Toward the Brightest Star

Book One


By Vic James



Copyright 2013 by Vic James


All Rights Reserved


Second Edition

Revised and Expanded




Galf was very excited about having an ISS. He led Ardin to his quarters. As soon as they entered, Galf pulled off his clothes and Ardin removed his shorts.

"Do you enjoy sex, Ardin?"

"Yes. Very much. I hope we will have it often."

"How often do you like to do it?"

"Three or four times a day, master."

Galf smiled.

"I will want to fuck you sometimes. I have a muscle relaxant that will prevent it from being very painful. But I will want you to fuck me most of the time."

Ardin was ecstatic. This was perfect!

"That sounds wonderful, master. I have gotten fucked occasionally, but mostly I like to fuck. I hope I can make you happy. May I ask why you sought me out?"

"Certainly. Relf, my brother and the captain of this ship, is very pleased with Tren. I was impressed by him, also. I read about Humans after I met Tren and decided to try one. I also thought Tren might like to have another Human aboard. The rest of the crew are Grev and because of Grev customs, Tren is not allowed to socialize with the crew.

"Tren told me he thought you would like to have sex with him and it sounded like he would enjoy it, too. I do not have a problem with that, as long as you can still get excited with me. The captain may feel differently, however. If he forbids it, and you do it anyway, he can space you. In space, his word is law."

Ardin looked sick. "I will obey the captain. I dislike being spaced."

Galf laughed and said, "It does ruin one's day. I don't want you to think he is a tyrant, but he may be possessive of Tren and when emotions are involved…"

"I understand."

Ardin liked Galf. He had worried he was too old to get a buyer as an ISS. This exceeded his wildest hopes.

"Do you like to suck cock, Ardin"

"Yes. I like it very much. Tren sounded like he enjoyed Grev come, so I look forward to tasting it."

"I would like for you to suck me and then I will suck you."

Ardin knelt and took Galf's cock into his mouth. It was large, but he did the best he could. Galf moaned, so he hoped he was pleasing him. He wrapped his hands around the shaft and moved them in a circular motion as he sucked. Galf moaned. Ardin tried to get as much in as he could.

"Do not struggle so. You were doing fine."

Ardin took one hand and felt for Galf's balls. He found them and stroked them.

"Very nice, Ardin." Ardin continued. He was enjoying himself and his partner was, too.

He pulled back and asked, "Do you like to have your balls sucked?"

"Yes." Ardin did that for a few minutes before returning to his cock.

Galf thoroughly enjoyed Ardin's attentions. Galf had never wanted an ISS before, but it was lonely on the ship and Galf knew he would see much less of his brother now that Relf had Tren. He also wanted to see if he was affected by Humasem. Relf apparently had been.

Ardin had him close to coming and he thought about delaying his orgasm, but he decided against it.

"I'm close, Ardin. Make me come."

Galf groaned as his come shot into Ardin's mouth. Ardin swallowed repeatedly. The Grev's come tasted much better than his last owner's, who was a semi-aquatic Ristit.

When Galf softened, Ardin looked up at him. "Was it all right?"

"Yes, Ardin. I want to suck you now. Lie on the bed."

Ardin lay on his back, and Galf got between his legs. He began licking Ardin's groin. He smiled as he heard Ardin's groan. He lapped at his balls before moving to his cock. It was smaller than a Grev cock, but Galf thought that would make it more enjoyable to suck. He swallowed it completely and Ardin moaned louder. He began sucking. It had been a long time since he had done it and he enjoyed it. From the way Ardin was moaning, he knew he was enjoying it, also.

Galf reached up and ran his hands over his slave's fur. Ardin took Galf's hands and placed them on his nipples. "Pinch them lightly." Galf did. "A little harder." He did and Ardin moaned, "Yes, yes."

Ardin decided to try a little domination. Males who liked to be fucked usually enjoyed it.

"Suck my cock! Suck it!"

Galf moaned and Ardin knew he enjoyed it.

"Suck it good and I'll fuck you as a reward."

Galf moaned around the cock. He was very turned on. He began sucking harder. He wanted his slave's come.

"Ah, fuck!" Ardin shouted as his come spurted into Galf's mouth. Ardin softened and Galf sat up. He could taste the Humasem. He swallowed and decided he liked it. He grinned at his slave.

"Do I get a reward?"

"Oh, yes. That was wonderful!"

"I enjoyed your taking command, but remember it doesn't leave our room. If one of the crew heard you be disrespectful..."

"I understand. You are the master. I only did it because I thought you would enjoy it. I will only do it during sex unless you tell me not to."


"Have I pleased you, master?"


Galf lay beside him.

"Why do some Human's have fur and some don't?"

"I don't know. It seems to run in families. My father was hairy. Does it bother you?"

"No. I like it. I think you are very attractive. Mature, but still sexy."

"I'm glad. I was afraid I was getting too old for anyone to want me as an ISS."

"How old are you, Ardin?"

"Forty-two A-years."

"That is my age!"

"I like that. The very young don't always know what they want. They change and suddenly they want something else." He thought of Tren. Yesterday he had been wild for Ardin and today he had cooled to near indifference. It hurt. "Beings our age already know what we want."

"That is very true."

"You are a very attractive person, Galf. Are you married?"

"I was. The marriage was ended. You are my only sex partner right now."

Ardin smiled at him. Then he ran his hands over Galf's fur. "I love your fur. It's soft.

"I know you will probably trade me for a younger ISS, but I am glad I have this chance. I will try to give you pleasure."

Galf leaned over and licked Ardin's face. Ardin closed his eyes and smiled. Galf took Ardin's prick in his hand and felt it stiffen.

"You are definitely not too old. I've never had an ISS, because I always found them to be young and silly. That doesn't appeal to me."

"My silly days are...mostly behind me."

"So don't talk of age. You are exactly what I want."

"I want you, too." Ardin reached his hand between Galf's legs and ran a finger around his hole. Galf lifted his leg up to give Ardin access. Ardin pulled his hand back and sucked on a finger. He then reached again for Galf's hole and pushed his finger into him. Galf closed his eyes and sighed. "I want to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me."

Ardin pulled his finger out. "Do you have a lubricant?"

"Use saliva."

Ardin bent over and began licking Galf's hole. He meant for Ardin to spit on his cock and then fuck him, but this was much, much better.

"Oh, Ardin! That is incredible."

As a doctor, he thought Ardin should stop. There were bacteria. Shut up, doctor, he told himself.

