Towards the Brightest Star

Book One


By Vic James



Copyright 2013 by Vic James


All Rights Reserved


Second Edition

Revised and Expanded



Tren was curious about Ardin's life as an ISS. He asked him about his former owners. "When I was young, I helped my father who was a slave on a fish farm. When I was old enough, I decided I wanted to be an ISS."

"How old were you?"


"I waited way too long!"

"No. Can you imaging trying to fit Relf's cock inside you when you were thirteen? I started too young. Anyway, the owner of the fish farm was a Griss. He decided if I wanted to be an ISS, I would be his ISS. He kept me for five years until he got bored with me. He sold me and bought a female."

"Did he let you fuck him?"

"No. He fucked me. He had a little prick, about as big as your finger, so it was mostly boring." Tren laughed.

"He sold me to a Harbinner who wanted me for his daughter. I couldn't get an erection for her. Not only was she female, but Harbinners are very ugly with lumpy green skin."

"I know. I have seen pictures. How long were you her slave?"

"A week. Then I was sold to a Ristit. I was with him almost ten A-years. He liked to get fucked and we had a good time, despite the smell and the mucous on his skin. It sometimes gave me a rash. He lost interest in sex due to his age. He sold me to a Darfant who treated me very well. He didn't have sex with me, he had a collection of ISSs which he displayed to friends and business associates, but he didn't allow them to touch us. There was a Gorg named Eritus who was another ISS. He and I were lovers for several years. The Darfant and his friends liked to watch the two of us have sex. Neither of us liked to be fucked, so we mostly sucked each other. But, damn, did he have a pretty prick! The Darfant lost all his money in a family scandal and sold us. I was bought by a wholesaler who auctioned us off. I was purchased by another Ristit. I wasn't particularly fond of him, but he didn't treat me badly. We only had sex a couple of times. He got bored and sold me to another wholesaler—Etira and I met you a month later."

"Do you miss the Gorg?"

"No. Not at all."

"I once saw a Gorg on Nargo. He had a huge cock and I fantasized about having sex with him for months. I would push a garda root in me and pretend it was his cock."

"Did you ask?"

"Yes. The garda root didn't care one way or the other."

Ardin laughed.

"No, I didn't ask him. What if he liked females? He might have become angry."

"They love sex. I think they are all bisexual. He probably would have happily fucked you. I doubt there is a male alive who would be offended if you said you thought he had a nice cock. Even if they didn't want to have sex, they would be flattered, not angry."

"I didn't know that."

The next few days were pretty much the same for Tren and Ardin. They ate, Ardin studied, and they had sex. A lot of sex. Tren decided to learn more about alien races, so he began studying, too. He also read information about Europa, the Human provisional world.

He was viewing animals on Europa when he said, "Look Ardin, doesn't that look like a Gorg?"

"Yes, it does. I thought it was a Gorg."

"No. This is an animal from Earth called a gorilla."

Ardin had finished learning numbers and was working on words. He proudly read a short sentence to Tren.

"That is wonderful, Ardin! I bet that will really help with getting a job."

"I hope so. I want to be able to buy you things."

"You already give me everything I want and need. I think I am happier than I have ever been in my life, thanks to you."


"Yes. I love you, Ardin."

"Oh, baby! I love you, too."

Tren got on the floor between Ardin's legs. He took his prick and pulled the foreskin down. He licked the head and listened to Ardin moan. He lapped at the head before swallowing it. He sucked the man he loved while his hands roamed over Ardin's body. He pulled off his cock and pressed his face in Ardin's crotch. He breathed in Ardin's scent and he realized he was completely contented. He sucked his balls while stroking his prick.

"Yes, baby, it's feeding time."

Relf walked to Tren's cabin. He longed to see Tren, but he knew it would be painful. He was convinced he loved Tren, but that didn't alter the circumstances. He had invested years in the relationship with Draf and he had to see if it could work. The last few days he had alternated between despair he was losing Tren and happiness about seeing Draf again.

"Permission to enter."

Ardin said, "Enter."

Relf walked in and saw Tren sucking Ardin. He felt a pang of jealousy.

"We will be arriving soon, around 16. I am going to give each of you sixty thousand credits. You should be able to live on that until you get jobs."

Tren stopped sucking and turned around. Relf handed them two beautiful cloth clothing cases.

"You can put your things in these. Tren, I would like to speak with you alone for a moment. Ardin, will you wait outside?"


Ardin left and Relf asked, "How are you, Tren?"

"I'm fine. I love Ardin. I think we will be happy."

"I am so happy. I was afraid I was ruining your life."

"Relf, I...I still love you, but things are better this way. Ardin wants me and I want him. I want you to be happy, too. Ardin is afraid Draf is only after money. I hope that isn't true." Tears formed in Tren's eyes. "I am so grateful for all you have done for us. I think you are a wonderful person."

Tren hugged him.

"Thank you, Tren. Good bye. I will think of you often."

Relf left the cabin and walked to his. Speaking to Tren had hurt much more than he thought it would.

Ardin walked back in the cabin and saw Tren had been crying. Tren hugged him, and Ardin was relieved.

"What did Relf say?"

"He wanted to know if I was happy. I told him I am."

"Then why are you crying?"

"I will miss him, Ardin. I will never see him again. Believe me, if I lost you, I would cry more."

He hugged Ardin tightly.

He bent over, picked Tren up, and carried him to their bed. Then he got on it and straddled Tren. He pulled Tren's head to his cock and Tren sucked him eagerly.

"Suck it! This is all the cock you need!"

Tren moaned as he sucked. Ardin held Tren's head and moved it on his cock. Tren reached up and pulled on Ardin's nipples as he sucked him. Ardin sighed.

He pulled out of Tren's mouth and got between his legs. He pushed them in the air and Tren grabbed them. Ardin pressed his face in Tren's crack and began eating his cunt. Tren moaned as Ardin loosened his hole. When he was wet and loose, Ardin pushed his cock into him. Ardin poured all his love for Tren into his lovemaking. He had learned the angles and positions that Tren liked the most and he used them. He paused periodically to kiss him.

"I love you so much, Tren!"

"I love you, too."

Ardin fucked Tren until he made him come. They both laughed as Tren's come shot onto his face. Ardin pulled out of him and shot his load on Tren's laughing face. Ardin watched Tren eat his come with deep satisfaction.

