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Being a Prince, Sammi could have gone anywhere he wanted. When his father the King asked Sammi where he wanted to go to college, Sammi immediately wanted to go to the United States. Sammi's nation had no formal relationship with the United States, but since Sammi was next in line to the throne of Kirelli, he could go almost anywhere he wanted.

In reality, the United States had never heard of the nation of Kirelli. That's because Kirelli was an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that also happened to be the center of an unusual magnetic phenomenon. As a result, the island would not show up on any radar images. The magnetic field around the island would also affect navigational equipment to the point where no one could ever get close enough to see the island, whether by sea or air. The island even appeared invisible from space because the strong magnetic field would bend any photographic images to make the area appear as open ocean. This was a blessing to the people of Kirelli, as it kept the outside world from influencing their existence. It was also a curse though, until the people of Kirelli finally learned to overcome the magnetic obstacles their home imposed.

The only nation that Kirelli had established contact with, once they were able to venture from their homeland, was New Zealand. The New Zealand government was very sensitive to the wishes of Kirelli to remain obscure, so now the nation had a starting point from which to discreetly mingle with the rest of the world. Whenever anyone from Kirelli did travel, it would be with the aid of a New Zealand passport. As the technological boom began in the 1940's, Kirelli began sending it's people out to be educated by the rest of the world. By the mid 1960's though, the people of Kirelli began to realize that their potential for intelligence far outweighed that of the outside world. The first university was then set up in Agorra, Kirelli's capital and largest city. By the 1980's it was not unusual for a student in Kirelli to graduate from the university by the age of twenty. Even after the university had been opened, students were still given the opportunity to study abroad once they had completed their education on Kirelli. Natural resources were abundant on Kirelli, which gave them a way to barter for services from the rest of the world. All trade was done through New Zealand once again, to protect the island's anonymity.

That is how Prince Sammi came to be in a dorm room at Princeton University. No one there knew that he was a Prince of course, and Sammi liked that. The reason Sammi convinced his father, the King, to let him study in the United States was to make friends from other cultures. Being a Prince would only have complicated that mission, so Kirelli's obscurity was a blessing for Prince Sammi. Sammi was now in his second year of study at Princeton, and was sharing a dorm room with a young man named Michael. Michael had been the first person that Sammi had met at Princeton, and the two bonded right away. By Sammi's second year at Princeton, he and Michael had become roommates and close friends. Michael still had no idea however that his best friend was actually a Prince, and Sammi felt bad about keeping that from Michael.

There were other things that Sammi had kept from Michael though. It was also common on Kirelli for the people there to have mates of both sexes, and Sammi was now taking a more personal interest in Michael. The people of Kirelli were encouraged not to seek mates from the outside world, but to some people on Kirelli it didn't matter when they met someone they considered special. That's where Sammi was right now. He knew that being the first born Prince of Kirelli would only complicate any relationship with Michael, and that was even if Michael were interested in that type of friendship. Sammi knew that he would have to sit down with Michael and explain things to him, and that's what he was now getting ready to do. Sammi had come home early today to make their room more intimate, so Michael would be more comfortable when they began their talk.

Michael came home from classes that day, and immediately noticed the difference in the room. "Damn Sammi, you've been busy today, huh?" remarked Michael. "I know you have something in mind now. Mind sharing with your best bud?"

"That's exactly what I wanted to do this evening Michael." replied Sammi. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but there are a few things about myself that I've kept from you. Let's have a seat Michael."

Once Sammi and Michael were seated, Sammi began to continue. "I hope you can keep an open mind until I'm done Michael. I'm sure that once I've finished, you will understand why there are certain things I've never mentioned before. I just hope you won't hate me, and we can continue being friends."

"Well Sammi, it is kind of hard to understand right now why you felt you couldn't be honest with me about everything, but I'll try to keep an open mind." replied Michael.

Michael held his breath, thinking that his best friend was about to come out to him. Michael had secretly wished since the beginning of the year that his friend from New Zealand would show some kind of serious interest as more than just friends, and Michael was hoping that this would be it.

"Okay Michael, I'm going to tell you everything now." said Sammi. "Please try to remember that I want to be your friend no matter what. Michael, I......"

