Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys and men and boys on boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

The Uninvited Guest


Sit down and I'll tell you a tale of Halloween. A night of fun and festivities filled with macabre horrors. How the children are thrilled by the pretend fright. The true horrors are subtle indeed and not for the children to see.


I hated Halloween. At best it's extortion and at worst it gave teens an excuse to vandalize. Obnoxious little brats, they didn't know the first thing about respect. Back in my day, kids knew how to be seen and not heard. Well, they weren't all bad. They could be cute when they aren't annoying. Like the neighbor kid. He was a hot little thing.

From my attic, I had a pretty good view into his bathroom. At 14, he was an athlete and well muscled with an uncut cock. I have watched him as he graduated from bathing to showering and now masturbating nearly daily. I had over 1000 pictures and a hundred hours of recording, half of which I've never watched.. If only I could get him naked and on his knees, I would.

My cock began to swell and stick out from my pajamas. I began to stroke it as I closed my eyes and imagined the neighbor kid using his tongue to make it hard. His pink lips stretched around my cock, slowly taking the entire length. My hand would push the back of his head closer to my crotch and force my cock down his tight throat.

The doorbell rang and I cursed as my fantasy was aborted. For a second, I toyed with just ignoring it, but the little brats might egg my house. I had trick-or-treated of course, but back then if the house had its lights off, it was a recognized sign not bother the person. For anyone who didn't catch on to that signal, though, I had left out a bowl of candy with the sign  take one  which I'm sure was ignored. Still, no one could take it all, I had topped it off not half an hour ago and it was already late.

I opened the door and stared down at the most halfhearted vampire costume ever. Part of it, the slicked back hair and a cape was reminiscent of Bela Lugosi, but the effect was mostly ruined by his street clothes. I wasn't sure if he was wearing makeup or not, but it looked like he hadn't seen the sun in a year. Then again with today's kids playing video games all the time maybe he hadn't.

His bag of candy was almost full and I glanced over at the bucket I had left out which was still mostly full. "Help yourself," I nodded in the direction of the bucket and was about to close the door when he spoke up.

"Can I come in?"

His voice was a little high-pitched, unbroken and on second glance, I guess he had a sort of cuteness to him. "Why?"

The boy shrugged. "Because I want to, and I also have to use the bathroom."

I opened my mouth to say no, but the word got caught in my throat. I tried to place the kid, but he didn't seem familiar at all. Most kids in the neighborhood I didn't know by name, but I thought I could recognize them. "All right."

The boy smiled showing he had the fake pointed teeth. "Excellent."

I stepped back and he passed over my threshold and looked around the room. "I like your curtains, very heavy and dark. Everyone wants to let in natural light these days. It is really is bothersome."

"Right," I said thinking this kid was one of those fruits who likes to watch those design channels with his mom. A bottom in training I guessed. If I had more guts, I bet I could make this kid mine. "The bathroom's down the hallway, first door on your left."

He waved over his shoulder as he started down the hallway. For some reason, I followed. Maybe because I didn't want him to wander off or try to steal something.

"You have any video games?" The boy asked through the door.

"I'm 40. I'm too old for that stuff."

"That's a shame, I thought you would. They're a really great way to pass the time. Do you like my costume?"

"Kind of," I answered, thrown by the sudden change in subject. "You probably don't know who Bela Lugosi is, but your hair and the cape remind me of him." Part of me wondered why I had said that. It's not like this kid would know who I was talking about.

"I love Bela Lugosi. He gave dignity to vampires, well Stoker did sort of, but he got a lot wrong too. What was up with that dirt stuff?" The kid laughed which came out as a strange sound as it echoed around the bathroom and through the door.

"So," the boy raised one of his hands and dropped something on the bed, "put it on and we can get started."

Leaning forward I saw he had dropped a condom on the bed. Normally, I didn't use the thing, but considering the act that I was about to commit, I would prefer not to leave any evidence behind. With one hand, I reached down to pick the item up and with my other, I pulled on my pajama bottoms. The three buttons snapped and they dropped to the floor as I tore the packet open with my teeth.

For his part, the boy pulled his legs back almost bringing his knees to his shoulders. The action exposed his asshole, he almost looked like a virgin, but considering how forward he had been, I doubt that. He weaved his arms between his legs and spread them a little so I could see his face.

The condom slipped over my 7 inches like a tight sock. It had been a very long time since anyone had been in my bedroom and I didn't play around with that anal lubricant stuff. Spitting into my hand, I rubbed some onto the tip of my erection before sticking out a finger towards the boy's mouth. "Suck."

