This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between a men and a minor boys. The story is not true; the sexual acts described herein derive solely from imagination. It is not intended to promote illegal acts with/to/by minors, nor does it condone child abuse of any sort. If you object to the subject matter, stop reading. If your reading of this material violates laws in your place of residence or where you are currently located, stop reading. Thank you.

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The Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo
Part 1 of 3
Will S


Ralkei stood at the door, waiting to be summoned, waiting to learn what fate awaited, wondering what life as a former Initiator would hold for him now. He stood as he had been instructed: straight and unmoving, head bowed. His life was about to change forever. He had become one of the elite in the mysteries of his home world; yet he had no real idea what that entailed save the one thing for which he had been mentored - the one thing he had already performed. What awaited beyond this door, like so much else about his new life, remained hidden. He had been selected to participate in most sacred of all the rituals of our people. Two weeks ago, he was just a normal fourteen year old boy, then in an instant, that all changed.


"Good morning, Ralkei," a voice said softly. The boy had been cued up to get on the lift but didn't make it on this time. He turned to find his math teacher walking up to him with the Principal. Together they waited for the next one. "Um, what are you doing after school?" he asked hopefully.

"Not much. Grading papers, I suppose...unless..." His teacher looked him up and down. He glanced over at the Principal and smiled before he continued: "...you have another suggestion." Ralkei was certain he knew what he was thinking. Just the teacher's leering look alone began to excite him.

He grinned. "Sure. How about the Sex Hall at 6:00?"

"Great, I haven't been there in a while. Sex at six. I won't forget that." He reached down quickly, grabbing and squeezing between his student's legs. "Keep it hot for me, then." He glanced up and a couple of other kids and the Principal grinned their approval.

Need I explain that there are no hang-ups in the land of Etuhc'nepo - not of a sexual nature anyway. Whatever you desire, at whatever age, all is accepted.

Now the elevator doors opened and they stepped on.

"Did you hear the big news?" someone asked.

"The Bak'ur Lat ceremony [roughly translated as "First Coming"] has been announced." Media coverage was immediately focused. The Bak'ur Lat is centuries old - probably even millennia. Its origins, Etuhc'neposians (usually shortened to just "Etuhc") learned in history, probably went back to the earliest days of the Etuhc priesthood. The Venerated One, or High Priest, serves for about a dozen years. Then he becomes one of the Royal Elders once a new Venerated One is initiated and prepared for his royal duties. I suppose on your home world, the Etuhc High Priest's power is roughly equivalent to that of a Pope and a President rolled into one. The Bak'ur Lat ceremony (of necessity) usually occurs somewhere around the Venerated One's twelfth or thirteenth year.

"Wonder where they'll find this Initiator?" someone asked.

"Ahh, one of the mysteries of life," came the response. "Who knows where they ever find them."

"You might have a clue," said the other person, "if you knew what they really did."

"Ha, right."

"One thing's for sure," the other responded, "He'll sure live the good life afterward - up there in the Temple. Everything's gold, they say."

"I think I could get used to that," Ralkei's teacher murmured.

"Yeah, me too," the boy chuckled.

At 6:00 on the dot, Ralkei's teacher arrived.

"Ah, my friends," said the host of the Sex Hall. "And which venue for you tonight? The Grotto of Homobonding or the Heterobond Salon?"

Ralkei looked at his friend and grinned. Like it wasn't obvious. "The Grotto," he said, and the host bowed with a knowing smile of approval. He pressed a button, and instantly a scantily clad hunk appeared. Truthfully, his clothing was little more than a jockstrap, leaving virtually nothing to the imagination. The guides of the Sex Hall where known for their ability to stay hard seemingly forever. Their guide appeared to be no exception. Hardly hidden under his "attire" was a good ten inches. He gave them both a lecherous, leering smile. "Oh, my," the guide murmured under his breath.

"Guide these gentlemen to 94," the host instructed.

"With pleasure," the guide responded.

They entered a large room with dozens of low booths, each booth containing a wide platform and pad. Most were already occupied, mostly with just two people, but some with three or four. More than that, and they would be required to retire to a special function room. The space was filled with the tangy smell of sex - and the sounds - the deep, throaty groans of men and the high-pitched squeals of boys. It made Ralkei smile when, from one booth or another, a particularly spirited coupling was occurring. With the attendant screams that can come with such an orgasm, heads all over the grotto would lift and watch. And there were cameras for those who wanted the "up close and personal" experience. Such moments only added to everyone's enjoyment and arousal. When the coupling was completed, the applause that came from all corners of the cavernous space expressed the collective approval of those present.

"That's Ralkei," the boy heard someone whisper as he walked by. He smiled. "It will be a worthy night," his partner answered. For a fourteen year old - almost fifteen - he had, it seemed, acquired some small bit of notoriety in the grotto of homobonding.

"94, gentlemen. Ralkei, may I assist in bringing you to hardness?" The guide pressed himself against him, and started to undress him. Ralkei smiled at his fawning.

Suddenly the guide straightened and squealed with a look of effeminate pique. A look of consternation spread across his face.

Ralkei and his teacher laughed heartily.

"Guide," came an electronic voice, "Only if invited."

The guides in the grotto of homobonding wear a fascinating device. Ralkei always fantasized about the thing and what it would feel like. It is best described as a capsule perhaps and inch and a half long and an inch in diameter, rounded and smooth at each end. At the beginning of their shift, the Host inspects the guides, finally inserting the capsule deep in their rectum. From his workstation, the host then turns it on. It is this device, pulsing and even stretching and expanding inside the guides, massaging their prostate, that keeps them hard for the pleasure of the clients.

However, if the guide should incur the displeasure of the Host, that same device can apparently emit to unpleasant levels of "stimulation." It is likely that Ralkei's guide was just given a taste of that unpleasantness.

"Yes, Host," he responded.

"I'm sorry, guide, I think tonight we will find our pleasure in each other," the boy's teacher said.

Our guide, with a doleful look, bowed. "As you wish, gentleman." It would not be a complete disappointment, however, for he was already planning to enter the viewing room during his break to watch the boy and his teacher couple. His anticipated enjoyment quickly deflated, however, because when he arrived, the viewing room was closed and off limits. An Etuhc'neposian of some stature, it seemed, had made a special request, and despite the spaciousness of the viewing room, no one was allowed to enter.


They undressed each other as if they'd been sex starved boys. And indeed, they were - at least one of them, anyway. "When last, for you Mai?" (It is permitted in adult-child bonding for a child to use the adult's familiar name.)

"Last night! Can you believe it? I didn't get a break today. 'Meetings, meetings, meetings. No free periods...so not even a hope of sex. Don't they read the studies? A mid-day sex break increases productivity. It's a fact!"

Ralkei smiled, and shook his head. "You don't have to convince me," he commiserated. "Though students get no such sex-breaks," he said registering disapproval.

"No, but you have sex lab everyday...and, you, of all people, Ralkei," he mocked good-naturedly, "how many times have you brought my manhood to hardness as I glance back to your seat and see your hand under your clothing bringing pleasure to yourself?"

The boy smiled lewdly. "It is only seeing you, teacher, that causes such a need in me." He giggled, and cast his glance directly at his hidden treasures.

"Well, nothing went right, today," his teacher grumbled. He thought he'd have a chance in the men's room, but the masturbatron was being serviced."

"Bad luck," Ralkei agreed.

"I think it's a conspiracy," the teacher growled, then realizing how vehement he sounded, smiled sheepishly.

"Well, maybe we can improve the situation," the boy said, dropping to his knees. He wet his finger, then lined up his teacher and sucked him into his mouth hard, at the same time, he rammed his finger up his butt. A gasp tore from the teacher, and he stiffened as if struck by a bolt of lightening. His two hands grasped the boy's shoulders to steady himself, and he felt a tremor flow through him. As he lifted away from his student, he glanced off to the side, and already a few heads were peering over at them.

Mai didn't disappoint - his pupil or the other patrons. And apparently, Ralkei didn't disappoint him! And when he'd drained him well, the boy eased him back onto the platform, adjusted the stirrups, placed his legs in them, and positioned his entrance.

"Fill me, Ralkei," he breathed, still recovering from his ministrations on his front, but still needing that release only a masterful plowing affords. He reached down, found the bowl of lube and laved his student's six inches. Ralkei smiled with a note of pride, understanding that he was big for a boy his age. As his teacher covered him with the oily gel, he retracted his foreskin, awakening a sensitivity in him that caused him to gasp.

The boy leaned down and kissed the man once at that spot that was usually hidden. He sighed. Where he'd been aggressive before, now he was coy, understanding his teacher's need to soar as he had not in a long time. He teased his hole with his tip. It spasmed, then, and Mai willed it to open - or at least relax, but he was not ready, nor was Ralkei. The boy began to work him, awakening the largest organ of his body (his skin!) to the pleasures of his sensuous touches. In no time, it seemed, he was moaning little moans of exquisite pleasure and pain - not that he was hurting him. It was simply the denial of more pleasure that made him moan in desperation.

