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J. Douglas

Todd & Tom -- Chapter 13 -- The Trip part 5

We loaded our luggage into the car and drove a short distance down Davie Street in Vancouver's west end. This area has been nicknamed the Davie Street Village and the sight of two guys holding each other upset nobody. I parked just up from English Bay on a side street. From here we walked to a coffee bar for our morning bagel and coffee. The weather was with us and it was already warm as we enjoy breakfast at this sidewalk café. Today the café was busy but in a few weeks would be impossible during Vancouver's annual Pride Week. Todd and I walked along Denman Street window-shopping. This was one place where we could be relaxed in public. It felt so good to have Todd's arm draped on my shoulders and to be able to touch him.

When we finished exploring some of this area we returned to the car. The next stop was one of the large department stores in downtown Vancouver Todd wanted to see if he could find some shirts that would fit his huge frame. We had agreed that only larger department stores would have something to fit him. The salesman was very nice, but had a truly pained expression as he had to admit failure after Todd tried on a couple that he thought might fit. He brightened when I said, "Well I will just have to get to work and make some more for you." We explained that I had already made a couple for Todd, including the blue chambray that he wore that day. The salesman commented to Todd that he was lucky to have someone that could do this for him. Todd just smiled and pulling me to him gave me a hug, then looking to the salesman said, "You don't know how lucky I am..." With this we shook hands and headed for the car.

We were not in a hurry to go anywhere so I did not take the highway out of Vancouver. Instead I took the roads less traveled so we could enjoy our day. We arrived in Harrison and checked in to our hotel in the afternoon. I had noticed that Todd seemed to be agitated today. I wondered if his new nipple ring was bothering him, but when I asked about it he said it was fine. From the twinkle in Todd's I could tell that he was planning something. We left the hotel and went to explore the community, and for a walk along the beach. Harrison is the site of the World Sand Castle Building competition and some the castles build by locals were on the beach.

Todd seemed to be watching the time. Around 4pm he suggested we go to one of the local pubs for a beer and maybe dinner. I had been years since I visited Harrison so I let him lead the way. Todd led us to a nice little pub on a side street. If you did not know it was there you would never have found it. It had a secluded walled patio will a few tables off the side of the main area. Todd headed for one of these tables and selected one of the larger ones. When our beers were delivered, Todd asked me if I remembered him saying that he had talked to a gay friend about us. I recalled this was when we were just getting together that Todd told me he had talked to this fellow about us and how to start our relationship. He said that this is where they came for those talks. Todd was very tense and looked very worried. As he carefully watched me, he asked if I would mind meeting Matt and his partner. I said that I would be happy to meet his friends, the gray concerned look on his face vanished in an instant, and he relaxed. He said that Matt's partner was called AJ, his real name is Adrian but he hates that