The Tiger's tails 07

Another Tiger

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            I heard the sound following me long before I caught scent of him.

I’d been following the trail of a band of thieves for the last few days. It had led me to a forest leagues north of the city. I had been hired to find them and get what they had stolen back to the owner. That was ironic, usually I’d be the one doing the stealing, but the lord who paid me figured that since I was so good I should be able to bring them back. Maybe Thor was right and there were ways to earn some gold without stealing it.

It only took me a few days to track them to the forest. Once there it was slower going. They were careful not to leave any easy trails, but they only succeeding in making it more challenging.

When I initially heard who ever it was that was following me I though it might be one of the thieves, who had realized they were being followed and wanted to take care of me. He was good, even with knowing he was there I had trouble following his movements. And when the wind shifted enough I could barely detect a scent.

This kept on for most of the first day. I stopped following the trail and tried to ambush, or at least catch a glimpse of my follower. Unfortunately he seemed to be far better than I was. Other than the scent when the wind was right and the light noise he made I could find nothing of my pursuer.

Since he didn’t actually attack me in that whole day I decided he didn’t want to capture me that badly for now, and I still had my thieves to catch, who now had an extra day to gain some distance.

I went back to their trail, keeping an ear on my pursuer and trying to remain ready for what ever he might do, but again, he did nothing. Over the next few days I became confident he wouldn’t do anything so I put most of my attention on the trail.

The days went by and my pursuer spent a bit less time following me. I would stop hearing him for hours before he came back. I must admit that I stopped paying attention to him on a conscious level. At this point I though of him as pretty harmless.

When the weight fell on my shoulder I was caught totally unprepared and I ended up eating some dead leaves. We struggled, and when I finally got up, sword in paw, I got my first look at my pursuer. Nothing too impressive, somewhere under all the mud, leaves and what ever else was caked in his fur, was a tiger. The first one I’d ever seen other than me.

I stood there, ready for what ever he would do, I’d heard thing about the tiger clans in my search to find out more about who I was. They were suppose to be viscous fighters, who could kill even a mighty bear with just their claws. This particular one didn’t look imposing, certainly not the image I had built, he was maybe a head smaller than me and not very muscular, but Thor had taught me that meant nothing.

So here I was ready to fight him, and he starts laughing, louder and louder.

 “Bik pounce tiger. Bik and tiger roll around. Bik LIKE tiger.”

He got up, and the scent was over powering.  He smelled like he never cleaned himself. That was why I had trouble catching on his scent when he was following me.

“Who are you, and what do you want?”

“Bik. Bik’s me. Bik want fun” He gave me this great grin and stepped closer to me, sniffing me “Tiger want fun too?”

“I have something to do.” He started sniffing me all over, going down on his knees and concentrating on my groin. I think that for the first time in my live I was truly disgusted. I pushed him away “I don’t have time for you, and even if I had I wouldn’t be interested.”

“But, but, Bik follow tiger. Bik saw tiger like having fun last night.” He grinned again.

I shook my head I guess I should have realized he’d be around while I was jerking off. “Look. I appreciate the attention, but I have to find some people who take things that don’t belong to them.” I felt kind of odd explaining myself to him, but for all his size he acted like a child.

“Me know where people are. Me help” he smiled.

I shook my head again and just started walking. The trail was still there and I was slowly catching up to them.

“Me know faster way.” He said. I tried ignoring him, but then he started pulling on my arm. I pushed him away.

“I don’t need your help. Go back to playing in the trees. If you want some fun you can pleasure yourself.”

“But, but, me want tiger,” his voice had a whine in it, “me help tiger and then tiger and me have fun.”

“No we wont. Now go away!”

He whimpered and then I heard him run off. I sighed, relieved to be rid of him but then my conscience, which Thor had started nurturing, started on me. If he really had the mind of a child I should have been more understanding with him.

I cursed my conscience, promising myself to tell Thor how annoyed I was at it and then went back to the trail. I kept an ear out for any sign of Bik following me, but there was nothing. It sounded like he had finally gotten the message. My conscience tried to poke its head, but I kept it firmly down.

Three days later I found them. The six of them had made their camp near a lake. They didn’t seem to care anymore about keeping their presence hidden. They were in a festive mood.

“Hey Mogar, you think that male’s going to try to double cross us?” the speaker was a muscular rabbit.

“He probably will.” Answered Mogar, a wolf maybe twice my size. “I don’t trust him anymore than he trusts us. But we have the challis, and until he gets it he won’t try anything. It’s after that we’ll have to be careful.”

“What about this one?” said someone in the shadows, pointing at another shadow

“Maybe we should dump him in the lake, if he doesn’t drown at least it would get rid of the awful smell.”

I moved to the other side of their camp to get a better look at the one that were talking about, if the comment about the smell hadn’t been enough, the sight confirmed it. Bik was sitting against a tree, struggling against his bounds. I sighed, so he had indeed known where they were. I was half tempted to leave him there, but my conscience did get the better of my this time, although I’d have to wait.