They bathed each other and then sat together on the sofa. Tren climbed on Ardin's lap and Ardin held him.

Tren had figured out how to request services, so he requested their bed coverings be replaced. A Grev came quickly, did it, and left.

"I wonder if I can get a job as a baggage handler," Ardin said.

"You might. If the population is low and the number of passengers is high, they may need you badly. Maybe I can get a job as an Aide, assisting the passengers. We would be able to work at the same place. That would be nice."

"Yes. We can sneak away for a quick fuck or suck when it's slow."

"That sounds fun. I would like to practice that later."

"I think that is a very good idea," Ardin said as he fondled Tren's cock.

Tren placed his palm against Ardin's cheek. He looked into Ardin's beautiful eyes. He leaned down and kissed him.

"Things will be easier for us when we are off this ship," Tren said.

"I know you will miss Relf."

"Yes, but I have you. And soon, I will have only you."

"And that is a good thing?"

"Yes. I love you." He looked into Ardin's eyes. "You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Galf came and got them the next day. "Relf won't see you off. He thought it would be easier this way."

"Galf, I know this isn't my business, but do you think Draf will make Relf happy?" Tren asked.

"Actually, it is your business, if you care for him. I hope he will make him happy, but no, I doubt it. I think Draf will hate living on the ship. You don't need to worry about it, though. If Draf makes him miserable, Rittel and I plan to make Draf pay dearly."

They packed their clothes in their bags and made sure they had their bank account chips. They walked out of the cabin.

"Galf, I want to thank you for giving me my freedom. I will never forget you," Ardin said.

"You are welcome. I enjoyed our time together very much and I will think of you often."

He bent down and whispered something to Ardin. Tren saw Ardin grin.

Galf led them off the ship. When they were outside, Tren turned around and said, "Good bye, Relf". He took Ardin's hand.



They followed Galf into the largest of the port buildings. Tren thought the building looked a little like an egg on its side, halfway buried. "This port is named Prime. It is the largest port on the planet." Tren and Ardin saw Aransans. They were about two meters long, but because they stood at an angle, they were about a meter and a half tall. Their legs were narrower than a Human arm. The blue on their shells was actually very short blue fur which hadn't been visible in the pictures they had seen. Their heads were a little smaller than an adult Human head. Their mouths were at the end of a blue beak.

The port was a beautiful place, Tren thought. The walls were in the lobby were covered with paintings of landscapes populated by a great many different animals. Many things had rounded shapes, including chairs, tables, and even doorways. He looked up and saw the ceiling seemed to be translucent. The lobby they were in was one large open space, but ahead of them they could see a second level with many doors. That level had a rail and it looked out into this space.

The ground inside the port seemed to be covered by some sort of plant with small round leaves. Tren wondered if it was real. If so, it wasn't bothered by people walking on it. It was as soft as walking on carpet.

Galf walked up to a computer terminal and registered their freedom. He showed Tren how to access his savings account and then Galf transferred sixty thousand into his account. Tren was amazed that he owned seventy-seven thousand A-credits. That was an absolutely incredible amount to him. He wondered if this was the wealth his mother dreamt he would have. Then he decided it didn't quite qualify as wealth. It was just a lot to him.

Galf showed Ardin how to access his account and added sixty thousand to it.

"I will return to the ship. I hope you will be very happy."

"Thank you, Galf. May I hug you?" Tren asked.


Tren hugged him tightly.

"Please take care of Relf. Neither of us will ever forget you or Relf."

"I will think of you often. Both of you. Have a good life and be happy."

Galf turned around and walked back to the ship.

Ardin held Tren and they both looked around.

"What did Galf whisper to you?"

"He told me he beats off every night thinking about me."

"Wow. You made an impression on him, too."

An Aransan approached them and made a clicking sound. Then he switched to A-speech. When he reached them, he pulled his back legs in which raised him almost to their height. Tren saw the underside of it was a purplish blue color and there were dark purplish red flanges where its legs, or arms attached to the body. The legs themselves were green.

The Aransan asked, "Do you need assistance?"

"Yes, I think we do," Tren said.

"I am an elgot Aide."

"What is an elgot? Or is elgot your name?" Ardin asked.

"No. My name is," and he clicked a long click followed by a short click, followed by a whistle and then two short clicks.

Tren tried to reproduce it.

"Not bad but you can call me Leta. Are you bald Grev? I saw a Grev was with you."

"No. Humans."

Leta looked at a handheld.

"Oh, yes. Do you wait for a ship?"

"No. We are considering settling here, if we can get jobs."

"What do you do?"

"I would like to apply for a job as a port Aide. I have knowledge of many races. My spouse, Ardin, is interested in being a baggage handler."

"Have you made living arrangements?"

"We just arrived. We have made no arrangements yet."

"Do you want a room at the port?"

"How much would that cost?"

"It is free if you work here. If you are emigrating here it is also free for a year, even without a job."

"Free is my favorite price!" Tren said.

"Yes. It is mine, as well," Leta said. He clicked his beak twice.

"Does the port need either of us?"

"Yes, Aides are needed, but for an Aide job, you must pass a test."

Tren grinned at Ardin and said, "For some reason, I thought this would be harder!"

"Yes. I thought we would have to talk to at least two people for rooms and jobs."

They both laughed.

"The database says Humans make Humasem, is that right?"


"Do you both make Humasem, or only the male?"

"We are both males."

"Oh, really. My mate and I are both males. Can you both make Humasem?"

"Yes. It certainly stimulated the Grev."

"You should sell Humasem. It would pay much more than an Aide job. If one of my bodily fluids was worth money, I would."

Tren frowned. That had never occurred to him.

"Who would we sell it to?"

"Port passengers. You would make money, the port would make money, and many bored spouses would be happy."

Ardin and Tren both laughed.

"I will take you to the Prime Port manager first."

Leta lowered himself and they walked out of the building. Ardin and Tren looked around as they followed Leta. It was a beautiful place. The ground was covered with light green moss about seven centimeters high and there were patches of some sort of flower growing randomly in the moss. There were insects of many colors which sparkled in the sunlight. One about the size of his hand flew in front of Ten and hovered. Tren saw a little Human-shaped creature with wings. It had two arms and two legs. The face didn't look Human. It had eyes like an insect and a tubular mouth. The body was a pale green and the wings were iridescent red and blue.

