Chapter 4

Jordan and Skyler continued their search for another new home for a good solid three months, just enjoying the journey as much as they possibly could. They dealt with trash as often as they needed to, they found partners for raunchy gay sex as often as they wanted to, and they went and played as well as often as they wanted to. When they finally entered possibly the largest city either had ever seen before, they both felt they were home for a while. It was almost three am and the city was still bustling, and as busy as it was, they could not imagine it during the day. Both thought it would be perfect.

“So, where to first baby Sky?”

“I'm getting hungry, I need food and energy, so let's go see what we can find shall we Baby.”

They grasped hands as they usually did when they walked and headed into the heart of the city. They had entered the city from the mountain that was bordering it, they had just left a trucker feeling happier than he had ever been, and passed out of course, so they could see most of the city spread out before them. By four am they were into the seedier side of town by the filth and grime and boarded up windows everywhere. They knew from experience that this was their prime location to get what they needed most of all, their energy.

It did not even take long to find what they were looking for either, and at four in the morning, that is sad at best. A group of only four young men, late eighteen to early twenties they figured, were hassling a mid teen boy, he already appeared to have been roughed up a bit. The older ones were taunting the younger one, telling him that if he did not spill his gangs secrets that he'd be beaten even more, maybe even killed.

“Good evening Gentlemen.” Skyler said nonchalantly, walking up to them all as cool as can be.

As usual, the gang members were shocked, so he continued talking.

“Nice night to be pieces of trash, huh.”

“You're awful small to be mouthing me off boy?” The biggest of them said.

“And you're awful stupid to still be alive.”

“You're calling me stupid, from where I stand, that's not what it looks like. You're, what, ten, there's two of you and four of us, and we all have weapons.” He said, and then they all grabbed said weapons.

“Oh please, guns, have you ever even shot that?”

“Oh yeah, lots.”

“Then why's your hand shaking so bad. You go ahead and try and play the big tough guy, but you're nothing to me, now every last one of you lower your weapons before we get really angry and hurt you. As for you, are you alright?” He said and then asked the mid teen boy.

He only nodded.

“Good. I suggest you get outta here, this is gonna get real messy, real quick. Stay out of the gang life or we may meet again, and you won't like that. Now, go.”

“I didn't give him permission to leave.” The leader said.

“Oh, you think you're in charge here, aren't you cute.”

“Boy, did you just call me cute condescendingly?”

“Yeah, I did actually. What do you think you can do about it?”

“Kill you.”

“If only you could. Nah, you have nothing we're afraid of, and here's how I know. Not only have you never even fired that thing, but none of the others have either. You've certainly never killed anyone, and you don't want to. You also have no idea what you're doing, you're scared shitless already, and you should be. Your best course of action right now would be to toss down all your weapons and walk away now and stop being dumb ass punks who think they're all big and mighty. If you don't, well then we hurt you a great deal. What will it be boys?”

“They're thinking of rushing us, it's funny how they always think they can rush us.” Jordan giggled, his first words so far.

“How'd you know that?” One of the others said.

“Easy, gangs are so easy to read. We've tackled dozens of you guys now and you're all the same. You think that just because you're in a gang it makes you strong, and that you have to prove that to those around you. Well, go ahead and attack. We promise not to try and kill you, but we do promise that if you attack us, you'll never father a child, we'll crush your little balls, though two of you it wouldn't matter anyway.”

“And why's that?” The leader asked.

“Why what? Why would we crush your little balls, or why wouldn't it matter for two of you?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Because, filth doesn't deserve to have children and pass on their filth to the next generation, you have to be stamped out like a roach infestation. The other reason though is that two of you are so gay that you'll never father a child anyway. So, walk away now or be removed from the gene pool, your choice.” Jordan said far too sweetly for the situation.

The funny thing though was that the two gay ones were the ones to have reacted first, usually it was them that stopped and thought it out, but not this time. They must not want to admit it. It did not matter though, Jordan and Skyler attacked all four of them, because once the first two started, the other two followed suit, and then Jordan and Skyler were there and attacking well before the four victims even knew it.

Thirteen seconds was what Jordan counted that it took for all four of the men to be on the ground, screaming and or crying, trying to hold their boy bits in. The mid teen boy, who had not left, was ash white by the time he registered what had happened.

“You were told to leave, you didn't when you had the chance. You're being given a free pass, if we ever meet you again, but you're in the bully position, you too will never father a child, though you're as gay as we are, so never will anyway, but we'll still remove you from the gene pool, which we can assure you is painful. You also never saw us, you never saw anything. Now, go, before we forget that we don't hurt innocent people, but you're not entirely innocent, but you will be from now on, right.” Jordan said softly, menacingly to the boy.

The boy only nodded his head wholeheartedly and turned and ran. The boys were more than certain he would sever all ties with his gang and keep his nose clean from then on. As soon as they no longer felt him there, Jordan and Skyler each grabbed two of their victims and drained them of nearly half their energy, which thankfully made them pass out and shut up. They stood up and brushed themselves off.

“Much better. So, now food and shelter. It's starting to get pretty close to sunrise though, so maybe we should find shelter. We still have some food in one of our packs, so we should be fine.” Skyler said.

“I don't feel anyone in this building behind us, wanna go in there and see if we can find a good place to hide out for a while?”


They found a door that they were easily able to break the lock and enter the building by. They closed and relocked the door and headed inside. It appeared to have once been a pretty nice hotel. They had entered into what had originally been the kitchen, but it was dirty and litter strewn. There were no longer any dishes or other things, but all the appliances were still there. Of course there was no power, but that did not matter to the boys, since they could see as easily in the dark as normal humans did during the daylight.

“Wanna go check out our new home?” Skyler said, sounding quite excited.


So, for the next hour and a half they ran all throughout the old hotel. It was huge too, twenty five stories tall, up to as much as twenty suites per floor, though the top floor that they called theirs now only had five. The largest suite of them all said presidential suite, and boy was it nice. After exploring for a while, they sat down and ate some actual food, had something to drink and then changed each others diapers. Forgoing the clothes now, since no one would see them anyway, they continued looking around for a little while longer.

“This place is cool. We're definitely gonna have to call this home from now on, huh Baby.” Jordan said.

“For certain. Wonder how hard it'd be to get gas, water and power hooked back up again.”

“Not too sure, but it sure would be nice to get that pool filled and working again, huh.”

“Yeah, and even the elevators and certainly the kitchen, though I guess we really don't need a huge kitchen like that for just the two of us.”

“No, but we could get a stove and fridge and put them in our suite somehow.”

“Probably should. Let's find the utility room and see if we can turn anything on from inside. If it has to be done outside, then we'll have to wait 'til tonight.”


They went and found the basement first, which was where they figured all that would be, and they found a lot of things down there. They found the electrical room, but where the meters were that would measure how much electricity the place used were, there were covers with locks on them. Those covers were very quickly and easily removed by the boys.

“Looks like all we'd have to do to get power here is to put something between the posts. Is there anything around that we could do that with?” Jordan said after only a second of looking at his meter socket.

“There's lots of scrap metal, I'm sure we can find something. The only problem I see though is how do we do it safely. The one thing that's never happened to me before is electrocution. I have no idea what it'll do to us if we get shocked, and I bet there's a crap load of power running through this thing.”

