Toward the Brightest Star

Book One


By Vic James



Copyright 2013 by Vic James


All Rights Reserved


Second Edition

Revised and Expanded




Etira led them to a table in a dimly lit area. There was something burning on the table.

"Are you going to put out the fire?"

Tren laughed. "It's a candle. It's supposed to be romantic."

"Oh. I saw a male in a flame suit earlier. He must have been terribly romantic."

Tren laughed out loud.

Etira sent a waiter over to them.

"What would you like?"

"I will have a Trill. Tren, what would you like?"

"Do you have wine, Human wine?"

"We have real red wine, and a large selection of synthesized wines."

"Red will be fine."

"Take your pants off." Tren stood up next to him and pulled down and then stepped out of his short pants. He put them on the table.

Relf was pleased to see Tren was hard. He rubbed his cock gently and Tren moaned.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Tren smiled and said, "No. It feels good."

The waiter brought their drinks.

"Why don't you sit on my lap?" Relf asked.

Tren took off his shirt and put it on the table, too. Tren climbed on and asked "Can I put my arm around you?"


Tren sat on his lap, with his arm around him. Relf examined his little Human's prick.

"You have a beautiful prick, Tren."

"Thanks. I like yours, too."

"I suppose you are told to say that."

"No. Don't you think yours is beautiful?"

"Well, I do, but I haven't had nearly enough people agreeing with me," Relf said.

Tren laughed.

"It looks like a Human penis. A very nice Human penis."


Tren laughed. "As a matter of fact, I would say it is perfect if we can make it fit."

"Don't worry about that. The ship's doctor can give you a cream which will temporarily loosen the muscle."

"I hope it doesn't loosen your muscle at the same time."

Relf laughed and said, "No. It won't do that."

"I like your laugh, Relf."

"I'm glad."

He ran his hands over his Human and Tren sighed happily.

Tren picked up his wine and took a sip. "It's fermented fruit juice. Do you want to try it?"

Relf looked at the server who gave him a thumbs up. He walked over and said, "I checked, sir. You can drink wine, but Humans can't drink Trill." That was understandable. Trill was a poison in large doses even to Grev. He shouldn't be drinking it at all.

Relf took a sip of the wine. "Not bad."

"I love the way your fur feels against my skin. It's very soft."

"That's good, because you will feel it a lot."

"Your spouse won't mind?"

"I am unmarried."

"Will we sleep in the same bed?"


Tren grinned at him and then said, "Good."

Relf was very pleased.

"Do you have a lover on the ship?"

"No. That is bad for morale. You won't be sharing me."

"That's good. I mean, obviously you can do what you want, but it's nice to know if I make you happy, I don't have to share you."

"Are looking for a romantic arrangement?"

Tren looked confused. "All the ISSs tell me that is a bad idea. I don't understand why. I think I would enjoy the sex more if I have feelings for the person. If I had feelings for you, I think I would care more about your pleasure. Yet every ISS told me the same thing. I guess it is something I will figure out for myself."

"Well, every situation is different. I do know from experience that it is very painful to love someone who doesn't love you."

"I suppose that is it. Would you prefer that I try not to develop feelings for you?"

"Tren, I have always made a point of not telling people how to feel."


"That is not a lot of help, I know."

Relf ran his hand over his ISS. He could tell Tren welcomed his touch.

"So, Tren. There is not a lot to do in space. I don't really watch recordings that much. I will want to have sex often."

"How often?"

"Every day."

"Once a day is not that often."

"You want more?"

Tren laughed and said, "As much as possible."

"How many times a day can you come?"

"Four times if I am attracted to the male."

"So with me?"

"Maybe five," Tren said smiling. "How about you?"

"My record is five, but I was younger. Four should be possible. If you are willing."

"Relf, I am always going to be willing, as long as it fits. I think you are very attractive." He ran his hand over Relf's chest. "You are so very male. I love that."

They drank more and Relf ran his hand over his little Human, again.

"Do you want me to shave my chest?"

"No. And I am not shaving either."

"Oh, I don't want you to. The fur feels very nice."

Tren looked carefully at his owner's face. His eyes were very striking. They were large, rounded, and a golden brown color with darker speckles. His nose was large and had a single large nostril. It had very little fur on it and it had ridges of flesh running horizontally on it. The ridges faded to invisibility where his nose met his cheeks. He had reddish brown fur on part of his face. There was some white mixed in with the brown fur. The facial fur thinned and disappeared around his nose, eyes, and mouth. The skin was a medium brown color, except for his nose. It was a darker shade of brown. His lips were narrower than Tren's and were the same shade as his nose. The fur or maybe it was hair, on his head was longer and was cut with an interesting style. The ends were cut in a zigzag. His face wasn't as flat as a Human face. His mouth extended a bit from his face

"You are more attractive than other Grev I have seen, Relf."

"Thank you, Tren. I agree," Relf said with a laugh.

"May I touch your face?"


Tren felt the fur on his face and the skin. He touched the fur on his head, trying to see how the zigzags stayed in place. It wasn't stiff.

"Is the white fur a sign of age?"

"Yes. I am no longer young. Does that bother you?"

"No. Not at all. I like older males.

"I know I am a slave and you are my master, but there is something very unfair happening."

"What is that, Tren?"

"You get to play with my cock, but I can't play with yours."

"I see your point. Get up for a minute and I will fix that."

Tren got up and Relf pulled his shorts off. Then he pulled Tren back onto his lap and pushed his cock up against his belly.

Tren ran delicate fingers over it. Relf moaned. It was the same color, a dark brown, as his nose. It did not have a foreskin like Humans had, and the head of it was a reddish brown.

"This is a seriously beautiful cock. It is in need of love and attention. I want to give it plenty of that." Tren got in his knees on the ground and began licking it. He held his wrist next to it and saw Relf's cock was a little wider than his wrist. He got the head into his mouth and sucked on it as he stroked the shaft with both hands. Relf leaned back in his chair and moaned as his slave pleasured him. Tren moaned in pleasure as he sucked him enthusiastically. Relf thought that either Tren was a good actor or he really loved Relf's prick.

Tren stopped and said, "A few years ago, I saw a Gorg with an enormous erection. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Yours looks a lot like his."

"Did you get a chance to enjoy it?"

"No. I was afraid he would get angry, so I didn't say anything." Tren grinned at him. "I plan to enjoy yours as often as possible."

Tren went back to sucking him. After several minutes, Relf was close to orgasm. He didn't know yet whether his come was safe for a Human. He pulled Tren off him. He stroked his cock and watched Tren lick his lips. He groaned and aimed his prick at Tren's face. He came and a spurt of his seed hit Tren in the face. After the second spurt hit him, Relf grabbed Tren's empty glass. He ejaculated into it while he watched Tren. His come was dripping down Tren's grinning face. Tren stroked himself and licked come off his lips as he watched Relf fill the glass.

When he finished, he put the glass on the table. "That was very nice, Relf."

"Yes, it was," he said, panting.

"May I drink that?" he asked, pointing at the glass.

"Do you want to?"


Relf wiped some of his come off Tren's cheek and put his finger in Tren's mouth. Relf pulled his finger out and dipped it into his clear come in the glass. He held it out. Tren reached over and took Relf's finger into his mouth. He held Relf's hand and sucked it off his finger. Then he began licking Relf's finger while he sucked on it. Relf felt his cock stir. He pulled his finger out.

"Does it taste like Human spunk?"

"No. Actually it tastes better. It tastes a little like a kind of salad dressing I once ate."

Relf laughed. "Do you eat a lot of salads?"