"Is it intelligent?" he asked the alien.

The Aransan clicked his beak several times.

"I am sorry. I do not understand."

"Very funny! No. It eats crap."

"Oh. I must remember not to feed it."

The Aransas clicked his beak again. Tren guessed the clicking was laughter and he appreciated his joke.

The buildings around the port, and the port itself were also beautiful. All the buildings they saw were rounded with no exterior corners. They all reminded him of eggs which were partly buried. Some on their sides and some upright. They were made of some sort of glossy pink stone. The combination of them rising out of the pale green moss was very appealing, Tren thought. Openings into the buildings were oval shaped. He saw several ships behind them on the other side of the port building. The port building was huge, but not very tall. The center was highest due to the rounded roof.

The city lay in front of them. There was a tower with an eight point star on top rising from the middle of it. The buildings in the city were mostly rounded, but some did have exterior corners. They all seemed to be made of some kind of stone.

A large being with four rubbery legs and a huge head mounted above them walked out of a building. It had three short bony looking horns equidistant on the top of its head. It had a row of eyes which, from what they could see, circled its head and a small round mouth or nose that didn't seem to be able to close. There were things, possibly arms, under the head at the base of the legs. Tren had never seen a being like it. He realized he needed to continue his studies of other races.

They entered another building and walked up to an Aransan who was behind a table. The back segment of its shell rested on an angled, padded bench. Leta, spoke to the other Aransan in their language. The other Aransan was much thinner than Leta. Tren wondered if it was young, or possibly the other sex.

"Welcome to Aransas. I am the Prime Port manager. You may call me Esta. Leta tells me you are Humans and looking for jobs. Is that correct?"

"Yes. We are considering settling here. We don't know if that is possible, however."

"We are part of the Alliance. Of course it is possible, if you are not fugitives from justice. We encourage emigration. I can help set you up with assistance if you need help. What are your skills?"

"I have studied other races for several years. We are both formerly ISSs who have just gained our freedom. My name is Tren and my spouse is Ardin."

Ardin wrapped an arm around Tren and Tren smiled.

"I would like to test your knowledge. Is that acceptable?"

"Yes, of course."

"Follow me."

Esta got up and led them into a room.

"I will show you virtual beings with problems and see how well you solve them. These were real situations Aides faced with these creatures. You are not expected to be able to handle all of them. There are too many species to have detailed knowledge of each."

"I am not familiar with the port facility and do not know what services are available," Tren said.

"In this test, you will not need to know that. None of these beings require medical care. All you need to know is that we can supply synthetic food for any race in the Alliance, full members as well as Provisional worlds. We have short term sleeping areas and private mating chambers in the port itself. Individuals interested in emigration are referred to me. Other types of accommodation are available in the city, including cold chambers for methane breathers.

"We will begin."

A Trient appeared in the room looking disturbed. Its arm tentacles were held straight down which Tren knew meant it was frightened or ill. He knew this was not a medical test, so that meant it was frightened—maybe of another race.

"May I be of assistance, esteemed Ent?" Tren asked it.

It shook its tentacles and said, "I believe a thief is following me. It hides and then chases."

"Can you describe the creature?"

"Yes. I do not recognize the species, but it is about two meters long and slithers along the ground."

That sounded like a Nestor to Tren. "Is it brown and red?"


"It sounds like a very young Nestor. It may be playing. Would you like to remain here with me while I call its parents?"

"Yes. That would be wonderful. Are Nestors Alliance members?"

"No. They are a non-Alliance world surrounded by Alliance members. They are not eligible to join because they practice ritual cannibalism."

"Oh! That is worse than thievery!"

"Yes, but it only affects them."


Tren turned to Esta.

"How do I make an announcement?"

"Assume you have."

Tren turned back to the Trient.

"Are you here for pleasure?"

"I am meeting my mate here to take her home."

The Trient disappeared and was replaced by a Mortazz. It pointed at Tren.

"You! Lesser being! Bow or die!"

Tren nodded his head, slightly.

"Where can I eat around here?"

Mortazz ate live food, insects primarily. Tren had no idea whether synthetic food was acceptable. He remembered killing animals was not allowed on Aransas, but he didn't know if that included insects.

"There is synthetic food available inside the port, or you can go into the city where other food is available."

That sounded nice and vague to Tren.

The Mortazz disappeared and a Grev appeared. Tren felt sick. It looked a bit like Relf.

"Can I buy a domestic slave here?"

Tren closed his eyes and said, "The buying and selling of slaves is not permitted here."

Then he began crying. Ardin took him in his arms and held him.

"What is wrong with your mate?"

"That being looks like a former lover of his. They broke up recently. He will be fine, I think. It was a shock."

"Your mate was the lover of a Grev?" Esta asked.


"I suppose his reaction is understandable."

Tren looked at Esta.

"You did very well. You are hired. We have no need for baggage handlers, but you can be your mate's assistant, if you wish. If not, there are jobs in the port's dining rooms, cleaning services, and in the city."

"Do you want to be my assistant?" Tren asked Ardin.

"Why not? It will keep us together."

"He will be my assistant," Tren said to Esta.

"Very well. Place your palms on the display."

They each did.

"Welcome to Prime Port. Tren, the salary for an Aide is fifty thousand credits an A-year. Ardin, the salary for Tren's assistant is only twelve thousand a year, but food is included."

"That is fine."

"Leta will show you to a room in the port. If you need a larger room, you can request it on the computer."

Esta walked back to her table and Ardin asked, "Is the room far from here?"

"No. Is very close." They followed Leta to their new home.



They walked back into the port building and took an open lift to the second floor.

"All Aides live near here on this level. My room is three down from yours."

They stopped at a door. Leta had them each press their palm on the pad by the door. The door opened and they walked into their new home. Tren looked around. It was a large space with not very much in the way of furniture, just a single round backless chair covered with green plas. The walls were pink near the floor and faded gradually to white near the ceiling. The floor looked like some kind of ceramic. The whole ceiling glowed with a soft white light.

