When I was little, I always cried when my mom or dad threw away one of my toys, no matter how broken or useless it was. With impeccable child logic, I felt certain that the toy would miss me, and wondered who would take care of it once it was gone. These days, toys are getting more and more complicated, more and more intelligent, and I can't help but wonder what the future will be like. This story is based on such a reflection. As usual, your thoughts and comments are appreciated and encouraged. My e-mail is winterimage@hotmail.com.

by Winter

As soon as it started raining, I crawled back into my hidey-hole. My home. It was a turned-over old car, with a broken window just large enough for me to worm my way through. The rain didn't reach me in there, and I felt safer than I did when I just wandered around the junk yard. It would probably be cold when winter came, but I didn't really expect to live that long. My left arm was just about useless since it got broken, and I couldn't see very well anymore. I lay there, curled up and listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the car's undercarriage, wishing I had tears so I could weep properly. Cry with grief and anger and self-pity until I fell asleep, instead of just waiting for the lights to go out. I looked over to the rear mirror, trying at first to resist the temptation to use it. But to no avail. I always wanted to look my best, even now, and what I saw when I brought it close enough for my eyes to see anything made me whimper. My once so well-groomed and shining red fox fur was filthy and matted, knotted and tangled, and my left ear was torn. At one place, on my stomach, a seam had fallen apart slightly, exposing the electronics underneath. Funny, I didn't feel that happen. Or maybe I just couldn't remember it. I didn't remember much of what happened before I ended up here; rejected, thrown out. There had been a young boy, and he had been my best ever friend. I had loved him with all my heart. And his father, who had sometimes been my lover. Try as I may, I just couldn't remember their faces anymore. Only that I had loved them, and that I had been safe there. Safe and happy. I aimed the mirror lower, and watched as my cock peered out of its sheath. The man used to fuck me. That memory just returned as I began stroking myself, shivering at the pleasure spreading through my nether regions. And at night, the boy would touch me as well, kiss me or suck me, and I would give him as much pleasure as I possibly could in return. I let go of my cock and reached down to touch my hole, wishing I had two good hands so I could do both at the same time. My fingers slipped in easily, finding that special place inside of me that brought so much pleasure. It wasn't long before I shot a load of thin cream over my belly. The smell of my cum filled my nostrils, and I pulled my fingers out of my butt, using them to wipe it up so I could taste it. The rich saltiness was all but gone, leaving something that was almost tasteless. Or maybe I just couldn't taste it very well anymore. It was hard to tell. I knew I needed to eat more than I did to keep the taste a natural one. After a little while, as my knot shrank, I needed to relieve myself, so I rolled over to the broken window and just peed out of it. It would soon be washed away by the rain, and it wasn't as if anybody would care, anyway. My urine, too was watery and lifeless.

It didn't stop raining until it was almost dark, and by then I was feeling really thirsty. I tried to avoid the largest puddles of muddy water as I made my way to where I had placed the car's hub caps to collect rain water, and I drank a little from one of them. It didn't taste very good, but it took away my thirst. There was a lot of new junk that night; at least two truck loads had been poured on top of the rest of it. I walked around for a little while, not really hoping to find something useful, but at least killing time until had to go to sleep. I soon began feeling drowsy, and even though I had only found a couple of toy cars, I decided to go back to the car.

That was when I first heard it. Someone was whimpering, but I couldn't see who it was. Even though the moon was shining, it was too dark for my poor eyes. So I tried to locate the crying one by following my large fox ears. But to no avail. For a minute, I hesitated, not really wanting to expose myself, but in the end my curiosity won out.

"Hellooo!!" I called. "Who's there? I can hear you, but I can't see you!"

Immediately, the crying stopped. I called again and again, but still got no reply. By then, I was so tired I had to get back or be in danger of falling asleep in a puddle. I crawled in through the broken window, yawning so widely I could hear my jaws pop. Before curling up on the blanket I had found and used as a bed, I put the toy cars away above the car's steering wheel, where I had my meagre collection of various toys and other fun objects. I had no energy left to play; maybe I would tomorrow, if I didn't search for the one who had been crying instead. Before I could make up my mind, I fell asleep.

