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Todd & Tom Chapter 8 The Doctor appointment


I was horny, pure and simple. It was a sunny day and seeing many young men working without their shirts just made it worse. Early in the afternoon I called Todd. I asked it we could get together after work. He suggested that I stop by his office on my way home. This was exactly what I had hoped for; we had often met to satisfy our sexual needs before going home to our ailing wives.


That afternoon dragged on and on but finally past. I pulled in to plant yard for Coastal Timber in Mission BC. I made my way to Todd's office arriving just as his secretary was saying good night. After he said good night he closed and locked his office door. I wrapped my arms around him in a bear hug. It felt so good to hold him. Todd leaned down and kissed me. Compared to me he is huge, he towers over me and his muscular body makes me look like a 98-pound weakling from the cartoon pages. This is even after months of working in a gym to improve my body. I let my hands drift to his crotch and undid his zipper. Reaching a hand in I made my way past his boxers to find his hardening cock. I gently maneuvered his balls and cock pulling them forward and out so that they were hanging out of his pants. I stroked his cock slowly pulling on it as it grew to its' full 10 inches, Todd purred enjoying the sensation. Soon I felt the pressure of his hands on my shoulders. I yielded to his wishes and sank to my knees. His engorged cock hung before me ready for action. I open my mouth as Todd gripped my head, thrusting his meat into me. I was thankful for the hours of patient training that he had given me. I was now able to take all of him without choking. How I loved to service this hunk! Todd had braced himself against his desk and was using my mouth as a wet warm pussy for his manhood. I worked with him as he held my head and fucked my face. I let my hands stroke Todd's thighs, like the rest of him they can only be described as large and firm; they felt wonderful under my touch. Soon Todd started to near his climax and he began thrusting his hips forward as he pulled my face into his groin. Each time he pulled my face into his crotch I was glad I had learned to relax my throat so that his meat could penetrate to its' maximum. Todd's balls were now bouncing against my chin. I heard Todd's breathing change as he started to inhale deeply. I too filled my lungs at each opportunity knowing that soon he would thrust is dick deep into my throat to deposit his cum in me. I felt his grip tighten as he pulled my face to him and held me against him. His dick jumped and pulsed in my mouth as it pumped his juices down my throat. I held on to him not wanting to loose any of his cum and swallowed. Todd sighed and exhaled deeply as the climax past. He released his vice grip on me and I too exhaled sharply. I knew that the climax of my man did not take long but to us lost in the moment it took forever. It was as if we were transported to and place in time and space where the seconds were slowed and we could relish the physical sensations of our actions. Todd had released his grip on my head his dick still filled my mouth as I licked the last drops from his tool. Satisfied that he had completely unloaded his balls he slowly removed his tool from my mouth. Leaning forward he gripped me under my arms and in a smooth motion lifted me to him. We kissed his tongue probing my mouth for some remaining drops of his seed. Todd was my master in sex and his kisses devoured me, oh how I loved to be his. Now that I had serviced my man he lowered me to my feet and smiled. I knew from the smile on his face that he was pleased. He reached out and caressed my face saying, "Drop your pants babe..."


I immediately undid my pants and allowed them to fall to the floor. I pushed my briefs down releasing my hard cock. Todd had taught me not to jack off, my cock was his to handle. Freed of my briefs it bounced in front of me like a fishing rod. Todd gripped it and using it as a handle pulling me to his desk. With ease he lifted me on to the desk. At this level he did not have to bend to handle my equipment. He stroked my cock; it was already oozing drops of precum. Todd gently spread some of this precum over the head of my cock, especially lubricating the rim of my dicks helmet. He moved slowly but deliberately, we both found his foreplay to be very erotic, I knew that he would not just let me cum quickly, even though I was dieing to. Todd enjoyed toying with me. He would work me over bringing me almost to the brink and then step back. It was almost a game to see how much he could get me to writhe in ecstasy before he would allow me to cum. I loved to be the object of his manipulation. The only difference today was that I was so horny when I arrived; I was rock hard the entire time he fucked my mouth. Now that he had my cock in his hand I was already close. Todd told me to undo my shirt. Taking a rubber band from a file on his desk he looped it around my cock and balls forming it into a cockring. This makeshift cockring prevented my balls from disappearing and applied pressure to my cock, it instantly became harder. It was so sensitive that it jumped at the touch of Todd's hand. Todd chuckled as he watched my body react to his actions. Todd's equipment was still hanging out of his fly. His cock has gone down very little as he was finding working on me stimulating. He reached down and cupped his low hanging balls then slowly stroked his dick that hung before him like a horse dong. Moving forward he placed his cock with mine between our bodies. With our equipment sandwiched between us we kissed. I was lost and my body moved with his will. The sensation of his huge hands stroking my body made me tremble, he smiled, and then I felt pressure on my legs guiding them to wrap around his waist. Holding them there Todd was held close to me, his cock with mine and our balls pressed together. He whispered in my ear for me to lie back on his desk. I did as instructed. I could feel Todd spreading more of the precum that had leaked from my cock over our tools. The sensations created by his stroking of my dick soon had me squirming as he milked more precum from me. Todd realized how close I was and eased off only to begin again. This time he started by caressing my inner thighs and moving up to the sides of my abs and then down to our cocks. He said, "You have improved a lot since the first time I took you." He was smiling and I was happy that he was pleased. Over the months I had surrendered to his will I no longer jumped when he touched me, and the workouts that he had me do at the gym were slowly showing results. He cupped our lubed cocks in his hand gently rolling them together. Then with his other hand he reached down and gave one on my nipples a pinch. My cock jumped instantly in his hand. Pressing close to me I felt his balls against mine, while he gripped my cock with his in his large hands. He added some oil from a bottle on his desk and continued to work our cocks together. Each time my cock pulsed in his hand it encountered his cock. Soon we were both grinding together getting closer to the moment of joyous release. Oh how I wanted to cum and how I wanted to please Todd; I tried not to cum feeling that he needed more time. Soon his working on my cock was proving too much as I squirmed on his desk. He picked up the speed with which he was working our dicks and in moments I could resist him no longer. I pulled him even closer with my legs, as my back arched, I began to squirt cum onto my abs. I looked and saw that he had started to add more of his seed to the puddle that formed on my stomach. Looking up at Todd I saw a man that look total happy! As our breathing returned to normal I released my leg lock on his waist, but he did not move. Instead he stayed pressed against me, our dicks resting together in one of his hands. With his other hand he reach forward and with a finger swirled our cum together. He scooped some up and let it drip into my mouth before he scooped up some of our salty fluid to taste himself. He looked so content and pleased. He said to me, "Stay still babe." He stepped back and going to his desk retrieved a towel. I watched him but lay still as he moved with his equipment swaying in front of him. He returned to me and gently cleaned up the remaining fluids that we had produced. Then setting the towel aside slipped an arm under me and lifted me to his lips. The warmth and feeling of his kisses caused such indescribable joy that I just held on to him. I eventually let my hands roam across his body that I had come to know so well. Then he lifted me to my feet said, "We had better head for home babe." I did my shirt up as I watched him lift his cock and balls back into his boxers. I fetched my briefs and pants and as I bent over to pull them on I felt one of Todd's hands cup my ass. Looking up at him he was smiling as he leaned forward, he whispered "I want this," and he gave my butt cheek as squeeze. Then giving it a quick tender smack he gave me a peck on my cheek. I finished dressing as he gathered up his laptop, wondering about what he had said.