"You can order the furniture you want on the computer. It is provided by the port. You don't have to pay for anything listed on the computer. Of course, you can buy other items in the city," Leta said.

"That's great!"

"Let me show you the dining room."

They walked out of the room and took the lift back to the first floor. They walked until they came to an unmarked door. The door opened and they walked into a room with many tables. There were pictures on the walls of space ships. One Aransan was seated.

"This is for port employees only. You order the food on the display built into the table. The food arrives against that wall," Leta said, pointing to an alcove.

"You can adjust the seats to be flat on each side of them." He pointed out a lever. "Since you are the only non-Aransan employees, you will do that a lot, I imagine."

Tren smiled at him.

They sat and Tren scanned through the list of races until he came to Humans. He selected that and a list of foods appeared. It seemed identical to the list on Relf's ship.

"This is fine, Leta. Is all food free?"

"Food is always free from food synthesizers in the Alliance and synthetic food is all you can get in here. If you want food items that are not listed, there is a fee to program them into the computer. There are many restaurants in the city, as well."

"I didn't know food from synthesizers was free."

"Yes. That is an Alliance law. It means no one on any Alliance world will ever starve."

"I doubt we will need anything else.

"Do you know when I will start work?"

"I would imagine you need time to get settled. Will two days be enough?"

Tren looked at Ardin who smiled at him.

"Yes. That will be fine."

"I will have Ara contact you about Humasem sales. Would you like to eat now?"

Tren looked at Ardin who shook his head.

"No. Not right now."

"I need to get back to work. If you have questions, the AI in your room can answer most of them."

"Thank you, Leta."

"You are welcome. Welcome to Aransas."

Leta left them.

Tren saw Ardin was trying to read some of the words displayed on the table. "Can you read them, Ardin?"

"Some. Most of the words I don't know. I need to keep studying. If we stop having sex, I will have more time to study."

"That is a good point. I'm bored with sex. It isn't you. Well, maybe it is."

"Ha ha."

"That reminds me. We need a bed. Let's go back to our room."

They got up and walked back to their new home.

When they got back, Ardin leaned forward and kissed him.

"I love you, Tren. When you introduced me as your spouse, I felt our relationship was real. I want to marry you. Will you be my legal spouse?"

"Definitely. I love you, too. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

They kissed again. Ardin pushed his hand in Tren's pants and slid a finger into his spouse.

"We need a bed very soon," Ardin said.

"Immediately!" Tren responded. "Let's order one right now. But I need you inside me as soon as we do that."

They walked to a small alcove in a wall where there was a display. Tren looked through the menu and found a port employees menu. He saw there was a lot of information, including a new employee guide. Ardin stood behind him with his arms around Tren.

An alert appeared on the display and Tren pushed it. It told him his annual salary and said he needed to report to work in three days at eight for training.

Tren found where he could order furniture. Some items were available right away, while others took days to be delivered. He found a bed that was large enough for the two of them and ordered it. He saw some chairs that were available that looked comfortable. "What do you think of these?" he asked Ardin.

"I don't care. Order what you would like. Anything is fine with me. Keep in mind you will be sitting on my lap most of the time."

"Oh? Will your cock be inside me?"

"Most of the time. Probably not when we have visitors."

Tren laughed.

Tren ordered four chairs, one of which was wide enough for three to sit. He chose the color he wanted, a pale blue, and found that added a whole day to their expected delivery date. He tried other colors and found that green could be delivered immediately. He thought it would look fine. He ordered them. He found a table and chairs to go with it and ordered them.

"Relf told me he really liked Aransas. He said he thought it would be a good place for us to make a new start. I have to agree with him."

"Me, too. It's pretty, the people are nice, and we've only been here a few minutes and we both have jobs and a nice place to live."

A voice said, "Ara would like to speak to you, may he enter?"

"Yes. Enter please," Tren said.

The oval door opened and an Aransan entered.

"I am Ara. I am the port manager of new revenue. I understand you are both Humans?"


"Are you interested in selling Humasem at the port?"

Tren looked at Ardin who shrugged.

"Well, we might be. We have no idea what is involved, except how to produce it."

Ardin grinned at Tren.

"Our port has a reputation for being clean, safe, and boring. Many ports on other worlds are much more interesting. I have seen them. I think it would be an impressive accomplishment if we could claim that Humasem is always available at Prime Port. I understand both of you can produce it?"


"With two of you, I think we could make that claim. That would bring both the port and the city business."

"You understand that we make a limited amount each day?" Tren asked.

"Yes. We will not make any claims as to the amount available." Ardin laughed. "If there are many customers and a limited amount, we will all make a great deal of money. Those waiting for their turn might want hotels, restaurants, shops. Everyone will be happy."

"How much money?"

"I can offer you both salary and a percent of each sale."

"What would the salary be?"

"We have no idea whether this will generate any business. We suspect it will, but we are unwilling to commit much until it does. We are willing to commit to a three month contract which will pay twelve thousand A-credits to each of you. If the endeavor is a success, we are willing to commit to a year contract at one hundred twenty thousand A-credits each and forty percent of the Humasem sales."

"What percent of sales would we get during the first three month contract?"

"Eighty percent."

"I have no idea what we should charge. Do you know?"

"It is occasionally available for four thousand credits on the black market. It is not sold legally anywhere else, as far as I know. That will be mentioned in our advertising, as well as the fact that you are free citizens and not slaves. A great many Alliance citizens, including all native Aransans, are opposed to slavery. From what I have been able to find out, Humasem is only produced by slaves, and not all of them. I thought we would set an initial price of five thousand per dose. Your share would be four thousand."

"How would this impact my work as an Aide?"

"Would you want to be an Aide, as well?"

Tren thought about it. They would be making enough money that he didn't need to be an Aide.

"I don't know. My spouse and I need to discuss that part of it."

"Are you willing to sign the three month contract?"

Tren looked at Ardin who nodded his head.


"Excellent. I can open the contracts on your computer and you can each sign. I can then begin our advertising campaign."

"Wait. I have a question. Will we be able to produce our Humasem with each other?"

Ara tilted his head at Tren.

"Of course. This is not a brothel. I thought that was understood."

Tren laughed and said, "Believe me, this is very new to us."

"I understand. We will all be learning as we go."

"I will go ahead and include that in our terms."