"Do you want me?" he whispered.

The man moaned his response.

"Then say it," the boy whispered.

"I want it."

Ralkei traced his member over his hole. "Where do you want it?"

"Ohh...right there, Kei," he whimpered. "Ram it into me, Kei. Give it to me." The boy smiled at the sound of desperation in his voice.

He increased his pressure, then withdrew so only the side of his cheek felt his presence. His breathing had taken on a desperate quality and his head thrashed back and forth.

"Give it to me, pleeez," he cried like a small child.

And Ralkei did. Slowly, deliberately. And he fucked him. Hard. The man struggled to speak but only odd grunts came from his throat. Those many eyes watching widened at Mai's body stiffened, his back arching up off the platform in some unnatural way. The boy worked his penis so it provided a relentless assault on his the orb of energy, deep inside him. His cock pulsed and, as he rammed into him, he thought he could see it grow, stretching the skin impossibly taut. He felt his chute tighten, as he could feel his student's penis throb and expand. And then the boy shot, filling him with his seed. Now a scream tore from the man's throat, and once again that night, he ejaculated with a force that caused his essence to splash over his face. There was an audible gasp from the watchers. Then a moment of stunned silence, followed almost immediately by sustained applause. Mai opened his eyes and smiled, and Ralkei dipped down to kiss him. Still linked, he eased his teacher's legs out of the stirrups, lowered them, and lay down on top of him, feeling his seed on his chest, and belly. He licked his cum off his face.

"Better than a masturbatron?" the boy murmured with a sly grin.

Above the main floor of the Sex Hall, in a different room, there was also approval of Ralkei's performance.

"He is a good size," one of the viewers observed as he removed his hand from the manhood of his associate.

"Oh," the Host responded attentively, "We have many who are larger." The viewer glanced over in silence, registering clear disapproval, but not wasting words.

"There is also a gentleness," said the same viewer.

"but coupled with a firmness," said the other as he too withdrew his hand from his elder colleague's tool.

"He is of the type that appeals," the younger viewer observed.

The ancient one smiled, a smile which left the Host wondering, but which the first viewer understood completely.

"His technique..."

"Flawless," the Host interjected.

Again the viewers registered their disapproval at the intrusion, though with the assessment there could be no disagreement.

"He makes me smile," said the older man quietly as he made an effort to stand, signaling their intent to leave. The other nodded, already at the elder's side to assist him.

The two viewers rose now, and the Host stepped back and bowed slightly.

He remained with his eyes averted, as was the custom in the presence of his unexpected guests.

"His name," one asked the Host. "The young one in 94."

"That would be Ralkei of the house of Similaithia," the host quickly replied, still keeping his eyes cast downward. "A favorite of the guests," he added.

The younger viewer spoke, his deep, sonorous voice filling the room. "You have served us well, host." He assisted the elderly viewer as they slowly moved toward the door.

"You have been most kind," the elder viewer said now, and handed the host a gold coin. The host dared one quick glimpse of the man who had just spoken. He was ancient. His face bore the wisdom of the ages. It was the kindest face the host had ever seen - one oddly familiar.

Then younger man closed the gold and silk robe of the older man, then his own, covering their manhood, with which they had toyed during their observations. Then they were gone.

The Host, feeling duly honored, stood unmoving for a long time. He had had priests from the temple before, and it was always a humbling experience for him. He was in awe as he stood there, studying the coin. He'd seen the images on the coin countless times, though only on the rarest of occasions in gold. On one side was the Temple of the High Priest, the symbol of the center of all power in Etuhc'nepo. It was a magnificent structure captured in stunning detail on the coin.

Now the host turned the coin over and a gasp escaped from his mouth. For all his looking at these coins, tonight he truly saw for the first time. There were two figures on the coin. The one on the right, the High Priest - a boy of perhaps 15. He was strong, and straight, wearing a look of command, though a hint of a smile stretched his firm lips. To the left, stood another, this one a grown man. He had reached down with his hand and was playfully touching the High Priest's ear. His thumb toyed with the Venerated One's short, curly hair. This figure on the left was stooped with age though he was still a good head taller than the High Priest. The ancient one wore an expression of sublime kindness. It was this that had caused the Host to gasp, for not moments ago, he had beheld the same kind face in his own viewing room. Now the host shook with nervousness, for he had just been in the presence of the Supreme High Mentor of the High Priest of all Etuhc'nepo.


The council was meeting yet again. The members were aware that the Bak'ur Lat was fast approaching, and as yet there was no Initiator - not one close to meeting all the requirements. From throughout the kingdom some 200 candidates had been put forth, yet none of them suited.

Now they were considering Candidate 237.

"But his tender age - Supreme Mentor," came the first objection.

"Believe me," the Mentor answered, "You would envy his skill - and tool - had you seen it." The objector reddened slightly, but did not comment further.

After the first ten minutes of the meeting the council members felt their burden lifting.

"And," said one elder, "you say he's right here in the capital?"

The younger council member nodded, and raised his eyes toward the heavens.

It was decided in fifteen minutes. The council authorized the next step. Tomorrow one of their number would perform the sampling. The young elder who had accompanied the Supreme Mentor to the Sex Hall was selected. The very thought of it brought him to hardness. Next to him, the Mentor reached down between his legs and squeezed. "I thought you would honor me by taking this unpleasant assignment." There was a twinkle in the old man's eyes. He smiled broadly as did the younger man who now felt the soft old fingers savoring his ivory hardness. "Ah, Mentor, indeed, a sacrifice, but, I shall endeavor to 'put myself into it.'" His smile stretched.

A laugh escaped from the Mentor. "Knowing you, Laoron, I bet you will."

Around the council table, the Mentor sensed hope for the first time in weeks.

The next day when Ralkei stepped off the lift, his Principal was waiting.

He seemed oddly uncomfortable. "There's been some question or something with your, um, medical records. Could you stop by the infirmary?"

"Sure," Ralkei answered. "I'll go on my way to lunch."

"No!" the Principal said. "Ahh, I mean, um, why don't you go right now."

"Sure," Ralkei agreed.

"Oh, yes," said the nurse when the boy arrived. "Just a moment." She too seemed agitated. She guided Ralkei into an exam room. In moments a young man wearing a white lab coat wheeled a machine into the room. He was someone unknown to Ralkei and did not seem to be on the school staff.

"Just a few things." He proceeded to confirm all the previous information. Childhood diseases, etc. "And the Moment of Assignment?" the young man asked, "It is as indicated?"

"I was nine. Nine years, seven months, and eight days." Ralkei smiled, remembering the pride with which he and his family went to the Hall of Assignment that day almost six years ago.

"Quite extraordinary, is it not?" the young man said.

"Yeah, it was," Ralkei said thinking back. "The ritual bonding with my uncle was like nothing I'd experienced before."

This wasn't on the form, but the man was suddenly consumed with curiosity. "And of what manner was the bonding?" His eyes widened in anticipation.

"He took me in my nether regions." The man tried to picture a nine-year-old Ralkei opening himself to an adult horn. It made him shiver with expectation. "Is that not painful for one so young?" he asked breathlessly with genuine curiosity.

Ralkei blushed. "Yeah...it is...at first...but then the orb of energy inside is set on fire, and the pleasure mixes with the pain. My orgasm was of course dry," Ralkei said, "but it was like a series of earthquakes, shaking me to my core."

The man savored the images he conjured in his mind's eye. "A pleasing discourse, Ralkei, but my original question was really about your knowledge of your preference at such a age."

Ralkei blushed again. "Forgive me, but my memories are focused on the lust that consumed me on that day." The man smiled, understanding why the boy would say that. "As for knowing at such a young age," Ralkei continued, "I think perhaps because my parents were so open and encouraging of their children," Ralkei replied. "By the time I was eight, I knew I preferred the ways of the homobonders. I stopped sex play with girls by age six." He looked at the white-coated man. "I found little enjoyment and it became increasing difficult to stay hard..." The boy blushed now, and added, "and though they seemed to enjoy it, my orgasms were less than satisfying...unlike those which another male brought upon me." The boy grinned a wide, free, boy grin.

"I see," said the man, "And do you have a preference?" Ralkei looked uncertain; he thought he'd been very clear. "Top or bottom?" the man clarified.

Ralkei now giggled like a little boy. He shrugged, though somehow he had a growing sense of the importance of this moment, so he replied more formally: "Either is satisfying in its own season."

The man smiled approvingly. "And the day of your First Cuming?"

