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J. Douglas

Todd & Tom -- Chapter 6 - Training

The next day started out ok but deteriorated like my mood. I had been surprised how much of Todd's cock I had been able to take before I started to choke. Maybe the night of the Kumar wasn't a dream. While I did my calls I pondered how to improve my ability to take Todd's cock. I knew that unless I improved I might lose him and I desperately wanted to keep him, I had been brought into this affair reluctantly, but now thoughts of sex with Todd constantly invaded my mind. It was later in the day when my blackberry rang the screen told me it was Todd calling from work. Instantly my mood improved. He suggested that I finish my day near him and stop by his office at 3:30pm before going home. By the time I reached him my failed performance still concerned me. While I felt better, the weather had changed to a steady drizzle I hoped it was not an omen of what was to come.

When I arrived at the Coastal Timber's plant I followed Todd's instructions and took the elevator to the office level. Gloria, Todd's secretary, was putting things on her desk away. Todd came out of his office and said goodnight to her then motioned me into his office. Todd followed me in and immediately closed and locked the door. Turning to me he spoke softly but there was a commanding tone in his voice. "Strip babe..." I carefully removed my clothes and placed then on the chair in front of his desk. While Todd pulled his chair around his desk and sat watching me. Standing in my socks he beckoned me over to him. He reached out and groped for my balls that hung close in my groin. Todd watched me intently as he slowly tightened his grip. I moaned he did not hurt me but the pressure triggered a sensation that I remembered from the night of the Kumar, as my balls retracted just before I came. Releasing me Todd spread his legs and point to a spot between them. I understood and knelt where he wanted me. Todd lifted my chin and kissed me deeply holding my jaw tight. I was aware of the same slightly sweet taste in my mouth and I knew more of the Kumar were flooding into my body. Looking at Todd when he released me I saw the tell tale twinkle of the Kumar in his eyes. Todd let out a deep breath and started speaking softly. "This week we are going to work on training your throat to take me. I want you to undo my zipper blow me. I will try to stay limp as long as I can but you are to practice taking my cock down your throat. Hopefully you will learn quickly and soon be able to take me regardless of my state with out choking."

Smiling at me he shifted forward on his chair and undid his zipper. I carefully reached into his boxers and extracted his package. His cock and balls hung relaxed before me. I gently lifted his cock to my lips and tasted it. Todd squirmed and could not restrain a moan of pleasure as I ran my tongue along the shaft. Even in an unexcited state Todd's cock was a respectable size and I took a deep breath before guiding it into my mouth. How I wanted to do this, and do it right! I was so excited how much I could handle. I wanted to pull it from me and shout for joy! Instead I continued working his cock deeper and into my mouth. I looked up and was pleased to see Todd totally relaxed with his legs outstretched. He had a look of delight that caused his face to glow. I kept telling myself to relax each time I worked more of him into my throat. Soon Todd could resist me no longer and his cock began to swell. It was not a problem of girth only length. I kept working and was pleased that I took more than the night before. I could see this would take some practice but it was anything that is important often does. I controlled my breathing taking a breath as I pulled back and holding it as I moved forward on Todd's now erect cock. I used my tongue to caress the glands and would lick the sides of the shaft as I took it deeper into me. The sensations were now getting the best of Todd and he gripped my head and started to pump his tool in and out of my mouth. I adjusted to his pace and desperately tried to accommodate his cock. I almost succeeded but choked over the last of his dick. Soon I felt his balls lifting and knew he was about to cum, his cock was buried deep enough in my throat that when he came I did not taste his juices. I just kept swallowing his essence not want to lose any of him. I heard a great sigh as Todd spent himself. I moved only enough to allow for breathing, keeping his cock warm and moist within me.

