Chapter 4: Innocent

I’ve never been to New York before. I realize my cellphone just keeps ringing off the hook over and over. It’s my Dad. I have no doubt. They are probably worried sick about me just running away.

I pick up the phone.


“Oh my god! Innocent. Innocent! Where are you? Listen to me. Innocent you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. You have no idea the kind of shit that Genesis will get you into…”

“I’ll be fine,” are the only words I say before I hang up.

I throw the phone in the trash bin. I look around the big city. The neighborhood is Harlem. The place looks like trouble. It’s loud. It’s so different from my little island. People here seem so busy. They are always on the move. There are strange smells and sounds everywhere. I came to New York with 50 bucks in cash and a suitcase full of my clothes. I drag the suitcase behind me and realize I probably need to buy more clothes. I don’t even have a jacket and I realize that it’s probably about 30 degrees outside. I had packed for LA. That’s where my college was. The crazy thing is I don’t care. I’m so excited that I feel warm.

“Spare change?” a hobo asks as I walk down the street.

I pull a dollar out of my pocket, “Can you tell me where 40 West 129th Street is?”

The hobo points at a building at the end of the block, “It’s the café right over there.”

I walk to the café. I’m so excited to see Genesis again. Ever since the night I saw him I can’t take my mind off of him. My parents had a long conversation with me that night but I didn’t listen to a single word of it. They kept warning me that Genesis was dangerous. They never said how. They never said why. They just kept saying that I should keep away from him.

For some reason that just made me want to see him even more.

I don’t understand why.

I’m not gay. I knew I wasn’t gay.

But for some reason when I get to the coffee shop I run to the bathroom and fix the curls in my hair. I put my last mint in my mouth. I freshen up and stare at my reflection so hard hoping that I look perfect. If I’m not gay why the fuck am I fixing myself up to see him?

I walk back to a table. The coffee shop is pretty empty. Genesis is nowhere to be found.

“You want to buy anything?”

“I’m actually looking for a friend.”

“Young fella? Handsome with a short haircut that always wears red?”

Red. That was his color.

“Yeah,” I state.

“He usually comes in around now. Wait around for him. This is his favorite spot,” she says, “Did you want something while you wait?”

“I’ll order whatever his favorite is.”

I feel weird. I feel a little too weird. Maybe I’m stalking the guy. Maybe I’m going a little too far. I don’t care though. Right now I feel so excited. The woman comes back out with a hazelnut flavored coffee and a small piece of crumb cake. Almost an hour passes. The weird thing is that no one really comes into the coffee shop. You would think it would be crowded especially in a crowded city like this but people just walk past it almost ignoring its whole existence.

I feel like an idiot waiting this long. Two hours pass.

Three hours pass.


The longer I sit there the more I realize just how stupid this is. I didn’t know this Genesis guy from a can of paint. He comes to my family’s event. He gives me an invitation to join this war. Like an idiot I pack my bags and come right over with no idea who he is fighting. As I sit at the table I realize how limp my dick is. My dick is the fucking thing that got me in this predicament in the fucking first place and now it goes limp as though disappointing itself.

I get my suitcase. I don’t know what the fuck I’m thinking. By the time I head back outside onto the street and stand in front of the coffee house I realize it’s night time.

Just as I’m about to walk away someone grabs my hand. I think it’s another bum, but instead it’s a guy. He is tall and broad.

“Where is he?”

The voice is deep! He has bags underneath his eyes as though he hasn't been sleeping. He looks fucking crazy.

“Excuse me?” I ask.

“Genesis. I know you are one of them. I want to know where you have him hiding. He won’t escape me. Walid won't escape me. Not this time…” the boy says in the most threatening tone I’ve ever heard.

Escape him? The look in the boys’ eyes was definitely angry. It was definitely disturbing. I look in his eyes and I see something…weird. His eyes glow almost and they seem to be getting brighter and brighter.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I attempt to pull my arm away. I don’t get far. The boy is strong. I don't expect this kind of strength. it doesn't seem...human.

“Tell me where Genesis is or I’ll bite your head off.”

I’m shaken at that moment. I try to pull away desperately! He pulls me in attempting to conceal what is going on especially as an older couple walks past trying to hail an oncoming cab. The streetlight turns and a bunch of people walk past. The boy grabs me, manhandles me and pushes me up against a wall. I think about screaming for help but I don’t want to seem like some pussy at that moment. Truth is I’m scared as fuck. My heart beats hard. It isn’t his threat that shakes me up. It’s the fact that his eyes are really glowing at that point. His grip gets stronger because his hand is growing. The boy’s nails are growing right at that moment! Hair is forming on them!

