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Todd & Tom -- Chapter 10 -- The Trip part 2


The walk thru the lobby to our room seemed to take forever. As soon as Todd closed the door I threw my arms around him, and pulled him to me. Oh my god it felt good to let my hands roam across his body. He leaned over and kissed me. Holding me tight he whispered, "Take it easy babe, and there is nobody going to walk in on us. It is just us and we have lots of time." With this he kissed me in a long lingering embrace. His tongue checking out my mouth as his hands stroked my body. When we broke Todd lead me over to the room's desk and with ease lifted me onto it. This way we could kiss without him having to bend over. It felt so good, as we enjoyed each other's kisses and let ours hands caressing each other. After a little while I could see that Todd was starting to get excited by the tent that was growing in his slacks. Me, I was hard because I still wore the cockring that Todd had put on me in the morning. If it were not for the pressure of the Lycra briefs my state would have been visible for all to see. Soon Todd looked deep into my eyes and said in his soft yet commanding voice, "Babe I want you to slowly strip to your pretty blue briefs..." Then kissing me he lifted me from the desk. I started to follow his instructions and slowly undid my shirt, He watched me slowly peel it from my body and hang it on the chair beside me. I kept trying to think of how a male stripper would remove his clothes, as I tried to make it as erotic as possible for both of us. Then standing to face Todd I slowly undid my belt and zipper; slowly I pulled my pants open so that the baby blue Lycra fabric of my briefs was visible. Next I leaned over to remove my shoes and socks, bracing myself against the chair. I glanced in the mirror above the desk and looking across my back I could see Todd smiling, as his hand rubbed his crotch. I was pleased that he was enjoying my performance. As I kept telling myself to move slowly I stood and moved my pants so that they barely hung on my butt and my crotch was bulging out of the fly. I paused at this point and slowly stroked my abs up over my chest, before moving my hands back to the waistband of my slacks. Then easing them clear of my ass I stepped out of them. With my back to Todd I hung them on the chair. Then slowly I turned and walked over to him. He was smiling as he reached out and pulled me to him. As we kissed he cupped my butt and gave it a squeeze. Todd stroked my sides and abs ending up with one of his large hands cupping my package, as our kiss ended. I thought he would undo the Velcro that held my briefs on, but he did not. Instead he looked at me and said softly, "Now undress me..." Once again I told myself to move slowly even though I wanted to just rip the clothes from him. Reaching forward I undid his belt and zipper. When I folded the fly back I saw that Todd was wearing the red Lycra square cut briefs that I had made for him. He cock produced a tent in these briefs even with the Lycra in the fabric. I could not pull his pants down as he was leaning against the room's coffee table. So I slowly undid his buttons one at a time, opening his shirt in steps to expose this massive chest and abs. The sight of Todd's body always took my breath away and my basket pulsed in his hand. He just smiled. Peeling his shirt from him was harder as I had to stretch to reach around him and pull the shirttail from his pants. Todd still held my crotch in his hand and showed not signs of releasing me. It was not until I had his shirt off, folded it neatly, and had placed it on the coffee table that he released his grip on me. I sank to my knees and removed his shoes and socks. These were placed under the coffee table. When I stood so did Todd, this allowed me to slowly slide his pants off his hips, I followed them down pausing to marvel at his basket. After I had folded and placed Todd's slacks with his shirt on the coffee table I reach out and stroked his massive frame. I love the feel of his body. Now it was my turn to cup his package in the slinky Lycra wrapping, I could feel his rod jump as my hand moved across it. We kissed, our bodies pressed together. I slowly slipped my hands into Todd's briefs. I held his bubble butt before I sinking to my knees and peeling the red Lycra wrapping that held his cock and balls. I wanted to service him in the worst possible way and moved to lick his cock, but Todd pulled me to my feet and in a smooth motion scooped me up and carried me to the bed. He gently deposited me on one side of the bed and he sat on the other side. Towering over me his large hand slowly stroked my body. When he reached my briefs he tore the Velcro away releasing me from the blue Lycra wrapping that held my package. My cock sprang up firm and ready for action. I spread my legs and lifted my butt so that Todd could easily pull my briefs from me. Sitting beside me Todd stroked my body, he seemed to enjoy watching my reactions as my body tingled under his hands and my dick jerked with excitement. Without thinking I rolled a little so that he could stroke my back and butt, bracing myself with my left leg. I could see he was enjoying feeling my body. Soon I felt him pulling on my right leg, so I moved my legs farther apart. This allowed Todd access to reach under me and play with the end of the butt plug. It felt so good when he wiggled it. Occasionally he would pull on it a little and then let go. When he did this my ass muscles sucked it back in. I had become used to its presence and my body did not want to let it go. As he worked it out more and more he smiled at how I squirmed to meet him when he returned it to my ass. Seeing that I wanted more Todd said, "Pull your legs up and hang onto your knees babe." I did as he instructed. In this position he had better access to the plug and he worked it out and in with longer and longer strokes. I was surprised when he pulled it out completely. The feeling of emptiness was amazing and I longed for him to fill my butt again. Instead Todd took the butt plug to the bathroom.