Recovering from his high Todd look down at me and smiled. He slowly pulled his dick from my mouth tenderly stroking my face. Then lifting me to my feet pulled me to him in an ardent embrace. Todd held my butt cheeks pulling my groin into his. We both loved the feeling of our tools pressed together as we kissed. Releasing my mouth Todd looked deep into my eyes as if he was looking into my soul and said tenderly, "You did very well." He stood, carrying me still pressed into him I wrapped my legs around his waist. Placing me on his worktable and he stroked my legs as he ground his groin against mine. Catching his breath he pulled away from me and sank to his knees. Now it was my turn to watch as Todd inhaled my smaller cock. He consumed all of me working my dick with his tongue. I could not handle very much and soon began to squirm with pleasure. Todd did not stop pressing onward until I came. He consumed all the salty product of my balls. After Todd had slurped the last drops from my dick he stood and watched me catch my breath, softly stroking my legs and smiling. Looking down at me he said, "This week is going to be fun..."

He lifted me from the table and walked to his chair, his package still swaying before him. Sitting as he had before with his legs outstretched he said, "Get dressed babe..." As I dressed Todd watched my movements intently while he toyed with his equipment. When I was dressed he stood and came to me, He whispered in my ear, "Put me away..." I gently lifted his balls and tucked them back into his boxers, then maneuvered his partially erect cock back into his pants. After I zipped up his pants he handed me my coat and retrieved his, nodding to the door he smiled and said, "Time for home..." The rain had eased and I hoped that he made it home without getting soaked. I enjoyed the warm glow that comes from having serviced my lover.

That night after Sandy fell asleep I slipped off my pajama bottoms. I still had the night of the Kumar as a dream in my mind but if I was wrong ... I also put a towel in the den just in case. I quickly fell asleep, but awoke in the middle of the night. I was facing the clock and I remember it said 1:17am! Lying there wondering what woke me, it was then I felt my balls aching. I realized that I also had the hardest boner of my life. I eased out of bed so as not to disturb Sandy and made my way to the den with each step my balls lightly bounce against my thigh. My balls like my cock were not very large and usually sat close to my body in a tight fold of skin. When I walked with a hardon it would bounce before me but this morning it was so rigid it pointed straight up and bounced against my stomach and my balls were actually hanging low, as I walked they bounced off my legs. These new sensations coming from my balls flooded my mind and by the time I was in the den my cock had started to bounce like it normally it. I had been careful not to touch my dick remembering how it responded to any form of stimulation the last time. I picked up the towel from the desk and was turning to spread it on the floor when my dick hit the desk. It smacked the top of the desk with a hollow thonk sound; my legs melted.

I remember lying on the floor, my mind saying to me just let it happen. It was then that I heard them again, the Kumar were back. I must have been quite a sight lying there nude on the floor with a raging hardon... My cock had returned to its rock solid state just from the bump. I could feel its heat as it lay on my stomach. I spread my legs to allow my balls to hang in a more comfortable position and just lay there. Closing my eyes I listened carefully to their soft voice. "You have done well. You were chosen and with our help you are learning quickly how to service your lover. Today just relax and we will control your throat so that you can take all of him. We cannot enlarge your cock at your age. If we had been at this level in your youth we could have helped, but we can make it hard and more sensitive. We are going to make you body relax your ball sack so that you will feel a host of new feeling from them. Go ahead feel them." I reaching between my legs I realized the throbbing was gone from my balls and that they now hung loosely in a sack. I lightly cupped this new version of my ball sack and marveled at how it tingled. Moving my legs together I enjoy the feeling of pressure as my thighs pressed my balls. I heard the Kumar purring in my mind as they too utilized the pleasure my body was enjoying. Without conscious thought my hand touched my cock. My whole body became rigid at the flood of impulses that it triggered. Never had I felt so many nerves firing. I lay there and surrendered to their control. At each movement of my hand a new flood of sensations tormented me I was lost to the Kumar. I cannot relate what happened next, I only remember writhing on the floor as the Kumar used my cock to drive my sexual emotions higher and higher. My control returned after I had climaxed and I found myself covered in more cum than I had ever ejaculated before. I cleaned my self with the towel lying beside me and tried to stand pulling myself up beside the desk. My legs however just melted and I found my self on my knees. It was then that I heard one last thing from the Kumar. "You have given yourself to your lover and we want you to be ready for the day when you will be truly mated to him."