It wasn’t…human.

It was something else. Something else entirely. I’m not sure what but I know this guy changing himself wasn’t right.

"Dakota do you really want these problems?” someone says behind the boy.

A girl is standing behind him. She is young. I would give her maybe 15 at the most.

He is distracted by her. I raise my fist ready to swing at this guy’s head but then something happens. It gets cloudy. It gets real cloudy out of nowhere. Just down the street it is sunny.

Then lightning!

Lightning strikes close to us! It strikes so close to us that I almost feel the hairs on my neck stand on end.

“Fuck," the man named Dakota says.

Just at that moment the man named Dakota jets away running at full speed through traffic. He almost causes accidents. It seems like he is scared of something but I’m not quite sure what. Within a matter of seconds, he disappears through the busy streets of New York.

My heart is racing and I’m more confused than ever. I’ve just been in the city for a few hours and something like this happens?

“That was quick,” the girl says.

I turn at that moment and see the young girl standing there. She is a black girl with curly locks and blush on her cheeks. She greets me with a smile. At first I look around wondering if she is talking to the right person but it’s clear after she pats me on my shoulder that she is talking to me in regards to that really strong boy.

“What the fuck was that?”

“Dakota,” she says rolling her eyes, “He is pretty annoying. You’ll get used to seeing him around. Cast a little magic and he will run faster than Usain Bolt.”

The girl laughs at herself as though whatever she said was the funniest thing in the world.

“The lightning…it was YOU?”

“No. Of course not.”

I sigh a little relieved at that moment. I must be losing my mind. Magic like that definitely wasn’t possible. What the fuck was I thinking?

“I must be losing it…” I reply, “I thought you made that lightning happen.”

“I can’t do that. That was the Weather Witch,” she says, pointing across the street.

Across the street there was a woman who had on all black. She was albino. Her hair and her eyebrows was the whitest shade of blond. Her lips were this slight pink color. Her skin looked like fresh milk. She was tall and had on a fitted dress that clung to an elegant body. When I stare back at her she walks away as though completely ignoring me.

This woman…this albino woman made lightning fall from the sky! She was the one who scared the boy off.

“Who are you people?”

“I told you already. She’s the Weather Witch. She has no name. I’m not sure how Genesis found that one.”

“Genesis sent you here?”

The girl nods.

She offers me her hand, “My name is Vivienne. I’m going to help prepare you.”

“Prepare me? For what?”

Vivienne smiles. She does that a lot. She seems serious but in a very optimistic way. The Weather Witch has disappeared as well in the city. I wonder why Genesis sent her. I wonder why he didn’t come here himself.

“The war,” she tells me.

With that she starts walking away. I turn around unsure of if I should follow her or not. I choose to follow her.


Her name is Vivienne Williams. She was born right here in New York to another coven of witches. Vivienne stated that Genesis offered her coven the same deal that he offered mine. Her coven decided to take the offer and help Genesis in his war. She is very talkative as we walk through the streets. She tells me all about her cat Poppy and her on again, off again boyfriend that she is thinking about leaving as soon as the war is over.

The way she speaks about it is almost as though it is a regular war.

“Most of my cousins are in basic combat training,” she explains, “The enemy supposedly is really powerful.”

“That boy was he the enemy?”

“Dakota. No…” she laughs, “He's a nobody. Ignore him. The enemy is different. It’s something much worse…”

I’m not sure what she is laughing about but we make our way to a building across town. The building looks almost abandoned on the outside. I swear that she is making a mistake when she walks up to it. It looks like it’s about to be torn down any minute. Some of the windows are boarded up and other windows are broken. The paint on the building is peeling off. The place looks run down but it’s huge, it takes up a good part of the block that we are on.

As we get to the front she knocks three times and then a fourth much more lightly. An old lady opens the door. I notice the old lady has one eye. The old lady doesn’t say anything but grunts a little bit. She goes and takes a seat next to the door and starts braiding with a little doll.

“That’s Ms. Maddie,” Vivienne says, “Ms. Maddie is in charge of security for the headquarters.”

I look at the old lady. Her other eye is completely missing and she doesn’t even have a patch on it. She doesn’t smile at me. She just grunts a little bit again. She seems to be completely obsessed with this little doll she is carrying around.