As always, the first rays of the sun woke me up the next morning. I yawned and stretched, then wiped at my cheeks, even though I knew they would be dry. They should have been wet, though. I had dreamed about my old life again, about the man and the boy and being all happy and safe. As always after such a dream, I was hard, and I took my time bringing myself off, stroking my cock slowly or ramming my fingers up my butt until I finally shot some thin, watery cum again. It was still all but tasteless. Once my cock had retracted into its sheath, I crawled out of the car to begin another day. This early, the first looters or dump truck drivers hadn't arrived yet, so I had a few hours to myself until it was time to hide away again. I shuddered at the memory of the time when a looter had almost caught me. A huge bear of a man he was, and he had yelled at me all the awful things he would do to me when he caught me. I had run for my life, and then sat the rest of the day in my car, shivering and whimpering with fear. The truck drivers were a lot nicer, even though they often made fun of me. Sometimes they would even feed me a sandwich or two, and their comings and goings usually scared the looters off, at least for a while. I stretched a little, enjoying the warm sunlight on my fur. I turned around to get really warm, then trotted off towards the newest pile of junk. Last night, I had only had time to look through half of it. That thought brought back the memory; someone had been there, crying. I gave up on all thoughts of finding more toys, and began searching for this someone instead. If nothing else, then just to warn him or her of looters. I looked around for a while, but couldn't find anyone, and since it was still too early for unpleasant visitors, I decided to risk calling out.

"Hello! Can you hear me? I heard you last night! Won't you come and talk to me? I'm not dangerous!" As I shouted that, I realised that those were the exact same words the looter had used to try and make me come to him. No wonder the crying one stayed away. "Really, I mean it! Look at me, I'm small and my arm doesn't work! I couldn't hurt a fly even if I wanted to!"

Still no reply. Either he was gone, or he had died during the night. The thought of running into a dead person made me shiver, and I started moving away from this junk pile. But then something caught my eye; a tiny plush cat, no bigger than my hand. It was dirty, and its fur was torn in places, but I picked it up nevertheless, hugging it. It would be really nice to have something fluffy and warm to hold on to during the nights. I had a big grin on my muzzle as I started walking, my thoughts preoccupied with my newest toy, and so the voice startled me badly.

"Ah, excuse me?" I jumped and shied away, even though the voice was shy and timid, and not threatening at all. "Oh, don't be afraid. I won't hurt you."

My eyes darted hither and yon, until I finally spotted someone moving towards me. I bit my lip and forced myself to stop shivering. As the figure got closer, I could see that it was a male collie, even smaller than me. He smiled nervously and pointed towards my good arm.

"I see you found my kitty." There was a slight tremor in his voice, and I realised that this must be the one I had heard last night. "May I have it back? Please?"

"Sure." I handed over my prize with great reluctance. "I didn't think it belonged to anyone. Most things that end up here are just tossed-away junk."

"I suppose so..." A tear ran down his cheek as he hugged the plush cat to his chest. "But it was mine before we got thrown away."

"What happened?"

"I guess it started when my stomach stopped working." He rubbed his tummy, and the touch drew my eyes towards his crotch. He looked really nice down there. "I whined on about being hungry even though I couldn't eat, and when my tail broke as well, I guess my boy got tired of me."

"You poor thing." I hugged him, and he trembled a bit at first, but then he leaned into my embrace. "It's not too bad here, you'll see. Especially with a little company."

"You're nice." He sniffled. "How did you end up here?"

"Too old, I guess. My eyes don't work very well, and my arm is dead."

"Did your boy throw you out?"

"I can't remember." We started walking, and I led him towards my car. "Maybe I hit my head or something, but I can't remember much of what happened before I got here."

"Is this where you live?" He nodded towards the car, and I replied by crawling in through the broken window. "I hope I'll find a good place before it starts raining. Otherwise, I think my fur will mould."

