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Todd & Tom  Chapter 15  Loss


So the Thursday arrived for the girls to leave on the road trip to see friends in the Okanagan. Todd and I loaded Mary's car with their luggage for the trip. We laughed when I comment that they were taking everything except the kitchen sink. We helped Sandy and Mary to the car and waved goodbye as they left the condo's underground parking.

Having the girls safely on the road Todd took me by surprise when he grabbed me and spun around holding me off the ground. Held in his grip we kissed in the underground lot, to hell with anyone who might see us. Todd said that he wished we had time this morning but knew we both had to go to work. He said for me to wait for him. He walked over to his bike and it roared to life then coasting over to where I was waiting, he parked his idling Harley. Unlocking a saddlebag he retrieved a padded envelope that he handed to me. Todd then he mounted his bike and keeping it at a low idle so that he could speak quietly he said, "I want you to be wearing those for when I get home." With his he gunned the throttle and was gone like a shot. I stood alone next to my car envelope in hand. I opened the door and slipped into the driver seat to start the Olds, while I let it idle for a minute I looked at the open courier envelope. It had been delivered to Todd at work and was marked personal. Inside a I found two items, a pair of white sheer lacey briefs made of a stretchy material but softer than Lycra, the other item was a can of `Nair for Men' it had a post-it note on it that read, "If it is under the briefs then use this, see you tonight babe...". My body had recovered from the skin treatment with a very fine layer of downy hair except in my groin where the course black pubic hair was returning. Todd had mentioned that we would have to do something about it. He had said that he liked my basket hairless and smooth on a number of occasions. These items gave me a good idea of what Todd had planned for this evening. I put the items back in the envelope and tucked it under my seat, then headed off to work.

The day dragged on as my mind kept slipping to thoughts of Todd and I making love. When it finally ended I was happy to get home. I knew that Todd would arrive soon. I took Suzy for a quick walk and then returned looking forward to a warm shower. I read the instructions on the can of `Nair' that I had been given and followed them smoothing the foam over my butt and groin. I was careful to make sure that the butt crack and other creases were covered. Then while I waited the five minutes recommended on the label I started to shave my five o'clock shadow. My egg timer chimed just as I was finishing. I turned on the shower and when it was warm stepped in. I rinsed carefully making sure that I removed all the foam. I was amazed at how smooth it left me, and as advertised totally hairless. I dried and dressed. This afternoon it was still warm so I put on the lacey briefs, oh they felt nice, and a pair of cargo shorts. I took a golf shirt and threw it on the kitchen chair.

Mary had joked that Todd could not cook to save his soul so it had been agreed that I would cook for us. I enjoyed cooking but rarely got the chance. This evening I planned steak, baked potato and salad: man food as I called it. While I was getting the salad ready Todd arrived. I had left the apartment door ajar for him, he popped his head in and said, "Be right back babe..." Todd returned after a quick shower dressed like me in cargo shorts. Without his shirt! I almost started to drool as his freshly wash torso kept attracting my attention. Todd had tossed his golf shirt on the couch and pulled up a chair in the kitchen. He watched me intensely as I finished prepping dinner. I served the salad and fetched two ales from fridge, turning to Todd I said, "Lets have this on the patio. It is cooler out there." He responded, "In a minute babe... come here." Todd motioned me to him and patted his lap. I did as my man asked and gently sat on his lap, reaching one arm around his broad shoulders. Todd pulled me closer and we kissed, he let his hand play with my nipple ring and stroked my back. I held on tighter sure of the feeling below me, his cock was firming up; I know mine was. When Todd released me he said, "We have time tonight for us babe... " Todd then picked up his salad and we moved to the patio. My side of the condo got afternoon shade while Todd's had sun, so we enjoyed the comparatively cooler area. We ate our salad and then sat back to enjoy our ales as we shared the events of our day. Sitting without my shirt Todd had a chance to carefully examine the improvements to my torso and began discussing some changes he wanted me to make in my exercise routine to sharpening the shape of my body. After we finished drinking our ales I said, "Dinner time," Todd started to get up with me but stopped as I put my hand on his shoulder. I explained that I needed to focus or I might burn the steaks, and the way he way dressed it would help if he relaxed here. Todd smiled and nodded, he quietly said, "I love you babe..." and as I turned to head in he gave my butt a quick smack. I cooked the steaks on a stovetop grill. After I had them plated and the potatoes dressed I carried the main course to the patio. Todd seemed to enjoy the meal. After dinner he helped me cleanup, I washed and he dried. I gave the t-bone from my steak to Suzy to keep her busy.

