Chapter 13: Yuma

My Alpha walks into the tent, "You want this dick Yu?"

My name was Yuma. He calls me Yu before sex. I guess it sounds like You. My brother was Yas. I was a werewolf like my brother but I hadn't seen my brother in years. We lived different lives.

"Yes please."

"Say you want it."

It's crazy the things you do when you love someone. I throw my hair back. I poke my ass out. I give him what he wants. Whatever he wants. When you love someone it never mattered. You gave them the world. Everything they needed.

He growls at me, pulling me down and pulling onto my long hair as he descends balls deep into my asshole. I feel him fill me up. I scream loud. I'm sure the other campers hear me. I don't care.

"Yes Master. Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me Daddy!"

He slaps me hard on my ass. He grunts. He's more animal than human right now. I crawl up into a ball. My chest is to my knees. My elbows are tucked onto the ground. My ass is touted attempting to be brave but not being able to take the dick. He has a normal sized dick but he works it as though it was a python. Size definitely wasn't everything.

He fucks me from the back.

Doggie style is the only way werewolves fucked.

"This is my ass. You hear me? Mine..." he tells me as though it was ever up for debate.

I am sweating after a few minutes as he pounds me. Werewolves don't make love. We fucked and we fucked hard. I hadn't known I was a werewolf till I was older. I used to have crushes on young boys back in school. When I found out I was a werewolf though I was introduced to my Alpha after competing for Walid. I lost that competiton to my brother Yaser, but it didn't matter.

Basil was my Alpha now. He was strong. He was powerful and he had a dick that lined my asshole and set it on fire. I was still sore for him fucking me earlier in the day. We were celebrating after a long journey. We had traveled all the way from Alaska to a magical land. We were camping out and Basil needed to let everyone in this camp know who belonged to him.

"I'm yours, Master Basil. I'm yours forever."

He won't tell me he loves me. Not even when he nuts. That's not really what Alphas did. He grabs onto my hips and thrusts forward. He delivers warm thick nut inside of me.

He grunts, howls, and spits. He pushes me off of his dick, shakes off the extra cum and pops open a beer that he brought with him for the long journey from Alaska. That is what Alphas did.

"Good fuck," he tells me, "Clean up the tent when your done."

That is when I say something that I've said a million times before.

"Can we just cuddle for a while?" I ask him.

I look over at Basil. I'm in love. I've always been in love with Basil since I found out that I was going to be his Beta wolf. I was going to be the wolf that belonged to him. My main goal was to please him and make him feel good. He was the leader of our pack but I can tell he is on edge. Walid has declared himself Alpha of Alphas. He had put himself above Basil and all the other Alphas. This had to be demasculating for Basil. I can tell. I can also tell that right now Basil was looking for a reason to dominate something---anything. That just happened to be me today.

"Humans cuddle. Werewolves fuck," Basil tells me.

"I'm just scared to be alone. The others are saying there are witches in Eden. There are vampires here too..."

"Not for much longer. You got the letter from Walid. The werewolves are taking over Eden."

I remember the letter. I was at home minding my business when the letter came. It had gone to all the packs. It was entitled "The Howl". Everyone needed to come to Eden. The werewolves had been given access to Eden and when the time came we would take it away from the vampires. That was Walid's plan. Everyone had answered the Howl. Everyone was showing up and camping in the forest outside of the city.

"I don't want you too far. Cellphones don't work here," I admit, "What if I need you?"

"I'll be there, lover."

I smile at my Alpha. Basil calls me his lover sometimes. He never says he loves me though. Sometimes I wonder if he does. Sometimes I wonder if an Alpha was capable of loving his beta. Walid loved Yas, but that was rare. It never happens. Not even with Basil who treats me so good. He flashes me a smile with his perfectly aligned white teeth. He has always been masculine and rough. I've always been feminine and soft. That was the role of the Alpha and the Beta.

"I know you'll protect me," I tell Basil.

"Of course. You're my property."

"If we stay here Walid will be Alpha of Alphas."

We had heard rumors about Walid. We had heard about how he didn't care about respecting other people's Betas. He would target strong Alpha werewolves and fuck their betas just to prove his dominance. Me mentioning this seems to get underneath Basil's skin.

"I don't care. No one will take you from me. Not even Walid. I'll always keep you safe. Like I said before. You're my property."

He says it in a normal way. Humans would be offended but I'm used to it. As beta, he's right. I am his property. He is a little bit more muscular then the other wolves in his pack. He has a handsome baby face that I love staring at. He has light brown skin that reminds me of honey.

"I love you Basil."

I had said it before.

It makes Basil uncomfortable when I say things like that.

He doesn't say it back, "The other Alphas are arriving. We don't have time for this romance bullshit. Clean up the tent and come outside."

With that Basil turns and leaves. I can see the look in his eyes. He's annoyed that I'm being emotional. He always is. I understand we are werewolves but once...just once I want Basil to admit that he's in love with me. I want to be a little more than just his property. I want to be a little more than just a symbol of his dominance. I want to be the person he loves. I want to be his lover for real.

But I guess maybe that is just a human emotion.

And I wasn't a human.

I was a Beta werewolf.

I come out of the tent and see I am just in time for the other wolves to appear. Most are still in wolf form and transforming. I have to admit I never will get sick of wolves transforming into humans with these big dicks and hairy, muscular bodies. The ones who are in human form walk around with no shame of being nude. Some have fur coats the majority aren't used to this warm weather in Eden so they walk around completely naked. I know that Basil will punish me for looking at another wolf but a part of me likes it when he punishes me. It feels so good.

"Showing off Basil?" a voice says, "I could hear you fucking your Beta from the human world."

