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Todd & Tom -- Chapter 4 - The First Time


A couple of weeks past before we could arrange to get away alone together, but one Friday night Todd called and asked if I would like to go with him to check a timber lot that his firm was planning to cut. Have nothing planned I checked with Sandy. She said that she would be ok for the day, so I accepted. The next morning the weather look super, it was already warm, when Todd arrived at the door. His basket was clearly visible in the nylon shorts he was wearing. Now it was me who had to gulp to keep from drooling at the sight of him. He had a pair of lightweight slacks tossed over his shoulder that he explained were for when we walked the tree lot. Sandy suggested I change into shorts, to keep cool. With this she tossed me my shorts saying, "I have fixed these dear." I was puzzled, fixed my shorts, but Sandy does not sew that is my hobby? However I followed instructions and ducked into the bedroom to change. I quickly slipped off my slacks and pulled on the shorts Sandy had given me. I saw right away how she had fixed them. The liner had been cut down in the front so that it held my balls, but my cock was free to have a life of its' own. What is she up to? I only took a moment to change, and when I returned Sandy and Todd were laughing heartily. As we left Sandy handed Todd our picnic basket and said, "You boys have fun," Todd chuckled again. There was no doubt in my mind that these two were up to something. Riding down in the elevator I asked Todd "What's up?" He said, "It is surprise babe." Then reaching out he gripped my shoulders and pulled me close in a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and placed my head on his chest, slowly rubbing his back, it felt so good to touch someone like this. Reaching the garage we reluctantly pulled away from each other, he rested his arm on my shoulders as we walked to the car, and we left the apartment complex. While driving through town Todd explained that he would be doing a quick count of the types of trees and sizes on the new lot they had purchased. Soon we were clear of communities and Todd said, "Just keep driving babe..." Reaching across the car he pulled my shirt up and off. Then opening the Velcro fly of my shorts with that distinctive ripping sound and folded the material back. Todd smiled seeing my cock laying there exposed to the world, because of the modification that Sandy had done. He lifted my cock clear of my shorts. The warmth of his hand on my cock was wonderful as he slowly began to stroke it, while giving me instruction on our route. It did not take long before my dick was fully aroused to its full 6", and was standing up in his hand. I moved my hand to hold it but Todd said "Back on the wheel babe," as he pushed it away. Then to my surprise he produced a condom that he slipped onto my tool. Todd then proceeded to stroke my wrapped dick. When I took my eyes from the road momentarily I saw that my cock was enclosed in just one of his big hands. Glancing at him he was smiling as I squirmed with pleasure. Todd moved closer and draped his other arm across my shoulders so that he could caress my chest, and play with my nipples. Between the sensations of Todd stroking my chest and the airflow, my nipples were standing up as hard as my dick. Todd commented with a chuckle that when he pinched my nipples my cock jumped, in his hand. All I could do was moan in pleasure. Soon I had to tell him that either, I had to pull over or, he had to stop as I was going to cum soon and I could not keep driving. He released his grip on my dick and giving one of my nipples a tweak said, "We will finish later." The cool air rushing over my dick felt as good as being stroked, but different. Now that Todd had stopped working on my dick I was able to recover from the brink of cumming, and my cock slowly relaxed. Seeing I was relaxing Todd reached over and removed the condom. Then slipped his hand into the liner of my shorts, the feeling of him cupping my balls and cock was great. My cock jumped once again in his hand. Todd asked if I remembered the first time that Sandy had jacked me off? I said, "It was a day like today I was driving, but she did not stop when I warned her that I was close. Sandy just kept working my cock and I came into the condom she had put on me." Todd chuckled and said "You were wearing a pair of red bikini briefs that she had bought you from Fredrick's, they had Velcro sides. And even after you disposed of the used condom she kept you hard until you reach home. It was a good thing you did not have to get out of the car at the border crossing, it might have been embarrassing." Just then Todd pointed out a cattle gate up ahead and told me to park in front of it. After parking I just sat looking at him, and then asked how do you know that? Even though the answer was obvious, he must have talked with Sandy. Todd admitted that he had sat down with Sandy and had basically the same conversion that we had at Jake's a few weeks earlier. Sandy realizing that I too might come to the point that Todd was at with sex, Sandy had told him that she wanted me to be with him. He said that she told him about our first jack off session hoping it might help. Todd then said that the reason they were laughing this morning was Sandy had told him what she had done to my shorts. So when Sandy said, "have fun" she knew what I planned for you today.

