Vampire Boys

Chapter 2

****This is an ongoing saga of two young vampire boys. In the first installment, you met our two young lovers and learned a little of them and watched one become a vampire. You saw a little of the love that they shared with each other. This chapter starts where we left off with Jordan and Skyler. This story still involves boy love and diaper love, but also includes boy man love as well. There is some brutality against a man that truly deserves it, so if you are squeamish, maybe you better not read, but it's not that bad. I hope that you enjoy this story, but keep in mind, that I actually don't read stories about vampires, so I don't know what others say is fact, this was only a fun story for me. I still write for myself only and share with others, but I would also love to hear from you if you enjoyed this, I enjoy the feedback. If you care to email me, please feel free to do so at erich5748 at Please note that this address is different from the first chapter, it was canceled on me. Also, the story site that was listed in the original has been closed as well, not by my doing, and at present time, I have no idea how or where to recreate a new home. If however you do wish to see the rest of my stories, you can find them right here at Nifty in the prolific authors section, you can find me under erich. Thanks as always for taking the time to read my mindless drivel, I hope you enjoy.****

The two diaper vampire boyfriends left the house, Skyler not bothering to lock it, saying that anyone who cared to use it was more than welcome to, and if it happened to get wrecked, so be it, he always just fixed them up. They headed for the highway, just pointing themselves somewhere close to north. As they went, any time a vehicle went by, they stuck out their thumbs so that they could hitch a ride. All of them just passed by as they just walked and talked happily, really getting to know each other well. Finally, after just over an hour, someone finally stopped, it was a big truck. The boys ran up to get to where the truck stopped and hopped in the passenger side door.

“Oh, you boys are real young. I doubt I should be picking you up, but where you heading?”

“You wouldn't be the first to pick us up mister, but wherever you're heading is fine with us, just as long as you let us out before it gets light out, so that no one sees us with you, and we don't want to be found.” Skyler answered.

“Are you running from something that's likely to get me in trouble too if you're caught?” He asked cautiously.

“No, as far as we know, the police have no idea who we are, or that we exist, so you should be fine. We just need to get away, so if you'd allow us to ride with you, we'll pay you in any way we can, but we don't have a lot of money.” Skyler said, turning on all his charms, letting the man know his entire life's dreams could come true.

The boys both saw his thoughts go completely into the gutter with that statement, they saw that it had been years since his last encounter with a hot boy, and here he had two very hot boys, and they both looked and acted so ready for it.

With dry lips, he croaked, “Any way?”

“Sure, let us hop in, and as you drive, we can maybe get to know each other, and then in the morning we can park and get to know each other real well. I trust you go through the night and sleep during the day, same as we do?”

“Yeah, less traffic that way.” The man said, going impossibly hard.

“Good, it should be a good ride then.” Jordan smiled.

The boys hopped in fully, sat side by side in the one passenger seat and buckled up, although Skyler did wonder why bother, and then the man got them rolling again. For the next few hours, the man drove and the boys talked with him. He admitted to them that he had enjoyed a few boys over the years, that he had picked up a number of hitchers over the years, and a few were young, though never as young as they were, and that he was gay and did not really care who he fucked. He did admit though that the young ones were fun because of their energy and enthusiasm, and that they could just keep going and going and going. The boys both chuckled, wondering how long they would be able to keep this man going before he totally passed out.

Finally they stopped for the night, the very first rays of sun were just peeking over the horizon, Jordan had to admit that it was a very pretty sight, one that he had never gotten to see before. Their trucker friend pulled them into an out of the way roadside pullout, pulled the curtains to the cab closed, and then turned to the boys, a shy smile on his face.

“You ready to get paid in full for your kindness this fine night?” Skyler asked, sounding very horny.

“Oh yeah. As it just so happens, I'm hauling a load of mattresses, would you boys rather take a few blankets to the trailer and get more comfortable back there. It'll be cooler, but I have a feeling that we can warm each other a great deal?” He asked huskily.

“Definitely.” Both boys said.

“Oh good. I love being a mattress hauler. This load just happens to be used ones that I won't care if we make a mess of, I'm taking all of them back for recycling on my way to pick up a brand new load.” He said, sounding a little nervous.

“Works well for us, and don't worry. We're not gonna tell, you'd tell on us just as quickly, and then we'd be worse than dead, and you don't have to worry about hurting us any, I guarantee that you could fist us both without hurting us any at all, we do it all the time.”

“Fuck me.” He gasped out.

“Oh, we will, don't worry. You have no inhibitions do you?” Jordan giggled.

“Not really. About the only thing I don't like is shit, virtually anything else is a go though.”

“Good, then we'll rock your world.” Skyler smiled.

They all hopped out of the truck and followed their current friend to the back. As they did, the boys whispered to each other in such a low tone, that the man would not have heard a thing.

“He could fist us?” Jordan asked, amazed.

“Easily, and by the look on his face when I said that, he'll want to try it too, and we're gonna let him, because it'll be fun. I can't wait for him to fuck us and for us to fuck him too.” Skyler said happily.

“Me neither. I love you so much, but having fun with others should be a lot of fun.”

“Oh, it will be. After he passes out, we'll top up a bit of our energy and then just slip out and head on our way again, okay.” Skyler said.

“Why not just stay with him 'til he hits the end of his line?” Jordan asked curiously.

“Because, if we stay with him too long, he'll become curious as to a few things, and he'll start asking too many questions neither of us want him to ask. If that happened, we'd have to take him over as a slave, and then we'd have to stay with him for the rest of his life, and that becomes tricky with truckers. No, we don't really want to do that.”

“Oh, I see. So, we should never stay with someone for more than a night then!”

“Exactly. Don't worry, you'll get used to it soon enough though, and I won't let you make the same mistakes I made when I was a baby vampire.”

“Thanks.” Jordan smiled warmly.

By that time, they were at the end of the trailer, and their man was just finishing unlocking the door and hopping up. He went to offer the boys a hand up, but they just hopped up, far easier than the man who did it every day did.

“Hmm, this should do just fine.” Skyler said, looking around for a few seconds.

“No kidding, we can have some serious fun in here for sure.” Jordan agreed.

“Good. Are you boys clean?”

“Even cleaner than you will be I'm sure, we've only had each other, do you want to fuck our little baby bums nice and raw, we don't like silly condoms?” Skyler asked, stripping off all his clothes, Jordan following suit right away, until they were both down to just their diapers, which were moderately wet.

“Fuck me, you really are baby boys, aren't you?”

“Oh yes, and we need a nice strong daddy to teach us loving.” Skyler said, really acting it up, sucking his thumb even for effect, it worked.

“Oh god, this is gonna be a good morning. I don't like condoms either, so if you boys are sure, I know I'm clean.”

“For sure.” Skyler said, and then both boys pounced on their man of the morning and started stripping him until he was bare.

For the next four hours, the boys very nearly raped the poor man raw. They got on their hands and knees side by side to start and told him to fuck them raw, Skyler handed him their bottle of lube with the nozzle, and told him to fill them up, so he did. He poked large holes in their diapers, lubed them up heavily, and then being urged to do so by both boys, he just rammed his entire eight inch heavy girth cock right into first Jordan's ass. He fucked him for only a minute or two, and then pulled out and rammed into Skyler's ass with the same brutality. Both boys only moaned.

