The Tiger's tails 08

The Orb

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            One of my more unusual encounters happened when I was hired by a mysterious male to find what he called “Geremya’s orb”. All he would tell me was the last place he knew it had been; a place called the Temple of Stillness. He didn’t know the exact location, only that it was somewhere beyond the southern forest.

            Being hired by males who refused to show their faces wasn’t new for me. Usually it was to avoid being identified if I was caught. Whatever his reason for hiding his identity it didn’t bother me, I agreed to look for it simply because I had nothing else to do. I informed him that there was no way to know how long it would take to find the temple, let alone the item. He handed me a bag of gold and told me that he would stay at this house until I had returned.

            The gold proved to be enough for me to hire a student at the library to find all he could on the location of the temple. A few days later he had directions for me, taken from the journal of a merchant who had found his way there. The journal mentioned the inhabitants had been priest who believed that contact with the gods could be achieved through complete stillness.

            The student also found other references to the temple, but nothing younger than thirty years before. He explained that at that time a barbarian horde passed through that area, destroying everything in their path. That would explain why the priests were never seen after that.

            I paid the student extra gold for his help and also gave a donation to the library before heading out. According to the directions the student had transcribed for me the journey would take around two weeks, if the landmarks were still all present and I wasn’t delayed by bandits. By my calculations it was almost a month before I set foot in the temple’s entrance. Only a few of the landmarks were still in existence, and brigands had also been a problem.

            The entrance was over run by vegetation. And the temple showed the scars of battle. As I explored it I found skeletons scattered over the place, most wore remains of robes, but some had armour, showing that the priest had been able to put up some resistance.

            My first search of the temple was fairly quick, simply opening all the doors, examining all the room in case something might jump out as being Geremya’s orb. Nothing did, but it allowed me to get a sense of the layout of the temple. It was a simple building, solidly built; almost all the wall had survived the attack and even those damaged were still standing. Most of the rooms seemed made to house the priests; they were small with only a wooden cot. The larger rooms seemed to be meeting areas, and one had been for eating.

            On the second search I examined all the walls for hidden chambers. I left nothing unturned. That’s how I found the male. I was searching one of the meeting rooms and came to what I thought was a statue on a pedestal. It was of slightly burly a male wolf dressed in a robe, sitting cross-legged. I had seen it on the first search, but hadn’t paid any attention to it. Now I needed to move it to search the pedestal and the wall behind it.

            Not caring if I damaged it my plan was to topple it to the ground. I stopped when I grabbed its arms. It wasn’t hard as I expected, but supple. Curious I examined it more closely. Under the dust the wolf’s fur was dark brown, he didn’t seem to be breathing, nor could I find a heartbeat, but the body was warm and it lacked the scent of death corpses had.

            I’ve never been one to claim to know much about gods and those who follow them, but I had seen priests do things that defied the laws of nature, simply with the power of their beliefs. I wondered if this was one such priest, if he was then he might know where the orb was.

            I tried to wake him by whistling loudly in his ear and even slapping him, but all it did was send dust flying. After I finished coughing I decided to cut off his robe. I did so carefully to avoid choking myself in dust again.

            This left him naked, his dust grey face and paws contrasting with the rest of his body which had been protected by the robe. I took a good sniff, he had a clean scent. On a whim I nipped his exposed nipple and searched his face for a reaction, nothing. I checked out the rest of him, he had a nicely thick sheath and some heavy looking balls.

            I carefully took him off the pedestal and laid him on the ground. His body wasn’t stiff at all. I tried a few more things to wake him up, I tickled his feet, nipped his ears, scratched his sides almost hard enough to draw blood. When none of that worked I decided to go for stuff that was sure to get a reaction

            I massaged his sheath. I could feel his heavy meat hiding inside, but he didn’t even twitch. I decided to concentrate on his balls; they were soft, plump and tasty. I made myself comfortable between his legs and proceeded to enjoy them.

            My arms were over his legs so I felt him shudder after a few minute of this treatment, just before he spoke.

            “Mmmmmm, well hello.” I looked up to see the wolf looking down on me playing with his ball. “It has been quite an age since I have been awakened in this manner.”

