Time To Go - by tim the story guy

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King Sammi and Michael got into the car with Sammi's new bodyguard, who was named Pauli. Then they set out to see the city of Agorra. The streets were very clean and beautiful, and as Sammi had said, many of the citizens wore very little clothes as they went about their way.

"I'm beginning to feel a little overdressed now." joked Michael.

"Then take off as many of your clothes as you feel comfortable with removing." replied Sammi as he smiled. "If you feel comfortable with being nearly naked all the time, no one will ever say anything to you."

"But then when I'm with you, I would feel underdressed." replied Michael.

"There is nothing I can do about that Michael." stated Sammi compassionately. "As the King, the rules are a bit different for me now. I have to maintain a minimum level of decorum at all times while in public, which includes a minimum dress code. I would however love to see the man I want as my mate dressed in as little as possible though." Then Sammi gave Michael a sly wink.

"Why your Highness, whatever do you have in mind?" asked Michael in a fake, shocked southern drawl.

"I'm so glad you asked that!" replied Sammi. Sammi then reached into a plain bag he had brought with him, and produced a thin pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. "Can you take off those bulky clothes, and put these on?" asked Sammi.

"Do you mean strip naked right here in front of Pauli?" asked Michael in disbelief.

"I'm sure Pauli will not mind at all." said Sammi. "Is that right Pauli?"

"The King is quite right Michael." replied Pauli. "I have seen thousands of naked bodies in my time, as it is really not that uncommon here in Kirelli. It it will make you feel better though, I will close my eyes when you get down to your underwear."

"That's okay Pauli, you don't have to do that." replied Michael. "I guess I have to get use to different customs eventually. I hope to be Sammi's mate after he takes a Queen."

That was the first time Michael had outright answered Sammi's veiled proposals to him, and it brought a single tear of happiness to Sammi's eye. The small droplet of clear liquid was not missed by Michael.

"Are you okay Sammi?" asked Michael. "Is this about your father?"

"Although I loved my father, and I'll miss him forever, this is about something else." replied Sammi. "That was a tear of happiness. All throughout my final year of university here in Kirelli, I had a nagging dream that I needed to study in the United States. I even dreamt of which university I should attend. Princeton was not merely pulled out of a hat. I knew that there was something there that I needed to find. That something turned out to be someone, you Michael."

"When you sat me down the night before last, how did you know that I was gay, and I had feelings for you?" asked Michael.

"I didn't!" laughed Sammi. "I was scared to death that I was preparing to proposition a straight man, and that you would beat me silly. I'm glad that wasn't the case though. When you just said that you want to be my mate, it made me incredibly happy that I had found what I went in search of."

"Can you tell me that you love me again Sammi?" asked Michael.

Sammi gazed deeply into Michael's crystal blue eyes, as if he were looking into his soul, and said, "I love you so very much Michael. I traveled halfway around the world just to find you and tell you that."

Michael looked into Sammi's eyes with equal intensity and said, "I love you more than I can describe Sammi. I lost my family as a very small child, and I've missed them ever since. Now I feel as though you have come to be my family, so I don't have to feel that pain anymore." At that moment, a single tear also escaped from Michael's eye.

Sammi and Michael then shared the warmest and longest hug they had shared yet, while Pauli busied himself by looking out the window. Once Sammi and Michael parted, Michael went about taking off all of his clothes so he could wear whatever Sammi wanted him to wear. Finally, Michael was ready for Sammi.

"I've never known a real home for most of my life." said Michael. "I very much want this to be my home."

The sightseeing tour then continued. Michael was amazed by the crisp clearness of the air in Kirelli, and the brilliant azure skies. Michael had not seen skies that deeply blue in a very long time. The trees in Kirelli were very lush and green. Michael knew that they resembled some of the types of trees back in the States, but he had never seen them look as beautiful as they did here. The streets were clean and smooth, and all of the buildings seemed modern and just as clean. All of the buildings except for the royal palace, of course. Although the royal palace was immaculate, it looked as though it had been there for centuries. The people that Michael saw as they passed by were just as amazing. They seemed more carefree and happy than Michael ever knew was possible. Most of them wore nothing more than what Michael had on now, and they seemed to revel in their openness. Michael did occasionally spot people who were dressed in a little less than he had on, but even if they were naked, no one seemed to care or bother them.