If the man was curious as to the boys coolness inside, he never asked, because they were far cooler than anyone he had ever fucked before. No one had ever asked Skyler though, they were always too preoccupied. For ten minutes, the man would fuck one and then the other, moving back and forth, until he could not hold on any longer, and just exploded. It happened to be Jordan that got the mans first load of the morning in his ass.

He was then urged to remove their diapers and to fist them both at the same time. As soon as their diapers were removed, Jordan and Skyler both rolled onto their backs, so that he could suck their nice little erections at the same time. Moving slowly, the man sucked in Skyler first and started with only three fingers in each of their bums. The boys both moaned, and turned their heads and started kissing each other tenderly as the man started really using them.

Not even five minutes later, the man had four fingers working well inside both boys, and as they kissed, he was hearing them moan deeply, sounding to be enjoying what he was doing fully. Speaking of full, in another couple minutes, he slipped his entire hand inside both boys at the same time, and they only moaned deeper as he fisted them and kissed each other. For twenty minutes he fisted them and rotated sucking their very hard little cocks, both boys staying rock hard the entire time, and because he was alternating on their dicks, they were raising very slowly toward their orgasms.

Before too long though, both boys had enough, and even though Skyler was not being sucked at the time, they both exploded. The man got to enjoy Jordan's very tasty cum as he fired three small shots onto his tongue, surprising the man, he had not figured either boy would be able to cum, they both looked too young. When he looked to see if there was any mess to clean up on Skyler, he was saddened to find the answer to that was no.

The boys took a couple minutes to rest, staying kissing as the man removed his hands from both boys, and gave them each one final lick. As soon as they were ready, the man was urged onto his hands and knees, and the boys lubed him up, and then one in each end, they started fucking him. Jordan was in his ass, and Skyler was in his mouth. They fucked him hard and fast for five minutes before they came, then traded places and went at it once again, just as fast and hard, and they kept rotating back and forth, each of them cumming six times in both ass and mouth. The man was astounded to say the least, and Jordan just kept giving him tasty load after tasty load, never diminishing or stopping in the least.

Before their current toy could say anything further, the boys had him laying on his back, and then they hopped on, one on his dick, the other on his face. Making the man tongue his hole, Jordan was nearly bouncing on his face, truly enjoying himself, as Skyler was bouncing on his nice big erection, while they kissed some more.

Unfortunately the man was only able to fill the boys with only three loads of cum, but they made him cum seven more times before his mind went into sensory overload, his dick softened completely, and he passed out totally.

“Wow, now that was totally hot.” Jordan sighed.

“Yeah, now you know why I enjoyed doing this in the past. I can wear anyone out. He'll never forget us, he'll totally keep looking and searching for us, but he'll never find us ever again, and he'll think and dream of us every time he has sex. Granted, the next time probably won't be for at least a week as his body recharges and repairs itself, because I guarantee you that he won't have had anything like this happen before.” Skyler grinned.

“I definitely know. How often can we do this?” Jordan asked happily, wanting to do it all over again, and soon.

“Every night if we're lucky. Most of the time though we'll probably only get one a week. Maybe tomorrow evening, just after dark, we'll go to a nice big mall and see if we can find us another treat or two to play with. I have no problems using a few humans for fun, and with you, I finally feel like going out and having some fun once more.” Skyler grinned.

“That sounds hot. So, should we feed a bit then and then head out, and how do we do that, it's gonna be light out?”

“We should feed, for sure, but we won't head out yet, we'll wait 'til dark for that, before he wakes up.”

“Okay, but how do we know when he'll wake up?”

“It'll be at least twelve hours, we totally wore him out, and when we take some energy from him, it'll make him sleep even more as he regenerates. He'll wake up with a bit of a headache still, but the rest of his body's gonna hurt far worse from what we did to him.” Skyler grinned evilly.

“Yeah, and I bet he never complains even just once.”

“Would you?”

“Hell no. Well Baby Sky, I guess we should cuddle up and go to sleep soon as well huh?”

“Yeah, we should. Come on, you feed first, but don't take too much, I'll go next, I'll grab the diapers while you're feeding.”

“Okay.” Jordan said as he grabbed the mans wrist and filled himself, but making sure to leave plenty for both Skyler and the man, so that he would survive.

Skyler grabbed the diapers, and as soon as Jordan let go, Skyler grabbed on and filled himself as well. Once Skyler was done, they diapered each other nice and thick, and then grabbed the blankets that the man had grabbed and they cuddled up to the man, but not too close, so that he would stay warm, otherwise they would absorb too much of his heat and he would freeze. They went into the sleep of the dead, ha ha, I know, but really, it was true, and they woke up almost ten hours later, nice and fresh.

“Wow, he still looks totally worn, even after sleeping so long.” Jordan looked to the man and laughed.

“Yeah, what would you expect. If that'd happened to you before becoming a vampire, you'd be totally worn out right now too.” Skyler laughed.

“True. If I didn't know that he'd wake up wishing that could happen all over again, and that he enjoyed it, I might even feel guilty.”

“Nah, why feel guilty for humans, remember what they'd do to us in a heartbeat if we were ever found out.”

“I guess so, but not all of them are bad, like him, he was nice, and his only thoughts of us were good, although a little perverted.”

“Yes, but if he found out what we were, he'd turn on us, just as surely as anyone else.”


“More than likely. Well, it'll still be light out, it's only just passed four I suppose, so we still have a couple hours to kill. We should probably have some food, and then we can see if we have any cell signal here and play online for a while.”


They grabbed some food and ate that, and then played on the computer for a while. Skyler went to his stocks and made sure that everything was doing good there, and then went to his bank account and made sure everything was good there as well. Then the boys both played around, Jordan learning all sorts of new and cool things that he could do, because they played mostly on the gay websites. Skyler taught Jordan a great deal about how to hack into supposedly secure sites and see all sorts of stuff that most people certainly did not get the chance to see, and they enjoyed. Finally, at just after six that evening, the boys exited the truck, making sure to take anything that could be traced back to them, and headed out. The sun had just hidden itself behind the mountains, so it was still a little light out, but certainly dark enough for them.

“So, where to now then?” Jordan asked.

“Just keep walking north and see what we come to.” Skyler shrugged.


They walked for about an hour before coming to the edge of what looked to be a pretty big town, or a small city. Half an hour later they were at the local mall, it was open late, so they were good to go. Inside they went and started looking around.

“Can we go have an ice cream, I haven't had one in so long?” Jordan asked.

“Sure. Let's go to the bank machine and take out a bunch of cash, so that we both have some. You don't have a wallet though, do you?”


“Then after we get cash, we'll find somewhere that carries them and buy you one.”

“Okay.” Jordan said.

They headed to the local bank machine and Skyler took out as much cash as it would give him, which was five hundred dollars. They then headed towards a store that looked like it might carry things of that nature, they had passed it on the way to finding the bank machine.

“So, why did you take out so much cash?” Skyler asked curiously.

“No real reason, just took out as much as I could, it's always nice to have cash.” Skyler shrugged.

“Okay, but it seems too much.”

