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Todd & Tom Chapter 9 The Trip part 1


Something old, something new

Something borrowed something blue...


Monday morning and the thought that occurred to me was, what are you doing Tom...?

I was dressing as Todd had requested, I was wearing an old pair of shoes that were comfortable for the long drive we had ahead of us. I had make a new pair of slacks from a relaxed cut, under this new pair of slacks I wore the blue lycra briefs that Todd asked me to make, with the Velcro side tabs, Todd was bringing a spare pair of sunglasses for the trip as mine had broken on the weekend. We met in the hall luggage in hand. Sandy kissed me goodbye and said to have fun, I am sure I saw her wink at Todd. The last time she did that was the day she gave me to him; the first time we had sex.


Todd is a 46-year-old, 6' 6" man with a broad chest and massive shoulders that taper to a narrow waist forming a great V. He supports himself above me on thighs that are like tree trunks and the biceps of his arms are bigger than my thighs. Todd's years of working in the forest industry gave him a body Atlas could envy, men take second looks and women drool. What they don't see is his 10" cock. As for me, I am 45 years old, 5'6" with an average body, which is lightly coated with hair, compared to Todd's smooth torso, and I have a 6" cock; basically I am an average computer geek, who is often ignored by everyone.


Todd had taken a week of vacation time and was looking forward to a break from the routine. What I did not know at that moment was how much of break from routine or how much I had been setup again, by my wife. Out of habit I placed my right hand on the console as I wheeled my Olds Achieva out of our condo's underground parking lot. Todd placed his on top of mine. I liked the feel of his hand gripping mine; it gave me a sense of security. It was almost as if I absorbed some of his strength. Shortly I swung onto the highway and headed for the first ferry in Horseshoe Bay. Todd set his coffee down and turned in his seat to face me. He got my attention by addressing me by my name, something he did not normally do when we were alone. "Tom, since the girls put us together a few months ago I have had a lot of fun. I have had to talk to a gay friend at work discreetly, and do a lot of reading and about gay sex." He looked very serious, continuing he said, "Sandy called me a week ago and asked about us. Your saying that we had not really had sex had her concerned. She and Mary know we have been enjoying each other, according to Sandy we are both sleeping better and are more relaxed. I can agree with her, you are much more relaxed than when we first met. She asked why I had not made love to you. I explained that there are very few times that we are alone for long enough and we are always concerned about someone walking in on us. That seemed to satisfy her. It was after this conversation that she asked me to come on this trip with you. Sandy said that it would be the perfect time for us to cement our relationship. So the question is what shall we do tonight? I do not want to push you any further than you want to go. I have come to love you just as much as I love Mary, and you have filled the void in my sex life, I never want to lose you. Sandy asked me to have you call her after I told you about our conversation." So Sandy had set me up again. I responded to Todd saying, "I know Sandy has been planning something around this trip, I had hoped to shield her from the details of our relationship. I love Sandy just like you love Mary and do not want to hurt her, but sexually I have fallen head over heels for you. I would do anything for you and if tonight is to the night that we finally make love then that is wonderful. I can not express how much I want it." Todd just beamed his smile lighting up his face and he visibly relaxed. The drive continued and Todd returned to his upbeat self, he had a million questions that day as I drove to catch the first ferry. When I stopped for a traffic light while passing threw Vancouver Todd leaned over and kissed me, neither of us were concerned about the public setting. I was looking forward to tonight.


