Vampire Boys

****This is a sci-fi story involving gay boys, sex, diapers, and some violence. If this is not what you intended to read and would not enjoy such a story, then please feel free to leave. If however this is what you want to read, then I hope you enjoy. I've never written a story such as this, and I actually do not really read vampire stories, or have not in many years, so forgive me if some of my terminology or facts are incorrect, it's been many years since I did read such stories. As always your feedback is welcome, but flames are ignored. I would love for you to email me and tell me what you thought of the story, so you can reach me at As always I write mostly for myself, but enjoy sharing with others who enjoy reading this sort of thing. I also welcome you to join my group at should you wish to read other stories by myself and other authors that have contributed like minded stories, and you are welcome to contribute as well. Thanks once again, and I hope that you enjoy.****

Skyler was not what you would call your normal boy, no he was far from it. For a boy that looked no older than the average eleven year old that you saw loitering in the mall, he was far older and wiser. No, he was nearing his four hundredth year, he had the wisdom of someone that was that old, but he still had the fun loving side of him of a boy of eleven.

You see, almost four hundred years ago, someone did something to Skyler that he never should have done, and he paid for it a thousand fold. That man had been a vampire, and he had bit Skyler but left him alive. You see, the reason that you almost never hear of a child vampire is simple, because children vampires are dangerous. Not to normal humans, no they are dangerous to other vampires. Adult vampires require blood and human energy to survive, but child vampires require only energy. The energy they need can be gotten from humans easily enough, just being around them is often enough to keep them alive. However, that does not give them much of a life. No, they need the extra energy that touching a human gives to them, but sometimes doing so can get them in trouble, because touching a human to get energy from them often causes serious pain. So, they get their energy from regular adult vampires whenever they are able to.

Adult vampires can go for years if needed without blood or energy, whereas children cannot, they need energy at least twice a week. Yes all vampires can eat real food, and while they do need it, they do not need it all that often. This also does not provide them the energy that they need.

As many people have heard, and the stories in this aspect are correct, the creating of a vampire is a very painful process, and that is just for adults. The process of becoming a full fledged vampire normally kills children, their minds and bodies just are not strong enough for it. This is the very reason that Skyler had paid back the beast that had created him, whether he knew it or not Skyler never cared. For years after Skyler was strong enough, and had caught his creator, he tortured the beast, as well as used him to feed upon. It took nearly six years for his creator to die in this manner. Skyler never once even felt bad for it either.

As much as Skyler needed people though, because vampires were very hard to find, they were by nature very solitary creatures, he also hated being around a lot of people. Every time that he was out, he was asked why he was out so late, where were his parents, so on and so forth. Many of the tales that there were about vampires were very inaccurate, but there were many truths. While a full vampire could absolutely not go out in direct sunlight, Skyler could, however he could not do so for long, because the energy drain was far too severe. Full adult vampires would quite often just burst into a cloud of dust if caught on an especially sunny day, but there were also those that could go out in the sun and not even be effected more than just a slight burning sensation, they too could not stay out for long though. Being that he was very young of course, and he looked every bit as young as he did when he was created, made it very difficult to go out at night when he felt the most comfortable. He managed just fine though, and was able to get enough energy to survive.

He could do what adult vampires did all the time, and that was to kidnap homeless people and keep them in his home to feed upon, but he did not have the heart to do it. Sure, maybe if he required feeding like adults did, then maybe he would eventually have to do it to reduce the risk of being caught, but he did not, so he would rather not. He knew he could very easily do it though if he needed or wanted to. Another thing that was fairly accurate in the telling of vampire tales was that vampires were amazingly strong and fast. Skyler was more so than his adult counterparts, at least in comparison anyways. He would have about the same, or maybe slightly better speed and strength than an adult would. He of course had far better stamina than adults did, as all kids seem to over adults, so therefore would easily win most fights in most any case.

Skyler had just come back from a good night of collecting energy. It was only just a little past nine pm, and he was just coming home from the mall. That was the best place to go, because usually no one paid him much attention there, thinking that his parents were just elsewhere, as well there were usually plenty of people there to collect energy from, and maybe the odd time he would be able to get brief physical contact with someone without them hardly noticing. At most he may give someone a minor headache from such a thing, and most people would brush that off. Tonight was just such a night. There were so many people crowded in the mall that he was able to touch a great many of them, and not one even paid any attention. It had been years since he had felt truly full, and tonight he did. It had actually been nearly a hundred years in fact since the last time he felt truly full, and that had been the last time that he had had another vampire to feed off of, but that vampire should have known better than to try and attack a child vampire, so he paid for it with his life. Vampire fights were not uncommon, they for some reason liked to pick fights with others, but Skyler never understood why. Maybe it was something to do with being an adult, he was not sure, but never bothered to ask.

As he was walking home, keeping to the shadows as he always did to avoid being seen, especially by the police, he saw movement at the end of an alley way. With his exceptional vision, he could clearly see that it was a small group of street thugs that appeared to be picking on a small boy of about the same size and age as he was. When he saw one of the older boys hold the boy, while another moved behind him and pulled the boys pants down, he decided to act. With his far better than average hearing he was able to also hear the gang talking, and they were saying all sorts of shit about banging some little white boy fagot ass. All the street boys were mixed ethnicities, but none of them appeared to be white.

“Hello boys, just getting your fill of little white boy ass I see. I bet it's nice and tight, even tighter than mine is. I bet he's as cherry as they come. Look how he's struggling to free himself.” Skyler said nonchalantly as he walked right up to the thugs.

At first all the boys were astounded to see some puny little white boy just walk right up to them and talk so calmly to them like the boy was. In fact they were so shocked, that they let their prey fall to the ground, crying from the hits they had given to him, and they stood and stared at him for almost a minute.

“Whats the fuck you want boy, you wants us to rape your filthy white ass as well. Well, we don'ts mind any. We'll makes you scream and beg for us to stop, even if'n you do likes it.”

“Nah, I wouldn't let some filthy little street fuck up like you touch me in any way like that. There'd be no telling what kind of bugs you have crawling all over you.” Skyler smiled warmly.

The boy on the ground looked up astounded that this kid that was no bigger than he was, was lipping off the older teen boys. The older boys too were amazed, and mad now that their leader just got mouthed off by a little kid.

“Why you little fucker, you're gonna receive such a raping you've never dreamed about.” The leader said again, and went to attack.

Skyler never even moved, he just grinned larger and waited for the boy to come into range. As the teen attempted to throw a punch, Skyler caught it in his hand, pulled, twisted, popped the boys elbow right out of joint, and then threw him behind himself. All anyone could concentrate on for a few seconds were the agonizingly painful screams that the badly injured boy was currently making.