The comm system announced, "Furniture delivery in one half hour."

Ara walked over to the computer and brought up a contract. "If you end the contract for any non-medical reason during the three month period, your salary is forfeited. You will retain your percent of sales, however."

Tren thought about that. The salary was only twelve thousand for the three months. They could definitely get by without that if they had to. He could always take the job as an aide if they were unable to produce Humasem for one reason or another.

"Touch here if you agree to the contract." Tren touched the monitor.

Ara turned to Ardin. "Are you willing to sign the contract?"

"Yes." Ara brought the second contract up. Ardin pressed where he was directed.

"I will want to use your images in our advertising, if you are willing." Tren looked at Ardin who shrugged.

"I suppose that will be all right."

"Wonderful. We have plans of using this to try to promote Aransas and Prime Port as a honeymoon destination. Do you know what a honeymoon is?"

"Yes, we know."

"Humasem availability will tie into that nicely."

"If we are benefiting the planet, twelve thousand for three months does not seem adequate. I suppose I should have thought of that before I signed the contract."

"I understand your concern. Keep in mind you will be receiving eighty percent of the sale price. If it sells at five thousand, that is four thousand per dose for you. If you each produce one dose a day, that is eight thousand per day."

"You are right. I am sorry, but this is all new to me."

"I understand."

"Speaking of honeymoons, my spouse and I would like to be married. Is that possible on Aransas?"

"Yes, of course."

Ara said, "Welcome to Aransas. I hope you will enjoy living and working with us. I would like for the AI to capture pictures of you to use in the ad. Will you allow that?"


He walked to the door and left.

"I miss Relf's ship. We could be alone and no one asked any questions or made offers we didn't understand."

"When the furniture arrives, we should rest for a while."

"That sounds fine. I'm getting a headache."

"After we rest, we can walk around a little while in the city. See what's close to the port. Maybe we'll see a bar and we can sit and watch the world go by."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, husband-to-be."

Ardin took Tren in his arms and pressed his mouth to Tren's. They kissed and then Tren rested his head on Ardin's shoulder.

"Do you realize I could make more in one day from Humasem sales than I would in a whole year as your assisstant?" Ardin asked.

"Wow! That's true. Maybe I should give up the Aide job and do that, too."

"Keep in mind you would have to have sex with me frequently."

Tren pulled Ardin's cock out and knelt in front of him. He pulled the foreskin back and licked the head several times before taking him into his mouth. Ardin sighed happily. Tren closed his eyes and sucked his spouse. He was completely contented. Ardin pulled him up after several minutes and they kissed.

The comm announced, "Your furniture has arrived."

"Enter," Tren said.

Ardin put his prick back in his pants. Tren took his hand and Ardin put his arm around his spouse. That had a wonderful sound.

A four-legged, pink robot walked into the room carrying the bed folded in half on its back.

"Where would you like the bed?"

"Right over here."

"Where do I get coverings for the bed?" Tren asked the robot.

"I don't know what you mean."

Tren walked to the computer and looked until he found blankets and pillows. He ordered some.

Tren was tired, but having their furniture delivered was exciting. It was hard for him to believe how much his life had changed.

The robot brought the rest of the items and Tren and Ardin arranged them the way they wanted them. Another robot arrived with the pillows and blankets.

Once the furniture was all set up, they lay down on the bed. Ardin pressed his mouth to Tren's and they kissed. While they kissed, Ardin pushed his hand inside Tren's pants and ran a finger around his hole.

"This is mine," he said to Tren.

"Yes, it is. And this is mine," Tren said as he rubbed Ardin's erection.

"I love you so much, Tren. More than I have ever loved anyone."

"I feel the same way about you."

"You love me more than Relf?"

"Yes, I think I do."

Ardin was suddenly even happier.

"You know what I would like right now?" Tren asked.

"No. What?"

"A free sample of Humasem."

Ardin grinned at him and said, "I will be happy to give you that, sir. Perhaps you will be a steady customer. For maximum effect, I should give you a dose at each end."

"Yes. That does sound best."

Ardin got off the bed and stripped. Tren pulled his clothes off and then Ardin got back on the bed and straddled Tren. He pulled Tren's face to his stiff cock and Tren swallowed it. Ardin fucked his mouth and his balls slowly slapped against Tren's chin. Tren reached up and ran his hands over his spouse's hairy chest. He lightly pinched his nipples.

"Turn around, will you?"


Ardin turned and Tren pulled his cheeks apart He buried his face in Ardin's crack and began licking his hole.

"Fuck! That feels good. No one has ever done that to me!"

Tren was glad he was the first. It was appropriate since he would be Ardin's only husband. He licked and stabbed at Ardin's hole as Ardin moaned. Tren reached around him and stroked Ardin's cock as he ate him.

Ardin spun around and said, "Time for your free sample."

He pushed his cock into Tren's mouth and grunted with each spurt of come into his spouse's mouth. Afterwards, Ardin pulled his still stiff prick out of Tren's mouth. He flipped Tren over and pulled him up on his hands and knees. He ate Tren's cunt briefly before sliding his still wet cock into Tren. He smiled as he remembered the afternoon when he and Tren had met. And now Tren was his! He loved him so very, very much. He knew their age difference would be a problem. After all, he was much older than Tren. But he would enjoy every second of their time together. He grabbed Tren's hips and fucked him. He sped up slowly until he was pounding him. The sound of his body slapping against Tren's filled their home. He was panting heavily as he approached his orgasm. He sped up even faster.

He shouted, "Tren!" as he came inside him. His cock softened quickly and he collapsed onto the bed. He panted for a minute.


"Your turn." Ardin leaned over and took Tren into his mouth. He pushed two fingers into Tren's hole and felt his spunk inside his spouse. That made him happy. He sucked for a while and then kissed Tren while he stroked him. Tren moaned as he came. When he was done, Ardin licked him clean.

"I need to bathe," Ardin said.

They got up and opened a door. It appeared to be a storage closet. They opened the only other door in their room and found the washroom.

"It looks like we need to buy cleanser and a tooth cleaner."

"I hope we can afford one like Relf has on his ship."

They both got in the bathing area and Tren kissed Ardin. "I love you, Ardin."

"I love you."

"I wonder how we turn it on."

"I don't know."

