Toward the Brightest Star


Book One



By Vic James




Copyright 2013 by Vic James


All Rights Reserved


Second Edition

Revised and Expanded




Tren woke hearing voices. He saw Ardin was already out of bed. Ardin saw Tren was awake.

"I found out how to have food delivered. I ordered you an omelet and coffee. It's already on the table. Are you hungry?"

"Yes. Your reading is really improving!"

"Erant, the AI helped."

Tren looked at Ardin's prick.

"That's what I want to eat."

"It will stay hot. The coffee won't."

"Good point!"

Tren got out of bed and hugged Ardin.

"I love you, Ardin."

"I love you, too, baby."

They walked to the table and sat. Tren took his cup of coffee and sipped it. He smiled at Ardin. He put the coffee down and moved his chair so that it was right next to Ardin's. Ardin loved the fact that Tren didn't want to be even a meter away from him. Tren picked up his coffee.

"I guess we get to come for our first client today."

"Yes. And earn four thousand credits."

"It doesn't seem possible. When I think of all the come I have wiped up and thrown away..."

"I know. I should have sold it!"

Tren broke the utensil off the side of the plate and tasted his omelet. It was delicious.

"Do we have to pay for food delivery?"

"I was told we don't."

While they were eating, Erant said, "Ara would like to speak to you."

"OK," Tren said.

"This is Ara. The Aldovoran ship has landed. He would like Humasem as soon as it is convenient for you."

Ardin said, "Where do we go?"

"Do you want to produce it in your room, another room at the port, or on his ship?"

Ardin looked at Tren. "Do you have a preference, Ardin?"


"We were told there are private mating chambers at the port. Would one of those work, Ara?"

"Yes. That should be fine. Call me when you are ready, and I will show you one of them."

"Thank you."

"Ara has disconnected," Erant said.

"You don't want to do it in here?" Ardin asked.

"It's a complete stranger we will never see again. It just didn't seem right."

"That's fine. I think I prefer it, too."

They finished eating.

"Ardin, I think I will bathe. I wish I knew someone who would wash my back."

"Someone as cute as me?"

"I could never find anyone that cute."

"Then I better do it."

They got up and went into the washroom. Tren used the tooth cleaner and then Ardin did. They got in the washing closet washed each other. The got out and got dressed.

"Erant, will you contact Ara?"


"He is connected."

"We are ready, I think, Ara."

"I will come to your room to get you."

"Ara has disconnected."

They sat and Tren took Ardin's hand.

"Are you nervous?"

"Yes, Ardin."

"It will be easy. We will have sex and ignore him."

"I guess you are right."

"I know a good way to relax you."

Ardin kissed him and Tren did stop worrying.

"Ara is here."

They got up and walked to the door. The door opened.

"Are you ready to make some money?"

"Yes!" Ardin said.

They followed him to the lift which they took to the ground floor.

"How did he get here so quickly, Ara?" Ardin asked.

"He was on his way here when he saw the ad. He does business here. One of his companies uses robot brains which are built here."

They walked past the main port area and entered a hallway. Ara stopped at a door which opened. There was a bed and a pool of shallow water.

"Will this be all right?"

"Yes. It's fine."

They walked into the room and Tren sat on the bed.

"I will get the Aldovoran. His name is Tegilf."

Ara left them.

Ardin grinned and climbed onto the bed. He pulled Tren to him and they kissed. Ardin took Tren's hand and placed it on his crotch. Tren rubbed Ardin's erection as they kissed.


They looked up and saw Ara and the Aldovoran.

"This is Tegilf, captain of the Incipient Star."

Tegilf was about two meters tall with short black fur covering his body. His face had a faint snout. His nose and mouth were at the end of his snout. His ears were tall and pointed and they extended to the top of his head. His eyes were black. He wore a brown vest that looked like some kind of leather and nothing else. He was obviously male, but was not erect.

"Hello, I am Tren and this is my spouse, Ardin."

"I am pleased to meet you. Which one is the male?"

"We both are."

"You both produce Humasem?"


"A Zymbil told me it was most potent if it is swallowed directly out of your penis. Do you know if that is true?"

"No. I do not know. That is how we gave it to Grev and they were pleased."

"I was not aware it affected the Grev."

"I was an ISS for a Grev until recently. I made him come twice and then he drank my Humasem. I was able to make him come four more times within an hour," Ardin said.

"That is very impressive. Was he young?"

"No. He was forty-two A-years."

"My Grev was forty-eight. He came at least six times. It was hard to keep track because they kept happening," Tren added.

"That is exactly what I want. I have three females on my ship and I hope to breed all of them. I think I have come to right place. Which one of you is the most masculine?"

"Ardin is," Tren said.

"Ardin, I want your Humasem."

"All right. Tren will you suck me?"

Ardin got undressed and Tren knelt in front of Ardin and took him into his mouth. Ardin hardened immediately. While Tren sucked him, Ardin watched Tegilf become erect and begin stroking his erection. Ardin groaned and Tegilf knelt beside Tren.

"I will do it now, Tren."

Tren stood up as Ardin began stroking his cock. Tren got behind Ardin and knelt. He pulled his cheeks apart and began licking his hole. Tegilf moved directly in front of Ardin and stuck his long tongue out. He licked the underside of Ardin's prick a few times and Ardin moaned loudly as he came. Ardin watched his come shoot into Tegilf's red tongue. When he was just about finished, he squeezed out the last of it and wiped the end of his cock on Tegilf's tongue. Tegilf closed his mouth and swallowed. Tren stood up.

"It tastes different," Tegilf said.

"Does it taste different from Aldovoran semen?"

"I assure you I have no idea!"

Oops, Tren thought.

"I will go to my ship now and wait for it to affect me."

Ara held out a pad and Tegilf pressed his hand to it and left.

Ara said to Ardin and Tren, "I didn't know it worked on the Grev."

"It seems to."

"We should run targeted ads on Gres," Ara said.

"I guess I shouldn't have asked him if it tasted like Aldovoran. He seemed angry," Tren said.

"I wondered the same thing when he said it tasted different," Ara told him. "I assumed that was what he meant. Different from what? Do not worry about it. He has to pay, regardless.

"You just earned four thousand credits. If it works on the Aldovoran, his agreement with us allows us to claim it works on Aldovorans in our ad. We need to make as much money as possible as soon as possible. Who knows how long it will be until it is synthesized? Of course, we can always claim that the real thing is more effective. It is impossible to prove it or disprove it."

Ardin put on his clothes and they went back to their room.

They sat on the sofa and kissed and cuddled for a while.

"What did you think of it?" Ardin asked.

"It wasn't the most fun I ever had. I know it's silly, but I felt he was taking something from me."

"Were you a little jealous?"


Ardin was delighted that Tren cared that much.

"Oh, baby! I don't think it's silly. I belong to you and you belong to me. If he had been taking your come, I might have felt the same way."

"There were two parts of it that I really enjoyed."

"Two? What were they?"

"Sucking you and eating your ass."

"I liked those parts best, too!"

"As a matter of fact, I would like to do those things again very soon."

"How soon?"

"Next week."

They both laughed.

Erant said, "The cleaning staff would like to schedule time to clean the room."

"Now is all right with me. What you think?"

"Now is fine," Ardin said.

"Would you like to have it cleaned every day at this time?" Erant asked.

They looked at each other and shrugged. "Sure. That's fine."

A minute later, a robot with four arms and four legs entered the room.

"You need to leave the room for ten minutes," it told them.

They left and walked around the port a few minutes and then headed back.