“Her?” I ask, as soon as we are out of earshot from the lady.

“You’d be surprised. You see that doll in her hand. Ms. Maddie practices a form of magic called Talisman magic. She can put a hex on someone that can kill them 20 ways over in a matter of seconds,” Vivienne states.

“Oh shit.”

“Oh shit is right. Don’t fuck with Ms. Maddie,” Vivienne warns me, “Just smile and bring her candy every once in a while. She won’t bother you. C`mon Innocent. Come this way. And don’t worry about the cut I have Neosporin in your room.”

“What cut?”

“You’ll see…”

I’m confused what she means. We get to the end of the hallway where we see a group of women. They all seem like they are meditating. I am scared to speak as we walk past them. They seem completely unaware of us being here. Vivienne doesn’t even stop or pay them any attention. She motions for me to walk right through them to the other side of the hallway. We continue walking and I notice that this must have been a factory or something at some point. I can see just by how the wide hallway overlooks a wide floor space.

As we walk through we make our way to a room. I open the door first and walk through and find myself tripping hard on a piece of plank. My leg is slashed open almost immediately.

“This is your room,” Vivienne says, “Neosporin is already on the counter for your cut.”

“You knew it was going to happen?”

She knew I would get cut!

Vivienne ignores my question with a friendly smile, “Genesis will come see you shortly. He’s instructed me to tell you not to wander.”


I sit in the room. It’s a small room with no windows. It kind of looks like a barracks in a way. There is nothing in there but an old cot, a pillow, a small wash sink and the Neosporin that she left me. I sit there for maybe 15 minutes and realize that this is stupid.

There is no way in hell I was going to wait for Genesis even longer.

I get up off the bed and open the door. The wide hallway is quiet. There is hardly any light in this old factory building. It looks spooky to say the least. I’ve never really been the type to do what I am told. Hell, you could ask my parents. I’ve probably been the type to do opposite of what I was told. Wandering definitely seemed like the most obvious thing to do in this strange place.

I walk down the twisted corridors. At the end of the hallway there is a door. It’s painted red. The door just sits there almost calling me to it. I find myself walking to the door and opening it. Behind the door there is a man.

The man is naked.

“Oh shit! Sorry!” I say about to close the door.


He stops me. I take a hard long look at the man. He’s…beautiful. He looks about my age. He has a strong chin and seems so well groomed. I’m so confused at the fact that he is naked. As I stare at him I realize his eyes even before anything else. He has silver eyes. They are the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen in my world. They honestly take my breath away at that moment. Soon though I realize that his body is just…perfect. Before Genesis I never looked at guys in this way but ever since Genesis I’m starting to realize that maybe guys are very attractive. This guy is just as attractive as Genesis for sure. He doesn’t have the mystery of Genesis but he definitely has this pure sexuality that I can’t put my fingers on.

He stands muscular with his strong jawline. His dick is hanging between his legs. He has no pubic hair. It’s completely shaved. There is no furniture in the room.

“Are you…OK?” I ask him.

“I’m so…hungry,” he replies to me.

I’m confused. There is a naked guy in an empty room and he can’t leave here. What exactly was going on in this place,

“Why don’t you go get something to eat?” I ask him.

He points at that moment to the threshold of the room. I notice some sort of paste at the door. It has a strong garlicy smell to it. It’s a strange thing to be at the entrance of a door.

“I can’t walk over it,” he explains.

That’s when I realize it.

“Are you being kept here…against your will?” I ask him.

He nods, “They haven’t even fed me.”

What the fuck was Genesis doing? The handsome guy stares at me. He looks beyond handsome. Our eyes connect. For some reason I feel so awkward standing here. I’m not sure what Genesis is up to but I know this doesn’t really seem humane. Just at that moment thoughts start coming into my head about all the things my parents had said about Genesis. They told me he was evil.

Was he starving people here?

“I can go find you something to eat,” I state.

I leave. I’m panicking. The guy was starving and he had nothing to eat. I make my way down the long hallway and luckily find something that seems like a cafeteria area. No one is in there. I open the fridge however and manage to pull out a sandwich and a bottle of water. I make my way back to the area where the silver-eyed guy is.

He’s still there. He seems excited when I return.

“You brought me something,” he says.


He looks at the sandwich as I approach, “Why?”

“What do you mean why?”