Again Ralkei smiled, his whole face coming alive, again proud of his past. "It was the sixth month, the second day of my eleventh year. Again my favorite uncle was pleasuring me, and I produced two drops of my essence." Suddenly Ralkei was worried he'd somehow said something to offend the questioner, for the man seemed to drain of color and almost staggered.

Ralkei reached out and steadied him. "Are you alright?"

The young man seemed hardly to hear the boy speaking. He had sensed immediately there was something special about the boy, but now, with this information, it was too important to be simply coincidence. He would share this news with those waiting, and they would be convinced he was the one, as indeed the young man was now convinced he was. All that remained at the moment were the measurements and the sampling.

"Yes...In - " the man caught himself. He'd almost spoken the boy's impending title, so certain was he of the outcome of the council's deliberations, but that would have been inappropriate - and dangerous. "Ralkei," the man said, recovering. "I am fine. Now I must ask you to submit to me completely. You will not be injured in any way."

Ralkei understood how unusual this was, and yet, he found the mystery strangely exciting. He knew he would be safe, for the school would not allow any harm to any student. He nodded.

The man reached out and unbuttoned the boy's tunic and slipped it off his shoulders. Next he removed his shoes and socks. He worked deftly, unfastening his belt and unbuttoning his pants. Then reverently, he pulled the boy's pants down. They dropped to the floor. Next he removed Ralkei's snug white undergarment. Only then, did he look up and take in the boy's breathtaking beauty. Blond hair with a gentle wave, darker eyebrows, deep blue eyes sparkling with curiosity, long dark lashes. Skin as smooth as cream. A pert button of a nose. Rich, red lips with deep dimples anchoring each end of his smile. White, beautiful teeth.

The boy had a muscular build, broad shoulders. For one so young, his torso tapered nicely to a breath-taking narrowing just above the hips. Pectoral muscles were punctuated with two chiseled nail points. Their erect appearance suggested he was in the beginnings of arousal. The man marveled at the raw sexual energy of youth. The hillocks of Joh-rak (what you, in your world, would call a six-pack) formed on his hard belly. Most of his body was hairless, though fine, almost white hair graced his arms and, thicker hair covered his legs. Under his arms, the hair was thicker still and darker.

Above his boyhood, there was a growing, well-defined patch of coarse, darker blond, curly hair. Nestled in that was his rising member, and below, two large eggs. Again a clear asset. The man smiled. From a case he withdrew a camera. Now he dropped to his knees and sucked Ralkei hard. He felt the boy throb to life in his mouth, and he used all his skill to produce a maximum effect. He knew he would be successful as the boy's moans flooded over him. He'd done exactly this same thing to some 64 boys in the past three weeks...none of them, he thought, more satisfying than this boy.

When Ralkei's six inches poked down the man's throat, he pulled off, rose, and took a photo of the boy from head to toe. Then he took a close up of his face, then of his genitals. One, with the foreskin retracted; one with it covering the boy's handsome and swollen glans. He pulled a cloth tape from his pocket and measured the boy's penis inches from his face. It was indeed six inches - maybe even six and 1/8 inches. Now he fondled the boy's balls, touching the one which hung lowest. Each testicle was large - almost, the man thought, as big as his own might have been. He measured the boy's stones as well.

Then he turned him around, and again took a head to toe shot.

"Lean down, Ralkei, on the exam table," the man urged.

"Good, and now, assist me, please in displaying your sacred bud." Ralkei understood, of course, what the man meant, but it was a strange way of asking him to spread his cheeks. He'd heard in whisperings that the Royal Order of Priests referred to assholes in that way, but it was only rumor, and besides, no priest would be bothering with a school boy. Ralkei pushed away those thoughts and willingly complied, for he found something strangely appealing about the man he was with - his mind even flashed to a momentary fantasy of having sex with the man - but still, the boy sensed this young ordinary man was perhaps not so ordinary after all.

The man moved closer, nestling his nose between two firm, swollen hillocks of boy flesh, and breathed in his sent. It was a maturing fragrance, understandably, but still hinted at an earlier innocence. It appeared healthy in every way. The man took a picture of Ralkei's 'sacred bud' as he had called it. "Can you open for me?" the man inquired. It would be unlikely, the man thought. That kind of control was something only a few seemed to master, but yet again he was surprised, for after a moment, the pucker of tight muscle seemed to spasm, then indeed it did open ever so slightly. "Wonderful," he murmured, resisting an urge to taste the inner pathway of the boy. Instead, he quickly snapped another picture before the boy's hole closed again.

Now the man spoke. "Just one more task." He moved to the machine and positioned some arms. He raised the entire machine up slightly.

"Step to the machine, please Ralkei." The man could see a worried look flood across the boy's face. "It is nothing to fear, my son," the man said reassuringly. "We require a sample of your essence." He smiled, knowing the boy would soon understand.

From behind him, The man reached between Ralkei's legs, from the machine he pulled out a kind of rubber pouch. Just above the pouch, in the wall of the machine, was a hole. The man guided Ralkei's throbbing penis into the hole, then adjusted the pouch to hold the boy's balls.

It was an odd thing, with no particular sensations. "Lean in; rest against this," the man said after he had aligned two small disks on a wide flat bar which now provided support as Ralkei leaned his chest against it. The man adjusted the two arms to support the boy at his arm pits. He quickly fastened a wide soft strap around his waist. The man licked his lips. This was the part of the task he most enjoyed. Finally, around each thigh he fastened yet two more straps.

He stepped up close behind the naked boy who now seemed so vulnerable. "Do not be alarmed at what is about to happen," he breathed. "Try to relax, Ralkei, my young friend."

With that the man turned on a switch and instantly the machine surged to life. In a split second, the boy's entire body seemed to be sensitized. Tiny surges of electricity struck at his nipples. Something soft and smooth ran over his stomach, the pouch somehow rolled his balls gently and squeezed them and pulled them down away from his body. Inside the machine, something had grabbed onto his cock and was masturbating him - or sucking him - in a way he'd never felt before. Instruments on the machine told the man the boy was responding and as he watched, the boy was rapidly rising to the moment of inevitability. Now, unseen by the boy, the man opened his lab coat. He was naked underneath, and the boy had awakened him to hardness.

Ralkei had never felt like this, and he had had some incredible sex in his young life. He moaned as the machine seemed to sense his rising crescendo (as was indeed happening) and it increased its speed and magnitude of manipulation. The man smiled as he watched the readings almost go off the scale. He covered himself with lube, and jacked himself off, waiting for just the right moment, which, he knew, was quickly approaching. The man stepped behind Ralkei. "I will join with you Ralkei of Similaithia, and it shall be my honor," he said. Now Ralkei struggled to turn to look at the man's tool. He gasped at the man's full nine inches. The size was impressive, but it was something else. The man had no foreskin. It was shocking. And then the man was plowing him, stroking his orb of energy deep inside him. He shuddered, and screamed out so that the nurse outside heard. For a moment, she considered entering to watch for herself for the truth was, the unattainable lust of the homobonders always excited her, but she had been given strict orders, which she now dutifully obeyed.

Inside the exam room, Ralkei was in exquisite agony. His essence was being pumped from him in a way he'd never felt before. Massive spasms were contracting his whole body. His cock felt like it would explode. Inside him, he felt the man's orgasm as well, though the boy was admittedly disappointed at it's amount and force - or more precisely, its lack of thereof. But he was too consumed to give that much thought at the moment. Once, twice, six times, ten times, his juices blasted out of him.

"Ye gods," he cried out, when he had no more of himself to give. Then, as his contractions eased, he collapsed, the straps and arms of the machine holding him up. He sighed a monstrous sigh, and lay still.

It was only at such moments that the man ever had any regret at all. He softly stroked the boy against whom he now lay. He smiled as he felt his penis begin to soften; he felt the boy's smooth, firm butt against his belly and upper thighs.

He had not had an orgasm like that in years. He kissed the boy on his back just below his neck. The boy sighed. The man reluctantly withdrew, and again the man smiled, because, it seemed, in his tightness, the boy was reluctant to release him as well. The man closed his lab coat, and turned the machine off. He opened a small door and reached in. He retrieved a vial. In it was the boy's seed. The man's eyes widened, again feeling just a flash of regret. It was, he realized a selfish thought, and he quickly dismissed it. The vial was almost overflowing. Extraordinary, the man thought. His report would be greeted with wonder and awe.

And later that day, at the Council of Elders, the report was indeed greeted with wonder and awe.

"He is a beautiful boy," an Elder said, intending it to sound as a caution. Many gazed at his image as they discussed him. Indeed he was beautiful, but the obvious adulation of the others suggested they may have failed to take his point. It was a valid point certainly, and probably one which hindsight might suggest should have been given more consideration.

"And he is young," commented another. "Very young. Is he truly capable?"

The young priest who had performed the sampling now held up the vial of the Candidate's semen as an answer to the questioner. There was a murmur of approval.

