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Todd & Tom Chapter 3 The Kumar begin

What I thought were dreams began the night after Todd kissed me. Those first nights I was restless and awoke each night around 1am thinking it was my conscience, I stayed in bed and tossed and turned trying to go back to sleep. Eventually I fell asleep but my dreams were strange. My mind was playing back images from my life but these were modified to be the most erotic I could imagine. After a few nights of waking up like this I quietly made my way to the den. Sitting in the dark with just the light from a street lamp illuminating the room I could see my reflection in the polished surface of my computer monitor. It was a strange image that looked back at me, it was my face but there was something about the eyes. Then I remembered the twinkle in Todd's eyes the night we first kissed. I thought to myself how I wished we could find a way to be together. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a soft voice whisper, "You can..." I have always had a habit of talking thing over in my mind but now I was being answered. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the voice I had heard. Instead I found my mind drifting to images of Todd each more erotic than the last. My cock responded to the visualization becoming as stiff as a board. It poked thru the front fly of my pajamas. I was horny pure and simple. As I stood to drop my pajama bottoms the fabric brushed against the shaft of my cock and I almost collapsed. The impulses being generated by the nerves in my cock were so intense, my knees started to buckle. My cock bounced before me, each time it touched anything I was inundated with sensuous sensations that flooded my mind. Knowing I could not remain on my feet I allowed my body to stretch out on the floor. Closing my eyes the images of Todd returned, if he had been there I would have thrown myself at him, willing to do anything if only I could have him. I reached out and ever so lightly stroked the shaft of my cock, using just my fingertips. The sensations caused me to writhe in pleasure on the floor. Then I heard it again, this time the voice in my mind was purring as I caressed my dick. I kept stroking my cock. I had never experienced anything like this before! Soon I was leaking precum in shiny pearls dripping from my cock's eye. I smoothed some of this over my cockhead lubricating it and the rim of my glands. The feelings tonight were more intense than I had ever experienced and I wanted more. I lay back softly beating my meat. The purring stayed with me and the warm glow I felt in my groin began to radiate threw my body. I fantasized about servicing Todd's ten-inch monster. Logic told me that I could only imagine how it would feel to have and to hold his tool, yet I swear I felt like he was fucking me. I worked harder and faster wanting to climax soon! I felt my balls rising as I came closer to the moment of release. I continued working my cock the sensations were wonderful. I cannot remember when I had been this excited or simulated. Even with my wife, Sandy I had never felt these sensations as intensely. In the instant of release I held my breath, my back arched in a spasm of delight. I savored the feelings my cock produced as it gushed my juices over my belly. When it stopped pumping cum I caught my breath and reached for some Kleenex from the desk to mop up with. Still thinking about Todd, I was imagined cleaning him up then suddenly I was afraid, ten inches how could I ever handle a cock of that size?

I lay back trying to calm down, but the fire in my groin remained. My cock that normally wilted quickly after climax but tonight it remained hard and so very sensitive. I kept it upright by bracing the base. When I touched it I did not feel pain but on the contrary I continued to be flooded with waves of ecstasy. I lay there on the floor not knowing what to do. Finally I closed my eyes once again. This time I was flooded with images of Todd's cock and I had an irresistible urge to take it and give him the blowjob of his life. While I let my mind play these scenes to me, I unconsciously started stroking my cock again. It felt so good! I was wriggling on the floor like a snake lost to the waves of sexual energy that radiated from my groin. Soon the moment of delight hit and again I was paralyzed as the sensations flooded my body. I relaxed as the feelings slowly decreased and the images faded. Opening my eyes I found I had not just cum on my belly like normal, but was covered from my head to my groin with puddles of cum. Slowly I reached out and dipping a finger on one of them tasted it. It was salty and yet curiously sweet as well. There was too much to worry about cleaning up I was going to need a shower. But right now I just wanted to relax and enjoy the afterglow.

While I lay there I puzzled over the voices and the events of tonight. Then I heard the voice again. I was simply too bushed to do anything except lie there and listen. The voice was soft and I had to focus to hear it clearly. "We are the Kumar... we are a race of nanites that has been with your race since it began. We had died back in your body due to the lack of sexual activity or strong emotions. Now however you are the chosen mate for your friend, and we flooded into you during his kiss. Tonight we heighten your body's feelings and emotions to show you that you can have Todd. We can help you control your body so that when you mate, you will be able to service him. It may take a few tries but we will work with you. I was not afraid of the voice in my mind, it promised me pleasure beyond anything I had experienced before, and the bottom line was I wanted Todd.

As I crawled to the bathroom, my legs still being too weak to hold me, I wondered what other surprises the Kumar had in store for us.