“Ever since they brought me here no one has been nice to me,” he responds.

“Why did they bring you here?” I ask.

He shrugs, “I was hoping you would tell me that. I’m not sure. I had left my home. I was attending an event here and then it happened. My dad told me not to leave the city. I should have fucking listened to him. Now I’m stuck in this fucking room with madmen…”

I laugh, “Genesis isn’t a madman.”

“Is that his name?”

Fuck. I was talking too much. This boy definitely seemed completely clueless on why he was here. He takes a few steps closer to me. I walk into the room as well. I hand him the water. I hand him the sandwich too. For someone so hungry he doesn’t seem really interested in either of these. He keeps staring at me with those sexy eyes of his.

“What’s your name?” I ask changing the subject.

“Justice. You?”


Justice drops the sandwich on the ground. He drops the water on the ground as well. He drops it on the ground almost as though he’s completely lost his appetite or something. It’s the weirdest thing to do. He walks over to me. He stands so close to me. I expect to feel this warmth from Justice but it really isn’t there. Even when he stands inches away from me it isn’t there.

“Do you know what they want with me Innocent?” he asks me.

“I just arrived.”

“And you are one of them?” he asks me, “The demons…”

I laugh, “They aren’t demons. They are witch doctors.”

Justice sighs, “No shit? Serious? Like they do magic?”

I nod laughing, “Yeah. I promise you that Genesis is not the devil. At least as far as I’m concerned. I really don’t know him too well.”

“Then why are you here?” Justice asks me.

I shrug, “Good question. I just…um…”

Why the fuck was I here? For some reason I’m so confused. Why the hell was I here? For some reason I am really confused about that.

“You don’t know why you’re here? Were you kidnapped too?”

“No. I came by my own free will,” I respond, “I just had the urge to, I don’t know, be around Genesis. Yesterday around this time was the first time I saw him. And I just dropped everything to be here. It’s weird isn’t it?”

“Yeah super weird. So are you like them? One of those witches? Do you do magic too?”

I still hadn’t broken it to anybody that I didn’t know a lick of magic. I had no idea how Genesis was going to react once he found out that I know nothing at all. I just figured I would bullshit until I actually learned something. That clearly wasn’t the case if someone who wasn’t even a witchdoctor was already asking me about my qualifications to be here.

“It’s complicated,” I tell him.

“You don’t seem like the rest of them,” he responds, “You’re the only one who has even talked to me. The others act like they aren’t allowed to.”

“I’m not really good with following rules,” I state, “Kind of gets me in trouble.”

He laughs. He has pearly white teeth. They are so fucking white like he gets them professionally bleached every day. He is a close talker. His breath up against my face smell fresh. He doesn’t seem to mind how close we are when he is talking. He is just about my height. He has curly hair but it’s designed a little differently than mine. His curls are tiny and seem natural like he’s just probably brushed them a couple of times to get it like that. His lips are smooth as though they have been perfectly moisturized. For someone who is being held prisoner he definitely was in damn good shape.

His smile stays even after his laugh fades, “We have something in common. Not following rules got me in this situation. My dads are going to kill me…if this Genesis guy doesn’t kill me first.”

“Wait, did you say Dads? As in plural?”

“Well…my dad is gay. He married another guy. The other guy is my stepdad,” Justice explains.

I’m shocked.

“I have two dads too.”

Justice laughs again, “What’s the chances huh? Two guys with two dads each, being held against our will by a magical psychopath.”

“I told you I wasn’t being held against my will,” I explain.

“You think?”

I’m confused.

“Why do you think I’m being held against my will?

“That guy is a witch. You said so yourself. You don’t seem too sure on why you’re here. I put two and two together. I mean…did he put a spell on you?”

Just at that moment I’m shocked.

That had to be it! Genesis did put a spell on me. Uncle Mickson had told me how a love spell worked. It only worked for a short time.

All of a sudden I’m pissed.

Was that possible? Was that really possible that he had somehow charmed me?

“I should go find Genesis,” I state all of a sudden.

As I turn to leave Justice grabs me. He pulls me close.

“Wait, but you were bringing me food.”

I’m confused, “What? I brought you food. You dropped it on the ground…”

Justice is smelling me. He’s turning me on as he does this. I can’t believe I’m this close to another guy. I notice something else as well. I notice his dick hardening between his legs. They press up against my upper thigh. Justice continues to hold me close and every second that passes is another second that I wonder just how straight I really am. I’d done this to a million girls. I’d always been the aggressor. Right now Justice is the aggressor.