“Now, does any of you have more brains than this so called pitiful excuse for what I assume was your leader? If so, feel free to leave now, and I will forget your faces. If not, well you will soon be joining your friend.”

It seemed that three of them for sure did not have any brains, and decided that might made right, and all three of them attacked at the same time. Each of them found key parts of their bodies hit at the very same time. All of them crashed to the ground wailing in pain that they had never known as both hands and one foot caught each of them in the groin. Skyler, using every ounce of strength he had for the triple hits, absolutely crushed all the manhood all three boys had, and when they were released from the hospital in a few weeks, they would never father children, which had been Skyler's intention. He removed them from the gene pool, figuring that children from those things would be about as smart, and he would not allow that to happen.

“Now, four of you are down, all four of them will be in the hospital for weeks, three of them will never be able to have children, I completely crushed their nuts. There are ten of you left, and you will not fare any better. If you are lucky, I will only crush your nuts as well, if not, well I'll let your imagination run wild as to what I would do to you, and trust me, I can do so much more damage. However, I will not be kind enough to kill you.” Skyler said with a wicked grin on his face.

The other ten seemed to be just a little smarter, and decided that the ease at which the little boy had taken on their four toughest gang members meant that they themselves would not enjoy tackling him any, so they took off.

“At least they were smarter, and would you bunch of sissies shut up, I'm sick of listening to you.” Skyler said, and then kicked each one of them in just such a way as to knock them out completely.

“Wow, how did you do that?” The boy on the ground asked, but had made no move to get up, just in case the boy meant him harm as well.

“No, I mean you no harm, you may feel free to get up. You do not feel hurt, other than a few hits to your stomach that are still sore. As to how I did that, I'm just a really good fighter.”

“Um, thanks, but how did you know what I was thinking?”

“I can read surface thoughts and some feelings from most people.” Skyler said simply.


“It's not safe out here, what are you doing out all by yourself?”

“Somehow I think that you're the most dangerous person out here, so if I'm with you I'm about as safe as anywhere. As for why I'm out here, well because I haven't got a home anymore. I'd really rather not say why though.”

“Oh, I see. You were kicked out because you're gay. I'm truly sorry. No parent should hate their child for such a minor thing, but sadly so many do.”

“Oh, you saw that did you? You have no need to apologize though, only my parents should, but they never will.”

“Yes, it was right on the surface, so I could see it. Is there anywhere I can take you that you will be safe?”

“There's no place safe for me, not from my parents anyways. My dad's the local sheriff, and if he catches me, I'll just be in for another beating, or I could end up dead somewhere. I know he's had a a lot to do with the gay beatings in town. I barely escaped with the clothes on my back. I walked into my room, saw my dad at my computer, saw what he was looking at, knew that it had been in my search history, and as he was standing up to remove his belt, I ran for it. I knocked my mom out of the way as I ran past her, she was going to stop me, and I ran for it.”

“I have no doubt that he's got everyone keeping an eye out for me, because to him the greatest shame is to have a gay child. He said so in church, and told everyone that if they had gay children, that they were to blame for not raising them good and proper. I know my dad would drag me home and raise me good and proper, which means he would beat me until I wasn't gay anymore, which of course means that I would die.”

“Yes, I know your father well, but sadly I can do nothing about him or risk exposure myself, and I cannot allow that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I cannot really say, because to tell you that would mean that you would tell everyone, and then I would be on the run again. That's how I came to this small town thirty years ago.” Skyler said, accidentally saying something that he should not have said.

“Excuse me, thirty years ago, you're only about eleven, same age as me!”

“Oh shit. Well, you see, I'm not actually as young as I look. Physically speaking I'm eleven, but in years, I'm nearly four hundred years old.” Skyler said shamefully.

“Yeah right. You could have just said nothing instead of lying to me like that.”

“Actually, it was not a lie. Look, I think I can trust you, at least from what I can feel from your mind. And besides, if you tell, so will I, and then we will both be hunted down anyways. I'm a vampire, okay. I'm nearly four hundred years old.”

“Yeah right, fly then, prove it?”

“Actually, it is false that vampires can fly or turn into bats. We can sort of float, and when we run really fast and jump, sort of launch ourselves, we can float for a considerable distance, sort of like flying, but we can not truly fly. Sort of like a chicken actually, when you stop to think about it.” Skyler chuckled.

“Then how can you prove to me that you're not lying to me?” The boy asked condescendingly.

“Ask nicely and do not treat me like an idiot, first of all.” Skyler said sharply.

“Oh, sorry. Can you show me please?”

“Here, look at my teeth. My fangs are normal right now, but I can extend them so that I could suck blood if I wanted or needed to.” Skyler answered and then showed the boy.

“Whoa, that's sorta cool, but you're not gonna suck my blood are you?” The boy asked fearfully now.

“Nah, I don't need to do that, only adults do. In a minute I'll get all I need from the bullies over there, even though I am almost full already.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that as a child vampire I do not require blood, only energy. I got a good feeding of energy at the mall earlier, but I can gorge myself on these guys here, and they will never know any different, because they will be in so much pain anyways.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, if I were to touch you and to draw energy from you, it would actually hurt you, more than likely give you a wicked headache, but can do worse. If I were almost starving for energy and were to hold onto you long enough, I would probably kill you, should I suck all your energy out. I can control it though, so if I were to touch you normally, it would not harm you.” Skyler said, and then went and grabbed the wrists of two of them and drank in as much energy as he could. He would not be able to take any more from the other two, so just left them, he was now completely full.

“Oh, I think I understand.”

“So, where should I take you to stay safe then, because it doesn't sound like there's really anywhere for you to go, except to leave town?”

“That's what I plan to do eventually, but I needed money. I had offered the leader of that gang a blowjob for ten bucks, I didn't know he was a gang member, he just grabbed me and took me to the others, and you pretty much saw the rest of it.”

“So, you were trying to sell your services, hence the reason they knew you were gay, but you're a complete and total virgin, aren't you?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Because I could feel how ill at ease you were with doing it, like you had no idea how to.”

“I don't really. I've read lots, seen pics and vids, but never done it for real. I knew I couldn't ever be caught. Have you ever had sex before?”

“Last time was a little over a hundred years ago, but yeah. It was nice, but he wasn't who I wanted, I could have never loved him or any of the others.”

“So, you're gay as well then?”

“Yeah, how did you guess?” Skyler asked playfully.

“Well, I think the fact that you pretty much admitted it kinda tipped me off, but to tell you the truth, I kinda felt that you were anyways.”

“Saw me looking at your body a few too many times huh?” Skyler grinned.

