Chapter 3

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Another three years passed before Skyler and Jordan settled down once more. Once more the decision was made for them. During the three years since their slave died, they had just wandered around the country, never staying anywhere for longer than just a few weeks. They had had a great deal of fun, finding boys to have sex with, encouraging several more to become diaper wearers as well, had more than a few adults, usually truckers, and took out several more bad people, though only one died, but it was accidental.

The past couple months both boys had been getting the eery feeling that they were being watched, though no matter how hard they tried, they could never hear, see or even feel whoever it was that was watching them. They both thought that this was unsettling, since they could always see, hear or feel everyone around them. They made certain to keep their guard up at all times, because both knew that this could spell trouble.

They were in a large local mall where they were staying one evening when they got he uncanny feeling they were being watched again. There were so many people out and about though that it was hard to tell from where the feeling was coming from. Finally Jordan spotted him though. A man, appearing to be in his mid to late thirties, wearing a large black overcoat and hat, dark glasses covering his eyes, and he was trying to stay in the shadows, trying to see the boys without being seen. Jordan had seen him out of the corner of his eye.

“Don't look, but at one o'clock we have a tail. I can see him, but I can't hear or feel him.” He whispered so softly to Skyler that no one would have heard him.

“Okay, so, we have a vampire hunter then. Wonder how he found us?”

“We've been beating up an awful lot of gangs, we've been doing it for years, maybe he's made people spill the beans. Face it, no one but vampires could cause the kinda damage we've been causing. How many useless pieces of trash have we removed from the gene pool now, it's gotta be several hundred, if not a thousand by now. Maybe he noticed.” Jordan shrugged, not really caring one way or the other.

“You're probably right. Wonder how long he's been following us?”

“It's been a couple months that we both started feeling like we were being watched, so he probably caught up to us then. Question is though, how are we gonna catch him before he catches us?”

“Wish I knew. If it is a hunter, I know of no way to escape them, I've never dealt with one before. I also have no idea how they trap us or hold us, all I know is that they train hard to catch us, we can't control their minds, and they're very good at what they do.”

“We're gonna have to set some sorta trap for him though. The question is though, how and where will he get us?”

“Wish I knew.” Skyler said, sounding truly nervous.

“Don't worry Baby. I'm willing to bet they've never hunted a pair of us before, and probably never kids either. Remember, we're stronger and faster than adults, and we're a pair, that'll probably be way harder, which maybe's the reason he hasn't done it yet.”

As they were talking, they were continuing to walk. Looking around at all sorts of things, touching the humans as often as they could to get the energy they needed, but Jordan kept his eyes peeled for their tail, and sure enough, he was following them. He kept telling Skyler where he was at all times, and finally Skyler got a glimpse of him as well. As best they could tell though, the man had not noticed that he had been spotted, but they could not be certain about that either. They continued talking though as they went.

“What if we were to make him follow us to a dark alley somewhere and then attack him? He can't read us right, you've never said vampire hunters could read our minds?”

“No idea, maybe they can, for all I know.”

“We have to assume that they can't, 'cause otherwise he wouldn't still be following us right. If I was trying to spring a trap on two unsuspecting kids, I certainly wouldn't do so once I'd been spotted, I'd try another time when they let their guard down. So, let's try and get him to follow us, we can try and lure him into that alley where we busted those guys up last weekend.”

“What if we get caught though? What if he's doing this to try and lure us? Maybe he knows exactly what we're thinking and is hoping that we'd do exactly that!”

“Maybe, but somehow I doubt it. If he was, he wouldn't be trying so hard to stay hidden, would he. Come on, let's go, the sooner the better.”

“Okay, I just hope we're doing the right thing and we don't end up headless piles of dust.”

“Same here Baby, but if we go, we're gonna go together the way we say, we're not gonna be caught with our diapers down.”

They headed out of the mall, and Jordan kept watching their watcher whenever he was able to, and so far he was still following them, staying far more hidden in the shadows than the boys were. When they got to the alley that they were going to use though to spring their trap, there were already several men there, harassing a man and woman, mugging them.

Jordan whispered to Skyler that this might just work out perfectly for them, and then strode forward calmly.

“You boys went and chose the wrong neighborhood to go and pull stupid shit like this.” He said menacingly.

“Pardon me boy, but did you just refer to me as a boy, I'm old enough to be your father, now get the fuck gone or you join these people on the ground.” Some man turned, astonished, and spoke.