He pulls me so close that he grabs onto my ass. He holds onto my ass cheeks. He squeezes them. I moan a little. I’m shocked that I actually enjoyed that. I DEFINITELY didn’t want any other man around my ass but for some reason I feel like it’s OK with Justice.

There was something about him that I liked.

“I don’t drink that stuff,” he responds.

“You want me get you something else.”

“You’ve done more than enough. I’m so glad that you are such a good Samaritan. Not every day does someone give up their lives to help another.”

I’m so confused.


That’s when I see them.

I see the fangs grow out of Justice’s mouth! FANGS! Justice bites into my neck, clenching onto me and begins to drain the life out of me. I struggle to fight him. I realize he’s taking every last drop out of me. I realize he’s killing me.

Right before I pass out I come to realization that Justice isn’t a person.

Justice is a vampire…


I come to my senses just in time to see Justice being attacked. At first I’m not sure how he is being attacked but then I notice something that looks like a targeted gust of wind piling onto his chest. It sends Justice tripping back a few steps and landing into the wall behind him. He hits the wall hard and collapses to the ground.

I feel so weak as I am on the ground struggling to stand.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” Vivienne says.

Vivienne isn’t alone. The Weather Witch is with her as well. That explains the gust of wind. Vivienne guides me out of the room. Just as she pulls me past the threshold I notice Justice running. He runs so fast. It’s not human! It’s some sort of monster. I look over at him. His naked body stops before he crosses the threshold. He can’t get past it. He just stands there in the room staring down at me.

“I’m sorry…I couldn’t help myself,” Justice tells me, “The thirst…”

I look at him realizing that he looks like he is really upset. He is looking like some sort of drug addict or something at that moment who didn’t get his hit. For some reason he’s come to his senses all of a sudden and honestly looks like he regrets it. But hell…then again he could be faking his regret as well. I wasn’t even sure anymore.

Vivienne shakes her head, “You should have known better than to trust a bloodsucker. If I was 30 seconds late you would be dead. You’re lucky I’m just on time. Like always.”

I’m speechless. I look at Justice.

“They exist?”

“Vampires?” Vivienne asks, “Of course they exist. You’re not just looking at a regular vampire either. This is the prince of all vampires. Prince Justice.”

Justice gives me a hard stare. He mouths off a blunt “sorry” again. He was a goddam prince? Really? So it must have definitely been a lie that he had no idea why someone would want to kidnap him too. I watch as he takes a few steps back. He gets to the back of his wall and disappears into the darkness.

The weird thing is that even though I was on the verge of death I had never been so turned on in my life…

I’m speechless, “Vampire…”

Vivienne ignores my shock, “C`mon. Genesis will see you now.”


Vivienne and the Weather Witch take me upstairs. The area upstairs is sealed off but when we make it through I can almost smell Genesis. I’d only smelled him once. I only met him once but I remember the scent. As we open the doors we see something that seems like some sort of loft like apartment area. The place is completely laid out with furniture, a fully made kitchen and even a separate sleeping area.

“You stay here,” Vivienne says, “He’ll be right out.”

I am standing in Genesis’s bedroom when the two witches leave. I notice that there seems to be water running. I get up out of curiosity. I can’t help myself. My curiosity always gets the best of me. On the shelves I notice all these strange books. I’d seen books like these in Aunt Angelica’s magic store when she had one.

As I look through the books I notice the door on the opposite wall release some steam. I drop the book and make my way over to the opposite wall.

I walk towards the open door. I open it slightly and peak my head through. That’s where I see him.


He’s showering behind a clear glass shower. I watch as he puts soap suds on his back. They run down his chest making their way to his narrow waist area. He takes time to clean the area of his crotch. His dick is a normal size penis but has this cute bulbous head that he thoroughly wipes.

The water drips down his backside. Almost immediately my heart drops. He did have a fat ass. I can’t help but continue to look. I know how perverted this seems. I don’t even care. I stare as the water cascades down his backside. It lands in the crack of his ass. He has this round perfect circular ass that looks like it is being lifted by invisible hands.

My dick hardens.

I can’t help myself. I grab it. The weight on my big dick makes it grow even more. I rub along the shaft imagining how it would feel deep in Genesis’s ass. I work it through the pants but my dick gets so swollen in the underwear that I can’t help but to pull it out. Genesis guides the soap suds down his back and into his asshole with his hands. When he starts cleaning his asshole my entire body shakes.