Ardin decided to work on his reading. Tren sat next to him.

"Sit on my lap, baby. Take your clothes off, first."

"Only if you take yours off."

They both stripped and Ardin sat down. Tren got on his lap and put an arm around Ardin. Ardin began his lesson and Tren watched Ardin for a while before following the lesson with him. They took a break for lunch. They studied the available foods and decided to try hamburgers.

"Is it meat?" Ardin asked.

"I think so. I think ham is a kind of meat."

They both enjoyed the hamburgers.

They took a nap. After they woke, Ardin began studying again.

"Ara would like to speak to you."

"All right, Erant."

"I just spoke to Tegilf and he is extremely pleased. He told me he bred each of the three females twice, which he thought was physically impossible."

"That's great."

"He says one is definitely pregnant and another may be. He is so pleased, he will let us record a testimonial by him in our ad. He told me he has contacted two friends he said have a great need of our services. They should be here in a few days. If a second female does not become pregnant, he wants more Humasem tomorrow, and he will try again."

Ardin grinned at Tren.

"That is wonderful news, Ara. I'm wondering whether I should try to be an Aide. I am supposed to begin tomorrow."

"If it was me, I wouldn't. Take advantage of the fact you don't have to spend the whole day working. Enjoy the planet and your spouse."

Tren looked at Ardin who nodded.

"OK. I will call Esta."

"I will tell her. My mate is with me now."

"Is Esta your mate?"


"Thank you," Ardin said.

"Ara has disconnected."

"Will you show me how to look at my account on the computer?" Ardin asked.

"Sure." Tren brought up the menu on the computer and found Financial Services. He had Ardin press his palm against the display. It showed he had more than sixty-eight thousand credits.

"I can't believe it. Do you know I was once thrilled when I found a two credit coin? I spent days deciding what I would buy with it. Ever since I met you, Tren, my life just gets better and better."

Tren hugged him.

Later in the day, Ara called.

"Tegilf confirmed that only one female is pregnant. He wants to see you tomorrow for two doses."


"Yes. One from each of you. He thinks he may be able to get the other two pregnant with two doses."

"He must have a lot of money."

"Have you seen his ship?"


"He has a lot of money. His personal ship is bigger than some cruise ships. He has over fifty crew members. He and his females are the only passengers."


"Why does he need us to get them pregnant?"

"I don't know. Maybe he's old. Maybe his religion says he can't use technology to reproduce. I doubt he would appreciate any of us asking. But whatever it is, it's good for us.

"Let's plan on doing it the same time tomorrow as we did today."

"All right."

"Ara has disconnected."

Tren rubbed one of Ardin's nipples and then squeezed a bicep.

"I love your muscles, Ardin."

"That reminds me. Living like this, they will all disappear. Let's see if any exercise equipment is available."

"Would you get hot and sweaty exercising?"

Ardin smirked at Tren and said, "Absolutely."

"Let's hurry!"

They both laughed.

There was a lot of very strange equipment available. They found something that should work and ordered it.

They sat back down.

"I hope there aren't so many Humasem buyers that it interferes with our sex life. If we have just two customers a day, each, that could happen. How do you feel about it?" Ardin asked.

"I don't know. I am still bothered about this morning. I didn't like him touching you. I don't think I will like it any better tomorrow."

Ardin wondered whether it would bother him if someone touched Tren. He knew it would if it was Relf. That was his big fear. That Relf would come and take Tren away from him. He thought that if he didn't have to worry about losing Tren, it wouldn't bother him. He knew Tren loved him. It was just sex.

They made love again. Then Ardin returned to his studies, while Tren sat on his lap and caressed him.

The next morning, Ara called and said Tegilf was ready. They headed for the same mating chamber they used the day before.

"Why don't we kiss while we beat off into his mouth?"

"That's fine with me."

They pulled their shorts off. Ardin took Tren in his arms and they kissed.

The door opened and Ara and Tegilf entered.

"Hello, young lovers!" Tegilf said.

Ardin decided not to correct him. Tegilf was half-correct, anyway.

"Did you tell them?" he asked Ara.

"Tell us what?"

"One of my females is pregnant! I have been trying for fourteen A-years!"

"Congratulations, sir." Ardin said.

"I owe it all to you. If I succeed in getting the other two pregnant, I plan to give you a sizable bonus."

"Thank you." Tren said.

He felt better about the whole thing. Not because of the bonus, but because they had helped Tegilf have children. His jealousy seemed selfish and stupid when Tegilf was only trying to have kids. Besides, he and Ardin would probably never have kids, this was nice.

"We thought we would stroke ourselves into your mouth."

"Whatever you think is best."

They stood and kissed while Tegilf kneeled. He opened his mouth and they stroked themselves. He began licking the underside of Tren's cock, and before long, Tren groaned as he came. Tegilf squeezed the last of it out of his prick and licked the end. He swallowed his come and began licking Ardin's cock. Tren ran his hands over Ardin's body while they kissed. When he pinched one of his nipples, Ardin came. Telgif swallowed and stood up.

"Thank you, gentle beings."

"You are welcome," Tren told him.

Tegilf pressed his hand on Ara's pad and left.

"I would say that so far this is a splendid success. The two of you made eight thousand credits in six minutes."


"I think we can count on many more customers. I did some research on Tegilf. He is a very influential person, and not only on his home world," Ara told them. "He owns twenty percent of Imperial Robotics. His personal fortune is estimated to be in the trillions."

"Wow, again!"

"A trillionaire just licked my cock!" Ardin said.

"And gobbled down our spunk!"

Tren and Ardin headed back to their room.

"Did it bother you again, Tren?"

"No. When I realized he was just trying to have kids, it seemed silly to be jealous."

"I'm glad you aren't upset. You know, in a way, those will be our kids. It is our spunk that is causing them to be born."

"I thought of that. I like the idea."



"Do you want to walk around the city?"

"That sounds good."

They walked around the shops this time. Tren went into what he thought was a florist. There were all kinds of flowers he had never seen before. When he saw an Aransan customer buy some and begin eating them, he realized it was a grocer. He chuckled.

They stopped in front a shop called Destinations. It was in a particularly beautiful building. A robot that looked like an Aransan, but with a polished silver surface, left the shop and spoke to them.

"Greetings, Humans. I am Escalent, the owner of Destinations. You have traveled far to reach Aransas. Would you like help choosing your next great adventure?"

"No. I think we plan to stay here. I have had enough travelling, for now," Tren said.

"If you change your mind, I can help."

"Thank you," They kept walking.

They decided to have lunch in the city, so they walked over to the restaurant area near the city tower. All of the restaurants were vegetarian and the owners didn't know whether the food was safe for Humans. When Tren asked one if they had synthetic food, the owner was terribly insulted.

"This is a restaurant! We prepare food, we do not push buttons!"

They headed to a bar instead.

A robot asked them what they wanted to drink.

"I would like Humasem."

Ardin grinned at him.

The robot paused, and then asked, "Is this one with you Human?"


"You can get Humasem from him."

"What a wonderful idea! Isn't that a great idea, Ardin."

"Yes. I think it is. But first, we would like two gris-greshes."

"I will bring them shortly."

After they both had drunk too much, they walked back to the port.

They took a nap and woke sober. They bathed and Ardin had started back into his studies when Ara called.

"I have very, very good news for the two of you. Tegilf has confirmed that his other two females are pregnant. He has given you each seven hundred thousand credits as a bonus. I told you he was wealthy. Your contract with the port allows you to keep one hundred percent of any tips or bonuses. You are now wealthy persons and we are just getting started!"

