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Todd & Tom -- Chapter 5 -- The Tailor


My name is Tom and I find myself in an unusual situation. Todd, my neighbor, and I found ourselves thrust together by our wives who conspired to find us sexual partners. Due to our wives illness they could no longer perform this type of activity. We developed a routine of meeting and Todd work on our cocks. Yet I wanted to do more than just being a mutual jerk off companion. Then I thought of a plan.


As we left for one of our trips to Jake's pub Todd gave me a long keep kiss in the elevator. Since meeting Todd and becoming partners in many things I had noticed that Todd's clothes looked like a tent maker had dressed him. So one night when we were alone I asked him about his clothes. Todd said, "I am too big. You have seen me naked; I am out of proportion to find clothes that fit right. I look at suits and my shoulders don't fit my waist size and because of my equipment most pants are too tight, unless I get larger sizes." I asked Todd if he knew one of my hobbies was sewing. It was something I had learned in school and never given up. Todd said that Mary had told him that I made many of Sandy's dresses and lot of my own clothes. I asked if I could measure him sometime and see if I could help him into a more tailored outfit. Todd beamed saying, "can you? I really hate looking like this." So we agreed that he would come over the next morning and I would get the required measurements. Bright and early the next morning Todd came across the hall as Sandy took our dog, Suzy for her morning walk. I took Todd into the den and got out my tailor's tape. I set to work I recording his measurements: chest, hips, inseam, and neck. As I worked my hands roamed across his immense frame. Soon I found myself on my knees in front of him, feeling his muscles throb. I could tell from the tent that was developing in his sweats that Todd was finding the situation as erotic as I was, but we knew that time was against us. After Sandy returned Todd and I visited the local fabric store. I picked up the material for a nice shirt and slack outfit; he was very excited at the prospect of clothes that fit correctly. So I began making his outfit, one evening between crib hands I asked him to try on the shirt, it was basically done except for the finishing darts that made it hug his body. To say that he was pleased is a huge understatement. It pleased me to see him so happy; he almost bounced into the dinging room to show the girls his new shirt. We returned to the den to finish the darts as I moved my hands around his chest, back and sides. I finished pinning the darts to mould his frame, and I longed for more, but we had to return to the game. I finished the shirt and gave it to Todd the following day. Then the pants, I had allowed for darts both front and back, this would let me adjust the fabric so that it would hang smoothly from his waist and over his crotch. To fit the material close to his thighs I planned to taper the legs to get a more form fitting look. I made them up and called Todd, we made plans for him to come over that Friday evening and bring some beer as the girls had made plans to go to a movie. On Friday night Mary and Todd arrived. Sandy and Mary left for the chick-flix they had planned on seeing and Todd and I opened the 6 pack of beer.


We sat and talked and laughed about the events of the week over a beer, it was so nice to have some to talk with like this. As we finished our beer I said let's work on the pants and lead him to the den. Todd slipped off his sweats that he basically lived in to reveal a pair of oversize baggy boxers. As he tried to pull on the pants his boxers started to bunch up causing a problem, because of the tapered cut we found that the bulk of the boxers caused the new slacks to bind. I suggested that he take them off and go commando. We could then slide the slack on correctly and I could adjust them to fight him. I promised to make him a new pair of boxers up before the final fitting so that this problem would not reoccur. So Todd slipped them off. This was not the first time that I had seen his equipment but I still could not contain a gasp and then a blush... Freed of the bulk of the boxer material the slacks slipped on smoothly. I adjusted the waistband to his narrow waist, yet allowed enough fabric to cover his package smoothly. One nice thing about being a tailor, I had an excuse to kneel in front of him, and allow my hands to roam across his body. Wow did I find this erotic, as I pinned the slacks to match his smoothly muscled body. When I could no longer think of any other points to check I offered to help him remove the pants so that he would not get stuck by a pin. Helping Todd slowly remove the pants I found myself looking straight at his package and supporting his low hanging balls, which overflowed my hand. I had seen his package before many times in our jerk off sessions but this was the first time that I was able to hold his low hanging balls. I set the pants down and allowed one hand to stroke one of his muscular thighs. He felt so good! He kept his pubic hair trimmed to inch of soft pale blonde hair. Todd's cock responded as it had before and started to rise. He reached forward and grasped my head, pulling to his crotch; he said, "Lick it." His cock bobbed in front of me, I steadied it with one hand and began to do as instructed. Todd's cock was warm and smooth; it continued to grow as I worked on it. Soon it turned into the hard 10-inch slender monster I had seen many times. I began to take it into my mouth and did my best to take more and more of it. I found that I could not take it all, because I began to choke. Todd pulled back and stroking my head said he would teach me to take it all but for tonight just take what I could. I worked his silky shaft keeping it slick and warm. When I looked up, he was smiling. Todd soon took control holding my head and thrusting that magnificent rod in and out of my mouth. Kneeling between his legs I lightly stroked his thighs while he fucked my mouth. I felt the tremors of excitement in his body and I reached up to caress his butt. Slowly I reached under him to cup his balls; it took both of hands to handle his ample equipment. I could tell that he was getting close as his balls began to lift. I took a deep breath just in time as Todd thrust forward pushing the majority of this rod into my throat. I could feel it surging and pulsing as he sent his cum into me. My choices were swallowing or drown. I drank it down. Just when I thought I was on the verge of passing out Todd pulled back allowing me to take in a fresh lungful of air. His dick was still partly in my mouth and I could feel it pulse as the last spurts coated my tongue, I continued to swallow his salty fluids. This is what I had been aiming for, a way that I could satisfy this hunk that had become my sexual partner. Todd relaxed and stroking my head said, "That was fantastic babe..." With my tongue I played with his cock-head, and caressed the rim of his dick's helmet. Todd laughed and flexed causing his dick to bounce in my mouth. Once he finished depositing his cum into my mouth Todd pulled out and gripping me under my arms pulled me to my feet. His hands continued up and in the process of lifting me he removed my t-shirt. Discarding it he reached forward and lifting me on to the sewing table, we kissed. Todd's tongue sought out some of the fluids that had been deposited in mouth, while his hands roamed over my body. My god it felt so good to have him stroking my body. Soon the pressure of his kisses pushed me down on the table and I felt his hands slip under my waistband. In one smooth motion he pulled my sweatpants and briefs from my body. I lay there naked before him like the day we did the tree count in the forest. Todd descended upon me, his mouth moved down my body pausing to tickle my tits with the tip of his tongue. While he worked on them I could feel his large hand massaging my cock and balls. Soon he moved to my hardening cock. While only about half his size in length, I was thicker. Todd easily took it into his mouth in one gulp. He worked on my cock with his tongue, swirling it around and riding it in and out of his mouth. His hand had abandoned my balls and both hands were now focused on playing with my tits. As I came closer and closer to climax, I began to moan and writhe under his manipulations. Todd knew my hot spots and continued to press me further and further knowing that I would have done anything to have him bring me to the final moment of ecstasy. Todd however had come to know my body very well. He would bring me to the brink and then pause before bringing back to the edge again. Soon I could resist no longer and thrust my cock forward into his mouth spewing forth my cum. Todd sounded like a little kid as he slurped up the product of my balls. When the orgasm past and I began to relax Todd scooped me up in his arms. He took a seat in my sewing chair with me in his lap. He held me and we kissed repeatedly. Then he whispered, "That was fun, we should do it again, SOON!" He continued to allow his hands to roam on my body the nerves in my skin screamed in pleasure. I allowed my hands to caress him, feeling the muscles of his back and arms, as my face snuggled into his pecs. We had been careful, Todd had taken all of my cum, and send all of his down my throat so there was no cleanup to worry about. We just sat like that hugging and feeling each other for a long time.