“Maybe, but whatever, we have lots, so no worries. We should go and get more money though and get you set up with an account and all that, so that we can start making you some good money as well.”

“Okay, but how do we do that?”

“Easy really. All we have to do is get you an account, which we could easily do right now, there's a bank here that's still open, so we could go in and ask to set up an account.”

“But how, I have no ID, and they're gonna ask to see that?”

“Um, you're a vampire remember, just take over their mind and make them do it, it's easy.” Skyler grinned.

“Oh, well like I'm used to this all remember.” Jordan smiled.

“I know, that's why I was teasing you. Nah, it'll be pretty easy. We'll use a hundred of this cash to deposit into your new account. We'll get a stock account set up for you later.”


They arrived to the leather store and went in, and Jordan found a really nice wallet that he liked, so he used the money that Skyler had given him, two hundred, and paid for his new wallet. As soon as he had it, he put his money into it and then they headed to the food fair to get an ice cream, Jordan saying he was buying. They sat back and enjoyed their treat, and then headed back towards the bank to get an account all set up. Skyler made Jordan do all the work, whispering to him how to control the ladies mind, once again he was so quiet, that the lady could not even hear him at all. Jordan found it amazingly easy to do though once he learned it, and before too long, the lady had a perfectly legal, well sort of, bank account set up for him.

“That was cool, it felt really weird to be in her mind like that. Are everyone's thoughts so strange though?”

“Some are worse, others are less so, but she was definitely a strange one to be sure.”

“Oh. Can we do anything we want once we're in there?”

“Within reason. We can't make them kill themselves, because their natural resistance to that won't let us, unless they're suicidal, and we can't make them do anything that they know to be totally wrong, but we can certainly make them do things that they'd want to do but don't have the courage to do. That is until we fully enslave them, once we do that, then we could even make them kill themselves, but then we're fully taking over their minds. Doing what we just did, we're only technically taking over a part of their mind. It can be dangerous, because they can resist, like her, if she was really worried that she'd get in trouble for doing that, then she could have resisted you, in that case, we would have had to force take over her mind, and then she'd have done it, but then she'd be our slave, and as such, would have been dangerous to leave, she'd have had to stay with us permanently 'til she died, or we just killed her.”

“Oh. Why would we kill her, or someone though if they're our slave?”

“Eventually they can free themselves if they're strong enough, obviously if that happens, it's a very bad thing, in which case we have no choice but to end their lives. Most of the time though, they just become totally mindless puppets, because they're minds totally lose their self control, in which case it becomes more a burden on us, because then we have to keep controlling their every move, even going to the bathroom. If that happens, trust me, it's easier just to end their lives.”

“Oh, it sounds so cruel though.”

“I know. That's the reason why I've only taken one slave, but I didn't have a choice, he found out my secret and I had to control him, I didn't want to kill him, because if I had have done that, then it would have brought on the wrath of the vampire hunters.”

“Did you kill him then?”

“Yeah, he was nearing eighty when I finally let him die, his mind had pretty much dried up and I had to control his every move, so he was becoming utterly useless to me. I had him for fifty years though, and he definitely had his uses. I was only a hundred years old when I found him, or he found me really, and I was forced to take control of him. I made him sever his ties to everything that he knew, we moved across the country, and I used him as my full slave. I made him do everything for me, including feeding. I always had to keep him well fed though, because I wanted him to stay alive so that he could give me the energy that I needed, and I also used him for a much more fun reason, he was my sex slave as well. Granted, he wasn't gay, and he hated every second of it, but I didn't care.”

“How'd you kill him then?”

“I drained him of all his energy, in the end, the kindest way to kill him. I just took him to a back alley somewhere and released his mind, so that I didn't feel him as he died, it's not really that pleasant, and then drank fully of him 'til he just had nothing left to give. On the news the next day, they said they had found him, having appeared to have just died of old age, that's all it looks like when we drain their energy, they just die, nothing else shows at all.”

“Oh, well that's at least good, that way no one ever knows it was a vampire that did it.”

“True, but only for us kids. Remember, the adults have to feed on their blood as well, but if they're smart, they only take some of it and kill them by draining their energy, so that the minor blood loss doesn't show. Granted, I've heard of a few that just slit their victims throats after feeding, so that any blood loss would be explained by that, there's no way to tell how much was lost in that way. I'd at least hope their victim was pretty much already dead though and unconscious so that they didn't have to feel it, but most vampires don't care about their victims feelings. I suppose 'cause I'm a kid, I care a bit more.”

“Oh, right. Aren't most vampires very smart though?”

“Depends on how smart they were before they were made a vampire really. Becoming a vampire doesn't make you smarter. Only age and desire to learn can do that. I've killed more than a few vampires that were truly as dumb as a post. One was three hundred years old, man was he incredibly stupid. Trust me, sometimes it's better just to kill the stupid ones, because leaving them alive opens up too many avenues of all bad. Most vampire hunters will torture their victims first to find out any other vampires, so that they can kill them as well.”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I've met more than a few really stupid people in my life too, and I'm really young. My parents were definitely among them. How can a vampire hunter catch a vampire though if they're so much stronger?”

“Because the hunters train very hard to do what they do. I don't really know all the ways in which they can capture a vampire, because I've never been caught. I doubt many escape once they have been caught though, so no one's ever told me. I can think of a couple ways though, and it pretty much just uses cunning and trickery. Just trap one and tie them up would be the easiest. Of course, you better be damn sure that you have a vampire well and truly trapped before moving in, because if we're not, I assure you, we'd be able to kill them with ease, just like any human. If anything like that happens to me, you can bet though that I'll keep fighting until I can't possibly fight any more, and then I'll try and kill myself.”

“Well, as long as I'm with you, you'll never have to worry about that, because we can watch each others backs far easier than alone.”

“Very true. So, you want to see if we can find a pair of boys to have some serious fun with?”

“For sure.” Jordan smiled brightly.

“Good. There's a few really cute ones here, that's for sure. Oh, look at him, he looks gay, let's go talk to him and see if we can find out for sure.”

“Cool.” Jordan smiled again, and they headed towards the lone boy.

“Hi.” They both said as one.

“Hi.” He said back shyly, he was a shy one, about thirteen years old.

“How's it goin' tonight?” Skyler asked.

“Not bad, and you?” He asked quietly, and both boys had their answer, because as soon as he really saw them, he thought they were both gorgeous.

“Really good, now that we found another boy just like us to play with.” Jordan grinned.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you want to have sex with another boy, and I think that you think we're hot and gay too, just like we think that of you, so if you want to, we can all go find some place and have a great time.” Skyler said casually.

“ did you” He asked fearfully.

“Easy, we're gay and very observant, and we felt that you were gay as well.” Jordan answered happily.

“Um, okay. I've never done anything with anyone before though, I don't want anyone to know I'm, well you know.”

“Come on say it, you know it, we know it, and until you admit it out loud to yourself and to us, you'll never be happy. Granted, we're gonna make you very happy tonight. We want to find another boy to have fun with too, we want a nice orgy, so maybe we can find you a boyfriend at the same time.” Skyler urged.

“Okay, I'm gay.” He whispered.

“That's better. As you go, you'll find it's easier to admit it. You're about thirteen right?” Jordan asked.

