Chapter 7: Walid

My wolf is fast. Power is the only way I can describe the white wolf. It shatters the metro fare gate the leads to a subway. I hear a young couple scream out shocked at what they are seeing as I'm running through the gate.

"What the fuck is that?"

"Some type of dog..."

"That's not a regular dog..."

One of them threatens to pull out their phone and take a picture of me. I growl a little bit. I growl just enough for them to realize I'm not fucking around. The humans take one good long look at the mere size of the wolf in front of them and they book it down the subway platform abandoning their cameras.

The subways of New York aren't so crowded at this time of night. There is silence. I can smell the other wolf. I know he's close. I'm not sure where he's coming from though. That's when I see him.

The other wolf is growling at me. It comes close. It's bearing it's teeth ready to bite into me and kill me if necessary. It has a dirty white coat that is no where near as polished and perfect as mine. Even with his imperfect coat the wolf has a sense of dignity. He had no idea who I was or what he was messing with though. That pride would get him killed.

I find myself changing back into my human form as he approaches. I put my hands up. I'm completely naked in front of a dangerous wolf who was foaming at the mouth. I take a few steps back .

"Dakota...I have no problems with you," I tell the wolf.

Dakota's wolf snarls and crouches backwards ready to pounce. It's hairs stand erect on it's back. The ears are errest and the fur bristles. The wolf's lip curls back showing these aggressive incisors. His tail is pointed straight outwards parallel to the ground. He was being defensive with me! An alpha. I couldn't believe this.

I put my hands up again, "Dakota look at me. Werewolves have rules. You can't attack me if I'm not defending myself. You know that more than anyone don't you? Dakota, I don't want to fight you."

Dakota was always an honorable werewolf. He seemed not to fit in with the other werewolves because of it. All that honor had gone out the window right now though. He was tense. He is snapping showing nothing but fangs and gums. He has a wild expression in his eyes.

He's been tracking me for quite some time. I can take off down the tracks if I want to get away from Dakota. I'm a little bit faster than him. Still. He wouldn't give up. Dakota was staring at me with those wild eyes and a stalking gesture.

"Dakota do you smell that?" I ask the werewolf.

Dakota was ready to pounce on me but stops. He looks around. We both smell them before we see them. The other wolves appear. My pack.

Out of no where other wolves are showing up. Two of the more aggressive wolves in the pack were the females. They usually attacked first. They were both grey. The female wolves Amina and Naomi flank Dakota from the sides. They snap at him causing him to snarl and go into a defensive posture. The oldest wolf in my pack is named Timus. His coat was a dark chocolate color. He doesn't approach but circles Dakota seeming to eye him down and patiently waiting for the right time to attack.

Something bigger is coming though. Something that causes the other wolves to step aside. It's my brother Fang. The grey wolf with the white underbelly.

All the wolves step aside however when my brother Fang charges at Dakota. He is about to rip Dakota to shreds when I stop him.

"Fang stop. Everyone stand down and become humans."

Fang stops. He looks at me. He knows better than to challenge me. I'm the alpha. As soon as I raise my voice he backs down. The wolves do as I say.

My pack is now human. They are all gathered around him. Dakota seems less threatened now that we are human but he remains a dog.

"We should take him out now," Naomi suggests.

She always had a smart mouth and spoke out of turn. It was nothing really unusual. I ignore her at that moment and look at Dakota. He still isn't the wolf.

"'s OK. We won't hurt you..." I promise him.

He growls.

"He's upset about what you betraying Yaser," Timus adds, "Maybe it is about time that we did take him out.

"Why are you hesitating!" Fang asks me.

Just at that moment I hit Fang. I hit him so hard that it sends rail fare station. He crashes into it, crackling and the bricks fall over his naked body. The other wolves immediately all get quiet and stop interrupting this situation that I'm having with Dakota.

I look back at Dakota after hitting my own brother because of him, "Like I said Dakota. We are not your enemy. Speak to me at least."

Dakota finally changes into a human. He covers his dick with his hands, which is unusual for wolves. I guess he wants to show some sense of decency in his nudity. He's tall and has this sophistication about him that the other wolves never liked. He wasn't a part of my pack. Dakota was a lone wolf. Lone wolves were already dangerous but he was a lone wolf with a bone to pick.