I can’t believe I’m beating my dick right now!

It feels so fucking good that I can’t stop myself.

I imagine licking water all over his backside. I imagine tracing it to the top of his ass and back again. I imagine how his ass tastes. He’s so thorough in his cleaning that I just want to bend him over that shower and put my tongue deep in between his cheeks. I want to hear Genesis moan. I want to hear Genesis call my name.



“Innocent,” Genesis says.

I’m not imagining this. He actually says it.


I retreat running as fast as I can back into the living room. I hear him turn the water off. I sit on the couch. I can’t believe I was just literally being a fucking peeping Tom! Who fucking does that! I want to just punch myself in the fucking face at this moment. That was the sickest thing that I had ever done.

I see the door open and I look down at my dick realizing I’m still hard. I’m not semi-hard. I’m hard as fuck and the crazy thing is it is creating the biggest possible tent in my underwear. I grab one of his throw pillows to put it over my dick.

Genesis comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He’s still dripping wet. He clearly didn’t really use the towel.

“Innocent,” Genesis says, “I thought I heard you…”

“I was just um…walking past looking for a uh…mint.”

“You were looking for a mint?”


Genesis smiles, “Here. I actually have been using them all day…”

He walks over to me and hands me a mint. He had them on hand for a reason but I'm not sure why.

Afterwards he walks over to a bucket. I’m not sure why. But he leans over the bucket and then all of a sudden I realize what’s going on. Genesis is puking! It isn’t vomit though. It’s something else.

Genesis is puking live insects!

“Um…are you OK?”

The bucket is filled with worms, roaches, bugs and all these other disgusting things. He walks over to the bathroom after throwing them up into the bucket and brushes his teeth. 2 minutes later he returns acting as though nothing happened. I look in the bucket. I take a double take. That really just happened.

“Your parents are using blood magic against me,” Genesis explains.

I’m shocked.

“My parents are capable of that?”

“They are pissed that you are here,” Genesis says shaking his head, “I have no doubt they have gathered the entire coven and they are trying to make me pay for bringing you here. They’ve been at it since you’ve arrived. No matter though. I’ll survive. Just a bit sore. Hey do you mind lotioning up my back? I can’t reach.”


I hesitate. I’ve never lotioned up another man before. That was gay. Still what is more gay than beating off to another man in the shower. I guess I can’t help myself. I secure the pillow over my crotch area as he grabs some lotion and sits next to me.

“So were you up here the whole time?” I ask him, shocked Genesis views blood magic being used against him as just another day in the neighborhood.

“Just returned on some business.”

“What business?”

Genesis smiles. It’s a weird smile, “Nothing serious. I wish I was around to get you from the café though. I see you met Vivienne however. Hopefully she was a good host. I met her coven a few years back. Lovely ladies. She’s very responsible, except when she let you almost get killed by a vampire…”

“It wasn’t her fault. I wandered off.”

“It’s OK. You were never in real danger. Vivienne is a diviner.”


“She has the ability to see 30 minutes into the future,” Genesis says, “She is a diviner. It’s a form of magic where you can predict the future. Vivienne has a unique Divination gift. There is no prediction in her abilities. She can see 100% accurately. The only problem is it is limited to only 30 minutes into the future.”

I remember how she knew I was going to cut myself. She also showed up just in time to save me from Justice.

“That’s a good weapon to have in your war,” I state before shaking, “I’m still a little nervous from it whether I was at risk or not.”

“Fear is a good instinct. It keeps us alive. Can you go little lower?”


“On my back. Go low…”

I was scared. I get lower at that moment. Genesis moves closer to me. I squirm in my seat a little bit. I watch as he puts his elbow on the pillow in my crotch to get more comfortable. The slight pressure on my dick sends emotion throughout my entire body.

“There are about eight white witches apart from Vivienne. They are all sisters. With Vivienne they are known as the Divine Nine. Did you get to meet them?”

“They were meditating.”

“Yes. The white witches who study Divination meditate a lot. They channel their magic into Vivienne. It makes her visions clearer.”

“What are they trying to see?”

“They spy on the enemy,” Genesis states, “Do you mind me taking off my towel. Would that make you uncomfortable.”

I swallow my spit.