He opened his mouth and I stuck my middle finger in, collecting his saliva. There was something not right about his mouth, but I didn't care. I was just thinking how lucky I was to find such a passive little thing. Then my finger brushed up against those damn fake teeth of his and I pulled out. I did a quick examination and saw that I had just nicked some skin, but there was no blood.

Annoyed, I shoved my finger up his tight ass. He winced, but I didn't care as I made a slow circle inside his anus, stretching his little hole. "You're not new to this."

"No, but you're the first in this town," the boy answered. "Dan621, he's a friend of yours. Remember, he told you about this boy he had? That was me. When I moved, I decided to introduce myself to you."

For a second, I paused. Dan621 was a friend who I had shared pictures with. We had become friends over the last year and while I have never given him my address, he certainly knew the general area in which I live. He must've figured out somehow. Dan621 had bragged that he had a boy, but I always thought that was just a made-up story. Then it hit me. The boy he described was a slut. I thought those boys only existed in stories online. "Well, you're going to lose your virginity in this town now."

Grabbing him I pulled him forward as at the same time I thrust my hips into him. My prick met little resistance as I pushed past his anus. The boy's back arched and he let out a gasp. I was only 3 inches in and I began to push forward sliding my length in inch by inch until his lily white ass was brushing against my pubic hair. For a moment I stayed there enjoying the feeling of being in a tight little passage. It was a strange sensation. My rod felt so hot in him, but I didn't feel the expected warmth. Damn condom.

I started to pull out, only to thrust back in, enjoying the sensation of my pubic hair squished against my body and his. I went after him like a piston thrusting in and out. Sometimes barely moving an inch and other times nearly pulling out entirely. With the sensation of orgasm approaching, I sped up. Still, I was out of shape, and the effort was winding me. Plus, the almost tangible dream of an orgasm in a boy's ass, had my heart racing.

When I erupted, it was the most powerful orgasm I had had in years. It seemed to go on forever even as I collapsed onto the bed. I could still feel my erection spitting out sperm like a garden hose. Between becoming soft and falling to the side, my dick had partially come out of the boy, but not entirely. I could still feel his feet pressed against my chest as I heaved.

My eyes had closed with the orgasm, but I peeled them open when I felt him pulling his butt free of my softening member. I watched in a post orgasmic haze as he leaned down and peeled off the condom and with a smile that showed off his pointy teeth said, "Watch."

He rolled onto his knees and pulled the condom inside out. Tilting his head back he lowered the condom into his open mouth before pulling it free. There was no cum left. I thought that was the best use for a condom I had ever seen.

"What does it tastes like?"

The boy grimaced. "You smoke. You're going to have to stop that. Do you have any ice cream?"

"No," I answered.

"Go get some. Cookie Dough if they have it, but Neapolitan if they don't. Bring my bag of candy up before you go."

"Sure," I answered and was putting on my pants before I realized I was taking orders from a kid and turned to look at the boy.

His eyes were closed but he seemed to sense my look and opened a single eye. "Sorry, sometimes it takes a few minutes. I'll explain. You see, I really am a vampire. A genuine one. Born in 1735 and made one just before my 12th birthday. I tell you it was a real hassle at times. Anyway, as I said Brent Stoker got a lot right including the blood thing. You see blood is life and while there were some vampires who just love to suck someone dry they didn't make it very long. Bodies turning up tends to stir people up and the villagers start digging up every fresh grave." He waved a hand like he was shooing away a fly.

"Most of us prefer someone like Jonathan Harker, a loyal obedient servant minus the insanity and the eventual betrayal. Anyway, while in the book, blood was the only way we could continue our half living lives that's only because blood is life. Of course, sperm creates life so imagine how much more powerful it is. It also ties you to me just as well as blood does." He let out a long sigh of exhaustion. "Not that finding someone who is open to a boy is easy. Luckily, the Internet solved that problem."

"Dan621?" I asked.

"Yeah, you're taking his place and no, everything in those e-mails were lies. I need your sperm, but I can get that from you masturbating into a condom. Dan was getting a bit old for that, couldn't keep it up. Still, he served me for a good 15 years. Over the next couple of days, we'll be getting deliveries from him and that's the rest of my stuff. Anyway, tomorrow we'll start on some modifications to your house to make it more suitable for me but until then, the candy?"

"Of course." I smiled, pleased to have all that cleared up and went downstairs to collect his bag.


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