“Then we just do it carefully.” Jordan said, and then spotted a large flat bar that could be cut and fit perfectly.

The only thing that they did not have was something to cut it with. They had seen a workshop though, so they headed there. There were many tools in there, so they cut all the pieces that they would need to power the building back up fully. It only took a few seconds for them to insert their shunts and for something to happen, because as soon as the last one was done, their lights went on.

“Well, that worked. I hope that all the lights in the place didn't just go on though, we really don't wanna attract a bunch of attention.” Jordan said.

“Yikes, never thought of that myself. Oh well, not much we can do about it, but it's probably close to noon anyway, so hopefully no one noticed the extra light. I'm starting to get tired, but we have to make sure all the lights are off before we go to sleep.”

“I've still got a couple hours left in me, so I'm good to go.”

“Yeah, I probably have that much left too. We could have some tea, I think we still have some in my backpack, and then we can stay up a few more hours.”

“Sure, why not. It's not like we have to sleep anyway.” Jordan grinned.

Skyler found the tea right away and they each drank half of it, both making sour faces at the cold tea, but it worked.

“Wow that's nasty cold. Oh well. So, now we have power, let's find the gas meter and see what we can do about it.” Jordan said.

“Okay, then we have to go about getting everything all shut off.”

Jordan nodded his head and then they went next door to the boiler room, and they found the main gas connection. There was only a padlock on the shut off, which they broke easily and turned the gas on. They had no idea if there was water still flowing to the building, so they found a sink and turned it on, and thankfully it worked.

“Okay, any idea how to light the boiler?” Jordan asked.

“Not a clue. It sounds as if it's working already, so maybe it's automatic.”

“You're right.” Jordan said, because they could hear the hiss of the sound of a high intensity flame.

They checked, and sure enough, it was going, so they were lucky.

They went back to the electric room and found the breaker panels, which there were several and easy to find, and then opened them all up.

“We might be in luck. It looks as if a good portion of the breakers were shut off already, so all we have to do is find the ones we want on and make sure they're on, but make sure the others aren't. I don't see one labeled signs in mine, we need that one off for sure. Do you have it in that one?”

“Not this one, but I do have elevators, so I'm turning those ones on.”

“Okay, and I have pool and hot tub in this one, so I'm turning those ones on. It looks like most of the house lights though were left on, but I do have ones for exterior lights that I'm shutting off.”

“I found the sign in this one and they're already off. Well, that's good. They musta shut down all the important ones when they closed the hotel, and left all the lights on so that they could see as they dismantled. I have the fridges for the kitchen in this one, should I turn them on?”

“May as well, not like we care if we're using power anyway.”


“So, what should we do about a bed, and we definitely need curtains in our room?”

“We'll have to go buy all that stuff tonight.”

“How the hell are we gonna get a bed here though? We can't very well carry it and we sure can't have it delivered.”

“Sure we could carry it, and really, what furniture store's gonna be open when we can buy a bed anyway, so we'll have to break into somewhere and take what we want anyway. In that case, we have to carry it home.”

“Ah, fair enough. So, tonight we go find ourselves the nicest bed we can find.”

“So, what should we do now?”

“Explore more and see what all we can see. We should probably also figure out how to fill the pool and hot tub and get them going.”

“Okay, let's go there first then.”

They headed to the elevators to make sure they were working, and when they pushed the button, the heard it coming, so that was a good sign. A few seconds later the doors opened and they hopped in. They went to the floor where the pool and hot tub were and broke into the pool utility room, they both ended up having to kick it in order for it to open, but they eventually got in.

“That's funny, the most secured door in the entire place is to the stupid pool pumps.” Jordan giggled.

“No kidding.”

They found the valves to turn on the water to the pool and hot tub, so they opened both full on and then went and checked to be sure it was running. They found that it was, and because the valves were rather large, and the pipes leading to them larger still, there was a surprising amount of water filling them, and fairly quickly too.

“That's cool, it'll only take half an hour at most for the hot tub to be filled and probably five or so for the pool. Question though, any idea how to keep a pool clean?” Skyler asked.

“Not a clue. I'm sure it can't be that hard, and I'm sure that we can find information online. Let's copy down all the information for the equipment in here so that we can research it. Have you noticed a bit of a problem with the pool though?”

“Good idea, but yeah, I have. It must be almost noon, because the sun's coming just over the top of the hotel, and the skylights in here are gonna bathe this entire place in direct sunlight in just a few minutes I'm thinking.”

“Exactly. We've never tested me for sunlight to see how I'll react to it, and I'd really rather not end up a big ol' pile a dust, thank you very much.”

“Can't say's I blame you any for that really. It almost looks like the skylights have blinds in them though.” Skyler said as he was gazing at them.

“Do you see any controllers anywhere that say window covering by any chance then?”

“Not out here anywhere, maybe back in the pump room.”

They both headed in there and sure enough, there were a dozen toggle switches that said shades above them, so they tried them and were thankful that they still worked, and all the windows and skylights in the pool room covered themselves within only a few seconds.

“Now that's better, that way we can enjoy the pool any time we want.” Jordan said happily.

“Yeah, and my baby will stay protected.”

As they were waiting for the hot tub to finish filling, because it was already almost half full, they explored the rest of the pool room. There were two large change rooms, which both knew they would really never use, a steam room, a sauna, and an exercise room. In the pump room there were also dozens of pool accessories, mostly toys and floaties, but there were foam barbells, lounge chairs and dozens of other things that would certainly come in handy for relaxing by the pool.

Finally the hot tub was full, so they turned that water off, and turned on its pumps and heaters. This, for the most part, was pretty self explanatory, they were simple well marked switches. As soon as they turned the pumps on and went and looked in the hot tub to be certain it was all working, they realized that the filters absolutely needed to be changed, because it was currently pumping gross looking water into the hot tub.

“Yuck. Did you see any spare filters in there, or anywhere to even put them?” Jordan asked.

“I think I saw something that looked suspiciously like filters, but no idea where to put them.”

They headed back into the pump room and Skyler found what he had thought were filters, and there were a few dozen of them, so that was good. They figured that the filter would have to be somewhere in the hot tub lines, so traced them until they found what looked a lot like a receptacle for the filter they were currently holding. Without knowing, or even thinking of it, Jordan started to remove the cover to replace the filter, then realized his error when water started spraying everywhere.

“Oh shit, shut down the pumps. I can't believe I did that.” He said, giggling, trying to block the flow.

Skyler just laughed and ran and hit the switch to turn the pumps off. Finally the spray that was getting Jordan straight in the face stopped.

“That was hilarious. Your face was priceless when you realized what you'd done.” He giggled.

“I bet, but you would've done the same thing.”

“Damn rights I would've. I have less clue about this stuff than you probably do.”

“I doubt that.”

As they were talking, Jordan removed the cover once more, this time without the spray of water, and pulled the old filter out.

“Um, that's disgusting. We're gonna have to put a new filter in and let it clean it all, and replace it again in a day or so, once it's all clean, because I'm betting it'll fill up right quick with this looking like this.”