"No, but I may start now that I have this handy dispenser." Tren grabbed Relf's cock. "How do you feel about dressing salads?"

Relf laughed. He was having more fun than he could remember having in a very long time. Since Draf. Relf sighed. He still missed his ex, terribly, and he really wished he didn't.

Tren dragged him back out of the past. "I want more." Relf dipped his finger again and Tren sucked it off, licking Relf's finger as he did it.

"I like it. Can I have more?" Tren said. Relf growled and his cock swelled.

He fed Tren many come-covered fingers. Tren's sucking of his fingers was a pleasure he had never experienced. Then Tren said he had an idea. He got back on his knees and poured a little from the glass onto Relf's cock. Then he licked it off. Tren poured it on different parts, making sure the whole cock had been thoroughly licked. Relf had just come and his prick was harder than it had ever been. Tren then took his ball sack and poured some on it before licking it thoroughly, as well. He switched back to his cock and repeated the process. Relf had never done or even heard of this before, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Aside from feeling wonderful, it was obvious that Tren was enjoying it as well. Tren made him feel as though he was doing Tren a favor.

"I want your cock inside me, Relf."

"It will be. I promise you."


"Yes, very often. We can spend hours a day in sex play." Tren moaned and Relf's cock pulsed.

Relf looked over and saw the server was groping himself as he watched them. Tren's moans of pleasure had attracted other onlookers, some of whom began having sex with each other as they watched. He saw a male stroking himself with an expression he thought was jealousy. Relf was extremely pleased. This was one of the hottest sexual encounters he ever had. And he would be able to do it as often as he wanted! He also felt possessive. Tren was his.

Relf pulled Tren back up on his lap. There was a little of his come still in the glass. Tren took one of Relf's fingers and poured it on it. He took Relf's finger and placed it at his hole. Relf pushed it into his Human and looked at the expression of pleasure on his face. He slowly fucked the Human with his finger while Tren moaned and begged him for more. "You are mine, my little beauty."

"I know! Isn't it great?"

Relf chuckled. He understood why Tren had been so expensive. Tren didn't just allow himself to be fucked. He was an eager, active partner, in addition to being attractive and having a very pleasant personality. He could see he was about to make Tren come, so he pulled his finger out of him. Tren had a disappointed look on his face that Relf thought was adorable.

He whispered, "I will make you come many times, later." Tren grinned at him.

Relf decided he wanted the onlookers to disperse. It was fun playing the role of a sex star, but he wasn't being paid. He stopped their sexual explorations until the onlookers left. Tren wanted to make Relf come again, but Relf wanted to fuck him on the ship. They spent a couple of hours sitting together, getting to know one another.

"Do Grev kiss?"

"I don't recognize the word." Tren frowned. Kissing wasn't uncommon. Surely he had seen it in a video at some point. Then he remembered Grev were sort of xenophobic. Or maybe snobbish was a better word. They didn't dislike other races, they just thought they were superior. That wasn't uncommon, either. Many races felt that way. Of course, half the Grev thought they were superior to the other Grev, so Tren didn't take it personally. Also, Relf didn't act snobbish towards him and that was what mattered to Tren.

"We both open our mouths and press them together while our tongues explore each other's mouths."

"It sounds fun. Let's try it."

Tren let Relf explore his mouth while he licked Relf's moving tongue. He assumed Relf enjoyed it, because they did it for a long while. Finally Tren pulled back.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes. We have something a little like that. We rub noses while pressing our tongues together. It is considered very daring. The moving tongues make this much more daring. I must admit that most Grev are not daring at all when it comes to sex."

Relf was amused as Tren spent time exploring his body.

"You have four nipples?"


"Are they sensitive? Will you want me to suck on them?"

"You can. It is a little pleasurable."

Tren examined one of his hands. Each hand had four fingers and was shaped like a V. There were two fingers on the end of each point. Tren felt the palm which was very soft.

Relf didn't drink anymore, but Tren had three glasses of wine. Tren periodically leaned down and licked or kissed Relf's cock.

It was clear the wine was affecting Tren. His speech became slurred. Relf laughed when Tren bent down and whispered, "I love you. Do you love me?" to his prick. Tren started running his hands over Relf. Relf could see Tren really wanted him. Tren's prick would start to soften and then he would look at Relf and it would stiffen. Being lusted after by a young, very good looking male, made him feel like he was flying through space without his ship.

Tren bent over and kissed Relf's prick again. Tren sighed and closed his eyes. "I am so fucking lucky!"

"What do you mean, Tren?"

"I mean you! Wow! I would pay money to have sex with you! So would those other people. They were so jealous of me." Relf stared at him. That took him by surprise.

Tren meant it. He might have been purchased by a Grenelish!

"I think they were jealous of me, Tren. They wanted you."

"You are the sex god here, not me. Your beautiful prick is twice the size of mine."

Relf stared at him. He believed Tren was serious. He didn't know what to say. Relf, who his ex-lover Draf had called 'boring in all ways', a sex god? But it was true that Tren made him feel like a sex star. They even had a rapt audience. Tren clearly lusted after him. He felt he knew enough about him to realize he did not say one thing and mean another. Tren seemed honest and straightforward. He decided he liked being a sex god, even if it was just for Tren.

Relf pushed his chair back. Then he lifted Tren onto the table. He got between his legs and began licking. He licked Tren's balls and his cock. He liked the way he tasted, fresh and clean. Tren moaned. Relf lapped at Tren's cock and then took it into his mouth. He had to be careful because of his teeth. He was obviously pleasing Tren, who was murmuring his name.

"Pull your legs back, Tren." Tren did it and Relf began licking his hole.

"I think I'm in love!" Tren yelled.

Relf laughed.

"I am going to spend a lot of time in here," he said as he pushed a finger into Tren.

Tren grinned at him and said, "Good!"

Relf stood and rubbed his prick against Tren's hole.

"Push it in me."

"It will hurt too much."

"Fuck the pain! Fuck me! Please!"

There was an announcement. "The winning number is 6236." Relf looked at his ticket. It wasn't him. That was fine. He had found exactly what he wanted and needed. He decided he hadn't paid too much. Tren was worth at least what he'd paid.

"Let's go and finish this in a bed. I don't want to hurt you."

"That sounds wonderful."

He lifted Tren off the table and Tren put his pants and shirt back on.



Relf and Tren went looking for Etira.

"Here are his documents." He handed him a chip. "Here is the information about his savings account. The money has already been transferred there."

"How much?" Tren asked.

"Seventeen thousand credits."

"Wow!" Tren said. Relf was impressed.

"The entire sixty-eight thousand is profit?" Relf asked.

"Yes. Tren is a volunteer. I didn't buy him. He came from an Alliance world."

A volunteer? Relf decided Tren might be sweet and sexy, but he was not very smart. He had never heard of anyone volunteering to be a slave. Throwing freedom away was unthinkable to him. Tren was young though, and the young often did foolish things.

"I would like to speak to Tren, privately for a minute, Relf."

Relf took a few steps away and frowned. Fortunately his hearing was very good.

"Tren, this money is a start towards buying your freedom. Relf seems like a good sort, so you may not be desperate to be free. However, you can't be an ISS forever and you might not like where you end up. You could end up a gardener with no interest in gardens. If you can, you should try to put a little money in the account from time to time. The interest will accumulate and once you are older and your selling price is lower, you may have enough money to not only be a free citizen but enough to live on, as well. You are young, and you may not be aware of this, but if your master loans you out to others, at parties, for example, it is customary for the other being to tip you. Do not be afraid to hold your hand out afterwards, if you have satisfied them. Your master will not tip you, so do not expect it. After all, it is your job to take care of him. Take care of yourself, and thank you." Relf thought it was good advice Etira was giving Tren.