"You taste good. I may have to do this often." Galf moaned and then shouted as Ardin's tongue slipped into him.



On the lift, heading for the bridge, Tren said, "I hope Galf and Ardin can be as happy as I am, Relf."

"You mean as happy as we are."

"Yes, I guess I do mean that." Tren smiled up at Relf.

"Here we are. This is the bridge of my ship."

Tren looked around. There were three Grev seated at computers. They stood as Relf walked off the lift.

"Rittel, this is Tren. He is my new Companion. Tren, Rittel is second in command. "

Rittel was a little shorter than Relf and his fur was a medium brown, unlike the reddish brown of Relf's fur.

"I am pleased to meet you, Tren."

"He is not your ISS?" Rittel asked.

"I have made him my Companion." Tren wondered what that meant.

"Tren, this is Brittan. He is the chief navigator."

"I am pleased to meet you, Tren." Tren thought he looked a lot like Rittel. Then he realized all three of the Grev looked very much alike.

"Thank you."

"This is Grettel. He is over external communications."

"I am happy to meet you, Tren."

"Thank you."

Relf went to a very large wooden chair that looked centuries old. Tren thought it looked out-of-place on a star ship. He sat down and Tren stood beside him.

Tren looked around while they waited. It didn't look much like the bridges he'd seen in videos. There was no viewport. The walls were all silver metal. There were computer stations that weren't in use. In fact, it could have been a business office. The floor was a beautiful green stone with darker green streaks in it. There were several small green statues of Grev in various places. They seemed to be made of the same stone as the floor.

Tren looked at Relf's chair. The back was about a meter taller than Tren. There were intricate carvings in the dark brown wood of Grev and strange animals or beings. He realized the entire chair was carved, there wasn't a smooth piece of wood that Tren could see.

"Stellar Drift. This is the Port Authority."

"Do we have permission to leave?" Relf asked him.

"Permission granted. You must depart within two A-minutes."

"Understood. Departing now," Relf replied.

"Rittel, take us to Integ 2."

"Yes, captain."

Tren felt a little vibration and then the metal walls and ceiling all became invisible. Tren watched the ship take off. They ground dropped away quickly and a few seconds later the sky darkened and stars appeared. Relf stood up and they left the bridge. They got on the lift and got off on their level. Tren decided he wanted to see a layout of the ship so he could tell where everything was.

They walked into Relf's quarters and Relf stepped out of his shorts. His cock was erect. "May I?" Tren asked, reaching for it.

"Tren, you don't need to ask. You are my only sex partner. If you don't, who will?"

Tren smiled at him and knelt in front of him. He took the cock into his mouth and began sucking. He stroked the shaft and heard Relf sigh.

Relf pulled his cock out of Tren's mouth and said, "Let's get you washed." They walked into the washroom and into the bathing closet. Relf turned the water on. "Is that temperature OK?" he asked Tren.

"Yes, it's fine."

They both got in under the water. Relf took the tube of cleanser and put some on his hands. Then he rubbed them over Tren. Relf loved the feel of his Companion’s wet, slick skin. As he rubbed his hands over Tren's back, he bent down and pressed his mouth to Tren's. He pushed his tongue into Tren's mouth and Tren licked at Relf's tongue. Relf reached down and pushed a finger into Tren. Tren groaned into his mouth. He planned to have his prick in that hole very soon. He stood back up and ran his hands over the rest of Tren's body. Tren was so beautiful. Relf could hardly believe they had just met. He stroked Tren's cheek. It was rough.

“What happened to your skin? It was soft before.”

Tren felt his cheek. He grinned.

"Hair on my face was shaved off. Do you want me to shave again?"

"You can grow fur on your face?"


"I want to see you with fur."


He finished washing Tren. "Get a towel over there to dry yourself." Tren got out and Relf pushed the suds switch. His fur was coated with detergent and then rinsed with water. He stepped out of the bath looking dry to Tren.

"How did you get dry?"

"Our fur repels water."

Tren took the towel and wiped Tren. Then they left the washroom.

"What did you mean when you told Rittel I was your companion?"

"A Companion goes wherever I go, even places that are inappropriate for an ISS. For example, a social event, like a dinner party. You would be my Companion. You would never take an ISS to a dinner party. A Companion is often an arranged escort for social events. This way people will be less inclined to wonder why you are always at my side."

Tren hugged Relf.

"I wonder how Galf and Ardin are getting along. I hope well."

"Let's check."

"Get Galf."

A breathless Galf answered, "Yes?"

"Brother, I was checking to see how things are going."

"Very...unh...well...unh...unh" Galf groaned.

"Fantastic!" they heard Ardin yell.

Relf and Tren laughed. "Let's all plan to eat dinner together."

"Yes. Good. End," Galf said.

Tren looked up and Relf and smiled. He picked up Tren and carried him to the bed. He laid him down and took Tren's prick into his mouth. He sucked him for a while before laying on top of him. He licked Tren's lips and Tren opened his mouth. Relf pushed his tongue into it while Tren licked at his tongue. Relf pulled his tongue out.

"I love having you on top of me. It makes me feel safe and protected."

"You are definitely protected from anyone else fucking you this way. You are all mine."

Tren wondered if Relf meant Ardin.

Relf rolled over onto his back. "I want to see you stroke yourself. Then come in my mouth."

Tren grinned at him and got on his knees. He stroked himself as he looked at Relf's cock. He reached out and stroked Relf at the same time.

Relf thought Tren was very beautiful. His face was pink from passion. Relf ran his hands over him and then pushed a finger into him as he swallowed Tren's cock. Tren shouted as he ejaculated into his lover's mouth. Relf kept the Humasem in his mouth briefly, enjoying the flavor. He was curious if it would affect his libido again. He swallowed and pulled Tren into his arms. Tren hugged him, and then they kissed. Relf pulled Tren tightly against him and soon fell asleep.

He woke feeling wildly energetic. Tren was stroking himself again, looking at Relf's cock.

"I hope you never get tired of it."

"I don't think I will. It's so big!"

Relf chuckled. "Get the oil, Tren." Tren jumped out of bed and got it. He poured some on his hands and rubbed them on Relf's erection. Relf closed his eyes and sighed. Tren put some on his fingers and pushed them into himself. He was sore, but he wanted Relf inside him. He squatted over Relf and sat slowly down.

Relf opened his eyes. "Did you use any relaxant?"

"No. I want to try it this way."