They heard a voice say, "This is Erant, your AI. What temperature would you like the water?"

"Try thirty-five degrees."

Water began spraying from the walls. "Do you wish to use any cleanser?" Erant asked.

"Yes. Unscented." The water got soapy and they rubbed each other's body. Once they were done, Tren said "Rinse."

When they were finished, Erant said, "I can dry you with hot air or there are drying cloths in the drawer to your right." Tren got each of them a towel and they dried each other.

"Erant, where can we get a tooth cleaner?" Ardin asked.

"You can order it on your computer."

They walked out of the washroom and Tren put on a pair of shorts. Then he went to the computer and found personal hygeine products. The tooth cleaners ranged from brushes, to squirters, to some things he couldn't identify. He saw one like Relf had and it was two hundred credits. He liked it, so he ordered it.

"Erant, how do we wash our garments?"

"There is a large drawer in the washroom. If you put them there, they will be washed and returned."

"Thank you."

"You do not need to thank me."


"Would you like to take a walk around the city, or are you tired?"

"Sex with you energizes me. I wonder what the local time is?"

"Fifteen twelve," Erant answered.

"What time is sunset?"

"Seventeen forty-three today.

"If you are planning to leave the port, I suggest you wear a communication device in case you need to be reached."

Tren found them on the computer and ordered one for each of them. They were one hundred credits each.

"I have flagged your request as urgent. The devices should arrive in a few minutes."

"Thank y...oops." Tren laughed.

"Ardin, we have spent four hundred credits in the last few minutes."


"Yes. We may not need to pay for food or lodging, but some things are not free."

"Well, we have jobs and we have some money. We can't expect to begin a new life without spending any of it. That's why Relf gave it to us."

"I didn't think of that. You are right, as usual."

"Erant, we plan to go walking. Can you recommend a route through the city?

"Any direction is fine. If you are interested in art, the museums and art houses are to the left of the city tower. The eating and drinking establishments are clustered around the city tower. Businesses and shops are to the right of the tower. The tower itself is straight ahead of you when you exit the port building from the front entrance. I can communicate with you through your comm devices. If you get lost or have questions, say 'Comm, Get Erant'." Tren caught himself before saying 'thank you'.

"An Aransan with some of the things you ordered is here. May he enter?"


An Aransan smaller than any they had seen entered. He was holding a tray that held the comm units and their tooth cleaner.

"Here are the things you ordered."

"Thank you," Tren said as he took them. He gave one comm device to Ardin. The Aransan turned and walked out of their room.



Tren and Ardin got dressed and left to explore the city. They left the port building. "Erant said the bars and restaurants are around the tower. Let's go there," Ardin said.

Tren smiled at him and took his hand. The streets were paved with ordinary concrete. They walked towards the tower and saw several wheeled vehicles driving towards the port. Tren saw the driver of one of the vehicles was a robot. They left the port and entered the city. They walked along a sidewalk, passing several Aransans who chirped at them without stopping. A very large ship flew over them, heading for the port. Tren looked up at it and grinned. He was happier than he had ever been. He was even happier than the night Relf bought him.

They passed several businesses that weren't open. The buildings were all works of art in Tren's opinion. They were much more beautiful than those on Nargo or Aldora. The surfaces looked like the porcelain cups his mother used on holidays, and most of them were egg-shaped with egg-shaped doors and windows. Some of them had patterns on the outside and some were pure white. All of them were glossy. Most of the doorways were open, even though no one was in sight.

They saw a bar that was open with tables outside. "How is this?"

"It's fine with me."

They sat on a bench at an outside table. There were no other customers. They sat so they were facing the city tower. A four-legged robot that looked like the same model that had delivered their furniture walked up to them. "What would you like?"

"I'll have a zale," Ardin said.

"What is that?" Tren asked Ardin.

"It's a brewed alcoholic beverage."

"I will have one as well."

The robot turned and walked into the bar.

Ardin wrapped his arm around Tren and said, "I can't believe how much my life has changed. I'm free. I have a home that is nicer than the homes of some of my former masters. I have a wonderful spouse and I'm getting married."

"You left off that people will pay you a lot of money to eat your spunk."

Ardin laughed. "That's true."

"But I get it free!" Tren added.

"I am willing to offer you a discount, but it wouldn't be fair to my customers if some people got it for free."

"I'm glad I haven't married you yet. You are greedy!"

"But cute?"


Tren rested his head on Ardin's shoulder. Ardin kissed the side of his head.

An Aransan walking by stopped to speak to them.

"What are you, gentle beings?"

Tren sat up.

"We are Humans."

"Oh. I have never seen your kind before."

"I am Tren and this is my spouse, Ardin. We work at the port now."

"I am Triala. I also work there in the billing department."

"The city, what we've seen so far, is very beautiful. What is the name of the city?"

"Prime. The same as the port. It is a dull name. There is a vote in four months to decide whether to change the name to something more interesting."

"Are the walls of the buildings natural rock?"

"No. It is an extruded stone which hardens in air.

"What is your job at the port?"

"I am an Aide and my spouse here is my assistant."

"We need Aides badly. The job doesn't pay well and not many Aransans are willing to work for those wages. There are always more jobs than Aransans, so it is easy to find higher paying jobs."

"We were slaves until recently, so any pay is an improvement."

"I can see how that would be so. My spouse is waiting for me. I am pleased to have met you."

"Good bye."

Ardin wrapped his arm around Tren who leaned against him. The waiter brought their drinks. He held a pad out and Tren took a guess and pressed his palm to it.

"I heard you say you were spouses," the waiter said. "If you wish to mate out here, you will get free drinks."


"It brings in business. You are unique in the city. People will be curious and some will buy drinks or food."

He turned and walked away.

Tren looked at Ardin who was grinning.

"This is a strange planet. They are always trying to get us to have orgasms."

They both laughed.

"Do you want to do it?"

"I don't think I can come again so soon. Do you want me to suck you?"

"No. I don't think I am ready to put on a sex show. Let's just enjoy the view."

They finished their drinks and decided to walk. Most of the bars were not open yet, and the ones that were open were empty. Prime was a very quiet city compared to the other cities they had seen. They passed a few Aransans as they walked as well as a few individuals of other races. A being like the one they had seen earlier, with four legs and a giant head on top approached them.

