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J. Douglas

Todd & Tom -- Chapter 1 -They Live Within

Today would to be the last day Todd would be alone for a while. Beginning tomorrow Mary and he were moving from Prince George, to Abbotsford. The move was for Mary, to be closer to medical services and family. Todd had been to Abbotsford a month earlier and seen a number of condos. The one he selected got the afternoon sun and overlooked a small park. The realtor had told Todd the lady who lived across the hall also had MS like Mary, bingo he thought at least Mary would have someone to talk to. He had not met her or her husband but was hoping for the best. After sorting out a place to live Todd visited the Mission plant of Coastal Timber. His meeting with the plant manager went well and he looked forward to working with him. Before Todd left he walked the plant to familiarize himself with the site. He was surprised to see a friend of his youth, Matt, who played defense for the football team in high school. They had not seen each other since graduation so Todd arranged to meet him for a drink after work. When Todd arrived at the pub Matt was easy to find his stocky barrel chested frame made him standout in a crowd. They had a lot to catching up to do, the first thing surprised him; before the beers had even arrived Matt introduced him to AJ, his longtime partner. So at least he would know two people in Abbotsford. But long distance moves are still a pain.

Today however Todd was enjoying the warm glow that he got as he performed his workout; it was not yet 5am, he enjoyed being alone. He watched the man in the mirror exercising in his jock strap, watching the gym's mirrors as his muscles flexed to ensure that he was getting the best performance. Standing 6 foot 6 inches in height he carried his muscles well on his immense frame. His broad shoulders and back muscles formed a statue like V descending to his waist. The large pectoral muscles of his chest yielded to a set of six pack abs that were extremely well defined. The muscles of his butt cheeks formed a firm curved ass showing no signs of his 45 years. This body was supported by a legs that were equally well muscled, the thighs were massive and the calves were hard yet subtle. Todd was pleased that that his years of working in the forest industry supplemented with his workouts had yielded such great results.

This morning however he was having problem concentrating; his mind was in a fog. Why had he stripped to his jockstrap? Not to worry, nobody would be around for a few hours so the gym was his. The other thing that was annoying him was that his weight routine was not satisfying the fire in his loins. Since his youth Todd had found that a good hard workout would ease his desire for sex. However lately it was proving less and less effective. He longed for sex with his wife but knew because of her MS even to hug her only produced pain, so sex was definitely out of the question. His mind wandered recalling that it was almost 3 years since they had stop having sex, and as he recalled she did not like it then, due to his size. Yes his ten-inch cock spoiled his marriage, Mary could never take it all and he was never felt truly satisfied. Today Todd desperately wanted release. Looking at the man in the mirror part of his mind said it was him but another part said no. There was something that was out of place, then he realized what it was, a twinkle in his eyes that reminded Todd of glitter in a kid's snow globe. He watched the figure in the mirror pull the waistband of his jock down freeing his cock and balls from their prison. Watching this he was even surer that it was that man in the mirror and not him, meanwhile he heard a soft voice in his head saying, "Enjoy!" He was in public and another gym member could arrive yet he couldn't stop the actions of the image before him. The muscleman in the mirror adjusted his low hanging balls and began to stoke his cock. Todd's tool was almost six inches at rest, this morning he stroked the shaft, softly allowing the tips of his fingers to travel along it to the crown of his cockhead. His glands was, a well-formed mushroom cap that rested with a pronounce rim on his long but slender shaft. Todd savored the feelings that he was able to produce as he stoked his cock. It responded quickly enlarging to its' full ten inches. Closing his eyes he allowed himself to lean back against a pommel horse. He relished the sensations that ran through his body as he stroked his now hard cock while his other hand roamed over his body. Soon he could not resist the urge in his groin any longer and began to pump his dick with both hands at first he began with long slow strokes but watching the reflection he was soon working harder and faster. Todd was not even aware that he putting on such and erotic display. It was that man in the mirror who was performing; he was lost to the feelings of his body. Nor was he aware that he had been bouncing his ass against one of the slanted legs of the horse with each bounce his balls smacked against the leg. His body yielded to his manipulations and his cock let loose shooting an arch of cum covering the man in the mirror. The man in the mirror then rested back against the horse, still stroking his erect cock with one hand while the other still roamed over his body.