At that point, Sammi was interrupted by a knock at the door. Sammi thought that whoever this was had the worst sense of timing in the world. He would get rid of them as quickly as possible, before he lost his nerve with Michael. As soon as Sammi opened the door, two men walked in past him. Sammi immediately recognized them as royal guards from Kirelli. The two men ignored Michael and faced Sammi, as they bowed before him.

"Please forgive us Your Highness." said one of the guards. "We don't mean to interrupt, but we have no choice. We have come with important news from Kirelli."

"What do they mean by Your Highness, Sammi?" asked Michael. "And where or who is Kirelli?"

"Umm,.... Uh." stuttered Sammi.

"Your Highness, you must return to Kirelli immediately." said the guard. "There has been an incident at home. Your father has been killed, and you are now our King."

"All hail King Sammi!" proclaimed the other guard.

Michael was pale faced as these two strange men honored their new King. Michael had absolutely no idea that this was coming, and it was a bit much to suddenly digest. As much of a shock as this was to Michael, it was just as much of a shock to Sammi. He knew that someday he might take over the throne, but he didn't expect that for a very long time. Although Sammi's father and mother did not have their first child until they were forty, the life expectancy on Kirelli was much longer than anywhere else in the world. Barring unnatural causes of death, people on Kirelli had begun enjoying life spans as long as one hundred to one hundred and twenty years. That number seemed to continue going up as the intelligence level of Kirelli advanced.

Sammi suddenly felt light-headed, and needed to sit down. He dropped down on the couch next to Michael, unable to move or say anything for the next ten minutes. Sammi finally had to pull himself together though. He loved his father and mother very much, but the crown of Kirelli had suddenly been thrust upon his head. Sammi tried as hard as he could, and finally regained control of his emotions and senses.

"What happened to my father?" asked Sammi numbly.

"It appears that he was assassinated, Your Highness." replied the first guard. "He had been to see one of our top scientists, and apparently someone did not want the news he received to become public. We may have a group on Kirelli now that does not respect the people or welfare of our nation."

"Didn't he have guards with him?" asked Sammi.

"Yes he did, Your Highness." replied the first guard. "One of them was my male mate, and they were all killed along with your father."

"I'm so sorry to hear that, my loyal subject." said Sammi. "I hope that my condolences will help to heal the empty place in your heart now."

"Thank you, Your Highness." replied the guard. "It's is time to go now Your Highness. We must return to Kirelli as soon as possible."

"Yes, of course." said Sammi. "May I have some time with my friend first though?"

"As you wish, Your Highness." replied the guard. "We have a private jet at our disposal, so take as much time as you need." The two guards then left the room to wait in the hallway.

"Well Michael, I guess I owe you an explanation." said Sammi.

"What do I call you now Sammi?" asked Michael in disbelief. "Should I call you Your Highness, or King Sammi?"

"I like it when you just call me Sammi." replied Sammi. "I was just about to tell you that I'm a Prince when they walked in. I guess that would have been incorrect though. I can't believe that my father is gone, and that I'm the King now." Then Sammi began to weep slightly.

"I'm sorry to hear about your father." said Michael, as he put his arm around Sammi. "Is there anything I can do for you Sammi?"

"How about a hug?" asked Sammi.

Michael gave his best friend a brief but warm hug, then Michael said, "That was the first time I have ever hugged a King."

"Thanks my friend." said Sammi. "I really wanted to be the one to tell you Michael. That's what this evening was supposed to be about, but I was beaten to it. There is one thing I can still tell you first though Michael. I care about you very much, and I would like for us to stay together. I'm not going to put any pressure on you for anything other than friendship, but I would at least like that friendship to be close in proximity. Would you consider at least visiting my country with me?"

"I assume that you're not actually from New Zealand, seeing as how they have no King." joked Michael nervously. "Can you tell me about where you are from?"