“I agree. We'll have to find the pool filter before we turn it's pumps on, so that all that doesn't end up in the pool as well. We'll have to clean the pool and hot tub real well as well.”

The filter was inserted and the cover put back on, then the pumps were turned back on and the boys went out to check it out. The water still looked gross because of it, but they figured it would not take long to clean up again. They went and found the pool filter, and it was a much larger one, as well there were three of them, so they replaced them all. All the filters looked the same as the hot tubs had, but hopefully with replacing the filters first, it would keep it a lot cleaner.

While in there, they also found the pool and hot tub cleaner and figured out how to use it, since the instructions were right on the machine, it was pretty easy. It was put into the hot tub to get started on what it could right away.

“You know what Baby, I'm actually starting to get hungry again. We didn't eat much, and it was days since we actually ate last, so let's go eat the last of our food and rest.” Skyler said.

“Okay, that sounds good. We should probably turn off the water to the pool though, so that it doesn't go and overflow or something stupid like that.”

“Not a bad idea.”

They turned off the pool water and headed back down to where they had put their packs. It was nice and dark there, so was more comfortable for them anyway, and there they sat and enjoyed a light bite to eat. After finishing, they grabbed their blankets and mat and curled up on the floor and had a good sleep.

By the time they woke up, the boys knew that it was likely to be dark, and they both stretched and sighed, they had had a good sleep.

“Well Baby, wanna go get some food and then go shoplifting for a bed?”

“Okay. Let's go to our new room though and see what we need for window coverings.”


They headed upstairs and checked their suite, and found that it too had automated shades, but these were darker still than the ones in the pool house, so they almost made it completely dark in there, though they could still see a little light from the lights outside, but they both felt that that should be just fine.

With that problem resolved, the boys headed out and headed to a nearby mall. It was only just seven, so it was still more than early enough that no one would pay them any attention, but more than late enough that they did not have to worry about light. When they made it to the mall, they went about getting a little more to eat, as well as stocking up on their energy reserves. By the time they decided to leave the mall, they were both full on both accounts.

“Hey, should we buy a new lock for the kitchen door before we leave, so that it's more secure for intruders, but easier for us to get in and out?” Jordan asked.

“Not a bad idea actually.” And they turned around and headed to a hardware store. They walked in with barely ten minutes before the mall was to close, so they knew they had to hurry. They found the locks easily enough and picked out the best one they had as fast as they could and headed to the checkouts and paid for it fast, so that the people could go home. Not one person paid any attention to the fact that two young boys were buying a lock, no one cared at all.

“So, where should we go to get our bed, and I still have no idea how we're gonna get it back?”

“We passed a furniture store on our way here, so we'll just go there. As for how to get it home, we carry it. We don't need a whole bed, just the mattress, so it should be easy enough. The memory foam ones are the most comfortable, and they usually come in a large box. They're heavy, but I've carried one myself before, so the two of us will be just fine I'm sure.”

“Okay.” Jordan shrugged.

They headed there and went around the back, where they would be far less noticeable and broke in quickly and efficiently. There was an alarm, but the boys got it shut off in under thirty seconds, so well before it could go off. They looked around to see what their options were, trying out several of them, and they both chose the same one at the same time. They checked what model it was, and both laughed that it was the most expensive one in the store, then headed back into the back room, where they had entered from, and found the correct one in the stock.

“Anything else we need while we're here?”

“Nothing that I can think of. Actually, no, pillows, we both could use new pillows. Were there any that you saw?”

“No, and we could probably stand to get new blankets and sheets as well, so maybe we'll do that tomorrow night. We also need to get food and diapers before too long as well. Actually, there's a department store not far from here that we passed on the way in, remember. Maybe after dropping this off we can go there and grab what all we need.”

“Okay, but the department stores never have the good diapers for us baby boys, remember.”

“I know, but we can look on our way there and see if there's anywhere better, and if not, we get what we can to get us through 'til we find a place that does carry the good ones.”


They grabbed their new mattress and each took an end, they closed and locked the door and headed back to their hotel, keeping to the shadows as usual, no one even seeing them in the least. They only dropped the mattress in the kitchen and headed back out, so that they could get back before too long. It was only a half an hour walk to the department store and they enjoyed the walk as usual.

Getting into the department store was surprisingly easy, almost too easy Jordan laughed, but they got in and looked around. It was easily the largest store either of them had ever been in before, and surprisingly there were no night staff stocking or cleaning the store. They found all sorts of things that they would be needing, and both grabbed buggies that they started throwing whatever they wanted into. There was a lot of food, as well as new bedding, some new clothes, a brand of diapers neither had ever tried before, but both admitted they liked the look and feel of, and several other things that they just wanted. Upon deciding that they had enough for this trip, they just took their carts and walked all the way home with them, and once more, not one person ever even saw them, even though they both felt they were making too much noise. The noise though was easily masked by the fact that it was a very noisy city, so no one paid attention to the small amount of noise they made, or like Jordan laughed, probably could not even hear.

When they got back, they took everything with them upstairs and got it all put away where it was to go. As soon as they were finished that though, they decided on having a three hour love making celebration for finding such an amazing new home. They made love to each other in five different positions, sucked and fingered each other twice, and kissed and cuddled even more as well.

To pass the rest of the night, they headed to the pool and turned it back on. While it was filling, both boys had their computers with them, looking up information on how to even work a pool, as well as searching about all the equipment that they had found. They were both thankful that there was a pretty decent wireless connection available to them, though they both admitted that it could be better, so wondered if they would be able to get that back up and running again some time soon.

By the time the pool finished filling, the boys felt that they knew everything that they would need to know to operate both. They had found that the pool and hot tub both used an ozonation and UV light water purification system, so there were few chemicals to worry about, they now knew how to balance the water, keep it clean, everything. They even managed to find out where the controls for the sauna and steam room were and tested them out, and both perfectly. So far they had been lucky and everything worked without fail, so it had been well maintained before being abandoned.

After turning on the pumps and heaters for the pool, the boys knew that it was time for bed. The sun had already been up for a couple hours by then and they were both starting to get very tired. They clasped hands and headed up to their bedroom. They both needed diaper changes, so they did so, and they still had to make their bed, because all they had done was take the mattress out of its package and let it open itself up, so they did that now. Finally they both crawled into bed, and they kissed and cuddled for several minutes before whispering goodnight, I love you to each other.

“Mmmm, what a nice mattress, I think that's the best sleep I've ever had before.” Jordan sighed deeply as he came to. He knew Skyler was already awake, because he had been tickling his chest lovingly.

“Same here. I've been thinking since I woke up, and there's still a few more things we need to make this a home.”


“We need a TV, and I wanna try and figure out a better internet connection, because the signal's too poor and we're not getting very good speed, so we need to go back to the department store tonight. We also need towels and cloths, because we have none and we should probably think about bathing soon. It's been a few days, at least, for both of us and we're starting to smell. We should probably also figure out some way to cook in here, so that we don't have to keep going downstairs, which means we'll need all that sorta thing for cooking and eating. There's at least a dozen more things I'm forgetting, but that's okay.”

“Okay, sounds good to me Baby. We can make a list and see what all we need. It's the same whenever we move anywhere, we always have to go get new supplies, so we're used to it.”

