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Todd & Tom Chapter 16 Todd's Choice

The next few weeks were a blur and we saw very little of each other as we were over run with relatives and well-wishers. One night after the funerals were over and things slowly started to return to normal. I was about to cook pasta for dinner after my first day back at work when I heard a soft tapping on the door. Suzy barked, but was wagging her tail furiously so I called, "Come in." The door opened a little and I saw Todd stick his head in. He looked at me and asked, "May I...?" I set things on the counter and motioned for him to come in. We both took a couple of steps and met in the middle of the kitchen in an embrace. The tension of the funeral weeks melted away as we held each other. I looked up at Todd into his eyes. I had never seen him cry even at the funeral yet now his eyes were full of tears. He held me and rocked slowly as he said, "I know I have been a bear, and kept you at bay the last few weeks. But I wanted to protect you. Our relationship is not for others until we are ready to tell them together." Finally he released me from his hug as he pulled up a chair and sat down. Todd was still holding my hand, he pulled me to him, I followed his lead happily settling on his lap. I wrapped an arm across his broad shoulders while he stroked my back. I asked him if he would like dinner, he just smiled and nodded but still held me in his grasp. I have to admit; it felt so good to be held him.

Todd spoke softly, "We have not had time to be together other than the day at the gym, and I could hold you then because Mary's brother was with me. I have missed you so much I actually hurt. Tonight I just want to hold you close, babe..." I smiled and we kissed. He was right we were both adjusting to our loss but not having him around was like having a hole in my world. Yet in the back of my mind I knew I had to give him the chance to be free. I had promised to be his and I meant it, but to hold him in this relationship would not be fair. Now that we were both single he had to choose to stay with me. Mentally I made a note for tomorrow morning to discuss it. Tonight I agreed with Todd, I also needed the strength that came from our physical contact.

I stood and softly stroked Todd's face before heading for the kitchen. Todd asked what he could do to help, I asked him to set the table and get us both a glass of wine. While he did this I put dinner together. The nice thing about pasta is it does not take long to prepare; a little boiling, drain and then toss in some butter, garlic powder, chives and cheese and it's done. It was a quick and easy supper that we both enjoyed. After we cleaned up, it was time to walk Suzy. We took her ball with us and she had fun as we threw it for her. That evening one of the other condo owners made a curious comment that "It was nice to see the two of us walking again." When we returned to the apartment Suzy crashed after the exercise, Todd and I put on some soft music and snuggled up on the couch. To be with him was great but something was wrong. Todd also seemed uncomfortable. He gave me a squeeze and gently asked, "Would you do me a favor babe, strip to your briefs...? I need to feel you." I smiled and stood; I removed my clothes and put them on the end of the couch as Todd watched me. When I was down to my briefs I returned to the couch. Todd said, "My turn..." and he stood and did a similar performance ending up in a white jock strap. He then settled his huge frame back on the couch, pulling me close. This is what we both wanted, the touch of flesh, as we caressed each other. When the albums finished it was getting late, Todd said let's go to bed. We gathered up our clothes and moved to the bedroom. We both shed our underwear before climbing into bed. I glanced at Todd and saw that his cock was semi-erect like mine. His cock and balls swayed with his movements like a pendulum. We cuddled up and spooned together. I could feel his tool behind me as I lay my head on his bicep and he pulled me close. I was surprised we both fell asleep right away.

The next morning while I made our coffee I saw Todd dart across the hall in his birthday suit, again. After I had showered and shaved, I returned to the kitchen to find the coffee served and Todd had buttered the bagels I put down. I knew I had to talk to him even though I didn't want to. Todd sensed something was wrong and asked, "What's up?" as I took my seat. He could see the look on my face and became very attentive as I started. "We have both been thru a few weeks of hell and now there is one more issue to deal with. I promised you that I was yours and I meant it. Last night was wonderful, but now you are single, and it is only fair that the choice to stay in our relationship be yours. If you want to find a lady and get married again I will understand. I won't like it but I just want you to be happy and if that means letting you go, well I will have to accept it." Todd started to speak but I held up my hand and stopped him. "Please think about it..." Todd said, "Ok" and we finished breakfast and tidied up. As we left for work I gave him a hug before we parted for the day. Now I had done it. If he wanted to break up our relationship he had the chance. I prayed that he wouldn't. I did not see Todd for the next couple of days. The ache I felt was worse than the loss of Sandy. I know Todd had not come home those nights because his parking spot was empty when I took Suzy for her evening walks.