“Physically, maybe you're older than us, but mentally you're clearly not, because you're too stupid to know that this area's under our protection. Maybe you haven't heard of all the trash we've cleaned up from this area, maybe you have and just thought you could move in and take over, because you're big, strong and stupid. Well guess what, you thought wrong.”

As Jordan spoke, the mans face went more and more red, boy was he angry, but his fear of what he had heard about several others was still there. His anger was winning though.

“Oh, you're so funny. You have any idea how many of the others went through the same thought process as you are now? Every last fucking one of them. They all thought that they were big and strong, and that we are small and weak, they are many, we are but two little boys, and guess where they all ended up. We personally removed every last one of them from the gene pool too, because if you're lucky, you walk away, if not you lose your family jewels. Couple people died, but we try not to kill you, just torture you.” He said far too sweetly for the situation.

Almost half the men took off instantly, leaving the rest to fend for themselves should they so desire. The rest though were too transfixed and not nearly scared enough to heed the warning. Jordan turned to who had about to be the victims.

“Tell no one who we are, you saw nothing, heard nothing, go, go now and we forget your faces as well.”

They were very much smart enough to leave instantly and did not even look back. As soon as they were gone, and every last one of them watched as they ran for their lives, Jordan and Skyler attacked.

They gave no further warnings, the men they were about to attack never even saw them coming, just all of a sudden they were there. Out of the corner of his eye, Jordan saw their tail, watching as the boys very quickly and effectively took out the nine men that had been hell bent on mugging those people. He told Skyler this as they were still going, and he glanced and saw the man there as well. As soon as the last of them were down and out, the boys went and took all the energy that they needed.

“I don't think he suspects we know he's there, he's right behind the garbage bin now. I say we attack now, he may be fast and have trained for years, but there's no way he's faster than we are.” Jordan said just as they were finishing up.

“Okay, we better do it then, because if he didn't know for certain before, he sure the hell will now.”

With that, they both ran full tilt to where the man that was tailing them was hidden. He barely had time to register that the boys were heading straight for him. He knew though the second that he saw that, that he was toast, and he was not even fully standing when they arrived. And that was his last thought before he was knocked out.

The boys jumped the bin easily and landed on top of the man, one hitting him in each side of the head as they landed on him, rendering him completely unconscious before he even crumpled to the ground.

“I think we surprised him.” Skyler giggled.

“Yeah. Did you see the look of shock on his face when he knew he was a goner. He had no idea that we knew he was there, so that's good. So, how do we get him home now, because unfortunately he we can't just leave.”

“Yeah, it was great. Just carry him. We can each grab one side and drag him. He won't be that heavy and it's only a ten minute walk, so we'll be fine. We'll keep to the shadows as usual, but if for some reason someone stops us, he's our dad and he's drunk so we're bringing him home. We may need to modify their memories as to our age, but that's fine.”

Jordan nodded and then they did just that. Carrying the large burden hardly even affected the boys and they made it home in only eleven minutes, instead of their usual ten. As soon as they had their guest in the house, they took him to one of the bedrooms and secured him to the bed very well. They had hand cuffs and ropes and everything they needed to do just this, so they were good.

“Sky, why don't you run to the store quickly and get him some diapers, because he's gonna need them, because we certainly can't be letting him up 'til we're certain we can control him.”

“That's not a bad idea Baby. I'll be right back. I'll get meal replacement shakes as well, so that it'll be easier to feed him 'til we break him, since we won't be able to let him go.”

“See you in a few then. While you're gone, I'm gonna go make him some tea to revive him.”

Skyler nodded and took off right away. Jordan headed to the kitchen and made a full batch of their energy tea, let it steep for the required time, and then put ice in it to cool it down, so that he did not burn their guests mouth. He took it to the bedroom and started feeding it to him, and even in his current state he pulled a face from the taste. By the time Skyler made it back with two large packs of adult diapers and four cases of meal shakes, Jordan had fed the man all the tea.

“Oh good, we should get him stripped and diapered right away, because I fed him an entire batch of iced energy tea, and it's gonna need to come out real soon. He's also starting to wake up already.”

Skyler nodded and they both went about cutting all the mans clothes off him, not caring one way or the other about his clothes. Once stripped, they prepared to diaper him, and did so.

“Man, he's hot, can't wait to feel him buried inside me.”

“Same here.”