As Todd opened the car door he said "I need your help with the gate babe." I moved to do up my shorts, which were still lying open, exposing my cock and balls. Seeing this Todd said "No babe, just take them off and put them in the back seat along with the rest of our stuff." I got out of the car and slipped off my short and tossed them into the back seat. I was standing behind the car door, hiding my nakedness from view, as Todd selected the correct key for the gate. He then turned to see where I was. Seeing me standing behind the door he shook his head and came over to me. He reached out and gripped my shoulders and began to steer me to the gate. As we walked Todd could feel my hesitation in his grip. He said, "Babe, you are great at following orders and taking my lead, but you need to learn to be naked around me. Reaching the gate he handed me the key and I followed his instructions undoing the lock as he lifted and moved this metal barrier out of the way. I pulled the car thru and returned to help him lock the gate. Todd's strength allowed him to easily move this metal monster, while he held it in the correct position I leaned between the top and centre rail to reach the lock hasp. When Todd heard the lock click into place he released his hold on the gate and moved a hand to stroke my back, ending up holding one of my butt cheeks. We looked at each other and he said, "One day I will have this," giving my cheek a firm squeeze, "but today we'll be jacking off." Releasing me we returned to the car.

We drove a few more miles down a newly graveled road that his company had pushed they the forest. In a clearing up ahead I saw a picnic table and parked in the spot Todd indicated fairly close by. The day had continued to heat up and by now it was hot in the sun. I was actually pleased to be nude, as I could feel a cooling forest breeze every so often. I walked with Todd over to the picnic table, he set the basket on the seat at one end, and then patted the top said, "Up here babe." I did as Todd indicated and stepping up and took a seat on the tabletop. The top was hot from being in the sun all morning so I sat down gingerly my cock and balls hanging over the edge, to avoid the heated surface. Todd was now feeling the warmth of the day and reached to remove the golf shirt he was wearing, I stood and helped him pulling it over his head and off his muscular arms. Standing there with his shirt in my hand I took my first real look at his upper body, "WOW!", was all I could say. Todd's upper body looked like the pictures I have seen of Michelangelo's David. His broad shoulders gave way to a well-defined chest and a washboard stomach that put mine to shame. Todd just smiled at my reaction and patting the table indicating I should sit down again. I sat as before and found the temperature easier for my butt cheeks to handle. Todd stepped forward and placing his hands on my legs moved them apart so that he again had access to my equipment. He cupped my balls and cock, sort of bouncing them in one hand. My cock started to respond immediately as it remembered the pleasure it had earlier. Releasing my balls, Todd leaned forward to kiss me. It was a long slow kiss; his tongue again slowly investigated my mouth. While his arms pulled me to him in a grip that was slowly squeezed the air out of me. I could feel my cock pressed between us, against the muscles of his abs and my stomach, as he moved my balls bounced against him just making my cock become harder, and harder. Finally Todd let go and we both gasped for air. I collapsed back on the table. Taking my cock in his hand once more Todd began with the gentle strokes. He would slowly pull on it in a twisting motion along the shaft allowing his fingertips to play with the helmet of my cockhead and then lightly drifted his hand down the underside of the shaft back to the base. It felt so good I was starting to moan again. Todd gently gave my shoulder a push indicating that he wanted me to lie down on the table. There I was naked for the entire world to see being worked on by this Adonis. While Todd worked on me he asked many questions. The first one was about my skin condition. They're being nothing to hide from him, as I lay totally exposed, and in his hands. I explained that I had a rare dry skin condition that caused my skin to flake like scales. Admitting that over the year's people that could not handle it had called me a lizard. I shuttered, as I have always found it hard to talk about this. Todd felt the tremor run thru me and he leaned forward and whispered "It's ok babe." He could only have been told about this by Sandy, as it is something that I did not voluntarily discuss. It was now that I realized that she had indeed given me to this person