After being loaded onto the first ferry of the trip, for the journey from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, we joined the other passengers heading to the upper passenger decks. Todd had grabbed a bag as we got out of the car. He motioned for me to follow him as we reached the main deck. He stopped outside the gift shop and said, "Wait here, babe." He returned in a moment with the key to a stateroom in his hand. We headed to the stateroom that he had rented for the crossing. As soon as he closed the door and we had some privacy we grabbed each other and kissed, my arms ached to hold him and we lingered in our embrace. When we let each other go Todd pulled my golf shirt off and then undid my slacks, they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. Standing there in my new briefs Todd whistled moving forward he cupped my balls and hardening cock. He stroked the smooth Lycra covering my basket. With ease Todd lifted me onto the table in the room and tore the Velcro apart, leaving me naked before him. And I do mean naked, this was the first time Todd had really seen the results of the phototherapy. He said, "The billiard balls joke were not wrong, you are as smooth as a baby's butt. He cupped my now hairless ball sack and chuckled, "I like it..." Todd then started to pull items from the bag that he had brought with him. The first item was a small leather strap with snap fastener. Seeing my puzzled look Todd laughed and explained he had bought a couple of items to make our trip more fun. The strap he was holding was a cockring. Todd cupped my balls and cock in one of his large hands and with the other wrapped the leather strap around my cock and balls, snapping it closed. My cock was already partly erect continuing to swell and harden under the pressure of the cockring. Next he produced a tube of ky-gel. Todd instructed me to lie on my back and pull my legs to my chest. In this position my ass was presented for his manipulation. Spreading the gel over my rosebud he worked the gel deeper and deeper. Soon I could feel one of his thick fingers probing into my ass. As Todd felt my hole start to relax, he pulled his finger back only to replace it with two fingers. Todd repeated this process until he had three fingers sliding smoothly in and out of my ass. It was then that he produced the last item from the bag, a butt plug. He worked this plug into my ass pulling it part way out and then slipping it back in. It felt great; I was having too much fun to question him, so I just enjoyed the feelings. After a little while Todd stopped and gave my butt cheeks a quick smack saying, "Just keep that there until tonight babe." He then gave my cock a stroke, feeling its firm ridged tip and smooth silky shaft. Tucking it into my briefs was not easy in its enlarged state, but he managed to do up the Velcro. Lifting me off the table he admired my bulging crotch. Once again Todd gave my butt a quick tap, which caused the plug to move within me. I would have given anything to rip my briefs off and pull the butt from me if I could have had him right there and then. Cupping the smooth bulge of my package he kissed me and whispered, "Our honeymoon should be fun babe." Then glancing at his watch said, "Time to dress babe." As the old expression says, "Time flies when you are having fun!" The shipboard announcer was telling everyone that we were nearing the terminal and it is time to return to our vehicles. I dressed quickly and we joined the rest of the passengers, making our way to the car deck. I was thankful for the relaxed cut of my slacks that allowed more space up front for my excited cock and balls. Even with the extra space in the crotch I was sure people could tell the state my equipment was in. The cockring that Todd had snapped on me was holding my package up and out, and the pressure it put on my cock was keeping it hard. Yet it felt good. I opened the car door and slipped into the car. It was when I parked my ass in the seat that I really felt the plug in my butt. Todd watched, smiling as I found a comfortable position in the driver seat. Then he stretched over and gave the bulge at my groin a quick squeeze, saying that I would find the drive fun.


Following the instructions for the deck crew I started to maneuvered the car off the ferry. When the car hit the first bump of the loading ramp I felt the plug in my butt move, "Oh!" When it hit the second and more jarring bump, as the back wheels cleared the ramp, I let out a "Wow!" I had thought that the butt plug was all the way in, but clearly I was mistaken, this last jarring bump had driven it home to its hilt. Todd patted my shoulder and chuckling said, "See what I mean by something fun?" I was beginning to understand. The road from the ferry dock is a steep hill and the pressure exerted on the plug held it firmly in place as we climbed the hill; it was not until we turned the corner onto level ground that I felt the pressure ease. When the pressure eased so did my breathing and I realized that the sensations from the plug had totally consumed my thoughts, for the past few minutes. I looked over to Todd and found him sitting sort of sideways watching me with a smile. Now that the pressure was off I adjusted my position to a more comfortable spot. The sensation in my ass was not one of pain, just fullness. It was kind of a strange feeling, as the plug moved when the car twisted and turned thru the community of Gibsons.