I was starting to reconcile myself to Todd's choice to split up, so I was surprised to receive an email card from him Friday morning. Not wanting my co-worked to see it I did not downloaded it to my laptop. Instead I left on calls, once I was away from the office I pulled over and loaded the graphic image by connecting to the web threw a local wifi network. I was glad that I was alone because I almost cried. The ecard was lovely; the graphic was a picture of two naked guys holding each other in an embrace. It was captioned with `Thinking of you...' The message below read, "I Love You, babe... I saw this picture and thought of us! I want to come home tonight. I have ordered some roses to be delivered at your door, if you still want me take them in and wear the white lace briefs. If not just put them against my door." I was off the walls of my service van I was so happy. The day past, but I can't remember the calls because I kept drifting to thoughts of Todd and I. Sure enough when I got home there was a bouquet of red roses at my door. I gathered them up knowing that my man would come home tonight. I took Suzy for a short walk that afternoon. I showered with the body gel that Todd had given me and pulled on the white stretch lace briefs; they were semi-translucent and the elastic in the fabric caused them to hug my ass and basket. I then choose a white golf shirt and my loose cargo shorts. I had just finished dressing when I heard a rap on the door. I called, "Come in..." It was Todd he was wearing logging clothes and looked like he had been in a work shack for the last few days. I wanted to hug him but he stopped me. He said, "Let me clean-up babe then I will come to you..." With this he started to strip, tossing his clothes in the washer and pushing the start button before heading for the shower. I had washed Todd's white jock strap and set it on his side of the bed. It was the only thing he had left. Out of curiosity and because I missed him I had tried his jock on one day. The pouch was miles too big, my cock and balls had room to swim in it. Yet I remembered how it barely contained Todd's assets. While Todd was showering I started dinner. When Todd returned he was fresh and shaved, dressed in his white jock strap. The sight of him standing in the kitchen doorway took my breath away and I think I dropped a spoon. Todd chuckled and said, "I love your reaction to seeing me like this babe..." We took only a couple of steps and grabbed each other. I knew that if I had my way I would never let him go again.

Todd asked if I had finished the caftan that I had been working on for him. I said just a second and quickly retrieved it from the den. I had made it from a light white cotton gauze fabric and used old style rings and rods instead of buttons. It fit loosely on his shoulders; and tapered down to his ankles. Close-up it looked good and was very relaxing however I had cautioned him that if the light was behind him the gauze became see-thru. From the smile and glow on his face I knew Todd was happy.