"You can stay here with me if you want." Immediately, his eyes lit up, and I could see that he was trying to wag his broken tail. He slipped in through the window and hugged me with all his strength. "Hey, don't choke me!"

"I'm sorry, I'm just so happy! You're the greatest!" He kissed my nose, then leaned back and eyed me quizzically. "What's your name? Mine's Tousle."

"I don't know."

"You don't know? Aww, poor guy!" He patted my leg, and I felt my cock stir. "Can I give you a name?"

"Well, okay, I guess."

"Let's see... how about Foxie? You are a foxie, and the name is as cute as you are."

"Okay." I smiled, and returned his leg caress. "You can call me Foxie if you want. Sounds nice."

"Yeah!" His hand moved up so it touched my balls, and I let out a whimper of pleasure. "Can you do sexy stuff? What model are you?"

"See for yourself." I held up my right foot towards him, and he stared at the stamp on the sole. "I can't see well enough to read it anymore."

"You need glasses." He giggled, and I couldn't help but join in. "Red Fox (TM) IntelliPet, Ltd. Hey, we're from the same company! Look, look!"

I reached for his foot, but he just giggled when I touched it, and instead he stuck his rump up into my face. It was all I could do not to start licking him right away, but then I saw the tiny stamp just between his buttock and thigh. Squinting, I just made out the letters.

"Collie Pup (TM) IntelliPet, Ltd. Does that make us brothers?"

"I hope not," he said, winking. "Because I was kind of hoping you'd wanna do sexy stuff with me. My boy did, and I'll miss it forever. I'll miss him, too. Wonder if he's got a new pet."

"It's no use thinking like that." I hugged him, since he had started crying again. "Yes, I'm made for sex, and I'd love to do stuff with you."

"Thanks," he sniffled. "We can stick together, can't we? I mean, we're both junk, aren't we? I could be your pet and you could be mine."

"I'd love that." His thin voice and his desperate plea would have made me cry, if my tears had worked. Instead, I just whimpered a little as we sat there, holding each other. "I'd really love that. Do you wanna say it first?"

"You mean you gotta hear it, too? The magic words?"

"Yeah, at least I think they're still the same. You're a newer model."

"I love you, Foxie." He leaned back until our eyes could meet. "Will you be my friend?"

As soon as he had said it, a warm feeling surged through me, and I felt my heart swell with love for the little dog. Nodding vigorously, I threw myself around his neck. I felt my cock grow hard, poking the white fur of his stomach. He giggled again, a sound made even more sweet by me newly awakened love.

"Now it's your turn."

"Just a second." I grinned while trying to regain my composure. "I forgot how great this is. It's the best feeling in the world!"

"Yeah, I know. Now say it! Just like I said it."

"I love you, Tousle, will you be my friend?"


