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Part one


I heard screams not too far from where I was standing. Sure, given my "condition" I could hear any sound from really far away, about fifty meters I had guessed some years ago. But even without that ability I would have been able to hear the screams of fear and pain, even though they were muffled I could hear them perfectly. So I followed the sound and, of course, without any surprise I was led to a dark alley, I always was.


What I found there wasn't much of a surprise either, for me at least wasn't. Any human being would say that there was a man forcing a woman to have sex, but I wasn't a human neither was the man. What I saw was an adult vampire drinking blood from that woman against her will, and that was unforgivable. Sadly it was too late for her. As soon as I saw them she stopped screaming and felt lifeless on the ground. The "man" on other hand was giggling, like a five years old child would if anyone was tickling them. He was high, not on drugs like humans, but on blood like all adult vampires do when they drink too much.


"You filthy being! You had no right to take that innocent life.", I said in my most powerful voice.


"Bugger off before I drain you too!", he said with some difficulty.


"You drained her clean. You are high on her blood. You are high on her life. And that my dear friend is unforgivable. And you cannot drain me, in case you haven't noticed I too am a vampire.", I spat. Right before he could say anything else I moved. If he wasn't high he would be able to stop me but he was so intoxicated that I had no problem moving up to him, punch him, snapping his neck with that and render him unconscious in a matter of one second.


From my bag I took a rope soaked on holly water. A rope to vampires was only some plant fibers and could not stop one of us. And holly water was just that, water. But when combined together they made one of the few things that could hold one vampire. I found this neat trick a few years ago and it was quite useful from time to time. With the rope I tied both of his hands and took him with me.



After a five minute walk I was at the front door of the hotel where I was staying. Most vampires hated company, specially the company of humans, but I found it to be the best way to stay hidden. If I lived amongst them they would take me as one of their own, that way I would be safer and lure away any human vampire hunter.


"Do you need any help sir?", asked the doorman as soon as he saw me and the unconscious vampire I had brought with me.


"No, thank you very much though. We were at a party and my friend here drink one too many glasses of wine.", I replied and he was convinced, and that allowed me to move on without having to mess up with his mind, something that wasn't hard at all for me but that could do him harm if his mind wasn't strong enough.


Not much longer I was on my room with him. I let him fall on the ground and gave him some of my energy so he could wake up. A few minutes later his eyes started to open and I could see that he was still intoxicated, to solve that I drank some of his blood. It was disgusting, like all vampire blood is, and it gave me no real sustain but it would make him sober up.


"Wait. What are you doing? Where am I? Who are you?", he asked and I could sense his fear as if he was a human and I was dwelling within his mind.


"So many questions and yet, I will give you no answers to them. But you surely will answer to whatever I shall ask you. Are we understood?", I said.


"Fuck off! And why the fuck can't I break this fucking rope?"


"You shall not speak to me on that tone ever again.", I screamed while slapping him with most of my strength, sure enough it wouldn't hurt him all that much but it would make a point.


"Hit me again and I will kill you!"


"Talk to me like that ever again and I will kill you. Have you not noticed that I am the one calling the shots here?", I asked him in an overly sweet voice.


He said or did nothing besides nodding his head in a real slow way.


"Now that we understand each other...tell me. Have you made any vampire? Do not lie to me, I will know it and you will regret it.", I heeded him.


"No, I haven't. You `re the first vampire I ever met.", he said in a really low tone.


"Who created you?"


"I don't know. As I said, you are the first one I ever met."


"How many humans have you killed?"


"I lost count after my first ten years."


"How old are you now."


He didn't want to answer me. He knew that he had killed far too many humans and most of them, if not all, were innocent people.


"Answer me!", I roared.


"I'm one hundred and ten years old.", he finally said.


I had only one more question to ask him, but before that I needed something. And so, I went to my closet and grabbed it. As soon as he saw my broadsword he started crying. He knew what would happen to him but it was his own choice.