There is laughter. I get embarrassed but I can see Basil has a sense of pride. He is shaking off his dick making sure everyone knows how good he is with it. He wants everyone to know that he fucks his beta hard. We turn at that moment and see Richardson. He is the Alpha of the New York Pack. His beta August is close by. Other Alphas I recognize are there too. Quincy is the Alpha of the Lousiana pack. Rhinegold is the alpha of the Washington State pack. Amari is the Alpha of the Toronto pack. They all have their betas with them. Betas werewolves rarely travel outside of the territory but now we were going to have new territory away from the humans. I hadn't seen so many Alphas in the same place as well. Each pack consists of between 5 and 15 wolves. You can tell the pack leaders from a mile away. Usually they are the biggest members of the packs.

They shake hands. We were making history here. So many wolves in one place was rare except during mating season when an Alpha decided who his beta was going to be.

"This place is beautiful," August walks up to me.

We are in the Garden of Eden. There is only one gate into Eden and one gate out. It's a magic gate. I almost shitted myself walking through it. Werewolves didn't care for magic at all. It scared us. My brother had written my pack and other packs on behalf of Walid to keep us updated after the initial Howl. They had invited us here. Other packs were coming in as well. They flood through the portal from the human world. There are so many wolves. Rival packs. The New York pack has never gotten along with my pack.

Now we put our rivalries aside though.

We unify under Walid. Alpha of Alphas.

I have to admit, "Eden is just what I thought it was. The sky here stays red. It is never daylight. It is never nighttime. It is just this eternal twilight here. It's calm and beautiful."

I wanted to change into a wolf right away. I could imagine running through these woods. They were the greenest plants I had ever seen in my life. The garden is a forest that seems almost like it was painted. It sparkles. It doesn't seem real.

This was paradise.

August leans into me, "And your husband is just what I thought he would be..."

I'm used to people being attracted to Basil. He could fuck others if he wanted to. I'm not sure if I would mind or not. I guess I was used to it. H Werewolf relationships weren't the same as humans. It was almost expected that Basil fuck every werewolf in the pack. That's just how things worked. He held his beta higher than others though. He held me to a bigger esteem.

He fucked me so much harder than he did the other wolves in our pack.

"So where's Walid and your brother?" a werewolf from the Michigan pack asks.

They all look at me.

They are right. Yas promised to welcome us to Eden when we arrived on behalf of Walid. He should be here.

"I don't know..." I respond.

"Do you smell that?" Basil asks me.


"Blood...lots and lots of blood..."

He turns. We all turn. We can't see in the distance too far but we can smell it. He was right. In the distance there was blood. Werewolves can smell miles away if we concentrate and right now I can smell past the forest to the unique scent of blood in the air. The smell is coming from the city.


For some reason I'm thinking the worse. I'm thinking my older brother is in trouble.

Basil almost can look in my eyes and see the panic I feel. Something is happening in the city and it's something scary. I know that my brother is there in the city. He's probably so afraid. He's probably so alone.

"Don't do it," Basil tells me, "That is an order."

The other Alphas look at me. I shouldn't betray my Alpha. This would make Basil look really bad. Still. I think about Yas. He's in that city. My brother may need my help. I can smell him. I can smell my brother. I can smell his panic. Something is wrong in the city.

"Master. I'm sorry."

"Yuma don't play with me," Basil responds, "You do what the fuck I say. I'm your Alpha. Walid is my alpha. You are not allowed to enter the city."

He has a point. It's a point I should listen to. Walid had written in his letter that we are not allowed to enter the actual city of Eden without his consent.

But I can't wait.

"I'm sorry..." I tell Basil again.

I start running. I start running away and before I dart into a trees I have changed into a full blown wolf.


The streets of Eden are stained with blood. At first I think I'm in a city of Europe. That's what it seems. A modern day Venice, Paris or Rome. The city is modern but there are hints of history everywhere we go. There are no bodies however but there is a cover of dust that has settled in the air. I knew vampires existed from Basil. The Alaska pack had battled vampires for generations until the vampires left to come to Eden. On cold nights Basil would tell me stories that he heard about vampires. He had heard when vampires died their bodies dissolved into dust but I always thought that was just rumors.

I am assuming now it is true. Nothing is left behind but the blood that they spilled.

Something horrible had happened here.

My wolf sniffs around thoroughly. I'm trying to find my brother. I push in deeper to the city and it is becoming clearer and clearer that fighting is still going on. I'm not sure who is fighting. The dust clogs my eyes and my nose. The large dust fills Eden completely.

I have just walked in on a battle.

That's when I hear the footsteps. Three women are approaching me out of the dust. They step on the stone blocks and move towards me. They are beautiful. All three of them. They have on red dresses that are cut out of lace that fit loosely on their bodies. Over there dresses they have capes. Red capes. The color of blood. It's almost striking. Their faces look almost like they were painted on or something like that.


"Look what we found Ja'Dore?" one witch says to the other.

"Oh Shi Shi, it's a wolf," the other witch replies.

They surround me. The tallest one stands directly in front of me. I sniff the air. They smell like humans but not quite. There is a slightly off smell about them. The way they aren't afraid of me seems to give them away as well. There was no way in hell that these were humans.

"Are you lost dog?" the tallest witch says, "I can show you the way. I am Micki. These are my friends. Ja'Dore and Shi Shi. We'll help you home."

I growl. I straighten my tail. I growl in an attempt to scare the three witches away. They don't walk away though. Matter of fact they get closer. They circle in closer and closer towards me. They have no fear. They have no concern.

"He seems scared."

My heart is racing. I shouldn't have run away from Basil. The other wolves had agreed not to enter the city under the instructions from Walid and Yas. They would obey him. Walid had the strongest pack. He had declared himself Alpha of Alphas. No one would disobey him. I shouldn't have either.