"Then shall it be he?" the Ancient Lord of the Supreme Council asked.

"He shall be the one," came the reply, the council speaking as one voice.

"And what of the High Priest's first steps in journey to the Bak'ur Lat?" another elder asked.

"Ahh," the ancient one murmured, "We have performed the Sug Ulk three times since the moon last appeared in its fullness."

The one who performed the sampling spoke again. "The Initiator" - he paused. It was the first time Ralkei of the House of Similaithia had been referred to in this manner, and the council murmured its approval. "The Initiator spilled his seed for the first time in his eleventh year. It was the second day of the sixth month." Again, a murmur spread through the council. "Brothers," the Mentor said, quieting them, "It is true, this may indeed be a sign, for as we all know, the Venerated One is in his eleventh year, and fifth month...and all indications are that he will very soon be ready for the Bak'ur Lat, but it may also be simply coincidence. One thing is certain; however: the Venerated One is growing quickly, and the time will soon be at hand. It is well to have the Initiator present at the Temple soon. As for the business at hand, we shall perform another Sug Ulk tomorrow. Any sooner, and I fear the Venerated One will bless us with another burst of pre-pubescent tantrum." He smiled, as did the others.

"And you, Laoron, you and I must prepare to visit the boy's parents."


Ralkei's parents lived modestly. They had sacrificed the outward trappings of apparent success to afford their children the best opportunities to grow and achieve and appreciate the truly important things in life. The Supreme Mentor and his aide waited until dark to undertake this next step - one of the most difficult. Exactly at one hour earlier, an emissary had knocked on the door of Ralkei's home. A pleasant looking woman answered. Immediately she stiffened, for an officer of the Royal Security Forces stood in the doorway.

"There is no problem," the officer quickly explained. "Is your husband home this evening, ma'm?"

"Yes," the woman answered, "I'll get..."

"No need," the officer replied. "And your children?"

"My youngest is in bed; one is at a friend's and my oldest is visiting the Sex Hall. Is there a problem, Excellency?"

The officer smiled. Often commoners misapplied titles to representatives of the Temple; it was a common mistake, but he didn't bother to correct her.

"When will the other children be returning home?"

"I believe they will both be staying with friends tonight."

The officer smiled, recalling the way he had his friends had passed the time on overnights. "Ma'm, is Ralkei the one at home?"

"No, it's my youngest. He's already been sucked and is sound asleep." She smiled in the way that mothers do when thinking affectionately of their children.

The officer could see his suggestion that there was no problem had not been believed. Whether the custom of the nightly fingering of young daughters or the sucking of young sons was followed or not was of little concern of the officer's at this moment.

"Excellent," he replied. "Ma'm will it be convenient for you and your husband to receive two guests in one hour?"

"Yes," she said visibly shaken.

"Excellent, and please, ma'm, I ask discretion in this," the officer said, and before the woman could ask another question, he had disappeared in the dark.

Ralkei's parents were at the window an hour later with a black transporter bearing Royal ensigns appeared at the walkway. Immediately, an officer stepped out and opened the door. Two figures exited, one assisting the other.

"May we come in," the younger monk asked.

"Of course," Ralkei's father replied. Unlike the host of the Sex Hall, he and his wife recognized his older guest immediately.

"We are honored by your presence, Supreme Mentor," the mother of Ralkei said.

The Elder bowed as he entered the living room, where they all sat. The younger monk spoke. "It is we who are honored, kind friends. I know you must be wondering why we are here, is it not so?"

Both smiled and nodded.

"Yes, of course," the younger priest replied. "Ah, where to begin," he sighed. "The council of the High Priest has been on a great search of late. Perhaps you have heard."

Ralkei's parents both glanced at each other. Of course they had heard about the Bak'ur Lat. They knew what that entailed. They'd certainly heard the endless media speculation about the Initiator - who he'd be, where they were looking, but it was, as would soon become evident, all idle speculation.

"We have heard," said the mother.

"The High Priest is rapidly approaching the time of Bak'ur Lat. And so identifying the Initiator has become paramount."

The boy's parents almost felt as if they were in a dream world, in the presence of the ones closest to the High Priest of all Etuhc'nepo. And they were talking to them as if they were close confidants.

"But I don't understand," the mother said. "How..."

"A moment of explanation," the monk said interrupting."

And now the Supreme Mentor smiled and spoke for the first time, interrupting his young associate. "At the time of the Bak'ur Lat," the Mentor said, "the harmony between the initiate High Priest and his Initiator is of supreme importance. Our task is to find an Initiator that will satisfy the High Priest in every way." The Mentor closed his eyes, bowed and smiled demurely.

"The one who is chosen initiates the High Priest into the mysteries of the Bak'ur Lat, and in doing so, ensures the integrity of the Royal Order stays strong."

"But I still don't understand..." Ralkei's father began, but the boy's mother suddenly grabbed her husband's arm. While the father perhaps didn't understand, it was suddenly clear to the Mentor, that the mother did.

"Husband," she rasped, now shaking with fear, "let them tell us what they have to tell us."

The young monk spoke. "The Initiator has been selected. He is Ralkei of the House of Similaithia."

The color drained from the woman, and the man looked over at his wife, his jaw set, his body rigid.

"Our son," the woman said finally.

"It is just so," the Mentor said softly.

"We must retrieve him now, for he must be prepared."

"Well, he's out with some friends tonight," his mother said. "When we see him tomorrow..."

The Elder held up his hand for silence.

"That is neither necessary or possible. There are agents of the Council who have been watching the boy since the decision was made earlier today."

"But we must pack some things for him, first," the boy's father said.

"We must," the woman said with voice trembling, "at least say goodbye. We don't know when we will see him again."

The Mentor sighed. "I am burdened with a knowledge, parents of the Initiator, that compels me to tell you that you will not see your son again. He has been chosen as if the High Priest himself had chosen him. He is now set on a different path."

"He will never want for anything," the young man added quickly. "His every whim will be met by the Royal court...for the rest of his life."

"But," the woman said, tears filling her eyes, "he's just a boy; he's only 14."

"It is young, though not without precedent," the young man said, "And he is more than capable."

The Mentor rose now. "Mother of the Initiator," he began, "With six inches of hardness, he is boy enough for Etuhc LXIX, the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo." He gazed at the man and woman across from him. At the mention of the High Priest's name and title, they dutifully bowed their head. To hear that name from another human being sent waves of uncertainty flowing through them. For a commoner to utter the forbidden name was treasonous. The truth was, they had only heard the name mentioned on rare occasions on the Mediatron. And, they both realized, only from the ancient one who had just uttered in their presence. Yes, they were truly humbled. And yet, at the mention of their boy's six inch member, the Mentor had thought he may have detected a hint of pride in the father. It brought a fleeting smile, then it quickly faded. "I am truly regretful of the emptiness we are creating in your lives," he continued. "I only hope that soon that emptiness will be filled with pride in the knowledge that you have given the people of Etuhc'nepo the Initiator who will move the High Priest through his Bak'ur Lat and into fulfillment.

In the name of the High Priest of all of Etuhc'nepo, we offer you blessings."

The young priest placed a small bag on the chair he had been sitting in and proceeded to assist the Mentor out the door. Later, when they looked in the bag, they would find special gold coins which would free the family of Ralkei of all earthly cares.


The mob of kids had grown two at a time. They now headed for the Ice Cream Cafe - one of the popular spots among teenagers of that neighborhood. Ralkei, and his friends were already there, when they spotted the others coming. The place would be filled with kids tonight, and, like Ralkei, they all wore big smiles and laughter filled the space.

No sooner had the kids piled into the place, than a limousine flying the Royal ensign appeared in front of the establishment. Whereas in the quiet neighborhood earlier, the Mentor had opted for a "low profile," here, his transport was surrounded by several security vehicles. Once stopped, several uniformed men emerged from the vehicles and surrounded the building. Many of the young people watched in awe as these unusual events unfolded, and a quiet fell over the people. Ralkei, like the others sat in silence, watching with his friends. The silence allowed the sound of the Mediatrons scattered throughout the room to boom out. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, there was a special bulletin being broadcast. The Mentor was on the screen announcing that the Initiator had been chosen. Despite the interesting development happening right in front of the building, some glanced up at the screen for it was the beginning of a momentous time. Some had already realized they would have no school tomorrow - and perhaps longer - and they were already fantasizing about the bonding that would fill their days! The Mentor continued his announcement.

And so it was, when the priests stepped out of the transport, a gasp rippled throughout the room, for many recognized that the old priest that now approached them through the door of the ice cream parlor, was indeed, the Supreme High Mentor of the High Priest of all of Etuhc'nepo.

"Hey, Ralkei," his partner of the evening whispered, "look who it is!"

Ralkei was indeed looking. He recognized the Mentor, of course, but it was the younger priest who held is attention, for it was the same man who, earlier in the day, had provided him with such a monstrous orgasm.