"How is your mother doing, Tren?"

"She is fine. She got married four A-years ago. She is a groomer for a family of Nargots."

"That must keep her busy!"

"It does. They are very happy with her. Other families keep trying to buy Mother."

"If you speak to her, tell her I send my love."

"I will."

Etira thought how odd it was that he had gotten his cock sucked by both the mother, Lulu, and the son, Tren. Tren was much, much better.

Ardin came running over. "You got bought?"

"Yes. That is Relf," he said, pointing. Seeing Ardin made him miss him. He had forgotten how handsome he was.

"I know. I will miss you, Tren."

"I'll miss you, too."

They hugged each other. "I wish we had more time together. I think we could have been happy together," Ardin said. He kissed him one last time. Tren could see Ardin's eyes were watering. "I will miss you."

"I hope you end up with a good owner, Ardin. Be happy!"

Tren walked over to Relf.


"Yes. Let's go back to the ship."

After they had walked a while, Relf asked, "Were you two close?"

"We just met. I like him a lot but I've only known him a few hours. I think I am glad. If we spent more time together, I think I would be crying right now."

"He is attractive."

"Yes, very."

It was a very long walk and Tren was wearing light slippers on his feet. Relf noticed him wincing on the rough areas, so he picked him up and put him around his neck. He held onto Tren's legs.

"Wow! This is great!"

"I'm glad you like it. We need to make you some shoes. You won't need them on the ship, but I will want you with me when I am planet-side. Remind me tomorrow, OK?"

"I will, Relf."

"Etira knows your mother?"

"Yes. He rescued her on Serenia. She was scheduled to be executed for heresy after she yelled at a patriarch who stepped on her foot."

"You must be joking."

"No. A friend of mother's spoke to Etira, who was on the planet picking up slaves. He bought Mother from the patriarch and saved her life."

"Were you born yet?"

"I was two. I don't remember any of it."

"What would have happened to you if they had executed your mother?"

"They would have executed me, too. The patriarchs believe heresy is inherited. They kill whole families for it, according to Mother."

Relf shook his head in disbelief.

"Is your mother religious?"

"No. Neither am I. Are you?"

"Not very."

"I think the rules are of absolutely no use to a divine being. Why would he care if my mother called someone an idiot?" Tren asked.

"You are right. It wouldn't care. It might agree." Tren laughed.

"Do you believe in dreams?"

"What do you mean?"

"My mother told me that before she was imprisoned, she had dreams of what her life would be like. She said she didn't worry about us being executed, because she knew we would end up on another planet. She even saw her mate in a dream long before she met him."

"I know there are many beings who believe in psychic abilities like that. I have never known anyone who had them, but I have read of a few situations where things happened exactly as they were predicted and all other explanations were ruled out. Let's say I have an open mind."

"She also told me I would be wealthy one day, but wealth can be measured many ways."

"Do you want to be wealthy?"

"I would rather have sex than spend money."

Relf grinned. "So would I."

"I think a lot of sex could be a type of wealth."

Relf chuckled. "You are hoping I will make you wealthy tonight, aren't you?"

Tren laughed. "Yes, I am. By the time we got to sleep, I want to make sure your cock is completely spent."

Relf laughed. He felt like singing!

Several beings stopped and watched as they walked by. They passed a group of Humanoid whores who whistled at Relf.

"Hands off! He's taken!" Tren called down to them.

Relf laughed.

They walked past a lot of bars that had crowds spilling out into the street. Tren saw a group of Human males, and he thought about waving, but didn't. They reminded him of Ardin. He really hoped Ardin would find happiness.

Finally, they arrived at the ship. It was bigger than Tren expected. It was shaped like a cylinder with one end more pointed and the other end was concave. Deep grooves ran along its length. The ship lay on its side. Relf walked up to the entrance which was at the concave end and pressed his hand to a pad. The entrance opened and Relf lifted Tren off his shoulders and put him on the ground. Then they walked inside. They took a lift and got off in a large corridor. It was extremely clean, unlike the three ships Tren had been on. They hadn't been exactly dirty, but they looked lived in. The walls were silver metal and the floor was black stone, which Tren had never seen before either. Rock on a spaceship just seemed wrong! Wasteful, or something. Every few feet there were impressions of Grev faces in the metal walls.

"Wow! The ship is beautiful!"

"I am glad you like it."

They stopped in front of a door and it opened. Relf walked in to his quarters and said, "Welcome to your new home."

Tren walked in and hugged him.

"I'm glad to be here, Relf."

Relf gave Tren a tour of his cabin. The walls were covered with glossy black ceramic which had dark red veins in it. Tren though it was beautiful. "This is the washroom. This smaller room is where you bathe. You can use this hose to keep your cunt clean." He picked up a tube. "This is detergent. If you don't like the scent, I will get a different one for you."

Tren sniffed it. "I like it. It smells like you."

"The seat with a hole under it is for elimination." He picked up a silver bar. "This is a tooth cleaner. Have you used one like this?"


"You run it over your teeth, front and back, once. Like this." He demonstrated and then put it down.

"I like it! It cleans them that quickly?"

"Yes." Tren wondered how it worked.

They left the washroom. "This is my desk. Do not touch anything on it. Over here is the entertainment screen and the lounging area. This is the computer screen."

"Does the computer use the Grev language or A-speech?"

"They are the same. The Alliance adopted the Grev language because most races can produce the sounds in it."

There was a table with four large chairs and a long couch. Tren noticed there were no decorations and no photos. He wondered if that was usual for Grev. Tren also saw there were many bottles of liquor. He hoped Relf didn't drink too much.

"This is the bed. When I am in bed, I expect you to be, also. I don't like to sleep alone. When I wake up, I expect you to be there."

"Yes, Relf. May I ask a question?"


"If you don't like to sleep alone, why aren't you married? You are a very attractive Grev."

"I was in love with another Grev once. It did not end well. I decided I was not suited to romantic relationships."


Relf thought Tren looked disappointed. He smiled at him.

Relf entered something on a panel on the wall.

"Yes, Captain." Tren heard.

"We are going there now," Relf said.

"Come, Tren."

They left the doctor. Tren thought he was attractive. He was wearing a vest with lots of pockets and loose pants.

"Tren, this is my brother, Galf. He is the ship's doctor. Galf, Tren is a Human. He is my new ISS."

"He is much better looking than Tan-tan."

"Thank you, Galf," Tren cabin and walked to another lift. They got on it. Relf noticed Tren was standing very close to him. He guessed he was a little scared at being on a ship full of aliens he had never met. Relf put an arm around him and he felt Tren relax. The lift stopped and they walked down another corridor. The floor was brown on this level with metal walls that were colored gold. They stopped at a door which opened. Relf saw another Grev standing in the room. He guessed it was the said. He bowed because he recognized the medals on his vest.

"Bowing is not required on the ship, Tren," Galf said.

"Relf, are you an Honorable, too? Never mind. He is your brother."

"Don't ever bow to me, Tren, unless it is so I can fuck you."

Tren laughed and tried to suppress it. "Yes, Relf."

"You know of the Grev and the aristocracy?" Galf asked.

"Yes. This is my first position. I lived with my mother, but I was not a slave and I had no duties. I spent a great deal of time at the city library learning about different races. It always interested me. I think it is because my own home planet is so odd. I wanted to know if it is unique. I read about all the major races and found the subject very interesting. My mother's husband would also tell me stories of the places he had been and the people he had met."

