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J. Douglas

Todd & Tom -- Chapter 2 -- The Meeting

The first time I saw Todd was the day he and Mary moved in across the hall. The day was like many of the rainy spring days in the Pacific Northwest, cool and soggy but holding a chance of clearing. Mary was a frail short woman who you could tell was not in good health. Todd is the opposite, he is huge, and he towered over his wife. Even though he was wearing sweats you could tell from the swing of his basket that he was exceptionally well hung. The sweatshirt he wore did nothing to conceal that he had the broadest shoulders I have ever seen. This man had a body that was incredible, one that causes women drool and men to do double takes. I tried to assist him by moving some boxes that had been left in the hall by the movers; they weighed a ton yet Todd picked them up as if they were empty.

My wife, Sandy, was pleased to meet Mary and it soon became apparent that they shared some of the same health conditions. In particular they both have advanced arthritis and MS. Because of Sandy's health we stopped having sex about 4 years ago, yet still I love her, so I have never looked for another sexual partner. My name is Tom; I am 5'6" have been described as your average computer nerd complete with glasses, and a body to match.

Over the next few months Mary and Sandra became good friends. Because of the girls doing things together Todd and I found each other being thrust in to each other company. Slowly over time our nodding acquaintance grew into a friendship. I found we were spending a great deal of time together, playing cards in the evening or on some outing the girls had planned. So one fine spring day I suggested that Todd and I take a break and go to Jake's pub for a beer. Both girls thought it was a great idea, so we were off. While driving to Jake's I realized that this was the first time that Todd and I had really been alone. We talked of many things and found that we thought very much alike even though we were physical opposites. I was totally taken by surprise when Todd said, "So you have not had it on with Sandy for 4 years?" My mind did a broad jump and I realized that Sandy and Mary must have talked about sex. Seeing as Todd raised the issue I responded "Yup, how about you?" Todd looked like a little kid that had lost his toy when he said,"3 years." Our lack of sexual relations with our ladies brought us even closer.

Over time I noticed that Todd had taken to often resting his arm on my shoulders and steering me to places. Often he would smile as I followed his lead. I was not the only one to notice Todd's contact. One evening Sandy told me that Mary had noticed how Todd was becoming very close to me. I was about to reassure her that we were just good friends when Sandy hit me with a bombshell. Mary had told her that she was hoping Todd would make a pass at me as he truly needed a sexual partner and she liked me. My head started to swim and I sat there with my mouth opening and closing like a landed trout, unable to speak. Sandy did not wait for me to regain my composure but continued to explain that both of the girls were concerned about our lack of sexual activity due to their health. My god, I thought I was going to pass out! My wife and her girl friend were trying to match their husbands up. I just sat there. After a few minutes the shock of Sandy's revelation past I told her that I deeply appreciated her concern for me, however I doubted that it would ever happen. After all with Todd's appearance and personality he could have anyone at the wink of an eye; and that person would not be me. Sandy closed the conversion by saying, "Just think about it." Then changing the subject Sandy said, "Let's take the dog for her walk."