"You betrayed Yaser. I should kill you."

The others wolves eye him down. All I had to do was give them the word and they would jump on Dakota like a piece of meat. Dakota must know it deep inside as well because he isn't nearly as aggressive as he was when I was alone.

I take a few steps towards Dakota. He backs down. He's showing submission.

"Join us," I tell Dakota.

It's rare I ask a wolf to join my pack. The other wolves clearly don't trust the decision, specifically Fang. Fang has gotten up and is giving me a weird look that I don't necessarily like. My brother was the next most powerful dog besides me in the pack. It was natural he would challenge me from time to time. I knew that I would have to keep an eye out for Fang.

"I would never do that," Dakota responds, "You disgust me."

"What if I told you Yaser was alive?" I ask him.


The other wolves look at me. They don't trust that I'm about to tell my entire plan to Dakota. Truth is though I have to. Dakota was a wolf. He was a strong wolf. We'd need him when the time came and the time was now.

"Yaser is alive. I had to make the witchdoctor think I was on his side. I don't care about Genesis. I never will. Yaser is alive and he will come to me when he's ready. He will join us.'

"There was no way he could survive what Genesis did to him. There is no way anyone could survive that."

"Not unless you were a vampire."

Dakota stops talking. His eyes get wide. He looks around. I can see all of a sudden he's very interested. He's seems very confused.

Dakota squints at me, "Yaser...he's...he's OK?"


Dakota seems confused. He seems lost. He looks at the other wolves for answer. I feel bad for him almost. He's been kept in the dark for so long. He's had no idea what my true plan was.

"What are you up to, Walid? What do you want?"

"Genesis is dead," I announce.

Dakota is shocked, "You're lying."

"No. I gave him to the vampires. Theres no way he will survive them. With him gone we will take out the other witches and when Yas comes back he will lead us into Eden. You ask me what I want Dakota. It's not about me. It's about the wolves. We have been pawns to Genesis's ambition for way too long. With Genesis gone, it's time the pawns are promoted. It's time we take everything from them..."


"Suck my dick bitch," I tell her, "Deeper. Gag on my dick you dirty fucking witch."

We are back at the warehouse that the witches were headquartered in. I'm sitting in the main room where Genesis always had this single chair. He fancied it his throne. It was just a regular old creaky ass chair but Genesis was never really the type to get into grand shows of power. You would think the strongest witchdoctor in the world would have a nicer headquarters and a nicer chair.

None-the-less it works. I have one leg propped up and my legs are open wide. Evie deepthroats my dick. It's too big for her.

"Yes Alpha," I hear the white witch state.

"You bitches ever seen a dick this big?" I ask her sisters, "Look...your sister is choking on it. You ever seen a dick this big? I asked you a fucking question..."

The sisters don't speak. They look over at Vivienne. The wolves have tied up the Divine 9 sisters. It's amazing to see them all forced to watch their sister as she pleases me. Her lips are pressed up against the bottom of my dick. She is horrible at sucking dick to tell the truth but head is head. She slurps up and down my dick but she uses way too much teeth.

"I hope she chokes," Vivienne states.

Evie laughs.

"I chose the winning team," Evie tells Vivienne with a taunting laughter before resuming her chore of sucking my dick.

I don't know much about why Evie betrayed her sisters. A part of me assumed there was some jealousy there. Vivienne was such an important member to their coven. Evie may have felt some resentment because it was Vivienne was chosen to be the voice of the witches. I hadn't even seduced her. One day she had just come in my room and started sucking my dick. Ever since then I couldn't stop her from sucking my dick if I paid her. She loved it. She'd do it with other people around or not. It didn't matter. It was almost like she was training for some dick sucking competition. Evie loved when I disrespected her too. She was very good at that.

Thinking of Vivienne, I look over at my own brother.

My brother is standing off to the side. That's his usual position. Fang almost disappears sometimes once he gets in his moods. I know he has something to say about something but he's waiting for the right time. I knew my brother a little too well.

"You look concerned," I ask Fang.

"Several of the witches are missing," Fang states, "The weather witch and the old lady are missing. What if the sleeping boy wakes up?"

I wasn't concerned about Innocent waking up. He'd been asleep for quite some time and from what I saw he wasn't that powerful at all. The big threat was the weather witch, but I had already dispatched Naomi, Timus and Amina to take her down. I doubt they needed any help.