"Galf, Tren was two and they were going to execute him because someone stepped on his mother's foot."

Galf laughed and then said, "Really?"

"Yes. And they don't allow women to wear shoes," Tren added. "God is offended by women in shoes, apparently."

Galf shook his head.

"If you don't mind my asking, why do you wear the medals if you don't want to be accorded your honors?"

"Habit, I suppose, and also so I don't continue taking them off and putting them on again. Protocol is not much observed on the ship. But outside the ship, to other Grev, things are much different. If they were in a drawer, I would never remember them."

"Thank you. I hope my curiosity hasn't offended," Tren said.

"Not at all, Tren," Relf said.

"Relf, why don't you wear them?"

"I normally do, but if I had shown up at the slave sale wearing them, the prices would have doubled for me. Since there were no Grev there, it wasn't necessary that I wear them. I had them in my pocket, in case they were needed."

Relf asked, "Tren, why did you volunteer being a slave? You were a free citizen and could have gotten a job using your knowledge. I have trouble understanding why you would do such a—" He was going to say `stupid', but he caught himself. "Thing."

Tren's face turned red and he didn't say anything.

"Answer me, Tren."

"I wanted to be a whore and my mother would not allow it."

Relf and Galf laughed. "Our mother wouldn't have allowed it either!"

"Have sex and get paid for it? It sounded perfect! I would have remained a free citizen. My mother thought being an ISS was better. She said I wouldn't have to 'service every being that slithered through the port'. I told her I would earn money as a whore, but not as an ISS. She told me every whore she ever met had been beat up several times, and it's illegal to mistreat an ISS. She told me slave welfare is tightly regulated while half the population could care less if whores were mistreated. Then she asked me if I was aware of how many whores had been murdered on the planet in the last ten A-years. I did some research and found there had been many. On Nargo, they are ten times more likely to die than cooks. Of course, I don't want to be a cook, regardless of how safe it is, and I told her that."

Relf and Galf laughed.

"I spoke to a few ISSs and they seemed happy. They preferred it to whoring since you don't have to worry when there are no customers. They told me if I was in it for the money, become a whore. If I was in it for the sex, become an ISS. You are my first owner, Relf. I don't think Etira counts."

"You aren't a virgin, are you?"

"No, I had sex for the first time when I was twelve. I've had sex with several other males. I've had sex with several males today! Most of them were not Human. There was a Naussican who lived right by us. Naussicans look a lot like Humans. I had sex with regularly. His spouse was not very interested in sex, so we had sex several times a day. He told me he had more sex with me in a month than he had with his spouse in the twenty years they had been married. He was much, much smaller than you, Relf. That was why I was worried when I first met you. It hurt a lot the first time he fucked me. I couldn't imagine how much it would hurt with you. But you didn't seem the type who enjoyed giving pain." Tren smiled at him.

"Please take your clothes off, Tren and get up on the table on your back."

Galf lowered the table enough for Tren to climb on.

"Pull your legs back," Tren did.

"The ointment I will apply is a muscle relaxant. It will loosen the muscle around your anus. I want it to be looser but still tight enough to give my brother pleasure. It will also prevent the skin from tearing."

"Is it permanent?"

"Oh, no! That would be very messy, if you get my meaning."


"The effect wears off fairly quickly. You can reapply it as often as needed. If you use your finger to apply it, you won't be able to bend your finger until it wears off."

Galf put on gloves and took three tubes out of a drawer. He squirted some from one tube onto a finger. He pushed the finger into Tren. It felt very strange to Tren. He could feel a cool breeze inside him.

"Try that Relf."

Relf raised the table so that Tren was at a good height for him. He pulled Tren to the edge of the table and pressed his cock against Tren's hole. He put his hands on Tren's shoulders and pulled him onto his cock. Both of them moaned as he slipped into him. Relf saw that Tren was in some pain.

"Is that too painful?"

"I don't know. It's not unbearable. It's the first time, so I expect it to hurt some. How is it for you? Is it too loose?" Tren asked.

Galf was thoroughly impressed with Tren. He seemed more concerned with his brother's pleasure than with his own pain. He guessed his brother had paid a great deal for him. He was definitely not a typical ISS. They were usually pretty but dumb and sometimes not even pretty. Tan-tan wasn't.

"No. It feels very, very nice." Relf began thrusting into Tren. He watched Tren's face and saw a smile appear. He was glad. He fucked him slowly. He looked over and saw his brother's cock was out and he was stroking himself.

"Suck Galf's cock, Tren."

Galf stood close to the table and Tren took him in his mouth. He sucked him, as well as he could in the position he was in. Relf noticed that he didn't suck his brother as enthusiastically as he had sucked him. That was just fine with Relf. Galf was obviously enjoying it. Tren reached out and pulled on Galf's thighs as he sucked him. Relf was fucking Tren slowly. He wanted to enjoy their first union for a while. Tren found Galf's balls and he stroked them as he sucked. Galf began moaning.

"Come in his mouth, Galf. He likes our come."

Relf almost laughed as he thought about salad dressing.

Galf nodded. Galf knew there would be a lot. He hadn't come in some time.

Not much later, Galf shouted, "Zerga!" as his orgasm hit. Tren gulped his come down as it filled his mouth and throat. He kept swallowing and it kept coming. It slowed and then stopped. Galf pulled his cock out of Tren's mouth and Tren smiled at him. He smiled back. Relf sped up his thrusts into Tren.

"Yes! Yes!" Tren shouted. Tren was very different from Tan-tan!

Relf changed his angle and Tren's eyes widened. Then he moaned, and then shouted as come shot out of his cock and went everywhere. Galf started laughing when some of Tren's come hit him in the face. Relf had made him come without touching his cock. He felt like a sex god! Tren's orgasm caused his hole to spasm and Relf yelled as he ejaculated into Tren.

He pulled slowly out of Tren and a gush of his come flowed out of Tren's hole and onto the table.

Tren lay there looking tired and very satisfied. Then he sat up and said, "Wow! That was great!"

Relf and Galf laughed.

"I am glad you enjoyed it, Tren."

"Was it OK for you?"

"Yes, I enjoyed it very much."

Galf handed Tren the tube of muscle relaxant. "Remember, use gloves or you won't be able to bend your finger. I don't know whether that is important to you, or not. If you are going to be in bed getting fucked, it might not matter. With Grev, it wears off in about an hour. It may differ with Humans."

"I don't have any gloves." Galf handed him a pair.

Tren got off the table and stood up. He was a little shaky.

"Tren, what did Etira tell you about being loaned out?"

Tren looked confused and then remembered. "But he's your brother. Besides, I enjoyed it," he added, smiling.

"I have no idea what you two are talking about," Galf said.

"You should tip Tren," Relf said to Galf. Tren put his face in his hands. Galf took one of his hands and put a coin in it. Tren looked at it. He knew nothing about money. He supposed he would have to learn.

"Thank you, Galf. I feel guilty taking it from a relative, but thank you."

"You are very welcome. If your owner allows me to fuck you, the tip will be bigger, of course." Tren smiled at him.

"There is something I've been wondering. Since you are an aristocrat, do you provide medical care for the lower class on the ship, or are all the workers aristocrats?"

"You really have read! I'm impressed, Tren. The answer is no. I do not treat them. They have their own doctor. Relf has secured the services of an excellent doctor for them."

"How many Honorables are there on the ship?"


"Just you two?"


Tren had no idea what that meant. It seemed odd, but not as odd as killing someone because you stepped on their foot. He smiled since he didn't know what to say. Then he thought of something. "If I get sick, will I be treated by their doctor?"