Tren looked at Ardin with wide eyes. Ardin grinned at him.

"I will let you know when we get our next client. According to Tegilf, we can expect one who is wealthy enough to make Tegilf look poor. I have no idea who he means and he wouldn't say any more."

"Ara has disconnected."

"You only love me for my money," Tren said to Ardin.

They both laughed.

Tren thought about his mother's dream. She was right!

"A few years ago, my mother had a dream that I would become wealthy. She sometimes has dreams which come true. She can tell when she has true dreams, and this was one of them."

"That is amazing. Did she tell you that you would have an incredible spouse?"

Tren laughed.

"No, but she told me my second spouse would make me much happier than my first."

"Oh. You married Relf, did you?"

Tren laughed.

"And that my seventy-third husband would make me happiest."

"Oh." Ardin nodded. "That makes sense. I'm glad you didn't give up after seventy husbands."

"Me, too!

"My stepfather told me that wealth could be measured in many ways."

"Money is a good way."

Tren laughed.

"Yes, it's my favorite way to measure it!"

"Let's look at our accounts! Erant, will you display them?" They stared at their balances, disbelieving.

Erant said, "Odd Times is about to start. Ardin, you asked me to alert you."


They sat and waited for it

"You are watching Odd Times. The oddest news at the oddest times. I am Selenelena Drikorsh. Today on Odd Times we bring you stories about eating. First, we will tell you about the Festival of Food on Nestor. That sounds nice, right? Oh, a festival with snacks and pretty lights, you say. But this is Nestor. Nestor, if you are not aware of it, parties like no one else. Fortunately! Now, this portion of the program is disturbing, so children and basically anyone who doesn't want nightmares might want to skip it." She sighed. "Sadly, I am not being melodramatic. Sometimes the oddest things are not pleasant. They can be horrific.

"Once a year, a group of four hundred very young Nestorians are selected at random. Four hundred adult Nestorians are selected as well. These beings are the guests of honor at the celebration. Isn't that nice? NO! IT ISN'T! Here they are. Look! It's a parade! Look at all the lights! See the happy beings!" A scene showed a group of little Nestors running from big ones. The next scene showed a big one with half of a little one extending out of its mouth. The next scene showed a bunch of big ones with bulging, wriggling insides. There were spectators and they were cheering. The next scene showed only big Nestors. All the little ones were gone. Tren's mouth was open and tears ran down his face.

"I don't think I am going to watch this show anymore," Tren said to Ardin.

Selenelena continued. "We are the first Alliance video group allowed to film this. We asked one of the ones who had just...eaten to explain."

The Nestor, whose insides were still wiggling, said, in a sibilant voice, "It's a celebration of our heritage. Unlike so many races, we do not believe in being overly sentimental with our young. At one time, we as a race only survived by eating each other. We don't have to do it anymore, but we don't want to forget."

Selenelena said to the camera, "Isn't that a good reason? Who would want to forget something like that? ME!

"Our next story takes us to Trevia. On Trevia, only the poor are allowed to eat, and it is only the extremely unlucky who become wealthy. This hungry looking Trevian used to be poor and happy." The video showed a Trevian, who looked a little like a Human with scales and an alligator snout. "On Trevia, the way the game is played, you give money away as soon as you get it. Nasty stuff, money. I WANT IT! GIVE IT TO ME! Anyway, this poor Trevian received money from six different Trevians on the same day. Each day, those who have enough money to be wealthy at the official time, get branded WEALTHY. And that is not good. No, not good at all. This Trevian didn't have time to give it all away in time. You can't just give it all to someone else. There is a maximum amount you can give one individual. And this Trevian didn't have time. His spouse was giving birth to their first child. What happens to the wealthy, you wonder? The wealthy are locked up and not fed. The Trevians, who love this system, by the way, allowed us to film this Trevian's trip to starvation. We have time-lapsed video of him starving to death, sped up, for your amusement. I don't feel particularly amusing today; I'm still mad enough to spit about the Nestors, so I'm not going to show it to you. Beg all you like! Now, I can hear you asking each other: Why are Trevians so stupid? I don't know, so I asked them." The video showed Selenelena interviewing to a Trevian. "Why do you have this stupid system?"

"It makes perfect sense to us. Money is the root of all problems. Only by divesting ourselves of worldly goods can we be happy."

"That doesn't make any sense. You do realize that you are the only race of beings with this stupid system. Everyone else manages to be happy AND eat. Some are even wealthy AND eat."

"You look wealthy to me. I don't trust you."

"I couldn't possibly be wealthy. I'm happy. Wouldn't that be impossible?"

The Trevian thought about this. "Yes, theoretically."

"I own seven homes and have three husbands. I have my own spaceship and two planets have been named after me, although I am a little irritated that they chose small planets."

"You are wealthy!"

"No! I'm happy! I can't possibly be wealthy!"

Ardin laughed.

"You must leave our planet before you contaminate us with your alien ways."

"That's a good idea! Bye!"

Ardin and Tren laughed.

"Now as many of you know, because you live right next to them, Nestor is not a member of the Alliance. Those Alliance spoil sports say that if you eat your children, you can't join. Trevia is also ineligible because they deliberately starve about seven percent of their population a year when they have plenty of food. But on Alliance worlds, food is also hot topic.

"This is the three hundred year anniversary of the food synthesizer. When they were first announced, they were seen as the cure to starvation for poor peoples of the galaxy. Eventually, they became the preferred source of food for trillions of beings. They also became the enemy of everyone involved in the food industry. Who needs farms? Who needs grocers? Who needs restaurants, or cooks? Those things and people still exist, must exist, but it is a dying art.

"In honor of the anniversary, we asked some people what they thought."

The video showed Selenelena speaking to a Nargot. Tren smiled, thinking of his mother and Trig on Nargo.

"I understand you own a restaurant."

"Yes. The Happy Virgin."

"Really? I wasn't happy until I wasn't. But I am getting people's opinions about food synthesizers."

The Nargot shook and said, "It's crap! And I don't mean that figuratively. It is crap. You eat, you crap, you eat it again. Over and over. What kind of system is that?"

"Ninety four percent efficient?"

"Drinking your own urine is just as efficient, but who wants to do it?"

"Most beings would die if that was all they drank."

"That is my point!"

"Thank you. Our devious camera person filmed the inside of your kitchen. What is this?"

Selenelena showed a photo and pointed at what looked like a food synthesizer. The camera zoomed in on it and a label said, 'Central Foods Synthesizer'. The Nargot turned around and walked away without answering.

The next interview was with a Mordene. The Mordene looked a little like a like an Aransan. It didn't have a segmented body and it was dark red.

"I am interviewing people about food synthesizers. What do you think about them?"

"I don't use them. I could end up eating the crap of a carnivore. Why would I want to do that?"

"I'm not sure. You believe it wouldn't be vegetarian?"

"Exactly. I don't mind eating my own crap. It is decent crap. Wholesome. But you never know whose crap you are eating. I am trying to get a law passed that will require carnivores to use different toilets. Let them eat their nasty crap."

"Good luck with that."

"Well, beings. You get to decide for yourself."

Tren began running his hands over his hairy lover. Then he climbed on Ardin's lap, facing him and they kissed. Ardin pushed a finger into him and Tren smiled at him. Tren stroked his bearded cheek. "You are so beautiful, Ardin. The most beautiful person I have ever seen." Ardin pulled his head to his and they kissed again.

"Suck my cock, Tren. Get yourself a mouthful of seven hundred thousand credit come."