who right now held my manhood in one of his hands, as I lay naked before him. Todd sat beside me at the table lightly stroking my body. He made a point of keeping my cock hard as he continued to search my body for spots that made me react to his touch, such as my inner thighs that caused shutters of excitement to run thru me, when he lightly caressed them. Todd continued to question me, in his calm even tones that I found so soothing. He asked about the sexual activities that Sandy and I had share prior to her becoming ill and gained more details of how our sexual life ended. As I explained he often nodded as it seemed he had passed along the same journey to reach today. I was not surprised when Todd asked if I had ever had sex with men. What did surprise me is that I proceeded to admit to my first male sexual encounters with my best friend Ray. I do not know why but I had started to cry, as continued to confess to having sex with my father many times before I was old enough to move out. I told Todd between sobs that this was the first time I had admitted to having male sex to another living soul. Todd had stopped stroking me; he stood and scooped me up from the table like a baby. He then sat holding me in his lap and gently stroking my back and rocking me, while he quietly whispered over and over, "It's ok babe." As the feelings of dread and embarrassment began to pass I settled down. I realized that here I was naked, sobbing, and holding on to Todd for dear life. Todd held me and gently rocked me, as my sobs stopped he turned me so that he could kiss me. I gained strength from him and the feel of his grip. However in my mind I heard a voice telling me that our friendship would be over now. Hiding my face in his chest all I could say was "I'm sorry..." repeatedly. I was sure that now knowing everything about me he would not want me. But Todd just continued to hold me and stoke my back, reassuring me in his even tones that everything would be ok and that it was all right. Slowly I stopped trembling and looked at his face. Instead of seeing the disgust that I was expecting, I saw a calm comforting look, as he kissed me. I now realized that he was not only my best friend, but also someone who I could tell anything to, someone to love. From the way Todd kissed and handled me in his lap I hoped that he to felt this way. After we kissed Todd said, "time to do some work" and motioned for me to standup. When I stood up I thought I felt a hardon in his shorts.


Todd said that we should put our slacks on so we could work in the scrub brush to do the tree count. He moved to his side of the car and began getting items we would need out of the back seat. I moved to my side of the car and pulled on my shirt, then rummaging thru the stuff in the back seat found my slacks, but could not locate my underwear, "dam." Todd looked up at me thru the car. I explained that I must have forgotten to bring any underwear. He smile and got a mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he said, "Good, I've always wondered how you would hang if you did not have your briefs on." So I pulled on my slacks sans briefs. Glancing over to Todd I saw that I had been right when I stood up, I did feel his erect cock. Even now as he stepped out of his shorts I could see the tent in his boxers from his cock. After we dressed I helped Todd measure the sampling square and then we proceeded to count the tresses within it. It did not take long. When we finished Todd suggest we break for lunch. At the picnic table we opened the basket that Sandy had packed for us, sandwiches, chips and a 6-pack of Sleaman's Ale a great lunch for the day. While we ate Todd explained that the road and picnic area had been pushed thru based on an aerial photo and the road followed what appeared to be a divide in two different types of forest growth and after lunch we would do the same counting process on the south side of the road. It felt great to be sitting here beside him. His bulk was a comfort and I felt a new feeling of security. Todd slipped his hand under my shirt and around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I looked up into his face; he smiled and held me close. Then softly said, "I can tell how traumatic this morning was," I immediately started to stiffen, he just held me tighter saying, "Relax babe, nobody will ever know about what was said." I sighed and relaxed a little, listening to his soft soothing voice. "Everything is ok babe, I am here and I will never hurt you, maybe you will tell me more someday, but for now I am happy we are together." Then giving my butt a quick pat said "Let's finish off, I have a surprise for you." We gathered up the equipment we moved into the trees and for the counting process.