"The others will find them."

"And if they don't?" Fang asks.

He worried too much. It annoyed me honestly. Fang was constantly worrying. I got this. I had this well taken care of.

"You need to get some head brother," I ask Fang, "You are way too stuck up. It'll relax you."

Fang doesn't even look my way, "I'm fine."

I turn at that moment. There is another wolf who is here with us. He's standing off to the side. He stares over at us and stares.


"What about you Dakota?" I ask, "You want some head from Evie. She's amazing. She does whatever I tell her to do."

Dakota's reaction is a little different from Fang's. I laugh as though I'm joking but he doesn't laugh with me. Hell I think Evie even thinks I'm serious. The hoe is ready to stop sucking my dick and go please Dakota just because I said it. She even stands up for a minute with her big tits swinging in the wind.

"I'm not here for this. This is disgusting. I'm here because you said Yaser will help you."

"He'll come."

"You created a monster. You think he'll listen to you? A half wolf/half vampire?"

I had thought long and hard about it. The power of a wolf and the immortality of a vampire were two things that would be devastating.

"Yaser will do whatever I say to," I explain to Dakota, "That's why you're here. You know that sooner or later he will come to me. But you know that already, don't you?"

There was no other reason that Dakota was around. He didn't strike me as very ambitious. Dakota was strong enough to start his own pack a long time ago, but he never did. He just followed Yaser around for years as Yaser attempted to please me. That was the thing about me. Pleasing me made other people feel good about themselves.

"Did you ever love him?" Dakota asks.

Just as he asks me that question I deliver a load of cum into Evie's mouth. She swallows every bit of it hungrily. For a moment I think she is more werewolf than witch.

My dick is wet, but I'm not satisfied. I ignore Dakota and grab Evie's head, "Keep sucking."

"Yes, Walid."

"Call me Daddy."

"Yes Zaddy."

Evie continues to go do on me struggling to fit my massive meat down her throat. I can tell Dakota is distracted by this. Every moment that he's around is pissing him off. It's kind of hilarious. Yaser loves me and he loves Yaser. Without even realizing it, my dick had won me two reluctant allies.

"I'm going to help your pack find the other witches," Dakota states.

Dakota leaves at that moment. Evie continues to suck my dick. She's getting better by the moment. Today she seems hungrier than usual. I'm loving every moment of it.

"You trust him?" Fang asks me.

"He's good Fang. Dakota will make a good soldier."

"Don't you think a good soldier shouldn't hate your guts? He hates you. You stole Yaser's affection from him."

Fang overthinks things.

"I don't need to trust Dakota," I respond to Fang, "As long as Yaser follows me, Dakota will always be around."


Here we go. I can feel the annoying Fang worrying over my shoulder yet again. I turn and see him covered in his fur coat.

"What is it now?" I ask him.

"You know I'm grateful for you coming to save us from Genesis. I'm grateful for you working out a way to put the werewolves in power as well. You know I'll follow you to Eden and beyond..."

I can hear the reluctance in my brother's voice.


"But you can't play with people like this," Fang explains, "Playing Yaser and Genesis off one another like that is a bad idea. This shit is going to backfire on you. If we are focusing on Eden we need to do that. Your dick is going to get you in trouble one day Walid."

"It's not my fault these hoes get stupid once I fuck them. Look at this one. She betrayed her fucking sisters for the dick."

I look down at Evie. She acts as though she can't even hear me talking shit about her. The dick just seemed to hypnotize people. It wasn't my fault.

"Dakota did make a point. Did you ever feel anything for Yaser? Did you ever feel anything for Genesis? Anything?"

I think about it. A part of me felt something for both of them. Love though? Any idea of that died a long time ago. Maybe I wanted to feel it again with Yaser. Hell maybe for a time I even allowed myself to start really liking Genesis. But it always came back to the same. I had to love my pack over anything else.

"No," I respond, "Nothing."

Evie stops sucking as though shocked about this.

Fang breaks his stone wall and snickers in disbelief, "You're one cold motherfucker. You know that bro? Well as long as we come out on top I trust you. I'll ride for you."