“Yeah, that was a clue.” The boy grinned back as well.

“Well, you're pretty cute too.”

“Thanks, and yeah, you are really cute. So, what's your name anyways?”

“Skyler, and yours?”

“Jordan. Do you think that maybe I could come and stay with you for a while until I figure out what to do, that is if your parents wouldn't mind I guess?”

“Parents. I haven't had parents for well over three hundred and fifty years. As soon as I was created, I had to leave, because in those days, vampire mania was upon the people, and anyone even suspected of being one was hunted down. It takes over five years for a vampire to be created, so officially I was dead, and my parents buried me even, but of course once I was strong enough to do so, I was able to escape.”

“How is a vampire created?”

“Before I answer that, why don't we head back to my house and you can stay with me for a few days.”

“Oh, thanks so much Skyler.”

With that Skyler led the way to his home. It was only a few more blocks away, so the walk was quick. When they arrived, Jordan was impressed to see a pretty nice house, it was not overly large, but it was clean and in good shape.

“Wow, you have a nice house, and you live here alone?”

“Thanks, and yes I do. Vampires don't usually have many friends, and vampires rarely live near other vampires. Although some do pair up for the sex, but even that rarely lasts long, maybe fifty or sixty years.”

“How can you afford this, you're just a kid?”

“Just a kid, not really. Yes, I may look only eleven, but remember, I am considerably older than that. There are many ways that vampires can get money, but I don't use many of the immoral ones that the adults often do.”

“Like what, both actually?”

“Well, because adults have to feed on humans and suck their blood, they quite often make human slaves. Well they can control the minds of those slaves to a certain extent. Most of the time they will use homeless people that will not be missed, so that they do not risk getting caught, but occasionally they will take a rich person and pretty much steal their money before they finally kill them outright. That's probably one of the easiest ways to do it, but another easy way is for us to just break in somewhere and steal what we want and need. Vampires are very good at that sort of thing, because we blend into the shadows so well, and unless we want to be seen, almost no one would ever even notice us, even if they were to look right at us. This is tricky to do nowadays though with all the modern ways of catching thieves, because we still set off motion detectors and we would eventually have to open a door to get out. Most adults also cannot go out in direct sunlight, so they could not usually just wait until the day time to escape unnoticed. I can however, and that is one way I have gotten many things. I don't particularly care for the government so much, so I will often go in and steal all the cash in a government office during the night, and they can never find me. Vampires don't usually have fingerprints, because they just wear off after so many years, since our skin doesn't regenerate like a normal humans does. I haven't had to do that for years though, because my stocks and bonds do quite well. There are other ways, but they usually include a lot more violence. Safes are also no problem for me to crack, because my hearing is so good, I can hear the tumblers actually click into place, and given that I can almost see what I hear, it makes it really easy. So I'll sometimes go and steal from a government office all the cash in their safes right after tax time. Man it really pisses them off, because they can never find who did it.”

“Oh wow. There's so many questions I'd love to ask.”

“Go ahead and ask. To tell you quite honestly, It's been so many years since I've had anyone to just sit and talk to, I've been enjoying it.” Skyler smiled.

“The problem is I'm getting really tired. I need to go to bed, but the other problem I have is that I wet the bed, so I'd pee wherever I slept.”

“Well, I can help you with both of those problems. First, if you want to stay here for a few days, you may as well get used to staying up at night and sleeping during the day, it's what I do, so I can give you something that'll keep you awake for at least another six to eight hours. As for your being a bed wetter, I have diapers for you to wear. I can't hold my pee at all, so I wear diapers all the time. Granted a diaper can last me for as many as four days, because I don't actually pee that much, but by that time it usually gets too itchy to keep on for much longer. I usually wear one a day, but I pee the most while I sleep.”

“Okay, I'll take whatever it is that you give me to keep me awake. What is it though?”

“It's an energy formula that I created a number of years ago. It helps when I haven't gotten enough energy, so it'll keep me going for a couple days more. It's sorta like you starving to death from not eating. For me though I don't have to eat much, and it does not give me the energy I need to survive, although I do need some. It's mostly caffeine, ginseng, and about a dozen other natural energy giving herbs. I drink it as a tea, it's pretty nasty tasting, but after more than a hundred years I've gotten used to it.” Skyler grinned.

“Ah hell, I'll try almost anything once.” Jordan grinned back.

“Follow me then.”

“Hey, how come you have garlic hanging by your sink, I thought vampires were allergic to garlic or something?”

“Most are, but I love the stuff. Not all vampires are though, and it does not really affect the ones that are anyways, so it's no real use. Maybe if you were to inject an entire syringe of garlic oil into a normal vampire it might give them a sever allergic reaction, similar to giving nuts to a sever nut allergic person, but it won't kill them. Not much can kill a vampire.”

“Oh, so far it sounds as if most of the stories about vampires I've heard are mostly wrong. What can kill a vampire then?”

“Pretty much you have to destroy our head or our heart, and no, just a wooden stake is not the only thing that'll do it. If you don't destroy our complete heart though, then we can survive, it could just take us years to recuperate. Same with our heads, but removing them completely will do it quite nicely as well, and that seems to be the preferred method for most vampire hunters nowadays. It's faster and easier, and we just turn to dust afterwards, so no mess either.”

“Ew, that's pretty disturbing.” Jordan shuddered.

“Not really, no more so than you dying from something. I've gotten used to the fact that should I be caught by a vampire hunter, that it would be my fate as well. As far as I'm aware though, no one knows that I even exist, because I personally killed my creator only fifty years after he created me, and he was never tortured to tell who else he created. That's how most vampires are found.”

“You killed someone?”

“Many times, I've had to to stay alive, and you would do the same if you had to as well. He was my first though, and I enjoyed every second of it. I tortured him for many many years. He was allergic to garlic, so every day I injected him with some garlic oil, just to make him suffer, because trust me, it is very painful. Every other day I sucked almost every ounce of energy he had, so that he could hardly even breath any more, and then I made him feed to regain the energy. I also made him feed off of rats and other lower creatures. While a vampire can survive off of other creatures other than humans, the blood often gives incredible stomach cramps and other reactions. He was not pleased I tell you. Then at least once a week I'd move him close to a window during the morning when the sun was at it brightest, and I'd flash him just a little with the sunlight, just to burn him some, but not kill him outright. Finally he had had enough, and one morning when I did that, he just burst into a cloud of dust.”

“Wow, that was pretty cruel punishment. Why did you do that though?”