“I know.”

They got up and did all their morning rituals, and because it was only just after seven, they still had lots of time before they could even bother heading out. They decided to go down and check on the pool and hot tub, and when they walked in, they found that both appeared to be good and clean, as well as both were good and warm. The hot tub was of course nowhere near as hot as would normally be, since it would hurt the boys more than anything, and the pool was the perfect temperature they felt.

“Well, it seems to be pretty clean, wanna go for a dip?” Jordan asked.

“Sure, why not.”

With that, they both stripped off the only thing that they were wearing, a slightly soggy diaper, and then hopped into the pool. They both swam for quite a while, enjoying the nice warm water, before hopping into the hot tub and laying back, enjoying the pulsating jets a great deal.

“Ah, now a guy sure could get used to this, huh.” Skyler said, because it was officially the first place he had lived that had a pool.

“Mmmhmm. I just realized something. We found the controls for and tested the sauna and steam room, but neither of us can even use them, can we!”

“Actually, the steam room will be quite nice, but we won't be able to stay in for very long, five minutes at most before we start to over heat. Of course it won't kill us, same as having a hot bath, but it'll make us really weak and almost feel sick for a few days if we get too hot for too long.”

“Oh, so definitely no then, except occasionally for a few minutes.”


They stayed in the pool room for quite some time before hopping out and heading upstairs. When they arrived to their bedroom, since they were already naked anyway, they decided once more to make love to each other. This time they only made love to each other twice, after sucking and fingering each other once, and it only took a little more than an hour before they were totally satisfied. They diapered and dressed each other and then headed out, since it was now more than late enough to do so.

When they arrived to the store though, they found that tonight there were people working. They wondered if it was just because they got here earlier today than they had the night before, or if the night shift did not work every night. Turns out it was a combination of both, because the boys only had to wait two hours more for the night shift to finish up before they all left for the rest of the night.

They utilized a couple more buggies and loaded them up as full as they possibly could, and it was only the fact that they were far stronger than most adults that allowed them to even push the incredibly heavy carts. Every cubic centimeter of space was used, and then some. They walked all the way home, once more not being noticed, and then took it all upstairs. The previous night all the cold stuff had gone right into the fridges in the hotel kitchen, but this time they brought all their cold things up, because they had grabbed a small fridge to make themselves a small cooking area.

There was already a counter in their suite, so that was perfect. The fridge, microwave and convection oven combo and small cook top were all set up, then all their dishes were unpacked and cleaned up and put away. At one time the rooms must have had much of this, because the cupboards, counter and sink wee already there, so they utilized it all happily.

The rest of their things were put away as well, their new TV and stereo were hooked up, and their wireless internet booster was installed and set up. They were now happy with everything and how it was set up, so they sat back and watched TV for a while. They had had to connect the TV to the computer, so that they were pulling the TV from their internet connection, and that worked, but they both felt that an actual cable connection would probably work better.

After watching TV for a couple hours, the boys decided to go explore the old hotel more to see what else was there, because they had still not even seen more than a quarter of it. They went floor by floor and searched every room to see what all they could see. Most of the rooms were really about the same, and most of the important stuff that could be sold had been stripped out, but there were many interesting things. For instance, they found a theatre on one of the floors, but it too had no equipment in it, other than the seats and the screen. They kept this on their minds as they continued. For the most part though, there was nothing else of any real use to the boys, and by the time they were done their exploration, they were starting to get tired once more, so they headed to bed.

The next several weeks went by quickly, and before too long, the boys were in a most excellent routine. They loved their new place above all others that they had had, because they were able to do a lot more. After only a few days they had managed to figure out how to tap into the cable system, went and stole a couple cable boxes from the local cable office and got them all hooked up. These of course were the top of the line units that had every bell and whistle you could possibly imagine, so they were happy. They had also managed to find somewhere that carried all the stuff that they would need to make themselves an incredible theatre and got all that as well. They visited the department store several more times grabbing everything that they wanted and needed, one night piling one buggy completely full of movies even. It took almost a full three weeks though for them to get everything up and running properly once more. They had even managed to clean a fair bit, but just the areas that they would use, since the place was so large, and they would not use fully ninety percent of the entire place. That was okay by them though, because the other ten percent was definitely worth it.

As per usual, whenever the boys were getting low on energy and needed to restock, they would go out and search for trouble and bring trouble upon them instead. They usually did this at least once per week, because if they found and drained enough people in one evening, it typically lasted them at least a week. This evening they were out once more to search for the energy that they needed, and they found the trouble that they were seeking. As usual, it did not take them all that long to find it, only this time it was not in a back alley as usual, but inside a dilapidated building that was well known to them as a rough spot that gangs used. They tended to peer inside to see what was happening every time they went past, just to check things out. Tonight they found what they were after.

There were fifteen teen boys, all of them mid to late teen age, the youngest appearing to be about sixteen, and the oldest maybe twenty. There was one man there, he was already on the ground, broken and bleeding, laying on the ground, one of the teens busy sexually assaulting him with his fist, though they could tell that he had already fucked him too, because his ample teen cock was still hanging out his pants. The boys had seen enough, and could still read the victims thoughts, so he had not died yet.

“Alright boys, that's enough, you've already completely broken him. Whatever he did to you has been paid back at least ten fold by now. Get your fist outta his ass or you die first.” Jordan said calmly.

As usual, every one turned and stared in awe at the young boys who were breaking up their fun.

“This piece of shit is a boy rapist, he raped my brother, we're only giving him what he deserves.” The teen fisting the man said, though he did remove his fist.

“Okay, be that as it may, it appears as if you all beat him up pretty good, and from the looks of all the fine cocks hanging out, I'd say you all fucked him well and truly as well. I'd say he's had enough, do you really wanna kill him?”

“Yes.” He spat.

“And that makes you better than him how?”

“He deserves it, my thirteen year old brother didn't.”

“Sure, he deserves payback, you've given that to him, now you're becoming judge, jury and executioner, and that's not fine. Now, please back up.”

The teen did do so, but the boys could clearly see he was still mad. So far these were the only ones that had not actually tried to attack them.

“Are you alive down there?” Skyler asked as they approached the man.

He was in his mid twenties at most, would probably be very good looking when or if he healed, had short brown hair and looked to be a pretty decent sized dick. His clothes were piled mostly beneath him, but the thing that caught the boys' attention most was the well used wet diaper.

“Yes.” He barely whispered.

“Why'd you rape this boys brother?”

“I didn't, I promise, I told them, but they didn't believe me. His brother's a gay diaper lover, we met online, I have to wear diapers because of a faulty muscle, and I'm gay. We met months ago, and at first it was just talking, sharing our experiences, but then he wanted sex. I pushed him off for as long as I could, finally I broke, okay, he's so beautiful, he wanted it so bad, so we made love. I promise, I never raped him. We've been making love for three weeks already and his brother found out today and found me and brought me here. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn't believe me.” He said with great difficulty.

“Okay, I believe you.” Skyler said, but the brother started to protest.

“Did you talk to your brother?” Jordan asked, interrupting him before he could really get started.

“No, of course not.”

“He's telling the truth, there's no way someone could lie that convincingly in his condition.” Skyler said.