Michael finally turned back to Sammi and said, "This is all so beautiful Sammi. It's almost like you are the King of Paradise! You mentioned something about going to University here in Kirelli. Would it be possible for me to finish my education here?"

"You may have to take some catch up courses, but if you want to do that, I don't see why it would be a problem." replied Sammi. "Our education is slightly more advanced than it is in the United States. That's why it's possible for us to live so long, eradicate so many diseases, and even plan a flight to Mars."

"I hope I don't feel too inadequate if I decide to continue my education." said Michael.

"It shouldn't be too bad." laughed Sammi. "The courses we took at Princeton would be the equivalent of high school courses here, but I'm sure you could catch up easily. Have you seen enough of the beautiful city of Agorra?"

"I guess so." replied Michael. "It's so beautiful that I don't think that it could get more so."

"You ain't seen nothin' yet." chuckled Sammi. "Pauli, have the driver take us outside the city to the south."

As they got well outside the city, the scenery took Michael's breath away. The country side was lush and green, and the lushness came right up to the pavement of the road. The road itself gently glided over the hills and through the valleys, giving the appearance of the backdrops from The Wizard of Oz. Michael almost expected to see the Scarecrow, flailing away in a field next to the road, or the Tin Woodsman in the next grove of trees. It was so surreal and beautiful that Michael physically could not speak for quite a few minutes.

"This was always one of my favorite places outside the city." laughed Sammi. "It almost resembles the scenery from The Wizard of Oz, doesn't it?"

Michael finally regained his voice and asked, "Are you reading my mind Sammi?"

"I'm afraid extra sensory perception isn't a power we've been able to master, except in a few rare occasions." laughed Sammi. "It's pretty much the same for us as it is for the rest of the world."

"I've never seen such beautiful countryside, except in movies though." said Michael, still in awe.

"That's because we do things differently here." said Sammi. "When we build roads, we find that it's best to follow the topography of the area. When you cut through a hill, or fill in a low spot to build the road, it tends to be ugly. Not to mention that it increases the effect of erosion. We absolutely abhor doing anything to harm the Earth or the environment."

"I still can't believe how beautiful it is here!" remarked Michael.

"If it weren't getting late, I would suggest we go to the park about ten more miles ahead." said Sammi. "It goes right down to a crystal blue clear stream that the road eventually crosses over. I'm afraid we must be turning around now and getting back though."

Sammi had the driver turn around, and head back toward the city. The transition between country and city was very abrupt, which Michael had not noticed on the way out. Coming back in though, it too almost looked surreal. Once they arrived back at the royal palace, Pauli checked to make sure everything was safe and normal, then everyone headed inside. Michael and Sammi went back to Sammi's quarters, where they called for Sammi's servant to serve them both dinner. As Sammi and Michael ate and talked, Bobbi called to speak with Sammi immediately. Sammi let his chief advisor in, and sat back down next to Michael.

"Your Highness, I have urgent news that I need to discuss with you in private." said Bobbi.

"We are in private Bobbi." replied Sammi. "Michael has consented to be my mate once a Queen has been chosen. Anything you can say to me, you can say to him as well."

"As you wish Your Highness." said Bobbi. "I managed to track down the scientist your father spoke to before he was murdered. He would not speak to me though. He said that it was for his and my safety. The only one he will speak to is you, and he requests that you meet him alone. He did say that this is a matter of life and death for everyone we know. I arranged a meeting, and you will go to see him tomorrow morning. I will give the location to your driver when you are ready to leave."

"Are you sure this isn't some kind of trap?" asked Sammi.

"I have checked everything out thoroughly Your Highness." replied Bobbi. "This is on the up and up, and anything he tells you should be regarded as absolute truth. I just wish I could find your father's killers by morning, which is why I will work on it all night."

"Thank you Bobbi." said Sammi. "Your service to Kirelli is already invaluable. I will see you in the morning."

That night's sleep was fitful for both Sammi and Michael. Sammi would be given the information tomorrow that his father was killed over, and it made both of them very nervous. They were both awakened in the middle of the night at the same time, by the same nightmare. After a long and torturous night, morning finally came.

As Sammi was preparing to leave, he heard a knock at his door. It was no surprise that Michael was already up and dressed, as Sammi let him in.