“For a few reasons really, but first and foremost was that he had no right to create me. Most vampires would never do to a child what he did to me, most will at least give the person the option. Not to mention adults are mostly scared of child vampires, because we can be so much more than they can be, and because we never grow, we stay that way for our entire lives. Another reason was because he caused me huge amounts of pain. The creation process of becoming a vampire takes a very long time and is almost excruciating at times, and most children do not even survive it, their brains just die from the agony of it.”

“Oh, I think I understand then.”

“Yeah, well here you go, drink this. It's better to drink it while it's hot, it doesn't leave quite as nasty an after taste that way.” Skyler said, passing over a lightly steaming mug.

“Ew gross, you were right, this is pretty nasty stuff, isn't it.” Jordan grinned, but kept drinking it.

“Yeah, afraid so, and while I could add sugar to it to sweeten it up, it'd take a hell of a lot of sugar to mask that taste, so I don't bother.” Skyler laughed.

“Yeah, I can taste what you mean. I can feel it already working though, so thanks.”

“So, you said that you'd tell me how a vampire was created when we got to your house, can you tell me now?”

“Okay. Let's go sit down.”

They went and got comfortable on the couch in the living room, and while Skyler told Jordan all the nasty details, he sipped his energy tea.

“Well, you know how an adult vampire needs to suck blood to survive right, it's fairly accurate how they tell it in the tales. Well, to create a vampire we just can't drink all the blood in a person, but after we finish feeding, we inject into them a part of us. It's sorta like a venom of sorts, and we can control it, or at least usually we can. It is possible that the man who created me had no idea that he had done so, but if he wasn't able to control it, then he had no right to feed on children. Vampires also don't need to kill their victims, we can keep feeding off a person for years if we keep them healthy. The problem is though that unless they are a slave and are under complete control, you're better off to kill them, because then we would be hunted down. And no, no one would ever be able to tell that it was a vampire that killed a person either, because our fangs are so tiny that they leave virtually no marks at all, and what marks we do leave disappear after just a few moments anyways. The problem is of course that if we drain a person of all their blood, it does look odd to the medical examiners, and they are on the lookout for that, so when the vampire hunters get wind of that, they start hunting in that area.”

“Anyways, after being injected by a vampire, officially you will die, because you have no heart beat, you are not breathing, you have no detectable brain activity, almost nothing appears to be working at all. About the only thing that does not happen that normally does when you die is that you will not go stiff. The persons temperature would even drop almost totally, but not quite to dead rates, but most never pay attention to that fact. After that the vampire starts transforming into an undead being, but like I said, it is almost excruciating. Even if you were to watch a person going through the transformation though, you would never even notice, because all the changes are happening in the brain, so you cannot see it. Some apparently have muscle twitches as well, but usually by then you are buried and forgotten about.”

“Like I said before, the changes take about five years or so to complete, and then we are almost completely a vampire. The rest of the changes we go through take nearly five years after we wake up, and while not truly painful any more, is still uncomfortable. Those changes are the physical ones, like the speed and the strength, for instance. During this time, even for a child vampire, sunlight is very dangerous. The older a vampire, the better the ability to go out in sunlight, however shortly after all the transformations are done with, children can go out in almost total daylight for many minutes at a time, but for too long and would kill us just that same. I am now old enough that I could go out for hours, but if I start to smoke, you better believe that I have to get indoors and right quick.” Skyler finished with a grin.

“Wow. What does it feel like to be bitten though, doesn't it hurt?”

“No, not at all. Our fangs are covered with a substance that as soon as we pierce someone, they go almost instantly limp, so there is never any fighting. They will not feel a thing either, the only thing it does not do though, which is too bad, is that they will still remember what happened. Hence the reason we cannot leave witnesses.”

“Why is it that I've never actually heard of real vampires then, they are just tales of terror?”

“Because vampire fighters are very secretive, they will tell no one, and we certainly won't tell anyone. About the only time we do is when we find someone that also wants to become one. You haven't totally decided yet, because you're scared of the pain and possibly dying, but you also know that as young and as not street smart as you are that you're going to die anyways.”

“Will it really hurt that much?”

“Yes, it is horrible, but afterwards it's not so bad. Even though you will be pretty much asleep, or dead to humans, you are fully awake and know every second. It feels far longer than just a mere five years though, because you are awake in your mind the entire time. I will do it for you though, if you truly want to.”

“I'm scared though.”

“And you should be, but really, what have you got to lose. The life of a vampire is not always an easy one, but I've lived a pretty good life, if not a bit boring, especially the last hundred years. Technology has made it harder for us to survive unnoticed, but I do really well. I can tell you though that the chances of you dying are slim, because you have a good strong mind, just like I did, and that's what's needed if you're going to survive.”

“Okay, I want you to do it.” Jordan said after screwing up his courage for nearly five minutes.

“Okay, I'll do it for you. I'll keep you as comfortable as I can as well, so that you never feel cold or hot or anything. That was probably the thing I hated most.” Skyler said, and then with his speed, he attacked before Jordan could change his mind. He bit in, sucked enough blood to satisfy some of his hunger, and then injected Jordan fully.

Jordan had went limp instantly, and as Skyler was injecting him, you could see his eyes droop until he was completely gone.

“Mmm, he tasted really good.” Skyler chuckled to himself. He didn't need blood, but he liked it every so often, and Jordan had had the sweetest blood of all.

Easily Skyler carried Jordan into a bedroom and laid him down. He stripped the boy of all his clothes, put him in a diaper, just because he would poop and pee for a few days as his body expelled all that it had in it, and Skyler didn't really feel like cleaning up the mess too much. He covered the boy up, and then pretty much left him for the next five years. Every day though he would go in and check on Jordan to make sure he was doing fine. Being a vampire, and knowing what signs to look for, Skyler was able to easily tell during the entire process how Jordan was doing. At times he felt bad for the pain he was causing the boy, but knew he had wanted it, and Skyler had to admit to himself that he too wanted Jordan to be like him.

Skyler had been looking for a real boyfriend for a couple hundred years, but he had never found someone that he would want to be with more than he did with Jordan before. That was the entire reason that he did for Jordan what he did. He also knew that Jordan felt the same way. How long it would last not even he knew, but he figured that if he got fifty to a hundred years out of their relationship, then that would be fine. Longer would of course be nicer.

A little over five years has gone by, and Skyler could tell that Jordan would be waking up soon. He decided though to keep Jordan asleep for the next few years or so to allow him to go through the physical changes as well in comfort. For this though he would not even know, because Skyler would keep him truly asleep, so he would be in complete comfort the entire time.

Four years later and Skyler felt that all the changes had been made, and that Jordan was a full fledged vampire as well. He removed the sleep drugs, and Jordan started to come fully awake. It took quite a few hours, but eventually he woke up.

“I'm alive.” Jordan said as he sat up and looked around.