so everyone uses his initials. Todd said that they had been together for a number of years, just then he tapped me and pointed to the door. He took a long sip of his beer and stood to attract the attention of the two men who had just come into the pub. Matt was a large man with a barrel chest, his partner AJ, who followed behind him, was the opposite he was a slender fellow. Matt waved when he saw Todd and made his way to the patio. He paused with AJ at the bar to order their beers and then joined us. I found the introductions to be tense being the newcomer to this group. Matt looked me over and laughing said to Todd, "So this is the computer nerd you told us about." I was pleased when Todd came back right away with, "Yes, but now he is my nerd!" That broke the ice and we all laughed. More beers were delivered as we arranged ourselves at the table. Matt and Todd chatted briefly about work before involving AJ and I in conversation. I learned that AJ was a runner and he would often run from Abbotsford to the plant in Mission to meet Matt and then they would ride home together. AJ said that they had seen me arriving at the office a number of times and hoped we were adapting. Sitting on the enclosed patio I was getting hot, as there was almost no breeze. I saw that the others were also starting to sweat. I asked Matt, as this seemed to be his bar what the rules were about taking our shirts off. At Jake's you were allowed to on the patio but not inside the pub. Matt said that it was the same here but he said I know some thing that will help cool us. With his he stood and called to the bartender, "Jeff... how about turning on the misters?" Jeff smiled and called back "sure thing." A moment later a fine cooling mist floated down from the ceiling. Matt said and pointed to the concealed nozzles saying they are on a timer so every so often they would mist the area. I was still hot. I reached to pull my shirt off and stopped. Todd asked, "What's wrong?" as he saw the color drain from my face and I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. What had triggered my alarm was, as I had moved my shirt I felt it brush against the nipple ring. I looked at Matt and AJ and said, "Excuse me." Then I leaned close to Todd so that my whisper would not be over heard. "What about our nipple rings?" Todd smiled and reached out to hug me as he started to laugh. He whispered back, "Its ok babe, don't worry Sandy and Mary know about them." Then raising his voice, "And as for Matt and AJ, I am with you babe, someone has to see them in public for the first time." With this he stood and reached for his shirt collar, I followed his lead. When our shirts cleared our chest I hear Matt and AJ starting to clap. When I finish pulling my shirt off they were both grinning from ear to ear. Todd reached out and put his arm around my shoulders pulling me close to him, smiling he said, "Well guys what do you think...? These were a gift from a friend." With the arm he had wrapped around me, he bounced my nipple ring and at the same time with his other hand bounced his. Matt and AJ looked closely at them and when they realized that they were the same, they both laughed and said they were great. We sat and Matt ordered another round and some menus. We all ordered dinner, pub food tonight. Matt and AJ were now very relaxed with us. We put our shirts on as the evening cooled. After dinner we played some pull tabs and Keno. Todd and Matt carried much of the conversation but we all enjoyed the evening.