Reaching the right hand side of the measured area Todd showed me the surprise. There was a small river that flowed thru this side of the tree lot with a meadow on our side. Todd told me to go back to the car and get the picnic basket and a blanket. Looking back I saw that the car was not far off. Leaving him sitting on a log near the river, completing his notes, I retrieved the items Todd had suggested. When I returned Todd was standing naked skipping rocks on the water. Approaching him from behind I had a wonderful view of his well-formed butt, like 2 melon halves, and a monochrome tattoo of an eagle that spread across his shoulders. As he moved, the wings of the eagle moved as if in flight. Even from this range I could tell that this was no ordinary tattoo, it had been done by an expert and still had the fine details as if it had been done yesterday. Todd heard my approach and turned. I stopped in my tracks, I knew Todd was well hung but seeing how well was a shock. I heard Todd chuckling as he moved toward me his cock and balls swinging as he moved. When Todd reached me I was still frozen as he took my free hand and placed it on his cock that hung like a horse dong in front of him. He whispered, "Your mouth is open babe..." The feel of his tool in my hand was great; I could feel its heat as it pulsed and grew it response to being held. Todd instructed me to strip and put my clothes and the picnic basket with his clothes while he spread out the blanket. Having removed my clothes I moved towards him, without thinking I stroked my cock. I heard Todd's voice say "NO!" His voice cracked the air like a whip and I froze. Todd motioned for me to come to him and I did. Then said "Babe a couple of times today I have stopped you from stroking your dick. Today is your divorce from the palm twins; you are not to jerk your cock. Instead you come to me and I will handle it." I lowered my head feeling like a little kid that was being disciplined responded, "Yes, sir." Once again I realized that my body was his to use and command. Reaching out he gripped my cock and lead me to a spot on the blanket and told me to kneel, Todd joined me. Reaching his arms around me he gripped my butt and lifting pulled me closer, squeezing our cocks between us. Then holding me against him he lifted and lowered me so that the pressure of our stomachs was stroking our cocks. Then lifting me higher I felt his dick slide below my balls and between my legs. I squeezed them together, Todd purred. Holding me at this level he worked this cock between my legs. I could feel his now hard, hot tool as it moved. Then setting me down Todd said for me to move so that I was sitting against the log. He sat on my legs with his legs spread either side of mine, and our cocks together. Todd's cock was bigger than mine so he positioned himself so that our cock-heads were touching. He put some spit in his hand and indicated that I should add to it, then he began to massage our dicks. I leaned back and moaned it felt so good! He said, "This is how to jack off, eh babe?" As I watched his hands pumping our tools I said "please don't stop, it feels so good." Todd smiled. Soon we added more spit to keep our dicks the lubed. And he began to stoke us faster, and longer. I felt the pressure change on my legs and looked up at him and he was leaning back and as his hands reached the top of our cocks he would twist near the helmeted top of my cock. Soon I was getting close again but found all I could do was a moan as I began to writhe between his legs. I reached out to stroke Todd's body but it was too far back, so I let my hands caress his legs. He purred as the feeling brought him closer and he began to bounce his balls on me. I could not contain myself any longer and griped his legs and pulled with all my might, as I shot my load between us, I looked and saw that Todd too was coming only seconds behind me. We both collapsed me against the log and Todd lay back on my legs, as we caught our breath. Then sitting forward Todd and I kissed, and kissed. Todd sat back for a moment and scooped up some of our mixed cum and sweat, placing it on his tongue kissed me again sharing the salty product of our bodies. He rolled off me and sat beside me, his strong arm holding me close. How long we sat like this I do not know, but I loved it. Then Todd reached for the picnic basket that was beside him and handed me one of the ales we had left. I was cool and tasted good, we both drank them down quickly. Then he picked