"Are we ready to go?" asked Michael.

"The man that I'm seeing said that he wants to see me alone Michael." replied Sammi. "This could be very dangerous."

"That's exactly why I don't care what the man said!" said Michael with conviction. "Whatever he is going to tell you today is serious enough that it got your father killed. I don't intend on hearing about the same thing happening to you, so I'm going with you."

"I could order you as the King to stay here." said Sammi.

"You won't do that though Sammi." replied Michael. "You know how much I care about you, and how much that would hurt me."

Sammi finally softened his stance with Michael and said, "Okay, you can go. I hope you don't spook this guy though. Whatever this is, it sounds like it has him pretty scared too."

Sammi finished getting ready, then he and Michael met Pauli and two of his men by the car. Pauli would have one of his men driving this morning, as he wouldn't trust this to just anyone. Bobbi finally came outside the palace, and went over to Sammi and the driver.

"You are to drive south out of the city." said Bobbi. "About fifteen miles outside the city, you will come across a park by a stream. You will be approached by our scientist's contact there. He will ask you if the sun seems brighter than usual, and you will reply only when the moon's not out. Then he will give you directions to our scientist. I have still not found your father's killers Your Highness, so please be careful and stay alert. I am getting closer to finding them though."

"I shall be very careful Bobbi." replied Sammi. "Thank you for your service, and I hope you find them soon."

Sammi and his group followed Bobbi's directions, and headed south out of the city. Everyone in the car was very nervous about the trip they were taking, as this was deadly serious business.

"I guess we'll get to see that park after all." said Sammi, in an attempt to lighten the mood.

"I'm sure it will be wonderful, as long as we're together." replied Michael. "Thank you for letting me come with you Sammi. I love you."

"I love you too Michael, and I can't think of anyone that I'd rather have with me right now, except maybe for Superman." replied Sammi, as he smiled.

That was enough to lighten the mood in the car, and the trip passed by fairly quickly. Soon, the car pulled into the park that Bobbi had directed them to. Sammi, Michael, and Pauli cautiously got out, and walked slowly toward the stream.

"You're right about how beautiful this place is." said Michael, as they came to the stream. "I wish we were seeing it under different circumstances though."

"Don't worry Michael, I will do everything I can to keep both of you safe." said Pauli.

"Does the sun seem brighter than usual today?" asked a man who had come up behind the group.

"Only when the moon is not out." replied Sammi.

"Greetings, Your Highness." said the man. "I take it these are your guards."

"One of them is my guard." replied Sammi. "The other will be my mate, once I have chosen a Queen."

"Very well Your Highness." said the man. "You are to continue south until you come to the next crossroad. Turn left on that road, then right on the next one. After the right turn, you'll go about two miles until you come to a large boulder beside the road. You won't miss it, I promise. Pull into the driveway on the left, and follow it to the farmhouse there. Then go directly to the barn. Remember that he wants to see you alone. Good luck Your Highness."

The man quickly ran off, so Sammi and the other two went back to their car. Once they were in the car, and the driver had been given the directions, Sammi's breathing became deeper. Michael noticed that right away.

"Are you okay Sammi?" asked Michael.

"I guess I'm doing pretty good considering that I'm about to find out what my father was killed over." replied Sammi.

"I'll be with you all the time though." said Michael, as he took Sammi's trembling hand.

That was enough to calm Sammi down, and he turned and smiled warmly at Michael. The directions were very accurate, and the driver followed them to the letter. They finally came across the large boulder, then the car pulled into the driveway immediately after it.

As they drove up to the farmhouse, everything looked eerily quiet. Before Sammi could get out, Pauli wanted to have a look around. After a few minutes, Pauli was convinced that it was safe.

"Are you sure that you want to take Michael with you, Your Highness?" asked Pauli. "The man did say he wanted to see you alone."

"Michael goes wherever I go." replied Sammi. "Our scientist friend will have to get use to that!"

Sammi and Michael got out of the car, and slowly approached the barn. Sammi carefully opened the door a crack, and peered inside the barn cautiously. It seemed to be fairly well lit for a barn, so Sammi and Michael went on in. As they walked toward the back of the barn, a voice called out, "I thought you were asked to come alone!"