Evie is still looking at me. For a moment I feel guilty. It's just for a quick second. For a moment I can see how Yaser cried when I walked away from him. I could imagine how Genesis reacted when he realized I had set him up to get killed by the vampires. A moment I felt something but that moment passes before I know it. I roll my eyes at Evie.

"Keep sucking. Stop looking at me. And teeth."

Just at that moment Dakota comes back in the room. He isn't alone. He's brought back the old lady who usually watches the door for Genesis.

"That was fast," Fang points out.

I nod realizing Dakota is the one who has the Weather Witch in chains, "I told you that Dakota was good."

Dakota throws the old lady on the floor. She seems to be hyperventiliating.

"The others are still trying to track down the weather witch," Dakota states.

He attempts to restrain the old lady, taking away her doll from her and pinning her to the ground. Dakota had found the old lady in a matter of minutes where I had sent the rest of my pack to find the Weather Witch and they still hadn't come back yet.

"Is this really necessary? The old lady is no threat to you," Vivienne states.

"I don't trust any of you people."

Just at that moment Evie bites on my dick. The bitch bites so hard that she draws blood! I'm so annoyed that I push her back and backhand her.

"BITCH! I said not to bite down, didn't I?" I ask.

The bitch has teeth marks in my motherfucking dick. I shove it my pants. I can tell a couple of the girls are still speechless by how thick I am. I get up off the chair annoyed at Evie. She lays on the floor looking disappointed in herself. I'd have to get all these witches on my side one way or the other. It would be nice to have them if I needed them to get rid of the vampires. The thing about getting control of people is that you had to do it with force.

Every Alpha had to take control by force.

"You think you're so powerful, don't you?" Vivienne asks, "The big...bad wolf..."

"I do. Just so you know. There is a new leader of your coven. I'm it," I let Vivienne know, "With Genesis gone I'm going to need your help. I need to know where the vampires are keeping someone."

The witches used their power to give Vivienne sight. If I could use the witches I could find Yaser and I could really get the upperhand before the vampires even noticed that there was a new threat to them. I was going to find out what the vampires were up to using these witches.

"We have no loyalty to you," Vivienne responds.

She wasn't quite understanding her situation. She may have been the leader of her little coven for too long that she felt like she had a choice in this situation. I walk over at that moment to the old lady. I put my hands around her throat.

"Her name is Maddie or something like that?" I ask Vivienne, "Isn't it?"

Vivienne watches as my hands transform. What were just nails become claws so deep and thick that I could slice open the old witch's throat from here. I wasn't going to kill the old lady of course but Vivienne didn't know that.

Vivienne and the other witches all of a sudden seem to be panicking. For some reason they realize that I'm not out here fucking around with these bitches.

"Don't hurt her," Vivienne says, "Please. She's no threat to you.'

"You think I don't know that. None of you bitches are threats to me," I explain to her, "I need to know where Yaser is. Make that happen."

Vivienne looks at her sisters. The other sisters all nod at that moment. They whisper amongst themselves. I kind of feel bad for Evie because clearly they don't trust her anymore to be a part of their little group. None-the-less I need to know where Yaser is and these girls would help me. Once I had Yaser I'd be able to use him against the vampires. I'd be able to end this war. The wolves would be taking over Eden.

Vivienne speaks for her sisters as usual, "We need wine. Each of my sisters will take turns splattering the wine on a canvas. I'll be able to see an image in the canvas that will answer your question."

They definitely had very unique ways of reading the future. The only thing that remained the same with their spells is that it required all of the sisters to read the future. If one sister was gone the images they saw were skewed. Evie let me know that was the case and that was how I was able to get the better of Genesis.

He trusted me so much. He was a fool. And now all of his resources were mine.

"I don't give a fuck how you fucking bitches find Yaser,"I respond, "Just do it."

My voice is deep, demanding and forceful. Alphas had to be like that. It wasn't personal. I hold my talon-like nails up to the old lady making sure they know if they don't tell me what I needed to know that this old lady Maddie would be dead.

The wolves release the witches but I doubt any of them will make a run for it being that I had Maddie. For some reason these witches seemed to be a lot weaker than I thought. I had assumed it would be harder to take them over. The only one that was putting up a fight was the Weather Witch. Sooner or later we'd find her as well.