We hugged again, then rolled around in the car, wrapping ourselves in my blanket and spreading my toys all over the place. When we finally emerged from the blanket, we both had our ears laid back in a blush, and wide grins on our muzzles. Tousle kissed me deeply, sending his long tongue almost down my throat. I kissed him back, tasting his mouth while my hand was all over his back, all the way down to his tail. He sighed as I reached in beneath it, finding his hole and playing with it. No sooner than I had my finger inside him, did I feel him reach for my hole. While still kissing, we fingered each other until I was just seconds away from coming. Deciding I wanted this to last, I let go of him and reluctantly pushed away. He gave me a hurt look, but he seemed to understand as I indicated my swollen member. Staring at it, he licked his lips, and then he spread his legs so I could see him. The furry, white sheath I had admired earlier now had a thin, red pole poking out of it. He was about half my size, maybe three-and-a-half inches long and not very thick, with a little knot at the base maybe the size of an egg. It was a beautiful cock, and I leaned down to kiss it. The poor little guy must have been really high-strung, because as soon as my lips touched his tip, he cried out and shot a few drops of cum onto my tongue. I happily licked it all up, then took him in and began sucking him. He moaned and yipped, his feet thrashing wildly on each side of me as I quickly brought him off again. This time, he shot less, but it still tasted heavenly. A hint of bitter saltiness, then a lot of sweetness, as if he were squirting sugar water. I licked my lips, then kissed him again as I sat up. We lay there cuddling while he came back down to Earth, then I felt a little hand on my own cock. I gladly leaned back and let him do whatever he wanted. What he did was to crawl up on my chest, presenting his bum to me while wrapping his lips around my cock, swallowing it right down to the knot; six inches right down his throat. In the meantime, I lifted his tail out of the way and brought my muzzle to his tight hole. I kissed and licked it, probing to get my tongue in as deep as possible. Which wasn't very far since he was so tight. We both groaned and whined for a while, but just as I was about to shoot into his muzzle, he let go of my cock and turned around. He didn't even have to say what he wanted; I could see it in his eyes, and he could see it in mine that I agreed. Smiling seductively, he lay down on his back, propping the blanket beneath his rump. His little penis was hard again, or maybe it was hard still; I hadn't actually seen it go down. I gave his hole a couple more licks for lubrication, then aimed the tip of my aching cock against it. He growled impatiently as I slowly began pushing into him. Inch by inch went in, and he was so hot, squeezing me so tightly I almost came right away. Once it was all in, except for my knot which was about the size of Tousle's small fist and which rested against the rim of his hole now, I had to rest for a minute or two before it was safe to move again. During this time, my eyes met his, and I could feel the love pouring out of him, into me. I knew he felt something similar, because he grinned so widely I was afraid his jaws would pop. His tongue was lolling out, and he was so cute I wanted to kiss his nose and lick his face and nip his ears. So I did, while I slowly started fucking him, feeling the nub of his prostate rub against my cock each time I so much as moved. He gasped and moaned, thrashing about beneath me as I constantly pressed his joy button, and he returned my kisses and licks as best he could. When I felt my orgasm approaching, I sped up, but Tousle clamped his muscle down around me, and his hands grabbed my rump and held me still. His eyes were begging, wide puppy eyes as he looked up at me.

"Please, Foxie, tie with me. I've never felt a knot before, but my boy said it was the best thing in the world."

"I don't know," I said, my voice thick with arousal. "I'm quite big, and you're very tight."

"I can take it, I swear. Tie with me!"

"All right, if you say so."

I grabbed his cock and squeezed just behind the knot, making him squirt a large drop of pre-cum onto his belly. I gathered it up and smeared it out over my knot, making it slippery and nice. Then I pushed inwards, while Tousle pushed outwards, and with an almost audible plop my knot went in. Tousle yelled out as his hole clenched down on me, my knot grinding into his prostate. I made small thrusts, the feelings coming from my cock so strong they made me feel faint. He wrapped his legs around my waist and squeezed, and I could feel his little load of semen splatter against our stomachs. I kissed him hard, then groaned into his mouth as I started shooting inside him. It was the strongest climax I had ever had, at least as far as I could remember, but I felt pretty certain I had never come that hard even with my boy or his dad. Tousle was so warm and tight around me, and with my cum running down my shaft to pool up between my knot and his muscle, I felt like I'd never, ever want to move again. We rolled over to lie on our sides, still tied together. Tousle had tears in his eyes as he beamed at me, his arms pulling him so close to me it was almost impossible to tell where one white-furred stomach ended and the next began.

"I love you so much, my Foxie," he whispered, then yawned widely. "So much..."