“Well, not entirely. Technically yes you are, however any doctor would say you were dead, even though you're sitting up and talking. Your heart rate is almost completely undetectable, you're cool to the touch, among other things. How do you feel though?”


“That's pretty much what I felt when I woke up as well. I decided to keep you asleep though for another four years after you became a vampire, so that you did not need to go through any of the discomfort, and now you are a full fledged vampire. You have now technically been dead for nine years.”

“Wow, really. Thanks I guess, this way I don't feel any more pain. Thanks for taking care of me though, it felt nice, because I felt everything you did for me, especially the blow jobs you gave to me.” Jordan grinned.

“I wondered if you'd be able to feel that. I was pretty sure you would though. I had no idea that we got hard during that time though, so it was as much a surprise to me when I changed your diapers. I had no way of feeding you, and you really didn't need it anyways, but I gave you as much water as I could so that you did not wake up dehydrated like most vampires do, five years with no water is hard on even us. So I had to keep you in diapers, and every change you were hard. You tasted very good though. You can actually cum, whereas I can't. You don't shoot much, and it'll probably never change, but that's good for me. I guess you actually started puberty before I killed you, but I hadn't yet.”

“Yeah, I felt it alright, and it felt really good. It made the pain almost bearable, but you were right. At times there the pain was almost unbearable, but it was nice how you kept me comfortable like you did. I can't imagine what it would have been like to have been stuck in a box in a hole with nothing.”

“You get used to that, but I'm glad that it was at least easier on you.”

“Hey, how come I can't read your surface thoughts or feel what you're feeling. You said that vampires could do that?”

“Because vampires cannot read each other for some reason. It's one of the ways we can usually tell other vampires from humans. You have to think of yourself as being above humans now, because technically you are. Your mind is far more superior than any humans is, you can do so much more, and their minds aren't strong enough to block that.”

“Oh, I see. Um, I'm not really sure what I'm feeling, but it almost feels like I'm hungry. What do I need?”

“Well, you'll definitely be needing some real food, all I've been giving you is the energy tea and water, but you also need to get out and get some energy. During the years that you were asleep I decided that a great way to get energy was in the same way that I got some after you were attacked and I found you. I go out every few nights and look for street bullies and thugs who are up to no good, and if they are beating up someone, I step in and beat them up instead, then I take as much energy as I need. You can come out with me tonight and test out your newfound strength and speed.”

“So basically you've become a super hero while I was asleep!” Jordan grinned.

“Sorta I guess. Except I never wear a mask, because no one ever wants to tell that some kid messed them up so bad. I just look for trouble and fix them up, and then take all the energy I need from them. Come on, let's go to the kitchen and get you some food and a good drink, and then we can go out.”

“What about my dad though, what if someone recognizes me and tells him that they saw me?”

“Remember, you've been asleep for nine years, even if someone were to recognize you, they would think nothing of it, because you are a lot older than eleven now. Also, your dad is of no concern any more. He was found six years ago to have been behind all the gay beatings and the few deaths in town, he was tried, and because this state has the death penalty, he was sentenced to death. They fried his brains out almost a year ago. Your mother is also in jail for conspiracy to commit murder, and a number of other charges, but she was not the actual killer, so did not get the chair as well.”

“Oh, well I'd like to say that I was upset y that, but I'd be lying.”

They headed to the kitchen and Skyler made them some food. He did not make much, since neither one of them needed all that much. He did make some more tea though, mostly for Jordan, but he had some as well. As soon as they finished eating, they went in to get dressed, they were both just wearing diapers.

“So, where should we go then?”

“I don't know, you're the expert here.” Jordan answered cheekily.

“Well, downtown is usually the busiest place for gangs and shit like that. I never mess with gangs when they fight other gangs, evil is easier to fight when evil first has to fight evil and lessens the numbers. There have been a few gang wars going on, so we want to stay out of their areas, even though I am not afraid. They can't kill us, but I just let them fight it out on their own.”

“Oh, okay.”

They headed into town, into a seedier area, one that Jordan had thought used to be pretty nice. As they walked though he realized that the little city that he had known had changed a great deal in nine years. There were all sorts of businesses closed now that were doing good when he was alive, it looked messier, and there were more people on the streets than there had been.

“What's happened here, it looks so much more horrible than it did when I was alive?”

“Couple things really. There's a recession going on right now, so there's not a lot of money to be had, but the worst thing was that the two major employers in the area had to shut their doors, so there is next to no real employment here. Street crimes and thievery are up a huge amount, and next to no one is safe any more.”

“Wow, that's horrible.”

“Yeah, but we can't worry ourselves with all that, all we're out here to do is to have a little fun and get some energy.”

“You call this fun?” Jordan asked in amazement.

“Sure, I find it quite fun to go out at night and kick some ass that desperately deserves it. I never touch those that are just out trying to get a meal, I just get those that take advantage of those weaker than they are.”

“Oh. I can hear people, and I can sorta see their thoughts. How do you deal with it, it's almost distracting?”

“Just ignore it and it'll go away. If you pay attention to it, then you can focus only on what you want to, and not everything around you. It does get easier, trust me.”

“Thanks.” Jordan said, and then clamped down on it, trying his best to ignore it. It worked after a few minutes.

They walked for only half an hour before they noticed something. It was Jordan that first noticed it, his hearing so new and raw still that he heard it first. He nudged Skyler, and they stopped to listen, and as they looked around they saw it as well.

“Wow, they're so far away, yet I can see and hear them like they were only ten feet away.” Jordan whispered.

“Yeah, and it gets easier to control as well the older you get. Come on, let's go have some fun.” Skyler grinned.

“Um, there has to be at least twenty people there against four smaller boys, that's pretty bad odds!” Jordan said fearfully.

“You're still thinking of yourself as a human, you're not, trust me, you could do this alone, I have.”

What they had stumbled upon appeared to be twenty two late teen boys and young men that was surrounding a small group of younger teen boys, taunting them, threatening them. The younger boys already appeared to have been attacked some, a couple of them were already almost naked from the raping that the older boys were about to heap on them, not to mention the beating and the thieving that they were going to receive.

“Oh, okay. Let's go then.”

“Okay, lead the way, and because this is your first time, you get to do all the talking. Just sound as calm as you can, don't try and sound tough or anything, just act calmly, it throws them off their guard even more.”

“Okay, I'll try.” Jordan grinned, and started walking towards the group.

“Good evening guys, I see you have a few nice looking asses there to fuck, mind if we join you?” Jordan sauntered right up and asked.

Almost the entire group turned to look at the newcomers, most with astonished looks on their faces that a kid would just walk right up to them like he did, and the other was just following behind with a sinister looking smile on his face as well.