I get closer.

The one named Micki pulls out a knife. The others do the same. They surround me. My heart is racing. My wolf paces in circles. My eyes jerk from Micki to Shi Shi to the one named Ja'Dore. I'm nervous as all hell as the three witches get closer and closer.

"Little Red Riding Hood got fooled by a wolf. This is her revenge," Micki says.

She stabs herself!

I'm shocked as I feel my form changing. Within a matter of seconds instead of the being the wolf I am naked Yuma laying down. I didn't want to change. It happened without me wanting it to. My long hair nestles up against the pavement.


I feel defenseless as I push away sliding my ass across to the brick sidewalks. I scrape it. The witches approach me. They have their knives out.

"I want to skin him," Ja'Dore offers.

She flings herself at me. I cover myself with my arms and feel the rush of her blade as she cuts through my arms over and over desperately attempting to make me drop my arms. Just as I am about to drop my arms I hear a loud growl and a rush.

A wolf comes out of no where.

I recognize the wolf. I recognize the long furs. The gray and white strands of hair. I knew almost immediately who it was. I knew almost immediately that it was Basil.

He pulls me out of the way, tosses me over his hard back and takes off.


My lover.

He'd defied Walid and come into the city to save me.

I can hear the witches behind us. They are screaming like wild women. They are chasing us but Basil is too fast. He runs with me. He takes me into safety far away from their screeching madness.


We end up in what looks like a store. We had to break through. Basil transforms back into human. I'm standing off to the side watching him as he barricades the doors and looks through the window. I'm so amazed that he came in here for me. He stands naked at the window watching what is going on outside. it sounds like there is chaos outside.

Still even though we aren't safe I feel safe with him. I look up at his naked body. I look up at his beautiful muscular frame. His strong glutes are poised to change back into a wolf at any moment. His muscular arms are filing at the windows of this random vampire store. His hairy chest hairs even make me feel safe.

"Shit's going down out there," he says peering out the window, "Vampires are fighting witches."

We had walked into a war zone.

"You came. You came to save me," I state.

Basil had gone against what Walid had asked in his letter. He broke into the city to save me. I'm shocked. He stands by the window and looks over at me. His face is strong and at first I think I'm going to be punished but before long I realize that his face softens up when he looks at me. He seems sweeter. That baby face comes back and he seems to realize just how fragile I am.

"Of course I came for you," Basil explains, "I told you I'll protect you. You belong to me. And you are my favorite possession."

I realize that this may be the most romantic Basil or any Alpha could allow himself to get. It would be weak for him to say any more. Still, it means the world to me. This man's man wasn't as blunt and rude. He hadn't punished me for coming out here to save my brother. He was understanding. He was sweet.

"I'm sorry," I tell him none-the-less.

"Don't be sorry. Be safe. There are vampires out here Yuma. REAL vampires. They don't play. Not to mention the witches."

"I saw..."

Those witches were still out there. They were probably still looking for me.

"I can't have anything happen to you Yuma," Basil lets me know.

"I have to find Yas."

"I know you're worried but I had no idea it had already gotten this bad. Shit is real out here. We should head back into the forest Yuma."

He crosses his arms.

"No. Not without Yas."

Basil walks over to me. I wince, thinking he's going to hit me. He doesn't. He lifts me up by my hair though. I can feel the pain as he pulls at my roots to lift up my nude body. He pulls me close showing me how much bigger and more powerful he is.

"Did you just say no to me, lil wolf?" he asks.

"I don't have a choice," I tell Basil, "My brother is out here. Yas isn't that strong."

"And if Yas is in danger what the fuck will you do?" he asks, "Yuma, you're the smallest wolf I know."

He was right. I was real small. I was a small, weak fragile Beta wolf. I had been mistaken for a dog back in Alaska. I could walk through the city without anyone even getting scared. Most werewolves were three times my size. My job was to get fucked by Basil and make sure that he was satisfied. I may have been the passive one but I definitely wasn't dumb however.

"But I knew you would come save me," I admit.

Basil laughs. He drops me. He gives me a wet kiss at that moment, grabs me around my ass and sticks a finger up my ass. I moan as he finger fucks me roughly for a few rapid seconds.

"Tricky lil' thing," he tells me, "When we get back to the tent, I'm going to punish you. You hear me. I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk. No stopping."

I put on a face as though I wouldn't enjoy it. I don't ever want Basil to know how much I love his punishments.

"I understand, Master," I tell him.

"But not until we save your brother. Turn back into a wolf and follow me. I think the fighting has moved further into the city for the moment. "


I follow close behind the gray and white wolf that is Basil. My heart is beating. My wolf isn't even a fraction of the size of Basil's wolf. I can see in the distance behind a building there is fighting. A pack of witches all dressed in Red have surrounded a group of vampires. The vampires bear their fangs and the witches take out their knives. The fighting spills out into the streets where a group of vampires soldiers are clashing with witches nearby. There are more vampires. At first I think the witches have a deathwish but then I realize they just aren't afraid of death.

I watch in the distance as they cast these wild spells. At moments some change into other animals or stab themselves in an attempt to deliver pain to some of the vampires.

It's fucking madness out here.

I hear a growl and I notice it's Basil.

He wants me to follow him.

We walk towards the palace. It's clear Basil has a scent of Yas. I can see him putting his nose to the ground. Basil is a good hunter. He always brings back the best game when he goes out on his hunts. Of course he eats first but he makes sure that I am always the second one in the Alaska pack to eat. I know that he will find Yas in no time.




The palace is huge. There is outdoor foyer that leads to a small section of the palace from the streets of the city. A group of vampires sees us. They look like guards. They are all decked out in armor as though they were from a different time or some shit. I hide behind Basil and Basil growls at the vampires. For some reason they don't attack.