Tren closed his eyes and tried not to scream as he forced more of the big prick inside his body. Finally he gave up. He got out of bed and got the relaxant. "Eventually, I will take that pretty thing with just oil, but I can't do it yet."

"Give it to me. I will do it." Tren handed Relf the glove and relaxant. He applied a very small amount and watched Tren's hole open slightly. He added just a bit more, and then tossed the glove and relaxant on the floor.

"I wonder if you are inside me when it wears off, if I will stay stretched."

"We can try it if you want. Keep in mind, I can't enjoy it if you are in pain."

"I'm sorry. I didn't think of that."

"It's all right."

Tren climbed on and slid down Relf's prick. Relf sighed loudly.

"I could easily become addicted to this."

"It's healthier than booze."

"True. And we both enjoy it."

Tren put his hands on Relf's chest and began fucking himself on his prick. After a few minutes, Relf wanted to change position.

"Wrap your arms around my neck."

Once Tren had done that, Relf climbed out of bed, still inside Tren. He fucked him standing up bouncing him on his cock until he came. He sat on the sofa and they kissed. His prick was still hard so he began lifting and dropping Tren. Tren had a huge smile on his face. He tried to imagine what Draf's expression would have been. He didn't think it would be a smile. Thinking of Draf brought the ache back to his heart. He forced himself back into the present. It took Relf a little longer to come, but he did. He held Tren against him as he panted.

Tren climbed off him and got a damp towel. He wiped Relf's cock and then began licking it. It slowly stiffened and Tren began sucking it. Relf lay there with his eyes closed while his beautiful Human sucked him. Tren held Relf's balls and began licking them while he stroked his prick with one hand.

"Will you roll over and get on your knees?" Tren asked.

Relf wondered how he was going to suck his prick if he was on his stomach, but he did. Tren got between his legs and pulled Relf's cheeks apart. Relf hoped Tren didn't think he was going to fuck him, but then Tren pushed his face into his crack, sniffed, and then began to lick Relf's hole.

"Oh, fuck! That feels wonderful!" Tren smiled to himself, but kept rimming his lover. Relf thought it was one of the most incredible things he'd ever felt. He had done it, but no one had ever done it to him. He felt like he was the youth and Tren was the experienced lover. Tren rimmed him for a few minutes and then Relf flipped back over.

"Suck me."

Tren did, enthusiastically. A few minutes later, Relf came in Tren's mouth. Tren gulped his lover's come and sucked until his cock was soft.

He lay down next to Relf. "That was fun!"

Relf laughed and said, "Yes, it was.”

Relf knew many Grev who would be delighted to know about Humasem. It certainly was effective.

“Are you hungry, Relf? You only had juice."

"Yes. Darpa juice and Tren juice. Let's eat." They got out of bed and ordered what they wanted.

Tren sat and felt something touching his foot. He looked down. He picked it up. It was a photo of a Grev.

“Why do you have a photo on the floor under the chair.”

Relf took the picture from him. He opened a drawer and put it in.

“That was Draf, my ex.”

“Why was he on the floor?”

Relf really didn’t want to say. A few days earlier, he had been looking at the picture when Galf came to see him. Galf wouldn’t have been pleased to know Relf was still pining after Draf, a year after the breakup. Relf hid the picture quickly, and then forgot it was there.”

“I don’t know how it got there,” Relf lied.

While they waited for the food, Relf said, "I want to watch you play with yourself."

Tren smiled at him and began stroking his prick while he looked at Relf's cock. Relf smiled. Tren wasn't imagining he was with some good looking young lover. He was thinking about him, wanting him. Tren wanted his prick. He was going to give it to him. Relf stood in front of him and pulled Tren's face to his cock. Tren licked it while stroked himself.

"I'm close. Do you want me to come?"

"Put your prick in my mouth before you come."

Galf and Ardin lay side by side panting. Galf looked at Ardin's smiling face and worried. What were his brother and he doing? He could easily see himself falling in love with Ardin. The sex was phenomenal and Ardin seemed to genuinely like him, as well. But it couldn't end well. Protocol would kill everything, as it always seemed to do. He couldn't keep someone he loved a slave. But the second he freed him, Protocol would prevent them from being together. And they could never be equals, anyway.

"Are you all right, Galf?" Ardin asked.

Ardin was thinking of Tren. Maybe being on the ship was not such a good thing. If he couldn't have him, it would hurt. Part of him ached to be with Tren. He forced himself to focus on Galf.

The door to Relf’s cabin opened and a Grev brought the food on a cart. "Dalef, this is Tren."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Tren. Congratulations."

Tren didn't know what she meant. "Thank you." She turned around and left.

"What did she mean? Was she talking about being your Companion?"


"Why did she congratulate me? Because I can go to dinners with you?"

"It's more than that. An ISS is like a toy. Someone to have sex with and nothing else. A Companion is more like a...lover."

Tren's eyes widened. "Oh!"

"You are still a slave. That is necessary for now." Tren wondered about the 'for now'.

They ate and Relf found he was very aroused. He fucked Tren one more time. They were both sleepy so they took a nap. The communicator beeping woke Relf. He saw Tren was still sleeping, so he left his cabin to answer.


"Do you want to dine at 27?"

"Yes. How is Ardin working out?"

"Very well. I am extremely pleased. Humasem is potent."

"Yes. It makes me feel Tren's age."


Relf went back in the cabin and got back in bed. He pulled Tren into his arms and went back to sleep.

When they woke up, Relf said, "Put your shorts on. I want to take you somewhere." Relf picked up the tube of relaxant and the glove.

They both put their shorts on and Relf took Tren's hand. They left the cabin and walked down the corridor. At the end of it, the opposite end being the lift, was a door which Relf opened. Tren stepped into the room. There were low chairs and tables. There was a counter on one end. The walls were silver metal. Relf directed Tren to a seat.

Tren thought it was a lounge. He sat and found the chair very comfortable. "Lean back." Tren did and the chair reclined. Relf pushed a button and the width of the chair increased. It was large enough for both of them. Relf sat and reclined next to Tren. Tren rolled over to face him and smiled.

"View." Suddenly the walls and ceiling became transparent. You could see space around them.

Tren looked at all the stars.

"Is that a nebula? What is it called?" he asked, pointing at a swirl of color.

"That is the Orfara nebula."

"It's so beautiful! It all is!" While Tren looked around, Relf pulled him into his arms.

Relf pointed at a big bright smudge. "That is a galaxy with over one hundred billion stars." He pointed in another direction. "That is another galaxy."