“Yeah, you guys are about eleven right?”

“Yep.” They both answered.

“And you already know that you're, well gay?” He asked softly.

“Oh yeah, for quite a while already.” Skyler smiled.

“Cool. I've sorta known for a long time too, but I didn't want to admit it.”

“We know how you feel. Why don't you go have a drink or something while we go find another boy to have fun with, I think you're too shy to stick with us for that.” Jordan smiled.

“Um, okay.” He said, and turned and headed to the food fair. Now that the boys knew his mind, they would be able to find him, no matter where he went, so they were not worried about him chickening out and taking off.

“That was easy.” Jordan smiled.

“Usually is.”

“Hey, there's another really hot boy, probably twelve I say, and he certainly looks gay.” Jordan said, pointing out another cute boy.

“Cool, you get to approach him this time.”

“Okay.” Jordan smiled and headed straight to him.

“Hi there.” Jordan smiled to the cute boy.

“Hi there.” The boy said back, making no effort to stop looking at the cute boys in front of him.

“Mmm, see anything you like there sweety?” Jordan asked huskily, this boy was very used to having sex, and from his mind, that was the reason he was at the mall this fine evening.

“Oh yeah, two very hot something's, you two are hot, and totally flaming too, just like me, aren't you?” He asked, his dick actually tenting his pants.

“Good, and definitely. We're looking to have a bit of a party this evening, we've found another cute boy, totally a virgin, care to join us?”

“Wicked. Wanna go to my house, the 'rents are away this weekend, we can play as long as we want and no one will know a thing?”

“Fuck yeah.” Skyler said, it was perfect, two hot boys and a safe place to stay for hours.

“Awesome. Let's go find your other sweet thing and head there now, I only live a few houses away, so it'll be fast.”

“Great, let's go.” Jordan said and led the way to the food fair. The other boy was still there they could still feel, so they went right to him.

“Come on hotty, let's go, we have another party goer, and more importantly, a party location, seeing as how neither of us has somewhere safe to go.” Jordan said, sounding just a little horny.

“Okay.” He said, more than a little shyly, almost sounding scared too.

“It's okay, we promise, nothing will be done that you don't like, okay.” Skyler said softly.

“Okay, but I'm nervous, I've never done anything before.”

“Oh, you will tonight, don't worry, and by the time tomorrow night comes when we have to leave, you'll never have to worry again, you'll love it all, and then some.”

“You guys don't have to leave 'til tomorrow night?”

“Yeah. We suffer from a disease whereby we can't be in the sun for too long, or we'll get really bad burns and it'll make us very sick, possibly to the point of dying, so we have to stay inside during the day tomorrow. We usually sleep during the day and go out at night. So, we're gonna rock both your world all night long. I guarantee that you'll pass out happier, and probably more sore than you've ever been, but the next day you'll want to do it again.” Skyler laughed.

“Oh, that sucks.”

“Not really, only sucks from the assholes that call us vampires or something, like how stupid is that.”

“I can see why they might say that though, it does sorta fit. We can see your reflection in mirrors though right?” The younger but more experienced boy giggled.

“For sure. And I love garlic, but Jordan here doesn't really like it, so he doesn't eat it.”

“Oh, that's cool. Not afraid of crosses are you?” The other boy laughed, making his fingers into a cross.

“Ow, stop that, it hurts, it burns?” Skyler hissed, pretending to be hurt, and then started laughing. “Of course not you twit.” Skyler giggled.

“Just checking.” He giggled back as well.

“At least you two have a sense of humor.” Jordan giggled as well.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Yeah, that'll certainly make it easier for them to become boyfriends, won't it?” Skyler whispered to Jordan, once again well below the hearing level of the other two.

“No kidding. How will I know if I'm allergic to garlic or not though without trying it?” Jordan whispered back.

“Try it, it's the only way we'll know. If you are, then there's nothing we can do about it.”

“So, let's go guys, follow me, I want to get home and get some of all this hot ass, like right now.” The younger boy said.

“Okay.” All three of the others said as one, the other boy though more quietly.

A few minutes later they were to the boys house, it was a nice place to be sure, and they were all led down to the basement, which appeared to be his own private space. It was large and open, there was a utility room in the corner that was closed in, and then next to that was a large bathroom, otherwise, there were no other walls, it was perfect. His bed was also huge, looking to be a king size to the others.

“Oh yeah, I think this will do just fine.” Skyler nodded his approval.

“Definitely.” Jordan agreed.

“Okay, everyone strip.” The boy said, being the first one to start. He was not wearing any underwear, which also meant he was the first to be totally naked, and he was totally hard.

“What the hell, you two are wearing diapers?” He almost screeched.

“We know, we have to. We're twins with almost the exact same problems, including little to no bladder control. But you want to wear diapers too, don't you?” Jordan asked.

“How did you know that?” He asked softly.

“Easy, you haven't taken your eyes off either of our diapers once. Same with you, you'd love to be diapered too, wouldn't you?” Skyler said to the younger and then asked the older.

“Yeah.” They both whispered.

“Then we'll leave you some when we leave, and maybe even diaper you after we finish. Sadly, we're all little baby boys, and even though our dicks are all nice and hard, and pretty big for little babies, we're all too small to fuck through nice thick baby diapers.” Skyler grinned.

“Okay.” The two boys said huskily, the older of them having just finished stripping as well, and he was very hot, and definitely bigger than the other three.

“Oh fuck, you have a nice dick, I can't wait to have it buried inside my throat or ass.” The other boy said.

“Mmm, me too.” Jordan and Skyler both said as one.

From there the fun started, and it was an all out orgy, both new boys were placed on the edge of the bed in a sixty nine, the top boys ass, the older of the two, the virgin, right in prime location to be filled up with a nice hot boy cock, Jordan's to be exact. Jordan started by licking his ass all over, relaxing him more as he was getting his very first blowjob, which was relaxing him a great deal. Getting to suck a nice hard dick at the same time though was almost as good as the other two things happening to him at the same time. Then Jordan started fingering his ass, and he grunted and sighed. A few minutes later, Jordan lined up his lubed dick and sank in balls deep in one slow push.

Skyler had worked at the same pace to prepare the younger boy, hiss ass right on the edge of the bed, so that Skyler could stand and fill him up, the other boy able to watch totally as his ass was filled. Then again, the other one got to watch as his ass was filled for the very first time ever.

With twin sighs, both hot new assholes were filled at the exact same time, with twin moans, both vampire boys filled their toys up fully, or as fully as they were able to. This time, wanting to give both boys all the pleasure they could, especially since they had a virgin to fuck for the first time, they took it nice and slow and really made love to the two boys. For over ten minutes they fucked slow and gentle, really giving the boys all they had. At the same time, all four of them came, the older one had just had too much, all the incredible sensations just took their toll on him, and he had all he could take. His orgasm caused the other three to cum as well, the two boys in the middle enjoying each others cum treats a great deal.

Skyler and Jordan only traded places, leaving both boys in the middle, they were good with that, and as they filled the boys back up, they groaned, and then Jordan and Skyler started thrusting once again. This almost caused the two middle boys to cum again, it was so amazing. Even the slut in the middle had never experienced something of this nature before, and he loved it, so did all of them mind you.