Tren did just that.

He woke the next day to the sound of voices. Ardin walked over to the bed carrying food.

"I let you sleep. Breakfast just arrived. Are you ready to get up? If not, sleep. There's nothing we need to do today."

Tren smiled at him.

"I'm ready. I'm starving!"

"Me, too."

Tren got out of bed and followed Ardin and the food. Ardin put the food down on the table and then he pulled Tren into his arms.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you, too."

They kissed and then sat and ate.

"What do you want to do today?"

"I want to get my cock inside you as many times as possible."

"You know, that sounds like a perfect day!"

"I agree!"

They had no customers, so they spent the day together in their room. They ordered things they never heard of for lunch and they both enjoyed their meals.

Tren made Ardin come five times and Ardin made Tren come six times.

The next morning, Ara called. "We have two customers today. One is already at the port and the other is landing in a few hours."

"Do you want to do it after breakfast?" Ardin asked him.

"I...I think I want you to fuck me while I give them my come. Will that be all right with you?"

"Sure. I love the idea."

"Ara, will you tell him we will meet him in the mating chamber in thirty minutes?"

"Yes. I will see you there."

"Ara has disconnected."

"If you would like, we can do it this way all the time."

"I think I would, but let's see how it goes."

"To be honest, Tren, it makes me very happy that you feel jealous. It shows me I am important to you."

"You are important."

"To you. Only to you. But what I mean is, if this makes it more comfortable for you, I really want to help. I don't want you to be unhappy for any reason."

Tren smiled at him.

"I love you!"

"I love you. And I am so lucky you love me."

After a few minutes, Ardin asked, "Where are they all coming from?"

"Leta said it was going to get busy at the port. That was before the Humasem. I guess they are more people who were coming here anyway. Maybe people who fly on space ships. Oh, never mind."


"I was going to say maybe people who fly on space ships are wealthy, but I guess that is obvious."

"It's just as new to me, too."

They finished eating and Erant told them they needed to leave to get there on time. They both put on a pair of shorts and headed to the mating chamber.

They were there only a couple of minutes before Ara came in with a Human! He was pushing a cart with a machine on it.

"Tren, Ardin, this is Archie Peterson."

He held out his hand and Ardin shook it, and then Tren did.

"Why do you need Humasem? You are Human!"

"I'm from Oz. We don't produce it."

Ardin looked at Tren who shrugged. Tren looked at Archie. He was tall and bearded. Tren thought he was attractive. Not anywhere near as attractive as Ardin, though. Tren wondered why Archie wanted it, but it really wasn't his business if he was selling it.

"I have a business proposition for you. I want to figure out a way to synthesize and market your Humasem. I want to use your images to as part of the marketing. I thought we might call it 'The Lovers Elixir Containing Humasem'. You men are both very attractive. I think you can sell it.

"What do we do?"

"You get some of your spunk in this machine." Archie pulled out two plas containers from his pocket. "Then I analyze it. No one has been able to synthesize it, which is very strange, but I have a couple of ideas why. If you are interested, I need you to agree not to discuss what I am about to say. Will you agree not to discuss it with anyone?"

Tren looked at Ardin who shrugged.

"I agree."

"I agree, too."

"Agreement recorded before witnesses," the AI said.

"Either the chemical breaks down very quickly, or it is something other than the semen which causes the effect."

"How could that be?"

"It could be a gas that is produced briefly during ejaculation or by the semen."

"Anyway, I think we may be able to do it. This machine will analyze it immediately, hopefully before any chemical changes can occur, and it will also analyze any gases"

"Will we be paid?"

"Oh, yes. I think ten percent of the sales," Archie said.

Tren thought about that. Their share didn't seem nearly high enough. They were providing the product, and Archie was getting ninety percent!

"No. That's not enough money," Tren said.

"What about fifteen?"

"What about fifty?" Tren replied.

Ardin chuckled.

"There are a lot of expenses that I will be paying, including some to this port. You won't have to do a thing!"

"Maybe forty."

"Twenty percent is as high as I will go."

"I'm sorry Archie. It would hurt our business here and we get eighty percent plus salary."

Archie sighed. "Twenty five and that is it!"

"Is that OK with you, Ardin?"

"Yes, Tren."

"We will do it," Tren said.

Archie smiled.

The AI said, "The contract is recorded before witnesses."

Tren sucked Ardin's cock and Ardin pulled out in time to shoot some into the machine where Archie pointed. The lid closed automatically. Then Ardin ate Tren's cunt while Archie began sucking Tren. Tren was amazed. Archie was an expert cocksucker. His tongue was massaging Tren's balls while his throat was massaging the head of his cock.

When he was ready to come, he pulled his cock out of Archie's mouth and came in the place Archie pointed. Archie squeezed the last drops out of Tren's cock and licked them off it. Then he stood up.

"I will be in touch," Archie said before he walked out of the room.

"Did it bother you that Archie sucked me?"

Ardin realized it didn't.

"Tren, I want you to be happy more than anything. If you are happy, so am I."

Tren wrapped his arms around him and they kissed. Afterwards, Ardin said, "I have been an ISS almost my whole life. Until I met you, I never had any choice about who had sex with me. I'm used to not worrying about it. I don't want you to think that because I'm not jealous, that I don't love you very much. The way I see it, you and I make love. Sex with others is just sex. If you wanted to suck Archie, I would let you and I don't think it would bother me. You make it very plain how much you love me. I want you to be happy."

They kissed.

Ardin stroked Tren's cheek.

"You belong to me no matter who you have sex with."

"I know I do. I feel incredibly lucky about that."



"Do you want to go walking around the city?"


They left. They finally had money to spare, so they stopped at Trigorn's and bought the rest of the pictures he had taken of them. They were sitting at their favorite bar getting intoxicated when they saw a Gorg walking along the street.

"He's gorgeous," Tren said. The Gorg looked very much like the one Tren had seen and fantasized about for months. The Gorg was over two meters tall and about a meter wide, all muscle. His arms were bigger around than Tren's legs. Once again, Tren was reminded of their similarities to gorillas, or maybe gorillas' resemblance to Gorgs. Gorgs' eyes were further apart and their fur was shorter. This Gorg had dark brown fur. He was wearing a pair of very loose, low-waisted black pants and nothing else.

"Excuse me, Noble Gorg," Ardin said, waving.

He walked over to them and said, "Yes?"

"My mate here loves pricks and I told him what wonderful ones Gorgs have. Is that not true?" Ardin asked.

The Gorg turned to Tren and said, "It is absolutely true. Would you like to see a splendid example of one?"

Tren laughed and said, "Yes. I would."

The Gorg pushed his pants down and stepped out of them. He grabbed his cock. It stiffened and he placed it on the table.

"Oh, my! That is really big! And you have a foreskin!" The Gorg grinned at his admirer. "How big is it?"

"Well over a third of a meter. You may touch it, if you wish."

Tren took it in his hands and the Gorg moaned. It was light brown and had prominent veins running along its length. Tren petted it for a while. They he wrapped his hands around it and pulled the foreskin slowly back, revealing a shiny slick head that was a pinkish brown. The Gorg let out a long moan.

"Do you like it, little Human?"

"Yes, it's a real beauty."

"Beauty is meant to be appreciated and shared."

The Gorg moved next to Tren and rubbed the end of his cock over Tren's lips. Tren licked at it and Ardin got up and wrapped his hands around it. Tren saw the Gorg's hairless balls hung down quite a ways. He felt them, gently, making the Gorg tremble. Each ball looked as big as Tren's fist.