Sammi didn't see anyone else but Michael, so he called out, "This is my mate. I'll go nowhere without him, and he can hear whatever I hear!"

A man stepped from around a corner in the barn, and said, "Very well then Your Highness, but his life is now in danger along with ours. Please follow me."

Sammi and Michael followed the man into what appeared to be a stall, but turned out to be a workroom the scientist had set up. The man went over and leaned against a counter, facing Sammi and Michael.

"I am Doctor Henri Fause." said the man. "There have always been groups that have opposed my research, but as my findings have become more dire, the groups have become more violent. Most of the groups I know about, and they would not resort to murder. There is one group that broke away from one of the less violent ones though, and they are the ones who killed your father. I have never been able to find out the identity of anyone in this group, as they are very secretive."

"Why would people oppose you to the point of killing my father?" asked Sammi.

"Because some people don't want to hear what I have to say." replied Henri. "They want to bury their heads in the sand until the sand boils their head, and the sand will eventually get that hot. They feel that we can fix any problem that comes along, but some things are beyond even our realm of possibility. There is a time when we should pack and run, and hope we've learned something."

"This is starting to sound like some kind of Doomsday forecast." said Sammi light-heartedly.

"It is, Your Highness!" replied Henri. "I would suggest you not take it lightly! Our Earth is a living and breathing planet. As with anything that is alive, you can only poison it so much before it dies. Our Earth is getting ready to begin the dying process. Other societies do know this, but they fool themselves into thinking that they have plenty of time to come up with a way to fix the damage they have done. We may indeed be able to develop a way to slow the dying process down, but the trend is now irreversible."

"How could the rest of the world let this happen?" asked Sammi, now wide eyed.

"We have been sending messages to them for decades now." replied Henri. "Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not think the way we do about this planet. They have been using the planet's resources recklessly, and abusing the planet's environment for a century and a half now. They feel that they can continue to do so, and solve any problems that arise because of it. Now, allow me to explain what has happened here."

"I'm all ears Henri." replied Sammi.

"Good." said Henri. "Our planet's ecosystem is a delicate balance. It was originally designed to maintain itself, but every element of our environment has to be in good working order for this to happen. Our land has been cleared and poisoned, and our oceans have been poisoned as well. They are to the point where they cannot maintain the health of our planet's atmosphere. The most serious problem is one that I'm sure you've already heard about. The Earth's ozone layer has been dissipating for quite some time, and we cannot stop it now. We may be able to slow it down, but the eventual outcome is inevitable. As the ozone layer dissipates further, our planet will continue to warm and more of the sun's radiation will make it to Earth. Cancers due to exposure to the sun will become more and more common, and our oceans will begin to warm. This will cause an increase in storms, and in their intensity. Finally, the ozone layer will begin to collapse. Holes in the layer will open up and close at random across the planet. Anyone caught in such an opening will die quickly. The land will be heated to the point where it turns to glass as these openings get larger and last longer. In the last days of our planet, the icecaps will melt, stopping the oceans currents. The planet will no longer be able to regulate it's temperature, and it will begin to cool. By the time it is over, we will be left with a big, lifeless, frozen marble, floating in space. I'm not overstating what will happen Your Highness. I've rechecked my research and calculations thousands of times."

Michael and Sammi were both frozen in shock. Sammi finally asked, "How long will this take? What can we do?"

"Other scientists from the nations that did this to us do not have the capacity to research this properly." said Henri. "From their calculations, which are not nearly as correct as ours, they believe that this will take hundreds or thousands of years. We have collected more, and much better data than them, and our planet will be that frozen marble in ten years, give or take a year or two. The only option left to us is to develop our light speed propulsion systems, and leave this planet. We need to act on this now. In the meantime, we can try to slow down the dying process of the planet, and possibly give ourselves a few more years. We need to be traveling at light speed within a years time though. Your father was killed because someone does not want this information to become public. They know it is the truth, but they wrongfully think they can fix things. Your father was going to announce to the people that he was stepping up our program to travel beyond the speed of light."

"And I agree with my father." said Sammi.

"Then you are now in as much danger as he was, and I am." said Henri. "The only way to protect yourself is to get this information to the people as quickly as possible. Once everyone knows what is happening and what you are doing, no one will be able to stop it."