"It's just the wolves," the vampires say.

That's all they say too. They turn and run away at that point taking the pathway that leads towards the city streets and ignoring us. They don't seem to think that we are the enemy for some reason. I'm confused by it but at the same time I'm happy. I don't want another fight. I just want to find Yas. And he's close. He's real close. I can smell him.

The stone and brick archway leads to a path. There is a large statue of what looks like a king in the outdoor foyer. I read the name underneath the huge statue. It reads: King Arie. As we push on I realize that Basil has stopped walking.

He turns back at that moment and begins to growl.

"Micki! Look! We found them.!" a voice says.

There is laughter. It's them. The three witches Ja'Dore, Micki and Shi Shi.

"Look what we have here. And I was so confused. We are just little red riding hoods on our way to see our grandmother. Look what we find instead? But Grandmother! What big teeth you have," one of the girls says.

They sound crazed. They are covered in blood. I can smell it on their red clothes. They must have come across some vampires while looking for us. It was clear who had won that fight. These woman clearly didn't care about killing. I can see it on the look in their eyes. They were fucking monsters and it scared the fuck out of me.

Knives are out. I watch at that moment as Basil runs forward. His teeth are sharp. He goes at the one witches throat. Before he can even get close to her she disappears.

She just fucking disappeared.

The other witch comes from behind Basil and attempt to stab him but he's too quick! Basil snaps at her. The witch that disappeared comes out of no where behind Basil. She attempts to stab him. Once again Basil attempts to fight her off. It doesn't help. As soon as he gets close to one of the girls they disappear again.

It isn't a fair fight. They are using magic.

Each time they disappear they get closer and closer to stabbing him with their knives. One gets really close to Basil to stab him and I panic. It's the tallest one. It was the one that they called Micki.

I howl. I howl as loudly as I can to distract her.

The girl looks at me. She disappears away from Basil.

Thank god.

Then I realize something. I realize she is right behind me. I hear a click of heels. She grabs me. I snap at her but I can't get her off of me! She holds me like you would a dog who is about to get trimmed. I can feel her knife at my throat.

I whimper but Basil is too distracted with the other two witches to help me!

"It's OK," Micki whispers in my ear, "I've been dead before. It just hurts for a moment. Just a short time. I'll make it quick. I promise. Then there is nothing. Nothing but darkness afterwards. You'll be fine."

She is ready to slice my throat when I hear a loud growl.

All of a sudden I see this thing. At first I don't know what it is. It moves so quickly but then I realize it is a wolf. I've never seen a wolf move like that though. The strange wolf gets next to Ja'Dore and Shi Shi. Within one move the wolf rips off both of their heads.

I don't even see how it happens. I'm shocked.

All I see is the heads of the two witches fall to the ground.

"What the fuck was that?" Micki asks me.

She is completely stunned. She has forgotten about trying to kill me.

The wolf...or whatever it is turns to Micki. It's eyes are red. Blood red.

It growls!

Micki doesn't hesitate to let go of my throat at that moment. Within a matter of seconds she disappears in a poof of magic as though she never existed, escaping before what happened to the other two witches happened to her.

I can't smell this thing. It doesn't have a strong smell. Then all of a sudden this...thing changes. And I'm shocked at who it is.

It's Yas!

"Yuma what the hell are you doing here?" he asks me.

I change into my human form. I run to my brother. I embrace him at that moment. I hold him close. I'm so happy to see him. I'm so happy he's OK.

"Basil and I came to save you. We smelled blood. We were scared but..."

But we found he had become...something else.

"Didn't seem like you needed the saving," Basil explains, after changing back into a human.

"Basil---you been treating my little brother right?" Yas asks.

"He's a handful," Basil admits, "What is going on in this city?"

"Genesis has raised an army of witches somehow and they are attacking the capital. The Vampire Armando is holding out and fighting back in townsquare. It's a huge fight there. It looks like the vampires are getting the upper hand though. It should be over soon."

The vampires were winning.

"This is good news right?" I ask.

Yas nods, "Yes, Once the vampires win things will go back to normal. We just have to hold out until then. We just have to keep the royal family safe."

"Royal family?"

Just at that moment four vampires come out of hiding. Three of them are grown ass men. The fourth is a child. These people seem different from the other vampires. The idea that they were the royal family definitely makes sense. They are all posh and proper looking as if their shit didn't stink.

Basil looks over at me, "If I knew I was in the presence of royalty I would have covered my dick."

He laughs but he has a point. All of a sudden I feel a little ashamed of my nudity as well. Luckily one of the vampires has some extra cloth to his 20 piece outfit. He takes off a few layers and hands them out. I look over at the royals. They were definitely not used to werewolves just walking around naked. Even when we put on the extra pieces of clothing I can tell they are uncomfortable.

I bow none-the-less. I don't know why. I figure that's just what you do when you are in the presence of royalty and shit. Who knows? The vampires don't seem too interested in my courtesies. Maybe I don't do it right.

"Justice needs rest," one of the vampires says.

"We'll find him a place. Yas. Have all the other wolves have come to Eden?" the one says.

"Yes King Santos," Yas answers, "They are out in the forest. My Alpha and my pack is helping Armando hold off the witches inside the Blood Palace however. That would be the safest place for us to be."

The one named Santos shakes his head.

"No offense but I think I would feel safer with you than your Alpha."

He wasn't lying. Something has changed with Yas. He was...powerful. He had killed two witches in a matter of seconds. We hadn't even seen how. I was shocked to say the least.

Santos shakes his head.

"You'd be safer with Walid," he explains, "He is my alpha."

I doubted that and I think that Santos and the royal family seemed to doubt that as well.