"I had a lover who was a Gorg. We spent all day enjoying each other's cocks," Ardin told him.

"Ah, bliss!"

Ardin began stroking the shaft while Tren sucked on about a third of it and held the Gorg's heavy balls in one hand.

"Tren, Gorg come is very tasty. He may let you have some."

"Absolutely. I would love to fill your mate with my seed. My balls are very full."

Tren continued sucking on the head of the Gorg's prick. The Gorg moaned and groaned.

"Yes, suck! Make me come!"

The Gorg's legs began trembling as his orgasm drew near. Finally, he screamed "Ya hee!" as jets of come shot into Tren's mouth. Tren felt the Gorg's balls recoiling with each shot. Tren swallowed as much as he could, but a lot of it ran down his chest. When he had finished, he sat on the bench with them.

"That was fun!" the Gorg said.

Ardin and Tren laughed.

"My name is Aligaron. My friends call me Ali."

"I'm Ardin and my mate is Tren."

"Are you visiting Aransas?" Tren asked.

"I am here on business. I will be here several months.

"I must thank the two of you. The Aransans are fine people, but we are not sexually compatible."


"I was getting very tired of my own hand."

"I know what that's like," Tren said.

"Do you mind if I join you for a drink?"

Tren looked at Ardin who nodded.

"That's fine."

Ali called the robot waiter over and ordered drinks for all of them. He drank his in one gulp and immediately ordered two more.

Ardin pulled Tren against him. Tren turned his head back and they kissed. Then Ardin ran his hands over Tren's chest, rubbing Ali's come into his skin. Both of them were only wearing shorts.

"Take your shorts off. I want Ali to see how beautiful you are."

Tren stood up and pulled them down. Ardin stood and pulled his off, too. Then Tren sat and leaned back against Ardin. Ardin reached around him and stroked Tren's cock while he pulled on one of Tren's nipples.

Ali stared at Tren. He leaned forward and licked Tren's erection.

"You are very beautiful, Tren."

Tren looked at Ali's prick, which was stiff and dripping. His large balls rested on the bench. Tren reached out and wiped some of the drool from it. He licked it off his fingers. Ali moaned. Tren leaned forward and slid his hand under Ali's balls and lifted.

"They're so heavy."

"They are still full, Tren. Do you like them?"

"I love them!"

Ali laughed at Tren's enthusiasm. Tren ran his hands over Ali's hairy arms and legs. Ali moved closer to him. His whole body, except for his face, was covered with hair. The hair on his arms and legs was much longer than the hair on his chest. Tren felt one of Ali's muscular biceps. Then he felt the muscles on his chest.

"Do either of you enjoy being fucked?

"I do," Tren said.

"Would you allow me to fuck you, Tren?"

"Your cock is big. I think it would be painful."

"I can get relaxant to loosen you. Would you let me then?"

Tren turned around and looked at Ardin. Ardin smiled at him.

"You told me you fantasized about a Gorg. If you think you would enjoy it, it is fine with me. I invited him over because I thought you might like to live out your fantasy."

"Yes, Ali. You can fuck me."

"I will get the relaxant and return very soon. Please do not leave!"

"We won't," Ardin said.

Ali got up, put his pants back on and ran off.

"I think he is in a hurry!"

"Ardin, are you sure you don't mind?"

"No. If it is just sex, it doesn't bother me. Romancing you is completely different. You can only have one lover: me. You are mine!"

"Yes, I am, my love."

Ardin hugged him.

"Did you like his come?"

"Yes, it was very tasty."

"I always thought so. Eritus gave me as much as I wanted."

Tren faced Ardin and they kissed. While they kissed, Tren wrapped his hand around Ardin's cock and stroked it.

Tren looked around and realized several beings were sitting in the bar watching them. He supposed they would get free drinks for this. They certainly didn't need free drinks; they had a lot of money.

Ali came running back and smiled when he saw them.

"I was worried you would leave, head back to your own planet."

"No. Besides, we live at the port."

"Really? You are residents here?"

"Yes. We work at the port."

"I am staying there. Maybe we can get together"

Tren laughed.

"I think I know what Tren wants to eat," Ardin said.

They all laughed.

"That would be nice," Tren said.

"Lie down on the bench," Ardin told Tren.

Ardin straddled Tren, facing Ali. He pulled up Tren's legs.

Tren leaned up and pushed his face between Ardin's cheeks. Ardin lowered himself and Tren began eating Ardin's ass. Ali leaned over to watch.

"I wish my mate would do that to me," Ali said to Ardin.

"Not everyone can have a perfect mate," Ardin said, grinning.

Ali put some relaxant on a little finger and pushed it into Tren. He watched his hole dilate. He then took some lubricant he had brought and rubbed it on his prick. Ardin took his prick and guided it to Tren's hole. Ali groaned as he slid into him. Ardin saw several spectators get up and walk over to watch. Ardin stroked his cock as he watched Ali fuck his spouse. Ali fucked him slowly and moaned at each stroke. He thought his prick might be too long to bury fully, so he began pushing only about half of it in on each stroke. As he fucked him, he gradually pushed more and more until he was burying most of each with each thrust. One of the spectators was an Aldovoran like Tegilf. He pulled his prick out and began stroking it as he watched.

"Are you here with Telgilf? Ardin asked him."

"Yes, I am a crew member. Are you the Humans of whom he speaks?"


"Are you giving Humasem away?"

"No. Ali is giving us his."

"That is correct. I will be giving more to this beauty I am fucking very soon."

Ali could smell his spunk all over another male's mate and it made his prick harder than he ever remembered it being.

"Are you sure you won't give any away? I can't afford it and I would love to see what it is like," the Aldovoran said.

"No. Only my mate gets it for free," Ardin said. "How would Tegilf feel if we gave it to you for free when he had to pay?"

"What is Humasem?" Ali asked.

"It is a name for our come. It makes some beings extremely aroused," Ardin told him.

"That is an understatement. Tegilf was like a madman. He fucked non-stop for hours! And he has not been young for decades. He got three of his girlfriends pregnant in two days, and he has been trying to have children for many years."

Ardin looked at Ali and said, "In other words, he began acting like a Gorg."

Ali laughed loudly.

Ali approached his orgasm. He sped up his thrusts and then screamed, "Ya hee!" as he ejaculated into the Human. He left his prick inside Tren. He was still hard and he hoped he would be able to fuck him at least one more time.

Ardin moved off Tren and sat on the bench. Ali reached down and pulled Tren to him. He wrapped his arms tightly around Tren and held him to his chest.

The whole encounter had powerfully reminded Tren of Relf, the muscle relaxant, the huge cock, and the fur against his skin. It was starting to feel really nice and really weird.

Ardin watched Ali become way too romantic with Tren.

"That is enough cuddling with my mate."

Ali let Tren down onto the bench again.

"I am sorry."

Ali pulled slowly out of Tren and watched his come drain out of Tren's still open hole.

Tren sat up and looked at Ardin. He smiled at Ardin who smiled back and then hugged him.

"I want to thank both of you," Ali said.

He sat back down and Tren leaned back against Ardin. Ardin ran his hands over Tren.

"You are still hard!" Tren said to Ali.

"Tren, Gorgs can come many times a day. I could make Eritus come eleven times a day."