"Will we be able to make it back to the city alive Henri?" asked Sammi.

"Your father didn't, and I won't even try it." replied Henri.

"Then we will leave here to the east, and make a wide path around the city." said Sammi. "My father's father has built a secret palace at the beginning of the mountains to the north. It is set up so that Kirelli can be ruled from there if necessary. My grandfather told me on his death bed when I was a little boy that he had built it for me to use someday. I guess he had a feeling that something like this would happen someday."

"How long will it take to get there?" asked Michael.

"If we leave now and drive as fast as our vehicle will go, we should be there by nightfall." replied Sammi. "Get ready to go Henri, you're coming with us!"

"Yes Your Highness, but what about my equipment?" asked Henri. "I will need that to help slow things down for us."

"Once we make the announcement from the mountain palace, we can come back to it." replied Sammi. "We need to go now though!"

The three men ran to the car as soon as Henri packed a few things. Michael and Sammi got in back, next to Pauli, and Henri sat up front with the other two guards. Sammi gave the driver directions that would keep them well clear of Agorra, and the driver took off as fast as he could at Sammi's orders.

"I take it we're not going back to the city Your Highness?" asked Pauli.

"We can't." replied Sammi. "If we try to do that, we will end up the same as my father. I have someplace else we can go though."

Then Sammi made a secure call to Bobbi, with his signal being scrambled. "Hello Bobbi, have you found my father's killers yet?" asked Sammi.

"Not yet Your Highness." replied Bobbi. "I am getting closer though."

"I might be able to make things easier for you." said Sammi. "I will not be returning to the palace tonight, but I will make an announcement to all of our people at nine o'clock this evening. Make the arrangements for our broadcast system to take over all television and radio channels at that time, and I'll call you just before nine with instructions. This is very urgent Bobbi, and I can see why they would kill my father because of it."

"I will make all of the arrangements Your Highness." replied Bobbi. "If there is anyway that you can, please call me later to let me know that you are safe."

"I will Bobbi, but I have your best guards with me." said Sammi. "Let's hope for the sake of the world that they keep me safe."

The trip to the mountain palace was very long, but due to the speed that the driver traveled, it wasn't boring. Pauli did remind his driver several times to drive safely. Sammi and Michael spent the trip holding each other's hand, and sitting close together. Henri had not slept in days, so the trip made him sleepy right away. He ended up falling asleep, leaning against the guard who sat in the middle. The guard put his arm over Henri's shoulder, and smiled at the sleeping genius. Sammi and Michael had to suppress a giggle when they noticed that, and Pauli just shook his head as he smiled. Once they had traveled half the distance to the mountains, Sammi gave the driver the rest of the directions to the palace. Then the day took it's toll on Sammi, as he drifted off while leaning against Michael. Pauli had been talking to his driver for several minutes, when he finally noticed this.

"I'm very glad he found you Michael." said Pauli. "You look as though you will take very good care of our King. You are a very welcome addition to our kingdom."

"Thank you Pauli." replied Michael. "He has been a good friend to me when I had no one. He has given me feelings that I never thought I would experience. I will sacrifice anything to protect him."

The rest of the trip went very quietly. The group who killed Sammi's father had apparently not planned on Sammi having somewhere else to retreat to. The car finally pulled up to a spectacular palace, built into a hillside. The great plains could still be seen through the gap between the hills in front of the palace. The outside was so grand that it made everyone who was awake gasp in it's beauty. While the guard up front woke Henri, Michael gently shook Sammi awake.

"We're here Sammi." said Michael, as Sammi began to awaken. "It's so beautiful too. I could have never dreamt of anything like this!"

"My grandfather did have a flair for the dramatic." smiled Sammi.

The first thing Sammi did was make a brief call to Bobbi, to let him know that they had arrived safely at their destination. After telling Bobbi that he would call back later with instructions, Sammi went to make sure that the broadcast equipment at the palace was still in good working order. Everyone was relieved when everything checked out in perfect condition. Now they had to prepare to tell the citizens of Kirelli that the world would be ending in a very short period of time. As Sammi thought about that, the reality of the situation hit him. Fortunately Michael was there to hold him until he had gotten use to what he had to tell everyone. Sammi had Henri get ready too, because he would have to help explain what had happened to their world.