Four more times Skyler and Jordan fucked the two new boys, each time rotating as to who was filling who, before they all fell apart and landed in one pile of gasping and panting boy flesh, quite the sight I assure you.

“Wow, that was totally amazing. I never imagined that anything could be like that.” The older boy said breathlessly.

“No shit.” The younger one said.

“We agree, but we're definitely not done yet. We can take a break though if you'd like.” Jordan smiled.

“Sure.” The other two said.

They all got up, and went and grabbed drinks from the fridge that was in the bedroom, and then they sat back and talked for about an hour, talking about nothing much, but all of them getting each others sexual history, which of course, in the end made them all horny again.

“Okay, now we get to trade places totally, we get to be the filling in the sex sandwich, and you have to lick our hot baby boy pussies out as well.” Jordan smiled.

“Okay.” All the others said as one.

“Goody.” Jordan said, and a second later, Jordan and Skyler were in place, sucking each other nicely as the other two started preparing them as well.

The younger one was no stranger to ass licking he loved doing it almost as much as he loved having it done to him, but the other boy had been uncertain as to if he could do it as he started getting closer. Eventually he was there, and Jordan just backed his ass up onto the boys face as he got really close, and instinctively, he stuck his tongue out and just started rimming Jordan with total abandonment. Five minutes later and Jordan and Skyler finally got what they had wanted all day, to be filled with two nice hot baby cocks.

Both new boys moaned as they slipped their dicks into the two nice loose holes, neither of them paying any attention to the fact that the boys they were fucking were not warm, they were cool. Neither boy was thinking clear enough to notice such a minor detail. Also, neither boy was able to last at all long, it was just too good, and they both came again within five minutes. Neither boy was able to cum again though, they had given up too much on their previous session, neither boy seemed to care though.

They were urged to trade places and have another go at it, so they did. They only managed to trade places once more and fuck Jordan and Skyler again, giving them only three good fillings.

They rested again for another hour and a half, this time having a very large and filling snack and a lot to drink, because they were all needing it.

“Wow, what a night so far. Oh shit, I haven't called my mom to tell her where I am.” The older boy said, and then realized and screeched.

“Then call her from here and tell her you're at a friends and want to stay the night.” The other boy said.

“She's gonna be pissed.”

“Probably.” Jordan shrugged. “If she is, who cares, deal with it when you get back home and don't give her the option to say no, just tell her you're at a friends house and are staying the night. I suggest you block the number if you have caller ID, so that she can't call back or trace the call.”

“Oh god, I'm gonna be so dead when I do get home.” He said, but then made the call. He said hi, then pulled the phone away as all three of the other boys heard her start yelling at him, asking where he was and why he wasn't hone. He apologized for not calling sooner, saying he had met a friend and they had been having so much fun that he had not noticed the time, but that he was staying the night and would be home some time the next evening. She screamed that he was to come home now, he just said see you tomorrow, and hung up.

“Wow, she was mad dude.” The younger boy said.

“Yeah, but it's gonna be so worth it, it already has been.” He grinned, it felt good to defy his mother like that, he had always been fearful of her, and he knew he was gonna stand there tall and proud with a happy smile on his face the next night when he did get home.

“For sure. Are you gonna tell her what you were up to?” He giggled.

“Not bloody likely, would you?”

“I didn't have much choice in the matter actually, because they walked in on me entertaining one night, so now they know, hence the reason I now have the basement, which is two floors below them and sound proof.” He laughed.

“Oh. I won't tell my mom I'm gay, ever, she'd freak out on me for sure.”

“How do you know?” Skyler asked curiously.

“Because she hates gays, trust me, she's the reason I never admitted it to myself. If she finds out, I'll be kicked out, I know it.”

“Well, she'll either have to learn to live with it, or you get kicked out, because man, you should definitely tell her, you'll be so much more free if you do. Trust me, I was after my parents caught me, and I thought they'd freak out too. Granted, I thought they'd freak out more that I was entertaining the boy who was supposed to be babysitting me, I had him tied to my bed, riding him hard when they walked in, I didn't even noticed them, I just kept telling him that his dick felt so good in my hot little pussy. My dad coughed, we both looked up and that was it, just at that time, we both came. I was eight years old. We ended up sitting and talking, and I explained that it was me that raped him, although he never complained, and that we liked to tie each other up and ride each other sometimes. In retrospect, it was probably a good thing they caught us when it was my turn, or they could have just snapped and killed him for raping me.”

“Yikes, that's awesome.” The older boy said in awe.

“No kidding.” Jordan and Skyler said as one.

“I don't think I can tell my mom though. She doesn't just dislike gays, she hates them, and I know she'll kick me out.”

“It's up to you, but if you do and she does, you can come here, I'm sure my parents would take you in.” The younger boy smiled.

“Thanks, I'll think about it.”

“We're happy for you boys, you'll make a cute couple.” Skyler smiled.

“You think we're boyfriends?” The older boy asked.

“Not yet, but soon.” Skyler smiled warmly.

“Oh.” Both boys said.

For the rest of their rest period, they talked and laughed, having a good time, and then they had another long hot session, the same as the first, and then they rested, but they all fell asleep, they all needed it. The two new boys were diapered up nice and thick, just like Jordan and Skyler were. They all slept for a few hours, Jordan and Skyler woke up first, it was more just a nap for them, and they decided to play around together for a bit, which eventually woke the other two up. They ended up getting into a pair and making love to each other a few times.

They rested for more than two hours more, the two boys sleeping once again, and then they all got up and had more food after another love making session with their boyfriends. The rest of the day went like this, they fucked like bunnies, had a break and some food, and then repeated all over again, until just after five the following evening.

“Wow guys, this has been an amazing day, thanks so much, but I better get home and face the music and take it like a man.”

“Oh, you already took it like a man, trust me.” The younger boy grinned cheekily.

“Thanks, so did you, and I can't wait to see you again. When can I come over next?”

“Tomorrow if you want, or any time for that matter. Here's my number, definitely call me.”

“I will. Thanks so much Jordan and Skyler, it was great meeting you. Will we ever see each other again?”

“It was really good to meet you as well, but probably not, we're only passing through remember.” Skyler answered softly, hating having to say so, but knowing he had to do it, this could only be a one time thing.

“Oh, that sucks. I really enjoyed having you guys fuck me.”

“We did too.” They both said at the same time.

“Here's all our diapers for you two to enjoy, I suggest you buy them online so that you don't have to be embarrassed by buying them. We'll just go get more tonight.”

“Oh, thanks. Well, bye then I guess, thanks for finding me a boyfriend.” The younger boy said, tears coming to his eyes. It was going to be a hard leave taking, if only any of them could get hard again, even the two vampire boys who were very nearly insatiable were not about to get hard again any time soon.

The older boy and the two vampire boys all left at the same time, only they headed in different directions. The boy wiped a tear from his eyes and waved one final time before turning and heading off into the sun.

“Well Baby, that was a lot of fun, wasn't it?” Skyler smiled warmly to his baby boy vampire boyfriend.

“Sure was. Can't wait to try it again, but to tell you the truth, now I just want a few days or weeks of just the two of us. We need diapers now though, we're wearing our only ones, you gave all the rest to the guys?”