After a relaxing evening in the pub we walked Matt and AJ back to their car. Todd and I continued to our hotel room. Back in the privacy of our room I was happy to hug Todd. While at the bar we had been able to keep our legs pressed to each other but any other contact was very limited. Being this close and not touching Todd I found nerve racking; now however Todd kissed me deeply. As we kissed I felt his hands roaming over my body gently stroking it in places that he knew would cause sexual excitement. By the time he got around to feeling my basket he encountered a very hard rod that was held in the sheer red nylon briefs that I wore. Smiling at me he said, "Good..." Todd then slowly started to remove my clothes, when I started to help him he said, "No babe let me do it..." Soon I was stripped to the red briefs. Todd then once again he gently picked me up and placed me on the bed. Stepping back he smiled as he admired me stretched out in the see-thru briefs with a raging hardon. He then carefully removed his clothing stripping down to his sheer briefs that he wore that day. He joined me on the bed and as we kissed he rolled so that I was on top of him our cocks pressed together separated only by the filmy nylon.

Todd gently stoked my face and looked at me; he said, "Babe the last few nights of our honeymoon I have had you, and I love you. Tonight I want you to enjoy the pleasure I have enjoyed." With this I felt him spread his legs so that I slipped into his groin area. Kneeling between his thighs I pressed my basket into him and lay on this torso as I hugged him. Tonight my man wanted me to screw him and I wanted him to enjoy it. We lay entwined on the bed while I stroked his pecs and abs. I too had learned where to caress Todd to stimulate him sexually. I pulled the waistband of our briefs down and tucked it under our balls so that I could press them together while I stroked our dicks that stood erect from our united baskets. This was the first time Todd had allowed me to jack us and he squirmed in front of me as his rod enjoyed my stroking. I let up on him as I rolled off him so that I could remove my briefs and then reaching over to Todd lying on the bed slipped his off over his immense thighs. Before returning to the bed I slipped on the condom and spread on some lube. Todd's low hung balls hid his hole so I gently lifted them seeking entry to his hole. First with only one finger then two, I did not encounter much resistance until I tried to insert a third finger. I withdrew and placed some more lube on my fingers and gently resumed my probing of Todd ass. His hole soon relaxed to accept my three fingers moving in and out of his ring; Todd had begun to moan as he enjoyed the sensations. Seeing my hunk spread out before me kept my cock hard, it was my turn to control him. Todd responded to my manipulation of his hole squirming and trembling. However because of his low hanging balls I could not screw him in this position. I kissed him and whispered, "Roll over please dear..." he did as I asked. I moved between his legs once again. I stretched out on him pressing my cock against his butt crack feeling the muscles of his back against my abs. Reaching up I stroked his broad shoulders and down his sides. Todd's body trembled with excitement at my touch. Sliding lower I moved his legs further apart, adding some lube to my cock I began my entry of this muscle man. I lifted Todd's hips a little to get a better position. Todd held himself in this raised position and my cockhead slipped into him easily. I held myself there just in his ass. Slowly I started to press forward, I paused when I felt his abs tighten and allowed his body to adjust to my cock making its' entry. It did not take long before my smaller tool was fully embraced by Todd's hole. Resting on his back I whispered, "its' all in...dear. " I let my hands feel his body reaching across his broad shoulders and down his flanks Todd purred and his body shuttered under the touch of my hands. I continued to caress Todd, finally letting my hands slip under him to stroke his chest and abs. Todd immediately began to buck when I pinched his nipples. I let up on his chest and slowly started pull my cock back a little and then returned it to him. I took my time and slowly withdrew more and more only to return my rod to Todd's eager hole. I found that Todd seemed to enjoy longer strokes and quicker returns. Todd arched his back pressing into me squirming with pleasure as I rode him. Soon he was saying "More" and "Harder" encouraging me to pound his ass. My rod responded to him as I found I could make it jump inside him. I rode my stallion harder, driving my cock into him with more force. Todd moaned, "Yes" as I ground my dick into him working as fast and hard as I could. I was close and from Todd breathing I felt he was going to cum at any moment. I reached under him and pinched his nipples again. This time I felt his ass clamp down on my rod as he bucked and writhed thrusting back to take all of me. Todd began to cum just as I ground my cock in him. My cock jumped and pulsed as it unloaded, pumping warm cum to fill the condom. I found that my cock was held in place in Todd's bowels by my man's muscles. I was tied to him and I loved it. I collapsed onto his back to catch my breath. I felt Todd's ass squeezing the last of my juices from me, and the feeling was glorious. Stretched out on Todd's back it was almost as if I could feel how my man felt. When we had caught our breath I found that I had been released and slowly withdrew. Todd rolled from under me and pulling the towel from beneath him he gently cleaned my cock. Then talking my hand lead the way to the bathroom. We showered and cleaned up enjoying the touch of each other before returning to bed.

We snuggled up together and Todd hugged me saying, "That was great babe..." while he toyed with my nipple ring. The sensations it triggered caused my body to tremble in his arms. Smiling he said, "You like that, don't you babe...?" I did, I also had found over the last few days that I loved Todd holding me. I softly said, "Yes, dear and I am going to miss you so much." Softly stroking my face Todd said, "That is tomorrow, let's enjoy one more night together." With this he kissed me deeply and pulled me closer pressing his body closer to mind. It was like he wanted to pull me into him never to be released and oh he felt so good. I held on for dear life, I too not wanting to lose him. We fell asleep this night my head on his chest and my arms wrapped around him, Todd softly stroked my back and butt cheeks.