Tren leaned forward and took Ali's cock in his hands. He began stroking it. Ali stood and then leaned back against the table. Tren moved between his legs. He stroked the shaft with his hands. While he stroked it, Ardin got off the bench and began sucking Tren. Tren felt the veins on Ali's prick. Then he pulled his balls up and licked them for a bit. Tren wiped the end of Ali's cock with a napkin. Then he pushed his tongue in the slit at the end while he stroked. Ali screamed, "Ya hee!" and his come shot out of his prick. Tren swallowed some and then pointed the prick at his chest. Ali groaned as he watched the Human trying to cover himself with his spunk. Ali's spurts slowed as his come ran down Tren's chest and belly to his prick, which Ardin was still sucking. Tren moaned and then came himself. Ardin swallowed every drop.

"I am afraid I must leave. I have a very boring appointment I cannot miss. I wish we could continue. I will be free later."

"Bye," Tren said.

Ardin nodded at him.

Ardin sat next to Tren and held him.

"Are you all right?" he asked Tren.

"I'm fine."

"Was it better than a garda root?" Ardin asked with a grin.

"Definitely. The root hurt! Now I think I was an idiot not to say anything to that Gorg on Nargo. If I had told him I liked his cock, we could have had sex, sex, and more sex!"

"And then sex! But I'm glad you didn't. He might have convinced you to marry him. He would have been a fool not to want to marry you."

"If I had the two of you side-by-side, I would pick you."

"Are you sure?"


Tren asked, "Would you mind sitting on the table?"

Ardin grinned and did it. Tren sat and pulled the bench closer. He took Ardin's balls in his mouth and began sucking them while he stroked Ardin's cock. Ardin sighed and smiled at the spectators. After a couple of minutes, Tren took his cock in his mouth and began blowing him. He tried to do to Ardin what Archie had done to him, but it wasn't easy.

"Are you going to come in his mouth?" the Aldovoran asked.


"You have a nice prick," Ardin said to him.

"Thank you. Do you think your mate would like to suck it?"

"You would have to ask him...when he is done."

Tren began pulling on Ardin's balls. Ardin groaned as his come spurted into Tren's mouth. Tren kept sucking until Ardin softened.

"Does your come make him crazy?" the Aldovoran asked Ardin.

"No. It doesn't affect us as strongly as it does some other races."

Tren wiped his mouth and said, "Let's go back to the port."

Several spectators, including the Aldovoran moaned and Ardin and Tren laughed. Ardin took Tren's hand and they walked back home.

When they got back to the port, Ara contacted them.

"The other customer is ready and is already in the mating chamber."

They walked to it and found a Jessit waiting for them. He was very tall. Tren guessed maybe three meters tall and thin, which gave him a fragile appearance despite his size. He had pale blue-green skin and long arms which reached his knees. His hands were enormous, as well, with four fingers and thumbs on each side of them. He had large, round, light blue eyes and two slits for nostrils. Jessits do not have necks or chins. He was wearing loose dark green pants.

Ara walked into the room.

"This is Captain Eridis of the Diamond Point."

The captain nodded his head at them.

The Humans looked up at him and Tren said, "I am Tren, and this is my spouse, Ardin."

The captain nodded again.

"I have heard of Humasem and would like to know if it affects the Jessitil. The port employee has already pointed out that you have had no Jessitil clients. That is fine with me. It will be a story to retell either way: the time I wasted five thousand credits eating and possibly getting sick from Human spunk, or an incredible sexual experience, if it causes that."

Both Humans nodded.

"How would you like to get it?" Ardin asked him.

"The traditional way to eat spunk is universal. It won't be the first prick I've sucked."

Tren laughed, "But how do we get my prick up to your mouth?"

"I will lie on the bed."

He lay down on his back with his legs hanging off the end of the bed. Tren pulled down his shorts, climbed over him, and straddled him. Arden got behind Tren. The Jessit was so narrow that it wasn't hard to straddle him.

Ardin whispered in Tren's ear, "I am going to eat your cunt and then fuck the come out of you."

Tren chuckled nervously. Ardin got behind him and pulled Tren's shorts down. He pressed his face into his crack and began eating his cunt. He could taste Ali's come in him and he remembered Eritus. Tren closed his eyes and began stroking himself. He had come several times that day and he was relieved to find Ardin was making him very hard. He supposed it was partly due to eating Ardin's Humasem at the bar in the city.

Ardin pulled away, spit on his cock and pushed it into Tren. He was still loose from Ali's muscle relaxant, but this was about stimulating Tren. He began fucking him slowly while he pulled on Tren's nipples. Tren was still stroking himself when the Jessit brushed his hand away. He swallowed Tren's prick and began sucking it. Eridis made sounds like he was enjoying it. Tren closed his eyes and imagined it was Ardin sucking him. Ardin reached down and tugged hard on Tren's balls and at the same time, he bit Tren's ear lobe. Tren moaned and ejaculated into the captain's mouth.

He pulled his softening prick out of Eridis's mouth and Ardin pulled out of him. They both got of the bed, and then the captain got up.

"I will return to my ship. I promised to let the port know what affect it has on me."

"Thank you. I hope you are pleased," Ardin said.

After he left, Ara said, "Congratulations. Two customers in one day!"

He left and they followed him.

"Let's eat."

"All right."

After they ate, Tren asked, "Why don't we explore the port? I still only know this section."

"I want to study. I really want to finish this course. Next to you, the thing I want most is to be able to read anything. I know it's boring for you to watch me, though. Why don't you go by yourself?"

Tren thought about it. It was boring watching him study. "I won't go too far. I'll be back in an hour or so." He kissed Ardin and left.

He walked around and found the billing office, which is where the Aransan they had met in a bar worked. He saw Leta and stopped to say hello. He walked towards the mating chamber they used. There were many doors he passed that he knew nothing about. He wondered if there was an AI overseeing this part of the port. He decided to check.

"What are these rooms?" he asked.

There was an AI. It said, "These are overnight rooms for temporary guests as well as rooms for contract workers.

"Is Aligaron one of them?"

"Yes. His room is six back."

Tren walked back and asked, "This one?"




The door opened and Ali was there. He was naked. Tren looked at his cock and watched it become erect.

"Tren! What a wonderful surprise. Where is Ardin?"

"He is in our room."

"Did you come to see me, or are you heading somewhere?"

"I was just wandering around."

Ali grinned.

"I was just stroking myself thinking of you."

Ali watched Tren look at his cock and then lick his lips.

"Would you like to come in for a moment?"

"All right."

Tren walked in and Ali asked him, "Would you like a drink?"


Ali walked to a small kitchen and got a drink from the food synthesizer.

"This is what you were drinking at the bar. Is it all right?"

"Yes, that's fine."

Tren drank a sip and looked around the room. Then he looked at Ali who was running a finger along his very erect prick. Tren couldn't take his eyes off it.

"You enjoyed what we did in the bar."

Ali pulled his foreskin back slowly. He saw that Tren's eyes never left his prick.


Tren watched Ali's cock begin drooling. He wanted to lick it.

"I should go."

He afraid he would make Ardin unhappy.

"Tren, we just had sex three times while your mate encouraged it. He asked me to feed you my come. He told you to undress for me. When I wanted to fuck you, he pulled your legs up and held my prick in position as I slid into you. Why are you so nervous? I think if your mate was here he would ask me to feed you more of my come. What do you think?"

Tren thought. That was true. Ali sat next to Tren and put his arm around him. Tren leaned against him.

"Your fur feels good," Tren told him.

He stroked the long hair on Ali's arm. Ali pulled him a little closer. Tren looked down at the stiff cock rising out of the dense hair at its base. He liked the way Ali smelled, also. Spicy. Tren reached over and ran his hand over Ali's muscular chest. He felt Ali's nipples harden and then he sucked one of them. Ali couldn't believe how much this Human lusted after him. No one had ever wanted him as badly.

