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Todd & Tom -- Chapter 14 -- Return home

Todd eased my heart as he assured me there would be other trips, and that we would make time for our sexual needs. He shared his feelings saying that he had found a companion for the sexual needs that he had lost, when his wife became ill, and that I was very important to him. We turned and open our own apartment doors silently saying good-bye. I called for Sandy but there was no answer. I put my suitcase in the laundry room and while I was putting my laptop in the den the phone rang. It was Todd calling to tell me that Sandy was at his place and that I should come over.

I crossed the hall and knocked on Todd and Mary's door. Hearing Todd call, "Come in" I opened the door and was greeted by Suzy our cocker spaniel. Todd said, "We are on the patio..." I turned thru the living room and found the girls relaxing on the deck getting some sun. Todd was pulling up a couple of chairs for us. We joined them, both girls started asking questions at once. How was the trip? Did we have fun? Did Todd like his present? Todd and I laughed, as he held up his hand to slow the girls down. Between the two of us we filled them in on the trip. Yes the trip was fun, we had enjoyed ourselves, and Todd showed Mary his eagle that I had given him. We were both careful to not mention anything about our sexual activities. However it was Sandy that bouncing in her chair said, "Let's see Jay's present..." I am sure I blanched and then blushed as I felt my temperature go up. Todd looked at me and said, "No time like the present..." I felt his knee against mine and it gave me strength. We both gripped out shirt collars and pull off our shirts to reveal the matched nipple rings that Jay had given us. To my surprise both girls stood and reach for us. After a kiss it was Sandy who said how happy they were that everything was working out. Mary looked deeply at Todd and said that she also was so pleased. Returning to our chairs Todd and Mary held each other's hands, as did Sandy and I. We all relaxed over our lemonades. When it came time for dinner the girls puttered in the kitchen on fried chicken and salad. This gave Todd and me a moment to breath. He agreed with me that it had gone better than either of us had hoped or expected. Sandy and I did not stay late that night as she had things planned for the morning.

While we were getting ready for bed Sandy asked If Todd really did get me a tattooed. Blushing again I said, "Yes, I think it looks great..." as I lowered my pajama bottom and showed her the eagle that was tattooed on my butt. Sandy smiled and giving it a light tap said, "My measurements worked well." I looked at her as I pulled up my pj's. She took my hand and indicating that I should sit beside her; she explained that Todd had talked with her about our trip and the plans that he had for it. She had told him about the eagle that I wanted to get him and said that I would be in my suitcase. He said that was ideal. Todd asked if Sandy could get him a photocopy image of it and a measurement of my butt cheek so that Jay could do the tattoo template. She had bought the eagle one day when we were all at the mall and one night when I was snoring took the measurement that Todd needed. So you see Mary and I really do know about your trip and we are so happy that you have each other. We will not ask about the details. I was not upset with her story as I had put most of it together during the trip with Todd. I hugged her carefully before climbing into bed.

The next morning we all went shopping and then home. Things settled back to our normal routine and the weeks past. We would meet in evening often to play cards or for dinner. Todd and Mary started walking with Sandy and I when we took our dog, Suzy, out in the evening. So the summer slowly pasted.