"I'd love to!" replied Sammi, as he tried to smile. "My country is called Kirelli, and it lies in the Pacific Ocean. Due to magnetic fields around the island, it is undetectable to any detection methods known to the outside world. Our society began to advance faster than the outside world back in the mid 1960's, so there are things there that no one else in the world has ever seen before. For instance, everyone believes that the only countries that have put people into space are the United States, Russia, and China. We have had a permanent research station on the moon since 1975, and we're currently planning a manned mission to Mars. With our propulsion systems, we can send a manned space craft there in five days. It's also rumored that we are developing systems that can propel a space craft past the speed of light. We have also made advancements in the field of health that allows our people to live active lives into their hundreds. People on Kirelli can expect to live to up to one hundred and twenty, and our life expectancy keeps going up. Most of the diseases that plague other countries are no problem to us. Last but not least, Kirelli is one of the most beautiful islands you have ever seen before. The environment there is so stable that people there usually wear very little clothing. Our average winter temperature is eighty seven degrees, and our average summer temperature is exactly the same. Our society is so open that there isn't any need for too many laws, as long as what you do doesn't hurt anyone or violate their rights. Public shows of affection are common, and every once in a while you might see someone with no clothes. Like I said, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, it isn't prohibited. On Kirelli you are free to choose a mate from either or both sexes, but it is common custom to take an opposite sex mate if you take a same sex mate. That is not a law though, unless you are a member of the royal family."

"Wow Sammi, that sounds like paradise to me!" exclaimed Michael. "Why would you leave there to come here?"

"We are encouraged to learn as much as we can about other people that we share the same planet with." replied Sammi. "That way, nothing can take us by surprise. There has also been another benefit to me though Michael, and that is meeting you. I know that this is a very important decision on very short notice, but I would like you to return to my home with me this evening."

"Do you mean just like that?!" asked Michael. "Just leave my life here and disappear?"

"I know that you're an orphan though Michael." replied Sammi. "You left the orphanage you grew up in at eighteen because you had won an academic scholarship here at Princeton. You have no family to leave behind, but I would love to be any kind of family you would like me to be."

This was getting very close to what Michael had wanted to hear, but not quite yet. "Yes, but there's school and my friends to think about." said Michael. "Do you just want me to leave everything?"

"Yes I do Michael." replied Sammi. "I love you, and I can give you a life you could never dream of."

That was what Michael had wanted to hear. "Let's go then!" said Michael. "I love an adventure, and this sounds like a great one!"

Sammi gave Michael a quick hug, and the two began to get ready. Sammi informed the royal guards that Michael would be joining them. The guards tried to argue against it at first, but Sammi was now their King, so they had no choice but to welcome Michael to their kingdom. Sammi and Michael's bags were finally packed, and the guards loaded all of the luggage into the waiting limo. Michael had never been in a limo before, and everything was a bit overwhelming to him at first. Sammi noticed Michael looking around like a kid in a candy store as they drove to the airport.

"Are you okay my friend?" asked Sammi, as he smiled.

"Yeah, it's just hard to comprehend everything that's happening right now." replied Michael. "I'm in a limo, getting ready to fly off to someplace that I've never even heard of until a few minutes ago. Then on top of that, I find out that my best friend in the world is a King. It may take just a few more minutes to adjust to all of this."

"Take all the time you need my friend!" giggled Sammi. "We won't be home for a while yet. First we have to fly to the west coast, and refuel for the trip to New Zealand. Once we finally arrive in New Zealand, we have to change planes for the flight to Kirelli."

"Why do we have to change planes?" asked Michael.

"Due to the magnetic fields around Kirelli, conventional aircraft can't get in and out safely." replied Sammi. "We have built a fleet of aircraft that can fly in and out safely though, but the only places we fly them to are cities on our own island, and New Zealand."

"Why New Zealand by the way?" asked Michael.

"When we began dealing with the outside world, New Zealand was the only country we felt comfortable dealing with." replied Sammi. "In return for them helping to keep our existence a secret, we provide them with whatever technology we feel won't arouse too much suspicion."

The plane that was awaiting Sammi and Michael was more elegant than anything Michael had ever been accustomed to. That would help to pass the time that they would spend on the flight to Auckland. It also helped Michael to be able to talk to his best friend on the long flight. Michael didn't seem to run out of questions for his friend either. Sammi had a great time telling his friend all about life in Kirelli, and the things they would be able to do when they returned home. After all, Sammi was the King now, and he could do whatever he wanted. The two young men finally arrived in Auckland, and had taken the time to rest some during the flight between Los Angeles and Auckland. That was a good thing, because the royal jet was waiting in Auckland to immediately fly them to Agorra, Kirelli.