me up like he had done before, I wrapped my arms around his neck. He stood and carrying me as one would carry a child he walked down the bank of the river into the cool water. Releasing me we both cleaned up and took a couple of strokes, the water was refreshing. We returned to the blanket and stretched out in each other's arms to dry and relax. I knew the time was passing but did not want to lose the feelings of strength, pleasure, and fulfillment that I was sharing with my lover. Todd brought me back to the present when he gently cupped my balls and cock in his hand and kissed me, saying, "Time to go babe..." We gathered up our clothes and stuff and gingerly made our way back to the car where we put on our shorts for the trip home. As I drove back to the road Todd offered me our last ale. I said that it was his because I was driving. Once clear of the gate and back on the main road we were on our way home. Todd reached out and pinched my nipples that were standing up in the cool breeze. Then reaching for my shorts said, "let's see if I can keep you hard until we get close to home..." And there was the rip of Velcro as he opened the fly and pulled my cock free. Under his gentle stroking he aroused the fire in my dick and soon it lay hard and throbbing in his hand. When we started to get back to town Todd chuckled and tucked my still hard dick into my shorts and patted the Velcro closed. We unloaded and locked up the car. As we rode up in the elevator Todd said, "See you later babe."


Arriving home I found Sandy was not there. A note on the fridge said she was visiting Mary. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement; I was concerned what Todd might say. However first things first, I quickly jumped into the shower and cleaned up from the days activities. It felt good to be clean and I did want to jack off in the worse way but I kept hearing Todd's voice telling me not to. Soon I was cleaned, dressed, and presentable so I walked across the hall and knocked on Todd and Mary's door. I heard Todd's even tone saying come-in. I found the girls sitting on the patio, and Todd in the kitchen pouring glasses of lemonade, he handed me one saying let's join the girls. So we sat making small talk as if our sexual encounter had not happened. We ordered pizza that night, in the past we had some left over but this night Todd and I finished all of them. After an evening of bridge Sandy and I returned home. I slept better that night than I had in a long time.


The next morning Todd called and we all went grocery shopping. As we drove home Todd suggest I go for a ride on his Harley to his plant and he would show me the results of our tree counting. Both of the girls giggled and said that they had nothing planned for the afternoon. After we unloaded the groceries Todd and I headed for the garage. I warned him that bikes terrify the hell out of me. He said, "Trust me babe, just hang on tight to me and let your body follow mine." I climbed aboard; his bike had a small seat so I found we were pressed close together. With a roar his Harley came to life. Todd's bike had a radio system built into his helmets so we were able to talk. He could feel my tension and slowly as I listened to his soothing tones I began to relax. My arms wrapped around him and I could feel the washboard of his abs. As I relaxed one hand drifted to his crotch and found the he had a raging hardon. Todd feeling the location of my hand said, "I feel yours too..." Yes the vibration of the bike had caused me to become as hard as he was. Todd pressed back a little. It was a short drive to the plant in Mission and when we arrived Todd used his key to let us into the management building. We stepped into the elevator and Todd hit the stop button as soon as the door closed. While we kissed, I could feel Todd's hands undoing my fly and groping for my dick. He soon found it and my balls pulled them free of my briefs, tucking the waistband under my balls so that my package was held up for easy access. My cock was hard from the ride, and releasing the stop button Todd stoked it as we rode up to his office floor. When the door opened Todd led me to his office by my cock. He then closed and locked the door. We both stripped in record time and were feeling each other's bodies in moments. It felt so good to feel his naked form in my arms. Shortly I found myself on the floor with Todd working our dicks fast and hard until we both came, covering me with our cum. So began our new sexual life.