            I didn’t bother responding, He hadn’t complained, to me that was as good as encouraging me on, so I attacked his sheath.

            This time it only took a few second to get a response. His hard cock fit nicely in my muzzle, the head felt like satin as it pushed down my throat while the shaft was textured with veins.

            “Oh my,” he whispered as I as started purring, making my muzzle vibrate. I remained motionless for a minute or so, letting him enjoy the vibrations while I took pleasure in the sensation of his cock, before slowly moving my muzzle up and down.

            My paws caressed up his belly and to his chest, where I teased his nipples, making him gasp. I sucked him for a few minute, slow and languorously, and then released his cock in a loud pop making it slap wetly against his belly.

            I placed his legs over my shoulders and nuzzled my way under his balls. The moment my tongue touched his puckered hole his entire body shuddered and he moaned loudly “yesssss”. Encouraged by his moaning and squirming I proceeded to thoroughly eat his ass.

            After my rimming had him panting for a good five minutes I move back up, keeping his legs over my shoulders I nibbled on his balls, got my knees under me as I licked my way up his shaft, it was now covered in precum, and I took great pleasure in licking it off.

            I undid the front of my trouser as I took his cock in my muzzle again and lightly pressed mine against his hole while I sucked him, teasing him with its presence. I moved up and down his shaft, picking up speed as I felt him get closer to his breaking point.

            As his panting became deeper I pushed the head of my shaft inside him and with a loud groan he exploded in my muzzle. I was amazed at the amount of seed he was feeding me and for a moment I thought I might choke on it, but I managed to swallow it all.

            Once the juice stopped flowing I released his cock and pushed mine deeper inside him. Again he groaned. With my shaft all the way in him I repositioned myself so I could nibble on his nipples while I slowly thrust in and out of him.

            Fairly quickly I sped up, the urgency of my own orgasm making itself felt, and with a moan I emptied my balls in him, before crumbling on top of him.

            After regaining some of my strength I pushed myself off him and just laid on the ground.

            “By the All, it must have been quite a while since I have had sex.” He looked at me. “I do hope there is something I can do in the way of thanks.”

            I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. “I enjoyed this as much as you did so no thanks are necessary, but I could use your help finding something called Geremya’s orb. It’s suppose to be somewhere in this temple.”

            “It’s ’orbs’ there are two of them.”

            “Two? So you know where they are?”

            The wolf chuckles “most definitively.” He sat up and cradled his balls. “These are Geremya’s orbs.”

            I frowned in surprise. “Then that makes you Geremya. Why would someone hire me to find your balls?”

            “My name is not Geremya, but Bradley. A male hired you, am I correct?” I nodded, “Then that would be Geremya himself. I must have been communing for longer than I expected if he sent you to find me.


            The trek back to the city and the boarding house wasn’t without trouble, but Bradley proved himself quite capable of handling brigands. From what he explained to me afterward he sent their minds to commune with the All, and left them there to find their way back before their bodies died. He used clothing from the brigand and by the time we reached the city he was presentable.

            Geremya was waiting for us in the small library by the entrance of the boarding house. He jumped and ran to us on sight, making his hood and cloak fly back to reveal a slender wolf or a lighter brown than Bradley.

            “Where have you been?” He asked Bradley embracing him. “You said you would only be gone for ten years.” Before he could answer Geremya kisses him passionately.

            “I apologize Geremya,” he managed to say once he had caught his breath, “I lost track of time while communing. This male was quite successful in bringing me back.”

            Geremya smiled at me. “When I heard of your reputation I knew your were the male to bring him back to me.”

            I frowned, “What reputation?”

            “That you are an expert at retrieving things and a master in the art of love.”

            “Quite deserved,” added his mate in a soft voice.

            “I don’t believe it; it’s still going around after all these years?”

            “I was wondering,” Geremya asked after a small hesitation, “could I get a demonstration of those skills?”

            I just looked at him in disbelief for a few second and then burst out laughing. “Why not, if I don’t you’ll only have your mate’s word for it. And there’s no telling what he might say.”

            Bradley was still blushing as they adjourned to Geremya’s room.

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