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The Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo
Part 2 of 3
Will S


"What metal is this," Ralkei asked after they had returned to his residence.

Laoron smiled. "It is an amazing metal with magical properties. Behold, you have softened..." He poked his young charge lightly in the ribs. "...as difficult as that is to imagine, but look at the metal sheath." Ralkei glanced down. The metal sheath, which had snuggly fit his erection and had pointed, along with his hard tool, northward to his chin, was pointing down and had somehow shrunk. Now Ralkei grasped at it, but he could not flex it; moreover, in his penis, he could feel no sensation of his squeezing. He tried to tug at it; again no sensation in his penis. Now, he focused on the memories of the incredible moments just past in the Chamber, and he did feel his cock begin to fill with his blood. And miraculously, the sheath began to swell as well. Ralkei's eyes grew wide. "How..."

Laoron interrupted. "It is truly amazing, but I have no idea. Perhaps you might have occasion to ask the Master Crafter, though with him, even if he explains it, you will likely still not understand." Laoron smiled, and Ralkei smiled back. Now Laoron reached behind the boy, and inserted a small key-like device into the clasp and instantly the device fell off. Ralkei looked uncertain. "Ralkei," Laoron said, "The Inhibitor is mostly for ritual." It must always be worn when you are outside this room, but inside, as long as I am with you, there is no need...except at night. It does, as I am sure you have discerned, serve an important function. A healthy boy such as yourself normally requires daily pleasuring."

"Many times a day," Ralkei interrupted with a grin.

"Indeed," the priest answered. "But you are charged not to orgasm with one remaining exception, until the Bak'ur Lat. That is imperative."

"But why?" Ralkei asked. "I always produce a lot of cum." There was just a note of dejection in his pleading voice. It was like a child who, when trying hard to do the right thing, is told it was not good enough.

Laoron reached down and fondled the boy's balls. "Indeed you do; an endless spring of the finest milk." He smiled, reassuring the boy. "But, you must understand: You are to give to the Venerated One as you have never given to anyone. And his tight chute must give to you such sensations as you have never received. His first orgasm must rock him to his very core, enough to cause his seed to ooze. Etuhc XXXVI produced nearly a teaspoonful. Etuhc XLII, though, produced such a small amount that it had to be scraped from within his slit. It was the closest to disaster the culture had ever come."

"Or not cum...so to speak," smart-mouthed Ralkei.

Laoron grinned at the boy's quickness. "Ahh, Ralkei, you joke, but there are forces in our home world that would wrest control from the High Priest and the Council and all of the advances that these many generations have enabled. Failure of the Venerated One during the Bak'ur Lat, could mean the entire social structure of our world could crumble, for it is that one act, and that act alone, that ensures continuity."

Ralkei heard these words, and for the first time, really understood the enormity of what he had been called to do. He looked down at himself, and saw that his penis had lost its firmness. Talk about performance anxiety indeed, he thought. He sighed deeply, and sunk into a chair that had been built to fit his proportions exactly.

"Laoron," the boy said, looking vulnerable in a way the priest had never seen before, "What if I can't do it...well enough?"

Laoron dropped to his knees in front of the boy, reached out, drew him to him, and embraced him, holding him. "Ralkei..." he whispered. "My boy," He kissed him lightly on his forehead. "I should not tell you this, but I will." He looked around, as if someone might be listening, and leaned in closely to Ralkei. "In sixty-eight generations, there have been Initiators who have equaled you in size. Many have been larger. Initiator XIV was even eight inches, though he was two years older. And there were others. But none have demonstrated the sexual prowess which you have demonstrated; none have orgasmed with such complete submission to the mysteries of that sacred moment; none have issued forth with such a flow of his blessed juices. You, Initiator of the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo, you will stand alone in history. You will do it, and you will do it as it has never been done before. I know that, Ralkei, because, even in our short time together, I have come to know you. You are pure of heart and thought. You are kind and strong. You are indeed the...Cho..." Laoron caught himself and stopped. "...um...the choice of the Council, and you will be wonderful."

Ralkei had the impression the priest had intended to say something else - as indeed he had - but Laoron had rightly understood the boy was under enough pressure. And it was not his place to speak to anyone of that which he had almost spoken, and certainly not this particular boy. "You are special," Laoron said, and let that be sufficient.

Ralkei hugged him tightly, and both felt the boy's tool start to swell. Ralkei shifted slightly to give his penis some room to grow. "Well," Ralkei said, lifting away from his friend, "that's a good sign. I guess, there's hope yet." He grinned just as you'd expect a boy to do.


The Mentor and an assistant stepped cautiously into the quiet gold-gilded room. Birds sang through open windows. Somewhere a stream trickled down stones. The Mentor bowed, and moved forward.