"My father will need help to stop the witches..." Santos states.

"He's already winning the fight."

"We don't want to just win the fight. We want to kill them. All of them."

"Santos," the guy close to Santos says as though trying to calm him down, "This isn't you..."

Santos isn't having it, "Yes it is Nero. Look what they did to my son."

"Our son..."

"Whatever. They took away valuable years of his life. I won't forgive them. Yas. Can you have the other wolves help my father wipe out the witches or not?"

He sounds serious. It's kind of scary. Wipe out?

It definitely seemed like this war had more tension than we thought. I had no idea what Santos meant by the little boy. The little boy is standing there looking somewhat lost as though he had just woken up out of his sleep and not quite realized where he was. The other man who is holding the little boy's hand looks down at Santos with questionable eyes. It's clear things are very weird in Eden.

Yas shakes his head, "I don't command the wolves, Walid does...but he hates Genesis and the witches more than anyone. He'll help."

Genesis is so happy he starts crying.

"Baby, it's going to be OK," Nero tells Santos, "I love you. We'll figure things out."

The word Love ripples through me. The way he was able to say it Santos without hesitation drives me crazy. I watch as Nero pulls Santos close. He grabs him. He kisses him. It's a normal kiss. It's not a wet, horny, aggressive kiss. He doesn't try to finger Santos and threaten to pull him into a back room and fuck him into oblivious. It was sweet. It was passionate.

That was the kind of kiss I wanted. Yas would make funny of me when we were younger. I was this romantic. I had always been more emotional. I wanted the softer side of things. I loved Basil. I really did. Each day though I was realizing that I was never going to get the kind of emotion out of Basil that Nero was giving to Santos.

It would never happen.

Yas breaks the awkward silence and nods, "I agree, however. If Armando will allow the wolves to enter the city we don't mind helping to save the city."

Santos grips onto his husband but none-the-less turns to Yas defiantly, "We need your help Yas. We need the wolves."

It's amazing hearing the vampire royal family tell us that they needed our help. Whether the vampires were winning the battle in the streets didn't matter. Santos wanted the help of the wolves to make sure this witch threat was gone once and for all.

"I'll go get the wolves," Basil says.

He sounds brave. It sounds stupid. I shake my head almost immediately.

"Basil no," I respond, "It's dangerous."

After seeing what my brother was capable of I was safer with him going out there myself. There were other witches around and these witches were playing no fucking games. They had come to Eden for blood and they would kill anyone that got in their way. I was cared shitless that something would happen to Basil. I don't know why but almost immediately tears are forming in my eyes.

"They are needed,pretty," he responds, "Don't worry I'll be OK..."

"We'll be with Walid. Sniff him out to find us," Yas tells Basil.

There is a pause at that moment. I look at Basil. I can't help it. I get emotional all over again. I run into his arms. The world is drifting into nothing at that moment. I hug him so tight that I don't want to let go. The others are watching.

All I can think about is what if Basil doesn't make it back. He has to go back through the city to get the other wolf packs. He has to do it alone. The fear is sinking in at that moment. It gets worse and worse.

"You'll come back to me, Master?" I ask.

"Grow up," he tells me.

I just watch as Basil rips off his clothes and changes into a wolf again. He runs off without looking back. The entire time he leaves I'm just watching him, wishing he would turn back and give me any sort of attention.

He doesn't.

He just doesn't care.

"C`mon," Yas says, "We have to go."


The walk is a short walk from where we were to where we are supposed to rendezvous with Walid. The smell is blood is stronger around here. We make our way through a hidden passage in the palace that King Nero shows us. I learn a little bit about Nero and his family. Nero was a replaced king who had his throne swiped by his father-in-law. HIs husband Santos is the angry one. Then there were the two others that were with them. One of them is Justice and the other one's name is Promise. Justice seems a little weak as he walks. It seems like the entire royal family has really been put through it.

Halfway through the hall we are met by guards. There is a man who is leading them. He has a torch.

"Whose this?" asks a man.

He's a tall slim man. He's clearly a vampire. He's handsome. He's not pretty like Yas and I. He doesn't look like a little girl like we do. This is a real man. His face seems to sparkle just like Santos, Nero and Justice. These vampire men were say the least. They had this presence about them that was different from the werewolf men. They were refined. They seemed like the kind of guys who whined and dined you. They were gentleman. They were princes. They had lived in castles for so long that they looked at us like we smelled or something.

He turns his nose up to me and I can tell he doesn't like me. I'm embarrassed. The vampires smelled like perfumes and we smelled like the outdoors.

"He's a friend," Santos says, "Yas's brother."

"Yuma," I introduce myself.

"I'm Aiden. I'm the general here. Any friend of Yas is a friend of ours. Your brother is amazing. He killed like 10 witches to save us."

I look over at my brother. I'm amazed. I'm even more surprised when Aiden reaches his hand out to me. He smiles. Fangs and all. His whole attitude changes when he realizes I'm related to Yas.

"Aiden, is the fighting still going on?" Santos asks the man.

"Your father has the witches cornered right in front of the palace. Walid's pack has joined Armando in fighting. The witches don't have much longer...but we can't find Genesis."

"He's sneaky. As fuck. I shouldn't count him out yet," Santos explains.

"There's no way he's going to beat us. We have too many numbers," Aiden tells him, "We are holding down the castle. Walid is with us."

"Wait...Walid isn't fighting?" Yas asks.

"No...he said that his pack would help Armando...but he's just been hiding out in the castle with us. Drinking," Aiden reveals, "Follow me though. I'll show you where everyone is."

I'm confused. I know Walid. This doesn't sound like the Walid I know. Walid had balls. He was the only one I knew who had bigger balls than Basil. The fact that he was staying out of a fight was blowing my mind.