When he got close, Tren said, "Excuse me, but what is the name of your race?"

"I am a Cuspic."

"I have never seen a Cuspic before," Tren said.

"We are from a different galaxy. We recently discovered a wormhole which connects the two galaxies. We have been in your galaxy for just under two A-years."

"That is very exciting!"

"Yes, many Alliance citizens are excited, as are we. We have a federation of worlds which is similar in many ways to the Alliance."

"How long did it take to travel here?"

"Over an A-year. But that is because this end of the wormhole is far from the Alliance. We hope to find a connecting wormhole to that one.

"I am Siphilalootaphassallin."

"I am Tren and this is my spouse, Ardin. It was a pleasure meeting you Oh, I'm sorry."

"It is all right. It is a long name compared to yours. With us, even babies have longer names than yours."

They continued walking. Tren's communicator buzzed. He pulled it out of his pocket.

"This is Ara. We have the first customer for Humasem. It is an Aldovoran who will arrive tomorrow. I will let you know the time after I speak to him."

"Thank you, Ara." Tren put the comm unit in his pocket.

"How could they have gotten a customer so soon?" Ardin asked.

"Trig, my stepfather told me that all Alliance ports now have instantaneous communications with each other. He told me he remembered when it took days. Communications were relayed by ships and if none were arriving, no message. If the Aldovoran is at another port, he could have seen the ad the instant Ara posted it."

"Do you know what Aldovoran's are like?" Ardin asked Tren.

"Yes. They look a little like Grev, except the fur is longer and they have snouts on their faces. The only one I ever saw in person was pretty ugly. Some I have seen in photos were attractive."

"Do you know what their sex organs are like?"

"I don't think it matters. We won't be having sex with him."

"Oh! You're right. I forgot I'm not an ISS anymore," Ardin said.

"Yes, the only sex organs you need to worry about are similar to yours."

"Oh? Whose?"

"Funny ex-spouse!"

"Oh, you love me."

Tren sighed.

"Yes, very much."

Ardin took his hand.

A robot approached them. It was four-legged like the others they had seen on Aransas, but its head was different. It was tall and thin, with three round silver eyes and no other facial features. Its surface was the same shade of blue as the Aransans.

"Greetings, Humans. Are you spouses?"


"I am Trigorn. I own a photography business. Would you be interested in having pictures taken? You only pay if you like them."

Tren smiled at Ardin.

"How much would it cost? We don't have a lot of money.

"Prices are very modest. One hundred credits for up to four pictures."

"Is that all right?" Tren asked Ardin.

"Sure. I would like to have pictures of us."

"All right, Trigorn. Are you a Free Machine?"

"Yes, I am. I was created here on Aransas. My shop is not far away."

He began walking in the opposite direction while his eyes were still on them. They followed him. His shop was only about a minute away. There was a shop across the street from it with an enormous sign on it that said, `Opportunity'. Under it was another sign that said `Twenty-four Aransans are prepared for anything. Are you?'

"That's odd. I wonder what they sell?"

"Very large hats," Ardin suggested.

Tren laughed.

Trigorn entered his shop and they followed.

"I can place you in front of just about any background you choose."

"I want something simple."

"Very well. Why don't you be seated?"

Ardin sat down on a chair and patted his lap. Tren grinned at him and climbed on his lap.

"Tren, look this way." Tren did. "I will start taking pictures. You can try different poses and expressions. Tren leaned his head on Ardin and smiled, then he looked at Ardin and bent down and kissed him. Then they both smiled. Trigorn moved around them.

"Now let's get some of you standing together."

After a minute or so, he asked, "Would you like any shots of the two of you having sex?"

Ardin grinned.


First they posed nude. Then they sucked each other and Ardin fucked Tren. He wanted a shot of him coming on Tren's face, too, so they did that.

Finally, Trigorn said, "Let's see what we've got."

Pictures of them appeared on a wall. Tren smiled. They were all fantastic! Every single one!

"How did you do it? There isn't a bad one."

"I process them as I take them, making slight alterations as I go. All of them have been modified, but they are all you."

"Yes. They don't seem artificial. You are definitely talented."

Trigorn bowed.

They ended up picking twenty pictures. Four of them were sex shots. They were all wonderful. Both Ardin and Tren were excited.

They paid, and Trigorn transferred them to the port computer and to their bank accounts.

"Would you like paper copies or statues made from the holograms?"

"How much would that be?" He showed them sizes and frames that could be used. The statue was out of their price range. They decided to have the best picture framed. They paid and left with the framed picture.

They both stared at it outside his shop. "He sure is talented. I know we spent a lot, but I am glad."

"Me, too, baby."

"When we have some more money, we should buy the rest of them."


"Let's head back to the port." Tren said.

"OK. We will have plenty of time to explore the city."

They walked back to the city tower and followed the street to the port.

"It's a beautiful day. I wonder if the weather is like this all the time."

"I guess we will find out."

"Very true."

As they were about to enter the port building, they saw Relf's ship take off. Ardin looked at Tren and saw him sigh.

He wrapped his arms around Tren and asked, "Are you all right?"

"Yes. I hope it works with Draf. I want Relf to be as happy as we are.

"I'm hungry. Do you feel like eating?"

"That sounds good."

They walked to the dining room Leta had shown them. They entered and saw there were two Aransans seated together. Neither Tren nor Ardin could tell most Aransans apart yet, these could have been Ara or Leta.

Tren and Ardin sat down. One of the Aransans got up and walked over to them.

"I am Resta. Are you the Humans everyone has been discussing?"

"Yes. My name is Ardin and this is my spouse, Tren."

"Everyone is hoping Humasem brings business to the port."

"We hope it does, too."

"We were just walking around in the city. Is it always so quiet? We hardly saw anyone."

"It is early and everyone is still working. A lot of the shops don't open until everyone gets off in the evening. The whole city gets livelier in the evenings."

"That is good to know."

"I understand the first Humasem customer is arriving tomorrow. Will you let the rest of us watch?"

Ardin laughed and he saw Tren shake his head. He said, "I think my spouse and I would like the first to be private. We have never done this before."

"I might not be able to produce it if there is a big crowd. I am already nervous about it," Tren said.