Vivienne hangs a canvas up on the wall. She looks completely vulnerable and helpless when she does it. One at a time her sisters put a goblet of wine to their mouths. They spit out the red wine on the canvas. One at a time the wine on the canvas tilts and changes form. I don't understand what kind of image I'm looking at but Vivienne seems to stare harder.

"He's...close..." she says.

"Close? Close to where?"

Vivienne shakes her head staring at the canvas, "I'm not sure yet. The image isn't complete. We still need Evie's piece of the puzzle."

The sisters all look over at Evie. She seems reluctant to get up and do it. Maybe she was mad that I had backhanded her still. Evie is still laying in the exact same fucking position that I left her. I was annoyed as fuck. Was she trying to play some kind of victim? I had hit her worse when I was giving her backshots during sex.

"Hey bitch," I tell Evie, "It's your turn."

"You're really disrespectful, aren't you?" Evie asks, "You weren't always like that, remember? Maybe you've learned your cruelty from being around me a little bit too much..."

I'm confused.

Evie is acting real weird laying on the floor still. She sits up using one hand. Her hair hangs over her body. She's a beautiful girl. I'll give her that. Her long tresses fall to the floor and she has one a tight white gown where the rest of her sisters have more free flowing clothing. Evie finally stares back at me. I notice something a little weird about her. There is blood still on her lips. Blood from when she bit me.

"Bitch what could I have learned from you? All you ever did was betray your sisters and swallow my nut," I explain, "Who do you think you are?"

"Who do I think I am?" Evie asks, "Who do I think I am?"

Evie is laughing. Her laughter is so weird that her sisters all seem confused as well. It's kind of creepy. The laughter gets deeper and deeper. It drones on. I've never quite heard anything like it as I listen to the rolling sound coming out of Evie. It's kind of crazy to say the least.

Just at that moment something else distracts me from Evie laughing for no apparent reason. My wolves come back in the room. They aren't alone either. They are dragging a woman behind them.

"You found the witch?" I ask Timus.

Timus shakes his head, "No. Not the Weather Witch. She evaded us. We found another witch..."

It's Timus who shows me who they found. The person who is sitting there isn't the Weather Witch. I audibly gasp when I see who it is. The person's eyes have been GOUGED out of their heads. The person is still alive but screaming in pain. This has happened recently. The person is still bleeding but screaming out in utter pain.


Evie was the witch that Timus, Naomi and Amina had found in the warehouse. But if Evie was just found then who the hell was the person sitting across the room?

All of us turn. The laughter hasn't stopped from the person who we originally thought was Evie. Something was changing about the person though. The voice was deepening almost like a man. The chest flattened. Even the long white dress became a long red trenchcoat. The long hair shortened. The soft featured hardened.


Physically my mouth got dry. Dakota eyes get wide. Naomi and Amina take a few steps back. Even my brother was getting slightly scared when we saw the person transform.

This entire time it hadn't been Evie sucking my dick.

It was Genesis.

"You've become cruel from being around me," Genesis repeats this time in his own image and not the image of Evie, "I can teach you about cruelty though Walid. I can teach you a thing or two about being the bad guy. You seem desperate to learn. It's OK..."

I can't talk. My mouth is so fucking dry. There is a presence bout Genesis that causes the other wolves to get a little afraid.

"Genesis you are OK, baby," I state feeling my heart get heavy, "I was getting so...worried about you. We didn't mean to abandon you. Something came up."

The excuses don't even sound believable to me. Genesis ignores them for the most part. I sound stupid trying to even make the excuses but I guess I would sound worse if I hadn't known.

Genesis still hasn't even gotten off the floor. He should be the least threatening person in the world but for some reason it seems like he is the most threatening thing in the world laying on that floor like he is. He just stares at me. His eyes go through me. They are so dark. SO DARK!

"I can show you what a monster is. Friedrich Nietzche once said that `Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. Sometimes if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back..."

Genesis gets off his feet.

"Stay back. I'll kill her..." I state, putting my nails at Maddie's throat.

Genesis smiles.

"Thank you for sacrifice Maddie. You've served me well," he states.

Just at that moment the craziest thing happens. Maddie takes my hand and slashes her throat completely open! It's Naomi who starts screaming at that moment like a wild woman probably completely forgetting she is a wolf. Hell, I forget I am a wolf too. Blood splatters everywhere from the old lady. The old lady dies before she hits the ground. The blood stains the floor and a puddle of it seems to head directly over to Genesis.