Suddenly, Ralkei shook with uncertainty; his heart pounded. When Ralkei failed to answer his friend, the other boy looked over at him. "Kei," he breathed, "are you alright?"

By then, however, it would have been improper to answer, for the Mentor and the other priest were heading straight for them.

The young priest grasped Ralkei by the arm and raised him to a standing position. Then he assisted the Mentor in kneeling before the boy.

No one in the place breathed.

"Ralkei, of the house of Similaithia," the Mentor began. The younger priest quickly removed Ralkei's tunic, as the Mentor removed the boy's shoes and socks. He produced an instrument from within his robes, and in a few strokes had rent the boys pants to shreds and removed them. The young priest had already placed the tunic in a large gold bowl sitting on some sort of device that an officer had brought in and placed on the floor next to them. The shoes and socks, too, were in it, and now the Mentor placed the remains of the pants there as well. Now the Mentor bowed for a moment, seeking guidance and a steady hand. He reached up and with blinding speed slashed at the boy's front. A gasp tore from the watchers, as Ralkei's boyhood burst free of his undergarment which now fell to the floor. The watchers were certain blood must flow from the wound, but there was no blood, no wound.

Now the Mentor picked up the undergarment and breathed in the boy's scent. Remnants of the night's earlier activities had permeated the silk, and the Mentor suppressed a smile. "As the boy brings pleasure to himself," the Mentor intoned, "so now may he bring pleasure to Etuhc LXIX, the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo." He placed the garment in the gold bowl. Then turned and took the boy into his mouth.

Ralkei had never felt such a mouth. It was soft and warm, but the tongue seemed almost to divide in two and it worked incredible magic, quickly bringing him to hardness.

Now the Mentor pulled off him, and gazed down at the penis that throbbed in front of him. He approved.

Many of the young people had heard rumors of this Ralkei, the homobonder. But now the young female heterobonders gasped yet again, for they saw with unbelieving eyes, and felt suddenly hot with desire for a thing they would never have, in fact, a thing no one would ever have again, save one - The One.

"The Initiator," the Mentor chanted, "Bringer of a new age, begins in this moment a new journey." He bowed low before the boy as several officers tapped the young people, reminding them they bow and must avert their eyes as well. "The past becomes ashes to be discarded. The promise of the future is in the milk of youth." With that, the Mentor struck a match, and tossed it into the bowl. Immediately, a flame burst forth, quickly consuming the clothes, and the flame grew hotter - much hotter, like a blow torch - blasting even the shoes until there was little left of them. Then the flames died.

"Initiator of the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo, put on a new cloth, put on a new life." The younger priest handed the Mentor a shimmering silver robe. He stood now, and placed the robe on the boy. It looked like it should have been heavy, but in truth, it was the lightest garment Ralkei had even worn. "Initiator," the Mentor intoned, "the journey begins."


Seated between the Mentor and the young priest, Ralkei was a jumble of confused thoughts and emotions. Now Laoron looked from the Mentor to his new charge. In this moment, Ralkei looked like a small boy: uncertain, nervous, shy. The priest wanted to take him to him and fill him and comfort him.

"Is everything alright, Initiator?" Laoron asked.

"I should tell my mom and dad," he said dazedly. "...and get some things."

"From this moment onward, you want for nothing. All will be provided."

"Nothing?" Ralkei repeated dumbly.


"Indeed, Initiator," added the Mentor, "for your sacrifices will be great, and it is little enough to honor you for your service to all the people of Etuhc'nepo."

Ralkei scowled, then slipped into deep thought.

"My parents," he said finally. "I should..."

"You have entered upon a new journey," Laoron said. "The past has been severed in the flames of the ritual fire."


Now the Mentor interrupted. "The elixir, Laoron," he said softly. The young priest poured a liquid into a small glass. Now the Mentor slipped his soft hand through the slit in Ralkei's robe, and found his boyhood, and began a soft, easy massage of his balls. At the same time the young priest held the glass to the boy's lips. "Sip this, Initiator. Slowly," he added when the boy began to slurp it down. It was sweet and syrupy to the taste, similar to honey, but not so thick. It warmed him as he swallowed it, and he could feel it flow into his veins. He had felt agitated as he rode between these two men, but between the hand in his lap and the warming drink, his distress eased. The Mentor felt the muscles in the boy's legs relax. "Initiator," he said softly as he continued to work on the boy's cock, "you are now on a different journey. You have left those others behind."

"I know," Ralkei murmured, "but, I should...I should..." he struggled to keep his mind focused on his parents. What he "should" do slipped his mind. "...love you..." he managed to mumble, somehow feeling confused, as if his parents were suddenly there across from him, but then like wisps of fog, they faded. "But," he started again.

The Mentor worked his penis with more aggression now, and the boy seemed to drift off somewhere else. The Mentor had a new regard for the boy whose cock now grew long and stiff in his hand. He smiled. The Initiator had been given a powerful mood depressor, and yet he'd almost been able to resist. The Mentor looked into the boy's eyes and his gaze helped the boy focus for a moment longer. "You shall not see your family again, Initiator. You have been elevated to a special rank among the most powerful among us. And you will grow to be among the most wise." Of that, the Mentor was sure. He turned and looked out the window and grew wistful at the memories of his Day of Selection. The then Supreme Mentor had found his own young body as pleasing as this boy's. But it was more than just his body; indeed, it was his mind as well, and his very soul.

Now, the Mentor wrapped his other arm around the boy and pulled him to him. "It will be all right, Ralkei," he said softly. "You will bring in a new age of wisdom." The Mentor looked down and saw tears flowing from the boy's eyes He gently fondled the boy's large testicles. He managed to smile, though it was a tortured smile filled with sadness.


The dawning sky awoke Ralkei - that and the coolness of the air on his nakedness. It took him a moment to realize where he was. He only had a dim memory of entering the Temple in the dark of night. He remembered nothing after that. Now he shook the drowsiness and slowly became aware of his surroundings - more opulent than it was possible to imagine. The bed itself was larger than his room. His room. He pictured it. The posters, the computer, the odd collections of things a boy gathers throughout his life - the sports trophies, bits of playthings, and in a place of honor, hanging on the wall, a plaque on which was mounted a vial containing the remnants of his First Cuming. He frowned as he realized it was now only a memory. It all was; and his family was, too. He'd never see them again. His mother and father, Loghiera, his sister, and Sirluk, his little brother. A hint of a smile stretched his lips as he recalled the day he introduced the little boy to self-pleasuring. The smile grew as he pictured the boy's response: his tiny three-year-old body bucking as the tremors of his first dry orgasm shook his small frame. All of these were now just memories. He'd never again sit around the dinner table and listen to his sister's rambling stories of her getting fucked; he'd never get to watch his brother grow older and shoot his juices for the first time. The sadness overwhelmed him.

He now became aware that he was not alone. It surprised him, for a body pressed against his from behind. He twisted around, and found it was the young priest who nestled against him. The priest slept.

Ralkei reached down and finger his morning erection. Perhaps a good self-pleasuring would ease his sadness. He reached down, and closed his hand around his erect tool. He eased back his foreskin and began to stroke himself.

His hand had only moved up and down a few times, when suddenly, the young priest interceded, placing his hand on Ralkei's and stopping him. "Initiator," he began, "many things must change in your life as the Bak'ur Lat approaches."

"What do you mean?" Ralkei asked disbelieving that anywhere on Etuhc'nepo, one would be prevented from pleasuring himself.

"Initiator," Laoron said softly, "Why are you here?"

"I'm..." Ralkei stopped. In truth, he wasn't sure why any of this had happened. "I'm not sure."

Laoron smiled, for that had been his own response as well. "Over the next many days, you will be engaged in several rituals which have been in existence for sixty-nine generations. "Some of the things done to you may not seem to make a lot of sense; some may lead to frustration. Some will require sacrifice. But they are all undertaken for one purpose: to provide the Venerated One with the necessities required for his Bak'ur Lat...and for his success as High Priest."

"But I simply wish to bring myself to release and spill my seed."

Laoron snuggled closer to the boy and smiled. "Initiator," he said, "there is nothing I would rather see at this moment, but it is no longer allowed."

"So when can I?"

"There are prescribed times between now and the Bak'ur Lat, when you will be allowed the release your juices. Depending on the results of the next Sug Ulk, you may be allowed the release one time or perhaps two."

"For today, you mean?"

"Ah, Initiator, that is not what I mean. In the time leading up to the Bak'ur Lat, which may be six days or twelve days, you will be permitted to cum once or twice."

Ralkei thought about that, and felt confusion and frustration growing inside him. It was all too much. Why me, he thought. I don't want this.

"priest," he said softly. "Perhaps you should find another to be Initiator. This is sounding more and more as if this role is not one meant for me."