"Oh. Well, I can understand that. I have never wanted to mate in public, either. But different races have different habits. Some don't seem to mind a crowd."

Tren chuckled and the Aransan went back to his table.

"It's not the crowd that makes me nervous, it's the money at stake," Tren said.

Ardin nodded.

They ordered their food and waited for it. Leta walked in and stopped next to them.

"How are you finding everything?"

"Fine. I like it here," Tren said.

"I do, too."

"Humasem is all anyone is talking about. If it brings business, all the port employees could get raises."

"I hope it works. I really don't understand why it is worth so much money."

"I don't understand, either," Leta said. "Beings always seem to be willing to pay more for things they don't need, like jewels and art work, than things they do need, like water and food."

"That is very true."

"There are several ships due to arrive tonight and tomorrow. The port will be much busier. It has been very quiet the last two days."

"We went walking in the city and it was very quiet, too."

"During the day only the businesses are busy. At night, the restaurants and bars are busy. Most of the shops and museums don't open until later, as well."

"Maybe tomorrow we can go see some of the shops," Tren said to Ardin.

"That sounds good."

"Many shops open in the morning and then close as everyone goes to work. They reopen when people start getting off work."

"That isn't a very good system if you want to attract visitors. What would tourists do all day?"

Leta shrugged.

Their food was ready so Ardin brought it to the table.

"Do you mind if I turn on the viewer? Odd Times is on," Leta said.


"Viewer on. Odd Times," Leta said.

The viewer came on. Ardin and Tren watched while they ate. After a minute, a Stillent appeared who had a large pink feather the color of her eyes in her hair. "You are watching Odd Times. The oddest news at the oddest times. I am Selenelena Drikorsh. Today we have three stories about sex. Now, for those of you who have become unreasonably excited by the word sex, stop it! Stop it, right now!" Tren and Ardin laughed. "On the planet Caribonna, sex is only allowed one day per month, and the penalty for violating is no sex ever for the remainder of your life. Now, I wouldn't want to live there, but almost one hundred billion Caribonnans do. Horny Caribonnons, desperate Caribonnons, have come up with a solution. Each home and place of employment must have um...outlets where males can find relief. Millions and millions of holes are being drilled everywhere. Here is an example." A wall with hundreds of holes in a row near the floor was shown. "Now, I am sure you are wondering what the females do for relief. They run the government and they made the rule. Here is one of their government buildings." An office with hundreds of rounded rods of various sizes in a row on the wall appeared. "I asked the head of the Caribonnan government if she had a favorite wall penis and she said picking favorites was contrary to her style of leadership. Personally, I think she is dodging a hard question."

Leta clicked and the Humans laughed.

"Our next story is about sex on the planet Eosopha, a planet which takes great pride in its scientific and cultural achievements. The Eosophins were the third race to join the Alliance. The Kugrall dynasty has ruled all the Eosophins for over six thousand A-years and their empire consists of twelve planets. The current monarch, an Eosophin who shall be nameless, but whose real name is Targen Beyn'La has one year to produce an heir before the monarchy comes crashing to a headless end. According to their dusty old constitution which is almost five thousand years old, if the royal family doesn't produce an heir before the monarch turns fifty A-years, the house is ended and a new ruler will be picked by the very scientific means of a lottery. It is so scientific that even prisoners are eligible. We begged for an interview with the almost nameless monarch, but he had been asleep and he kicked us out of his bedroom." Ardin laughed. "On the other hand, the notorious criminal Jax Belifon-Ren, who murdered, and some claim ate dozens of Eosophins before being imprisoned, kindly consented to an interview." A very large Eosophin wearing a metal collar appeared on the screen while another Stillent asked him, "What are your plans if you win the lottery and rule the Eosophin empire?" He screamed and shrieked unintelligibly at the interviewer and Tren laughed. "Here on Odd Times, we are all busy picking lottery numbers and we suggest you do the same.

"Our next story is about a robot who fell in love with his foot, and we don't mean platonic love."

"I'm through. Are you ready to go back to our room?" Tren asked.

"Are you sure you can live without hearing about the robot's foot?"

"I'm afraid of becoming too knowledgeable."

They both laughed.

They threw the disposable dishes away and headed back to their room.

Once they were there, Tren said, "I really miss seeing you naked all day long. On Relf's ship, I got to lust after you continuously."

Ardin pulled his shirt off and kissed Tren. Tren sucked on his tongue while he felt Ardin's cock through his pants.

"I want this, Ardin. I've wanted it since the first time I saw it."

Ardin pulled the rest of his clothes off while Tren undressed. Ardin took Tren's hand and they walked to their bed. Ardin lay down and Tren got between his legs. He pulled Ardin's prick up and licked the head several times. Then he began sucking while he looked up at Ardin. Ardin smiled at him. As Tren sucked, he ran his hands over his spouse's body. After several minutes, be began sucking Ardin's balls.

"Yes, baby. That feels so good."

Tren went back to sucking Ardin's prick.

"I want to fuck you, baby. Will you let me?"

"Yes, I want your cock inside me."

Ardin pulled Tren to the top of the bed and laid him on his back. He got between his legs and pushed them back. He ate Tren's cunt until it was thoroughly wet. Then he placed his cock at his hole, spit on his cock and pushed inside.

"Yes, Ardin. I love it!"

Ardin grinned at him. He began slowly fucking him. He leaned down and kissed Tren, who wrapped his arms around Ardin's neck as they kissed. Ardin fucked him slowly for a few minutes letting them both savor the sensations.

Ardin pulled out of him, flipped Tren over, pulled his hips up, and slid back inside.

"Wee!" Tren said and they both laughed.

Tren's head was down with his cheek resting on the bed. Ardin began fucking him hard. Ardin's body pounded into Tren's as he approached him orgasm. He spit in his hand and stroked Tren's cock as he fucked him. Minutes later, Tren shouted as he came. Ardin caught some of Tren's seed in his other hand and licked it off. That and Tren's spasming hole made Ardin come and he yelled as he came in his spouse. He collapsed on his side, pulling Tren with him as his orgasm ended. He held Tren tightly in his arms.

Ardin fell asleep. His softened prick slipped out of Tren. Tren stayed awake a few minutes, completely contented.

"Lights out".

He quickly fell asleep.