Todd and I settled back into our practice of quiet meetings when time permitted. One Friday evening late in the summer Todd looked at Sandy while we here all playing cards and said, "Can I borrow Tom tomorrow? I need to check the wood lot that he helped me measure." Sandy said that it would be fine. Mary said that she would drive and Sandy could go grocery shopping with her. Todd looked to me and said jeans and a jacket, we'll take my bike." I had never really adjusted to being on Todd's motorcycle, but he loved the freedom of it. The next morning I climbed aboard and put on my helmet. The helmets Todd had were linked with a low range radio so we could talk while he drove. Sometimes Todd had to remind me to relax as he could feel me tensing up. The one thing I did like about the bike was I got to hang onto him. When we reached the turn off the highway Todd stopped the bike, leaving idling we opened the gate He pushed it thru and then we locked the gate behind us. I could tell that the road that seen a lot more traffic then when I was first here. The surface was heavily rutted from logging trucks and other vehicles. We past the clearing where the picnic table had been and Todd drove to the area near the small river. The picnic table now sat near the riverbank. This area still looked pristine however the other area had been heavily logged. Todd said that they had already started the reforestation procedure and pointed out where they had started planting the seedlings that would become the next harvest. He parked next to the table and we dismounted. Todd reached out and cupped my basket, feeling my raging hardon from the vibrations of the bike, "I thought I felt that..." he said giving me a squeeze. Todd leaned forward and gripped me in one of his bear hugs and while my feet were off the ground he kissed me slowly and deeply. I wrapped my arms around him he felt so good. Setting me down he rested against his bike and softly said, "Strip for me babe..." I was happy to. In fact I wanted to just rip my clothes from my body and throw myself at him, but I knew this is not what he wanted. He sat on his bike with his tight leather jacket hanging open to show his muscular chest under the thin white t-shirt, this basket bulged in the old button fly jeans that he worn. He was a perfect `Tom of Finland' image right before me. I slowly stripped, setting my clothes on the table beside me. When I stood naked before him he reached out and taking my hand pulled me to him. He wrapped his legs around me keeping me pressed into his groin as he stroked my body. My body responded to him as always, my cock turning rock hard and my nipples standing up. Todd brushed his finger over my unpierced nipple and said; "you are healed now..." with this he gave my nipple ring a soft tug. The sensation was not one of pain but pleasure as my cock jumped and I moaned. Todd took off his jacket and t-shirt. I moved to help him but he said, "Just wait babe..." but he did not release me. It was not until he had undone his pants and zipper that he unlocked his legs freeing my movements. I stepped back as he lifted his cock and balls free of the denim that enclosed them. Taking my hand he placed it on his hot throbbing cock and said, "Get it ready babe..." I knew what he meant as I sank to my knees taking the condom and tube of lube that he handed me. Today I was going to enjoy his rod as he fucked me. Soon Todd started to moan as he enjoyed me jerking his lubed rod. Stepping back from me he guided me to the table and bent me over it. Todd did not say anything but I felt his leg pushing my legs apart. I moved my legs to assume the position I knew he wanted me in. I felt his rod pressing against my asshole while he rested his torso on my back. Slowly he pressed his cock forward in deliberate steps each time moving it deeper and deeper. Todd paused when I tensed up and let his tongue play with my ear or would reach under me and tease my nipple ring. Soon I felt his balls smacking mine and he just said, "Yes" as he ground his groin against my ass. I felt his cock jump inside me as he flexed his abs. I had to admit in my heart that I loved the feel of his bulk above me, and his rod stuffed into my ass. He was in control and as I pressed my ass back to him he knew that I wanted to serve him. Todd now started to pull out only to plunge back in, his actions started slowly but soon picked up speed, he had not had the chance to be serviced like this since our trip. I had to grip the table as he built up pressure and actually started to lift me off my feet as he buried his rod deep into me. He was riding me hard and fast and I was totally lost in the moment. What brought me back to him was a final thrust forward as he yelled "Yes!" in this moment he held me impaled on his rod and gave my nipple a twist. I exploded with him, my cock sending cum over the table while Todd's rod pulsed deep inside me. When the moment eased Todd set me down and slowly withdrew his rod from me. Turning me he looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I am sorry babe, but I need that and we have not been able to do it for a while. We kissed and I said, "It does not matter, hard and fast, or gentle and slow, I am yours." I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss. This kiss was slow and full of meaning; gently Todd scooped me up and carried me into the river. It was cool and refreshing on my ass as we cleaned up. After we cleaned up we stretched out on the cool grass to sun dry. Then I rolled and said to him, "The gym." Todd looked at me puzzled, so I continued to explain because we when to the gym very early in the morning often we were alone. It was like the light bulb lit up for both of us and we agreed to see how it would work. So our routine changed. Todd really wanted me to complete my exercise routine as my body was slowly showing improvement under his direction. Then he would lock the gym's door. It was on these occasions that I would get to worship at the feet of my muscle man as he fed me his cock or he would bend me over a weight bench and ride my ass.

So we settled into a new and marvelous routine. However we both missed the contact of sleeping together. As fall approached Sandy started talking about visiting friends in the Okanagan area of the province and Mary excitedly said that she would like to see some of her friends in Kamloops. So it was decided that the girls would do a road trip for a few days, leaving Todd and I at home. We looked at each other knowing that we would have three nights together.