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Todd & Tom Chapter 7 The Gym


Todd hand me a roll of paper towels and I cleaned up the fluids that we had deposited on our bodies from our jerk off session. While I did this I was aware that he was carefully examining my body. Finally he spoke. "Babe your legs and arms look great, but your chest and abs need some work." Before he could start his next sentence my mind was already racing to the conclusion, here is where he dumps me. Knowing everything about me from our rendezvous in the woods maybe Todd was having second thoughts. But to my surprise he continued, "I want to train you." Your body will never be that of a jock but I am sure that I can help you mould it into better shape.


My only wish was to please him, so I had started to accompany Todd to his gym. We discussed my reservations about visiting it and he understood my feelings about people seeing my body. I also explained the comments that I had encountered in my youth. Yes I was a nerd and my body showed it. He said it would be hard work and that I would need to be change my diet as well. I promised that I would follow his instructions and he said that he would coordinate the diet changes with my wife Sandy. Todd gave me a membership in the private gym he used. The first few visits were brutal. From riding my bike my legs held up ok, and because of the lifting I did at work my arms survived the workout. The hard part was anything related my core, my chest and abs screamed from the punishment inflicted on them. I never realized how out of shape I was. Something else nice about these first visits, we were alone. It was the third visit when it hit the fan so to speak. I was busy working thru the routines that Todd had planned for my training. Todd as always was close by working on his routine, and keeping an eye on my form when a young fellow arrived with his girl friend. It was apparent to both of us that this young man was showing off for his lady. We were surprised because he was not in a lot better shape than I was. His lady friend however was simply drop dead gorgeous. The young man also had a mouth. He made no attempt to conceal his comments about the out of shape nerd taking up equipment time. I looked at Todd; I did not have to say anything but he knew that my bad memories were haunting me. He quietly said, "Maybe they will not stay long." Now was too long for me! Then it happened I had just started on my time on the rowing machine, when we heard the lovely lady say to her boy friend that she would like to try the rowing machine. He responded as he had with his other comments. Instead of asking nicely if they could use the rowing machine what we heard him say to her was, "I don't know who the nerd belongs to but I will kick him off." Dreading the confrontation that I envision coming any moment I was surprised when I heard Todd speak. His tone was not his smooth voice that I enjoyed but had a sharp commanding tone. "The nerd is mine, and he has five more minutes of rowing before he is done!" I was looking in the mirror on the wall and watched as Todd slowly pulled his tank top off and rose, adding "Is there a problem?" The look on the young man's face was surprise that he had been over heard. His face very quickly took on an ashen color as he looked at the mountain of a man that now stood behind me. Todd was huge to start with and towered over most people at 6'6". His workout had pumped up his muscles enlarging his body, which now glistened with sweat. Finally this young fellow showed some brains and realizing that he had gone too far suggested to his girl friend that they come back some other time. Thankfully they left rather than pressing the challenge presented. Todd followed them to the door and released the deadbolt lock. He returned to me smiling and said, "I promised you that I would not stand for that babe..."


I stopped the rowing machine and jumped to hug him. How I wanted him at that moment. Todd however stopped me saying, "Get my towel babe, I need you to dry me." I quickly fetched his towel and return to where he had sat on one of the benches with his back facing me. He was still covered in sweat from his workout and the temperature of the gym seemed warm that night. I carefully toweled him down marveling at the eagle tattoo on his shoulders. His workout had raised the muscles under it so the wings stood raised in flight. I then moved to start on his chest but paused for a kiss. It was not a long one as Todd handed me the towel and said, "Front now babe..." I carefully dried him.

When I finished Todd reached out and gripped the waistband of my shorts. He easily slipped them down, then pulling the front of my jockstrap release my cock and balls. He tucked the waistband of my jock under my balls so that my package was held up and out. He smiled as he stroked my cock and watched it harden in his hand. Satisfied with the heat and that it was fully engorged he released my cock. Then standing he dropped his shorts and jock in one movement. His 10" cock was hard but hung before him because of its weight. He lifted his monster tool and pulling me to him trapping our cocks between us. Holding me like this he leaned down and kissed me. This was not a quick kiss this time he lingered while his tongue probed and caress my mouth. While his tongue was busy Todd ground his tool into to me and rubbed it against mine. His hands roamed over my back and kneaded my butt. Finally he came up for air releasing my mouth with a gasp. Stepping back he said, "On the bench babe..." I lay on the bench, bracing myself with my feet on the floor. Todd however patting my legs said, "Together babe." I moved my legs together so that I was completely on the bench. Todd reached down and cupping my balls adjusted them so they lay on my legs and my cock rested on my stomach. Then straddling me lowered himself so that our cocks were together. Stretching on top of me he braced himself by wrapping his arms around the bench and me, his leg bracing against the floor. Then he resumed our kiss. This time however while he kissed me his hips worked his cock against me. He was in control and ground and humped against my body to satisfy his cock. I felt wonderful as his cock rubbed mine and our balls were pressed together. Soon I felt his breathing start to change and he tightened his arms around me. His hips now worked faster and harder driving his cock along my stomach and pressing us together. I wanted him to satisfy himself today yet felt guilty in someway for wanting more. Then Todd threw his chest up to apply even more pressure on his hips and press harder. I felt a shutter that began in his legs and started moving up. I felt his hot cum spreading between us as his rod bucked and gushed his juices on to me. During the moment of climax I held all of Todd's weight on me. When his high eased Todd looked down at me smiling as he stood and moved my legs so that he had a place to sit. Then pulling me into his groin scooped up some of his cum from my stomach. This he used to lube my cock as he pumped it. I was only moments from cumming myself and soon added my cum to his. Todd then pulled me up into a bear hug trapping both our fluids between us. It was as if it was our first time his hands caressing and probing my body. I was so happy to be held by him and enjoyed feeling his huge body against mine.


Soon we could delay the end no longer and Todd pushed back. We could not return to our wives the way we were covered in cum. Handing me the towel he said, "some more work for you babe..." Work indeed I cleaned up what I could with the towel then had to rinse it out to complete the job before we returned home.