To Live
Cryptic Angel


Dieter Harron's body quivered beneath the touch of the teen boy.

Dieter realized that he was once again in dream. The polar opposites of his black and white reality were apparent in every aspect of this current landscape; everything was brighter and different. He was used to seeing things in dull, lifeless context, but here, things weren't made up of simple white and black. The only color he had ever known was that of shades of white, but here, he saw other colors. Everything took on a more realistic quality, and he let his eyes eat the images up, flooding his brain with new sensations.

Color was not the only difference here. The teenaged boy, who was now pawing at his shirt, was also in stark contrast to his world. Never had he witnessed two people of the same sex engage in the ritual of mating, nor did he understand how it was possible. He thought that only girls could carry offspring, but in his dreams, he supposed anything was possible.

And Dieter enjoyed every second of it. Having turned 18 the day before, Dieter would soon receive his mate card, naming the person that would be his wife. They would then be expected to start their lives together, parenting two kids, who would then carry on the tradition. But, the more time that Dieter spent in his dreams, the more Dieter wanted. The feelings that he felt in this state were wonderful, and he doubted that they could be mirrored in his own reality.

Dieter was brought out of his thoughts as the boy pushed his lips to Dieter's. Learning from past dreams, Dieter instinctively opened his mouth, letting the boy's tongue invade. The oral dance continued for nearly a minute, until Dieter started to feel the familiar stirring in his pants.

"I want you, I need you," the boy whispered into Dieter's ear as his bright eyes peered into Dieter's.

"I need you too," Dieter replied as he ran his fingers through the boy's spiky black hair. With full understanding of the situation, Dieter lifted his shirt off, revealing his toned chest and abs.

In Kontrolliert, the society that Dieter called home, bodily perfection was important, and perfection was not something that was strived for, but rather, the norm. Dieter excelled in every task that he undertook. He was scripted to be an elder, and his body definitely showcased the hard work that he put into every aspect of life.

Dieter let out a light sigh as the boy moved his tongue from his mouth to his small, delicate nipples. The boy's tongue lightly flicked Dieter's right nipple a few times, before he engulfed the entire thing in his mouth, lightly sucking the sensitive area. Dieter could feel his hardon brushing against the inside of his pants as raw animal lust overtook him.

Lightly, Dieter pushed the boy to the grass and proceeded to straddle him. With urgency, Dieter began to hump the boy, their hard penises grinding against each other. The feelings inside of Dieter grew in intensity, as he took the boy's shirt off, revealing a chest and six pack, which matched the perfection of his own.

Dieter, starting at the boy's neck, licked slowly downward, until he was at the boy's light black happy trail. Locking eyes with the teen, Dieter could feel the boy's energy willing him forward. Without skipping a beat, Dieter unbuttoned the boy's pants and unzipped the zipper. With relentless lust, Dieter brought the boy's pants down, and like a baker kneading dough, began to rub the boy's penis through his boxers.

"I love you Alec," the boy said.

The words reverberated through Dieter's head, shaking his every essence to the core.

Alec? Dieter thought to himself. Who is Alec?


"Dieter... Dieter, wake up. They've sent for you."

Dieter thrust his eyes open and peered around the black and white room. Once again, reality began to take its hold on him as he set eyes on his mother. She was dressed as all women dressed, a pair of black slacks uniformed perfectly to her slender legs, topped by a white blouse. Her black hair hung straight down, her bangs cut to lay right above her eyes.

Familiarity caged him once again as he felt his heart sink.

"You're having that dream again, aren't you Dieter?" his mother asked him.

"I--I--I don't know what you're talking about, mother," Dieter replied, lying out of fear. He had talked about it once, but knew that he could never talk about it again. It wasn't uniform, and in a society where any abnormality meant certain disappearance from the known world, Dieter knew that he couldn't tell the truth.

The truth would only be his undoing.

"Dieter, The Elders have sent for you. The message arrived this morning. They know, Dieter, they know. "

"They know what?"

"You were destined for such greatness, Dieter. Even your name is one that demands power and respect. The Elders knew you were destined for greatness. That is why they prescribed this name for you. But^ but it's out of my hands now, Dieter. They know, and you must face them."

Dieter searched his mother's eyes for some sort of compassion, but found none. It struck him that even his own family was incapable of accepting abnormality.

"You are to be at the Verwaltung in exactly half an hour," she said as she turned to leave the room.

"Are--Are you going to come with me?"

" They've sent only for you. I told you this was out of my hands now." And with that, she disappeared out of the room.

Images raced through Dieter's mind as he stared at the white wall. He couldn't understand how The Elders had found out about his dreams. He was so careful not to mention it, except for the one time, to his mother.

Then it all clicked in his head.

As fear made its way through his body, he realized the deceit that had befallen him. His mother was no different, no less uniformed than the rest of the collective conscious.

And then the boy crept into his thoughts. For a brief second, Dieter watched as the world around him transformed from black and white to the other thing. The thing in his dreams, where there wasn't only black and white, but many, many different colors. For a brief second, Dieter felt peace, but it was quickly dashed, as the black and white returned.

A sweet smell infiltrated Dieter's nose as the word, Alec, appeared in his mind's eye.

"I do not understand. I do not understand this at all," Dieter said aloud.

"Alec, I need you Alec," a voice called to him, seemingly from nowhere.

This is the first chapter of the new series. I hope that this will go well, as it is something that I'm experimenting with. I welcome all comments and questions. Email Me. Don't forget to stop by my site.