I soon pulled into the Sechelt shopping centre and parked in front of the community pharmacy, my first stop. Looking at Todd I wondered about the additions to my body. Seeing my puzzled face he said that this would be a different experience; working with a hard cock and my ass plugged, but I would be ok. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the router upgrade at this location and another 15 to complete the testing. Basically all went well and the pharmacy was please with the minimal downtime they had experienced. When I arrived back at the car Todd was leaning shirtless against it. It was fun to watch people do second looks at his outstanding body. Thankfully Todd had opened the car's windows to keep the heat down, the car was still quite hot from being parked in the sun. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it into the back seat before sliding into the driver's seat. I returned to the same position on the driver's seat that I had been in when we arrived. Todd asked how the upgrade had gone. I smiled and said, "The job ok, but we are going to have to do something about my cock..." The butt plug had not been an issue as my ass had accepted its presence. However each time I moved it seemed I could feel my slacks rub against my crotch. Leaving Sechelt I told Todd that we now had about a two hour drive to Earl's Cove to catch the next ferry. When we were clear of the town site Todd reached over and took the wheel of the car saying, "Put it on cruise, babe." Once I had done this he then said, "Undo your pants and zipper." I did as I was told, then he said, "You take the wheel again babe..." With me driving once again, Todd reached over and opened up my slacks, as he tugged on them to pull them down a little, I lifted up. When he had them clear of my crotch I sat back down in the driver's seat. Folding the fabric back Todd cupped the bulge that was sticking up in my groin. The precum that was leaking from my cock had created a dark spot on the front of my briefs. Todd said, "I see what you mean about your cock." He reached over and undid the Velcro sides freeing my equipment from its confinement. My erect and excited dick popped out without assistance. Todd smiled as he caressed my hot, throbbing shaft. He used the precum that was leaking from my cock as a lubricant for my dickhead. Todd continued to work on my shaft as I struggled to maintain focus and maneuver the car on the twisting road. The sensations caused my Todd's handling of my package was soon had me squirming in the seat. The butt plug in my ass occasionally brushing my prostate made everything more intense. Todd and I had been together long enough that he had learned how to push me to the brink and then to pull back only to take me to the edge again. In some societies his actions would be torture, as he drove me wild. Seeing a long straight section of road ahead Todd dove onto my cock, it only took moments in my agitated state to get me to cum. I arched my back and stiffened pushing my cock deeper into his throat as my balls released the pressure that they had built up, fountaining my creamy cum deep into him. He slurped it down massaging my balls for more. I eased the car into the next curve just as the high eased and I was able to regain control of my feelings. Todd just stayed where he was lying with his head in my lap. How I loved to caress his face and shoulders. Soon I tapped Todd and said, "I would like you to see this area." He sat up and saw the beauty of the Pender Harbor area, with its' multitude of small bays and coves. While we drove thru this area he had left me exposed to the world but now we were nearing Earl's Cove so Todd reached over and did up my briefs. Then I lifted up from the driver's seat and he pulled my pants back up as best he could. Just in time to pull into the lineup for the next ferry. Todd retrieved the picnic basket that Sandy had given us and we enjoyed lunch while we waited. Curious about Sandy I used the pay phone here because of the lack of cell service at this terminal. Sandy seemed happy that I called; I told her that Todd had suggested it. She said in a gentler tone than she normally used that she was happy for us and wanted us to enjoy the trip. She also said. "I bought that eagle you were going to get Todd for Christmas, it is wrapped and in your suitcase. I know what he is going to give you and what his friend is giving you fellows, but that is his surprise. I look forward to seeing your presents." Presents for me I wondered what are these two up to. But I did not ask not wanting to spoil his surprise.


The ferry on this leg was one of the older boats in the BC Ferries fleet. I hated this boat as the warped deck plates creaked and groaned. Once I had parked we took our shirts and joined the other passengers on the top decks. Todd and I found a quiet spot on the outside deck where it was cool and enjoyed the spectacular views of Johnson Strait and Robson Bight. After enjoying a relaxing passage to Saltery Bay the call to return to the car came all too soon. Joining the rest of the passengers we made our way to the car deck and prepared to disembark. The trip from Saltery Bay to Powell River, our destination for the first night, was only about 45 minutes. We checked into the hotel in the early afternoon and then Todd and I went for a walk around the town. We went to the waterfront first as I remembered there was a point of interest plaque on the beach that showed exactly where we were. Powell River is actually on the mainland, before us was Texada Island to the left and Vancouver Island in the distance. The plaque is in a small picnic area and there was a cool refreshing breeze coming off the water. Todd found a table under some trees and sat down. I pulled a couple of water bottles from the backpack that I had slung over my shoulder and joined him. We talked about the trip there and the view, occasionally privately touching each other, as we shared the park with other tourists, under the table we kept our legs pressed against each other. He felt so good!


We found a little Italian restaurant on the waterfront on our way back to the hotel and enjoyed what I can only describe as a leisurely romantic dinner. The restaurant was empty because it was early and the two fellows that introduced themselves as owners were great. It was lucky that we had to walk back to the hotel as we both ate too much and needed the exercise. As we walked I relished the feel of Todd's hand on my shoulder guiding me. Occasionally I would stroke his back, but being in public that was all we could do. I looked forward to being alone with him, I wanted to hold him and feel his body! Oh how I wanted to serve him! I knew before we got back to the hotel that I would do anything that night, I wanted to be his, body and soul.