"So many stars. It seems impossible there can be so many. I wonder how many more kinds of intelligent beings there are."

They lay there for a while, enjoying the view.

“If you could go anywhere out there, where would you go Tren?”

“Would you be there?”


He looked around. One star caught his eye. “I think towards the brightest star.”

“That’s not a bad goal.”

Tren looked at Relf. "How long do Grev live?"

Relf smiled at him. "Are you worried about me?"


"I can live longer if I decide to be rejuvenated. How long would you like me to live?"

"At least as long as I do. No. You should live longer." Relf smiled but realized that he would now be willing to consider rejuvenation. He had no interest in extending his life after he lost Draf.

Relf ran his hands over his companion while he licked behind his ears. He pulled off Tren's shirt and his own. Relf became hard again. He picked up and put on the glove and then applied relaxant to Tren's hole. Then he pulled Tren onto his prick. Tren sighed. Relf ran his hands over Tren's chest and belly. Then he wrapped a hand around his prick and stroked him. He didn't fuck him. He was content to be inside Tren. They stayed there for a while.

"Put your shorts on. I want to show you my ship." Relf showed him the parts of the engines that were safe to view when the ship was in space. He showed him the air and water plants. All of the Grev Tren met seemed happy he was on the ship. He noticed they didn't act like Relf was an aristocrat. Relf had told him they didn't bow on the ship, but Relf was surprised how informally the crew spoke to Relf. He asked him why.

"I have no patience with all that ritual. I lost interest in it when I fell in love with Draf. He was not an aristocrat which meant he couldn't even enter my home. I was forced to set up a second address where we both could stay. I couldn't move my things to it because that would make it my home and he would not be able to enter it then. He couldn’t move his things into it for the same reason. We met in a house completely devoid of personal belongings. It was a cold unfriendly place.”

Tren thought that described Relf’s cabin, too. It was completely bare.

“When Draf left me, I began living on the ship. I made it clear to the crew that the ship operated under different rules. On the ship I told them to treat me as their commanding officer. Outside of the ship, the standard Protocol applies.

"Is that why you said I need to continue being a slave for now?"

Relf grinned at him and shook his head. "You are more intelligent than many Grev I have met. Yes, that is the reason. When I go back to Gres, I want you with me."

"Why doesn't Galf treat the crew medically, then?"

"He could lose his medical license if it became known." And he is not as willing to flaunt Protocol, Relf thought.

Relf took Tren to a Grev who took his measurements and then had a machine produce clothing for him, including shoes, in a variety of colors and designs. Relf picked the ones he liked. Tren thought they were all beautiful and he was very excited when he tried some of them on. Relf said he looked better naked and Tren laughed.

It was time to meet Galf for dinner. "What should I wear?"

"Your shorts or maybe just your cock ring."

"Oh! A formal dinner with jewelry!"


"I hope Galf and Ardin are not going to be dressed up."

"They won't."

Relf led the way to a room on Galf"s level. Galf and Ardin were already there. Ardin grinned at Tren. He was naked. Tren thought Ardin looked tired. He guessed they must have had a lot of sex.

They sat and ordered what they wanted to eat.

Tren could feel Ardin’s eyes on him. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to anger Relf, but he didn’t want to ignore Ardin. On the other hand, if he didn’t ignore Ardin, he might start wanting him again. He thought he knew how an ISS should behave. He had no idea how a Companion was supposed to behave. Was he Relf’s lover or his slave? Tren put his face in his hands.

“Are you ill?” Galf asked him.

“No. I’m fine.”

Tren glanced at Ardin who looked worried about him.

"Permission to enter."


Rittel walked into the room and said, "Captain. A message came for you before we set out for Integ 2. I couldn't decide whether I should give it to you."

"Why wouldn't you?" Relf asked, irritated.

Rittel handed him a sheet of plas and Relf looked at it before saying, "Oh." Tren could see Relf was unhappy.

"What is it Relf?" Galf asked him.

"It's from Draf."

"What does he want? Money?"

"No. He says...Galf and Rittel, I need to see you in my cabin. Tren and Ardin, remain here and eat."

They got up and left.

"I wonder what his ex wants?" Tren asked.

"Relf is rich and has his own ship. I'm guessing money or a reconciliation or both."

Tren felt sick.

"Are you sure you are OK, Tren?"

"No. I'm worried. What if they get back together?"

"It might not matter. His ex could be his lover at home and you could be his lover on the ship."

That shouldn't bother him, but it did. He found himself getting angry at Draf. He knew he was not Relf's husband and never would be, but…"

"I feel sick, Ardin."

"Have you already fallen in love with him?"

Tren didn't say anything. He was afraid he had. Relf told him he could love him, but now Tren saw very, very clearly why ISS's should not love. It hurt. That was why. Then it struck him. Relf couldn’t even have a normal relationship with another Grev. Protocol prevented it. What chance did Tren have? He really started to feel ill. His stomach hurt.



They entered Relf’s cabin.

"Draf wants to get back together. He says he finally realizes how wonderful, and that's his word, I am. He says he was young and foolish and begs me for a second chance. He says on the ship we can live together."

"What will you do?" Galf asked him. "Do you still have feelings for him?"

Relf shook his head. "I would love to say no. I wish I could."

"It would be stupid to think he has changed," Rittel said.

Relf got angry and then realized Rittel was just worried for him. "Maybe. He was young. Maybe he has matured. Most of our problems were due to living separately."

"What will you do about Tren? I think he will be devastated," Galf said.

"I know he will. I really care for him. Draf would never allow me to keep him. Even if he did, Tren would suffer."

Like we will when Draf gets here, Galf thought.

"Are you sure you don't want to think about it before you send him on his way?" Rittel asked.

"Draf had me first."

Galf and Rittel looked at each other.

"What does that have to do with anything? He also dumped you publicly, in front of friends."

Relf closed his eyes and thought about it. He pictured Draf and Tren side by side. Tren was smiling at him and Draf looked angry. He wondered why he pictured him that way. He remembered that was the way he always looked towards the end. He had longed for Draf for so long, he couldn't reject the chance to be together. He and Draf had much more in common than he and Tren. They had been together for ten years. And Tren. Tren deserved more than he could give him. Tren was a wonderful person, but a terrible ISS. He was far too romantic. He could imagine Tren's expression if he loaned him to a friend. Not that he would, but with ISSs, that sort of thing was done all the time. Tren would make someone a wonderful husband. He just could not be Relf's husband. He could never be that.