Michael was awestruck by the jet that waited for them on the tarmac at Auckland. It was a very sleek and smooth aircraft, much more so than he had ever seen in his life. The unpainted, darkly colored aircraft almost shimmered in the New Zealand sunlight.

"Why does it look so different than any plane I've seen before?" asked Michael.

"That's because it's made completely from non metallic composites." replied Sammi. "The magnetic fields around Kirelli would cause any metallic aircraft to drop from the sky before it ever reached our shores. Metal is not used very much in Kirelli because anything that is made from metal would be affected by the magnetic fields. In the mid 1960's though, we began developing composites that were even stronger than metal. Our space related composites are ten times stronger than the strongest metal on Earth, and very durable too."

The two young men then boarded one of the most luxurious vehicles on Earth, as Michael thought, "It must be great to be the King!" The flight to Agorra was spent by the royal advisors preparing King Sammi to take over the throne of Kirelli. That was when the reality of the situation began to register with Sammi and Michael. After discussing plans for the coronation and the assumption of power, the royal advisors reminded Sammi of his duties now.

"Remember Your Highness, if you plan on having the man you brought with you as a mate, you must first marry a female mate. Your first order of personal business has to be to choose a Queen, so that the royal bloodline can be continued eventually."

"I haven't forgotten that." replied Sammi. "Thank you for reminding me though, that proves that your service to the crown is loyal."

"Thank you, Your Highness." said the advisor. "I also wanted to welcome you home Your Highness, although I wish it were under better circumstances. Your father was a fine man, and his reign was much too short. I believe that you will do every bit as good as he would have though, if not better. I'm very sorry for the personal loss that you feel."

"I'm very honored by your praise, and touched by your condolences." replied Sammi. "I would like to choose you as my chief advisor, if you would please accept the appointment."

"It would be the greatest honor of my life, Your Highness." replied the advisor. "My name is Bobbi, and I am completely at your service."

"Thank you Bobbi." replied Sammi. "Your first assignment is to find out exactly what happened to my father. I want to find those who are responsible, and why they would do such a horrible thing."

"I shall make that my most important mission then, Your Highness." replied Bobbi. "I would love to see the traitors to the crown who did it punished as well. I will not disappoint you, Your Highness."

"Thank you Bobbi." said Sammi. "I'm sure my choice of you as chief advisor is an outstanding choice."

Michael finally got a chance to speak to Sammi during the flight, as he said, "I can't believe it! My best friend is a King! It's just now starting to sink in, and it's a little, um,..."

"Overwhelming?" offered Sammi. "That's what I was most afraid of Michael. Please don't let it be overwhelming to you. I would really like things to remain as they were back at Princeton."

"I'll really try Sammi, I promise." replied Michael.

Sammi spent the rest of the flight trying to make sure that Michael knew what to expect when they landed in Agorra. Sammi wanted Michael to be close to him during the coronation, and he also wanted Michael to understand their customs about Sammi now having to choose a wife. By the time the plane gently touched down in Sammi's homeland, Michael's mind was a blur. Sammi and Michael were met by a motorcade at the steps of the plane, and whisked away to the palace.

If Michael had thought the royal jet was the most luxurious thing he had ever seen, the palace was beyond even his wildest dreams. The hall floors looked like marble and shone like glass, with a thick velvety rug running down the center. The walls were made of the same material, but in a different color. The fixtures on the walls and ceiling were made from gems and the most beautiful metals Michael had ever seen. Sammi chuckled when he saw how awestruck Michael was.

"A lot of the crystals and metals used in the palace are only found here in Kirelli." said Sammi. "I don't think you will ever see anything like the royal palace anywhere else in the world."

"I think that would be a safe bet." replied Michael wondrously.

Sammi led Michael deeper into the palace, until they were in the royal family's private quarters. Sammi opened a door and led Michael into the room. The floor was covered by a rug that resembled fur more than it resembled a rug. Michael's luggage had already been delivered to the room, which contained some very fine pieces of living room furniture.