“That sounds good to me as well, but I think you can agree that they needed them more than we did. We'll just go find a store that carries diapers and break in and steal a pack or two and then head out of town.”

“Okay, you'll have to teach me what to do though.”

“Don't worry, I'll teach you everything you need to know.”


They headed into the downtown core after Skyler looked in a phone book at a phone booth to find any medical supply stores in town. He had found one that by the ad looked like it would have exactly what they needed. They found the store a good hour later, and then they went to the back door. Skyler showed Jordan exactly how to pick a lock, and then because there was an alarm, how to bypass that as well. It was not all that hard Jordan thought, and within only two minutes, they were safely inside. Of course, being vampires, they did not have the need for lights, so they were able to see perfectly as they wandered the store, keeping to the deep shadows, just in case of video cameras, so that they would not be seen, not that most people would be able to see them anyway.

“Ah perfect, they carry the good ones.” Skyler whispered to Jordan.

“Good. How many bags are we gonna grab?”

“Let's grab as many as we can, we'll drop most off at the house for the guys to use and keep two for us. We should also get some diaper rash cream as well while here, we can give them some as well.”

“Cool, okay.”

They grabbed as many of the bags of diapers as they could, put them into the bags that Jordan found at the service counter area, and then went and grabbed a dozen containers of cream, and then a few boxes of diaper wipes as well, just because he found them. They each had two very large and full bags by the time they were finished. They exited the store, locking the door on their way back out, not bothering to reset the alarm, that would take too long. Happily they ran all the way back to the house that they had just left, taking a quarter of the time to do so, and headed to the back yard and hid the diapers and supplies. Jordan found some paper and a pen in the pack and wrote a note, telling the boys where to find their stash of stuff, and then they headed out.

“So, where to now Baby Sky?”

“Don't know, don't care, let's just keep heading north and see where that takes us. Anywhere we go, as long as I'm with you, it's heaven to me.” Skyler smiled warmly.

“Thanks, and same with you as well. Come on.” Jordan smiled back as well.

For the next month they just kept heading further and further north. Every night they would just walk, unless it was really miserable out, in which case, they found a nice place to stay and stayed in until the bad weather passed. Every morning, once they found somewhere to stay for a few days, they would make love to each other, and on the odd occasion they found someone or a couple someone's to join them, so that not only could they have more fun, but they could also get some more energy.

A week after their sexual interlude with the cute diaper boys, they found themselves getting really low on energy again, so they scoured the town looking for trouble, and brought greater trouble still to them. They were three burly bikers, they were mean and were beating up on some girl, just barely an adult probably. They had just knocked her out when the boys found them. This time Jordan was encouraged to take all three of them on himself, so that he could learn to have some fun too, so he did. At first the bikers just laughed at him, but then he did the unthinkable, he kicked over their bikes, like dominoes, once one was hit, all three crashed to the ground. They looked in shock for a second until it really sank in, and then Jordan growled at them that they were scum, and that if they thought of continuing, they would suffer the consequences.

They did not heed the warning, so Jordan removed each and every one of them from the gene pool, just not by killing them. Skyler encouraged Jordan to also take a little of their blood, so that he could taste it, because as of yet, he had not done so. After his first, he just had to have more, so he drank just a little of each of them, and then both he and Skyler drank fully of all their energy, leaving them with just barely enough to survive. They were going to be in some pain by the time they did wake up, but that would probably take two to three days, and if they were lucky, they would be in the hospital.

Skyler smiled to his baby, saying he had done very well, and they grinned to each other and rode off on two of the bikes, enjoying the freedom to ride. Jordan had never driven anything, but with his incredible reflexes, he could drive like no ones business, and he loved it. They kept the bikes for a few days, until they ran out of fuel, and then they dumped them.

When they crossed into Canada, of course not at a border crossing, they decided to find some place to settle down for a month or two, and they did. It was a large abandoned house outside of a nearly abandoned city, but it was perfect. There were no neighbors to get snoopy, they could come and go as they pleased, and they had a large supply of energy nearby to enjoy in the form of a large rest stop, that given some of the writing on the walls of the rest rooms, they were often frequented by men looking for sexual relief.

They stayed in that house for almost two months before people started to recognize the boys, and then took off. Over the next several months, they had a lot of fun, getting sex at least once a week with some boys or a man, often the men were truckers, and the boys were having the time of their afterlives.

“Uh oh, this is one of those people I hoped we wouldn't meet so soon in your life.” Skyler said as they were picked up by some weird looking guy in a truck.

“Yeah, I can see it too, he wants us for our bodies alright, and he's not afraid to take us by force. He has a gun and a knife, if only he were smart or fast enough to use them on us. This could be fun.” Jordan grinned, they had been whispering so softly the man had not heard them.

“So, where you boys heading?”

“Anywhere you care to take us.” Jordan answered sweetly, turning on the boyish charms fully, trying to portray a sweet innocent boy, it worked, and the man nearly came in his pants, he liked the innocent ones, they always screamed the loudest as he fucked them for their first time.

“Anywhere. Well, then I have some place we can go.” He smiled, he tried to make it reassuringly, it came out looking more like a monster than anything.

“Great, we'd really appreciate that, we're running away, our parents don't want defective baby boys any more.” Skyler continued with the sweet and innocent act.

“I'd be happy to keep you boys with me as long as you'd like.” He said, thinking how lucky could a guy get, no one would come looking for these boys, he could lock them in his basement for years before they were too old and he killed them.

“Really Mister, that would be most generous of you.!” Jordan said sweetly, batting his eyelashes even, the man came in his pants that time. Oh he was going to enjoy these boys a great deal.

“I'm a generous man, what can I say.” He shuddered as he was coming down.

“Where do you live, is it nice and secluded, do you have to work or get lots of visitors, we don't want lots of people around?” Skyler asked softly.

“Nice and out of the way, just the way I like it too, no one visits me, no one likes me, and I don't work, don't have to. I have tonnes of money.” He gloated.

“Oh, that's good for us then.” Jordan smiled.

“You thinking what I'm thinking Baby?” Skyler whispered.

“Definitely, I think it's time we took on a slave and used him instead, and take all his money.” Jordan grinned back.

“Sounds good to me to. Wanna let him rape us though, could be fun?”

“Fuck yeah, could be fun.” Jordan said, giggling.

“What's so funny?” The man asked.

“Oh, my baby brother just made a funny face at me is all. We do that to each other all the time.” Jordan answered sweetly.

“You boys call each other baby a lot, why?”

“Well, because we are, we're sweet innocent little baby boys who were never potty trained, so we have to wear diapers. But mommy caught us playing with each others pee pees, and told us we were naughty babies, and that we had to get out of her house.” Skyler answered.

“Fuck me.” He came again.

“We will, don't worry.” Jordan grinned and whispered to Skyler, who only nodded and laughed.

“Come on boys, let's get you home, I have something I want to show you.”

“Okay.” Both boys said happily. They hopped into the truck fully, and a few seconds later they were on their way.

The man drove them to his house, and it was really quite nice, set way off the main stretch, far out of the way from anything, just what the boys wanted. This, they figured, would be a great place to spend a few years, maybe more. Happily all three of them exited the truck, and the man led them into his house, their house now really, because in a few hours, it was going to be theirs, the man just did not know this yet.