"No. I will treat you. As a slave of an aristocrat, you are treated as an aristocrat. Otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to accompany your master. You wouldn't even be able to enter his home."

"Oh. Thank you."

"You are very welcome. I think you should get to sleep now, Tren. It is very late."

"It has been a long day. A good day, but long."

Relf walked to the door and Tren joined him.

"Oh, let me get my clothes." Tren picked them up and followed Relf.

"I don't want you to wear clothes when you are on the ship, Tren."

"Yes, Relf. Umm...Relf?"


"Your come is running down my legs."

"Yes, I know. I can smell it."

"Should I get a towel?"

Relf stopped. "Tren, you do not need to worry about these things. If I want you to get a towel, I will tell you."

"I'm sorry."

"An apology is not necessary. I only wish to keep you from worrying unnecessarily."

"This is all new to me. I hope I will not offend you by asking too many questions or making offensive comments. The last thing I want to do is offend you."

"Thank you, Tren. You have pleased me very much, so far. Nothing you have said has been inappropriate."


"One thing which will be very new to you on this ship is that you are an important person. You are my personal slave. The only one I own. If you make a mess, you do not clean it. The ship has cleaning crew who do that. They aren't slaves. They are paid for their work, so leave it to them. That applies to my quarters. Or I suppose I should say our quarters as you will live there, too."

"Thank you for telling me. I would have definitely thought I needed to clean them."

"I know you are young and we are a different species. I wanted a young ISS. Lack of knowledge is a given. I will give you at least two warnings about something before becoming angry. I feel fairly confident I won't have to warn you about anything a second time. You seem intelligent and eager to please. Since you know a little about the Grev, behave as an Honorable. I do not expect perfection from you. I am not perfect and you certainly do not need to be either."

They got on the lift.

"How should I behave around the workers?"

"You should command them respectfully. If something needs to be done, command them, but do it politely, like 'Please clean this up'. Remember to say 'Thank you'. They are not slaves and they are entitled to respect. I might mention that the entire crew is extremely motivated, so they will most likely not wait to be asked to clean."

"Am I allowed to socialize with them?"

"No, I don't think that would be a good idea. I'm afraid you will have to settle for me."

Tren laughed. Tren realized he was falling in love with Relf. He had been warned against it, but how do you keep from falling in love?

They arrived at their quarters. Tren used the toilet and then cleaned his teeth. When he left the washroom, he saw Relf was in bed, smiling at him. He was hungry, but he was tired. He got on the bed and Relf pulled him close. Relf ran his hands over his little Human and Tren murmured his name. He reached down and felt Tren's prick it was stiff.

"I want to suck you. After you come, we will sleep."

Relf had him straddle him and Tren lowered his cock to Relf's mouth. Relf had no trouble fitting Tren's prick in his mouth. He began sucking him and Tren moaned and held on to Relf's head. Relf sucked for a while and then he pushed a finger into Tren. Tren groaned and came in Relf's mouth. Relf thought it was very tasty. He understood why Humasem was popular.

Tren collapsed on the bed next to Relf and snuggled up to him.

"Good night, Relf."

"Good night, Tren."




Relf woke with his cock throbbing. He looked at the time. They had been asleep an hour or so. He got out of bed and got the tube of relaxant and the gloves. He woke Tren.


"Is everything all right?"

"Yes, Tren. I need you."

"Oh, good!" Relf chuckled at his eagerness.

He handed Tren the tube and glove. Tren applied it and handed them back to Relf who dropped them on the floor. Relf rolled Tren onto his stomach and pushed into him. Tren groaned and he began fucking him. Relf felt extremely energetic. He thrust constantly for ten minutes without getting tired in the least. He felt like a young man again. He was close to his orgasm so he stopped. Then he got up on his knees and pulled Tren up. He fucked him in that position for a while. Tren was moaning and encouraging him. He got out of bed with Tren still impaled on his cock. He stood up and fucked him that way for a while, supporting Tren's weight with his arms. He walked over to his desk and pulled the chair out. He sat on it and bounced Tren on his cock. On one of the bounces he came. He felt his insides were shooting out of his cock, it was so intense. Tren looked worn out. He lifted him off his cock. An enormous amount of come spilled out of his cunt onto the floor.

Relf realized his cock was still as hard as a rock. He looked at Tren who was looking at his cock. Tren looked like he had recovered somewhat. He grabbed a towel from the washroom, wet it, wiped Relf's cock, and then fell to his knees and began sucking it. Relf leaned back in the chair and allowed Tren to service him.

"Yes, Tren! Suck my prick! You want it, don't you?"

Tren moaned as he sucked. He wanted it badly. Tren used his hands on the shaft and made him come again within a few minutes. Tren gulped his come down. Relf's cock still was hard and Tren sucked him just as enthusiastically as ever. He fed Tren another large load of his come and pulled Tren up. He was still hard.

"What were you saying about maybe four times a day? Did you mean four times an hour?" Tren asked him.

Relf laughed. "Did you forget I am your sex god?"

"How could I? You almost fucked me to unconsciousness. Not that I'm complaining! I can't think of a better way to get there! Or a better person to take me there!" Relf laughed again. Relf felt more alive than he had in twenty A-years. Tren did that to him.

Tren wrapped his hands around his cock. He looked at Relf and a little smile appeared on his face. Then he sighed.

"What is it Tren?"

"I don't have a chance."

"A chance at what?"

"Not falling in love." Relf pulled him up.

"You don't have to worry about it. I might very well end up loving you."


"You are a very lovable person, Tren. I miss having someone to love. I don't love you yet, but I think I probably will. So maybe we will love each other."

Tren wrapped his arms around him and hugged him.

Then he got up and sat on Relf's cock. He began bouncing on it. Relf put his hands around Tren's waist and helped him. A few minutes later, he came inside Tren again. Tren climbed off him. The room smelled intensely of his come. It didn't bother Relf and Tren certainly seemed happy.

Relf's cock had softened a little. "Do you want me to suck you again?"

"Why don't you stroke it?"

Tren knelt between his legs. First he kissed Relf's cock and then began stroking it. Relf looked at Tren's expression.

"You love my cock, don't you, Tren?"

"I told you before I thought it was seriously beautiful. I do love it. I love everything about you. I love the way you look, the way you smell, the sound of your voice, the feel of your fur against my skin, the taste of your come, and the feel of your cock when it massages my insides."

Relf closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations Tren was giving him. Tren was feeding his lust and his self-esteem. Tren began tonguing the slit on his cock while he stroked him. That pushed him over the edge.

He groaned and Tren took his cock into his mouth. He fed Tren another load of come.

He stood up and lifted Tren up. "Wrap your legs around my waist." Tren did and wrapped his arms around Relf's neck.

"You are such a stud, Relf."

Relf smiled at him and said, "Only with you, Tren. My ex-lover said I was the most boring person he had ever met."

"I'm glad you dumped the idiot."

Relf laughed. He did not want to admit that he had been the one who was dumped. It still hurt when he thought of Draf.

"Had you shown him your cock?"

Relf laughed again. "Yes, once or twice."

"Maybe his vision was poor."

"I am certain of that. He got involved with a famous singer and got dumped himself after spending all his money on him."

"So the story has a happy ending."

Relf laughed. "Yes, it does. Now."

"Do you want to fuck me again?"

"My cock is sore."

"Do you want me to kiss it to make it feel better? That is a Human custom."

"If your lips are on it, it won't get any sleep at all. Let's go to bed."

"OK. Will we have an orgy every night?"