Following this conversation I tried to cool our contacts, not knowing what else to do. Yet the wives had other plans, as they kept arranging events to keep us together. One Saturday afternoon Todd suggested another visit to Jake's and I agreed not wanting to lose a good friend and again not knowing what else to do. I liked Todd but was feeling very lost. While I drove Todd asked, "What's wrong?" I told him that I valued him too much as a friend, and that I was afraid to tell him. He asked if it had something to do with the conversation Mary and Sandy had about us. That swimming feeling was coming back. I broke down and told him everything, including that I found him extremely attractive. I also told him that his good looks I felt that I would be the last person he would choose to be with. By the time we arrived and had taken our usual table out of the line of traffic, so we could talk, I had spilled all of this. I was just thankful that he did not laugh. It was not until our beers arrived and I reached for mine that I realized I was shaking like a leaf. Seeing this Todd smiled and I felt his leg press against mine. He quietly said, "Relax, breathe, and let me explain..." Then Todd took a deep breath and started: "I am really impressed the way you have survived the 4 years without having sex with Sandy. I don't think I will make it that long with Mary." I almost responded, but changed my mind, he had listened to me spilling my guts it was only fair that I hear him out. He continued, "I miss the physical contact of another person to have sex with... Mary will not even help me jack-off." At this point I could not resist smiling. Todd saw my reaction and asked "you too?" I told him that Mary and Sandy must have had the same background as Sandy also had come to think that jacking off was wrong. Something I did not understand because when we were courting she jacked me off. However for a few years now when I tried to have sex with her she ends up in pain, because of her illness. That's why I gave up, and now it is just the palm twins in the shower. Todd chuckled and said, "I hear you." Todd continued to explain that he and Mary had moved from Prince George to the lower mainland so that Mary would be closer to doctors and family. He was lucky that Coastal Timber offered him a promotion if he would move to the area and take a management post in the Mission plant. Todd asked if I remembered my first reaction to him... I admitted that I only remember him moving those heavy boxes like toys. He smiled and told me that when we first met I gasped. He said that he was pleased that Mary and Sandy had struck up a friendship, as Mary needed to talk to someone who knew about her illnesses, who understood her point of view. He did not want to leave Mary yet the lack of a physical connection was bothering him. Todd said that he could tell that I liked him, and hoped that a physical relationship between us might be possible. He thought my comments about being a nerd were a way to keep people at bay, but not him. Todd said that my body probably never looked like a jock, yet he found it attractive. It was because of these reasons that he and Mary had talked about him approaching me. I was a way to keep their marriage together. If he could find somebody to satisfy his physical needs that would not put demands on their relationship. Todd admitted that having made this decision he was left with a problem of how to start. He told me that he did some reading on the web and that is where he got the idea of stating to hold my shoulders and guiding me sometimes. It was only when I did not take it any further that Mary talked with Sandy. Having revealed all this he sighed. It was as if he had told me all of this in one breath and now he was done. I had listened to him tell me his story in a soothing, soft, even, and steady, tone. I could still feel his knee against my leg and between its' constant pressure and his story I felt relaxed and comforted.

I had stopped shaking and felt better, but now how do I comfort my friend. I responded by pressing my leg against his knee. The reaction was immediate; Todd looked up with a jerk, his face glowed. I smiled and told him that now I understood.

The ring of my blackberry broke our conversation, I showed Todd the screen, and it was Sandy calling to find out if we were coming home for dinner, I replied "On our way." Hearing this Todd called for our tab and we paid it. As we got up to leave his hand immediately gripped the back of my neck when we stood up and he guided us thru the bar, it felt so good to feel his hand controlling our movements. Once outside I let a hand drift down his back, he smiled and gave me a squeeze. While driving home I told him that what he was suggesting would be a great idea for both of us. But finding a way to handle Sandy, waving my blackberry, would be another matter. Todd agreed that Sandy kept close tabs on me. While I drove I moved my hand to Todd's crotch he made no move to stop me as I softly let my fingers outline the bulge the lay along side his leg. Instead he closed his eyes and purred as I stroked his swelling tool. When it had stopped growing I could not help but let out a whistle. Todd opened his eyes and looking from me to his swollen cock that had snaked down his leg, I asked "How big is it ?!" Todd smiled and said, "It's about 10 inches..." Shaking my head I said, "I don't think I can handle that." Todd chuckled once again saying, "So we have some problems to sort out." After I parked I looked at him with longing in my eyes and said, "Todd there is one other problem, I don't how or where to begin even if I thought we could." He slipped his arm around my shoulders as we walked thru the condo's underground parking. Todd replied, "Leave the problems to me babe." The use of that nickname caught me by surprise, but it so felt right. While riding the elevator to our floor Todd slipped an arm under my arms and effortlessly lifted me up to his level, holding me tight with my feet off the floor we kissed. It was a deep probing kiss as his tongue examined my mouth and he held me tight in his arms. For a moment his tongue felt strange like it was coated with fine gravelly grit. Then it was gone and as we separated I had lingering sweetness in my mouth. I looked deep into Todd's eyes and marveled at the light twinkling in them. He placed me gently back on my feet when the elevator chimed our floor. We said good night as we reach our own apartments, just before turning away Todd winked and I wondered what he was planning.