“My brother's not gay, and he's certainly not a diaper lover.”

“You don't really believe that though, do you. You've suspected he was gay for a while, and you think his bed wetting's just a ruse, don't you?”

“How, how'd you know?”

“Easy, you're so easy to read. Call your brother, have him come here, now, before we punish you for assaulting someone who didn't deserve it, and by doing so in a way that far outweighs the supposed crime.”

“Why should I?”

“Because if you don't, you'll be punished, and I assure you that with the third degree black belts we each have in three different martial arts that you won't win, even if all of you decided to join, which over half wants to leave already as it is, because they know just how much trouble they'd all be in if they were caught doing what they just did. The trial would be short and you'd all be in jail for at least ten years. Granted, your brothers lover would also be there with you, since he wouldn't escape, no matter if your brother wanted it or not.”

He just pulled out his cell phone and called his brother and asked him to meet them where they were. They all stood there waiting for the maybe ten minutes that they had to wait for the thirteen year old brother to arrive. When he walked in, he saw everyone standing, then he saw his lover, laying on the ground still.

“Jim, what'd they do to you?” He cried, running to his lover.

“It's true then, he didn't rape you, did he, you really are a gay diaper lover then, aren't you?” The big brother asked in shock.

“Yes, you asshole, what'd you do this to him for. Did I tell you I was raped, did I ask you to beat the only man I ever loved, I hate you.”

“You have a father, you're supposed to love him, you're supposed to love me too.”

“Yeah, you have any idea what that father of ours is like to me, how often he beats me because I'm a fairy, because I'm a bed wetter?”

“He doesn't.”

“Yes, he does, every fucking night since I was seven. He started to suspect that I was gay, he asked, I lied, he called me on it, said I was gay and that he'd beat the gay outta me. So, I finally found the man who did love me, and you almost kill him. You thought you were protecting me all my life, sticking up for me, I didn't want that, I've hated you since I was eight, you're so much like the asshole, you make me sick.”

Well, now the brother was getting really mad.

“I've tried to love you your whole life, tried to stick up for you, because I was sure you were a little pansy too, you're so weak, I had to stick up for you or you would've died.”

“You did it to make yourself look good, and if you were trying to protect me, why didn't you protect me from him?”

“He'd never do that, you're lying.”

“Really, I just received my daily dose of gay cure, care to see what the bastard does to me every fucking night when I get home?” He said, but instead of waiting for an answer, he turned and pulled his shirt up and showed his back to his brother, and it had belt marks on it. “You see. You see what he does to me every day. You have any idea how long it took me to be able to take that without bawling like a baby, to be able to take it like a man. Fuck you, you never coulda taken this, you're so fucking weak, you think that to be strong means you have to hang out with a bunch of other freaks who think a gang makes them strong. Why don't you try taking five lashes to your back every fucking day with a belt for almost six years.”

“I'm not weak.” He said.

“Then prove it. I'm wearing a belt, expose your bare back and let me hit you with it. Prove to all your friends you can take it, without crying, I dare you.”

“No. I don't have to prove anything.”

“You're a pussy.”

“You're a cock sucker.”

“You're just upset that I never sucked yours.”

“If I had've known for sure you were gay, I would've fucked you every night since you were eight.”

“So, you beat someone who raped your little brother, when you would've happily raped him?” Skyler asked softly, dangerously.

“No, that's not what I meant.” He said, starting to panic a bit.

“That sure is what it sounded like to me. Now, just because I think you should prove yourself, you are gonna submit to your brother for five lashes to your back by his belt, by his hands. He did live through that, and you did know about it too, didn't you. You've listened to the beatings several times, haven't you, but you thought your dad was just making a man outta him, and he needed it. So, shirt off, come on, let's go, you have to now, because I start hurting your friends in a few seconds 'til you do.”


Skyler lashed out with his fist and knocked one of the friends out instantly, he just crumpled to the ground.

“He'll live, but he'll be some sore when he wakes up, you don't listen, and you won't live.” Skyler said as he moved about two feet to his right, to be nearer to one of the other teens. He shied away and Skyler growled at him to stay put, or he wouldn't live either.

“Why should I?”

“Because you need to feel what your little brother felt. Another friend is gonna hate you in just a few seconds if you don't do as you're told.”

He hesitated, and the friend crumpled to the ground, and Skyler moved once more. This boy was shaking so bad now, he peed his pants a bit, and definitely wanted to move, but he wholeheartedly believed Skyler when he said not to move or he would die.

“Two down, how many more friends have to fall before you man up. Come on, don't be a little fairy.” Skyler growled. Jordan giggled.


He whipped off his shirt, the little brother already had his belt off.

“Now, dad's a lot more powerful than I am I'm sure, so you're gonna get off lucky, but I bet you still can't take all five while standing perfectly still and not make a sound. I had to take an extra hit for every cry he heard. I can now take all five hits at his hardest without making a sound. Used to be I'd pass out from the hits, because I cried out so much. The most I ever counted were twelve, so I'm gonna do that to you as well.” He spat out, and then proceeded to whip his brothers back.

“Oh holy fuck that hurt.”

“And that was just the first, but gained you an extra hit.”

“Oh god, don't hit me again, I promise never to make fun of you again.”

“Oh no, I promised you'd feel what I felt, and begging for no more always gained me one more, so now it's seven.” He said and then whipped once more.

The brother screamed out in agony, and the little brother just kept hitting. He only took ten hits before he passed out cold.

“Yeah, and I'm the weak little gay diaper lover, I took twelve when I was ten before I passed out.” He said, and then worked his belt back through the loops in his pants. During the whipping though, Skyler and Jordan saw that the boy was wearing a diaper, because his pants had slipped down some.

“You did good there. I'm Skyler and this is Jordan by the way. We caught your brother fisting your boyfriend after he and the rest of his gang had raped and beat him up. He was fully intending to kill him, of that I can almost guarantee.”

“Good to meet you, I'm Sebastian, but I go by Basti. Gay, and diaper lovers too by the looks of it.” He grinned, looking down.

“All the way.” He grinned to the cute boy.

“That's awesome. So, what are you gonna do with them now?”

“Depends I suppose. What do you think we should do with them?”

So far the remainder of the teens had not moved so much as a muscle, they were all genuinely afraid for their lives, and it was that that was keeping them alive.

“So, what should we do with you boys? Should we kill you or punish you, or should we let you go?” Skyler asked sweetly.

None of them said a word for a full minute, not sure if they were supposed to actually answer. Finally one boy was brave enough and put his hand up.

“Yes, what do you think we should do?” He asked, of course knowing the answer.

“Um, let us go Sir.”

“Good, you know who your commander is, I like that. Teens who are smart enough to know when they're well and truly outmatched. Most aren't as smart as you boys. But let you go, I'm afraid not.” He smiled serenely and all the boys' shoulders slumped.

“What will you do to us then Sir?” The same boy asked.

“Oh, you know, put the fear of me into you first, and then let you go.”

“Um, I think I can speak for us all when I say you already have.” He said, the tiniest grin escaping.