Todd and I settled on the couch. He had loaded the DVD player with a movie and I hit play. I leaned against him using his shoulder and pec as a pillow. Todd wrapped an arm around me. Every so often he would wiggle my nipple ring. When he did this I would look up at him and we would kiss. I cannot remember the video I was to enthralled being held by him as I let my hand gently stroke his thigh. When the movie ended we put our shirts on and took Suzy for her evening walk. What I would have given to just stay on the couch curled up with Todd. As we walked in the door the phone started to ring. It was girls checking in from Kamloops. The drive there had gone well and they were enjoying visiting people. Tomorrow they would head for the Okanagan valley.

Now that we were not expecting any more calls and Suzy had returned to chewing the bone, Todd took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He lifted my golf shirt off with ease and quietly said, "Drop your shorts..." I undid my belt and zipper letting my shorts fall to the floor then I stepped out of them into Todd's arms. Holding me in a strong hug we started to kiss. Then he let his hands roam on my body. Breaking the kiss he scooped me up and placed me on the bed that I had turned down after my shower. Todd stood back; he smiled as he looked at me lying there in the sexy briefs he had given me. Todd slowly removed his shirt and shorts to reveal the black jock that he wore on our honeymoon. It barely contained his sizable basket. He joined me. Lying on the bed, we caressed each other are hard cocks strained for release from their confinements. Todd gripped my briefs and as I lifted up slipped them off me. He then shed his jock allowing his rod to bounce in front of him as he climbed on top of me. Todd cupped my hairless balls and stroked my rod as he said, "You look better this way babe..." He positioned himself his groin to match my basket, his legs on the outsides of mine holding mine together. We kissed; he allowed the rest of his immense frame to stretch out on top of me. While I felt his weight I loved the feeling of being in his control. Todd then moved his legs between mine pushing my legs apart. He sat back and like a magician produced a condom and a tube of lube. He quickly inserted his rod into the condom before spreading some lube on it. I lifted my legs to expose my hole which Todd lubricated. I held my legs as he slowly positioned himself and began to probe me with his dick. Soon I felt his cockhead slipping into me passing my ring. He slowly pressed onward pausing as needed. When he was completely in me he bent forward and we kissed. I wrapped my legs around him holding him in me. OMG he felt good! His rod stuffed into my ass and filling me up, and his beautiful body above me! Todd caressed my body sending tremors of pleasure through me to his embedded dick. We both purred as we enjoyed the sensations he was able to coax from me. After what seemed like forever Todd taped my legs. I repositioned them and he slowly started to ride me. He began by pulling back a little and then returning. When he was satisfied that my bowel had accepted his rod he increased his movements in length and speed. Soon his cockhead was brushing my prostate and my body would jump each time Todd hit his mark. He knew from our previous sessions just how and where to get the maximum reaction to his actions as he worked me closer to the edge. The closer he brought me to that point the more he could make me squirm and begging for more. Todd enjoyed this and he repeatedly would bring me to the brink and then fully insert his rod and relax, as I calmed down. It was in these times that he was within my reach and I could stroke his well-muscled torso. Todd's actions worked his muscles so that they were pumped and he looked phenomenal. I had found that I could increase his pleasure during these rest periods by stroking his flanks and toying with his nipple ring. These rests became shorter as he also was getting closer. He began again and I knew this would be the time from the shortness of his breathing as he rode me harder and faster. I was on the very brink when he slammed into me arching his back and grinding his rod in my ass, he actually lifted my ass impaled on his rod and it began to pulse his fluids into his jacketed dick buried deep inside me. I also hit the instant of release as my hole clamped down on his jerking cock. My cum formed little rivers on my abs running down to a pool in my belly button. Slowly I felt the pulsing ease and I knew that Todd had unloaded his cum. He let out a deep breath and settled on top of me to relax. The cum on my belly glued us together as we came off our high. We kissed, slowly allowing our bodies to recover and enjoyed the contact of each other. Todd slowly eased his now softening cock from my hole and headed for the shower. I used the bathroom and then we traded places. After I had cleaned up I joined Todd back in bed. He smelled wonderful after his shower clean and fresh. We snuggled close and fell asleep in each other arms.

The alarm woke us the next morning. We were both surprised as normally we woke well before it had a chance to ring. However our sex the night before was like a strong drug and had knocked us out for the count. Todd ducked across the hall, in his birthday suit, to dress for the day. I dressed for work while the coffee was brewing. We walked Suzy coffees in hand. I had put some bagels down as I walked out the door knowing they would be ready on our return. When we got back I buttered the bagels and poured a second cup for both of us. Todd seemed to be enjoying himself, I know I was. Over our second cup he outlined what he would be doing today. He had dressed like a logger today because the company helicopter was to fly him and a crew to a site north of Stave Lake for evaluation. He said that he would be home on time but he would be turning off his cell due to lack of coverage today. I asked about pasta for dinner. I knew that he liked it best with just some garlic chives from our herb garden and butter. I made sure Suzy had her water and we left for work together. On the ride down in the elevator Todd gave me a kiss and smacking my butt smiled as he said, "You don't know how much I love you..." Before I let him go I threw my arms around him and hugged him.