Genesis takes off his towel. He literally then lays over my lap. The curve of his ass is driving me fucking nuts. I’d never in my life seen a curve like that. His ass isn't huge but it just sits really high like the guy just does squats all day. I continue to lotion his back and realize this is becoming more of a massage. His skin is so soft and yet so tight.

“As I was saying, the war had just begun. We are preparing. We need to know everything about our enemy.”

“Who is the enemy?”

“You’ve met the enemy.”


Genesis nods, “Yes. His kind. They are bloodsuckers sucking off the holiness of the promised land. There are hundreds of them. Maybe thousands. They reside in the holy city. It is up to us to remove them.”

Thousands of vampires.

My mouth drops.

“How many witches do you have?”

“Well with you, we’d be 12 all together.”

“12? 12!”

“I know,” Genesis says, “Now you understand why we are spending so much time spying on them. The numbers aren’t in our favor. Do you mind getting some on my ass as well?”

I hesitate. I look down at his ass for a minute before I touch him. I have to focus one what he just told me. He wasn’t going to distract me with his ass.

“12 against thousands isn’t a war.”

“You have no idea what I’m capable of,” Genesis tells me, “But right now it’s reconnaissance. Which is why we kidnapped their prince. You’ve met Justice.”

“Won’t they come looking for him?”

“Oh yes but by then he’ll be our spy.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Because you are going to make him fall in love with you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Did I stutter? You will seduce him. Like this…”

Just at that moment Genesis does something that fucking shocks me. He grabs my finger. He sticks my finger deep into his asshole! I squirm at that moment. He flings the pillow off revealing my hard dick. I’m shocked at just how hard I am.

Within seconds Genesis puts his mouth on my dick. His warm mouth engages my dick. Almost immediately I nut. I don’t know how it’s possible for me to only last a few seconds but I allow the warm streams of my orgasm to fill Genesis’s mouth. He lets my cum enter his mouth and then he fucking swallows it, ALL OF IT!

I’m so shocked at it that I jump back.

“What the fuck did you do to me?”


“No I’m not fucking relaxing!” I respond freaking out pulling my pants up and getting as far away from him as possible, “I was not gay until I met you. What the fuck did you do to me?”

“What do you want me to say?” he asks, “I made you gay? I put a spell on you? A spell that made you drop your life and your dreams to move to the other side of the country and chase my ambitions? Is that what you want me to admit?”



I knew it.

“You did. You really fucking put a spell on me.”

Genesis laughs, “I was joking. Of course I didn’t.”

I don’t know what to believe. Genesis has this personality that just seems like you can’t trust him. I’m not sure how reliable what he is saying actually is.

Did he put a spell on me or didn’t he?

“You’re playing games with me. How did you know I was attracted to you if you had no spell?”

Genesis shrugs, “I’m a lot older and wiser than I look. It doesn’t take magic to know when a man likes you. It only takes a moment. A stare…”

“You didn’t want my coven did you?”

“It would have been nice if they joined the war, but I went to that island for you.”

I don’t know if he put a spell on me or not. Still Uncle Mickson said that a love spell could only last 24 hours. We had past 24 hours. I just let Genesis suck my dick. Not only did I just let him suck my dick but I thoroughly enjoyed it to the point that I embarrassed myself and seemed like a 1 minute man.

"You are special.”

“I don’t even know magic.”

“You are magic. Literally. Everything about you. You were the child born of magic.”

What did he see in me?

Why me?

I can’t help but to realize I’m attracted to Genesis though. I’m uncomfortably attracted to him. Just at that moment there is someone at the door. There is a knock. Genesis looks annoyed but none-the-less goes to open it.

We are both surprised when Vivienne runs through the door. She’s sweating.

“What is it?” Genesis asks her.

Vivienne looks horrified.

“The Moreen coven. 15 minutes from now they are going to be attacked. Every last one of them we be assaulted by a group of vampires. They are being led by someone named Aiden.”

“You’re joking,” I state.

MY family! My fucking family was about to be attacked!

Genesis shakes his head, “So the vampires are throwing the first stone…”

He’s calm. Too calm. My entire family was in danger!

"Aiden is acting without the consent of the Vampire Kings."

I'm panicking, “We have to do something.”

Vivienne shakes her head, “It’s too late. In 20 minutes the Moreen coven will be ambushed. They are looking for Genesis but when they don’t get the answers they want they will be attacked. I’m sorry Innocent. We don’t have enough time to stop it. In 25 minutes…every family member you’ve ever known will be dead.”

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