"These will be your quarters for now Michael." said Sammi. "I would love for you to share my quarters, but until I am wed, and we can have a ceremony for us, I'm afraid that would be inappropriate. I will attend to that as soon as possible though. The door on the right side of the far wall is your bedroom, and the left side is your private bathroom. I'm sure you will like both. If you need me, I will be in the quarters right next to you. If you need any type of service, there is a signal button for your personal servant in each of the three rooms of your quarters. The staff has been instructed to take care of any of your desires or needs."

"Can we spend any time together?" asked Michael.

"Of course we can, my dear friend." replied Sammi as he smiled. "That's why our quarters are next to each other. You're welcome there any time. The only thing we can't do is share a bedroom right now. I want to freshen up after our trip, so why don't you do the same and then come over to my quarters?"

"That sounds great Sammi." replied Michael.

Michael opened his luggage and retrieved some fresh clothes to change into, then ventured into the bathroom. The porcelain fixtures were the whitest Michael had ever seen, with very bright and shiny faucets and handles. The bathroom was fully stocked with any type of soaps, lotions, and colognes that Michael might need. After taking a very relaxing and refreshing bath, Michael dried himself on one of the softest and thickest towels he had ever seen. Michael then got dressed and ventured out to Sammi's quarters. Sammi and Michael sat down together, and began to watch some television.

"I'm going to assume that not everyone in Kirelli lives like this." said Michael.

"Being royalty does have it's privileges." replied Sammi. "My family has always made sure that the people of our kingdom are treated very well though. People here are provided with more of what they want or need than anywhere else in the world. The reason that we can do that is that Kirelli has no monetary system, and abundant natural resources. When we do need something from the outside world, we have plenty to barter with. All bartering is either done with or through New Zealand though, although we have been cultivating relations with Australia as well. It wouldn't hurt any to have more than just one partner in the outside world."

"Not everyone here is happy though." said Michael.

"You're right, it would appear that there are some who feel a reason to be dissatisfied." replied Sammi. "All the more reason to be even better to the people of Kirelli."

"And reason enough to be careful too." said Michael. "I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

"Thanks Michael, I promise that I'll be careful." replied Sammi. "I have my advisors investigating what happened to my father, and then we'll make sure that doesn't ever happen again."

"That's good to hear." said Michael. "Now, what is going to happen tomorrow?"

"I officially become the King of Kirelli tomorrow." replied Sammi. "Your personal servant will be with you from the time you wake up tomorrow and he knows exactly what to do, so all you have to do is follow his instructions. The most important thing to remember is that you will be handed the crown near the end of the coronation, and then you will hand it to my mother. She will place the crown on my head, as my father's representative."

"Why me?" asked Michael.

"It is a tradition that the crown is handed to my father's representative by my closest friend or mate." replied Sammi. "There isn't anyone else that I would want to do that."

Sammi and Michael sat together with their arms lightly around each other as they watched the television. The programs on the television in Kirelli were actually very good compared to American television, and Michael and Sammi had a very enjoyable evening. The time finally came for Michael to retire to his room to sleep though. As Michael laid on his soft bed, he couldn't get over how comfortable he was right now. Michael drifted gently into a blissful sleep.

The next morning, Michael was awakened by his servant. The young man helped Michael prepare for the day's events, and assured Michael that he would remain by his side for as long as necessary. The coronation would take place in the Grand Hall of the royal palace, which had been beautifully prepared for the event. As Michael's servant led him into the hall, it nearly took Michael's breath away. Without any special preparations, the Grand Hall was one of the most spectacular rooms in the palace. On this day though, the hall was adorned with tons of Sammi's favorite trimmings and flowers. The spectators commented that this would be the most beautiful coronation that they had ever witnessed. Michael was led to the front of the hall, and shown where to be seated. Then his servant sat next to him. A very beautiful and regal looking lady came up, and sat on the other side of Michael. Then she introduced herself as Sammi's mother, Queen Lorelli. Today would be her last official act as Queen though, and one that she had hoped would not happen for some time.

"I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive when I heard that Sammi would be returning with a male American friend." said Queen Lorelli. "You have to understand that America has not behaved like a nation that we would wish to trust. I do understand though that due to your system of government, your leaders often do not fairly represent all Americans. I am glad to see that Sammi has been taught to choose the best of what is available."

"Thank you, your highness." replied Michael. "It is an honor for me to be so close to Sammi, and to have a chance to get to know the people of Kirelli. Everyone has been nothing but gracious and friendly so far, especially you, Your Highness."