Relf laughed and said, "I have no idea. Maybe!"

The got in bed and Tren looked into Relf's eyes. Thank you for buying me, Relf."

"Tren, it was the smartest thing I ever did."

Tren ran his hand through the fur on Relf's head. Tren was looking at him with so much love, that it was a little frightening to Relf. Part of Relf felt guilty for trying to own such a free spirit. And there was always Draf in the back of his mind. Always!

"Sleep well, my little beauty."

Tren laid his head down and said, "Good night."


Tren woke first. The room was completely dark. He tried to go back to sleep, but he was too excited. He could feel Relf's erection pressing against him. He thought about sucking it, but he was afraid Relf would prefer to sleep more first. His stomach growled. He didn't know what to do about that. He didn't want to wake Relf up, but he couldn't get out of bed, either. That was one of Relf's rules. He lay there worrying. His stomach growled again.

"What is that sound?"

"I'm sorry, Relf. It is my stomach."

Relf sat up and said, "Lights." The lights came on.

"Are you ill? I will call Galf. I should not have fed you so much come."

Tren laughed. "No. I feel great. I'm just hungry. Our stomachs do that sometimes when we are hungry. I don't know why. I guess I digested all the come already."

"Well, it is time to get up, anyway. We will be leaving Aldora 4 this morning at 13."

"I will order food for you." Tren wondered what they were going to feed him. He had no idea what the Grev ate. Relf keyed the order into a display. "Ah. Galf has loaded Human foods into the food synthesizer. Sit at the table and select the items you want."

Tren sat. There were pictures of food on the table, only a few of which he recognized. There was no text though, just pictures, so he didn't know what most of it was. "Can you show the available foods as text instead of pictures?"

"Yes. I forgot you can read."

Tren saw food items listed and he touched the ones he wanted. "This is great! You have just about everything here! You even have coffee! We only had that on special occasions when I was growing up. The only food synthesizer with Human foods was across town from us."

Relf smiled at him and used the washroom. Tren had dried come all over him. He hoped he could bathe soon. Relf walked out of the washroom with an erection. Tren looked at it and then grinned at him.

"Look what you do to me, Tren. I lost track of how many times you made me come."

"It was wonderful, wasn't it?"


"I want you, Relf."

He stood next to Tren and rubbed his cock across his lips. Tren opened his mouth and began sucking him. Tren heard the door open and he started to pull away, but Relf kept him sucking.

"Your food, captain."

"Thank you."

"You found an ISS."

"Yes, a very good one."

Relf ignored the conversation and sucked. He used his hands on the shaft. He moaned as he sucked. He loved the taste and the shape of it. Suddenly Relf grunted and Tren's mouth filled with his come. He swallowed until it stopped. There wasn't as much. Relf stepped back and Tren smiled at him.

Tren looked at the food on the cart. He took his items off it and put them on the table. He realized that all the items were his.

"You aren't eating?"

"This is mine." It was a glass of a deep red liquid.

Tren gulped and asked, "Is that blood?"

"Yes. The blood of my last ISS."

Relf laughed at the expression on Tren's face.

"It's vegetable juice. That's not as interesting though, is it?"

Tren laughed. "No, but I am very, very relieved."

Tren began eating while Relf watched him. He tried a little of several things. "This is all so good!" He took a sip of coffee. It was room temperature, unfortunately. Still that should be easy enough to fix. He had never been allowed to touch a food synthesizer, but he thought it ought to be easy.

"I've heard of some of these things, but never eaten them."

"I am surprised there were no Human foods programmed into your mother's owner's food synthesizer."

"They didn't have one. They didn't approve of them, I guess. They had two cooks, but they didn't cook Human food."

Tren paused and then asked, "Is this a cargo or a passenger ship, Relf?"

"Cargo, primarily. We have Grev passengers occasionally, mostly relatives going on vacations."

"Where is the next port?"

"A planet called Aransas, which is Integ 2."

"Is it far from here?"

"That doesn't really matter. It's the planet's proximity to a travel wormhole that is accessible from here that determines how long it takes. The ship will use two wormholes and take seven A-days to get there."

"Why did you think you could only come four times in one day when you can easily exceed that? Is it because I am new for you and you expect to become bored with me?"

"No. Not at all. If may have been your semen—Humasem—or it could be your enthusiasm urging me on. You seem to really want me."

"I do."

"I doubt I will become bored with you. If you are like Draf, you will become bored with me."

"Who is Draf?"

"My ex-lover. The idiot."

"I remember him. His loss is my gain, as my mother says."

"Do you miss your mother?"

"Not yet. It has only been a little over two weeks. I do want to contact her and let her know how lucky I've been. I'm sure it will be a relief. I will tell her she was right, being an ISS is much better. She enjoys being right."

Relf laughed and said, "All mothers do. I will arrange for you to contact her when we get to Integ 2. We will be leaving Aldora 4 very soon."

"Oh. Do you need to go to the bridge?"

"Yes. There isn't really anything to do. I have to personally ask the port authority for permission to take off at our scheduled time. He will say yes, unless there is an emergency. I will give the order and my part is done. You may come to the bridge with me, if you like."

"Yes, I would love to do that."

Tren ate until he was full. "That was wonderful. Thank you, Relf."

Relf chuckled and said, "You don't need to thank me for food."

"How about thanking you for letting me suck that beautiful cock of yours?"

"Yes. You can thank me for that."

Tren smiled and thanked him.

Relf sat on a couch and Tren sat next to him. Then he remembered he was covered in dried come.

"I need to bathe, Relf."

"Wait until we depart Aldora 4. I want to bathe you."

"Oh, that sounds like fun."

"Do you have any siblings, Tren?"

"No. My mother never met a Human she wanted. Of course, on Nargo, there aren't many to choose from. She married a Naldan, named Trig. I like him very much. But of course, they can't have kids."

"A Naldan? I don't remember a race with that name."

"He is actually a Free Machine that looks like a Naldan. He's a robot, but he looks biological. Naldans are good at that. They have a technology called metalmorph which enables their robots to alter their shape. They can even have hair or fur. Naldans are look a little like Humans but they normally walk on all fours, with the arms functioning as legs. Each arm and leg ends with a hand with a ring of six fingers around it. They can walk on two legs, but they generally don't. Their necks are longer than Humans and are more flexible. Trig looks Human now, though. He picked a shape my mother liked. You can't tell by looking at him that he isn't Human. Of course, internally he is very different, being a robot.

"Trig always encouraged me to learn. Sometimes he would go to the city library and show me interesting races he had met. I never knew there are so many races that aren't in the Alliance. He told me Nalda is one of almost a thousand worlds that aren't in the Alliance. About half of them are Provisional. You probably know this, but it was interesting to me that once a world applies for membership, their Provisional waiting period starts over if they have any change in government. Nalda found there were many corrupt officials in their government and they jailed the ones who were found guilty in trials. That counted as a change, so they had to start over."

"I have heard of worlds remaining Provisional for a very long time."

"Nalda has a lot of commerce with the Provisional Human worlds. That is why Trig was interested in a Human mate. He said he liked all the ones he met."

"Your mother is a slave and he is not. Does that cause problems?"

"Trig wanted her to buy her freedom, but she likes her job and they treat her very well. They don't give her things, but they give her the exclusive use of many nice things. She and Trig have a nice home on her owners' estate. She has vehicles, jewels, a spending account, and lots of clothes."

But not a food synthesizer, Relf thought. How odd! But then, he thought, who was odder than the Grev with their stupid caste Protocol?

"Why do they not give them to her?"