"Please don't. I can't fight it. It's my nature! Our nature! Please don't kill me and I promise I won't kill any innocent human ever again.", he pleaded while crying.


"As you said it is in YOUR nature to kill. You cannot fight nature and its will. I have a final question for you. Do you wish to confess any of your sins?", I asked while touching his neck with the blade of my sword.


"What?", he sounded incredulous.


"I asked you, if you wished to confess your sins.", I said while giving him my most serious look.


"I don't believe in sins.", he replied and started to cry louder.


"Then get ready to meet the Creator of All. Get ready to meet Him and His Holly Judgment.", I said. After the last word came out of my mouth I swung my sword and cut his head right off his body. It fell, but right before it touched the ground it turned into dust and so did anything that belonged to his body, even the blood on my sword turned into dust. Before me there was nothing more than: his clothes, my rope and a pile of dust.


Few things could kill a vampire. Only three things could really: sunlight, total beheading or total destruction of the heart. And all three would turn the vampire into dust. And my job was turning vampires to dust. I was known as the vampire who hunted vampires. It wasn't just my way of living that lured hunters away, my reputation played a big part on that. If much older vampires had died to my sword, what could a measly human do to me?


Soon after, I felt it coming. I felt my blood rushing to fill my penis and it wasn't long until I had an erection. It was one of my biggest faults. Killing made me want to have sex. Something primordial within me wanted to mate right after I executed someone. I knew exactly what to do. I left my room and went to the hotel's loft and there I found him. His name was Julian. He worked on the hotel as a bellboy.


Julian had to be around twenty one. He had hair black as oil and his eyes were also black, but black as the night sky on a full moon. To contrast his hair and eyes he was fair skinned, something that I must admit didn't turn me on but on his case I was willing to ignore it. I knew from some mind scanning I had done that he wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted to have sex with him. But, even without reading his thoughts, I could tell it just from the way he always looked at me, from the way he was looking at me now.


I walked up to him and as soon as he realized I was going to talk with him he started to blush and breathing heavily


"I know you want me as much as I want you. So please come to my room. Now!", I said walking immediately away. I didn't need to look behind me. I knew he would come. He had been waiting for this moment the entire month I had been here.


Within ten minutes we were both in my room. Julian was fully naked now and it didn't let me down. His body was perfect. All of his muscles were toned, not as much as some guys I had met over the years, his were toned enough just to be noticeable. And his penis was fully erect and oh boy was it big. It had nearly fifteen centimeters and a half.


He gave me oral for almost twenty minutes and by the time he grew bored of it I had came three times already. I grabbed him by his hips and threw him to my bed where he felt back down. Then I also gave him oral. He didn't last as long as I did, it was only three minutes before he came inside my mouth, but those three minutes were amazing, never in my fifty years had I had such a huge cock on my mouth.


When he started breathing more normally I turned him over he was now stomach down. I started to rim him. I think that all the rooms around us could hear his moans and I was just giving him a rim job, I was afraid that the whole floor would hear us as soon as I penetrated him. After one minute or two I felt that he was ready to receive me, so I turned him over once more and grabbed both of his legs and lifted them. Then I was inside him. As soon as my head entered him, he gasped, I wasn't as big as he was, but I was one centimeter and a half bigger than the World average, at fourteen and a half. God did that feel good. I hadn't had sex for almost two months now. For ten minutes I penetrated him, starting slow and then going faster and faster as time passed. We were both ready to cum. When I felt it coming I grabbed his arm, to his surprise I bit him and he screamed. His screams meant two things: fear and pleasure. Because I bit him in the exact same moment that we both hit orgasm, making it feel ten times stronger than it normally would.


I could hear him asking me to stop, but I couldn't do so. His blood was full of endorphins, making it sweeter than it would if I had drunk before we started having sex. And so I drank, and drank, and drank...


A few seconds after, I realized what I was doing. I was draining an innocent human. I took my mouth from the poor bellboy's wrist, which fell and stood perfectly still side by side with the bellboy's body, which was paler than a sheet of paper.