Within seconds, he was asleep. Myself, being solar powered since my batteries were all but gone, I couldn't sleep at all while there was still light. But I closed my eyes and held on to Tousle as he slept. It felt so good, not only having tied to someone, but to hold someone. Someone who loved me, and whom I loved more than anything. I felt something underneath my rump, so I lifted my hip and reached around with my arm. Doing so made my cock tug at Tousle's arse, and we both moaned at the stimulation. The thing I had lain on was Tousle's plush kitty, and I placed it between us. He purred in his sleep as he smelled it, and snuggled up tightly to me, squashing the little thing between us. After about half an hour had passed, my knot began to shrink, and I slipped out of his tight hole with the squishy sound of my cum gushing out to cover our thighs. As my cock slowly returned to its sheath, I moved so our crotches were pressed together. Unbelievably, the little guy was still hard, and he made a couple of thrusts against my sheath before returning to whatever dreams he was having.

It was another hour before he woke up, grinning happily as our eyes met. I returned his smile, and we kissed. When he felt the kitty, he held it up to his face and kissed it, too. Then he pulled my head close and showed me that I ought to kiss it as well. Which I did, happily. I had fallen slightly in love at first sight with the little toy, and the fact that my beloved Tousle would share it with me, warmed my heart. He grabbed my balls and started gently kneading them, but I pushed him away.

"Let's go out for a while first. I need something to drink."

"Yeah, me too. Do you know where we can find water?"

"I thought you said your stomach didn't work." I gently pushed him aside and straightened out the blanket, then gathered up all the toys, including the kitty, and put them away above the steering wheel. "Or is it just that you can't eat food?"

"Yeah. Anything solid just comes right back up again, like a fountain." He laughed as I winced at his choice of words. "But I can still drink, and as you could see I can both cry and come. And pee as well."

"Yeah, me too, although I can't make any tears. I can eat, though, but most water just goes right through me."

"Still lucky. You have no idea how hungry I am. Sometimes I wish I could kick the one who made us able to eat at all."

"Maybe." I crawled out of the window, then helped him come after me. "Or maybe they should just have given us an ‘off' switch. I think I'd much rather be shut off than thrown away while I was still alive. And feeling."

"Don't talk like that, please!" He turned me so we faced each other. There was fear in his eyes. "I need you now!"

"I wasn't talking about now, Tousle!" I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder, which seemed to calm him down. "I love you, and I'm not gonna leave you, it's just that it wasn't very nice to be here all alone."

"Okay. Thanks for everything, Foxie, you saved my life."

"And you made mine a happy one."

"Aren't we mushy?"


We both collapsed with laughter and giggling, rolling around like little puppies. All through the day, we ran around the junk yard, playing and looking for new things and enjoying our newfound friendship. After speaking the magic words, we were deeply in love with each other, and we also made love once, me leaning against an old refrigerator while he fucked me from behind. It was such a wonderful feeling, to have him thrust into me while fingering my cock and balls with his hands. I came twice, before he tied with me and squirted his precious few drops inside me. After he had wriggled out of me, we watched some truck drivers dump more junk, and we played with some of it until the sun began to set. I told him about my batteries, and that I would fall asleep almost as soon as the sun had set, and so we made our way back towards the car. That was when I heard a noise up ahead. The new junk had attracted looters! I stopped dead in my tracks, and pulled Tousle to a halt, signalling to him to hush up before he gave us away.

"What is it, Foxie?" he whispered. "I'm scared."

"Me too. It's a looter. If he catches us, he'll tear us apart for scraps, or worse." He whimpered, and I realised that so did I. "Come on, we've got to hide before the sun's out!"

"He is between us and the car, isn't he?"

"Yeah. And I can't let anybody see me hide there. If they find out, they'll stalk me when I sleep and kill me."

Since I knew the junk yard better, I took Tousle's hand and led him as we started running, making sure not to step on something that would make noise. I knew of an older pile of junk where a couple of steel bars had fallen to form a little tunnel, big enough for me and Tousle, but too tight a fit for any looters. But to my horror, I could hear another looter roaming around back there. There was only one way left to go now, and that was towards the newest piles, where I didn't know any good hiding places, and where I knew the looters were heading. I whispered this to Tousle, who only whimpered in return. My poor pup was frightened, and there was very little I could do to help him. I figured that our best choice would be to cover me up with junk before I fell asleep, then for him to stay out of their way; to run if necessary. But to my surprise, he rejected this idea at once, with a stern look on his face.