It took only fifteen minutes more for the man to wake up, and in that time, the boys both stripped out of their clothes and down to their diapers. Finally he came too though and groaned as he turned to look at the boys.

“Why didn't you kill me?”

“Couldn't. We had no idea how many others are with you and or who else you've told about us?” Skyler said.

“No one and no one.”

“Sadly, we really don't believe you. You've been tailing us for a couple months already, why didn't you take us out by now.”

“Not my intention to kill you.”

“If you didn't plan to kill us, why were you hunting us?”

“Wasn't hunting, trying to learn about you. You're the first vampire kids our order has ever seen, I wanted to know more about you.”

“How'd you find us then?”

“Accidentally ran across you almost three months ago now, and I've been following you ever since.”

“And you haven't told the rest of your order already? That's highly unlikely don't you think!”

“They would've ordered me to kill you both after extracting all known vampires from you, I know the procedure, but I couldn't kill you two. Not only are you just kids, but you don't kill, except accidentally. You remove scum from the gene pool, well I do that whenever I can as well. I don't kill unless necessary.”

“I've never heard of a vampire hunter with a conscience before” Skyler said.

“If you had've been an adult and preying on other weak humans, then I would've taken you both out without mercy, but you don't. I was curious, I've never even heard of a child vampire before. We were always told that children can't even survive the transformation. So, as such, I've been following you, learning all about you, everything that you do and why. I'm curious though. After you attack, you only touch your victims for a few seconds, and then that's it. Could you tell me why?”

“Because children vampires aren't like adults. We don't need blood to survive, but we can drink it, and it can be enjoyable, but some people's blood tastes really bad too. What we need is energy from humans. We can get it from animals if necessary, but it won't sustain us as well as human energy can. We could kill someone if we drained all their energy though, same as drinking all ones blood, only we leave no traces, it only appears that they died of natural causes.” Skyler answered.

“Thank you for answering that, though I didn't think you would.”

“That's harmless information, and really helps people like you to understand us. That doesn't mean though that you'll get to leave any time soon. Right now, until we can see inside your mind, we won't trust you.”

“My order knows where I am. If I don't check in at least once every couple days, they'll send someone to find me, and they'll find you as well.”

“Do you have a tracking device planted in you?” Jordan asked.

“No, but with every check in, we have to give our current location. They know I'm here checking into a possible vampire, but I told them nothing about who I thought it was. If they don't hear from me, they'll assume I've been killed and an entire team will be here within hours to hunt down my killer. I never even heard of two together either, though I know that sometimes vampires get together for mating, not that you can have babies anyway, but they never stay together.”

“We can't have babies, I didn't know that. Not that it matters any anyway, we're gay. Some vampires do stay together for a while, just not a lot.”

“Oh. No, you can't, or at least it's never been documented to have happened before.”

“Doesn't matter. So, if we kill you, we'll be hunted, if we let you go, we'll be hunted. What do you propose we do?” Jordan asked.

“I won't hunt you, I can promise you that, or I wouldn't have waited so long. I have to admit, you're far faster and stronger than any other vampire I've ever hunted before, and I've killed twenty two now.”

“No, us children are stronger and faster than our adult counterparts, and I doubt very seriously that you could've gotten both of us at the same time. Hell, I doubt you could've gotten even one of us, unless you managed to trap us real well.”

“I realized that about half a second before I was knocked out.” He laughed.

“We saw the look of shock, it was pretty funny actually.”

“Question of pure curiosity. Why are you boys wearing diapers. I mean I know why you have me in one, that at least makes sense, but why are you?”

“We had no bladder control when we were human, and apparently it doesn't get fixed when we become vampires.” Skyler shrugged.

“Interesting. We know next to nothing about your healing abilities, other than if we don't destroy your heads or hearts, we better run for it, because you can regenerate incredibly fast, even though your metabolism is impossibly slow. We know you're technically dead for five years or so before you wake up once more, and we know young vampires are incredibly vulnerable as they go through their first growth spurt and learn everything, since vampires never stick around to teach each other. Other than that though, we actually know very little.”

“Even I can't answer too much for you on that, and I'm well over four hundred years old now. I've been shot and stabbed, burned and beaten, but I've never gotten sick and get better in minutes, or maybe hours at most. So, the question still remains, what are we gonna do with you?”

“Kill me if you must, but I assure you, if you do, you'll be dead in days. You're best bet is to let me go.”

“Yet we can't do that either. How strong are your shields protecting your mind?”