Laoron smiled. "This role is precisely for you, though, as we have said many times, you will be required to make many sacrifices."

"But why?"

"There is much for you to learn. But you will learn it...and in time, you come to understand. But come, let us prepare to break our night's fast."

Laoron rose and walked to Ralkei's side of the bed, and took him by the hand. Ralkei stood with his rod extended, though not as much as usual. Laoron, too, was filled with hardness. Ralkei looked down at the priest's manhood. Again he was struck by it's odd appearance - missing it's foreskin.

"Priest," he began, "may I be so bold as to ask a question?"

Laoron smiled. "You just have." The boy smiled back, really for the first time he had been with him. It was a wonderful smile, with two great dimples. "Of course," Laoron answered.

"Why is your member lacking the hood which shields the most sensitive part of one's spear?" Ralkei of course knew that some boys required a surgical procedure which stretched their foreskin. But it's complete removal! Unimaginable!

"It is one of the sacrifices called for. Soon after the Bak'ur Lat, the Initiator participates in another ritual. The removal of the flesh is a symbol of what you have given to the High Priest in behalf of all the people of Etuhc'nepo - and what he was taken from you."

"But..." Ralkei hesitated. He was speaking to a Royal priest of the Temple after all.

"Ralkei," Laoron said using the boy's familiar name for the first time since his selection. "There is nothing between us we cannot know of the other. That is true for you; it is true of me. By the time the Bak'ur Lat occurs, we will know everything about each other. As the Supreme High Mentor is the instructor of the Venerated One, so I am honored to be yours, though in some instruction, the Mentor himself will guide you. So ask. You were perhaps going to ask, 'Doesn't it hurt when it is cut?' or..." Laoron reached down and eased the boy's foreskin back and ran a finger lightly across the boy's glans. Ralkei shuddered. "...or...isn't your head more sensitive against your clothing?"

"Well...yeah," responded Ralkei. He looked down, examining himself closely. He enjoyed the looseness of his foreskin; it added to the intensity of his pleasure. "I do not want this part of me removed."

The priest smiled. "I know your uncertainty, Ralkei," he said softly, "remembering my own." He reached down and pulled the boy's foreskin back. Hold your looseness, Ralkei. The boy did; Laoron spit in his hand, then worked lightly up and down the boy's shaft. Ralkei felt his legs go weak, and tremors spread in waves across his body. It was almost unbearable - not because of the pain, but because of the exquisite pleasure. He groaned, and closed his eyes. Laoron smiled, and eased his action, pulling the boy's foreskin back in place.

"See, Ralkei, it may not be so bad as you fear. You will be able to bear the pain of the ritual, because you were selected in part for your strength." Laoron chose not to reveal the full extent of the ritual at this time. "And yes, the sensitivity is greater, but with time, it lessens. But as you can see, you will know no real lessening of the pleasure of sex." Laoron hoped that would end the conversation. He did not wish to delve into the second part of the ritual. He tried to redirect the boy's attention. "Even without its hood, my manhood brought me great pleasure yesterday as I plowed your bottom."

Ralkei smiled at the memory. "And your member caused me to shoot my juices as I have never done."

"I am pleased to have brought you such pleasure."

"I have another question, Priest."

Laoron smiled. "Perhaps, when we are alone, there may be times in which we may lay aside the formality. Before I was selected as the last Initiator, I was known as Laoron."

"Laoron, you spoke of the Sug Ulk. I do not know what this is."

"The whole Temple is preparing for the Bak'ur Lat. Tell me, Initiator, what do you know of the Bak'ur Lat."

Ralkei shrugged. "It is a ritual signifying when the Venerated One becomes the High Priest."

"Very good, true enough," Laoron replied. "That is what is most commonly known of the event, however, the answer is incomplete. It is more than a ritual. When, Ralkei, does the Venerated One become the High Priest?"

When the Bak'ur Lat is performed, the boy thought, but that is circular reasoning, he told himself, and that cannot be the answer.

"I do not know."

Laoron searched the boy. There was strength in him for there was no hint of uncertainty as he said this. He was comfortable with his knowledge, and yet he knew its limits.

"When did you leave childhood, Ralkei?"

"When I entered puberty."

"And was there not a specific moment when that happened?"

Ralkei smiled. "At the time of my First Cu..." Ralkei stopped, suddenly understanding.

"Yes, Initiator," Laoron said, smiling.

"The Bak'ur Lat occurs at the time of the Venerated One's First Cuming."

"Almost, Ralkei. The Bak'ur Lat is his First Cuming."

"But how can you know?"

"Ahh, one of the mysteries of the Temple."

A look of disappointment flowed across the boy's face.

"Which shall in part now be revealed to the Initiator of Etuch LXIX." The boy blushed when he realized the title was his and his alone. "The Council of Priests over the centuries have perfected the means of ascertaining when a boy is ready to shoot for the first time. You yourself have inklings, do you not? Recall in your own journey."

"I grew taller, I sprouted hair around my penis and in other places, my voice changed."

"And, there is yet one more thing," Laoron said with a smile as he grasped the boy's cock.

Ralkei smiled and blushed slightly. "And my cock grew. And my balls."

Laoron felt the boy's warmth in his hand. "More than the rest of you, I suspect." Again the boy colored.

"There are even more sophisticated measures today. Ritually, we perform physical measurements, but we also take blood samples. The Sug Ulk is that process of measuring."

"I understand," Ralkei replied.

"Except..." Laoron continued, "The science, unfortunately is imperfect. There is still some wisdom which is needed in selecting the exact time of the Bak'ur Lat. That is why, it saddens me to say, I do not know precisely how long it will be before you may pleasure yourself again." Now he released the boy's spear. He watched the boy process the information he had received.

"So what exactly is the role of the Initiator?"

"Ahh, Ralkei, you have asked a big question, which cannot be answered all at once. But I shall try." But before he had a chance to answer, the Supreme Mentor appeared and bowed. Laoron bowed, and seeing that, Ralkei followed.

"No, Initiator," the Mentor said, "Until the rituals following the Bak'ur Lat, when you become one of the Royal Council of Priests of the Temple, you will bow only to one person." The boy shook, for even without naming him, Ralkei understood the Mentor was speaking of the Venerated One. The boy swallowed hard as the Mentor continued. "What does our culture value more than anything?"

Ralkei felt like he was being tested. "Wisdom...and..." Ralkei thought and when the answer came to him he almost squealed. He straightened up, pleased with himself. "Oh, and youth."

The Mentor's expression softened. "We see both wisdom and youth in your excellent answer, Initiator. Indeed it is so. That is why the High Priest sits on the throne from the moment of his entrance into adolescence to...when, Initiator?"

Ralkei sought the answer in logic. "To the moment of his successor's First Cuming."

"Very good, Initiator. But as you have heard, precisely marking the time of First Cuming is an inexact science. We can get very close. But if we wait too long, the seed of the Venerated One is spilled without intent, usually at night, as he sleeps...

"How can that be, Mentor?" asked the boy.

The Mentor smiled. "If you were not continually bringing yourself to release, my young friend, after several days your body, too, would release its fluids to relieve your testicles of the pressure." The Mentor reached down to fondle Ralkei's balls. They were large and heavy, filled with boy cream. His handling brought a smile to the boy.

"But surely, the Venerated One would release his seed during sex even before that happened." Ralkei glanced at Laoron, seeking affirmation for his logic. But he found none.

"Initiator," the Mentor began. "Another of the mysteries of the Temple. The Venerated One has never had sex and will not have sex until the moment of his Bak'ur Lat."

"Never..." Ralkei stopped, suddenly, strangely, feeling almost frightened.

"Yes, Initiator," the Mentor said and smiled his doleful smile. "It is true. He is precisely as his title suggests, 'The Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo.'"

Ralkei struggled to make sense of this. He could never remember not playing at sex. One of his earliest memories was his first orgasm at three years of age. He remained proud of the fact that he was accepted into the after school sex program long before most. How, he thought, could a boy survive without the pleasures of release?

"Another of the mysteries," the Mentor said with a twinkle in his eye. "It is believed that the first drops of the Venerated One's seed are the purest. Therefore, that seed is captured as it is spilled. One of his sperm is then removed from the milky pool of his essence, and it is implanted in the egg of a female virgin who then carries within her the life of the one who shall become this High Priest's successor, Etuhc LXX. And so it has gone for sixty-eight generation, soon to be sixty-nine.

The Mentor now spoke again, his tone suggesting his usual playfulness was gone. "Initiator of Etuhc LXIX, Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo, do you now understand your sole purpose in this life?"

Ralkei's brain was filled with confusing thoughts. "To assist the Venerated One somehow."