“Who the fuck do you think you are. Get the fuck out of here or you'll join these four in getting raped and beaten, and we'll steal anything worth value from you as well.”

“Geez, no need to be such an asshole, I was just asking to join the fun, they look pretty hot.”

“Fuck you little punk, you ain't even got a dick big enough to fuck these guys, and even if you do have a dick buried in those pants of yours, you're too fucking young, now get lost.”

“Oh, now you sound just like a daddy scolding his son for being out so late. Well, fuck you. Now, I was trying to be nice before, but now I'm mad. Let these guys go, and then you all will get to walk away with your bones and or balls intact. You guys get dressed, if they even attempt to stop you from doing so, they'll regret it.” Jordan said softly, quite menacingly.

The four boys in the middle of the group just stood there and stared at the two young boys, no one moved, none of them. Both Jordan and Skyler could feel the fear rolling off the entire group, not knowing what the hell was happening. Both gangs had been hearing weird tales of a boy no older than these two doing some horrible shit to street gangs and bullies, and none of them wanted to tangle with them, however the older gang also did not want to look weak either, and figured that with their numbers they could win the fight.

“Uh oh, you're starting to think that you could win against us just because you have so many people. I can see it in your eyes. Go ahead then, attack me if you really want to, I know you do. You want to prove that you're big tough boys, but you're nothing to me, and I will enjoy beating each and every one of you down should you decide to do so. Oh, and be men enough to fight one on one, if any more of you join in at any time, we will not be so kind to you as we will be if you just fight us one on one.” Jordan smiled warmly to them.

The leader of the group was the first to step forth, his second in command was right behind him. The rest stayed where they were to guard their prisoners and to watch what was about to happen.

“Doesn't look like they're too smart, huh Skyler?”

“No, they never are. Every gang that I've fought has been the same. They all think that they're so big and strong that some young punk kid didn't stand a chance against them. With how scared they looked, I figured that maybe they had heard rumors of me and would have just fled, but either they think I'm a myth, or they're too stupid to realize what's about to happen to them. Either way, they're about to learn.” Skyler said, and with a silent nod to each other, they attacked.

The two leaders heard the conversation, and had paused their approach, thinking that maybe this was not their wisest move, and were about to retreat, but that was as far as those thoughts went. They never even saw the two young boys approach, just all of a sudden they were there, and then before their brains even registered the unsurmountable amount of pain, they were on the ground, clutching their manhoods.

Both Skyler and Jordan reached the two older boys in just a split second and they both slammed their open palms into each of their groins. With a gasp, both young men fell to the ground, and then a second later, their screams starting echoing throughout the night.

“Wow, they weren't so tough after all. Who's next, or are the rest of you somewhat smarter?” Jordan asked.

The entire group, both the younger and the older gangs, looked on at the two young boys in shock. They had hardly even seen what had happened, and they had been watching. Not one of them made a move or a sound.

“Well, either your fear is telling you not to move, or you're smarter than these two are, either way that is good for you. I want to tell you something before you leave though, tell no one what you saw tonight, we will know, and do not pull this sort of shit, because we will find out as well, and you will find the same fate, now go.” Jordan said quietly to them, but each and every one of them heard him loud and clear.

The younger boys gathered their belongings, the two who were already nearly naked rushed to get their clothes on, and then they all took off. The older gang members just scattered when they were told to, whereas the younger gang stayed until they were all ready to go. They each called out thanks as they ran off.

“Well, that was sorta fun. I think I like having all this power.” Jordan smiled.

“Yeah. These two passed out too quickly, I sorta like hearing em scream for a few minutes. Somehow I doubt that these two will be having children either, too bad. So, now the reason that we're out here in the first place, just put your hand on their exposed skin somewhere, and drink up their energy. You'll know how as soon as you do it, because your body will automatically want to do it. You will have to let go after only a minute or two though, otherwise you will kill them. You can have both of these guys, you need the energy far more than I do. I got a good feeding a couple nights ago, so I'm good.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.” Jordan said, and then put his hand on one of the guys' foreheads. As Skyler had told him, his body automatically wanted to drain the guys energy, so he allowed it to happen, and he almost became greedy, it felt so nice, just like eating some good food does, and he almost drank too much. A gentle nudge from Skyler was all it took for him to let go and go to the other though. It was the same on that man, but he was able to stop himself once he felt that he took enough.

“Wow, I feel tonnes better now. Sorry about almost taking too much from the first guy though.”

“No need to apologize to me, and I wouldn't allow you to apologize to this guy, he doesn't deserve it. I just didn't want you to kill so early. It's always hardest taking your first life, and eventually you will have to, but I didn't want for you to have to deal with it so soon after all that you've just gone through.”

“Thanks. I think that that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.” Jordan said with a little tear leaking out.

“Given how your parents treated you, I don't doubt that either. That should be enough energy for now though, so we should head home.”

“Okay. I think I'm full, at least that's sorta what it feels like.”

“Yeah, it takes some getting used to, but at least you have help to figure all this out. Most vampires have to learn all this on their own, and almost every one of them kills at least their first few people, until they learn what they're doing. That's the main reason that young vampires don't live too long, because they don't know, so they make themselves open targets. If a vampire can get through their first five years without being caught, then they have a good chance of surviving for hundreds of years.”

“Wow, thanks. That sounds horrible. Why don't vampires ever stick around and teach each other all this, and how long can we live for?”

“Not really sure, to either question to tell you the truth. Vampires for some reason just don't stick around, they never stay with one person or in any area for any length of time, as a general rule we are free spirits and go where we want, when we want, and never for any real reason. I've stayed in my house for almost forty years now, which is a very long time for a vampire to stay in one place, but most never stay for more than five to ten years. Come to think of it though, now that you're awake, I think I should move. As for how long we live, there's no telling. The oldest vampire that I know of is almost a thousand years old, and as long as he doesn't go and get himself killed, there's no telling how long he'll last.”

“Oh, okay. How come you want to move then, and if you move, can I come with you?” Jordan asked almost sullenly.

“Just because I've been here so long, and people are starting to remember me, and are starting to notice that I haven't aged at all. That's a bad thing for vampires, especially children, because we are supposed to age rapidly remember, but I haven't. As for can you come with me, of course you can. I created you because I fell in love with you, I thought you would have felt that at least. I knew you had fallen for me, and I want us to be together for a long time, or maybe even forever. Vampire relationships don't usually last long, fifty to a hundred years if we're lucky, but maybe we can last longer than that, if not, then I plan to make it the best I can for you.” Skyler smiled warmly.

“Oh, well I thought I felt your love for me, but I wasn't sure. I love you too though, a lot. Fifty to a hundred years sounds like a really long time to me though.”