"So she can't sell them to buy her freedom. The Nargot family gives her the use of very expensive things. Since they remain the Nargot family's possessions, they don't mind being extravagant." That reminded Relf very much of his own situation. His ship was actually owned by his family and they could take it from him if he displeased them.

"Do you think she will ever try to buy her freedom?"

"Yes. She plans to retire eventually. She actually has a lot of money. She rents out herI guess you would call them possessions."


"Yes. She has three vehicles. She rents two of them out. She rents out the jewels for poor Nargot to wear to social events. She would rent the clothes, but Nargots can't wear them. The leasing was all Trig's idea. He handles all of that."

"Do the Nargots know what she is doing?"

"I don't believe so. They would make her stop. The people leasing things think they belong to Trig."

Relf laughed and said, "Trig sounds very enterprising."

"He says everyone needs a hobby."

Relf laughed.

Relf looked at Tren and realized that for the first time in years, he was happy. Tren had done that. The pain he'd felt for so long, the pain of failure and the pain of loneliness, was completely gone.

"I've read that the Grev are one of the six founding races of the Alliance. There was data on so many races, that I don't know too much detail about most of them. How long does your recorded history extend?"

"About eighteen thousand years."

"Wow! And the Alliance is almost six thousand years old. How have you managed to maintain the same government so long?"

"We haven't. That restriction only applies to a world while it is a Provisional member. Do you know the reason for that rule?"

"What I read said it was to prevent unstable worlds from affecting the stability of the Alliance."

"Correct. The rule was made when Zarra joined the Alliance. Zarra had a benevolent government that was toppled in a military coup a few years after they joined. They managed to drag several other Alliance worlds into the ensuing civil war. The Zarran military attacked one of the worlds which sided with the civil government, killing thousands. A conference of all member worlds was called to discuss ways to prevent it from happening again. That rule was the result. It isn't perfect, as I am sure the inhabitants of Nalda would agree, but it is impossible to create a perfect rule. Any other solution would require a whole new infrastructure in the Alliance to delve deeply into each applying world's history, culture, religious beliefs, and the temperament, including aggressiveness, of the inhabitants. The Alliance worlds did not want to support that. It would have been extremely expensive because of the huge number of applicant worlds."

"That is completely understandable."

"I learned yesterday that there are several Human worlds in Provisional status."

"Yes, I know of two—Europa and Canadan."

"Perhaps we could go visit them sometime."

"That would be wonderful, Relf. I'm used to being on a world where Humans are uncommon."

Tren wrapped his hand around Relf's prick and he felt it stiffen. "May I sit on it?"

"Yes, beauty. It is yours."

Tren grinned and got the relaxant and the glove. "I would like to start using a lower dose of this. I want to be able to take you without it."

"I don't want to cause you pain."

"What if we are somewhere without the relaxant? You wouldn't be able to fuck me."

"Is it important to you?"

"You are the most important person in the universe to me. It's very important."

"Very well. Give me the glove, and I will try to put just a little on you."

Tren handed the glove and ointment to Relf. He put on the glove and put a very small bead of relaxant on a finger. Tren bent over and Relf pushed the finger in and pulled it out without twisting it. The opening of his hole was smaller than usual.

"Get the clear bottle out of the washroom. It is next to the towels." Tren got it and brought it back. "That is oil. It will help ease the way since you aren't as open."

"Can I apply it?" Relf smiled. Tren was so very eager.

"Yes, Tren."

Tren poured some on his hand and then rubbed both hands together. Then he knelt in front of Relf and rubbed Relf's cock with his hands. Relf moaned as Tren slowly massaged his prick. Tren applied some of the oil to his hole and climbed over Relf, facing him. He reached back and grasped Relf's prick and he slowly sat on it. He closed his eyes. It hurt, but he didn't want Relf to know. He rested and then slid down further. Relf groaned.

"Did I hurt you?" Tren asked.

"No. It feels incredible! So very, very tight." Tren smiled and slid the rest of the way down. The base of his prick was wider and that hurt more. Finally, he was seated on Relf's lap. He opened his eyes and looked into Relf's.

"It's better, isn't it?"

"It feels...I believe it is the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt."


"Yes. It's the tightest hole I have ever been in. I've never fucked an ass that wasn't loose."

"Now you get to do it all the time!"

Relf chuckled and remembered what Tren had said the day before. Relf said, "I am so fucking lucky!"

Tren laughed and asked why.

"Because of you, Tren."

Tren rested his forehead against Relf's. Sadly, that reminded Relf of his ex.

"We both are."

Tren lifted himself up and slid down. Relf groaned, loudly. He repeated it. It still hurt, but Tren was glad Relf was enjoying it. Relf put his hands under Tren's arms and lifted him. Tren slid back down. He repeated it, and on the fourth slide down, he came inside Tren again. Tren shouted and came, as well. Four spurts of come shot onto Relf's chest. Relf wiped it up with his fingers and licked it off them.

Relf wrapped his arms around Tren and pulled him close. He heard Tren's contented sigh. He felt contented as well. He normally would have had his first drink by now, but he had no desire for one. He inhaled and smelled Tren and his own come. It was a very erotic odor.

"I love the way you smell with my come on you."

"I'm glad. I want you to be as happy as you make me."

"The smell does not bother you?"

"No, but it makes me horny. That is a gift from my sex god."


"Did it hurt much?"

"Not that much. It hurt, but it will get better."

Tren looked around the cabin. "Relf, I notice you have no decorations of any sort. Is that a Grev trait?"

"No. I just have never felt a need for them. That is one of the reasons Draf found me boring. He liked things."

"I would like to have a picture of you. Maybe we could have one of both of us. We can put it right over there." Tren pointed to a shelf that was empty.

"What is the point of having a photo of me in my room?"

"When you aren't here I might want to look at it."

"Would you really?"

"Yes. Plus I can look at it while I am playing with myself."

"I would much rather you look at me while you do that."

"Oh, I will. But you might be in the washroom and then what would I do?"

Relf laughed. "I suppose you will want closeups of my prick."

"Of course. I want to lick it first so it's nice and shiny."

"Do you prefer shiny pricks?"

"No. I just want to lick yours. Any reason at all will do."

Relf laughed and said, "I see."

Tren took one of Relf's hands and kissed it.

"You know, I am much older than you, Tren."

"I don't care about that. Your plumbing still works very well."

"Yes, it does."

"You aren't going to die soon, are you?" Tren asked.

"No, I won't die soon as far as I know. I am forty-eight A-years."

"Oh. You are much older than me."

"How old are you, Tren."

"Eighteen A-years.

"Do you have a camera?"

"Yes. See that black rod on the shelf?"

"Yes. Is that one?"

"Yes." Tren got up and picked it up. He sat on Relf's lap. "How does it work?"

"You point the rounded end at whatever you want."



Tren heard a bell. "That will be my brother. Enter."

Galf walked into the cabin.

"Good morning, Tren."

"Good morning."

"I don't see a glass in Relf's hand."

"That is his glass," Tren said, pointing.

Galf picked it up and smelled it. "Is this darpa juice?"

"Yes," Relf said. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I am very surprised. Pleased and surprised."

"Tren, my brother comes around each morning to convince me not to drink."

"Oh. I guess I shouldn't say this, but good. I want you to live a very long time."

"Thank you, Tren. A long life suddenly seems like a good thing. I think you are responsible for that."

"I am very happy to hear that," Galf said.

"Galf, would you mind taking a picture of us? I want to have one."

"Not at all." Tren leaned back against Tren and smiled. Galf pointed the camera at them for a few seconds, and then handed it back to Tren.

"Can I speak to you alone for a moment, Relf?"