“They've never been broken before, and I've been training for more than twenty years now, since I was eight in fact. I can't even let you in willingly, we're not trained in how to lower our shields, because to do so would spell certain death.”

“So, we have to break your shields, but to do so could kill you, which would then kill us, but we can't let you go unless we see your mind and ensure you're telling the truth. You're putting us in a very difficult position, I hope you understand.” Skyler said.

“What are we gonna do Baby?” Jordan asked.

“Not a clue. Never been in this situation before. I'm not even sure how hard it would be for us to break his shield. I mean we've both done it for the weak ones that humans already have placed, but he's trained his to be far stronger than theirs are.”

They were talking in normal tones, so their captive heard every word of it.

“All we can do is try and see what we can do. It'd probably be easier if we did it together. Sorry, I have no idea if this'll hurt or kill you, we've never had to break a full fledged shield before. It could drive you mad or kill you outright, but we have to risk it. We can flee pretty damn fast if we have to, and because we're not gonna suck your blood, they won't really know what killed you. Hopefully that'll throw them off the trail and we'll survive.”

“I understand.” He said, though he did not exactly look happy about it either.

The boys joined hands and started working on the mans mind. He did not fight them at least, which was for the best, or it certainly would have killed him, but still, his shield was more than strong enough to repel them, but not for long. It took almost an hour, and they were all sweating and shaking by the time they managed it, but finally they gained entrance. They toured around in his mind for almost two hours before they were happy with everything that they found. When they backed out, his shields went back up, though the boys saw a gap.

“Are you still with us?” Jordan asked, though he was certain that he was.

“Yes, thanks for not killing me.”

“If you had've lied to us, you'd be dead. You didn't lie to us, unless you can lie directly to our minds like that, and I don't think that's even possible, so you didn't die.”

“Thanks. I find it's easier to tell the truth than to lie. I may be a vampire assassin, but I do have morals, and if you deserve to die, I'll tell you why you do and how it'll happen. I don't kill needlessly either, if you deserve to die, you die, if you deserve to live, you live. It's as simple as that.”

“Good. Now, because we were in your mind, we very clearly saw that not only do you want to fuck us silly, but you want to do so through our soggy diapers. We saw that you've been a diaper lover almost your entire life, and while you do enjoy them occasionally, you don't do it often, because you want no one to know it.”

“Oh.” He blushed.

“Would you like to do so? You'll be the first person to ever do so, knowing full well who and what we are?” Jordan asked.

“Yes.” He whispered.

The boys untied him and then they got down to some serious fun. The boys got into a sixty nine, pulling each others erections out the front of their diapers and sucking each other in. Jordan was on top, so his baby bum was in prime position, and he gave it one wiggle to tell the man what he needed. Clearly he was beyond horny, because he took it alright.

He poked a hole in the seat of Jordan's diaper and fingered him for only a few seconds before extracting his rather large erection and plunging it deep into the fine cool ass in front of him. He sighed so deeply it defied logic. Never before had felt such an incredible feeling before. He was not sure if the boys had seen it or not, but he was a complete and total virgin before this very moment. No one had ever touched him, nor had he ever touched anyone else before either. He was gay, but was very much afraid to admit it to anyone, and he was also a boylover, which he would never admit to anyone.

Maybe forty seconds later he gasped and came, dumping his largest load to date deep inside Jordan. He slumped down and the boys traded places. As they were waiting for their fucker to come too once more, they continued sucking, and Jordan poked a hole and started fingering Skyler's hot baby bum to prepare him for when the man was ready once more.

As soon as he was ready, the man got back up onto his knees and slipped inside Skyler. This time he at least lasted more than a minute, but once more he slumped down. He fucked each boy three times more before he was drained. The boys then positioned him on his hands and knees and proceeded to give to him as much as they possibly could, and they fucked him face and ass seven times each before they were sated.

“Wow, this has been the best night of my life.”

“Glad to be of service.” Jordan grinned.

“Thanks for not killing me boys, but I have to ask, what do you plan to do with me?”

“All we can do, let you go and trust that you're not managing to hide something from us. You cooperated well so far, so all we can do is hope that you're telling the truth.”

“I am, and thanks.”

“Just don't ruin that trust we're placing in you, and you'll continue to live. Don't ever hunt us again, because we won't take kindly to it. However, if we happen to be in the same city at the same time in the future, you're welcome to greet us and maybe we can have some fun. Now, the tea we gave you to wake you up will give you energy for several hours more, and we'd like to know everything that you know about adult vampires, in return, we'll tell you everything we know of child vampires.” Skyler said.