Genesis touches the blood. His fingers run through it. he looks up at me after he touches the blood.

"Little black girl. Little Black girl. Little Black girl..." he keeps repeating to himself.

I had seen Genesis do a spell before when he called on the little black girl. Hearing him do it now is freaking me out. I look over at the other wolves.


Amina and Naomi run forward. They stand in front of me. I can see them start to change but for some reason they aren't. They aren't able to change. For some reason they just stay the same. I don't get it.

It's not until Naomi shakes her head, "It's not working..."

"It's like something is blocking us," Amina states.

I try to change as well. The girls are right. I can't change into a werewolf at that moment. The more I strain the harder it becomes to change into a werewolf.

"It's him. It's his spell!" Dakota states.


"What do we do?" Amina asks me.

I'm standing there. I'm getting so cold. I'm shaking. What the fuck was happening?

"Walid? What do we do?" Naomi repeats.

I am stuck at that moment. I feel so useless. It's Fang that comes out of no where. My brother grabs me and pulls me back away from where Genesis is standing. Genesis hasn't moved. He just stares at me. He's staring at me as though he is that abyss that is staring back at me.

"Stand together!" Fang instructs us.

Fang's lover Amina starts running towards him. Dakota surprisingly comes with us. Timus and Amina back up away from Genesis next. The lights in the room are flickering. The room is getting cold as hell. The pack gathers around each other. I felt so useless. All of a sudden it seems like Fang is the one who is protecting the pack instead of me.

The room has gotten so cold that I can see my breath. It's pitch black darkness all of a sudden.

"I think we found the Weather Witch," Timus whispers in my ear.

He wasn't helping. I can barely see anything. My pack gathers around one another. We are completely helpless. We allowed this to happen.

"I thought you said he was fuckin' dead," Dakota states.

"He's right," Naomi states.

Naomi looks at me angrily. She isn't the only one. The other members of my pack are looking at me like that too. I feel so stupid but there is nothing I can really do.

"Oh my god...there is something in the darkness," Timus states.

Timus was right. We were standing in the darkness and it seemed like there were others with Genesis. He hadn't come alone. They were flying around the room like the old school idea witches flying around on broomsticks. I had never really felt this sort of uncertainty in myself. I was a fucking man. I was a FUCKING ALPHA. I ran this pack.

I was letting a fucking witch scare me.

It was so cold. So fucking cold. I was shivering. The cold isn't what gets me. It's the evil presence. It's the abyss that seems to be getting closer and closer. We back into the wall all of a sudden. There is no where to go.

"We are going to die here aren't we?" Amina asks her lover.

Fang shakes his head, "No."

"Yes," I respond, "Yes we will."

We are backed into the wall. Slowly I can feel it almost feels so cold that the air is being sucked out of the room. It was magic. I knew it was magic. It was hard for us to breathe. I can feel the others feeling the same thing at that moment. All the air was being sucked out of the room and we were struggling. We were going to die here today. There was no need to lie to Amina and the others.

I had misjudged Genesis. I had fucked up.

And we'd die because of it.

Amina is the first one to faint. She passes out. Fang catches up weakly. Timus is the next to pass out. I let him fall right in front of me. Dakota and Naomi reach out to get him. We can't back up anymore. The closer the presence is the less we are able to breathe!

It gets closer! Closer! I can feel it! I can feel it bearing on me!

Then all a sudden the wall cracks!

The wall behind us breaks up into a million pieces! I turn and I'm shocked when I see that Yaser is standing behind that wall.

Yaser always was beautiful in a very feminine way but for some reason he was different. His hair was long. It was so fucking long and curly. His face didn't have a single flaw on it. He seemed to shimmer almost. His skin was a lot paler than it was before. His lips were a lot more pink. I knew there was something different about Yaser. He was always pretty but now he was the most beautiful androgenous man I had ever seen in my life.

"How---how did you find us?" I ask.

Better yet how the fuck did he break a concrete wall? What the fuck?

"It's time to go..." Yaser says, saving us just in the nick of time.


No one can believe Yaser is back. We rent a loft in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. We need to stay as far away from Genesis as possible. We bolt the doors hoping that he didn't follow us. I leave the others and go for in Central park just to make sure that I am able to turn back into a wolf again. The idea of not being able to change temporarily scared the fuck out of me. I also had to think about the fact that Genesis was back.