It was a hectic day with many problems triggered by line issues; our telco carrier was updating lines. I returned home and was surprised to find two police cruisers parked in front of the apartment building. I could see the officers at the enter-phone unit; one of them was trying to contact a resident. The other was looking thru some papers. I parked beside their car and was walking toward them when my blackberry rang. I answered it and was greeted by a very formal "Mr. Jackman this is Constable Wilson..." I turn and looked at the officer who was on his cell phone saying; "Officer Wilson?" he nodded and I held out my blackberry and said, "Stereo..." We exchanged introductions. The Officers said that they needed to speak with me. They accompanied me to my apartment and we sat in the living room. Suzy was happy to have visitors and after greeting them settled on my lap. The Officers looked very grave, as Officer Wilson began to explain that Sandy and the driver of the car had been involved in an accident with a logging truck on the old road from Kamloops to Kelowna. Officer Turner said that they were sorry to have to tell me that Sandy had died on impact. It was a good thing that they stopped speaking because for a moment I was just numb. I sat stroking Suzy. Then my mind kicked into action I blurted out, "Oh my god, what about Mary! " Officer Wilson said that Mary had been the driver and that she had been transported back to Kamloops in critical condition. He continued to say that they were still trying to her husband but his cell and home phones were just going to voicemail. I looked at the clock and told the officers that I was expecting Todd home for dinner and explained why he could not be contacted by cell. I asked if they would like a glass of water while they waited. They accepted the water while they waited for Todd to arrive home. I called the hotel chain that I used when traveling in the interior on business. I outlined the situation and told them that I would need a room for the next few nights. The hotel arrangements done I excused myself and threw some clothes into an over night case. I then used the key to Todd and Mary's place and rounded up some of Todd's stuff for the trip. I returned to my suite just in time to hear the roar of Todd's bike as he maneuvered threw the parking lot. I met Todd in the hall. He gave me a quick kiss. I quickly told him we have visitors and it is not good news. Ushering him into the living room I made the introductions to the awaiting officers. Todd sat listening to the officers explain what happened while I stood behind him with my hand on his shoulder. After the officers had completed their next of kin notification I walked them to the door and they left. I returned to the living room Todd looked very concerned. He stood and hugged me saying that he was sorry for my loss.

I explained that yes Sandy was gone but now we needed to get him to Kamloops to see Mary. Pointing to the overnight cases I explained what I had done about accommodations. Todd smiled and said he would be back in a second. He went to his apartment and after a quick shower and change of clothes returned looking much refreshed. I walked Suzy while he was changing not only for her but I needed to gather my thoughts and accept the loss of Sandy. Where I ended up was, yes Sandy was gone, and as much as that hurt I had to be in the here and now. I needed to be strong for Todd and Mary. Todd and I quickly loaded my Olds with the overnight cases and Suzy. We hit the road destination Kamloops. It was a quiet trip as we both had a lot to think about and sort out in our minds.

When we arrived in Kamloops I dropped Todd off at the hospital and continued to the hotel. They had done some juggling and had managed to get a room for us. They were very apologetic that it only had the one king-size bed but it was the only room they could free up. I walked Suzy and put her in the room knowing that she would just curl up and go to sleep until I returned. I then joined Todd at the hospital. Todd had seen Mary. Unfortunately she had not regained consciousness and was still listed as critical. We met with Mary's doctors they did not hold out much hope and said the next few hours would tell the tale. While they were briefing Todd there was an emergency page and the doctor left the room suddenly. He returned a few moments later look grave and said that Mary's heart had stopped, there was just too much damage and they could not restart it. He took Todd back to Mary's room for a moment. I waited in the family area. Todd returned after a few minutes, he walked like a zombie as I led him to the car. I explained about the hotel room as I drove. When we arrived the hour was late and we were both in shock. We went to bed Suzy curled up between us. She could tell something was wrong and stay at my side all night. In the morning Todd woke to the smell of coffee brewing. He looked better, his ashen color of the night before was gone, but he was still quiet. I checked us out of the hotel. We visited a local funeral home and make arrangements for transporting Mary and Sandy home.

On the drive home Todd sat silently looking out the window. I pulled into the Merritt rest stop and took his hand from his lap. I said, "I know you and I need time. We will not see each other because of the chaos that is about to begin. But remember if you need me I am just across the hall." He returned to his thoughts as I pulled back onto the highway. When we arrived home Todd quietly said, "Babe I am going to need your help to make it through this. However I do not know when we will be able to get together." He hugged me as we rode up in the elevator and gave me a quick kiss before disappearing into his apartment before the turmoil began.