Todd watched the fluids slowly travel down the mirror. He knew what he had done; his actions were burned on this memory, yet he could not stop. His mind trashed around desperately seeking control of his body. It was if another mind had control and he was watching all this from outside. Finally settling down he closed his eyes. Todd felt like he was in a dream he saw images of himself as he grew up each more erotic than the last. He saw Mary and felt the pain of her illness. The images then shifted to his trip to Abbotsford, he saw Gloria, the young lady that was to be his secretary and watched as her clothing disappeared; yet his love for Mary overruled any sexual desire for her. Then he saw Matt and AJ and once again their clothes vanished. Matt was not the object of sexual desire but to fantasize about AJ was another thing. Opening his eyes the images faded and Todd said to himself, "What is going on?"

Todd jumped and looked around quickly when he heard a voice say,"You enjoyed it." His erect cock and balls still hung in front of him. He thought about what he heard it was not a question but a statement that he heard clearly, yet he was alone. He listened carefully and the voice began again. "You enjoyed it, and so did we." Todd mentally responded "We?" he was alone so who was talking to him. He noticed that he could hear his own thoughts clearly yet the voice was soft, almost a whisper. "We are the Kumar, we will explain." Without waiting for a response the whispering continued. "We have lived within your race since it began. The males of your race serve us best but some of our kind have prospered in female bodies. Your mind tells us that the best word you have for our race is nanites. We live within your endocrine system and harvest certain chemicals produced by your emotional system. Once in a long while we can reach a critical mass within a host. Fed by your testosterone driven workouts and sexual activities we have multiplied. You have helped us by adding amino acids to your diet. We have reached the point where today we were able to short circuit you thoughts and have your body heed our instructions. Even now we are keeping your body ready for another sexual release." Another release Todd thought, he had not cum twice in a short time since he was a teenager. And then there was mess on the mirror to clean up. The whispering returned. "Clean the mirror and we will continue our explanations." Todd stepped forward and moved to lower his jock so that he could place his equipment away when he heard the voice shout "NO..." He found that his arm would not move. "Leave them out, ..." the Kumar said. Obeying the commands he heard in his mind Todd walked to get some paper towels and glass cleaner, His balls swayed, and his cock bounced as me moved, it sort of felt good. The whisper in his mind purred for a moment before continuing. "Now you feel some fine gravel in you mouth." And Todd did, I felt like he his tongue was covered in gravel. "Now the feeling will go way until the right moment. Each grain is millions of us." As quickly as the feeling developed it was gone and then he was left only with a lingering sweetness. Todd cleaned the cum that covered the mirror. While he worked he could not resist watching the man in the mirror. The sight of this image was stimulating; part of his mind again kept telling him it was his reflection. Yet he could not stop watching the hard cock and balls that swayed before him. "We have shown you images to test for a prospective sexual partner. You have resisted the female forms because of the love of your wife. The alternative is to find an acceptable male. When you find him we will help you. We will adjust your pheromone output so that he will be attracted to you and when you kiss billons of us will flood into him. We can help your new partner control his body for your service." Todd had drifted again while listening to the soft soothing whispers. He now realized he was lying on the weight bench caressing his cock and pulling on his balls. The whispers were softer and fading slowly saying over and over, "Once more..." Todd surrendered to the feeling of his body and focused on working his cock. It seemed even more sensitive as his finger stroked the shaft and toyed with the rim of his glands. He did not need to be told, he wanted more! Gripping the shaft with both hands he began to jack his cock. Using longer and longer strokes he worked his cock. He found that if he moved his legs like doing a frog kick it would work the muscles of his ass simulating his prostate. His mind fantasized about being screwed by the man in the mirror. All too soon he exploded sending cum over his chest and abs, his legs locked around the bench, his body arched, he was lost to the sensations and waves of ecstasy that swept thru him. The voice on his mind quietly saying, "Yes, enjoy it,"

Slowly the feelings past and Todd woke from the dream. Looking at himself covered in his own fluids, lying naked on the bench he was lost to explain what had happened. He kept asking himself was it real had he really done what his mind was recalling or was it all an illusion. Todd showered and dressed for his last day of work in the Prince George Plant. Tomorrow was moving day. Yet thoughts and images of the morning kept intruding on his mind, and he had problems focusing on his final tasks.