"Listen, love, you stay right here, and when you hear them run, you head back for the car."

"What are you...? Oh no! You're gonna let them see you, aren't you?"

"It's the only way. The sun's almost down. Just hide inside the car, and I'll be there as soon as I shake them off."

"And if you can't shake them off?"

"Then I'll come back tomorrow morning."

"Tousle, what if they catch you?" I was building up to hysteria, almost forgetting to be quiet. "I don't want to lose you!"

"If they catch me," he whispered with a wry grin, "you can have my kitty."


But it was too late. He dashed away from me, and I knew I had to stay quiet. If I distracted him, we'd both die. Besides, I was quickly losing my strength. I heard the looters yell to each other, and I knew they had seen him. They were chasing my little love! I bit my lip to force back a whimper, and as soon as they had run out of sight, I ran as fast as I could to the car, and crawled in through the window. Every now and then, I could hear yelling from outside, but by then I was all but asleep, and could do nothing to help. I curled up beneath the blanket, shivering with fear and hugging the kitty tight. Tousle's scent was strong on it, and it gave me some comfort. Just before I drowsed off, I could have sworn I felt something moist run down my cheek. But before I could marvel at this, everything got dark.

As the first rays of the next day's sun tickled my whiskers, I sat up straight, looking around in the car. Everything was just as it had been the day before. No Tousle. I'd had such terrible dreams about him, about what might have happened to him, and to wake up without him nearly broke my heart. Part of me was too scared of what I might find to go out and look for him, but yet I forced myself to disentangle from the blanket and head for the opening. But just as I was about to stick my head through the window, I met with Tousle's grinning muzzle. I was so startled I jumped back and banged my head on the opposite window. Through the pain flashes, I saw him come in, and I could feel my heart skip a beat. He was so beautiful!

"I thought I'd lost you," I whispered. "I thought you were gone."

"Nah, I gave ‘em the slip right away." He beamed with pride. "But you were asleep when I got back."

"I woke up alone and..." I sobbed. "I had such bad dreams!"

"Aww, my poor Foxie." He took my head in his hands and licked my cheeks. "I was gonna be there for you, but I had to pee. Besides, you're kind of spooky when you sleep. Almost like you're dead."

"Not dead, just low on electricity." He giggled, then licked me again. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Doing?" He laughed. "I'm kissing your tears away, sweetie."

"I was crying?"

"Yeah. But don't worry, I won't leave you again. And I definitely won't let any stupid, clumsy loiterers get me."

"Looters," I corrected. "But, Tousle, I can't cry! That bit of me was broken!"

"And you still cried?" he cooed. "Just for li'l ol' me?"

"I guess so. I'm always scared of the looters, but this time I was scared for you." I hugged him with my good arm, while I kissed the nape of his neck. The touch made him giggle. "Promise me you'll never do that again!"

"Only if you promise me we'll build more hideouts. Places where we can hide if they're after us."

"All right." I leaned back and looked into his eyes. "That's a great idea! You're one clever doggie."

"Thanks." His eyes literally shone with pride, but then all of a sudden, he got a serious look on his face. "Listen, Foxie, there's something I've waited all night to ask you. Something really important."

"What is it?"

"Wanna fuck?"

With a growl, I pounced him, and we wrestled fiercely, bumping against both windows and backrests. In the end, I pinned him down and began to tickle him without mercy. He giggled and screamed, begging me to stop before he wet himself, but I did not relent.

"You said you were out peeing just now, remember?"

"Ahahaha, noo! Please, stop!!!"