I slept in and did not wake until around 6am. I found that in the night I had rolled over and I now lay my butt pressed to Todd's groin and was using his bicep as a pillow. Quietly I slipped from the bed and went to the bathroom. After my morning cleanup I returned to my sleeping beauty. I softly let my hands trace his muscles, first on his arms and shoulders then moving down to his chest and abs. I avoided the crease line of Todd's pecs as I had learned he was ticklish along this line. I traced the lines of his abs and stroked his pecs. When I moved his nipple ring he slowly stirred opening his eyes. I looked at him and said, "Jay said no pulling..." I then slowly teased his nipple with the tip of my tongue letting the nipple ring bounce; while I let my fingers lightly play with the other. Todd's cock gave him away as it started flex in response to my actions. It was then that he stopped me a moment saying, "Just a second babe." He ducked into the bathroom and I heard his morning release. He came back his low hanging balls swaying as he walked and his semi-erect cock hanging before him. He climbed back into bed and pulling me to him and said, "What a lovely way to wakeup." We kissed and I returned to my fondling of his body. Todd's cock responded to my advances and soon became totally erect. Not that it every stood up his cock fully engorged was a slender ten inch rod, if he was standing it hung before him like a horse's dong. This morning lying on the bed it just stretched out across his abs. I let my hand stroke its' length, I was able to milk some precum from it, that I smoothed over his cockhead. Letting my fingers tease the rim of his cockhead Todd slowly began to moan as he enjoyed the feelings his cock was generating. I looked into his eyes and said; "I want your cock..." he just smiled and nodded. I slipped down his body and holding his cock up began to work on it. Todd realized that in this position I was not able to handle very much at all. He tapped me and when I looked up he said, "There is a better spot," he stood and moved to the desk leading me by my erect dick. Sitting on the edge of the desk he said, "On your knees babe... let me feed you..." I opened my mouth and he slipped his cock in. At first he only put the cockhead in but soon he was giving me more and more. Once again I was thankful for his patient training that had taught me to relax my throat so that I could take him deeply into my throat. Soon he was riding my face as I had ridden his ass last night. I gripped his thighs and held on as he soon came to his climax. His cock was buried deep in my throat and I greedily swallowed his cum with a slurping sound as I tried to suck more from him while stroking his huge thighs. I felt Todd's cock slowly end its' pulsing in my mouth and knew that his climax was passing. He pulled this cock from my mouth and it bounced before him. Reaching down he gripped me under my arms and in a smooth motion lifted me like a rag doll and set me on the desk. We kissed. Then he pushed me back, so that my back was arched and my chest was presented to his mouth, Todd sucked on my nipple ring as he tweaked the other nipple. My cock jumped as he worked on my body. Todd then sank to his knees and in a gulp inhaled my smaller dick. Talking it all he worked on it as he played with my balls and stroked my body. He had me on the edge of the desk and took me by surprise when I felt a finger slide into my ass. He used his finger massaged my prostate causing me to writhe before him. Between his finger working on my prostate and his mouth sucking my dick it only took minutes before I was squirming and saying, "Oh... Yes..." as I arched my back pushing all of me into him as my cock unloaded. When the climax had past Todd rose and we kissed. He scooped me up and carried me to the shower. I had my arms around his neck and my face rested on his pecs as he walked. When Todd set me down we stood so that our bodies were pressed together, we could be no closer as we embraced and savored a passionate kiss.

Our shower that morning was a slow passionate event. We began by shampooing each other hair. For this Todd had to bend over as he was so much taller than I. Then using a face cloth and our body wash I soaped and rinsed his large frame as he smiled down at me. When I worked on his groin his cock pulsed and he held me tight saying, " I wish our trip could last longer..." When he released me I sank to my knees and finished his butt and legs, oh how I loved to touch my man. Todd took the face cloth and softly whispered to me, "My turn..." as he gently and tenderly cleaned my body. When he was working on my chest and abs he smiled and said, "Our hard work is starting to pay off..." and he was right my body under his exercise routine was beginning to improve its' tone and structure. After our shower was complete and we were dried we knew it finally time to dress for our return home, to Sandy and Mary, our wives.

Our clothes that we selected this morning were best described as subdued. Todd gathered up the sheer underwear we had used and his jock, and my tear-away Velcro briefs saying I will get these cleaned and put them away until next time. How I silently wished for a next time. In my heart I did love my wife Sandy, but the pleasure I had the last few days was sometime I thought I had lost forever. After breakfast we checked out and loaded the car. The drive back to Abbotsford was a quiet one and we arrived home just after lunch. Our final embrace of this trip was in the elevator as we shared a kiss.