After their celebrations they pretty much feel asleep like logs, even their sentry was barely awake. I was in and out of the wolf’s tent, replacing the challis with a replica, this should let me put enough distance between me and them so they wouldn’t be able to find me. I had to hope that Bik vanishing wouldn’t alert them something was wrong.

Fortunately Bik was gagged. Which saved me from having to keep him quiet as I put him over my shoulders and made my way as quickly and quietly as possible.

With the sunrise I was probably on the other side of the lake from them. I dropped Bik in the ground and ungagged him.

“Bik knew you like him. Bik get out of rope and play with tiger.”

I regagged him.

He struggles against the rope and I just stood there watching him, until he finally stopped.

I took off the gag.

Bik looked at me “you not like Bik?”

“I don’t know Bik,” I explained, “but that smell of yours definitively isn’t working in your favor.”

Bik smelled himself “what wrong with Bik?”

“It’s strong, that’s what’s wrong. Don’t you ever clean yourself?” Bik looked at me like I’d spoken a different language. I shook my head and picked him up.

“What you do?” I walked to the lake “you let Bik go. Bik not like water”

“I can tell. Don’t worry. I’m just going to show who what it’s good for.” Bik struggled harder in my arms.

“Bik not go. Bik not like water.”

I lowered him and he started squirming and whimpering. His tail touched the water and reacted like it was fire, making him howl like he was in pain and squirm harder.

I brought him back to the shore and laid him on the said. “It’s ok. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.” I cut off the rope and curled into a ball, still whimpering.

I held him against me, trying to sooth him.

I left him just long enough to wet my shirt in the lake. Then I slowly cleaned his forehead, revealing this bright orange fur. I smiled and kissed the now clean spot. Bik stopped whimpering and I cleaned a little more of his fur and kissed that spot.

Bik raised his muzzle and licked my face, pressing his muzzle against mine in a kiss. Before our lips touched the smell over powered me and I pushed him away a little.

Bik looked at me, puzzled. “You don’t play?”

“I’d love to, but we need to do something about your smell.”

Bik scrambled back “Bik not go in water.”

“how about close  to it then?”

He looked at me, dubious. I sat down at the water’s edge, my tail in the in it, and motioned him to lie in front of me. He edged his way to me, unsure, looking at the water with fear in his eyes. In time he was stretched before me, shaking with nervousness.

I cleaned my shirt in the lake and then carefully wiped his muzzle, making him flinch at the initial contact. Once that was cleaned I kissed him, slowly at first, and then with more passion. He tried to wrap his arms around me, but I didn’t let him, breaking the kiss. He whimpered, while I held on of his arm and rubbed it clean.

It took time, but eventually the worst of the dirt was gone, and my shirt was ruined, but it had been worth it. I helped him up, he smelled himself and wrinkles his muzzle

“Bik smell strange.”

“You smell better.” I smiled

“Now we play?”

I chuckled “in a way.” I took him to the grass and had him lie down again

Bik grabbed me and hurrily kissed me. I kissed back for a few seconds and then pushed him back to the ground. I was going to give him a proper grooming. I started at the tip of his ears slowly licking them clean and then moved down to the side of his head. I didn’t hurry, no matter how often he tried to make me, or how attractive his tiger pole was.

I did linger on his nipples, enjoying him moaning with each caress my tongue gave them. I then moved lower, cleaning his belly before reaching his groin. I started with the tip of his shaft, making him shiver. I slowly licked it in it’s entirety and then moved to his sheath, and then cleaning his ballsac, He hadn’t cum while I was doing that, although I’m sure he came close and I gave me some unwanted respite by proceeding to his leg.

When that was gone I went back to his tigerhood, licking under his balls and nipping them, making him jump. My paws worked on his sides and chest, scritching his nipples while I nuzzled his cock, making it throb with each lick.

By the time I reach the head he was dripping like a fountain. I cleaned it, making him moan some more and then pushed it down my muzzle. With all the sensation I had given him that was all he needed and with a roar he fed me his juices, which I happily swallowed, but I didn’t stop sucking on his cock. I kept going, making him squirm and moans, but I kept him cumming at way for a few minutes, making sure to drain him completely before I finally let it go.

I kissed him, sharing his cum with him, and his purring went up a notch. “Was that fun enough for you?”

He nodded “But now Bik can’t move. What Bik do to make tiger happy?”

 “If you’ll roll on your belly I’ll show you”

With a grin he did so, even lifting his rump. I moved behind him and the first thing I did was to bury my nuzzle under his tail and lick his hole, pushing my tongue against his ring until I had to come up for some air. Then I laid on top of him, pressing my hard cock in his crack and rubbing it back and forth, until it pressed against his tail-hole. Without really slowing down I trusted inside him, making him gasp and tighten his ass, which made me moan as the sensation coursed through my body. I kept the rhythm steady, even though I felt like I wanted to fuck him fast and hard. this was a trick Thor had shown me, the one that let him make love to me for hours on end, although I don’t have his ability to stay hard once I’ve cum.

Even like that the orgasm over took me quickly and I spent my self in Bik, to his obvious delight.

This is how I feel asleep.

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