This time, I did stop. By this time, he was hard as a rock, so I just leaned down and took him into my muzzle, balls and all, and sucked for all I was worth. He moaned loudly; I could feel his cock jump and twitch as it rubbed against the roof of my mouth, and I used my tongue to roll his balls around in their sac. It wasn't long before my ministrations caused him to come, and I happily swallowed his sweet little load. While he was still groaning from that, I went down on his butt hole, licking it until he was squirming with delight. Using my spit, I lubed myself up and entered him, marvelling again at how tight he was. I was so agitated I knew I wouldn't last long, so I tied with him at first chance, and meanwhile I was rubbing his little cock like crazy. No more than a couple of minutes had passed when I started shooting into him, and a moment later, he came all over my hand. I licked my fingers clean while we were still coming down from our peaks, but then I looked him in the eyes.

"How can your cum be so sweet if you can't eat? I don't understand."

"I drank some soda the same day they threw me away. It won't last very long, though. Besides, it's not really this sweet, usually."

"I like it fine this way." I kissed him, letting him taste some. "Maybe we can beg some soft drinks off the truck drivers. As cute as you are, they'll line up to give."

"Flatterer." He laid his ears back, and then we rolled over to lie on our sides. "Mmm, I love to be tied to you. It feels like we were made for each other."

"Can't be, you've got the wrong serial number." We laughed. "But I know what you mean. I loved it when you fucked me, but being tied like this... it's heavenly!"

"Does that mean you're the top and I'm the bottom?" He giggled. "I wouldn't mind being your bottom."

"All right. As long as you promise me you'll fuck me now and then."

"Hmm..." He made a mock-serious face, as if he really had to think it over. "Okay, I guess I could live with that."

We shook hands to settle the deal, but then he began to fall asleep. I had him snuggle up to me, then held him as he drowsed away. Looking at his lithe, beautiful form, sleeping so sweetly right there next to me while we were still tied together, I felt my heart fill with love until it flowed over. Tears ran down my cheeks, tears of joy. And it felt oh so good to be able to cry again.

Our lives were pretty good over the weeks to come. We settled into a daily routine that we hardly ever deviated from; in the morning, we'd make love as soon as Tousle woke up, then we'd spend most of the day prowling the junk yard, looking for heat stuff. Tousle taught me not to be so afraid of the looters, that they were really quite harmless as long as we stayed out of their way. Every now and then, we'd beg for drinks and treats from the dump truck drivers, then have a party with what we got. I didn't much like eating in front of Tousle, knowing that he was always hungry but couldn't do anything about it, but he insisted, the sweet boy. Then as the sun began to set, we'd head on home to the upturned car where we'd fuck until I fell asleep, usually tied to my little love. We were happy together, in the little home we had made for ourselves, and we stayed that way until the day when Tousle got caught by a looter.

My poor puppy had been having problems with his hips, and wasn't too quick anymore, but it wasn't really a major issue since it caused him no pain and he had me to look out for him. But one day the trucks dropped off a huge pile of junk, and Tousle spotted something that looked like a plush animal a couple of metres up. Now, I was always ready to do anything for my lover, so when he asked me to see if it could be a new friend for his beloved kitty, I naturally complied and started climbing. I had just reached what turned out to be a pelt of some kind, and not a toy. Since it would be soft and warm and nice to sleep on, I was working to pry it loose from the rest of the junk, when I heard a voice from below.

"Well, what have we here?" My heart froze as I saw a looter walk up to Tousle, who had been watching me and had no chance to get away. "What a cute little thing."

Tousle said nothing, but I could see his shoulders sag in defeat. He was trapped against the junk pile, and the man who had found him looked a lot stronger than him. I knew that I should get down there and help him, if nothing else then to die with him, but my old fear of looters returned, and I just sat there shivering and crying. The thought that I might lose him, that I might be left alone again, was tearing me apart, but I was too scared to move, or even look away. But then something happened that I wouldn't even have dreamed. The man knelt down next to the shivering Tousle and cupped his chin, lifting up his muzzle until their eyes met.

"Don't be scared, little guy, I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Y-you're not?" Tousle seemed as puzzled by this as I was. "B-but I thought..."

"That I'd scrap you and sell your parts?" The man laughed as Tousle nodded meekly. "Don't worry, I'm not that kind of looter. Actually, I've been looking for something like you."