"I have to know if we can work out our problems."

"You should free Tren. Who knows what his next owner would be like?" Galf said.

"I know that."

"I am very fond of Ardin, but I know if I keep him, I will fall in love with him, and I don't want to do that. It would be too complicated. Why don't we free both of them?"

Relf sighed. "Tren did say he likes Ardin very much."

"Are you absolutely sure this is what you want to do?" Rittel asked him. "Draf will be bored on the ship, and we know he doesn't like that."

Relf could see Rittel really didn't want Draf on the ship. What would he do if he had to choose between them? "I am very aware of that. I...I think I should try. If it doesn't work, at least I won't spend the rest of my life wondering if I should have given Draf a second chance."

"Relf, do you still love Draf? Or do you want to find out if you love him? Because if it is the second, I don't think the rest of us want to be present for the experiment. It's one thing to put up with him because you love him, but if not, it's just…" Galf trailed.

"Shitty," Rittel said.

Galf laughed. "That's the word."

"I still love him. I wouldn't even consider taking him back, otherwise."

"Captain, it will be hard for the crew to respect Draf. Because of how he treated you, most of us are not particularly fond of him," Rittel said.

"You will be able to be polite, won't you?"


"Well, brother. Are you ready to change yourself?"


"To become less boring to Draf. Your cabin is completely unsuitable. He will want artwork and the latest entertainment at the very least."

"I think I will let him buy whatever he wants for us."

"I hope he isn't doing this because he is broke," Rittel said.

"I think if he was doing it for money, he would not have offered to live on the ship."

"Yes, that is true. He would stay home and spend your money."

Relf thought for a minute before saying, "I need to break this to Tren. I hate making him suffer. Galf, will you send him here?"

"Are you going to free him?"

"Yes. I will give him some money to get started."

"I will free Ardin and do the same." Galf and Rittel left. Relf really hoped he was doing the right thing. Then he knew. Freeing Tren was the right thing. Tren should not be a slave. It was wrong.

Galf walked into the room where Tren and Ardin were still sitting. "Tren, Relf would like you to join him in his cabin."

"What happened?"

"He wants to explain it to you."

Tren left and Galf asked, "Ardin, do you like Tren?"

"Yes. Very much."

"Relf is going to give his ex a second chance. I am going to free you and Relf will free Tren. Maybe the two of you will be good for each other, assuming Tren is willing."

"Freedom and Tren? Thank you, master! I don't know what else to say."

Tren felt terrible. He walked slowly to Relf's door. Relf opened the door to his cabin and said, "Please come in, Tren." Tren walked in and Relf sat. Tren sat beside him.

"Tren, I am going to give Draf a second chance."


"Wait! I realize this may be a mistake, but I want to try." Relf watched tears run down Tren's cheeks. He felt terrible. Tren didn't deserve to be hurt.

"Do you like Ardin?"


"Do you like Ardin?"

"What? Yes, but he isn't you."

"Are you willing to give him a chance?"

Tren put his face in his hands and cried. Relf rubbed his back, feeling miserable.

Finally he looked at Relf and asked, "Did I displease you?"

"No. Tren. Not at all. It is difficult to explain. I have missed Draf terribly for a long time. This is a chance to be with him. I still love him.

"I hate the idea of leaving you on your own. If you think you and Ardin might be happy together, we will free both of you. Do you think you can be happy with him?"

"We can try. I like him, but I don't know him well. What if it doesn't work out with your ex?"

"Be happy with Ardin, Tren." Relf couldn't ask Tren to put his life on hold waiting for a break up with Draf.

"Tren, you should never have been a slave. You make about as good a slave as I would. Becoming a slave just so you can have a lot of sex is—”

Tren was grateful he didn’t say it.

“I think you can be so much more. You should be so much more. I want to give you the chance to do that.

"I will give you and Ardin a cabin of your own. Integ 2—Aransas—is a very nice place. The inhabitants are friendly and they welcome visitors. The climate is also very nice. I would offer to take the two of you somewhere else, but it just happens that this is one of my favorite planets. I think you will like it. Even if you can't find jobs, the government will provide food and housing. The two of you can be free and happy there.

"Let's get your things together." Relf picked up Tren's new clothes. "Tomorrow I will have clothes made for Ardin. Tren, do you want to share a cabin with him?"

"Yes, I suppose."

He left his cabin and went to one down the corridor.

"This cabin is the same size as mine."

The door opened and Relf put Tren's clothes down on the bed. Relf could hear Tren was crying. It pained him knowing how unhappy he was making Tren, but Tren was young. Very, very young. He would recover quickly. He was glad he heard from Draf sooner. It would have been much harder for both of them in a week.

"Wait here. I will get Ardin." Relf walked to the room where Galf and Ardin sat with their food. Relf definitely wasn't hungry.

"Ardin, I have moved Tren's things to a cabin the two of you can share. I told Tren that Integ 2, our next stop, is a very nice world. It is an Alliance world and I don't think you will have any trouble getting jobs there. I will give the two of you some money you can live on until you get jobs."

"I don't know how to thank you enough, Captain."

"Just take care of Tren."

"I will. I promise you that. I want to do that more than anything."

"I will show you to your cabin."

Relf left and Ardin started to follow, but he turned to Galf and said, "Thank you."

"You are welcome, Ardin. Relf and I both want you two to be happy."

Ardin nodded and followed Relf to their new cabin.

Ardin entered it and Relf left him.

Relf walked back in his quarters. He really wanted to believe he was doing the right thing, but part of him was screaming, 'You are making a mistake!'

Tren was on the bed crying. Ardin sat next to him. Tren sat up and hugged him.

"Are you OK?"

"I love him, Ardin. I know it hasn't been long, but I do."

Ardin wrapped an arm around Tren. He had fallen in love quickly when he was Tren's age. He remembered how much it hurt.

"He was the first person I ever loved, besides family."

Tren leaned against him, resting his head against Ardin's shoulder. Ardin sniffed Tren's hair. His scent was wonderful, like the rest of him. "I believe you, Tren, because I love you. It hasn't been long, but I do. When you left with Relf, I felt like the ground was falling beneath me. From the moment I first saw you, I have had trouble thinking of anything or anyone else. When I saw your face when you came back to the market, I think I was happier than I have ever been. If you'll give me a chance, I promise to make you happy."

Ardin looked at him and they kissed. Tren pulled back and sighed.

"I am tired. I think I'll go to sleep."