"Somehow, indeed," the Mentor replied. "You are the Initiator. In the moment of Bak'ur Lat, even the Venerated One is subservient to the seed that he will produce. In those moments, he is merely the vessel. And because the knowledge of precisely when he is ready to shoot his first seed, remains unseen behind the veil of mysteries, it becomes necessary to do everything possible - even more than the merely possible - to be certain that when the wisdom of the Temple deems all is in readiness, the Venerated One will produce his first cum."

"Forgive me, Mentor," Ralkei replied. "I am still unclear."

The Mentor smiled. "You, Initiator, will be the first to bond with the Venerated One. As your uncle plowed you to cause you to bring forth your first spilling of seed, so you will enter the Venerated One and carry him to such a plane of sexual release that the issuing of his seed from the sacred slit of his royal penis will be assured. Thus you and you alone will ensure the continuance of our culture for another generation."

Ralkei stood stunned. Finally he mumbled, "I'm going to have sex with the...?" The boy couldn't bring himself to utter the name.

"You will have sex with the Venerated One, and in that act, you will cause him to become High Priest," the Mentor corrected.

Ralkei thought back to his many sex classes in which there were discussions about a boy's failure to remain hard, the inability to complete the sex act, and the causes for such a sadness. Now he looked up at the two priests who waited for him to respond to this new knowledge. Did he dare say what he was thinking? Was it not flip?

"Talk about performance anxiety," Ralkei said with a twinkle in his eye.

For a split second, the two priests stood in utter silence. Then the Mentor's face contorted. A smile grew, and a chuckle was heard, only to grow quickly into a full belly laugh. Laoron, too, added his laughter to the Mentor's. The Mentor pulled the boy to him, "Oh, Ralkei, we have made the right choice," he said hugging him. Then as their laughter continued, he began to lightly tickle the boy.

"No," Ralkei, pleaded, "Please. I'm...I'm...going to pee...please..."

"Wonderful," the Mentor replied. "Perfect timing," for as you bring strength to the Venerated Virgin, so you are also to sate the Mentor's thirst for the period leading up to the Bak'ur Lat. Assist us, Laoron."

Laoron helped the Mentor to his knees whereupon he turned around, and sat on a low chair with a high back which tilted away. The Mentor leaned back. Laoron moved the boy so he straddled the Mentor's chest, his boyhood inches from his mouth.

"Give me your golden refreshment, Initiator," the Mentor said. He handed Laoron a golden colored silk cloth. As he did so, he tipped his head back slightly and opened his mouth.

Ralkei looked uncertainly at Laoron. The young priest nodded. "Let go your golden stream, and quench the thirst of the Supreme High Mentor of the High Priest of Etuhc'nepo," Laoron breathed in Ralkei's ear. Laoron reached down and held the boy's penis at the Mentor's mouth. He held the cloth under the boy's slit to capture any drips. "Relax," Laoron whispered, "the first time, it may take a while, but it helps to relax."

Ralkei tried to go. "Relax," came the whispered instruction. Finally a dribble appeared, and Laoron moved the boy closer to the Mentor's mouth. Now a stronger flow began, and Ralkei watched in disbelief as the Mentor gulped down every ounce of his urine. When Ralkei was done, Laoron patted him with the silk cloth, wiped a few stray drops from the Mentor's face, folded the cloth and returned it to the Mentor.

"Succulent, sweet nectar," the Mentor said softly. I shall enjoy receiving your stream in the days to come. No fluids issuing from the Initiator shall be spilled without purpose in the days prior to the Bak'ur Lat."

"But if I have to go, I must first find you?" There was a note of desperation in his voice.

"No, Initiator," the Mentor replied with a smile.

"Here is a vessel to hold what issues from within you," Laoron continued. It was a large beaker with a long narrow neck. He held the beaker to Ralkei's cock which had lost much of its hardness. Laoron nodded to the boy, urging him forward. Ralkei slowly inserted his boyhood into the narrow neck.

"Good thing I'm not any bigger. It wouldn't fit."

"Ralkei," Laoron said, "as with everything within this room, this was made specifically for you. The neck is no larger or smaller than your tool."

"You have made me very happy, Initiator," the Mentor said softly, but now I must go. Yesterday began the instruction of the Venerated One into the mysteries of the Bak'ur Lat. He has much to learn, as do you. Your job, to put it crudely, is to fuck him over the edge. His job is to receive you and respond."

"But how can you instruct him without actually taking him over the edge yourself. A whole life without sex...he must be as a randy boy with the horn of a rhinoceros!"

The Mentor laughed again. "Sometimes if one does not know what one is missing, then one cannot name what it is that they feel lacking. But that will change quickly now for the Venerated One. You must be ready to drive him to the heights of pleasure when he is ready." The Mentor turned to leave.

"Mentor, how old is the Venerated One?"

"In ten days time, he will be exactly the age you were at the time of your First Cuming."


"The Council will examine you now," Laoron was saying. They had just had the most unbelievable breakfast, and Ralkei and he had returned to the Initiator's residence. There was another priest waiting for them.

"The Procurer of Measures," Laoron explained, as he stripped the boy of his garment. The Procurer drew in a breath as he beheld the great beauty of the 14 year old. Even the reports failed to prepare him for this boy's sweetness. He immediately measured Ralkei's soft cock, realizing it would not be that way for long. As the boy began to swell in his hand, he turned to his body in general, confirming the data they already had. Then he measured the boy's erection, both its length and circumference. Finally, he used a special instrument to measure both his testicles. One was larger than the other. The instrument stretched the skin of his scrotum, and surrounded as much as possible, the shape and size the boy's two orbs.

"Is it uncomfortable, Initiator?" the priest asked, knowing full well it was.

"A little," Ralkei breathed. In truth it was a lot uncomfortable - an unpleasant pressure, but Ralkei was truly a boy who wanted to be perceived as an adult, and so he refrained from complaint.

"I am done," the Procurer of Measures said as he left for the Master Crafter's workshop. "Thank you Initiator of the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo."

"What do I have to do for the examination?"

"Nothing, Initiator, though first, there is the requirement of bathing. Laoron led the boy to the bath. "First you must be purged of your waste. Have you the need?"

"No, not really. I usually wait until I get home from school."

"Here you will go each morning." An exam table was part of the bath's features. "Lay down on this, Ralkei," Laoron said gently. He greased a tube and inserted it deep past the boy's anus. "I shall fill you with a cleanser." Ralkei could feel the warm fluid entering him. He tensed, feeling the unnaturalness of this act. "It's called an enema," Laoron explained. "Hold the fluid for as long as you are able. Then it will be expelled along with your waste, and your chute will be cleansed.

With that unpleasantness out of the way, Laoron proceeded to bathe the boy much as a mother would bathe an infant. He spent particular time with his penis, pulling back the foreskin and cleaning there. He gently stretched the skin of the sac and cleaned that. He bent low and smelled the boy. It was faintly, sweetly scented.

A clean shimmering robe waited for him, then they proceeded to the council chamber. Laoron spoke in low tones: "They will examine as a doctor examines you. They may ask a question. Give only simple answers, and if you do not know the answer, say so. There is also a ritual tasting, though I suspect it will be only pleasurable.


"Yes, and finally, there is the placement of the inhibitor. I will say no more."

The chamber was a circular room with full, flowing drapes completely enclosing the space (except for the door). Chairs were arranged around a small five-spoked table; each spoke was actually a wide board perhaps three feet long. It appeared to be suspended from the ceiling on gimbals. At the center was an opening which made Ralkei think of a toilet seat.

"When you are ready, I will summon them, and they will begin the examination. Laoron removed the boy's single garment and directed him to lie on the table with his bottom nestled in the opening. His arms were laid out on the outriggers provided, which stretched straight out from his sides. His legs were held on similar outriggers. Laoron strapped his knees and ankles, then pressed a button and the outriggers spread apart from each other and lifted.

The effect was to open his cheeks and expose his bud. Finally, the young priest placed a towel and a small bowl filled with grease next to the table.

Laoron stepped to a small bell and struck it. It's tone seemed to fill the room, and instantly fifteen or so men entered. They were all robed, and the Mentor came in last. Ralkei had been instructed to say nothing unless directly spoken to and, as much as possible, not to move. There was a spot on the ceiling and he was told to keep his gaze there, no matter what.

"Behold," Laoron said when all were in the room. "The Initiator of the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo." There were murmurings of approval as they examined the tight, firm body. Now they stepped closer. Ralkei felt hands and fingers pressing on him, and poking him. They'd spread his lips to see his teeth. One reached in and grasped his tongue, feeling it for what he could not imagine. Others pulled down his eyelids or examined his ears. Some tweaked his nipples. "His smoothness is as if he were polished ivory," someone said.

Now he felt someone manipulate his balls and tool. Immediately, there was a collective breathing out: "Ahhh", as the boy's penis throbbed into full extension.