From the reaction of my dog I said that must be the girls coming home as Suzy had started to bark on the patio. As I rose from his lap I noticed that Todd was partly hard. Giving my butt as smack he chuckled and again said one day he would have it too. We finished dressing just in time, as I heard the key in the lock.


Saturday morning I made a quick trip to the fabric store for a boxer pattern to adapt and some blue cotton broadcloth, I also picked up some red lycra/spandex material. It did not take long to make a pair of slim line boxers. The red stretchy material I used to produce a pair of square cut briefs from a pattern I found on the stitchboy web page. Sandy and I were to have dinner with Mary and Todd on Sunday, so I worked hard to finish the slacks. When Sandy headed over to their apartment in the afternoon I asked her to send Todd back with his new shirt. Only seconds later I heard Todd open the door, "in the den..." I called. Like a pinball he bounced off the doorframe shirt in hand but wearing his usual sweats. I said, "now's the time." Quickly Todd started shedding his clothes. Once he was naked, we started the process of dressing him. Trying on the red briefs first, they looked so sexy on him; they had turned out better than I thought they might. The stretch fabric hugged each curve of his package and as I stroked them they felt wonderful. I told Todd they are for a special occasion; tonight he needed to wear the boxers. Todd slipped the boxers on with no problem they too fit nicely to his body with a minimum of extra fabric. The shirt and slack were next. Both items formed beautifully to his frame. I smiled and said "so much for the tent style" Todd just beamed. I was pleased that he looked so good in his new threads. For the first time since we met he was actually at a loss for words, he just reached out and lifting me right off my feet pulled me up to meet him in a very ardent embrace. When he released me we gathered up his clothes and headed for his suite. I carried his clothes so that nothing would spoil the first sight for the girls. They both stood and could not believe the change in Todd's appearance that the tailored clothes gave him. Following Todd to his bedroom he put away his sweats and said he would keep the red briefs for our union. I just looked at him not understanding what he meant, but knew from the glint in his eyes that he was planning some thing. I was just happy that my plan had worked. It felt so good to service him and I knew that now the ice had been broken I would be doing it many time in the future.


That evening over dinner I discussed a business trip that I had coming up. I would be visiting pharmacies along the Sechelt peninsula and on Vancouver Island doing software updates on the government pharmacy router system. It is a very scenic road trip involving a couple of ferry rides and a winding road up the peninsula. Sandy normally accompanied me on these trips and in the past they had become a small vacation. This trip was a few weeks down the road so we had time to think about whether her health would allow the trip this year. After a fun evening playing cards Sandy and I returned home, leaving Mary and her very happy husband alone.


Later that evening Sandy asked how things were going with Todd. I was puzzled as I had been careful to shield her from our activities, even though she and Mary had conspired to put us together. "We are having fun, like two kids dating... that's all." I hoped that would keep it vague and not reference any sexual activity. But to add to my confusion Sandy just responded with an hmmm before heading for her bath. When she returned from her bath as we climbed into bed Sandy said, "Why don't you take Todd this trip?" seeing my bewildered expression she said, "Think about it." Why does she do this to me?


The next evening over supper Sandy told me that she did not feel up to making the trip and that she had asked Todd to take her place. She had that look on her face like she was planning something. Later Todd and Mary stopped by for our evening crib game. Todd was excited about the trip. It was not until later when we were alone for a moment that he asked me to make a pair of blue briefs with Velcro side tabs like I had worn when I was dating Sandy. Now I may be a little thick sometimes, but now I knew. I was being setup for something.