He was excited by this and happily said yes. For almost three hours more the three of them sat there in their soggy diapers and told each other everything that they knew. They would all walk away from this knowing a great deal more than they had before, and that was never a bad thing.

“Well, I should head back to my hotel and check in pretty soon, and then, I think because I'm no longer needed here, I'm gonna head out.”

“What are you gonna say in your report, because they know you've been searching in the area?” Jordan asked.

“That I found and killed a lone vampire that had no knowledge of others, that she was young, but fairly skilled already.”

“Will that be enough?”

“More than likely, but it might not be a bad idea for you to move anyway.”

“Okay, we'll head out at dark today then.”

“Chances are no one would come and check up, we rarely ever do, unless someone suspects we might not have gotten all of them, but we usually go back ourselves for that.”

“Well, we should be heading to bed soon here, so here's a gift for you, and then I guess this is goodbye.” Skyler said, handing him the two packs of diapers.

“Thanks, and you can trust me, as long as you stay good and doing what you have been, then you'll never hear from me again. To tell you the truth though, if you boys ever went bad, you can be damned sure I'm not tracking you alone, I'll be bringing a team with me.”

“Probably wouldn't be enough.” Jordan grinned.

“You're probably right.”

With that though they all said goodbye and he headed out. The boys changed each others diapers and curled up in bed and slept peacefully all night long.

The next night, when they woke up, it was decided that maybe they should head out and continue their search of the country to see what they could see. They packed up their few meager belongings that they cared to take with them, and headed out. For three days they just walked, not even bothering to hitch for rides anywhere. They had such an enjoyable time doing this that it did not matter that they were moving slow and getting nowhere really. Every morning, just before the sun was to come up, they would find a nice little place to hide for the day and have a good sleep, and continue on from there.

The weather started to turn nasty though, so they went back to their old traveling standby and got rides. This time they happened to be close to a busy truck stop, so they stayed there and waited for the perfect trucker to take them where they wanted to go. In his mind they could sense that he was already looking for a boy to take with him, because he loved taking boys for long rides. His route was taking him just over a thousand kilometers before he had to turn around, so that would get them good and far away.

They turned on their boyish charm and approached the man.

“Excuse me Mister, but could we catch a ride with you. We're trying to get away from here and we don't wanna be caught. We can't be seen.” Jordan asked in small scared voice.

“Sure Buddy, where are you trying to get to?”

“Anywhere but here.”

“Okay, but I travel during the nights only, so that I face less traffic.”

“That's perfect, less likely for anyone to notice us then.” Skyler said.

“What's it cost for a ride Mister?” Skyler asked.

“That depends on what you have to offer I suppose.” He said, sounding very husky.

“We really don't have a lot to offer, but we've been forced to take mens cocks up our baby bums before, we could let you fuck us.”

“You were forced?”

“Yeah, but we'd let you do it, we like to do it to each other, but our daddies friends were real mean to us and hurt us.”

“I understand. Come on, hop in the truck, I won't hurt you, but I'll certainly take you up on the offer.”

“Thanks Mister.” They both said and headed to his truck and hopped in.

As soon as they were all in and ready to go, he started up and headed off and they drove through the night. Just at the break of dawn, he pulled into a small road side rest stop, there was no one else there, and he parked. The curtains were pulled, and by the time he did so, the boys had already moved to the back and had stripped each other. As he turned around and caught sight of the two beautiful boys in only their diapers, he damn near came. He had already been told that they had never been potty trained, so he knew this already, but seeing them as such almost took him over the edge.

It was almost four hours later that the boys finally wore their driver out, and he passed out. The boys changed their diapers and curled up together and fell fast asleep themselves. The boys woke up first, as usual, and it was just starting to get dark out, so they quietly slipped away and headed out.

“So, what should we do now Baby?” Skyler asked.

“Looks like a nice area, wanna find a small town around here to stay in for a while?”


They continued walking until they came to a small town. It was not large, but it would hopefully be more than enough for a couple months. They found a small abandoned cabin in the woods outside of town and took it over for their stay and got down to living and loving some more.

Being such a small town though, there was not really any bad people that they could feed on, and the mall did not stay open late, so that made it difficult. There was a lot of livestock though, so they got their energy from cows, but not even two months after arriving, the boys decided that they had to get to a city, so continued their trek.