright, it hasn’t happened that often, but I hate that people expect me to get hard at the simple mention of sex.

From the look he wore I could tell that’s exactly what he was expecting. Well, I had other plans. In one swift move I got off the bed, grabbed the rapier hanging off the wall next to it and stood in front of him, its tip at his neck. “I’d prefer to continue our fight.” I wish that had made him angry, or even annoyed, instead he wore a satisfied smirk. “So arm yourself.”

His grin got wider. “I’m already armed, but since you’re giving me a choice,” he moved even faster than I had, pushing the rapier aside with a paw, “I’ll take yours.” And he grabbed my cock.

I’d love to say that it’s the heat of battle that made it grow firm, but that’d be a lie. His touch was making me horny. Gods, anyone grabbing my cock stood a good chance of getting my blood boiling. I tried to convince myself I didn’t want this, looking at the door.

He followed my gaze “It’s locked,” he let his robe fall to the ground, “and as you can see I don’t have the key on me. A servant is listening in, waiting for the one sound that will tell him it’s time to unlock it.”

That’s not what I had noticed. My mind was pointing out that he was handsome, a well muscled wolf. And hung it added before I could stop it. Even the scars didn’t ruin his look. I shut down those thoughts, or at least I tried to. I wasn’t having much luck as I looked around for another way out. Nothing, unless I was willing to crawl up a hot chimney.

“There’s no way out. At least none that I’m giving you, but you don’t really need a door or window to escape, do you? If you really wanted to leave this,” he tapped my amulet with a finger, “would take you away from here, wouldn’t it?”

This male knew far more about me than I liked. And he was right. My amulet could open doors to other places. I was just deluding myself when I thought of escape. I might be annoyed at being forced to have sex, but I was getting in the mood for it.

I dropped the rapier and grabbed his balls, rubbing and squeezing them. He let out a sigh of contentment and started stroking my cock. He really knew what he was doing. His caresses had me purring quickly.

Before I could do anything to his shaft he forced me down on my knees and shoved his cock in my face. I’d already figured he was the type who liked to be in control during sex so I wasn’t surprised, only annoyed. Not that I often refused a chance to taste a cock.

I started by licking the tip. It had a nice feel to it, oily with precum, which I happily cleaned off. Then I licked down the glistening shaft, making his body shiver. While I was massaging his balls with a paw the other was making its way between his legs to find his tail hole. I rubbed a finger against it, pressing gently.

He pulled my paw away roughly, growling at me. I shrugged, guessing he didn’t care for that kind of play, and focused on his cock again. Soon I had him moaning rather loudly, his cock throbbing in my paws.

I figured I wouldn’t have long to wait before being fed, but he pulled me up and pushed me on the bed. He dove between my legs and started a rapid succession of nuzzling, licking and even nipping at my cock and balls. I didn’t mention anything, but with the speed if what he was doing he would be waiting a while before tasting anything. Oh, I was enjoying it, except maybe some of the nipping, which were too hard, but speed isn’t what gets my juices flowing.

He stopped, pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and lifted my legs. He started rubbing his cock between my cheeks. I told him to stop it, only to be growled at. Ok, that was enough. I didn’t care how much my reputation said I enjoyed being fucked, he wasn’t playing there unless I got to play with his ass too.

I sat up, grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down on the bed with me. Before he could do anything I kissed him, hard. And while he was still reeling from that I rolled him on his stomach and used an arm lock to keep him under control. My free paw massaged his ass, I used some spit to oil his hole as I rubbed a finger against it. He clenched tight.

“Don’t!” he yelled, fear creeping in his voice.

“Why not? You seemed eager enough to do the same to me.”

“I’m ordering you to stop this NOW!” This time he was angry, trying to reach for me with his free arm.

I tightened the lock, making him yell in pain. “I don’t take orders all that well.” I told him in a low, growling, voice. “You want something of mine, you better be ready to give up something of yours. Now you’d better stop squirming, you’re just going to make this more painful than it has to be.” As I said that I rubbed my cock between his cheeks, feeling him try to keep his hole tightly shut. I didn’t care, he was due for a lesson, and I was more than willing to let him tire himself out to give it.

I continued rubbing myself against his ass, if only to stay hard. It wouldn’t have done to have worked myself up to putting him in his place, only to get soft. Quickly enough his hole loosened itself a little and I pushed myself in. He tightened up again, but it was too late. He couldn’t keep me out anymore. The sensation of his tightening sphincter against the head of my cock, as well as knowing that I had him completely in my power now, was an interesting pleasure.

I continued to push in each time he relaxed, and as soon as he realized it was happening he’d tense back up. He had me gasping as the sensation went up my shaft. He was really tight. It’s a good thing my cock wasn’t all that big. Someone bigger would have ripped him apart. Once I was completely in I took a rest.

He looked at me. “I’m going to make you pay for this.” He said, anger and tears in his eyes.

I had no doubt he would, but I didn’t care. “Once I’m done you can fuck me as hard as you like.”

He tried to reply something, but I slowly pulled my cock out of his ass, the sensation forcing him to close his eyes and muzzle. His tight ass on my shaft had the same effect on me, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

Slowly and carefully I pushed back in. He’d stopped trying to keep me out, he was too tired or to distracted to do it anymore, but he was still quite tight. It didn’t take long and I went over the edge, by barbs catching inside him, making him scream, while I shot my load.

I rested on top of him, keeping most of my weight off him. At some point I’d let go of his arm, but I couldn’t remember when. He was silent. Not a whimper, sigh or anything. If it wasn’t for his breathing, I’d thought I had killed him. I felt some guilt, but only a little, about what I’d done to him. No one really deserved to have this done to them against their will.

I slowly pulled out of him, making him moan in the process, and made sure there was no blood. Satisfied I moved away, trying to decide if I should just leave.

“Don’t.” I head him whisper

I turned to see him on his back, his hard cock standing proud. Well, I did say I’d let him fuck me. “I guess you want to fuck me now.” Part of me was tempted to just leave and let him rage on his own.

He surprised me by shaking his head. “Just, don’t leave me like this . . . please?” His voice had a pleading tone to it and his eyes were still hazy, still reeling from being fucked.

I kneeled between his legs. He was a better sport than I’d expected him to be, so he definitively deserved it. I rubbed my cheeks against his cock and then nuzzled the base of his sheath and balls. After that I licked along his shaft, cleaning the precum that was leaking on it. Each time my tongue touched it he would shiver and moan. I knew it wouldn’t take him long.

When I reached the tip I slowly swallowed him, stopping only when even his knot was in my muzzle, I could feel the head of his cock against the back of my throat. He was moaning, cursing various Gods.

I held his knot between my lips and teeth and mobbed my head up and down. Effectively giving him the impression he was tied to my muzzle. In no moment at all he was emptying his seed down my throat.

I decided to torture him some more. Instead of letting go of him, I only released his knot and kept on sucking him. He gasps, moaned shivered and even begged me to stop, but not very loudly. His cock had softened a little when I started, but I had it hard in no time at all. After a while he started howling and I was rewarded with another load of his delicious cum.

By the time I was done cleaning his cock he wasn’t conscious anymore, but he had quite a grin plastered on his face.

The door opened when I tried it, and I walked out.

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