Two Years to Live

By: Gaco
Story Start Date: 10-14-2005

This story is fictional, I'm sorry if it resembles your life in any way shape or form. Constructive criticism is welcome. If gay relationships offend you, then “How did I manage to start reading this story?” is a good question to be asking yourself.

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Chapter 5

I woke up at 4:45PM. A nurse was taking my vitals and woke me up to get my temperature.

“Open up real quick dear.” She said, motioning me to open my mouth. The thermometer was in for about ten seconds when she pulled it back out and begun to pack her things and was at the door when she stopped.

”Stay strong for just a little longer dear, he’s not gone yet.” She said and then exited promptly. She was gone so fast after saying it that I almost thought I had never heard her at all.

A few minutes later a different nurse came in with a trey of food, but only allowed me to have jello. “Hey, you’re name is Gaco isn’t it?” She asked.

I nodded my head yes.

“I was just looking at your chart and recognized the name and didn’t know where from until I looked at how you ended up here…” I looked up at her. “Yes, I remember now, there was this other patient… it seems even in a coma he was screaming your name all night. Pretty interesting really… Not many people have any reactions in comas… He must have some pretty strong feelings, good or bad about you…” She smiled at me.

“Get some rest dear.” She said.

As she walked towards the door I asked “Is there any chance I could go see him?”

She got a sad look upon her face. “He’s gone already dear. I’m sorry.”

I begun to sob at that point, wishing I were dead, instead of him. Bill, one of the only people I ever cared about in my life, the only one to show compassion to me… dead… because he cared about me.

“Why me god?” I asked softly.

The next day I woke up at about 11:00AM to the feeling of someone wiping tears off my eyes and holding my hand.

“Go away Mom…” I said. “I don’t deserve to live… he’s dead because of me.” I said without opening my eyes beginning to sob again.

“I loved him so much…. And now he’s dead. Because of me. Because he wanted to show me. I’ll never get to tell him… show him… prove to him how much he mattered to me.” I went on.

“Shhhh… It’s ok…” A voice cooed. Something was wrong however, that was not my mom’s voice. I looked up through blurry tear-streaked eyes and saw Bill.

“Bill? But you’re dead…? I thought… They said…” I tried to talk but the words wouldn’t come around the tears.

“No Gaco. My father lied. I was in a medical induced coma so that they could do surgery. When the nurse told you I was gone, she meant out of the hospital. I’m alive. I’m here, with you, forever. You’ve been here for a week now. I was really beginning to worry about you. The doctors were afraid you had given up after the first time you woke up.” He said sadly.

“I… I thought you were dead. I had lost all reason to go on.” I said sadly.

Bill smiled sadly down at me and spoke again. “Well here I am… alive and well. Only a few scratches and all… better condition than you it seems. The police found and arrested the guys that did this shit to us, and since your condition was so bad they are being tried for Attempted Homicide, with hate crimes on top of it.”

I smiled up at him. I took both of Bill’s hands in mine and squeezed. “I love you Bill.”

“I love you too Gaco. Get some sleep. I’ll be here waiting on you when you wake up. That’s a promise.” The darkness took me again, but this time I was smiling, and it wasn’t so scary.

I woke again at 6PM that same night. “You have got to think I’m lazy” I said opening my eyes.

He smiled at me and asked “And why is that?”

“Because it seems every day I wake up with you it’s after 5PM.” He laughed softly at that comment.

“You’re worth waiting for babe.” He said brushing my cheek with his palm.

I sat up in bed for the first time in what seemed like years and stretched, noticing pains all over my body. “It feels like I’ve been run over by a train.” I said completely serious.

“They did quite the number on you.” Bill said frowning. “No worries though. We’ll take them out in court.”

I leaned over to kiss Bill gently. His lips barely brushed against mine when I pushed a little harder onto his giving him the tender caring love he had been giving me the past few days. Just as we were pulling apart the door swung open and a nurse walked in. He didn’t seem to notice the interaction though because after he got my vitals and chunked my Jello at me, he was out of the room.

“How much longer do I have to eat this junk?” I complained to no one in particular.

“I could go down to the cafeteria and get you something if you want?” Bill offered.

“No, thanks, but I won’t be letting you go for quite some time now. I can’t risk losing you again.” I said possessively.

After eating and watching TV for a few minutes Bill pulled something out of his pocket. “I managed to get the cops to give me your cell phone. It seems one of the bastards who attacked us stole it.”

I groaned. I opened my cell and noticed that I had 32 missed calls. “Oh god. My parents must be worried sick… It’s been A WEEK since I left home and they haven’t heard from me yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t already up here scouring the streets for me.”

“Slow down their bud.” Bill said. “A few days ago I had your phone when they called and answered and explained things to them. They will be back here in a few hours, they just went to get some food about an hour ago.” He said explaining it all to me.

“Oh…” I said surprised my parents left me here alone with him. “You must have made quite the impression then. They don’t normally trust people they don’t know THAT well especially gay guys around me..”

“You kind of took up for me own your own. They were kind of in the room the last time you came to for a bit and thought I was your mom.” He said grinning at me.

My mouth just dropped. “Oh.” I said.

At that point we were interrupted again by the doctor.

“Hello Gaco!” He said way too happily.

“Uh hi uhm….” I said slowly.

“Doctor Jenkins” He said. “Sorry, its your first time being awake seeing me I forgot.” He smiled.

Over the course of 20 minutes the doctor explained what they did to me, what medications I had been on, and most importantly the fact that if I didn’t regress and go into one of my sleeping spells, I’d be out two days later. I was very happy to hear that.

“Your parents are outside waiting for me to come out and talk to them. As soon as I leave they will be in. I guess they wanted to give you two time to talk before they barged in.” He laughed.

As he stepped out the door, I heard my parent’s voices thanking him from the other side.

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