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J. Douglas

Todd & Tom -- Chapter 12 -- The Trip part 4

I returned to the hotel after completing the upgrade on the pharmacies in the Duncan area, and we checked out of the hotel in time to catch the noon ferry to Vancouver. To be honest I was not looking forward to another 2 hour crossing to the mainland. Todd however surprised me by renting a stateroom again. I found I liked the privacy it afforded. His wedding eagle was clearly visible around his neck. Soon as we were alone we kissed, I told him I did not know how we would manage when we went home. He said that that was a couple of days away yet. I looked puzzled. Yes, as of 4pm today I was on some days off and did not have to be at work till Monday but I thought we were going home.

Todd reached out and slowly stated to remove my clothes. He stripped me to the see-thru yellow nylon brief that he had me put on this morning. Then he lifted me to the top of the table so that we were on the same level. Tenderly he stroked me smiling he said that the he liked the lack of my body hair and would like me to stay this way. Cupping my basket in the thin nylon he gave me a squeeze. "Tonight babe I have booked a room in Vancouver, and for tomorrow night in Harrison Hot Springs. But it is tonight that I need to talk to you about. I love the gift that you gave me," he said touching his eagle. "It is the gift that I want to give you that I need to explain. I called the fellow who did my eagle tattoo. I explained everything to him about how we came together and where we are now. He has agreed if you consent to do an eagle tattoo on you. He also wants to give us a wedding gift." I asked, "Will my tattoo be like yours, and what does he want to give us?" Todd replied, "Your eagle I have not seen the finished drawing but it is being designed to fit on your butt cheek to show that you are mine. The wedding gift he wants to give us is a set of matching nipple rings." I put my arms around Todd and pulled him close. I said softly to him, "I am yours now and always. If you think this is good then let's do it." Todd slipped his hands into my briefs and gripping my butt cheeks gave them a squeeze. "I love you babe." Our intimate moments were brought to an end all too soon by the announcement to disembark.

We drove to Vancouver from the ferry holding hands. I have not been this happy and content since the early days with Sandy. Todd had made a reservation at an Inn on Davie Street, in the heart of Vancouver's Gay Village. We checked in and then walked around the area. We stopped in at a gay store on Davie and Todd bought a black jock strap. Before we left for our appointment with Todd's tattoo artist he put on his new black jock. Did he ever look sexy. We drove to Burnaby to an out of the way tattoo studio where Todd introduced me to Jay his tattoo artist. Jay did not have a lot of tattoos but what he had were like Todd's and can only be described as first class. He ushered us into a back room and closed the door. I looked at Todd who smiled and said, "Strip to your briefs babe." I trusted this man completely and followed his instructions. I was surprised to see Todd was stripping to his new jock. When we had finished removing our clothes Jay turned Todd around and carefully examined the eagle on his shoulders. Satisfied that it was standing the test of time he produced a drawing of an eagle in flight talons outstretched, it looked exactly like the eagle Todd now wore around his neck. He asked Todd what he thought of it. Todd smiled and looked at me, I though it was great! Then turning me he held it against my right butt cheek to check the size, it was perfect. That being decided Jay called Eric to bring him the required consent forms. After the appropriate paper work was completed Jay instructed me to remove my briefs and lie on the table in the room. When I dropped my briefs and he saw I was totally bald he let out a wow, and turning smiled at Todd. Eric helped Jay do the drawing transfer and fetched items as needed. I was a little jealous of the way he looked at Todd who was relaxing in an easy chair watching the proceedings. Todd's new jock barely contained his bulging basket. Then I realized from the banter between Todd and Jay, that Eric and Jay were a couple. The tattoo process took a long time, it hurt at the beginning but after a while my butt just became numb to the process. Finally Jay called Eric and Todd to view the completed design. He handed me a mirror so that I could see it clearly. The eagle looked even better than the drawing, its' shades of black and gray were outstanding; the only color in the piece was a brilliant red eye. Satisfied with his work Jay coated the design with a clear ointment to aid in the healing process.