“Not to a vampire. I'm four hundred years old remember, so that's not really all that long. It seemed like a long time to me though when I was young as well, but it's not really. Hows about we head home and explore our newfound love for each other?” Skyler grinned.

“Okay.” Jordan smiled brightly.

They ran the entire way home as fast as they could, and the couple miles that they were away from home went by in a matter of seconds, not minutes. Before they even made it to their bedroom, they were already naked and they were both painfully hard as well.

“Can I fuck your ass? It's been so long since I've had sex, I'm super horny. I haven't actually had an orgasm in over fifteen years.” Skyler asked.

“Yes, as long as I can do you afterwards as well. Do you have any lube around here, because it's gonna hurt, but if I'm lubed it won't hurt quite so much?”

“Yeah, I have some in the bathroom medicine cabinet, let me go grab it.”

Jordan just rolled onto his front and got up on his hands and knees, figuring that that would be the easiest position for him to be in. He had read more than enough about this subject to know what was about to happen and how to make it better for himself. What he wasn't counting on though was the fact that he was a vampire now and no longer truly felt pain. So while he might feel some discomfort from it, it would take far more than what Skyler would be able to do to him sexually to actually hurt him. Skyler of course already knew this, but he felt that that was not something that he had to tell Jordan yet, let him figure it out on his own. Skyler was back seconds later with the lube, and when he saw Jordan in such a seductive pose, he launched himself at the bed and landed virtually face first in Jordan's hot moist ass.

For more than fifteen minutes Skyler gave Jordan an A class rim job. Jordan had never felt pleasure the likes of which he was currently feeling. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cry out, he wanted to moan, and he wanted to groan. It all came out as one odd sounding sex cry though, it started when Skyler did, and ended only when he did. For fifteen minutes he made that sound, and as Skyler pulled away, Jordan hissed his displeasure with the ending of the great feelings.

Skyler grinned from hearing the sounds and popped the top of the tube of lube, stuck the tip into Jordan's hole and gave a good squeeze, filling up his boyfriends back passage with a very healthy dose of lube. Jordan moaned lowly from that, loving how it felt, but hating how cold the lube was. He did not have long to worry about that though, because not only did his body heat it up nicely, which of course was not much, but Skyler got up behind him and slipped his entire three inch girth inside Jordan in one swift move. They both sighed heavily from this.

Jordan had been sure that this would hurt, but he had not felt any pain at all, there was not even a momentary bout of discomfort, it just felt so damned good. He chalked that up to the amazing preparation that Skyler had given to him, not even thinking about his inability to truly feel pain, because he had not truly experienced that yet.

Like Skyler had said, it had been many years since his last orgasm, and while he had pleasured Jordan in his sleep a great many times, he just did not feel right by using Jordan to get himself off, and using his own hands just did not feel very nice any more, he needed someone else, so he had not done so. Being that he was so horny though, Skyler started a pace of fucking Jordan that would make a jack rabbit envious. Even Jordan was surprised by the pace at which Skyler was moving. He was going so fast that had he not had so much lube squirted inside him, he surely felt that he would be receiving wicked friction burns. That was of course the entire reason for all the lube, because Skyler knew they would both need it.

Skyler was going too fast for Jordan to even cum, but it sure was causing Skyler to cum. So far, after only ten minutes, Jordan had counted eight times that Skyler had cum, he could tell from the sounds that Skyler was making. He was absolutely amazed that the boy could keep going though, because he was not entirely convinced that even a vampires stamina could keep them going for that long like that. Skyler though was having the time of his life. Not only did he feel really good, he was burning off nearly a hundred years of sexual frustration. He may not have been in puberty enough to cum, but he was in far enough to feel perpetually horny all the time, and being a vampire did not lessen that in the least, in fact it almost made it worse. Other than the odd hand job he had given to himself though, Skyler had had next to no sexual release in about a hundred years, so he was beyond just mere horny. The way he felt, Skyler felt that he could easily go for twenty orgasms.

“Skyler baby, I need to change positions, this is starting to hurt, let me roll on my back.” Jordan whispered, not asking him to stop, because he was feeling too good himself.

“Oh sorry, do you want me to stop?”

“Oh god no, this feels amazing. You can slow down a bit though if you're ready to, so that maybe I can cum as well?” Jordan smiled.

“Oh, okay. Sorry about that, it's just been a really long time for me, and you feel so much better than anyone ever has before.” Skyler said with a tiny bit of blush in his cheeks, an odd sight on his pale skin.

“That's okay baby, I've been enjoying it as well.”

Jordan rolled over onto his back and pulled his legs up, and before too long, Skyler was buried back inside Jordan, fucking away merrily, but this time not quite so fast. Jordan also enjoyed this more, because now not only could he see his lover, but they could kiss, something that Jordan had wanted to do for a while by then. Skyler was of course only too happy to kiss Jordan back, and this caused him to slow down even more, because if he went too fast it made it difficult for them to kiss. Seven more orgasms later and Skyler finally stopped. Fifteen orgasms for Skyler, and Jordan only managed to have one at the very end. That one orgasm however had to have been the most powerful orgasm that the boy had ever experienced, and he cried out deeply his enjoyment of it.

“Wow, that was awesome, but have you any idea how many times you came?” Jordan whispered.

“No, I was too busy to count. It was probably five or six times though.” Skyler shrugged.

“Try fifteen.”

“Really, I've never gotten past ten before.”

“Holy shit, I've never gotten more than three before.”

“Yeah, but you weren't a vampire then. Not only will you have way more stamina than you ever had before, but your orgasms will probably all be wet, because you regenerate far quicker than humans do. I also have not had any sex in a long time, so I was more than a little horny.” Skyler grinned.

“I could tell. I have no desire though to wait that long, so lay down on your back and I will take care of you now. I liked being able to kiss like we did, so I want you on your back.”

“Okay. You won't need to prepare me hardly any at all, just squirt some lube in me and stick it in, I'll be fine.”

“Yeah, but what if I want to prepare you like you did for me?” Jordan smiled brightly.

“Then I guess I would just have to let you, even though I'd hate it terribly.” Skyler said with a perfectly straight face.

“Yeah, riiiiiiight!” Jordan said, and then they both started giggling.

Jordan crawled into position in between Skyler's legs, moving his face towards Skyler's cute little ass. As Jordan was moving in, Skyler pulled his legs up and back and opened himself up for the great things that were about to happen to him. Jordan's tongue met the hole first, and he began tonguing just the very outside in circles, driving Skyler mad. For more than just a few minutes Jordan did that, not venturing inside yet, just giving Skyler as much pleasure as he absolutely could, and Skyler sure agreed that it was pleasurable. Finally Jordan just rammed his tongue inside as deep as it would go, and started flicking it in and out rapidly. He could feel that Skyler was more than ready for it, and furthermore he wanted to do it, so he did. For another ten minutes he rimmed Skyler like this, and Skyler was also making noises that would not have sounded out of place in a cheap porno movie.