At fifteen minutes before the announcement was to begin, Sammi called Bobbi back on his secured line. "Okay Bobbi, you should be getting a clear signal now on our official broadcast frequency." said Sammi.

"Yes Your Highness, we have it." replied Bobbi.

"Good!" said Sammi. "Now I am going to synchronize the equipment here and there, and we are going to scramble the transmission securely. We can't afford to have anyone intercept this signal. It will unscramble on your end, and go out to all of our kingdom."

Once the adjustments were made, it was almost time to go. Sammi and Henri went into the small studio together, and Sammi gave Bobbi the word to break in to all of the communications networks in Kirelli. Then the red light in the studio came on.

"Good evening loyal subjects, and fellow citizens of Kirelli." said Sammi. "As you know, I have taken over the crown after the death of my father. My father's death was not an accident though. He was murdered because he knew what I am about to talk to you about tonight. The Earth that we live on has begun the process of dying. In spite of what some others think, like those who killed my father, there is nothing that can be done to stop this. We may be able to slow the process down, but eventually life will cease to exist on this planet. We do have a plan to save our people though. Before I explain that, I would like Doctor Henri Fause to explain what I have just told you."

"Good evening everyone, and I wish I were talking to you under different circumstances." said Henri. "The Earth that we live on has been poisoned by the industrialized nations outside of Kirelli for well over a century now. Since the Earth is a delicate living planet, this poisoning has begun killing it. Our ozone layer, that protects the Earth from the radiation of the sun is now depleting at a rate that cannot be stopped. The earth will heat up as a result of this, and when the polar icecaps melt, it will cool off to the point of freezing the entire planet. Mine and my colleagues calculations have been rechecked thousands of times, and there are no mistakes about this. This process will be completed in about ten years, and we MAY be able to slow it down as much as an additional five years. In a very short time though, the Earth will be a dead frozen planet."

"I do not want anyone to panic right now." said Sammi. "As I have said, we do have a way to save our people. It may involve some risks, but we have no other alternative right now, as time is very important. Our light speed propulsion program has been going along at a conservative pace for many years now. The pace is due mainly to safety considerations. I am ordering the program accelerated to a pace where we will achieve light speed within one year. My father talked with many of the people in the program, and they feel that if their theories and calculations are correct, we can achieve that goal. The risk is that if they are not correct, it could result in the most massive explosion the Earth has ever known. If we do not accept this risk though, we will all die within the next fifteen years at the most. I myself wish to live longer than that. I am also ordering construction to begin on a fleet of starships that will be capable of transporting our people to another livable planet that is not occupied, or who will accept us graciously if it is occupied. We would prefer the first choice though. These plans will require some of our people to accelerate their education and intelligence to a new level, while it will require others to work around the clock to build what is necessary to accomplish this goal. I have the utmost faith in our people that we can do this. Our plan will take effect as of right now. Please trust and have faith in your fellow citizens that we will do this in time to save our people from the extinction that faces the rest of the planet. We have to remain focused on our goal at all times, and cannot afford any type of panic. If we are successful, there will be no reason to panic. Thank you everyone, and may the spirits be with us on this mission."

When the transmission light went out, Sammi let out a heavy sigh and slumped to the desk. Michael rushed into the studio, and helped Sammi to his quarters so he could rest. There was an urgent call from Bobbi for Sammi when they got there, so Michael took the call.

"Is this really true Michael?" asked Bobbi in disbelief. "How could this be true? How can people kill the very planet that they depend on for their survival?"

"As someone from the outside world, I can tell you that some people outside Kirelli have given very little thought to the way they have been treating this planet." replied Michael. "A few of us always thought we had time to make a difference, but it seems as though we were wrong. Knowing the way the outside world works though, they will probably kill each other off when they finally realize what is happening to them."

"I'm very glad I'm here in Kirelli then." said Bobbi. "It sounds like it's going to be horrible out there soon. I'm also glad that you came here Michael. I don't think Sammi could have gone through this without you. You know, you may be the last outsider that ever comes into Kirelli."

"I wish it didn't have to be that way, but there's only so much we can do right now." said Michael. "We can't save the whole world, and the time for them to save themselves has passed. Right now I'm just hoping that we can save ourselves. Sammi says we can though, and I believe him."

