Two Years to Live

By: Gaco
Story Start Date: 10-14-2005

This story is fictional, I'm sorry if it resembles your life in any way shape or form. Constructive criticism is welcome. If gay relationships offend you, then “How did I manage to start reading this story?” is a good question to be asking yourself.

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Chapter 6

“How are you feeling?” My dad asked me.

“Uh… I think I feel pretty good considering what happened.” I said judging their reactions to Bill still being right next to me.

My parents looked like they were about to start barraging me with questions when I suddenly had to go to the bathroom.

“I need to pee!” I said softly.

“Then go?” Was my moms reaction.

After they all stood there for a few seconds looking at me I spoke again “Well aren’t one of you going to help me out of bed?”

They all laughed at my comment and Mom spoke again “What a silly question Gaco, you have a catheter in… You can go right now.”

I then felt down around my dick to check. “Oh my god!” I said upset. “I can’t pee on myself like that! That’s gross, I want this thing out NOW!” They were all laughing hard now but my mom did push the nurse call button.

After a few minutes a nurse came in. “What seems to be the problem?” The nurse asked.

My mom spoke again. “It seems Gaco needs to go to the bathroom but doesn’t want to use his catheter. Is it possible that it can be taken out? He’s doing a lot better now and I think he can take care of it himself.

The nurse looked over my charts and after a few minutes she spoke again. “It looks like we should be able to do that by now. Pull back the covers and raise your legs.” She said to me.

I gave the others in the room a death glare that spoke “Get the hell out!” Bill looked a little hurt by this, but he also left the room. While she was pulling the thing out it felt as if she had took her finger up there and was twirling it around with a five inch fingernail. I shut my eyes shut as hard as I could and gritted my teeth and finally it was over. She threw a large container at me and told me to use it for a while because they want to know how much I’ve been going, then she left.

The others were in the process of coming in when I was getting out of the bed and I jumped back under the covers before they could see me. I then spoke.

“Get out Dad!” I said harshly. “You too mom!!!” I continued.

Once they had removed themselves from my room Bill helped me out of the bed. I hobbled over to the bathroom, and had Bill not noticed the rolling stand my IV was attached to I would have most likely snatched it out of my arm. Once into the bathroom Bill put his arms around me and held me tightly.

“God Gaco, I’m so sorry.” I looked at him confused. “I… I just couldn’t protect you from them… Any of them. Not even my own father. I’m not worth your love. I’m sorry.”

“Uhm…. Bill… seriously… Its ok… but we’re both going to be very wet if you keep squeezing me like that.” I said quickly.

“Huh?” He said looking into my eyes. I pointed down to my groin area and he said “Ohhh yeah, sorry!” I grinned at him.

He helped me get the toilet and container to pee into ready and I finally relieved myself voluntarily for the first time in a week. There was a slight tingling of pain from the where the catheter had been but other than that it felt great. After I finished I noticed Bill still staring at my dick.

“See something that interests you?” I asked grinning.

“Mayyybe” He said.

“Later” I whispered into his ear while kissing him on the cheek, then over to his lips for a quick but very tender kiss.

He helped me back into the bed and announced to my parents that they could return. When they both got back into the room I was still grinning from my brief interaction with Bill and my mom just smiled at me.

“What’s got you in such a good mood suddenly?” She asked.

“Him.” Was all I said, while looking at Bill.

“Oh I see” She said smileing.

“Bill has already explained everything that happened so we wont have to get it again from you. But if you ever want to talk about it feel free.” My dad said.

“Ok” I said slowly. “I’m hungry!” I said, changing the subject. “Is there anything decent a guy can get around here?” I asked.

“They will be serving dinner soon.” My mom said.

“I said DECENT.” I said testily.

“Oh ok, but nothing too rough on your stomach.” My dad said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes with something.”

It got quiet in the room after he left and I decided to break up some of the scilence with the TV. I turned it on and flipped channels until I got to a cartoon station. After watching cartoons for a few minutes I noticed that my mom and Bill seemed to be staring off into space towards me.

“Ok, what’s the deal with you two?” I asked.

Bill was about to speak when my mom blurted out something. “So are you two a couple?”

I looked to Bill who simply said “I’d like to think so?” while looking towards me.

“Yes.” I said firmly facing my mom.

“Ok.” She said. “Albany is 3 hours away from here… That’s quite a long distance relationship son.”

“Actually mom….” I said pausing to see what her reaction was going to be like to this. “Actually…. I was hoping to move in with Bill somewhere maybe.”

“Yeah…” Was all she said not looking upset nor happy.

I looked to Bill who just gave me a small smile while shrugging his shoulders. His hand was sitting on the bed next to me, so I took it into my hand, entwining our fingers together while looking into his eyes. I let out a little sigh and slowly stroked my thumb across his. “Forever?” I mouthed to him. He just nodded his head with a little twinkle in his eyes.

After a few more minutes of anti-climatic silence my dad returned with some very good smelling food.

“Who’s hungry?” He asked once in the door fully.

We all took some of the food and started to eat. My dad begun to talk about stuff he saw happening around the hospital while he was going to get us some food. After a few more minutes we finished and were full. I was feeling tired by now and decided to turn in for the night, even though it was only 8PM.

“I’m going to sleep. Goodnight guys.” I said.

They all said goodnight and were still in the room when I fell asleep peacefully.

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