"Do you like my body?"

"Yes, Ali. You are beautiful."

"Would you like to explore it? I would enjoy that."

"Yes, I would."

Ali got up and walked over to his bed. He lay down on it and Tren got on it. He ran his hands over the thick hair on Ali's muscular legs. He could feel every muscle. He felt Ali's chest. The hair on his chest was shorter, but it completely covered it. Then he felt his arms and the muscles under the thick hair. Tren pressed his face in Ali's groin and sniffed. Ali moaned.

"Do you like the way I smell, Tren?"

"Yes, Ali. Very much."

"You smell wonderful, too. I can smell my spunk on your breath and on your skin."

He sat up and pulled Tren up next to him.

"We are sex friends. That is a normal part of Gorg society."

He rubbed one of Tren's nipples.

"Does that make you want to visit our planet?"

Tren chuckled, "Yes."

"I would love to introduce you to some of my friends. Wouldn't you have fun with five or six of us at one time?"

Ali waved his prick. Tren moaned and Ali laughed.

"You could have a line of Gorgs waiting to fuck and feed you. Each would want to come five or six times, at least! You probably think I am kidding, but I'm not. My friends would love you. You are so enthusiastic about pricks.

"Do you like the way I taste, Tren?"


"Did you like the way my come tastes."

"Yes, very much."

"That's good. Very good."

Tren felt one of Ali's biceps.

"They are huge! How do you get them that big?"

"I do exercises here in the room. I would prefer to get my exercise during sex. Maybe you would let me lift you up and down on my cock for an hour or two."

Tren moaned and Ali smiled.

Ali wiped some of his juice from his prick with a finger. Tren took his finger and licked it off. He squeezed more from his prick and gave it to Tren.

"This is nice, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

"Tren, you are the only being on Aransas who wants my prick and what's in my balls. If you don't take it, no one will. If you like my spunk, it is a shame for me to discard it. My prick is yours, Tren. Use it and enjoy it."

Tren got between his legs. He picked up Ali's balls and licked them. They were too large to fit in his mouth and they were very heavy. It was no wonder they hung so low. Tren lapped at the underside of the head, and felt and tasted Ali's ooze running down his tongue. After a couple of minutes, he took the head in his mouth and stroked the shaft. No more than two minutes later, Ali screamed, "Ya hee!" again and ejaculated into Tren's mouth. Tren gulped it all down. Ali's prick didn't soften, so Tren continued sucking. He tried to get more of the cock in his mouth. He sped up his strokes with his hands, and a few minutes later, Ali screamed and spurted again into Tren's mouth. His cock was still hard!

"Does it ever go soft?"

"I don't think it will around you. My prick knows when it has an admirer, a worshipper. My prick loves you as much as you love it. I would love to feed you eight or nine loads a day."

"That's a lot of come!"

"Yes, and if you want it and I want to give it to you, where's the harm?"

"Do you enjoy getting fucked?"

"Yes, I like it a lot. But..."

"What is it?"

"I want to stay tight for Ardin."

"I can certainly understand that. Besides, it really excites me that you want to feed from my balls. And you do, don't you?"

Tren chuckled.

"Is there any doubt?"

"No, Tren. None at all."

Tren watched it begin to drip again. Ali pulled Tren's face closer and wiped the head of his prick on Tren's face. Tren opened his mouth and Ali pushed his prick into it. Tren sucked and minutes later, Ali fed him another load.

Tren got off the bed. "I enjoyed it a lot but I need to get back to my spouse."

"Before you go, there is something I would like to do for you."


Ali got up and sat on the bed.

"Pull your shorts down and show me your cunt. I want to taste you."

Tren did. Ali grabbed his hips and pulled him close. He pressed his face in his crack. Tren's hole was still loose.

"Stroke yourself while I get my tongue inside you."

Ali licked Tren's hole and insides and Tren moaned "Yes, Ali! Yes!" Ali could taste his come mixed with Tren's mate's come. It drove him wild. He pulled hard on Tren''s hips and got most of his tongue inside him. He stabbed three times, fucking Tren with his tongue. Tren cried out as he came. He watched his come shoot a couple of meters across the room.

He turned around panting and watched Ali stroking his stiff prick. Ali watched Tren's prick stiffen.

"You still want it. Don't leave hungry."

Tren dropped to his knees and sucked one more load out of him.

"I should get back."

"Thank you, Tren." Ali smiled at him. "Have you eaten enough?"

"My jaw is getting sore."

Ali tried not to laugh.

"Well, I have finally had enough."

"Your cock is still hard!"

"But you've drained my balls, nicely. I appreciate it."

"Well, I enjoyed it."

Ali laughed.

"I know you did! We both did, which makes it wonderful! Come back tomorrow. We should do this every day."

"I'll check with Ardin. Bye."

Tren left. Ali slowly stroked himself. He thanked Trialla, the Gorg goddess of love and lust, for sending Tren to him. He closed his eyes and thought about their next encounter. He normally did not seek out male lovers, but Tren was special. He was very special. So was Ardin, his mate.

Tren went back to their room and climbed on Ardin's lap.

Ardin laughed and said, "Whoa, you reek of Gorg come. I guess you ran into Ali. I told you they are always horny."

"You don't mind?"

"Are you going to leave me for him?"

"No! Never! Are you crazy?"

Ardin laughed.

"Then, no. I don't mind. If sucking his cock makes you happy, I want you to suck it as often as you want. Just don't suck it instead of mine. Also, I would prefer that you not let him fuck you without asking me first. I might want to fuck you and your relaxed hole isn't very pleasurable for me."

"I love you so much!"

"I love you, too. Just as much."

He kissed Ardin and followed his studies along with him.

That evening, Ardin passed his intermediate reading exam.

"How do you want to celebrate?"

"Why don't we have sex?"

"What a wonderful idea!"

The next day, Ardin asked, "Do you want to go pay Ali a visit?"


"I thought it might be fun to see just how many times you can make him come. Do you think you would enjoy it?"

"Yes, it sounds fun."

Ali's door opened and his eyes lit up. He was naked. Tren watched his cock become erect and the head begin to peek out of his foreskin.

"Come in, my friends!"

They walked in.

"We thought it might be fun to see how many times Tren can make a Gorg come. Since you are one, we thought we would ask you if you knew any who would be willing to assist us?"

Tren grinned.

"I am afraid I am the only Gorg on the planet. However, I would be delighted to know what the answer is, and I would be happy to volunteer."

"Ali, why don't you lie on the bed. While Tren sucks you, I want to fuck him."

"Yes! Breed your mate while I watch. Maybe you will let me breed him, as well?"

"After I do."


Ardin pulled down Tren's shorts as Ali lay down. Tren climbed on the bed between his legs and pulled his cock up.

"Do you still think it is beautiful, Tren?" Ali asked him.

"Yes. It tastes good, too."

Tren stopped to admire it before he pulled the foreskin down and licked the head. He slowly stroked the shaft as he licked. He held Ali's heavy balls in his other hand. Ali's juices were flowing and Tren lapped them up. Ardin got on the bed and pushed Tren's legs apart. He spread his cheeks and began eating his cunt. Tren's cock was so hard it hurt. He tongued the slit on the huge cock and got a groan from Ali. He decided, if he was going to try to make him come many times, he better move faster. He took the head in his mouth and sucked on it while he stroked the shaft with both hands.