"Can I sleep with you?"


Tren lay down and cried some more. Ardin took him in his arms and held him until he fell asleep. Ardin breathed again the scent of the man he loved. He was too excited to sleep. Not only was he free for the first time in his life, but he had the person he desired more than anyone else in his arms. He couldn't believe how lucky he had been. He was forty-two and he felt like his life was just beginning.

He wondered what Integ 2 was like. He would ask Tren to look it up on the computer tomorrow. If it was an agricultural planet, there would be plenty of work for him. He felt sorry for Relf. He had a feeling that Relf's reunion with his ex wouldn't last. He wondered if Relf would come looking for Tren, but maybe by then, he would be Tren's first choice. Eventually, Ardin fell asleep.

Tren woke first. He watched Ardin sleep. Tren thought he was very beautiful. Completely masculine. When Ardin opened his eyes, Tren stroked his stubbly cheek.

"You are looking at me like I matter, again. Like when we met."

"You do matter. I'm glad you still want me."

"I love you. To me, you are the most important person in the galaxy."

"I'm very glad you feel that way."

"I'm not wealthy and I can't buy you nice things, but I can give you my heart and all my love."

Tren closed his eyes. His heart ached, but Ardin was definitely helping. Tren opened his eyes, took Ardin's hand, and kissed it.

"I want to see you with a beard, Ardin."

"I want to see you with one, too."

"Will you be my lover, Tren?"

If he couldn't have Relf, he could at least have a handsome, sexy man as a lover. And maybe Ardin would be a better lover than Relf. It would be hard to be worse!

"Yes, I will. It's funny, Ardin. Two days ago I would have been thrilled to have you for a lover. Now, all I can think about is losing Relf."

"Give it time. We can be happy together."

Tren ran his hands over Ardin.

"Does all the hair bother you?"

"What? Your hair is very short."

"No, I mean on my chest and all."

Tren smiled. "It excites me. To be honest, everything about you excites me."

Ardin grinned.

A moment later, Ardin saw Tren's expression change. Then he sighed.

"What is it lover?" Ardin asked.

"The strange part is I feel I'm a failure as a slave. My first owner got rid of me after only one day!"

Ardin looked like he was trying not to laugh. Then he burst out laughing. "Well, I suppose you will have to be freed, if you can't make it as a slave. Not everyone is cut out for it."

Tren chuckled. After a moment, he said, "Relf told me I was a terrible slave."

"He did? I am surprised."

"He said it in a nice way. He said I wasn't any better at being a slave than he would be."

"Oh. That makes more sense."

"I am glad you are here. What if this happened and you weren't on board? I would be in here crying my eyes out and terrified of being dumped on a strange world."

Tren leaned forward and kissed Ardin lightly on the lips. Ardin smiled at him. Tren stroked the side of Ardin's head and Ardin closed his eyes.

"Being here with you feels so comfortable. I feel like I am good enough for you, Ardin. And I still want you. I feel like I’m bouncing around. Ardin, Relf, Ardin."


Tren wondered if he wanted to bounce back to Relf. A big part of him screamed yes, but another part was telling him it never would have worked. Eventually Relf would want to go home. And there, Tren would be less than nothing. Honorables—Relf’s family—would treat him like he didn’t exist. And that would hurt.

“That’s why the picture was there!”

“What?” Ardin asked him.

“I found a picture of Relf’s ex under his chair.”

“I guess he wanted it close,” Ardin said.

“And he didn’t want everyone to know he was looking at his picture.”

“I bet you are right. Galf didn’t seem glad for Relf.

"Anyway, I agree with Relf. You shouldn't be a slave. No one should. You aren't worried about being on your own, are you? I will be with you. I am really looking forward to it."

"No, but I would be terrified if you weren't there."

Tren looked down at Ardin's very stiff prick. He remembered how much he had wanted it. Now it was his.

"I can't believe this is mine."

Tren wrapped his hand around it.

"It is, baby."

“I must be fickle.”

Ardin grinned at him.

“What you are, is young. I fell in love easily and hard when I was your age.”

“Did you?”

“Yes. You are discovering relationships. They are painful. I suffered the same way you are.”

“Did it stop hurting?”

“Yes. I fell out of love quickly, too. It’s funny. Now I wonder why I thought the people I was so in love with were so wonderful. In a way, you are lucky.”

Tren thought about that. It was true. He had Ardin to understand him, Ardin to comfort him, and Ardin to love him.

Tren knelt between Ardin’s legs. He pulled back the foreskin and licked the head. He lapped at it a while as Ardin moaned. He took it into his mouth. Ardin ran his fingers through Tren's hair as he sucked him. Tren held Ardin's balls before licking them. He went back to sucking his prick. He closed his eyes, but he saw Relf in his mind, so he opened them. Ardin began moaning and Tren was happy he was pleasing him. After a few minutes, Ardin cried, "Tren!" as his come spurted into Tren's mouth.


Ardin leaned back and chuckled. "You liked that, did you?"

"Yes. Remember the first time you came in my mouth?"

Ardin laughed. "Let me try! It was so very long ago!"

"Well, maybe not a long time, but a lot has happened."

"That is true."

"When I was sucking you the night we met, I was frantic to make you come. We kept getting interrupted! We had played all evening and I was getting hotter and hotter for you."

"I know. It was driving me insane! I wanted to take you somewhere private where I could hold you and tell you how much I liked you."

"No sex?"

"Well, sex, too. Lots of sex."


"Anyway, I thought your come was delicious. I wasn't sure if it was because I liked you so much. I had never liked anyone else as much."


"It's still delicious."

"It's all yours, Tren. I'm all yours, and there's no one to stop us."

Tren grinned at him and then sighed. Ardin saw Tren got sad again.

"Tren, I know you miss Relf, but what would things have been like when you met his wealthy family? How would they feel about their son, the star ship pilot, in love with a slave who isn't even a Grev? And his wealthy friends? Would they like you? How would they treat you? I have trouble imagining them welcoming you."

"I know that, in my mind. It's my heart that aches."

Ardin pulled Tren up to the top of the bed and kissed him. Tren wrapped his arms around Ardin as they kissed. Ardin rubbed a thumb over the head of Tren's cock and Tren moaned as they kissed. Ardin had Tren lie on his back. He got between Tren's legs and began sucking him. He used every trick he knew to make Tren enjoy it. After a few minutes, he wet two fingers and pushed them into Tren. He went back to sucking him, pausing when Tren was close to coming. Finally, Tren begged him to make him come. Ardin began sucking while he massaged Tren's nut with his fingers. Tren shouted his name he came in Ardin's mouth.