"Really?" Again, my heart froze to ice. So my little love wouldn't die, but be taken from me still? But he pulled away from the man. "I... I can't go with you."

"Why not? Please! It's my little brother's birthday next week, and you'd be a perfect present for him."

"Me? But I'm broken! I'm just junk!"

"Well, I can fix most mechanical things," the man said with pride in his voice. "You'll be as good as new."

"Wow. But..." I silently urged him on. He was given a chance to be repaired, to come to a new home, and I just knew he would throw it away because of me. As much as I loved him, I wanted him to go, wanted him to be happy. But he surprised me again. "I've got a friend here, sir, can't you take him too? I don't wanna leave without him."

"Where's your friend?"

"Hiding. He's scared of looters, but he's really sweet."

"Will he come if you ask him?"

"I hope so. But he's a bit worn down, just like me."

"Don't worry, I'll fix him, too." He laughed. "My brother will think I'm spoiling him."

Tousle called for me, and the sound of his voice shook me out of my stupor. I slowly made my way down the junk pile, taking a good look at the man as I approached them. He was young, I saw now, no more than sixteen or seventeen, and his clothes were well-worn and a bit dirty. In a way, I pitied him, having to look for toys for his brother in a scrap heap, but then I realised that I had been doing that, too. Maybe we'd fit right in, Tousle and I. The man looked me up and down, then nodded.

"I'll fix you up, too, no problem." He laughed again as I broke into a wide grin, and I found that I liked that sound. Then he reached over and rubbed a finger against my sheath. "Are you guys designed for sex? You look like it."

I blushed as my cock emerged a little bit just because of his comment, then gasped as he touched it. Tousle immediately moved in behind me and started fingering my hole, and it took me no time at all to squirt my load all over the man's hand. By this time, Tousle had entered me and was rapidly working towards his own orgasm. He moaned as the man held up his sticky fingers for his agile dog tongue to clean off, then tensed as he came inside me. We were both panting heavily by then, our tongues lolling out from wide grins. The man hugged us, laughing.

"Well, that answers that. My brother is a little young for all this, so I hope you can be gentle with him."

"Oh, certainly," I said, still blushing. "After all, we have each other for that."

"So I see," the man commented as Tousle kissed me deeply. "And me, perhaps?"

At this, Tousle and I only growled, licking our lips. The three of us almost fell over laughing. Once we were somewhat settled down again, we introduced ourselves. The man's name was Jerry, and he was seventeen years old. He and his brother Bobby lived alone in a small countryside house a couple of kilometres away, where he ran a workshop to keep them with money while Bobby went to school. After Tousle and I had picked up our things at the car, and I had shed a tear of farewell to my old home, we set off towards our new one. I walked with my arm around my little love, firmly believing that our new life would be a good one.

Jerry was true to his word, and by the time the sun rose on Bobby's birthday, Tousle was delightedly wagging his tail and looking forward to a good helping of birthday cake, while I took great joy in just looking around, staring at this and that just to prove to myself that I could. I also took every opportunity to give my beloved puppy two-armed hugs. I had new batteries, as well, and Tousle's hips were as good as new. We had lived in Jerry's shop for a few days to keep ourselves a secret from Bobby, but now it was time for the surprise. Jerry came out to get us just as we were getting into some serious kissing, and we were led into the house, up a staircase and into Bobby's bedroom. Our new boy sat on his bed, holding a couple of small wrapped gifts, and his eyes lit up with joy as he saw us. He was a couple of years younger than Jerry, but there was no mistaking the similarity between them. They both wore the same blinding smile as they hugged.

"Happy birthday, little bro."

"Wow, thank you so much! I can't believe it!"

"Here, read this."

He handed Bobby a note, and I felt absolutely certain I knew what was written on it. So did Tousle, judging by the way he squeezed my hand in happy expectation. I was all but shivering with excitement as Bobby began to read.

"I love you, Foxie and Tousle. Will you be my friends?"