“Here, come in here boys, I want to show you something.” The man said, and then as they entered, he pulled a gun out of his jacket and aimed it at the boys.

“What, what are you doing?” Jordan asked, trying to sound very scared.

“You boys won't ever be missed, so you're gonna be my little sex slaves. Now, I want you to both strip out of your clothes, down to your little baby diapers, and then I want you to bend over that table there and don't move.”

But....but.....but....but....but.” Jordan said, even getting some real tears to flow, Skyler was fake crying now as well even.

“Go ahead babies, cry for daddy, now strip, or I shoot one of you, and make the other watch as I fuck him while he dies.”

“P...p...p...p..p..p.p..please, d..d..d..d..d..don't this us.” Skyler stuttered out.

“Please, cry, beg for mercy more, it makes me so fucking horny. Now strip.”

The boys pleaded, they begged, they made it so perfectly convincing. If only the man knew he was the one being raped right now. Finally they were down to just their soggy diapers, and the man tied them up to the table.

“Oh, this is gonna be so fun.” Jordan whispered to Skyler.

“For sure. Make sure and scream really loud as he rams his cock in you though, we want this to be really good.” Skyler whispered back.


“Okay babies, it's time to lose that baby virginity of yours. Let's see, which one of you should I fuck first.” He said giddily, he truly was a sick and twisted man.

“Oh, I know. I'll do you both at the same time, I have a fist as well.” He laughed, almost maniacally.

“Get ready for it.” Skyler whispered.

“I'm as ready as I'll ever be.” Jordan looked to Skyler and grinned ever so slightly. Both boys were still keeping up their sobbing for effect.

He poked holes in both their soggy diapers, and then stripped so that he was bare as well. His dick was gross the boys thought, it was so short it defied logic, but it was wrongly thick. No wonder the man had to rape kids to have sex. Just as he slammed both his fist and dick into the boys, they screamed out, faking the utmost in agony that they could, and they did not stop as he brutally fucked them either.

“Oh yeah, scream my babies, that's what daddy likes to hear, make it good, make it real good and I'll give you a present.” He laughed.

The man must not have had sex in a long time, because he came after only forty seconds or so, and then he pulled out of them and switched, so that he was now dick fucking and fist fucking the opposite boys. And still they screamed. They begged. They pleaded. He only laughed more and harder, yelling at them to scream, to beg for mercy.

The boys though were shown no mercy as he fucked them brutally. He lasted a few minutes this time, but pulled out and traded boys again, and fucked them once more. Never before had he had a pair of boys that were so willing to scream for him, it was an aphrodisiac to him, it really revved up his engine as it were. Most boys would have gone hoarse by now, or even worse yet, passed out. Most did. He continued to fuck them for nearly half an hour before he was almost worn out.

“Fuck, you two are good. The first time's always the best, sadly you'll get more used to it as time goes by, so you won't scream as much. When that happens, I'll do what I can to make you scream. Don't worry, you'll love it, I assure you.” He grinned.

“Please, untie us, let us go.” Jordan whimpered.

“Untie you, are you kidding, you just got here, and here you'll stay for the rest of your short lives, because they're going to be very short, maybe a year or two if I'm really lucky. No, eventually I'll have to kill you and dispose of your useless bodies, but I'll get all I can from you first.” He laughed sickeningly once again.

“Ah, now that's where you just happen to be wrong.” Skyler said, and then easily broke the bonds that were holding him down, Jordan followed suit a second later.

“ did you break those ropes, they're rated for over two hundred pounds of force?” He asked in shock.

“Oh two hundred pounds. Did you hear that baby, he thinks a mere two hundred pound test line could hold us. Even had you had thousand pound, I doubt it could have held us for long.” Skyler laughed evilly.

“What are you?” He asked, grabbing his gun and taking aim at Jordan first and fired. The bullet hit him right in the center of his chest.

“Ow, hey that hurt.” Jordan said, looking down at the hole in his chest.

“Want me to get that for you Baby?” Skyler asked, ignoring the man who was shaking in unknown fear, the boys had not even had to take control of him yet, fear was keeping him well and truly glued to the spot right then.

“No thanks, I think I can get it, it's right on the surface, it didn't even really go in.” Jordan answered, and dug his pinkie finger into the hole and dug out the bullet. Once he had it out, he held it up and looked at it.

“Honestly, you shot me with a .22 handgun, get real. This thing could barely hurt a fly.” Jordan laughed, absentmindedly scratching at the bullet hole, because it itched.

“Quit scratching at that or it won't heal. If you leave it alone, it'll be gone in an hour or two.” Skyler warned.

“Oh, didn't even realize I was doing it.” Jordan laughed, and then looked to the man. “Put the gun down, put it down now, and we won't kill you, if you don't listen, we will, but you'll suffer the likes of which you've never experienced.” Jordan said menacingly.

The mans shaking gun arm just dropped the gun, he was so afraid right now that the boys both had to close off their connection to him, because it was almost too much to deal with. Jordan then walked calmly up to the man and picked him easily and carried him back to the table that they were just tied to minutes ago.

“Now, for the tables to be turned.” Skyler giggled as the boys tied him up nice and tight.

“W...w...w...what are you g...g...g...g...gonna do to” He said, starting to cry.

“Oh, I don't know. Clearly our dicks won't be big enough to really fill a nice big asshole like yours, and one of our fists will hardly be anywhere near what you fisting us would be like, so I think we're both gonna fist you for an hour or two, or until you pass out, whichever comes first. First however, we're gonna give you something that'll keep you awake for as long as we can keep you awake.” Skyler grinned.

Jordan laughed and went and grabbed the pack that still had half a thermos full of their energy tea, it would be cold now, but that did not matter.

“Now, drink, it's nasty, but if you refuse or spit so much as one drop out, we cut out one of your balls, understood?” Jordan asked threateningly.

He nodded is head and accepted the tea, and it was nasty, he gagged, he hated it, but what choice did he have, and he drank the entire lot of it. For a normal human, that much of that stuff would probably keep him awake for at least twelve hours, even if he was dead tired. So this was going to be a lot of fun.

“Okay Baby, now we have some fun. But you know what, I think I've heard more than enough screaming, so let's gag him.” Jordan said.

“You know what, that's a really good idea, and even my throat is sore from screaming so much, but my ears hurt worse from listening to it all.”

“My thoughts exactly. It's almost like you read my thoughts like we can this useless piece of shit.” Jordan laughed.

“Too bad we can't really.”

“I know, but there's not much we can do about it.” Jordan shrugged.

Skyler searched the room and found something that they could use, and without protest, he shoved it in the mans mouth. From there, they proceeded to really rape the man that had fully intended to rape them, as well as had raped countless other boys, they would find out all there was to know about that though and if there were any still missing, the boys would help their parents to at least come to terms with it fully. They were not entirely heartless to humans after all.

Jordan was offered first crack at the brutal man, and without bothering to lube anything at all, for the man sure did not, he rammed his entire hand inside the man's naked ass hole. Through his gag, the boys still managed to hear the deathly scream that he let out.

“Now, doesn't that sound more realistic than what we did. I thought we could have done better.” Skyler giggled.