Fang was right.

I had fucked up.

I should have never played with him like that.

I walk back into the loft a little after 1:00 am just feeling grateful that somehow Yaser was able to save us. I notice the others are all in wolf form laying around on the carpet. They must be grateful that they can change back into their wolves too. They huddle together on the couch.


I walk in and see Fang isn't with the others. He's sitting by the fridge.

"You know where Yaser is, bro?"

"He's in the bedroom," Fang states, "He's waiting for you."

I nod, "Thanks.

"Oh brother."


"If you ever act like a pussy again in a moment of crisis I'm going to make sure to kill you myself," Fang states.

Normally those words from a smaller wolf would make me want to fight him and show him his place. Right now I don't even feel that though. All my life I've had pride but right now I don't have any. Right now I've lost my pride and I don't know where it is. Right now I feel like a weakling. But that wasn't going to last long.

Fuck that. I was motherfucking WALID!

"Next time I see Genesis, I'll kill him myself," I promise my brother.

My brother is losing respect for me. The entire pack is losing respect for me especially after how I acted back there today. I had no choice but to kill Genesis now. I had no choice but to get my pride back. Pride was all the wolf had. I was going to make sure Genesis paid for what he did.

I walk in the bedroom. Sure enough Yaser is in there. He's talking and smiling. He seems like normal Yaser. He doesn't even seem weird.

He's not alone. Dakota is there.

"Can I have a moment?" Yaser asks Dakota.



Dakota looks reluctant. I can tell he doesn't trust me with Yas. Hell after the shit that I did I don't know if I trust myself with Yas either. Genesis was right. I was becoming a monster but maybe that wasn't a bad thing. Maybe I had to become a monster.

I walk over to Yas as soon as Dakota leaves the room. I stand over him. I cross my arms looking down at him.

"Listen I want to...apologize," I start off, "That takes a fucking lot for me to say too. You know I don't apologize to any fucking one."

Yas looks over at me, "Apologize? For what?"

I'm confused.

"You don't remember?"

"Listen. As far as I'm concerned you made me stronger. You did what you had to do to save the pack. Dakota told me the plan and I'm down. I'm glad you had Dakota join our pack. I didn't want him to be alone any longer. Everyone's together. That's all that matters, Walid."

Was it that easy?

"You forgive me?"

"You don't get it do you?"

Yas throws himself in my chest. I look over at him. I wonder if I deserve to hug him or not. A part of me doesn't think I should.

I feel so uncomfortable, "No. I don't get it."

"I love you," Yas tells me, "A part of loving someone means that you'll always forgive them. I need you. Who else is going to protect me?"

Protect him! Protect him!

I had just gotten saved by my Beta wolf and Yas was asking for MY protection! It was easy. It was too easy. I look down at Yas. He was such an idiot. He was such a beautiful, feminine, childish idiot. And the way he leans in my chest I can tell he must be powerful but he doesn't want to show it. Even now he wants to be protected by me. Even in the weakest day I had in my entire life, Yas made me feel like he needed me to watch out for him. He was doing it on purpose maybe. Maybe he was just trying to re-inflate my ego.

I didn't care. Regardless of why Yas was still acting like my Beta even though he was stronger than me now didn't matter. Regardless of if he saved me didn't matter. I was still Walid, the Alpha. And I was going to show him what that meant.

"Bend over."


"Bend over," I state, "I'm going to fuck you. All night long. You're going to bend over. I'm going to dick you down. Raw. No condom. No lube. Just spit."

"Damn...daddy..." He whimpers.

Yas does what I say. He leans over the bed and puts his ass up.

"Make sure you grab a pillow. You're going to need to bite down."

He does what I say and prepares. I unbuckle my pants and let my dick come out. That's when I see something. Something...something horrible.

I scream.

He turns and looks over at me.

"Oh my god..." Yas states.

I notice the bite marks where Evie had bitten me. Only it wasn't Evie. It was Genesis. The bite marks had were eating through my skin...sort of like acid.

I touch my dick and I squirm when I see what happens.


Yas is shaking his head shocked at that moment, "Walid. Oh my god. Oh my god...your dick just fell off..."

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