"I guess that's the kind of faith we all need right now Michael." replied Bobbi. "Sammi is going to have the opportunity to be the first King in our history to save his people, and I think he can do it with your help."

"Thanks Bobbi, I'll let him know you said that." said Michael. "We'll be home by tomorrow evening, and I'm sure you two will have a lot to discuss then. Take care of yourself this evening Bobbi, and I'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow."

"And you take care of our young King." replied Bobbi. "He needs you so much right now, seeing as he has the fate of our people on his shoulders."

As soon as Michael made sure Sammi was resting comfortably, he retired to his room for the night. This had been one of the longest days he had ever experienced, and he needed to rest badly. Pauli was prepared to remain awake throughout the night though, to make sure the palace remained secure.

The next morning everyone was jarred awake by a call from Bobbi. The group who had been responsible for the death of Sammi's father had been caught that morning, as they tried to sneak into a research facility to destroy it. They caused no damage to the facility, and were taken into custody without much of a struggle. This was good news to Pauli and Sammi, as they now prepared to return to Agorra. Michael was overjoyed by the news, since it meant that Agorra was safe to return to now.

The trip home was much calmer than their journey to the mountains yesterday. It was a chance for Pauli to get some much needed rest. It also gave Sammi the opportunity to convince Henri to move his research back to the city. Now that the news was out, and a plan had been revealed to deal with the problem, things would be sure to be much safer for everyone. As they drove into the city, people seemed much more subdued now though. It seemed as though paradise had now been shattered with the news that in a decade it would no longer exist. Sammi knew that he had to convince everyone that paradise could be found elsewhere now. As the car neared the palace, the streets seemed to be blocked with people and television crews. Bobbi met the group several blocks from the palace, and guided them around to the back. Everyone still had to make a dash for the palace when they pulled up around back though.

Once everyone was inside the palace, Sammi threw his arms around Bobbi and said, "It's good to see you my friend! It's getting kind of crazy out there, isn't it?"

"It's been this way all morning, Your Highness." replied Bobbi. "We have to prepare to make a statement for the television crews out front. They have a million questions, and I can't answer them."

"Well then, let's have a little conference first." said Sammi. "Can you get our space minister and public works minister here right away?"

"I already have them on stand by Your Highness." replied Bobbi. "They can be here in the palace in fifteen minutes."

"I knew my choice in you as chief advisor was a great choice!" said Sammi appreciatively. "When we go out there, we have to be ready for any question, and I want all of my top people with me out there. That includes you Michael."

"I guess I better prepare then." said Michael.

Michael felt honored to be included in this group, although he couldn't fathom how he qualified. He knew that he had to freshen up and clear his mind to handle this honor though. If there was one thing Michael always prided himself on, it was his grace under pressure. Michael didn't know it, but other people had begun to notice that too. After Michael had cleaned up, he almost literally bumped into Bobbi outside his quarters.

"You're having a hard time understanding why Sammi has placed so much honor on you, aren't you?" asked Bobbi.

"That would be the understatement of the year!" laughed Michael nervously.

"It's because of how you seem to stay so cool when the pressure is turned on." said Bobbi. "I know Sammi admires that just as much as he admires you physically. You are the one person he needs right now to help him pull this off, and he wants you with him constantly now. I'm so glad you are there for him Michael."

"Did he tell you this?" asked Michael.

"He didn't say a word to me about it." replied Bobbi. "I have been around his family for a long time, and I know him even better than he thinks I do. I always knew that he was destined to fulfill a great purpose, but he needs you to do that. You are now his inner strength."

"I'll try not to let everyone down then." promised Michael.

"Now my new friend, let's get to that conference!" said Bobbi. "I think everyone is waiting for us before they begin."

The conference lasted for a little more than an hour, with everyone being heard from. The space and public works ministers shared what they were doing to get things started quickly, and assured Sammi that they could do what would be asked of them. Henri would buy them as much time as he could, which would help ease public panic. Pauli and Bobbi were ready to handle security and public information, and Michael would step in whenever Sammi needed him, and do whatever was asked. Then they discussed the mechanics and physics of exactly what needed to be done. By the end, everyone was confident that they could complete this mission. Now it was time to go out and answer the questions of the people of Kirelli.

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