He then looked at Todd and said, "Now for the wedding gift... who will be first?" Todd, who had been watching from the easy chair stood and said, "Let's give Tom a break I will be first." Jay called Eric and told him to prepare his cube, telling him exactly what he needed. I looked at Todd, as I stood naked, he smiled and said, "Grab our clothes babe and follow us." I gathered up our clothing and obeyed Todd's instructions, following him and Jay down the hall. We past other employees working in open cubicles with their clients; nobody said anything about our parade, or me being naked. It was like this was all normal and an everyday thing. The cubicle Jay led us to had a padded chair in it instead of table. As we entered Eric picked up a video camera and began filming the proceedings. I looked to Todd who had parked his huge frame in the chair. He said, "Its ok babe, just put our stuff on the chair and come here. I put down our clothing and returned to his side Todd reached out and took my hand, silent mouthing I love you. Jay carefully marked and centered his clamp on Todd nipple. When he had it right Eric handled him the needle for piercing, still filming everything. Jay said, "Ok on the count of 3, one..., two..., three..." and with this he pushed the needle thru the guide. I watched carefully knowing my turn was soon approaching. Jay then removed the clamp, next he pushed a ring thru the nipple, as he did this the needle was pushed out. The last thing to do was to close the ring; Jay did this with pliers that he used to affix a round bead that contained the image of an eagle in it. Todd looked down at his new nipple ring and grinned like a kid with a new toy. "I love it!" He turned to me and said, "Your turn babe."

I traded places with him. Jay smiled as I took my place; he looked to Todd and said, "Eric reacted like that too," pointing at my semi-hard cock. Todd laughed and said; "Watch it when you do the piercing if you can." Jay set to work repeating the preparation process on my nipple. The touch of his hands and excitement caused my cock to harden much to my embarrassment. Todd just stood beside me hold my hand saying, "It's alright babe, just relax and enjoy it." I am afraid I was not quite as brave as Todd and when Jay pushed the needle thru I let out an "Ouch that hurt." Todd and Jay chuckled; Eric looked down at me and said, "That was my reaction too." I looked puzzled at Eric and Jay. Jay smiled and as soon as he finished closing my ring with an eagle bead just like Todd's he turned to Eric and said, "Show him." Eric turned off the video and pulled off his tank top to reveal a pair of nipple rings with a fine chain linking them together across his chest. Jay looked at Eric and said show them the other one. Eric did as he was instructed and removed his pants and jockstrap to reveal a ring piercing the skin on the underside of this cock. Jay removed his tank top to show us his nipple ring. It was larger in gage than Eric's or ours. He stood back and examined his handy work. He cautioned us about cleaning our new piercing and my new tattoo. He also said, "No pulling on the rings until they had completely healed." Then turning to Eric said, "Cleanup here and I will be right back.' Then turning me said, "Put your briefs on," he looked to Todd and smiled saying, "Relax here while I do the paper work, I want to watch you guys dress." He left taking the video camera with him. Eric in the meantime cleaned the area up and putting some items in the autoclave unit disposing of other. When he was done he dressed just in time for Jay's return. I was sitting on the arm of the chair with Todd's arm around my waist, my basket clearly visible in my see-thru briefs. Smiling Jay asked, "How's your tat?" "It's a little sore right now" I replied. Todd chuckled standing he took the statement from Jay "Not bad" as he reached for his pants. He handed his MasterCard and the statement to Eric, who left to do the processing. While he was gone Jay looked carefully at our rings and smiling gave them a flick with his finger, pronouncing us "Good to go." He leaned back against the chair and watched closely as we dressed. He chuckled as I eased my pants over my tender butt. When we reached for our shirts he grinned saying "You guys will find a different sensation now." He was right the pressure of our shirts brushing against the nipples and the rings caused tremors to run thru us both. Eric returned Todd's card and as we said goodbye Jay handed Todd a disc saying, "Here is some entertainment for you."