"Oh no...I killed him. What have I brought upon myself?", I thought right before I started crying.



"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned", I said while I knelt on the confessionary.

"Tell me what were your sins Son.", I heard the priest say to me on the other side. I scanned his mind and after some digging around, not that much, I found out that he knew about vampires. Most big cities have a church where the priest knows about us, and that made it so much easier for me.


"I was weak, Father. After I executed one of us for his own sins I committed two big sins of my own. I mated with a human being, and that was me giving in to Lust. And soon after I almost killed that human, and that Father, is the most unforgivable sin.", I told him.


*Luckily Julian had survived. I was lost on my "grieve" and on self-pity, when I heard him gasp for some air. He was still as pale as snow but he was alive, just barely though. So I gave him some of my blood, it wouldn't do much for him but it would replenish some of the blood that I had taken from him and gave him some of my energy too, that would ensure his survival until he got to the hospital.

"You shall go to the hospital now. You were never with me in this room. You never bedded with me. You will forget me and your lust for me. Now go, and do as you were told.", I told him while "pulling some strings" on his mind, this wasn't hard at all for me, I had some sort affinity for mind compulsion, although it was easy it made me tired if I did too much inside someone's mind.*


"Do you regret those sins?", the priest asked me.


"I do, Father. More than any other vampire I hate killing innocent people. I would ask for the Lord's forgiveness, but I cannot do so as I know I will give in to temptation once more. All I can do is make the same promise I have been making to Him all this years. I shall do my best to hunt those who hunt innocent humans; and I shall do what is within my reach to not kill humans."

"Then my Son I shall grant you my forgiveness, but not before you have been punished. Please tell me. Are you allergic to garlic?". I knew why the priest wanted to know that. One of the most common punishments was lashing, but not with a normal whip, the lashing was done with a rope soaked in garlic oil. The rope would open wounds in our backs, although it would not hurt us, and then the garlic oil would go on our open wounds and that would not hurt us either but it would make us feel sick and weak for a good while.

"Yes, I am, Father. As a matter of fact I have a worse reaction to it than most vampires do.", I explained to him. While a normal vampire would feel weak, garlic oil would burn every inch of me if it entered my blood stream.

"Then follow me.", the priest told me while getting out of the confessionary. And so I did. I followed him and he took me to a basement where the only thing that existed was a pole of wood.


After I had taken my shirt of, he strung me with a rope on the wood pole.


"Please tell me the sixth verse of the ninth chapter of the Book of Genesis. Only then, will we be able to start.", he told me.


"Whoever shed human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind.", I cited, after I had closed my mouth I felt the whip touch my skin, opening it and then I felt the garlic oil staring to boil my blood. I couldn't bear it and so I started to scream.


"Say an Our Father without screaming. Until you are finished I will lash you. For every scream you shall start from the beginning.", the priest told me.


"Our Father, Who art in Heaven hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth and heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen!", by the time I was able to finish it without a scream I had already screamed more than forty times.


"Now my Son, I can give you my forgiveness. I heed you though, to be more careful. Lord may give His holy forgiveness to everyone but I don't.", the priest told me.



I spent thirty minutes on that basement's floor before I could stand up, and even then I felt weak. Any human would be able to kill me now, I needed to feed, but this time I was more careful. I went to the closest hospital and stole two bags of blood. Between stealing blood and draining a human, stealing was the lesser of those two evils. I drank the two bags in less than one minute.

I knew it was time. I should leave this city. I had spent almost one year here, while I do enjoy living with company, I hated to stay somewhere for a long time, and so I decided to go. It was for the best, after all I couldn't look at Julian ever again without remembering how sweet his blood was and I couldn't take risks with him either, he could very well remember what happened just by looking at me for one second.


I went to my hotel room and grabbed the few things I had brought with me: my backpack, my broadsword, some clothes and my rosary. And so I left my room and the city for at least a century.

End of part one