Jordan finally had enough, so pulled away, grabbed the lube, and paying Skyler back just put the tip inside the hole and gave a healthy squeeze. Skyler grunted from the cold gel as well, but he too did not have time to worry about it, because Jordan moved up and into position and sank inside Skyler right away, sinking in all the way.

They both hissed a sigh of total bliss, and then Jordan started. He started a nice moderate pace, fast enough to really get them going, but slow enough so that they could still kiss, and deeply they kissed each other as well. As they kissed and made love, because that was now what they were doing, they were no longer simply fucking, they were grunting and moaning and sighing into each others mouths. Jordan was starting to find it very difficult almost five minutes after starting to hold off his impending orgasm, so had to let it go, but he too found that he could just keep right on going, so did just that. For thirty more minutes, and through seven more orgasms Jordan kept making love to Skyler. They both enjoyed it so much more than they could ever say.

“Wow, thanks. I've never felt that good in my life before. I love you so much. I've never had love in almost four hundred years, at least not since the small amount of love my parents had for me, everyone just wanted to use me to make themselves feel good, and I let them because it felt good to me as well. With you however it felt just as good to give as to get, it must be because of love.”

“I love you too, but I've only been alive for eleven years, or I guess technically twenty now I suppose, but I've never known love, and before you I'd never even had sex before. It felt so good though that I can't imagine it ever feeling any better.”

“Oh, it can be so much better, trust me.”

“Okay, I'll trust you on that for sure then. So, you said earlier that you wanted to move on, where should we go?”

“Don't know, maybe head back up into Canada where I was born, find a nice small town there and settle down for a few years I guess.”

“Sounds good to me, I've never been anywhere in my life other than this city, so traveling would be nice.”

“Then why don't we just spend the next hundred years or so traveling around and having as much fun as two kids can have?”

“That sounds nice, but I sorta want to just settle down with you for a bit too. So why don't we compromise a little, we go somewhere for a year, live there, go somewhere else, live there, and do that for a hundred years, and during that time we can have as much fun as we can manage.”

“That sounds like as good a plan as any. All I'll need to take is my notebook computer and everything else we can leave, other than clothes.”

“Okay, but how do we travel and where do we buy what we need. Won't it look odd to have two boys just traveling by themselves and or going shopping for things?”

“Honestly, nowadays almost no one pays attention to that sort of thing. Fifty years ago it was harder, and a hundred years ago it was nearly impossible. As time has gone by, people have become complacent about kids and what they're doing, they just don't care. I had to resort mostly to stealing what I needed to up until about twenty years ago or so. As for how we travel, well the only way we can, and that's to either walk or to hitch hike. That can be a lot of fun actually, because most of the men who'd pick boys like us up are wanting our bodies in exchange for rides. I've killed more than a few child molesters over the years who just tried to rape me, but the nice ones who just want to make a boy feel good, I let them have their fun. How we buy what we need though, well just buy it, either at stores or online. We have more than enough money to last us a good long while, and because I'm so good with the stock market, we shouldn't ever have to worry about money.”

“Oh, cool. You've let men have sex with you before?”

“Sure, the last time was a hundred years ago or so. I hitch hiked across the country for more than a year. Whenever someone stopped, I just went wherever they were going, and about a hundred times I had sex with different men, and that's not including the ten or so that I killed, but after I had sex with them, but they found that they were the ones getting raped instead.”

“Weren't you worried about getting some disease though from having sex with so many men?”

“Didn't I tell you, vampires never get sick, we are immune to every human disease there is, hell, we're nearly immune to death. Almost nothing that anyone can do to us will kill us, including shooting us multiple times. Again, the only way to kill us is to completely destroy our hearts or heads, or remove our heads from our bodies. I've been shot a few times over the years, and it hardly even hurt, was more like me punching you in a friendly manner. I tell you the looks on their faces though when all I did was look down, stick my finger in the bullet hole and pull the bullet out and toss it on the ground was priceless. It didn't last long though, because I attacked and drained them of all their energy before they really had a chance to be scared.”

“Wow, really. Is that why when we had sex I never even felt any pain at all?”

“Yep. While you can hurt, it takes a huge amount of something to cause us any pain. Like losing your arm might make you cry like getting punched in the nose would as a human. And it only takes about a week to grow back by the way.”

“Cool. I think I like this being a vampire more and more.” Jordan grinned.

“Yeah, most of the time I love it as well, but it was starting to get pretty boring the last hundred years or so, but now that you're with me, it should be great.” Skyler smiled warmly.

“So, when should we leave then?”

“Why not pack now and just head out?”

“Okay, I can live with that.” Jordan smiled.

“Hey, careful with the L word there, remember we're not technically alive.” Skyler grinned.

“Hey, I feel more alive now than I ever did when I was alive.”

“Yeah, I'm sure you do.”

“So, what should we pack then, and what are you going to do with the house?”

“We'll just load a few clothes and our diapers, and my notebook into a couple packs and that'll be enough. The house I'll just leave, and maybe we can use it some day again. I have something like fifty houses all throughout North America. Even when I'm living in them, almost no one even realizes that someone's there. I don't use lights ever, why bother, we see as well in the dark as most people can see during the day, and I am almost always out and back while everyone else sleeps, as well because I'm so good at sneaking, no one even sees me anyways.”

“Oh, cool. What about food?”

“When we need it we'll just get it from somewhere, whether we buy it or take it, who cares really.”

“Okay. I'll diaper you if you'll diaper me then, and then we get ready to go. It's only just two am, so there's plenty of time left. Where will we sleep though during the days, and what if I get caught in the sunlight?”

“I'm really good at finding abandoned houses and places where we can sleep, and chances are that you'd be fine in the sun for an hour or so anyways. If by chance you're not, then you just have to get into shade right away. It's not likely to kill you right away, so you should be fine. We'll find places before sun up though.”

“Oh, okay then. Come on baby Sky.” Jordan smiled warmly.

“Mmm, I like that.” Skyler sighed.

They diapered each other quickly, and then Skyler found two back packs kicking around the house, so they packed them up with everything that they would be needing. They grabbed the last of the food in the house and ate some and packed the rest as well, and then they were out of there.

“Well baby, I guess this is it, let's go.” Skyler said.

“Yeah, let's go.” Jordan said, and then they were off on their adventure.