We follow the vampires down a long pathway that leads into the castle. I keep looking back. I know Basil is gone but some parts of me is hoping that he would hurry back soon. I can't stand being separated from him for too long. I needed him. I know it sounded weak and needy but as a Beta I was used to being weak and needy.

I'd learned that not every man had to be strong, and masculine. I was feminine. I had been mistaken for a girl all my life. I had a high pitch voice and walked with my hips. My eyelashes were too long and my hair was prettier than even the vampire girls. Nevermind the fact I was covered in dirt. I was a pretty boy. I always had been and I was fine with that. I was fine with the fact that I needed a real man to take care of me. I liked the feeling.

I just wished it was more...

"He loves you," Yas tells me.

My brother knows me too well. He turns to me and gives me a look. I know the look. He is trying to re-assure me. He can see my worry all over my face. The walk is long but my brother lags behind and puts a hand over my shoulder. I feel protected with Yas but it's not the same as Basil.

"Is that what you call it?" I ask.

"Alphas are difficult. They always have been. They lead the pack but it is the Beta that keeps the tempo. We make sure he's strong. We make sure he's confident. That is love. It really is. I can see it in his eyes Yuma. Basil loves you."

His words are nicer than I want. They are nicer than I deserve.

"He doesn't love me. He appreciates me the way a man appreciates his favorite axe that he uses to chop wood. He loves to swing it from time to time but at the end of the day it's still a fuckin' axe. He doesn't love me. Not the way Walid loves you."

Yas smiles, "You can have that one day. The kind of love that Walid and I have. You can have it with Basil."

"No Alpha treats his beta like Walid treats you."

"You just have to be more patient with him," Yas advises me, "Make him feel strong. That's what I do with Walid. I make him feel strong."

"Is Walid stronger than you?"

"Not anymore."


"What happened?"

Yas takes a deep breath, "I've changed Yuma. I almost died. The witches. One to be exact. Genesis. He almost killed me. The vampires changed me into one of them."

My mouth drops open. I stop walking.

"You're a vampire?"

He smiles, "A hybrid."

"Holy shit. No wonder you killed those witches that quickly."

"Can you do me a favor Yuma?" Yas asks me.

"Sure. Anything."

"Can you not tell Walid?"

"Not tell him what?"

"How strong I am," Yas explains, "He hasn't really seen for himself. I don't want him to get low self-esteem. I don't want to hurt his ego knowing that his beta was stronger than he was."

I knew exactly what Yas was saying. The idea of a beta being stronger than an Alpha would drive any Alpha crazy. I could imagine how painful it would be for Walid. Still. This wasn't any normal Alpha. This was Walid: Alpha of Alphas. If the werewolves had a king like the vampires did it would definitely have been Walid.

"Walid never seemed to lack ego before."

"I will get his ego back. I will make him King of Eden."

"What about the fight between the witches and vampires."

"We'll help the vampires for now. And when they are weak, we'll take over," Yas tells me, "I'll lead the vampires myself....Walid isn't quite up to it. But this will restore him. I know it."

Yas really loved Walid. Walid really loved Yas. I could see my brother ruling with Yas. I could see the two of them ruling Eden together. There was nothing these two wouldn't do for one another. I'm so jealous at this moment. I have to admit. You can see their love a mile away.

"Why can't Walid lead the wolves himself?"

"Things have changed..."


"Remember I told you about Genesis?" Yas asks, "Well Genesis cut his dick off."

My mouth drops open.

Walid got his dick cut off. If the other Alphas found out that Walid didn't have a dick...he would probably be run out into the woods and killed. The Alpha was the manliest man of all. A man without a dick was something that I couldn't even imagine. I just look at my brother wondering how he could stomach being with a wolf that didn't have his dick.


We find Walid with several other high ranking vampires. Aiden introduces them as the council. They are surrounded by guards and all crowded in the same room looking scared at the sounds of fighting outside. They look like cowards. I kind of expected that. I mean these people look like they were the furthest thing from scary vampires I had ever seen.

What I don't expect is that Walid would be hiding out with them.

I watch as Yas walks over to him. I can see now why Walid didn't want to fight.

"Somethings coming," Santos says all of a sudden.

Santos breaks the silence out of no where. I can't tell how he can sense something coming but he sees to know and everyone for some reason seems to think Santos knows what he's talking about. The council members go into slight panic and all gather around each other.

There is a smell.

The room gets really quiet.

"Ginger, coriander, ginseng, ginkgo," I recognize some of the scents headed my way.

"Witches are coming..." Nero states, "I was around them for a long time. They always smell like those things..."

The lights flicker at that moment. The room gets cold. So cold. My heart beats heavy at that moment. The room gets so cold that I can almost see my breath. I'm so scared. I'm so fucking frightened. I can feel that this isn't like the other witches. Whoever was coming was someone bigger. Scarier.


The two twins stand next to one another. They both had sharp features with dark brown eyes and bushy, slightly nappy Afrocentric hair. They had a slim build and sly, smile. They stand next to each other in red. The room is so cold when they enter. It's as though all the warmth in the room is taken out of the room by them. They glow almost. Not in the same way the vampires do. No. this glow is something internal. This fire is burning in them and it seems to grow by the second.

"Genesis," Nero states.

It was indeed Genesis. He takes a few steps forward. He had become infamous even with werewolves after what he pulled by kidnapping Walid's pack.

"Genesis has a brother?" Santos asks.

We are all wondering the same thing. The boy walks forward.

"Hello," the one says as he steps forward, "I'm Exodus."

Genesis turns to his brother, "Exodus, no time for small talk. Lock the door will you?"