"I think you will fit in well here Michael." said Queen Lorelli.

At that point, the coronation began. Sammi was carried naked into the hall on a very ornate litter. When the litter was set down by it's carriers, Sammi was wrapped in a very plush and beautiful royal robe. The coronation was officiated by the chief advisor of Sammi's father, to symbolize the passing of power. When it came time for the presentation of the crown to Sammi, Michael expected a large ornate headgear. The crown he was handed was very modest in size, but shone more brightly than any metal Michael had ever seen. It was topped with a single diamond, about one inch in diameter. Michael carefully handed the crown to Sammi's mother, then Sammi's mother rose to face her son.

"May your rule be long, benevolent, and well received by your subjects." said Queen Lorelli. "May you guide Kirelli wisely into the future, and always choose what is right for all of our people. You have been prepared for this moment since your birth, so that you may use that training wisely. I'm sure that your father is proud of you now, as I know that I am my son. Long live King Sammi."

Sammi's mother placed the crown on Sammi's head, and bowed before her son.

"You have served Kirelli well by training me for this day mother." said Sammi. "May all of the people of Kirelli regard you as beloved as I do. Thank you mother."

After a few more words by Sammi's father's advisor, the coronation was concluded. The people who had been invited to the reception then moved over to the reception hall. Once there, Sammi began talking to his mother and Michael together. Sammi was relieved that his mother seemed to like Michael.

"I have to say my son, if you were going to bring someone home from America, I'm very happy with your choice." said Queen Lorelli. "Remember though Sammi, you must take a wife. You also must do that before you can have a relationship as a mate with Michael."

"I promise that I will make that my first priority." replied Sammi, as he smiled.

"I also promise that I will respect the customs of your island, and will not let Sammi break those customs." promised Michael.

"You do know that it is only an island if you look at it from the sea, right?" asked Queen Lorelli.

"I'm sorry Your Highness, I didn't mean any offense." said Michael nervously.

"You didn't offend anyone Michael." chuckled Sammi. "My mother has a very mischievous sense of humor at times. I've asked her not to tease my friends, but it seems to bring her joy at times."

"Then it's a pleasure to be of service." replied Michael with a smile.

"Once again Michael, I think you will be very happy here." said Queen Lorelli. "I'm very glad to have been given the chance to know you, although I wish it had been under different circumstances."

"I'm very sorry about what happened to your husband, and Sammi's father." said Michael. "I know it's not much comfort to either of you, but you have my deepest sympathy. If there is any way that I can be of service, please let me know right away."

"The one thing that you can do for me is to keep my son very happy." replied Queen Lorelli. "Welcome to Kirelli, and to our family Michael."

The Queen then left Sammi and Michael to themselves, while she mingled with other guests of the reception. Sammi and Michael wandered around the reception together, as Sammi introduced Michael to some of the most important people in Kirelli. Michael still had many questions, which Sammi answered as completely as he could.

Once they were alone, Michael asked, "Does everyone in Kirelli speak English as fluently as those here at the palace?"

"English has been our official language here in Kirelli for over sixty years." replied Sammi. "We still teach our native language here, but English is now taught as our primary language, and most of the citizens here only use English. It is necessary to use English because we have to have contact with the outside world."

The end of the reception was nearing, and Sammi wanted to show Michael some of the city of Agorra before dark. Before they could sneak away though, Bobbi approached them to speak with King Sammi.

"I have begun an investigation into the death of your father, Your Highness." said Bobbi. "It seems to have been an assassination as we suspected. He was on his way back to the palace after seeing one of our top scientists. We are sure the meeting may have had something to do with the assassination because the scientist is reported to have gone into hiding now. We will not rest until we find him, and find out why your father was killed. Those who did it will be found and punished for their acts of treason and murder."

"Is Sammi safe right now?" asked Michael.

"I want him to have my most trusted bodyguard with him whenever he leaves the palace for now." replied Bobbi. "The King does not have whatever information was so important that it got his father killed, but I would feel better not taking any chances. We also have a vehicle especially prepared for King Sammi's use. It is impervious to the weapons that were used against his father's group."

King Sammi was then introduced to his new bodyguard, and Sammi and Michael were ready to see the city.