"Look at that: how it grows," one giggled almost like a school boy. "Ah, to be a boy again. Were we not hard all the time!" Chuckles indicated they shared similar boyhood memories.

"And observe," said another, "how the balls are drawn up so nice and tight. Is there any other texture that can compare to the wrinkled sac of a boy."

"Unless," added another, "it is the firm, smooth warmth of this boy's cock."

"Though let us not forget the special qualities of a boy's bottom," said yet another voice.

There was a general murmur of approval. Now Ralkei understood why Laoron had cleansed him inside, for he felt a finger probing his asshole. It gently pressed and pushed, and he opened himself. It was the first of many fingerings. "See," said one priest, "how the fingerings add to his hardness."

There was general affirmation. Each had sought to find the hidden part of him. "Oh!" one exclaimed. "Feel his orb of energy!"

Each time one touched him in that spot, he lifted off the table. Ralkei was almost driven beyond caring, and finally, a low groan escaped from him. That elicited gentle laughter from those who heard it. "I am reminded of the wisdom of the inhibitor," one said, chuckling. As they watched the boy - and toyed with him - they saw the changes in his body: the increasingly rapid breathing, the flush, the tiny tremors that shot periodically throughout his body, his balls being pulled up tightly against him, his boyhood which pulsed to the beat of the pounding heart. "Perhaps, Mentor, you would be well advised to proceed with the ritual, lest you lose the opportunity." Gentle laughter confirmed that the others were in agreement.

"I am called to affirm the sweetness of youth - of this youth in particular, for he is the acknowledged Initiator of the Venerated Virgin. Let us be of one mind that his juices may be like the very nectar of the gods."

"Of the gods," the others responded.

The Mentor leaned over Ralkei's sweet, face. The boy wore a look of anticipation. "I had the feeling you enjoyed my tasting of your boyhood last night."

Ralkei nodded. "I did, Mentor, though you stopped even as the crescendo was approaching."

"For that, I beg your forgiveness, Initiator. I pledge to make amends even in this moment."

The Mentor tweaked the boy's nipples, eliciting a gasp, then moved to stand between his open legs. He stroked the boy's inner thighs with the lightest of touches. He reached out and slowly pulled the boy's foreskin down. Then he dipped down to taste the crystalline drop of precum on the boy's tip. A shiver spread out from the tip of the boy's penis to his entire body like a miniature shockwave. The Council murmured its approval. Now the Mentor licked the boy's head. More shivers. The Mentor took the boy into his mouth, making it like an anal ring that had to be forced. Ralkei gasped. When the head was lodged inside the Mentor's lips, his tongue began its magical work. Again, the boy had the sensation that two snake-like tongues were working on him.

The Mentor breathed out, then sucked hard, drawing the boy's entire tool inside his mouth and down his throat. Again, the tongue seemed to be everywhere around his penis, and the Mentor's throat squeezed down on the boy's glans. Ralkei started to reach for the Mentor's head, but several hands reached out and held him tight. Now other hands began their touching again, awakening his body, tweaking his nipples, rubbing every sensitive spot. It fell to Laoron to squeeze and pull on the boy's eggs. Eventually, the Mentor began the rhythmic up and down motion. Ralkei began making little mewing sounds, almost like whimpering. Those touching him, and the Mentor especially could feel the waves of sexual energy that was causing, in effect, his entire body to become part of his erection.

His breathing became gasps as the Mentor's sucking and tonguing was almost more than Ralkei could bare.

"Pleez," the boy gasped, "finish me off! Pleez!"

Now the Mentor dipped his fingers in the lubrication, and inserted one finger, pulled back, then inserted the tips of his two fingers. He pressed in and felt the boy shaking, vibrating, as his anal ring clamped hard down on the invading probes. The priest let the ring relax, then as he sucked down hard on the boy's cock again, he drove the two fingers in until they bumped against his orb of energy.

A scream tore from the boy's throat, and he rose up off the table, arching his back, every muscle rigid, every vein popping, and pulsing rapidly. Applause broke out around him. He shuddered violently, and the Mentor felt the penis in his mouth harden even more and the tube underneath swell. A massive spasm hit the boy and he arched almost a foot off the table. With supreme effort, the Mentor sucked down again, and again fingered the orb deep inside the boy, and quickly pulled back to catch the first blast of his juices. At that instant, the boy exploded, and the Mentor was rewarded with a mouthful of sweet, salty boy cum. It was a cum like the poets write about, and though it required his supreme determined will, the Mentor pulled off him before the next wave hit. The Mentor's mouth was quickly replaced with his hand, and the boy, feeling a different gripping of his tool, spasmed and shot again.

"Ahhh!" A gasp of surprise sounded throughout the council as the boy's seed shot three feet into the air above him, then arced downward, landing on the boy's face. Blast after blast of hot juices issued from the boy's slit. After several seconds, his butt lowered to the table, and his flow reduced to a final dribble. Applause filled the room. The boy collapsed, seemingly unconscious. The council was in awe. Fingers scooped the seed from the boy's glistening skin, and the council members began the ritual of savoring the boy's seed. Like a fine wine, they first assessed the aroma, breathing in the essence that dripped from their fingers. It was - if one were to read their reactions - like a "vintage" year. And that was only confirmed as first one, then another slipped their slimy fingers into their hungry mouths.. The chamber was filled with sighs and moans of approval.

Ralkei lay unmoving, panting, and with a sense of true respect and awe, the Council sat, waiting in silence for the boy to return to this world. Slowly, Ralkei's breathing eased. The Council watched as his six inches of slick boy meat softened, his foreskin eased back over his head, and the skin of his sac losing the fissures, smoothing out, allowing his balls to drop away from his body. Laoron produced a small basin and a cloth and proceeded to clean any last remnants of his juices. Then he took a small flexible probe with a soft absorbent swap on the end and, from underneath, gently clean the boy's asshole, removing as much lube as possible. Lastly, gently he took a tiny straw-like tube and applied some lube to it. One end he put in his mouth. He gently grasped Ralkei's soft penis, and carefully retracted the foreskin enough to see the tip of the boy's head, and inserted the other end of the tube into his slit. As inch after inch of the tube found its way down the boy's own tube, Laoron gently sucked in. Those close enough could see a tiny stream of boy cum flowing up the tube into the priest's mouth. There were looks of envy around the Chamber as Laoron performed his duties. When he finished the boy was erect again. Slowly Laoron withdrew the tube, and the boy stirred, rolling to his side, and stretching, as a child waking from a deep sleep. His body grew taut for the moment he stretched, then he relaxed, and sighed, his eyes still closed.

"Initiator," the Mentor said softly. Ralkei opened his eyes. "Rise, Initiator. The Mentor held his hand out, and Ralkei took it and stood before the Council. From every direction there was awed, almost hypnotized gazing upon this figure of such perfection and beauty. From the front, the beauty of the boy's features, his sharply tapering torso, his sagging balls, one hanging lower than the other, his breathtaking, jutting cock; from the back, his two firm, smooth, softly dimpled globes, tightly pressing against each other to define a perfect cleft which pointed the way to his secret place. He was in so many ways a man; his violent release and copious spend proved that, but there was still much to suggest boyhood. Had there been any doubt among the Council, these moments had removed it.

The Mentor turned to Laoron. "The Inhibitor." Laoron returned with a belt with a sort of metal "container" attached. All looking upon it, including Ralkei, knew immediately what it would hold. The Mentor looked into Ralkei's eyes and saw the uncertainty of youth. "It is of the lightest, yet strongest metal known to Etuhc'nepo." He fitted the device over the boy's penis, then lifted his balls and eased them into the space designed to accept them. A strap hung down between Ralkei's legs, and the Mentor now lifted it up between the boy's legs and back. It fit perfectly into his furrow, Laoron assisted now, fitting the belt against the boy's lower belly, over his hips, and back so the clasp was at the small of his back just above the strap that the Mentor held. The belt was snapped together and the strap's end inserted into the clasp with a metallic 'click'. The Mentor and Laoron stepped away. The boy's genitals were completely hidden from view. The device seemed to have some sort of hinge which allowed the covering to pulse, rising and falling, even as the boy's member pulsed. As he softened, the device would drop as well. And truthfully, much to his amazement, Ralkei was barely aware of its presence. It felt more like silk than metal. The Council now broke into applause, every member standing. After a sustained period of adulation, members stepped toward Ralkei and began speaking to him, asking him questions, and truthfully just wanting to be near him: to revel in his smile, to touch the smoothness of his shoulder as they chatted. They crowded around him, making it impossible for those on the outside to see all but the top of the Initiator's head. Had any been looking away from the Initiator, had - by chance - eyes gazed upon one particular spot on the drapes which enclosed the Chamber, they would have seen the tips of small, boyish fingers pull back and disappear, allowing a tiny slit in the drapes to cover a small, dark eye.