When he speaks I can tell people get uneasy. Walid stands up as well. The leader of the witches was here and people were terrified. They had a right to be. We all had heard stories of Genesis and we all were made really uneasy by them.

"Genesis," Walid stands in shock.

"Stay behind me. I'll protect you," Yas states.

I'm not sure if Yas is talking to Walid or everyone but he walks forward between Genesis and everyone else. I wonder how Walid feels in this moment. I wonder how he feels knowing that his beta was protecting him. Genesis doesn't seem too concerned with Yas.

"I have no issues with you wolf. I've come for the royal family. Specifically for Santos and Promise. Armando is winning. We weren't expecting that. But he does have a weakness. And that is Santos and Promise..."

Santos hasn't stood up yet. He seems confused...almost out of it. Everyone does though. Walid is the one who seems to have the most reaction though. I wouldn't blame him. This was a man who had almost killed his Beta. This was a man who had chopped his dick off. Everyone had a reason to hate Genesis but Walid had a reason to hate him above everyone else.

"You'll have to go through me," Yas states.

"You're brave. I can see why. You're a hybrid now Yas. I shouldn't have trusted Walid. I should have made sure you were dead myself," Genesis explains, "But it's not too late."

"You can't beat all of us alone," Aiden tells Genesis.

"Who says he's alone?" Exodus responds.

The two twins do something odd at that moment. They turn back to back at that moment. They close their eyes. They start chanting something. It's low at first. At first I can't hear it, but then the chants get louder and louder.

"What are they saying?" I ask.

No one knows until they are almost screaming the chant together.

"Little black girl. Little black girl. Little black girl."

There is a feeling that I've never felt before. It's almost as though something was eating you up from the inside. Out of no where I see this little girl. She's standing in the room with us. She twists her hand and everyone screams out in pain all at once.

"Little black girl. Little black girl. Little black girl..."

It was magic.

Screams fill the room. Genesis is the first to break the circle. He walks over to Santos right over to Yas has collapsed on the floor. I reach for my brother in hopes of helping him but it's useless. Santos doesn't want Yas anyway. He steps over Yas in the most disrespectful way. His brother is still chanting. The little girl is still twisting her fingers. Pain has still filled our guts. Several of the council members are spitting up blood at that moment.

Each time the little girl twists her tiny little fingers my stomach turns even more. There is only one person in the room who isn't effected by it.


He's standing there. Genesis makes his way over to the little boy.

"Interesting. No pain?" Genesis asks.

The little boy doesn't respond. He just stares at Genesis.

"Promise! LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Nero screams.

Genesis ignores Nero. He looks at the little boy. He calls the little boy by his name too. Promise. He bends down until he's the height of the little boy. The little boy isn't moving. He isn't reacting to Genesis at all. Genesis snaps his fingers a few times at the little boy.

Then Genesis says something weird, "She did a number on you...didn't she?"

I'm not sure who Genesis is referring to as he continues to snap at the little boy. It is useless. He grabs the little boy by his hand.

"Little black girl. Little black girl," Exodus is chanting.

Genesis has Promise, "The Prince who was Promised. Come with me. Let's go force your grandfather to surrender."

"STOP!" someone is screaming.

This time it comes from Santos. Santos all of a sudden is panicking in the same way Nero is. Genesis ignores him as well though grabbing the little boy by his hand and starting to walk out of the door with him.

Genesis leaves us with Exodus who is continuing to chant and cause us pain. It's Santos that seems to be the first one to break out of the pain somehow.

"How is he doing that?" I hear Walid ask.

It doesn't matter. Santos breaks out and hits Exodus so hard that he goes flying across the room. I had heard about vampire strength before and this was a clear example of it. By breaking the spell Santos seems to completely stop the pain.

The little girl disappears as though she was never there to begin with.

Santos is panicking, "He has Promise. Nero. He has Promise!"

We all get to our knees. We all run after Genesis and Promise. I can smell him. I'm the one whose leading the way surprisingly.

"It's going to be OK." Nero is comforting Santos, "I love you OK. We'll catch up to him."

There is an emotion there that I feel like I would never feel. It makes me run faster. I change into my wolf and I'm running as fast as I can. I leave the others. I have to get to Genesis. I have to save the little vampire Prince once way or another. I do it for love. It isn't my love. I know that. I know that it is the love between Nero and Santos. Still. I don't care. I may never experience that with Basil but I will fight for it. I will fight for love anytime it needed me.


I catch up to Genesis. He is pushing open huge 20 foot doors that lead outside of the Palace. I run up to him as my wolf growling almost forgetting who I am.

I bite at Genesis. I take a mouthful of his arm into my wolf's teeth. I bite down as hard as I can just as the doors open.

"FUCKING WOLVES!" he screams.

He manages to get me off of him and gives me a sweeping soccer kick to my side. It doesn't hurt really. It isn't like vampire strength or anything like that. Still, it stings and I fall over outside of the other end of the door. I can tell that I've annoyed Genesis more than hurt him.

But I've managed to slow him down. Even if for a second. I can see in the distance that Yas, Walid and the royal family were catching up.

Genesis quickly grabs the little boy's hand.

"Did you say fucking wolves?" a familiar voice asks.'

I turn at that moment. Sure enough it is Basil!

Not just Basil either! Basil is with all of the wolves of all of the packs. He's brought them. The vampires have aligned themselves with the wolves. There are witches but all the witches are on their knees lined up in front of the vampires. It is clear who has won the fight.

Genesis is surrounded on all sides.

"Fuck..." Genesis states.

I have to admit Genesis must be humbled right now. His conceited face changes into something else. I'm so happy to see Basil that I forget where I am. I run over to him still in wolf form. He bends down and I slather his face with my tongue. He smiles enjoying every moment of it kissing me mouth open even though he is in human form.