Ali screamed, "Ya hee!" and his come shot into Tren's mouth. Tren gulped it down.

Ardin pulled his face away and said, "One."

Ali's cock was still hard and Tren kept stroking and sucking. A couple of minutes later, he grunted as he ejaculated. Tren swallowed.


Ardin pulled Tren's mouth to his own cock to get him wet. Then he got behind him and pushed into his spouse. Ali watched Ardin breed Tren. It excited him enough to come again.


Panting, Ali said, "I love feeding your mate. I hope you will let me do it often."

"I don't see why not. You both enjoy it. I enjoy it, too."

Ardin put his hands on Tren's shoulders as he fucked him. Tren looked at Ali as he sucked.

"Do you like being bred at both ends?" Ali asked Tren.

Tren moaned. He did. He pulled away from the cock and pressed his face in Ali's crotch. He sniffed deeply.

"You still like my scent?"


"I love the way you smell with my come all over you. Maybe your spouse will stroke me and make me come all over his mate."

Tren moaned as he lapped at Ali's large balls.

"Are you enjoying this, Tren?"

"Hell, yes!"

Ardin and Ali laughed.

Tren began sucking again and Ali screamed as he came a fourth time. At the same time, Ardin shouted and came inside Tren. He pulled out and got up on the bed next to Ali. Ardin wrapped both hands around Ali's shaft and started jerking him off.

"Yes, feed your mate from my balls," Ali said.

Ardin stroked him while Tren sucked.

Ali screamed, "Ya hee!" as he came again.


Tren swallowed and kept sucking while Ardin kept stroking.

"Why don't you let Ali eat your cunt while we do this?"

Ali moaned.

Tren turned around and lowered his butt to Ali's face. He pulled Tren's cheeks apart and saw the swollen cunt with the mate's seed leaking out. He lapped at his cunt while Tren sucked hard on the head of his cock. The taste was wonderful. The cunt was loose enough for his tongue to slip in. Ali shouted as he came again.

"Six. Break time," Ardin said.

They sat and had drinks. Ali stroked his cock while he watched Tren. Ardin patted his lap and Tren sat on it. Ardin stroked his mate's cock while Tren looked at Ali's prick. Then Tren turned and kissed Ardin passionately. He stroked the side of Ardin's head.

"I love you very much, Ardin."

"I love you, too, baby."

"I told Tren that the two of you should visit Gorga. Tren would be very popular. All Gorg males want their pricks worshipped as Tren does mine. Tren, thousands of males would love to be serviced by you."

"He would be too worn out to service his mate," Ardin said.

"Yes, that is probably true. And it would mean less sex for me. It was a bad idea."

Ardin and Tren laughed.

"Ali, I saw a photo of an animal from Earth that is closely related to us. You look very much like them. There isn't a Human database on Aransas, so I can't show you. I think the resemblance is very odd."

"Tren, this is Erant. The belief is that under similar conditions, evolution produces similar results. If a shape is very successful, the shape will evolve independently. Do you know what evolution is?"


"You can think of it this way: when nature comes up with a successful design, it reuses it whenever appropriate."

"Thanks, Erant."

"It may not mean anything, but we do not believe we evolved on Gorga. There are no other animals with fur on the planet. All the other land life has scales. Maybe we were brought from Earth."

"That would explain it. But who did it?"

"We don't know. Some Gorgs think it was an alien race, but no evidence of them has been found."

"Why can Gorgs come so many times?" Tren asked.

"There are two reasons. Gorg females are fertile for only a very short time twice a month, and the times were not predictable until relatively recently. Frequent sex meant a better chance of a pregnancy. The other reason, is that originally Gorg males had many wives and had to be able to breed and please all of them to keep them from seeking out other males."

Ali slowly ran a finger over the head of his prick. He watched Tren's eyes. They never left it.

"I love the way your mate looks at my prick. Like it is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen."

"Second most beautiful," Tren announced.

Ardin chuckled.

"He regrets not having sex with a Gorg once. He told me he stroked himself thinking about him for months. I like being able to help him live out his fantasy. It makes him happy and it makes you happy and watching the two of you gets me really hot."

"Tren was worried yesterday when he came here that you would not approve. I told him you did not seem to mind."

"Yes, I told him he could suck you as often as he likes."

"Truly? That is a staggering number of times judging by the lust in his eyes!"

Tren and Ardin laughed.

"Ali, would you like to fuck my mate four or five times?"

Ali groaned. "Yes! I want that very much."

"Tren, would you like Ali to fuck you?"

"Only if I can suck your cock while he fucks me."

"Let me wash it first."

Ardin wiped it with a damp towel in the washroom. When he came out, he could see Ali had begun. Tren was bent over and Ali was holding his hips, thrusting in to him.

"Do you like that big cock in your hungry cunt, baby?"

"Yes, but I like yours better."

Ardin grinned. "Good answer!"

Ardin fed Tren his cock. He let him nurse on it a while, before he pulled out and knelt behind Ali. He pulled Ali's furry cheeks apart and began eating his ass. Ali moaned and then screamed.

"Ya hee!"


Ali continued fucking Tren and Ardin continued eating his ass. It brought back fond memories of Eritus. He wondered whether he was still alive. Eritus had been middle-aged when Ardin knew him.

Ardin wrapped a hand around Ali's balls and tugged hard. Ali screamed as he came again.


Ardin moved to Ali's side and wrapped his hand around the portion of Ali's shaft that would not fit in Tren. He stroked it for a couple of minutes before biting one of Ali's nipples. Eritus had always enjoyed that. Ali screamed as he came one more time.

"Nine. I think Tren needs a break."

Ali pulled out and his come drained out of Tren's ass. Ali got a towel and gave it to Tren.

Ardin sat down and Tren climbed on his lap.

He whispered, "Are you having fun, baby?"

Tren pressed his mouth to Ardin's and they kissed, passionately. Then Tren licked Ardin's face.

"Wow, baby!"

Tren looked at Ali who was watching them while stroking himself.

Ali saw hunger in Tren's eyes.

"Do you still want it, Tren?"

Tren laughed.

"I never seem to stop wanting it, no matter how often I have it! It would help if it ever went soft."

"As I told you yesterday, I don't think that will happen as long as there is lust in your eyes."

"Maybe after thousands of times..."

"Maybe we will find out!"

Ali moaned and Ardin laughed.

"It is a new and wonderful experience for me to feel wanted."

Tren felt sad for him.

"You are so attractive. I cannot understand that."

Ali shrugged.

"Do you have kids, Ali?"

"No. Neither of us want them."

"I am going to have Ardin keep fucking me until he gets me pregnant."

Ali laughed loudly and Ardin did, too.

"If you need my help, just call."

They talked about Ali's job for a while and then Ali told them of his favorite restaurants in the city.

"Are they all vegetarian?"

"No. Several have food synthesizers and they can produce whatever you like. Sometimes, I get lonely in here, so I go to a restaurant to eat. We could go together, if you like."

"I would like that. How about you, Ardin?"

"Sure. I want to see more of the city. I'm a little hungry now. We can eat and then have more sex."

"That sounds good."

Ardin and Tren put on their shorts.

"Do you have a pair of shorts, Ali?"

"Yes. I don't know if I should wear them."


Ali went to a drawer and pulled a pair out. He put them on and the head of his prick extended below the leg of the shorts.

"Those look great on you!" Tren said.

Ardin laughed.

Ali started to pull them off.


"You want me to wear them, Tren?"

"Yes. I can suck your cock without needing to take them off."

Ali grinned and left them on.