I watched his return as his erect cock swayed and bounced in front of him. He sat back down on the bed and softly caressed my cheek just before be kissed me. Todd snaked his huge arms around my body and held me tight as his tongue probed my mouth. He lifted me to a sitting position as he stoked my body. I loved the feeling of being pressed against his well-informed body. When he broke the kiss Todd looked deep into my eyes. He gently said, "Babe l want this tonight... but I promised not to push you, so now the choice is yours." With this he held out a condom and I understood him clearly. If we were to continue I was to put it on him. I took the condom from him and thru my arms around him in a bear hug, not near as crushing as his but Todd understood. He sat smiling as I rolled the condom down his cock, his eyes twinkling. The thin plastic highlighted each detail of that wonderful tool that I had dined on many time, next Todd added a blob of lube for me to spread on his rod. Having prepared his cock Todd moved to a position between my legs and towered above me; he gripped my waist and maneuvered me closer to him. Seeing this well muscled hulk about to take total control of my ass was like a dream. A familiar question flashed across my mind. What are you doing, Tom?


Well right now I find myself, a married man, flat on my back holding my legs to my chest and my married neighbor Todd is teasing my asshole with his dick. My ass longed to be filled as it missed the plug that it had all day. Todd pushed his cock to my hole only a little to start then pulled back, he repeated this each time probing a little deeper but not really entering my ass, after a few minutes of his teasing my ass started to spasm as it tried to grasp his cock. Feeling this Todd pushed forward allowing his cock to start its entry into me. My ass was tight even though it had been stretched by the plug, Todd took it slow, moving deeper and deeper... with a slow progressive imperative, he paused when he felt me tense up and allowed me time to get used to his cock which was larger than the plug and it stretched my ass even more, then he continued to push, filling me more and more. When he paused he flexed his abs muscles making his dick jump in my ass. The sensation is not only distracting but felt wonderful! He then pressed his rod forward again and again. It was not long before he whispered in my ear "I'm all in..." and he paused for a moment to allow both of us to adjust. Now that his cock was stuffed into me up to the hilt the feeling was one of being full, I quickly adjusted to this new sensation. We kissed long, slow and deeply.


Todd then started to pull back and thrust forward only a few inches, getting my ass used to the motion of being fucked by my hulk, my love. As he felt less resistance to his movement and saw me relaxing to the rhythm of his fucking he smiled and whispered, "Now for some fun..." He changed the movement of his cock to longer and longer strokes. Soon the well-defined helmet ridge of his cock head began to brush my prostate. It made me jump with excitement and I almost lost my breath. Todd chuckled and said, "You like that babe..." I replied with a purr of pleasure. Having found the position of my prostate Todd worked his cock head over it again and again. Each time he hit it he flexed his dick and enjoyed watching me tremble in his grip, he was holding my hips in his massive hands allowing him total control of my ass. Soon he had me moaning and writhing in ecstasy and I was leaking pre-cum from my erect rod like never before, it felt so hard I swear I could have driven nails with it. It kept dripping pre-cum onto my stomach as Todd caused waves of sexual pleasure to wash over me. I wrapped my legs around him and moved to grasp my dick, which I desperately wanted to jack off. But Todd said, "No babe, don't touch... put your hands under your butt and brace your ass higher for me. I will get you to cum when I am ready." I pleaded please, because I am so close... But Todd still said, "No," and then he pushed his rod all the way back in. Again filling me completely -- OMG it felt so good! Pausing his thrusts, he again kissed me deeply. He stroked me softly with his huge hands while we kissed. Soon the feeling that I was going to cum or more correctly explode passed and Todd felt my body relaxing under his tender strokes.