“Let's try that again, let's really give him a taste of his own medicine.” Jordan grinned.

“Okay.” Skyler said, and then rammed his hand inside as well, the man screamed far louder and longer than the previous scream, and the boys noted more than just a trickle of blood coming out now.

“Oh, was this your first time being fisted?” Skyler asked sweetly, he nodded yes.

“Oh, too bad, had we known that, we might have given it to you at the same time instead. How many boys have you done this to you sick fuck, just think what you did as we do the same thing right back to you. And the fun thing, at least for us, is in a few hours, once you pass out, we're gonna enslave you totally, far more than you planned for us, and you're gonna be our slave 'til the day you die. Every day you'll be used, every day you'll be abused, you'll loathe every single second of it, but you won't be able to do anything about it. There'll be some good things though, you're gonna feed us, you're gonna serve our every need, you're gonna go grocery shopping for us, we won't have to lift a finger. If you serve well, you'll live a fair life for what you are, anything more I'm afraid you don't deserve.” Skyler whispered menacingly right into the mans ear.

The man sobbed pitifully as the boys raped him, the same way he had raped so many others. He had never been caught before, he had only taken hitchhikers and runaways, no one was ever looking for them, they never knew where the boys were, but now he was caught, and he was getting far worse than he would have gotten in prison. He truly felt sorry for himself, the boys would leave that for him as a small comfort, instead of blocking all his emotions. They wanted him to suffer and to keep suffering for as long as his mind lasted. Given all that they planned for him, they would be surprised if he lasted twenty years though.

For more than an hour and a half, they raped the man totally and completely, they even grasped onto his abomination of a dick and made him cum more times than he was capable of cumming. Even after he went fully soft, for he had never gotten truly hard from the pain, they still mauled his dick and made him cum again and again. It was brutal, it was painful, it was everything and nothing less than the odious beast deserved.

Finally after making him cum one final time, he passed out. The boys extracted their hands and cleaned them off and left their current slave tied up just the way he was. Skyler then taught Jordan how exactly to fully and completely enslave a human.

“Now, normally we'd shut off all their emotions and not let them think much at all, only enough to allow us to tell them what to do and they'd do it without us having to be there, but for him, we're gonna leave his memories of his past open and his sorrow for what he's going through, because we want him to always be tortured, and because they'll be the only memories, they'll always be there front and centre.” Skyler grinned as he taught Jordan how exactly to do so.

He explained that the person that they wanted to enslave had to be asleep, or passed out was fine too, because all their barriers had to be completely down, because even humans had some sort of a barrier to prevent what they were going to do, only it was not advanced enough to cover the mind while asleep.

“Hmm, that's not all that hard, is it?”

“No, most learn it on their own, I did, it just takes a while to figure it all out really. Once you've done it once though, it's really easy after that.” Skyler smiled.

“Can we wake him up now, I wish to be cleaned up?” Jordan smiled.

“He might not wake up, we wore him out pretty good. We can try though, but if we can't, then we may as well use some of his energy. I don't want to eat his blood, I'm betting he tastes as gross as he looks and smells.”

“Okay, I think I'll take your word for that though, you're the expert here, not me.”

“You'll learn quickly enough.”

They tried and tried to wake their slave up, but his mind was so completely out of it that there was no waking him. So instead, they both drank of his energy. There was not much of that left either at the moment, they had worn him out that much. They took what they could though and just let him sleep where he was.

“Well, since we can't have a willing slave to take care of our cleanliness, how about we go for a bath and wash off his filth, it's making me sick thinking of it.” Jordan said.

“Okay, you want an enema as well?”

“Might not be a bad idea.”

“Okay, we'll see what we can find then. If he doesn't have one, but I'm betting he does, then we'll just have to deal with it.”


They headed to the bathroom and found an enema kit alright, so they got it all cleaned and filled, and Jordan was urged to go first, so he did. Skyler cleaned him out fully, and then they traded places and Skyler was also cleaned out.

After their internal cleaning, they hopped into a nice hot bath, they were lucky, it was a large two person tub, adult of course, with a large assortment of jets, bubbles and heating options. It was great. They laid back in the hot water for a good hour, just soaking up the warmth. Granted, for them, hot water was just barely warm to most, but hot water hurt them because they were so cool, but it would not kill them. They washed each other tenderly and completely, as they often did for each other when they had a bath, and then got out and got dried and diapered.

“Well Baby, what should we do now?”

“No idea. Let's see if we have a good internet connection here, of which I bet we do, and play online for a bit before we have to go to bed.”

“Okay.” Jordan smiled warmly, so that was what they did.

Before going to bed though, they searched through the nice big house that was pretty much all theirs now, and found that it really was a nice place. They went and stole the master bedroom as theirs, seeing as how they were in fact the masters now anyway, cuddled up and went right to sleep for the day.

For twenty three years they lived in that house, their own personal slave taking care of their each and every need. They never allowed their slave to fuck them, but they sure fucked him, usually just with their dicks, but quite often with their fists to make sure he still hated them, of which they knew he did. Finally his brain just gave in, and he became a totally mindless puppet, unable to do anything on his own without the boys making him do it. Over the years, he had been a good and loyal slave, they found out all that they needed to know, they took all his money, had him sign over everything to them, they were the owners of everything he had. They took him into town late in the night, and in a back alley, he would be found.

“I think it's time Baby, and I think it needs to be you that does it. He's already dead, only his body doesn't know it yet. If you have to cry, do so, I won't think any less of you for it, I cried the first time I killed.” Skyler offered.

“Thanks, but I won't cry, because he was a bad bad person, I'm glad that we got to stop his rampage before he hurt any other boys, and we caused him so much more hurt than he could have experienced in any other way. He deserved that more than he deserved death or prison.” Jordan said proudly, and then grabbed his wrist and drained him of every bit of energy he had. The boys had both been hungry for energy, they knew this day was coming soon, so the past few days they only fed a little here and there to get what they needed, but not filling themselves up, so that they could do this when the time came.

“It almost seems a shame to just leave him like this, but it's for the best. He was a good slave, I'll miss having a slave around to do everything for us. All his money won't be missed though.” Jordan chuckled when it was done.

“I know, but it's for the best like you said. Come on Baby, I think it's time to pack up and leave now, we have nothing left here. Before we leave though, I need to find someone to take a little energy from, so we'll need to find some deserving person to hurt.”

“Okay Baby, let's go.” Jordan smiled, and they headed out towards their house for the final time.

They packed up anything that they wanted to take with them and then headed back into town. As they were going, they were searching for just what they needed, and in this day and age, sadly it was not hard to find, nor did it take long. Gangs in these parts were running rampant and causing all sorts of pain and misery. They came upon just that sort of gang, causing a whole host of misery, so they stepped in and stopped the misery. Five guys would no longer be able to father children, one guy might even be lucky to survive, and then the boys got their fill, and then some of their energy, and they even drank a little of their blood, just because they looked tasty.

“Well Baby, I guess that's it, where to next?” Jordan asked as they were walking away, a spring in their step.

“Who knows, who cares, let's just walk with the wind and see where that leads us. Where we end up doesn't really matter, as long as we get to go together, forever.” Skyler smiled warmly, and hand in hand, they walked off into the night.