"Tren, please go into the washroom and close the door."

"Yes, Relf."

"What is it, Galf?"

"I am curious. How much did you pay for Tren?"

"Take a guess."

"Hmm. I'm sure it was a lot. Sixty thousand?"

"Close. He was sixty-eight."

"You've always been so cheap, skimping when you shouldn't. I'm glad you didn't this time."

"I'm glad too. Tren made me come at least six times last night."

"You are joking!"

"No. It was amazing. He called me a sex god, and I felt like one."

"Sex god, huh?" Galf laughed.

"Yes. You didn't realize your older brother was a sex god?"

"No. You kept it from me."

"We've had sex several times this morning."

"That is amazing. I would say physically impossible, considering your age, if it hadn't happened. I suppose it's Humasem."

Relf nodded.

"What are you going to do when he falls in love with you? He seems the romantic type. He already wants a picture of you."

"Love him back."

"You've changed, Relf, for the better."

"I feel different. I don't know why, but I don't want to disappoint him. I want him to keep looking at me like he can't believe how lucky he is. Do you know he thanked me for buying him?"

"He is definitely not a typical slave."

"No. He's wonderful. He also acts very mature for his age. I plan to keep him with me all the time, as my companion."

Galf smiled at his brother and shook his head. "I hope it lasts. You need love in your life, Relf. But what about the complications Protocol will cause?"

"I will keep him as a slave."

"Hmm. Were there any others like Tren?"

Relf grinned. "Do you want one?"

"I am seriously considering it."

"There was one who was attractive but was older than Tren. I would have bought him, but he said he prefers to fuck."

"Did he have a good personality?"

"He seemed to, but I didn't really get to know him. Tren knows him a little."

"Tren might enjoy having another Human on the ship," Galf speculated.

"He probably would. Are you considering him?"

"Yes. I enjoy getting fucked," Galf said.

"I've heard that."

"And seen it."

"Let's get Tren's opinion."

"That's fine."

"Tren!" Relf called.

Tren came out and said, "Yes, Relf?"

"I was telling Galf about Ardin. It is possible he is still for sale and Galf is interested. What do you know about him?"

"Not much. He told me he likes me very much and he is extremely attractive. We were told to have sex together when Etira set our prices. He fucked me and I enjoyed it. I would have loved to get to know him, but we didn't have the chance. To be honest, we mostly had sex and kissed, we didn't talk that much. I have no idea if it matters, but I thought his come was very tasty. I think if he was on the ship, he would want to have sex with me. I don't know how you feel about that. Of course, you could always forbid it."

Relf smiled at Tren's response.

"I think I will give him a try," Galf said.

"You better hurry. We leave soon," Relf said.

"Do you want to come with me?" Galf asked his brother.

"Yes. I will drive us. I know the way. You might get lost."

"Galf, I really know very little about Ardin. I can't assure you he will be a good ISS or even a good person. Please understand that."

"Thank you, Tren. I know it's impulsive, but if it doesn't work, I can always sell him."

"True," Tren said.

"Do you think you would like to have another Human on the ship?"

"I wouldn't mind. Especially since Relf doesn't want me socializing with the crew."

Tren was worried that Ardin would come between him and Relf. He told himself to remember that Relf was his owner, not his husband. Neither of them was necessarily expected to be faithful to the other. Relf would probably have lovers in some of the ports and he would have Ardin! He started getting excited.

Relf pulled on a pair of shorts and said, "Let's all go. Quickly!"

Tren put on his shorts. Then Galf and Tren followed Relf out of the cabin and down the corridor to the lift. They boarded it and got off on a level with three vehicles. Relf jumped into one and Galf and Tren got in, too.

"Open. Down," Relf said. A door opened and a ramp extended to the ground. Relf started the vehicle and drove it down the ramp.

"Call Etira Clickock," Relf told the vehicle's AI.

"Searching..." the vehicle said.

Relf drove the vehicle down the road Tren and Relf had walked down the night before. All the bars were closed and Tren thought it looked very different in daylight. Much dirtier.

Tren tried to clench his butt shut.

Relf saw Tren's face was very red. "Is something wrong, Tren?"



"Your come is leaking out of my hole and getting all over the seat."

Galf laughed loudly.

Relf chuckled. "Don't worry about it."

"This is Etira. Relf, are you having trouble with Tren?" they heard on the comm system.

"No. Tren is absolutely wonderful." Tren felt good about that! "You had another slave named Ardin. My brother would like to see him."

"Ummm...checking...he is still available. He is in the main market on aisle ninety-seven, cubicle eighty-one. I will meet you there."

"Thank you. End."

It took only a short while to get there, but they had to find a place for the vehicle. That took a while but fortunately it was still early. They finally found one and left their vehicle there. Then Relf and Galf walked briskly and Tren ran alongside them to get to the cubicle they wanted.

Etira was waiting for them. Ardin almost shouted when he saw Tren. He ran to Tren and hugged him. Tren hugged him back. Then he turned to the Grev.

"We are in a hurry, but I would like to try Ardin out," Galf said.

"Of course."

Ardin pulled off his shorts and the stupid feathered shirt they had him wear. His cock was hard. Galf ran his hands over him. He thought Ardin was very attractive. He had a few white hairs which showed his age, but Galf preferred to be fucked by mature males. With males younger than himself, he preferred to be the fucker. He smelled Ardin, and liked the way he smelled. He stroked Ardin's cock and Ardin moaned.

"You like to fuck?" Galf asked him.

"Yes, very much. I am willing to be fucked, but I prefer to be the fucker."

"How do you feel about servicing me?"

"Can I see your equipment?" Galf undid his pants and they fell to the ground. Ardin wrapped his hand around his cock and said, "Nice cock!" He knelt and began sucking Galf. Galf stepped back, pulling his cock from Ardin's mouth.

"I would enjoy servicing you, master. Will you let me fuck you occasionally?"


Ardin grinned at Galf.

"How much is Ardin?"

"Twenty-nine thousand."

"I will take him. Bill it to Galf Ar-Din-El of the Stellar Drift."

"Very well. Here are his things. The chip is his savings account. Ardin, I will deposit twenty-five percent of my profit into your account. That comes to four thousand fifty seven credits."

"We must leave," Relf said.

They all ran to the vehicle and jumped in. Relf and Galf were in one row and Tren and Ardin in another. Ardin grinned at Tren and Tren smiled back. Relf started the vehicle and they headed to the ship.

"Did you suggest me, Tren?"

"I told them about you."

"Do you like Relf? How's the sex?" he whispered.

"Fabulous. He fucked me many times last night and I swallowed so much come, my stomach was full. It was incredible!" Tren whispered back.

Relf looked at Galf and grinned. They could both hear the whispering Humans.

"I hope they let us have sex with each other occasionally," Ardin whispered. "I still want you."

"That's up to them," Tren said, but he took Ardin's hand. Ardin grinned at him.

Relf smiled at Tren's response.

"I think Galf is good looking. Very masculine. I like that." Ardin pulled his cock out of his shorts and stroked it. "I hope he meant it about me fucking him. That cock of his would rip me open."

"He's a doctor. He can sew you shut."

Galf had to stifle his laughter at Tren's reply.

Tren tried not to look at Ardin's cock and then decided that was silly. He decided to enjoy the view. It was very nice.

They drove into the ship a few minutes before the ship's departure time. They got off and took a lift to Galf's level. Ardin and Galf got off headed for Galf's quarters. Relf and Tren took the lift to the bridge. Tren felt the lift change directions. It felt like the lift was moving horizontally for a while.