“Yes, I'm sure we have. You haven't got enough though, because what I can do to you you haven't even seen the half of. Normally to truly punish garbage, we remove them from the gene pool. We're not kind enough to kill you though, just crush your boy bits, your pride and joy, your best friend. Most that meet us never even want sex again, none of them will father a child, all of them pass out in utter agony. The choice is yours, do anything like this ever again and we find out about it, and you get removed from the gene pool. We can't and won't let you ruin future generations with sheer stupidity, so, be stupid and get removed from the pool. The choice is simple. Another thing. You never saw us, tell no one about this, not like anyone would believe you anyway, but we don't exist. Now, go, and remember, we're always watching.”

It took three seconds exactly for the remaining teens to absolutely scatter. Once they were all gone, the boys went to their victims, and on the pretense of just checking them to ensure that they would live, they drained as much energy as they could without hurting them.

“Come on, you need to help us get your boyfriend to safety and get him healed.” Jordan said once they were done.

“Okay, but where do you live?”

“In a run down old hotel.”

“You're homeless?”

“No, not exactly. We're wanderers, we take over wherever we want, whenever we want, currently it's in a nice hotel.” Skyler grinned.

They helped the man to get dressed at least somewhat, then the two boys helped to carry him as much as he needed, while he did all that he could. It took almost half an hour for them to make it back to the hotel, and then they got him up to their room.

“Wow, nice place.”

“Thanks. Skyler, we're gonna need some medical supplies, and I'm gonna make some tea for him, his energy is dropping, and he needs to stay awake. Could you go and get whatever we need, you're better at the first aid than I am.”

“Okay Baby, be right back.”

Skyler ran out and went to the nearest pharmacy, which was closed, broke in, and stole everything that they could possibly need.

Jordan made a full batch of the tea, figuring that Basti could probably use some as well to stay awake longer. He cooled down a large mug of it for Jim and offered it to him, telling him to drink as much as he could, as fast as he could, because he needed the energy it would provide. He offered another mug to Basti, but warned them both it was nasty tasting stuff. He even had a small cup, just because he wanted some.

Both of them made faces as they took their first sips, but kept drinking it.

“Wow, that was nasty, but I see what you mean about it boosting energy levels, I feel wide awake already, and I was getting really tired before.” Basti said.

“Same here.” Jim said.

A few seconds later Skyler was back with a huge bag of stuff and dumped it all onto the bed and started working on Jim.

“How'd you get that all so fast, and how could you have paid for that, that would've been real expensive.” Jim asked.

“The closest pharmacy, I broke in and took everything we needed.” Skyler said nonchalantly.

“You stole this?”

“Yes, but stay still, I have to clean your ass and put some cream on it, then I have to clean and bandage all your cuts. The energy tea will help you to heal faster, because it increases your metabolism considerably, which helps you to heal faster. I also grabbed you diapers, in case you didn't notice, so that you're more comfortable. Now, does anything feel broken?”

“Um, okay, but I don't think so.”

Skyler just grabbed Jim's wrist and essentially looked into his whole body and saw nothing major, just a lot of bruising and cuts.

“What'd you just do?”

“Felt your whole body.”

“I felt it, it was like I was being looked at in a cat scan, at least that's what it felt like.”

“Yeah, I can essentially do the same thing.”


“Can't tell you that yet, so don't ask. Just know you're in no danger here.”

“Um, okay, thanks I guess.”

It took Skyler only half an hour to get Jim all fixed up, but he was going to be a mass of bruises for quite some time before he was healthy once more.

“Now, another reason we gave you two energy tea is because we can't go out during the day, a rare genetic disorder, so we stay awake at night. So, if you're gonna stay here with us for a while, you need to stay awake during the night. Basti, we really don't think you should ever go back home, and tomorrow night, we'll go and get all your things from your house and punish your dad accordingly.” Skyler said.

“Okay, but do I get to whip him as well?”

“Yes, he deserves that, but he'll be well and truly scared before that happens, same as your brother.”

“Excellent.” He said happily.

It was almost three hours later when Jim and Basti could no longer keep their eyes open, so the boys told them to go ahead and get some sleep. Once they were asleep, Jordan and Skyler went and got themselves another mattress, because they both felt that they would be needing it. As they went, they talked.

“So, you thinking of making them both into vampires as well?” Jordan asked.

“Yes and no.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, remember, adult vampires are dangerous, they have to feed on blood, so that makes it dangerous for us. Besides, he's a boylover, if we made him into a vampire, he could be even more dangerous yet, he could get out of control and start hunting boys, making them into vampires. I sense in him something that could be dangerous if we let him have too much freedom.”

“Understandable. I sensed that too actually, so, leave him as is, make him swear to us, but don't fully enslave him, and make Basti a vampire if he agrees?”

“Yeah, something along those lines. One way or the other, he can't be allowed to go free. Now that he's had a taste of sex with a boy, the likelihood is that he could become dangerous as well. If we have to fully enslave him, so be it, but I don't think Basti would like that. He's in love with him.”

“Yeah, but once he becomes a vampire, he'll understand our reasoning for it, assuming of course he agrees. When should we tell them, and how should we do it?”

“I say tell them separately, tell Basti first, so that he can accept or deny on his own.”


They got their mattress and headed back, and by the time they got there, it was getting pretty close to time to go to bed themselves, so they got it all set up, made the bed, changed each other, and then kissed and cuddled for several minutes before falling asleep.

When Jordan and Skyler finally woke up, they found that Jim and Basti were already awake, whispering to each other and tickling each others chests.

“Good morning you two.” Skyler said while yawning and stretching.

“Um, it's night.” Basti said.

“Well, it's morning to us, this is about the time we usually get up. Did you two have a good sleep, and how are your diapers?”

“Yes and good, we just changed each other.”

“That's good. We'll get some breakfast, and then we can go about our day, or night if you will.”

Jim was still too sore to really move, but Basti hopped up and helped to make some breakfast. Soon though they were sitting down to eat, and they all enjoyed the meal. Once finished eating, they cleaned up, and then they sat and talked for a bit.

“Can we borrow Basti from you for a bit Jim, we wanna take him swimming, but there's no way you can do that yet, and you should rest more?” Jordan asked an hour later.

“Sure, you boys go and have fun.” He smiled.

“Um, I don't have a swimsuit.”

“We don't use them here.”

“Oh.” He said while blushing.

“That's cute, you're shy.” Jordan giggled.

“What if I, you know, get hard?”

“Then we'll probably suck you.”

“Oh.” He blushed even more.

“If you want us to that is.” Skyler said.

Basti said nothing further and they made it to the pool a few minutes later. He was still dressed, whereas Jordan and Skyler had only been in their diapers. He had not felt comfortable going in just his diapers, so had not done so. They all undressed until they were bare, and there was a fair bit of looking going on. Basti was cute, had just a tiny bit of hair over his reasonably sized teen penis, no hair on his low hanging and well sized balls, and he was skinny, almost too skinny, but he had an amazingly hot ass, hard as a rock when he flexed it.

“Wow, you're beautiful.” Jordan said.

“Thanks, so are you two.” He blushed, never before had he seen other boys naked, and he liked what he saw.

“Good. Come on, let's go sit in the hot tub, we wanna talk for a few minutes first.”


They headed to the hot tub and slipped in.