Feeling that I was under control, Todd began to work his cock in long and deep strokes... I could only say YES, PLEASE, and DEEPER again and again wanting more! Todd picked up the speed and each time he rammed his cock all the way in he flexed causing his rod to jump inside me! I respond by squeezing my butt muscles on his rod not want to let him out. From the tightening grip Todd had on my hips I knew he was getting close to cumming, finally I began to fountain cum. I felt him bang his rod deep into my ass fast and hard. He held his cock in as deep as he could and moved it in a circular movement as he to unloaded his juice. I felt each pulse of his dick as it pumped his cum in to condom that cloaked his rod. It felt great!!!! We collapsed enjoying the surge of feelings from our coupling. Todd was on top of me and I was holding on to him for deal life. I never want to let go of him; it felt so good to feel his strength possessing me. I whispered to him, "Thank-you, I have not felt that good or cum like that in a long time." Todd said that he too missed the feeling of having someone to pleasure, but now we have each other.


As we recovered Todd reminded me that I have to work in the morning and so we should have a shower. I agreed but told him that I do not want to let go of him. He said, "Ok but hold on tight." Then he rolled so that he could position his feet on the floor. He stood with me still impaled on his dick; my legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. Todd carried me this way with my head on his pecs to the shower where he lifted me from his cock and lovingly set me down. Before letting go of his neck I stole a quick kiss. When the water started to run over us and I found another joy, the act of washing my lover. As I lathered him I soaked in the appearance of his body. Todd's broad chest and pecs are still well defined for a man of his age. His arms are huge and he has a stylized saw blade tattooed around his left bicep, when he moved his arm it grew. Todd's abs have lost little of their firmness of youth and his 6 pack was still clear. As I soaped his cock and balls he moaned and pulled me closer. With ease he wrapped an arm around me and lifted me to his lips for another kiss and said, "Another time babe... " He set me down and turned so that I could wash his back. Across Todd's broad shoulders was an eagle tattoo, done like his saw blade in shades of black and grey. As he moved his arms the muscles of his shoulders caused his eagle to move its wings, and know I am lost to him. I finished washing down his torso. I now sank to my knees and caressed the roundness of his well-formed butt. I finish by cleaning the tree trunks that are his legs. He stepped out of the shower to dry himself, as I washed up from the evening's activities. After drying my body I saw Todd. He was lying on the bed only as sheet covering his groin and legs. The best phrase I have to explain this vision is drop dead gorgeous! I stopped at my suitcase and soon found the gift that Sandy had put into it. She had wrapped it in wedding paper with a silver bow, why was I not surprised. I took this to Todd who sat up as I approached him. Sitting beside him I tenderly handed him this token of my love. He opened the wrapping to find a golden eagle on a chain. It was positioned in flight its' wings up and its' talons out. The wings were diamond cut to enhance the brilliance of the gold. The eye was a small ruby. It was just as I remembered it, the perfect present for my man. Smiling he held it out to me saying, "Please put it on me babe." I moved around behind him and kneeling gently draped it in position between his pecs. The chain was a perfect length so that it hung low enough to clear of his throat, but it was still high enough to be visible if he had a shirt on. Kneeing behind him I pressed my naked body to his back as I stroked his chest. Todd giggled as my fingers traced the lower edge of his pecs; my man had a ticklish spot. Reaching behind him he gently pulled me around him. Holding me in his lap we embraced. Looking deep into my eyes Todd said, "What's wrong babe?" as he saw my eyes were full of tears. I shook my head and wrapped my arms around him saying, "Nothing Todd, I just feel sort of guilty that I am so happy and I love you." Todd hugged me, and whispered, "I loved you to babe, since that first day you tried to pickup the box, when I moved into the condo. Don't feel guilty babe Sandy and Mary both want this for us. We love them just as physically we have each other." I snuggled into him and he wrapped his arms around me. We fell asleep spooned together me using his bicep as my pillow and his cock nestled in the crack of my ass.


I awoke the next morning at 4am before the alarm sounded. I found that we had not really moved since the night before, the only change was that Todd had rolled so that I was supporting the bulk of his weight and his left arm was draped across me, his hand cupping my balls. I gently slid out from his grip not wanting to disturb my slumbering giant. I quietly gathered my clothes and dressed in the bathroom after my morning shave and cleanup. Then I quietly left to do the service calls that were planned here in Powell River, BC.