We left and returned to our hotel in Vancouver, stopping to pickup the saline that Jay had suggested for cleaning his work and some ointment for my new tattoo. As I drove I was aware of Todd looking at me. Taking my hand in his he said, "I cannot tell you how happy you made me tonight babe. You took it all in stride and behaved well. Someday we might visit Jay and Eric again."

We arrived at the hotel and parked in the adjacent lot. Waking from the car Todd wrapped his arm around my shoulders. Here on the busy street in the heart of the gay community his public action sent the message that I was his. Fellows passing us often smiled, what they did not see was the additions to our body from Jay's studio. When we got back to our room Todd hugged me and kissed me deeply. He then said, "Let me do this" as he slowly started removing my clothes. When I was naked he turned down the bed then effortless picked me up and tenderly placed me on it. He stepped back and slowly removed his clothes, when he got to his jockstrap he looked to me and said, "You like me in this don't you babe?" as he cupped his pouch. I smiled and said. "Yes, you look so sexy, and I want you so much!" He removed the jockstrap and joined me on the bed. Our bodies responded to our tender stroking as if we were fucking each other. That night Todd suggested that I suck him, as my butt had been thru enough. He maneuvered himself so that his cock hung above me. I licked the precum that leaked from it, and then started to caress the tip with my tongue. Todd trembled as the feelings past thru his body and soon he started to fuck my mouth. His movements were tender and slow as he savored the sensation of plunging his dick into me. I stroked his thighs and butt as I watched his balls sway above me. I knew he was getting close as his breathing was becoming irregular. Then to my surprise he pulled out saying, "Wait a minute babe." Kneeling above me I heard his breathing calm down, oh how I wanted to pounce on his rod above me. Then he pounced on me! Todd sank down on my cock slowly taking it in his mouth. He worked it carefully knowing just where to caress it to drive me to the edge. Soon he had me writhing below him. It was then that he pointed his rod at my mouth and sank it in. I gripped him and as he rode my mouth and at the same time sucked on my dick. We did not last long. Soon we were both releasing our essence into each other throat. I slurped on his rod wanting to relish every drop of him, while he sucked on my cock like he was sucking on a thick soda float. All too soon the moment past and we collapsed. Todd moved around and we returned to our tender caresses and kisses.

When we came off the sexual high Todd suggested we watch the DVD Jay had given him. With this he bounced to the TV and inserted it. He hit play and jumped back into bed I was sure that the bed was about to give up under the stress. As the DVD started we both realized that this was a copy of Eric's recording at the shop. We cuddled as we watched Jay work on us. I had to point out to Todd that his dick jumped in his jock when he was pierced. We both laughed. As it ended Todd turned it off and looked deep into my eyes saying, "That's just for us babe. Tonight you are truly mine and the girls will never see what happened. They will see the results and know what was planned, but tonight is ours." With this we kissed and I slowly fell asleep to his caresses.

I awoke in the morning to a knock at the door. Todd was opening the door and whispered to the bellhop to wheel the table over near the coffee table. The bellhop smiled, as he looked first at Todd clad in a towel that was too small and me covered with a sheet. Todd wrote the tip on the room charge and signed it. The young man looked at it and smiled at us saying, "You guys enjoy, and have a super day!" As he left I sat up and when the door was closed stood to hug my man. Todd smiled at me and said first things first. Pointing to the bathroom he said, "Shower, shave, clean your ring and tat." Smiling I said, "Yes sir," as I headed for the bathroom. I had a quick shower and shave. The bulk of my time this morning was following Jay's cleaning instructions for my piercing and tattoo. Done I returned to Todd who had set up the breakfast on the coffee table. We ate as he described what he wanted to do today. My feeling was one of joy, I was so happy. After breakfast we dressed. Todd had once again laid out our clothes for the day. To my surprise he pulled on pair of red nylon briefs smiling he nodded to my clothes and I saw he had a pair for me too. These were as see thru, as my yellow one had been the day before. When or where he got them I do not know. As we checked out the desk clerk and bellhop were great I figured we were not the first male couple to spend a honeymoon night with them.