"Damn, you are good!"

"You inspire me, Tren."

They kissed again and then got out of bed. Tren showed Ardin how to order food. "What will you have?"

"I think I am going to have an omelet. I have heard of those but I have never had one."

"Order one for me, Tren."

Tren studied the list of foods and found how to choose the temperature of foods. He chose coffee for them both and picked 'hot' as the temperature.

While they waited for the food, they sat on the sofa. Tren ran his hands over Ardin's body.

"You are so hot, Ardin. I think you are the sexiest male I have ever seen."

"It makes me so happy that you want me, Tren. I want you very much."

Tren kissed him as he held Ardin's cock.

While they paused, Ardin said, "I can't believe I'm not a slave any more. I suppose I need to earn money so we can eat. I hope I can find a job."

"Relf said it is a really nice place. The government will feed and house you even if you have no money."

"That's true of any Alliance world. They don't want starving people blocking the traffic."

Tren laughed and Ardin was glad to hear it.

"And driving over corpses makes the road feel too bumpy."

Tren laughed again and then he hugged Ardin. "Thank you, Ardin."

Ardin closed his eyes. His life had somehow become perfect, through no effort of his.

"We have time to think about what we want to do. We will be on the ship for a while."

Tren was kneeling on the floor sucking Ardin again when the door opened and the same Grev who had delivered Relf's food the day before brought their food on a cart.

Tren went in the washroom and began crying. The reminder that he had been Relf's Companion depressed him terribly. He told himself it was silly. He was better off a free citizen with someone who loved him unconditionally, but it hurt.

Ardin walked into the washroom.

"What happened, Tren?"

Tren hugged him.

"It's nothing, Ardin. Just too many changes in my life." He sniffed and then smiled at Ardin. "It will take at least seven more minutes to get over Relf."

"You can have eight."

They walked back into the room and ate. Both of them enjoyed the omelet and the coffee. Ardin had once had an owner who had Human foods added to his food synthesizer. He had been able to have as much coffee as he wanted. He was delighted to be able to have it again.

After they ate, they sat on the sofa and cuddled and kissed for a while.



"Let's find out about Integ 2," Ardin suggested.

Tren tried to figure out how the computer worked. It was different than the ones he had used on Nargo. Before long, he found out how to get to the master menu. From there he found the All Worlds database. Ardin couldn't read, so Tren read to him. "Integ 2, or Aransas, is part of the Alliance. It was the thirty-second planet to join. It has an ancient history going back twenty-eight thousand A-years."

"What is an A-year? I have always wondered."

"Trig, my stepfather told me. It is an average of the length of year of the six founding races' planets. He told me that it was almost identical to the year Humans use. That one dates back to Earth. It was the length of time it took Earth to rotate around its star."

Tren continued reading. "Unlike most Alliance worlds, it is not heavily populated. It has a little over two million inhabitants. It has a very busy port because it is close to three wormholes. The inhabitants look like this." Tren pointed at a picture of a being with what looked like a hard green and blue shell in two segments. It had four legs and two arms. The legs were under the largest segment. It was green on top shading to blue on the sides. The back legs were much shorter than the front ones, which meant that when it was standing, its body was mostly upright. The second segment rose up and the arms were attached to it. This segment was more blue than green. The head was on top of the segment. It was shaped like a triangle pointing down. The eyes were at the two top corners of the head and they were light blue. The mouth was below them. It was shaped like an inverted V and there was a bright blue beak.

"The Aransans are one of only four Alliance races with an exoskeleton."

"What's that?" Ardin asked.

"It means they don't have bones. They have a shell on the outside instead."

"Oh, like robots."

Tren frowned. "That's true."

He continued reading, "The Aransans are physically incapable of producing A-speech. They receive implants when they are young that enable them to speak it. The Aransans hate slavery and prohibit the buying and selling of slaves on the planet. The principal products are computers including AIs. Despite this, the planet is not heavily industrialized. An Aransas company supplies all the brains used by Central Robotics. It says, the company that makes the brains is owned by free robots.

"Aransans generally have one mate and each couple usually only produces two eggs."

"Like us honey," Ardin said.

Tren laughed.

"I have a feeling we will never know from experience."

"If we do, I am the daddy," Ardin said.

"Oh, believe me, I know that is true."

"Aransans are vegetarians and do not allow animals to be slaughtered on the planet. All meat that is consumed by non-Aransans must be synthetic or brought by the traveler."

"I don't think I will be able to get a job there," Ardin said.

"It has a busy port. There are probably a lot of jobs there."

"That's true. Like baggage handlers."

"Yes, and I'm sure there are other jobs, like servicing ships.

"I think it will be a good place to try. What do you think?"

"As long as I'm with you, I don't care," Ardin said.

Tren smiled at him. Ardin pulled Tren to him and kissed him.

"Will you let me fuck you?"

Tren laughed.

"What?" Ardin asked.

"You fucked me when I wasn't your lover. Of course you can fuck me. Over and over and over."

"And over?"

"Yes. And then repeat it."

Ardin chuckled and took his hand. They walked to the bed.

"Lie on your back."

Tren did and Ardin stroked himself as he looked at his beautiful lover.

"You may not be able to eat this on Aransas," he said, pointing at his cock.

"I will become a criminal. I will always want to eat it."

"Maybe if you don't chew on it, they will let you."

Tren laughed.

Ardin got on the bed and pushed Tren's legs up. He ate Tren's cunt while Tren moaned in pleasure. When he was wet, Ardin placed his cock at Tren's hole and spit on it. He pushed it slowly into Tren.

"Yes, Ardin! It feels wonderful."

Ardin began fucking him slowly and he leaned down and kissed Tren as he fucked him. He sped up and began sweating. Tren ran his hands all over his sweaty lover. Ardin could see how much Tren lusted after him and he lusted after Tren just as much. Ardin knew he would eventually be too old to do this often, but maybe by then, Tren would love him enough that it didn't matter.

"Do you like your lover's body?"

"Yes, Ardin. You are such a stud."

"Do you like the feel of your lover's cock inside you?"

"Yes, Ardin. I love it."

"This is my hole I'm fucking. You belong to me! Say it!"

"I belong to you. Only you."

Ardin closed his eyes and smiled.

"I want you to be happy about it."