“This isn't very hot. I have baths way hotter than this.”

“We can't have too much heat, it hurts us.” Skyler said.

“What are you guys, you're not exactly human, are you?”

“What makes you say that?”

“You can read minds, you can feel a person's body by touching them, you're amazingly strong and fast, and you're allergic to light and heat. My god, you're vampires, aren't you?”

“We knew you were smart. Yes, we are. There's nothing to be afraid of though, even though you aren't as afraid as you probably should be.”

“If you wanted to kill me, there'd be nothing I could do to stop you. I saw how fast you were. Why'd you bring me here then, to feed on me?”

“No, though I bet you taste amazing. We're child vampires, so we don't technically require blood to feed, but we do enjoy it sometimes.”

“Oh. Why are you telling me this. I'd think you'd wanna keep that sorta secret?”

“Because you wanna escape from your family, and know you can't, so we're gonna offer you the opportunity to become one of us. Be warned though, there are risks, but you're stronger than either of us were mentally when we were made, so you shouldn't have any worries.” Skyler said, and then they both laid out the risks and everything that would happen.

“Wow, that's a lot to take in. Can I think about it?”

“Of course, only you can't tell anyone.”

“Of course. Will Jim be given the option as well?”

“No, and here's why.” Jordan said, and then explained it all to Basti.

“Oh, really, you think he could be dangerous?”

“Absolutely.” Both boys said as one.

“Oh, but he's so loving.”

“Yes, now, but once we turn him into a vampire, things will change, he'll require feeding, and that means blood, and that means humans, which means hunters. We can't allow that.”

“But you're more worried about him harming children?”

“Yes, because he's had the taste of boys already, he'll always crave it. At least if you stay a boy for the rest of his life, then he'll always love you, but once you got too old, there's a better than even chance that he'd stop loving you. He'd always care for you, but not love you like you need, and you already know that, don't you?”

“Yes, but he warned me that that might happen, but that he doesn't really know, since I'm the first person he'd ever been with as well.”

“That's at least good that he warned you first, but even we have no idea what he could do if that were to happen, so we can't allow it to happen. If you agree, then you both stay living here, he has to make a vow and keep it, but we don't actually enslave him. He'll live an amazing life, he'll always have boys to love and make love to, he'll have everything he could ever want or need, except we won't make him into a vampire, and you wouldn't be allowed to either.”

“Okay, I understand. But it really takes almost ten years for me to change fully?”

“Yes, but only five of them you're asleep for.”

“But the other five are uncomfortable.”

“Yes.” Both boys said.

“Okay, if I agreed to it, when would you do it then?”

“Whenever you wanted, but you wanna punish your dad, so we should go do that tonight still.”

“Right, I forgot about that.”

“We know, but he deserves it, so you should do it.”

“Okay, can we go there now?”

“Yes, let's go get dressed and ready to go.”

They headed back up to their room and Jim was shocked that they were back so fast. They explained to him what they were going to do, and then got diapered and dressed and headed out. They made it to Basti's house only a few minutes later.

It was only just nine by the time they made it there, and when they walked in, Basti's father came to see who was there.

“Where the fuck have you been, and who are these boys?”

“They're friends, and we're here to punish you. I'm a gay baby diaper lover, you've tried to beat that outta me for years, only now I'm not scared of you, and the tables have finally turned on you you ugly fucking asshole.” Basti snarled.

“Why you little.” He said as he started to move toward Basti to hit him, only Jordan made it to him first. He gave him only a light hit to his family jewels, and Basti's dad crumpled to the ground in agony.

“Shut up, you hit me way worse than that from the time I was eight, so take it like a man, and stand up.”

“I never hit you in the nuts, I was trying to beat the gay outta you, clearly you need more beatings.” He said, gasping for breath.

“You can't beat the gay outta someone you backwards small minded freak. I'm gay, I was born that way, and I certainly never decided it. Now, stand up.”

“What if I don't?”

“Then you'll suffer even more.”

“What are you gonna do to me?”

“Give you a taste of your own medicine, just like I gave to my useless brother last night.”

“That was you that did that to him. I spent the entire day in the hospital with him, they weren't even sure he was gonna survive. What'd you do to him?”

“He only took ten lashes with my belt before he passed out. That pussy. The most I ever took were twelve, and I was only ten at the time. I guess he wasn't man enough. Are you? Will you be able to take more than ten before you pass out, or are you as big a pussy as he?”

“Fuck you, you're not whipping me.”

“You think you can stop us?” Basti grinned evilly at his dad.

“Three puny little gay baby freaks, you bet I can, and I will. This time I'll kill you if I have to.”

“That sounded an awful lot like a threat to me Baby, did it sound that way to you too?” Jordan asked sweetly.

“It did. Shall we?”

“We shall.” And then both boys went and picked Basti's dad off the floor and stood him up against his will, then tore his shirt off and held him quite still for Basti, all the while he was screaming impotently.

“Oh shut up you sissy. That's right, the little sissy boy you've been beating all these years just called you a sissy. Now, I'm giving you the same thing you gave me, I start at five, but every cry, every beg earns you one more, 'til you either reach a hundred or you pass out. I figure that if you make it to twenty, I'll be surprised, you're not a man, you're a monster, and monsters can't take pain at all.”

Basti swung and connected, and his dad arched, screamed and swore and Basti did not stop. He kept hitting and hitting until his dad passed out.

“Wow, he matched me at twelve, I'm sorta surprised he lasted that long.” Basti laughed.

“Same actually. I think only your taunts kept him going, he was ready to pass out three hits ago.” Jordan said, and then because he and Skyler will still holding him anyway they drained as much energy as they could before letting him go, and they let him fall to the ground, boneless.

“Well, we made an awful lot of noise, what say we bail from here before the cops show up, because the neighbors were sure to have heard that.” Skyler smiled.

“Okay, but as soon as we get back, I wanna explain to Jim what I want, then I want you to make me into a vampire as well.”

“You got it.”

They made it back to the hotel fairly fast and when they got there, Basti was the one to explain to Jim what was happening. Jim actually took it fairly well as well, having already guessed that the boys were not all they said they were anyway, and he even suspected that they might just be vampires as well. When he asked if they could do the same for him, they told him no, then gave him the reasons why. He understood, though he was not entirely happy about it either, and then right in front of Jim, Jordan got to try his hand at making a vampire.

“Mmm, he was tasty, I damn near couldn't stop drinking.” Jordan grinned.

“Is he still alive?” Jim asked fearfully.

“Sure he is, sorta. Technically speaking he just died, and any doctor would pronounce him dead right here and now. He's still there though, but it'll be almost ten years before we allow him to wake up again.”

“Why ten, I thought he'd sleep for five you said?”

“So that he goes through the uncomfortable part after you normally wake up in comfort. You'll get to feed and water him, take care of all his needs the entire time, he'd still like you to fuck him, though fucking a corpse really doesn't sound fun to me, but he'll definitely get hard and he'll definitely want you to empty his balls often, or they'll be very uncomfortable when he wakes up. You may fuck us though as often as you need until he wakes up.” Jordan said.