We left together Todd's hand resting on my shoulder guiding the way. In the elevator I ask Todd if he could drive me to the doctor's on Friday afternoon, because Sandy rarely drove due to her meds. We had planned that he would come with me on a service trip along the Sechelt peninsula and on Vancouver Island, but I wondered if he could stretch his holiday by a few more hours. He said, "Sure thing babe, what's up?" I explained that my skin specialist wanted to do a phototherapy procedure in an effort to improve my dry skin issues. He had said that the procedure would remove the top layer of skin cells and he seen some cases where the newly exposed skin respond and generated the oils that my skin was lacking. He had said that I should have someone drive me home. I had booked the treatment as his last appointment of the day so if he could pick me up at home around 3:00pm we could make the 3:30 appointment with no problems. Todd said that this would be great as he was planning to leave work around noon anyway.


On Friday I arrived home around 2pm. Todd saw me arrive and said that he was ready to leave any time. I picked up the prescription from my wife and we headed out to the pharmacy before going to the doctor's office. The prescription the specialist had given me was for an aerosol oil base that was to he applied at bedtime after the procedure.

Todd walked with me to the doctor's office and said that he would read his fitness magazine while I was in seeing the doctor. The doctors showed me to a booth in which the phototherapy would take place. He instructed me to remove all my clothing and stand naked in the booth placing my feet on the outlines on the floor, he then instructed me to place a helmet on my head. This helmet was similar to a motorcycle helmet, but had some differences. The first thing I noticed was I could clearly hear the doctor's instructions. The second thing was I could not see anything, the doctor said that during the treatment I would be aware of some light but the helmet was designed to shield my eyes from the extremely bright light produced during the procedure. The third and last item was this helmet had a sort of skirt around my neck. As I stood in position the doctor carefully taped the skirt to my neck. Then the doctor instructed me to hold my arms out in front of me. I heard the door of the booth closing and the fans engage. As the doctor had said I was aware of a brief bright light, there was also a moment of intense heat and a strange smell that quickly disappeared because of the exhaust fans. I heard the door open and the doctor said that the procedure was over. He worked to remove the tape from my neck. I winced as hairs were pulled from my neck but soon it was done. I removed the helmet and handed it to the doctor. Looking at my body as I stepped out of the booth I realized I was covered in a fine white ash. The doctor explained that this was the top layer of skin cells that had been burned away. He showed me to a small shower so that I could wash the ash off. It was not only the skin cells that had been burned away but all my body hair as well! I was not a bear to start with but now I was bald as a baby. Then the panic hit. I was going away with Todd my lover what would he think? Maybe he would not like it. I still had self esteem issues which resulted in a million terrifying thoughts ran though my mind each worst than the one before. I finished showering and dressed. There was nothing to do but face the music.


Todd stood as I entered the waiting room, as we left he must have sensed something was wrong, he said, "What up babe...?" I looked at him almost on the verge of tears, and feeling very insecure, my mouth opened and closed. I quietly took off my jacket and held out my arm. Todd looked at and it and then me saying, "I don't understand babe..." I explained that the procedure had not only removed the top layer of skin cells but also all my body hair. Looking back to my bare arm Todd gently stroked it and said, "it will grow back in time," and then I noticed a twinkle in his eye as he added, "If you want." I asked if he still wanted to go on the trip with me because I will look very different. Todd chuckled and said that he was looking forward to it even more now. He gave my butt a quick smack as he opened the car door for me. I was quiet on the drive home Todd had said that it was all right but I was concerned. When we rode up in the elevator Todd hugged me and gave me a tender kiss. He said as we parted, "It will be fun, don't worried babe..." and winked.


That night Sandy helped me apply the oil spray to my body. I followed the instructions and massaged it in well. In the morning my skin felt smoother and better than it had in a long, long time, I wondered if it would last. Playing cards on Sunday with Mary and I was the butt of some billiard ball jokes, but it was all in good fun. I found I was looking forward to my trip with Todd.