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Todd & Tom -- Chapter 11 -- The Trip part 3

I returned as planned to pick up Todd and checked out of the hotel in time to catch the noon ferry to Vancouver Island. Todd was happy that he had not been disturbed and said that it had been a long time since he slept that well. He smiled that impish grin that he had and said, "Having somebody to screw before bed is just like taking a sleeping pill." He then reached over and gave me a long deep kiss, it almost taking my breath away. He said that he was looking forward to tonight in Duncan. The eagle I had given Todd as a wedding gift was sparkling in the brilliant sun as it lay against his broad chest its' wing shining brightly and the ruby eye glistened. Todd enjoyed the trip across to Vancouver Island. He had never been in this area of the province and he enjoyed seeing the spectacular scenery of this section of the coast. I was pleased that during the crossing we saw one of the local pods of killer whales playing in Johnson Strait. Todd was very patient with me as I had a few stops to make for router upgrades on the way to Duncan. We arrived at our hotel in Duncan around 4pm. We were both roasting, as the weather had been nice. We changed quickly and headed for the hotel pool.

Seeing Todd in his square cut Lycra swimsuit made me pop a hardon, thankfully the boxer style swimsuit I was wearing concealed it. The cool water felt so refreshing. As we were the only ones at the pool Todd gave me another of his oral exams and stroked my body tenderly. When he reached my basket and found my raging hardon he chuckled and whispered that we would work on it later. We relaxed for a while enjoying a quiet beer before heading back to our room to change for dinner.

We both changed to cargo style shorts and golf shirts, because of Todd's build his fit nicely, mine on the other hand are very baggy. Todd asked me to not wear briefs under mine, with a grin. My hardon fortunately had weakened, and so was only slightly visible as it moved unrestricted in my shorts. When we reached the dining room he selected a booth out of the line of traffic. After ordering and getting our beers I discovered why Todd had said not to wear briefs. Sitting across from me Todd slipped his foot out of his sandals and maneuvered it up the leg of my baggy cargo shorts. I jumped, as I was not expecting this. With his foot inserted he would tease my balls and gently press on my cock. Thank goodness I was sitting down as his footwork soon brought my cock to attention. Todd just sat smiling and sipped his beer. Each time a waiter or someone would approach our end of the dinning room Todd removed his foot only to replace it when they left. We ate dinner with this cat and mouse game continuing, Todd managed to keep my cock aroused. I ate dinner quickly wanting to go back to the room to work on the rod in my shorts. Todd ate at a more leisurely pace; he seemed to enjoy the situation I was in. After finishing dinner we returned to our room, I had to keep one hand in my pocket to keep my hardon from being noticed as we left the dining room and walked through the lobby. Once we reached the privacy of the elevator Todd pulled my hand from my pocket and smiled and chuckled as my cock tented my shorts, I blushed. I went to put my hand back in my pocket as the elevator chimed for our floor but Todd said "No." Putting his large hand on my neck Todd steered me back to our room.

Now in the privacy of our room Todd told me to drop my shorts, he reached forward and in one smooth movement lifted my golf shirt up and off. Once again I found myself standing naked in front of him. Then I felt his hands press me down to my knees, and pulling my face into his crotch. I reached up and undid his pants and slid his zipper down, I pulled his shorts and briefs off in one smooth motion. While I was doing this Todd removed his shirt. Freed of this shorts and briefs his cock sprang forward and I started to lick it like a little kid with a Popsicle, it was so nice and smooth and hot. Todd said for me to lick his balls. Compared to Todd I have no balls, his are like the rest of him, huge and hung low. Todd has very little hair in this crotch and I followed the instructions of my man wanting only to please him, licking first one ball and then the other. I knew Todd was enjoying the sensation as he had begun to purr. I could feel the rumbles thru his body as I held onto his thighs. Soon he told me to take both balls in my mouth. Not wanting to disappoint I tried but was not having much luck sucking them into my mouth. Todd towered above me on my knees and he said to open wide, then dropped his balls into my waiting mouth, first the left and then popped in the right. My mouth was filled with his balls as I tried to move my tongue to caress them. He purred again he liked having his balls in a moist, warm spot being stroked my tongue. This activity had brought his cock up and it was now a firm rod that bounced on my face as I knelt below him. Todd asked, "Do you want me like last night?" I could only respond with a muffled yes and a slight nod as I still held him in my mouth. He said, "Good, now keep me in your mouth and follow me." Slowly he turned and moved to the side of the bed as I crawled with him keeping his balls in their warm nest. From the nightstand Todd took a condom and a tube of ky-gel. He rolled the condom over his cock and added a squeeze of gel and applied it to his dick. Watching him do this from below was really different and exciting. Todd then said, "Open wide..." Feeling my mouth stretch open he gently extracted his balls from my mouth. He motioned for me to stand and said, "Bend over babe," I immediately followed his instructions. He then applied the some gel to my hole.