Todd said, "I will pour the wine babe..." put dinner on low we need to talk for a little while. I turned the dinner off thinking to myself here comes the end. Todd put the wine glasses on the kitchen table and took a seat. I took the seat facing him and held my breath. Todd took my hand and began, "I know you have been worried about me the last few days babe but I needed to think. After what you said Tuesday morning I went to work in a daze. I do not know what I did that day but I ended up at Matt and AJ's place. I told them about what you had said and they agreed with you. Matt told me that I needed to make my choice now because to make it later would end up hurting you. He said that he made a similar mistake and it hurt AJ badly. The way he put it I had to choose to walk away from a caring and loving relationship in search of what. AJ told me that they felt I had a good thing and to toss it away on "maybe" finding a lady, who would love me as much as you do, would be foolish. I slept, if you can call it that on their couch. In the morning I borrowed some clothes from Matt and went with the logging crew to the line shack at the Stave Lake site. It was good to be alone up there I could work and think without being disturbed. The crew was good about bring me meals and coffee. I came to realize that you guys were right. In thinking about my future I saw that you love me for who I am, and I have loved you from the moment you tried to pickup that box when Mary and I moved in. I do not want anyone else. Our wives brought us together because they could not meet our sexual needs. Maybe they knew more than we gave them credit for." Todd stood and led me to the bedroom and asked me to sit on the bed. He pulled his caftan off and shed his jock strap. Standing naked before me he looked marvelous. He gently took one of my hands and pulled me to my feet. Todd reached out and pulled my golf shirt up and off. Then taking my hand again he moved it close to his cock and said, "Hold it please babe." I stood holding his hot throbbing meat while Todd slowly undid my pants and zipper. I stepped out of my shorts while Todd gently massaged my basket contained in the lacy briefs he had given me. He could see that I was hard and ready for him. Todd's rod had grown to full size in my hand. It bounced before him when he stepped back and sank to his knees. He tenderly reached out and pulled the briefs from me; then scooped me up and placed me on the bed. Todd took a condom and some lube from the bedside table and applied some to his throbbing ten-inch cock. Looking at me he softly said, "I want to watch you babe so pull up your legs." I did as instructed knowing the ecstasy that was soon to be ours. Slowly Todd inserted his tool into me. We had made love like this many times and I was used to his rod as he maneuvered it deep into my ass. I kept watching him, the pleasure he was feeling caused his face to glow and his eyes to twinkle. I knew that twinkle the Kumar were feeding on our feelings.. I softly stroked Todd's body causing tremors to run threw him that I felt all the way to his cock that was buried deep inside me. Soon Todd stopped his movements and smiled at me. He lovingly caressed my face as he said, "You promised your body to me and to be mine always, today I promise you that my body is yours and I will always love you." Todd punctuated this statement with a grind of his cock in my ass and a flex so that I felt it keep inside me. He then leaned forward and we kissed. Todd braced himself above me and while we kept kissing he began to ride me slowing pulling back and then thrusting forward. We were both moaning when he broke the kiss and he gripped my hips pulling me to him, as he buried this tool in me. Holding me he was in control and he rode me fast and hard. Today was all about consummating our love and the fact that we had now both promised our bodies and souls to each other. I soon began to gush cum on to my belly the extra flexing of my ass pushed Todd over the edge and his cock began pulsing his load keep in my bowel. Todd my muscle man towered over me and flexing cried out, "YESSS !!" The pressure of his arching back and his flex actually lifted me off the bed impaled on his rod. Oh it felt wonderful to have his cock pulsing inside me. We both relaxed savoring the moment as our bodies relished the sexual high. Todd lowered himself on top of me, grinding his cock in me. He settled his weight along the length of my body in total control of me. Softly Todd ran his hand along my cheek looking deeply into my eyes he said, "No one else will ever have my cock without your consent just as your ass is mine alone." He underlined his statement with a kiss that devoured me while he held my head so that I could not pull back even if I wanted to. When he broke the kiss we both gasped for breath. He lay stretched out on me his dick still snug in my ass. I held him my arms wrapped around his torso gently stoking his muscles. Todd then softly said, "Wrap your legs around me babe, and hold on..." I did as he requested locking my legs around his waist and held his chest tight to me. He reached an arm around me and sat back pulling me up with him. Slowly Todd stood, holding me impaled on his rod he moved to the shower. When we reached the shower he gripped me under my arms and said, "Let go now babe," he lifted me from his tool setting me on my feet. I threw my arms around him burying my face in his chest not wanting our union to end. Todd lifted my chin up and said, "I love you babe." Pointing the showerhead to the wall he turned it on while we embraced. When it warmed up he positioned it to flow over us as he soaped and cleaned me up. I stepped out to dry while Todd finished cleaning up himself up. I was combing my hair when Todd got out of the shower, standing behind me I felt him press his package against my ass he said, "Just briefs during dinner, babe."

I returned to the kitchen to finish dinner, I was aware of Todd when I felt one his large hands cupping my butt. I turned and looked at him as stood to my left and behind me; he was dressed in his jock. He reached out with his other hand and gripping my nipple ring pulled me to him we kissed briefly then he offered to help. By the time he set the table I had warmed dinner up and we ate at the kitchen table. After dinner Todd helped with the cleanup. Once everything was put away he again lead me by my ring to the sofa, we sat and cuddled close watching the news, Every so often he would stroke me or toy with my nipple ring. Once he commented that my ring does serve a purpose when he used it to pull me closer to him. The evening past and I felt I was in heaven. I knew it was getting late when Suzy started to wine for her evening walk. Todd ducked across the hall to get a pair of shorts and a shirt. He returned dressed for public smiling he commented, "One day I am going to get caught doing that..."

After walking Suzy she headed straight for her bed and I suggested we follow her suggestion. Todd and I snuggled close. I felt his dick nestled in my ass crack as I settled my head on his bicep. I reached back and stroked his thigh he moved his leg wrapping it around mine like a snake and used his free arm to pull me even closer. The last thing I remember that night was Todd holding my basket in his hand and whispering softly, "All mine..." over and over again.