Basti was kept asleep for just shy of ten years, and in that time, not a whole lot had changed, at least in their world, though the outside world had changed a great deal once again. The economy was picking up again, so the amount of street crimes was thankfully going down, but that did not mean in any way that Jordan and Skyler were lacking energy. First and foremost, they had Jim there, and he agreed to allow the boys to each take a small amount from him every morning before they went to sleep, so that he would not feel the effects from it, and would rebuild his energy easily during his sleep. The boys had even found that he had very nice tasting blood, and he allowed them to drink from him once a month each.

The night after Basti was made into a vampire, Jordan and Skyler went back to his dads place and talked to the dad and brother, told them that they were to leave town and to never contact Basti again. The boys made sure that they were good with this, then attacked them and drained them of almost all their energy, just because they deserved to be left in pain. They left town less than a week later and moved across the country. This would ensure that no one would ever look for Basti.

When the economy had started to increase, whomever had owned the hotel had sent someone to come and look into it, to see how bad it was and to see if it could be opened back up again. It was more than just a bit of a surprise to the man to find people living in there, but the boys took control of his mind almost right away and made him go back to the owners and tell them that it was a death trap and that they should go ahead and sell it for whatever they could get for it. Jordan and Skyler bought it, Jim acted as their representative, and in only a few months they owned the hotel.

In exchange for the energy and blood that they routinely took from Jim, Jordan and Skyler were always more than happy to allow him to fuck them silly. They all enjoyed it a great deal, and Jim enjoyed getting filled by the boys just as much, so that was good. Jim rarely ever left the hotel, he found that he really had no desire to do so, but every now and then he went out with the boys, and he did always enjoy watching them beat up on gangs and such. The boys though went out far more often than he did. They were always the ones to go and get their supplies, they always went out at least once a week to get their energy, so that they did not take all of Jim's, and sometimes they just liked to go out as well for the hell of it.

The boys had also had dozens of hot sexual encounters with even more hot boys or men, all of them always having a great time. They never brought their conquests back to the hotel though, they did not want anyone to know they were there, for obvious reasons. Jim was never invited to these parties though, and he never asked where the boys were when they disappeared for a day or two at a time, he knew it was their business, and knew they would not tell him anyway.

Finally though Basti was finished his transformation, and Skyler removed him from the medications that were keeping him asleep. He woke up within only half an hour and sighed and stretched, then had to clamp down on his mind, as taught by Skyler and Jordan, because the thoughts all pouring in at the same time were overwhelming him. It took nearly half an hour more for him to finally get the hang of everything.

“I survived, thanks for taking such good care of me though guys. I felt everything for the first five years while I was changing, but only a bit here and there of the past few years.”

“Well, survived is strictly speaking of course. You're talking and breathing, but officially you'd still be just as dead as us.” Jordan grinned.

“This is wicked. I'm real hungry though, and I think I need energy too, because I feel like I need something, almost like hungry, but different.”

“Take some from me Baby, just don't take too much please, I wanna stay up with you for a while.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Basti took Jim's hand and immediately he figured out how to accept the energy. He let go after only a few seconds, when Skyler told him that that would have to be enough for now.

“Thanks, that feels better.”

“No prob. You look better now too.”

“We'll get some food into you, and we already have some energy tea ready, it should still be hot, so you should have some of that.” Skyler said.

“Okay, thanks.”

He accepted the tea, and then Jim made him something to eat, and he ate that as well. Finally he was satisfied.

“That's better, thanks so much guys. So, what's been happening since I was asleep?”

The three of them told Basti everything that had gone on since he had officially died, and he was happy. When it came time for bed, Basti dragged Jim next door, where Jim had set up their bedroom, and they made love until Jim passed out. Jordan and Skyler also used the time wisely and went for almost an hour longer, at almost three hours total.

The next night Basti was invited out for his first hunt, and he was told to do all the work when they found themselves some serious trouble. He had a great time talking to the five rough men, and even more fun taking them out one by one until they were all on the ground, wailing and crying. He got to drink greedily of three of the mens energy before he was completely full, and Jordan and Skyler took the last two and drained them almost completely as well.

“Wow, that was totally awesome, thanks so much guys.” Basti said as they were walking away.

“You're very welcome. Now, have you seen and understood the reasoning for not making Jim a vampire yet? We don't want you to feel like we're doing it to hurt him or you, so we want you to understand.” Skyler said.

“I knew why before you created me, you were very clear on that, but I do see it for myself now, and I think I agree. There's just too much that could go wrong if he were transformed as well, so we can't do that. He might be perfect too, we can never know, but we just take the chance.”

“Good, we're glad that you understand and agree.” Jordan said this time.

For the next twenty five years they stayed there in their hotel, and they had a great life. Jim was of course getting older, whereas the boys were not. They kept him well and truly drained though, in several senses, but he loved life, because he had all that he would ever need. Then one day he started to complain about headaches. This was normal when the boys drained his energy, but they had not done so in several days, so it was weird. Then the next day he said it was back, but worse, and then the next day too. When Skyler started to become concerned, he grabbed Jim's hand and tried to read his body. What he found though was staggering.

“Jim, I hate to tell you this, but I think you have cancer of the brain.”

“My dad died of the same thing when he was forty, I'm more than fifty now, so I suppose I should be thankful I lasted this long. Do you think it's operable?”

“I don't think so. I mean I'm no doctor, but it seems pretty big. I have no idea how you didn't notice before now. You only just started getting headaches the other day.”

“I understand. The headache's getting pretty bad though, and if it gets any worse, I won't be able to function. I want you to promise to me that when it becomes too bad, that you'll drain me of all my energy completely, it'll just be like falling asleep, it'll be nice and peaceful.” He said stoically.

“I should be the one to do it.” Basti said with tears coming down.

“I'd really like that. In fact, I'd love to have you drain me totally in the other way first, make me pass out, and then drain me. They always say there's no better way to go than while having sex, so that's the way I wanna go.” He said, crying now.

“Okay Baby, when you no longer feel you can do it any more, then that's what we'll do.

He lasted only three more days before the pain became unbearable. Basti took him to their room and they made love for well over an hour before Jim passed out, and then Basti drained him completely, and he passed away with a satisfied smile on his face. Basti cried the entire time he was draining Jim's energy, but in the end, it really was the best way, because all he had felt was the most amazing pleasure, and how could anyone ask for anything else.

“He had a good life.” Jordan said softly when Basti entered the room, his tears having already ceased, though the other two could still tell he had cried.

“Yes, he did. I'm glad that I was able to let him die in the way we did, he was truly happy when he died. So, what now?”

“Now I think that he should be laid in the alley way, and we should probably move on. We've been here a long time already, and people start to remember us, and that's not good, so we need to move.” Jordan said.

“Where will we go, what will we do with this place?”

“Wherever we want, and just leave it. Who cares about it really. All we have to do is pack what we wanna take with us and go. We hitch rides, which is always a great deal of fun, walk, wander, just do whatever we want until we find a new home that's suitable.” Skyler said.

“Oh, okay, when should we do that then?”

“Now sounds like as good a time as any.” Both Jordan and Skyler said at the same time.

So, they packed up everything that they wanted to take with them and left the rest of the stuff there, carried Jim out and laid him gently on the ground, bid him a final farewell, and walked off into the night.