Tren thought. "I think I am. No, I know I am. I want to be yours."

Ardin spit on his hand and stroked Tren's cock while he fucked him. Tren pinched Ardin's nipples and soon they were both moaning. Tren shouted and his come shot out of his prick, landing on his chest and face. Ardin wiped it with his hand and licked it off. His lover looked good with come on his face. He pulled out of Tren, straddled him, and then stroked his cock until he came all over Tren's face.

"Oh, Ardin!" Ardin panicked.

"Did you not like it?"

"I loved it! It was absolutely fantastic!"

Ardin grinned and watched Tren wipe his come off his face and lick it off his fingers. He wiped some of it off and Tren sucked it off his fingers. Ardin kissed him passionately and then fell back on the bed panting.

"When you said Oh Ardin, I was terrified you were mad. I was afraid I was already losing you."

"No. It was very, very hot, just like you. I like belonging to you. I like you taking charge. I want to be your baby." Ardin's eyes watered. "I just hope you aren't going to give me away when someone better comes along."

"That will never happen. For me, no one could be better than you."

Tren smiled at him.

"Ardin, I know I am better off with you. I mean it. I want to belong to you."

"Let's bathe before we get sweaty again," Tren said.

Ardin grinned at him and got out of bed. He held his hand out for Tren. Tren took him to the washroom and showed him the tooth cleaner. They both used it and got in the bathing closet. They washed each other and Tren's soapy hands on his cock got Ardin hard quickly.

He turned Tren around and pushed into him. Tren turned his head back and up and they kissed.

"I love having you inside me, Ardin."

"I love it, too. We can do it all the time. That is still hard for me to believe. Are you sure you want me, Tren?"

"Yes, I do want to be with you. You are beautiful, sexy, and sweet. I am lucky you want to be with me. When you were making me laugh, it finally sunk in how lucky I am to have you. I don't mean lucky I am not alone. I mean lucky to be yours."

Ardin fucked him slowly under the warm water. He stroked Tren as he fucked him and he watched Tren's come shoot onto the wall, only to be rinsed off by the water. Tren pulled off him and rinsed Ardin's cock. Then he sucked him until Ardin spurted in his mouth again.

They got out of the closet and dried each other. They sat on the sofa and made plans.

"I think the first thing to do is teach you to read numbers. That will help with money, assuming we ever have any."

"We have our savings accounts from Etira."

"I forgot about that! We don't have to use the money to buy our freedom."

Tren found the Education menu on the computer. There were a wide variety of programs available. He picked an A-speech program for beginners and showed it to Ardin.

Ardin began the course and seemed to really enjoy it. He laughed periodically as he took it. Tren watched Ardin. He meant it when he said he was lucky. He didn't have Relf, but instead he had a handsome, funny, considerate lover and his freedom. His mother was going to be shocked! He knew Trig would be happy. Trig had always encouraged Tren to use his knowledge at a space port. Ports always needed Aides who were familiar with different races and their needs and could help the port meet those needs. He thought he would try that, if he could get hired. It should pay enough. He remembered thinking when Trig mentioned it, that the only needs he wanted to meet were the sexual ones. But he felt differently now. He could be perfectly contented with just Ardin. He had tasted love and he wanted it.

"Sit on my lap, baby. I want to hold you while I learn this." Tren climbed on and then thought about Relf and the night he bought him. Oh, Relf, he thought. Then he forced himself to be happy he had a lover who wanted him.

Relf came to their cabin to take Ardin to get clothes. Tren was going to accompany them, but Relf said he wanted to talk to Ardin alone first. Once the cabin door shut, Relf asked, "How are things going between you too?"

"Very well. Tren agreed to be my lover. We looked at information about Integ 2 on the computer and I am learning to read."

"That is very good."

"Captain, I don't want to offend you, but I must ask: if things don't work out between you and your ex, will you be returning for Tren?"

"I'm not offended." Relf thought before saying, "I think I would try to find out if Tren was happy. If he was, I would stay away. If he was unhappy, I would try to make him happy."

"I understand. Thank you, Captain."

Relf opened the cabin door and said, "Come with us, Tren."

Relf took them to the Grev who had measured Tren for his clothes. Soon Ardin had many new clothes, including three pairs of shoes. Tren tried to keep his eyes on Ardin. When he looked at Relf, he felt like crying. He hated himself for feeling that way. He wanted to control his feelings. He hoped someday, he would be capable of it.

"Let's make you some work clothes, Tren. The ones you have are casual and may not be suitable to wear to work," Relf said. The machine already had his measurements, so they picked out some dressier clothes. A few minutes later, they were ready. They picked the same outfits in Ardin's size, but in different colors.

Relf escorted them back to their cabin, carrying their clothes, but they didn't speak. Tren was both angry and sad. He decided to ignore Relf. Relf no longer mattered. He forced himself to smile at Ardin who was watching him intently. Relf dropped the clothes off and looked at Tren. Tren thought he looked sad, but there was nothing he could do about it. Relf left and Tren and Ardin ordered lunch.

Ardin looked at Tren and saw how very young he was. Ardin was the same age his father had been when he died. He could very well be near the end of his life.

While they were eating, Tren noticed Ardin looked a little worried.

"What is it, Ardin? Is something wrong?"

"Does my age bother you, baby?"

"What do you mean?"

"The fact that I'm older than you."

"No, it doesn't bother me. It makes me want you more."

"You like the fact that I'm older?"

"Yes. Very much. I like being your baby. I told you that. I like older men. I don't think I would be as interested in you if you were my age. Do you know, the first time I saw you naked—that was in the shower—I almost came." Ardin grinned. "Good grief, you are sexy!"

"But I will die long before you do, Tren."

"Can't we just be happy for whatever time we have?"

"I would like that, too."

After they ate, Ardin studied and Tren sat on his lap. He felt happy. Ardin and he would have a relationship of equals. Tren knew he could never be Relf's equal.

"I think we should have a sex break," Tren announced after a couple of hours.

"That does sound nice."

They got in bed, and Tren spent a long time admiring and licking every centimeter of his lover's body. Afterwards, Ardin asked Tren to clean his cunt thoroughly. When he finished, Ardin fucked him briefly before eating his stretched cunt. Tren had never felt anything like it. Ardin's tongue was actually inside him. When Tren's hole would tighten too much, Ardin would fuck him again, pull out and then plunge his tongue back inside him. Tren moaned the entire time and Ardin loved every single moan his baby made. Finally he came, deep inside Tren.