Todd then turned me around, and we kissed, our rods like dueling swords pressed between us. He then said that tonight was my turn to do the work. With this he pressed a condom into my hand and then leaped onto the bed. Holding his cock straight up Todd said that tonight I was to ride him. I slipped the think latex on his hot tool and added a touch of lube before I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself above his firm cock. My legs were spread wide on either side of his waist and as I pulled my cheeks apart I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, looking like a wishbone. I slowly allowed myself to descend upon his rod. In the back of my mind I wondered how I ever managed to take this monster cock. Like the night before I had to pause a couple of times, but not as many and with my legs stretched this far apart my ass was held open for his dick to slide into me. I found I was getting used to having his hot cock implanted in my ass. I soon leaned forward and kissed him letting him know that all of his cock was buried in my ass. Todd groaned and made his dick pulse inside me, like he had done last night, it felt great. I began to lift up and then allowed myself to slowly settle down on him again. I reached for my cock, thinking that I would jack off while I rode Todd, but he said that I was to just ride his dick and that like last night he was sure that I would cum in time. Following Todd's instructions I continued to lift up and settle back on him. I was cautious at first but soon realized how good it felt to have his solid cock moving in me. I lifted up more and more and allowed myself to slowly settle back down on Todd. Soon I was lifting to the stage where only his cock head remaining inside me and then I would settle down taking all of him back into me. I continued to ride this stallion below me and it felt great! My cock was bouncing from the movement. The pressure on my prostate as I rode Todd made my cock leak precum, there was a sticky filament from my dick to the droplets that landed on Todd's firm abs. Soon Todd started to grind his cock in a circular motion when it was fully imbedded in me, and told me to ride him harder and faster. So instead of allowing myself to gently descend on him as I had been doing I pushed my ass down more quickly. Todd reached out and griped my waist holding on to me I lifted up and them he pulled me back down quickly. I learned the pace he wanted and rode him at a gallop. Todd could tell from my breathing and the amount of precum falling from my dick that I was getting close and said to keep going. I rode him as hard and fast as I could. While I did this he reached up and teased my tits. Which like his were standing firm on my chest. Todd then gripped them and as I took him all in my ass he gave them a twist. The sensation was great, and he commented, "I squeeze your tits and your asshole tightens..." with a chuckle. I was only a few moments more and our bodies could stand the sexual pleasure no longer, between me riding him and his working on my tits I thrust myself down all the way and clamped my ass tight on his dick as I leaned back and shot cum on to my stud. Todd also was meeting my movements thrusting up and grinding into me. I could feel the warmth of his seed spreading in the condom as his hot, hard cock pulsed deep within me. I then collapsed onto him allowing our sweat and my cum to cement us together. Todd wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug, and whispered that I was his. How long we lay like this I do not know. I think I fell asleep with Todd's hard dick still buried in me. The next thing I remember was waking up in Todd's arms being carried to the bathroom. He had his shower while I cleared my bowel and then I showered while he dried himself. After cleaning up I returned to the room to join him. Todd was lying on the bed, again he was covered with a sheet from just below his navel, I could see from the tenting of the sheet that his cock was ready for more. The only thing I could say at the sight of him like this was WOW! He looked so sexy! Todd patted the bed beside him to indicate where he wanted me; I happily joined him in the bed. The feel of our naked bodies together I found very erotic and snuggled close to him.

Todd said, "I love the feel of you babe, tonight I want us to sleep united." With this he guided me with his strong hands to rollover onto my stomach. He then slid his bulk between my legs pushing then wide apart, and lifted my ass up. Next I felt the head of his cock pressing its' way back into me. After the ride my ass had earlier in the evening Todd encountered little resistance to his penetration, for me it felt wonderful to have him filling me again. Soon I could feel his balls smacking against mine and I knew he was completely in me. I flexed my ass muscles and Todd responded with a yes mmmmmmm. Being impaled on his cock once again I had little movement available as I lay under his bulk. He then wrapped his legs around mine and ground his cock into my ass making sure that every inch of his rod was shoved into me. Then wrapping his arms around me once again he rolled so that we where lying on our side. He allowed his right hand to finger my tit causing a tingling sensation that he felt translated to a tightening of my ass muscles, as my head rested on his bicep. His left hand he now allowed to slide down my body to cup my cock and balls. Once again he tweaked my tit and as my cock jumped and my ass muscles tightened he chuckled. Even if I had wanted to, I could not have gotten away from this stud that was now in complete control of me. This is how we fell asleep on the second night of our trip, me wrapped like a pretzel by my stud, impaled on his rod and his hands intermittently playing with my body. I loved it!

I awoke the next morning before the alarm. Again we had moved very little in the night. Knowing that I only had a few calls to do before returning home I decided not to even try to get out of bed. Instead I pushed my ass back pressing it into Todd's groin and tried to rub his cock and balls while I let my hand lightly stroke his thigh... It was not long before he said good morning. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me before I had to get up. I could feel his rod stiffening. Once again he took charge and using his bulk he rolled me into position. Then slowly he penetrated my ass like he had done the night before. Once he was fully inserted in my hole he started to ride my ass. With long deep strokes, he began almost pulling completely out before sliding back into my ass. Soon I was pressing my back up against him and pleading for more, faster and harder. Todd listened to me and picked up the speed and rammed his tool into me harder and faster. Each time he penetrated to the hilt I could feel the smack of his balls against mine. Todd worked me up to just about a climax and then would slow the process down only to start up again. Soon he had me begging, please let me cum... He continued this until he was ready to cum and then lacking a condom Todd pulled out finished us off with his huge hands. Todd relaxed on top of me with a sigh. He rested for a moment before reminding me that I had to go to work. Reluctantly I pulled crawled from the bed. What I would have given to stay. After completing my morning shower and shave I returned to dress for work. Todd lay in bed like the night before covered only with a sheet below his waist. Then it dawned on me laying there Todd looked like a male version of a Vargas drawing. As I moved around I could tell that Todd enjoyed watching me naked. I moved to dress sorting thru the clothes that Todd had laid out while I was showering but instead of finding my boxer briefs that I thought I had brought I found a pair of yellow lightweight sheer nylon briefs. Picking them up I looked to Todd. "Try them on babe; I want to see you in them..." I slipped them on the feel was like the Lycra but these were so sheer you could easily see thru them and they felt like I was not wearing anything. I finished dressing to Todd's smiles. We kissed good-bye and he said he would be ready when I returned from doing my calls.