"I told you I'll come back for you," he tells me as though reading my mind, "That's what you do when you love someone..."

I feel my heart turn as he holds me tight.

That's what you do when you love someone?

That's what you do when you love someone!



The royal family have surrounded Genesis from behind. Genesis is standing there holding the hand of the vampire prince. He is surrounded on the steps of the great vampire palace surrounded by hundreds of enemies.

"Fuck," is all he happens to say again.

Someone walks over. Basil whispers to me telling me that the person walking up is Armando...king of the Vampires. Nero is there as well but right now Armando is concerned with one thing and one thing only. He is concerned with Genesis.

"Hand over my grandson," Armando states, "It's over Genesis. We've won."

Grandson? This Armando looked like he was in his early 20s at most. He was handsome as hell too. Probably better looking than most of the other vampires and that was saying a lot because they were all FINE. Armando stares up at Genesis.

"Eden should be mine. I should be king..." Genesis says.

He's talking to himself more than anyone else. There is so much blood in the air. So much. All because one man's ambitions to rule a city that wasn't even his.

Genesis didn't seem to know when to give up. He was surrounded. His brother was out of commission. There was no way he could fight all the vampires and all the wolves at the same time. He was alone this time and he knew it. I could see the panic in his eyes. The cockiness I had seen from him before was now completely gone.

This was a man who was afraid. Very afraid.

"Give up now and I'll let you live the rest of your days out in a prison," Armando says, "Let my grandson go..."

"No. Either I'll be king or both of us will die right now."

Genesis takes out a knife. He attempts to grab the little boy but he realizes that the little boy is gone. We all realize it too. The little boy is standing next to his parents all of a sudden. No one had seen the little boy move. No one had realized how fast it happened.

Now Genesis had nothing.

Nothing at all.

I watch as he laughs at his own turn of events. He drops his knife on the ground.

"Fuck it. I give up."

"You're not a vampire...You'll never be king of Eden," King Armando tells Genesis.

"Yes he will be."

Everyone stops.

The voice is loud. Booming. We are all surprised and it takes me a minute to realize who is challenging Armando out of no where. When I do find out though the amount of shock that I have is beyond anything that I could imagine.

It is Walid.

"What's happening?" Basil asks me.

I can't answer him. I don't know...I honestly don't understand.

Walid takes a step forward, "Wolves. Attack the vampires. If they surrender spare them. If they don't kill them. We are taking Eden by force!"

The sound of the Alpha of Alphas runs over the wolves. Howls fill the air. The vampires have been fighting the witches all day. It's clear that they are lower in number. The wolves are strong now. We are rested. On a normal day it would have been an epic fight but now the vampires are sulking and backing up as Walid commands the wolves press on ready to attack them.

The werewolves have turned on the vampires just like that. I watch Basil. I want to stop him but I can't. He has gotten an order from the Alpha of Alphas. Basil changes into a wolf and he starts to join the assault on the vampires as well.

"What?" King Armando asks.

He's backing up with his vampires. He knows he won't win. He's outraged. He's scared. He's surprised. He has so many emotions that I can relate to.

What the FUCK was Walid doing?

Why was he helping the witches?

Yas grabs Walid, "Baby. What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm not your baby," Walid says shaking Yas off.

My mouth drops as Walid walks over to Genesis. I think Genesis is even surprised too when Walid reaches for his hand. Walid grabs Genesis by the hand at that moment. Genesis raises an eyebrow in shock but then a slight smile comes over his face.

"This is a pleasant surprise," Genesis says as Walid grabs his hand.

Walid looks at Genesis, "I love you Genesis. Ever since you cut my dick off I can't stop thinking about you. No one has ever fully bested me in the way that you have. It made me realize that I will never love Yaser or anyone else in the way that I love you. Genesis. I want you to be mine. I want us to rule Eden together."

My heart is breaking for Yaser.

Yaser has been reduced to tears. For all the strength of the hybrid right now he is on his knees crying. I don't get why Walid is choosing Genesis of all people. Genesis. The one who CUT his dick off. I'm thinking trying to understand what is going on.

Yaser is reduced to begging, "Walid. Please don't do this to me. I'm begging you. Please..."

Walid doesn't seem to react to weakness. Then it hits me.

I guess all Alphas didn't want the same thing. I realize now that Yas had lost himself in trying to look weak for Walid. He's lost himself in trying to support him. All the while what Walid really wanted was a strong lover to teach him his place. I realize now when I see how Walid looks at Genesis that he's found the person to do that in Genesis.

"Genesis," Walid gets down on one knee.

My mouth drops.

"Holy shit," Genesis says.

Walid pulls a ring out of his pocket. This shows he had been preparing for this for quite some time. Wolves didn't do this. ALPHAS didn't get on there knees. Not to anyone. EVER! What the fuck was happening?

Walid was handing Genesis everything.

A smile spreads across the face of Genesis. Everything was being handed to him. Nero and Santos don't seem to understand it. Aiden and Justice seem shocked. Some of the witches who are in chains still seem shocked. I am shocked.

Yaser's mouth drops open.

Yaser doesn't get it but I think I do. Walid didn't care that Genesis cut his dick off. It didn't have the effect everyone thought it would have at least. Genesis had humbled Walid in a way that no one else had. He was in love. Yas should have seen that Walid was obsessed with Genesis. Not because he wanted revenge. He was obsessed because he loved him.

A proposal should have been expected.

When you loved someone you gave them what they wanted no matter what the cost. Basil had taught me that.

That's what you do when you love someone...

"If you marry me, I will be yours. My wolf army will be yours. Eden will be yours. Everything you want will be yours," Walid says, "Genesis...will you marry me?"

"Yes," Genesis says, wickedly, "Oh yes..."

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