"Venerated One, I have come to seek your indulgence. Please accompany me to the Council Chambers for the Sug Ulk."

A young boy, dark-haired and dark-eyed, looked up from his book. Although he was almost twelve, many would look upon him and believe him to be little more ten years of age. He was a sweet boy. His hair was short, but not so short that his head was not covered with soft, tight curls. His skin was pale, almost lustrous, as if he'd been hidden from the sun for his entire life--which in fact, he mostly had. Despite his pearly skin, he had a fine physique for a young boy; he had grown several inches in the past eight months and his baby fat was long gone. He was lean with well-defined muscles, a nicely tapering torso, with just a hint of newly sprouting downy-soft hair on his arms and legs. His legs where straight and strong. He wore a covering just around his waist. It appeared to be solid gold, yet it was as light and pliable as silk. The covering was more like a short skirt, resting on his hips and extending down to his mid-thigh. At just the point one might expect it, there was a lifting of the fabric, suggesting the boy was experiencing a growing excitement

The Mentor produced a syringe, and The Boy hesitantly produced his arm. The Mentor prepared the arm and withdrew a blood sample, gave it to the assistant who immediately left.

When they were alone, the Venerated One spoke. "I don't wish to do that again," The Boy said in the breaking boychild voice of one who is about to enter manhood.

"Venerated One," the Mentor sighed, "I have explained the importance."

"I know. Having to do when I will leave childhood. I know."

"Yes, and I have explained why it is so important."

The Boy looked at him now. "Yes you have, but there are things, I fear, which you have not told me."

The Mentor tensed, hoping the uncertainty he was feeling inside could not be seen by The Boy. "Venerated One, what..."

"Mentor," The Boy said interrupting. "You have not told me, for example, if you suck on my member, if it will erupt with strange liquid pearls of white and shoot into the sky." He looked cunningly at the Mentor.

"No, I have not, young man." The Mentor's tone had changed to that of a father suspecting his son had disobeyed him. "And why have you chosen to ask this of me now?"

The boy waved his hand as if trying to swat a flying insect. "And you have not told me about the blond Initiator and his great beauty, and the monstrous thing that juts from the base of his belly."

The Mentor stood trying to decide how to proceed. He had witnessed in these past few months the Venerated One's increasing moodiness. He understood it was because of the restless hormones which were wreaking havoc with his body and emotions. If the Mentor were to chastise The Boy for his obvious disobedience, he could make matters worse. If he were to try to play with The Boy, perhaps the situation could be defused.

"Ahh, Venerated One, I sense you have things you have not told me as well...such as a recent adventure to the Council Chamber." The Mentor smiled, and reached out, lifted The Boy's arm, and ran his fingertips along his armpit. The Boy giggled. "I believe you have a few more hairs in that place, Venerated One. Permit me to check." The Mentor dipped his face under the Boy's arm and tickled him with the tip of his tongue, eliciting another squealing boy giggle. "Mm," the Mentor said. "I thought so."

The Boy smiled. He could not remain unhappy with his beloved Mentor for long.

"That's better, Venerated One," the Mentor said softly. "I know much in these days in wearisome, and you bear it with good patience. And, there is much I have not told you yet--not in an effort to deceive you, but to prepare you in the prescribed manner. Truly, you have my promise that once the Sug Ulk offers testimony to the ripeness of your time, I will have much more to provide you in those matters of which you speak." The Mentor reached down and tweaked The Boy's left nipple until he felt it harden.

The Boy smiled, feeling the strangeness once again happening in his body, centered, he thought, in the most unlikely of places. Lately, he had felt it often, but he did not understand the feeling, and the Mentor always dismissed his questions. The Boy knew that the changes happening to his body, all the new feelings, all of it was somehow related to the Bak'ur Lat and his ascension to High Priest. He looked up at his Mentor, and the ancient one smiled back.

He pulled The Boy to him and snuggled with him. From his earliest days, the child he now held had enjoyed such snuggling and touching with his Mentor. Now, it helped drive the uncertainty from him--an uncertainty unfamiliar to him; it was an emotion he had never felt before in all his eleven years. The uncertainty was not a pleasant emotion, and the embrace of his Mentor was soothing now.

"I am ready now," The Boy said, and together they moved into a long, guarded corridor. The Mentor's arm remained around The Boy's shoulder, and The Boy continued to cling to the ancient one.

"So, Venerated One," how is it this is to be the second visit to the Council Chamber for you on this day?" He smiled.

"I got bored, and wanted to explore."

"So, during the examination, those small fingers parting the drapes belonged to you, did they?"

The Boy smiled. "You knew?"

The Mentor hugged him closer to his soft body. "Venerated One, I may be ancient, but my eyes are still sharp."

The Boy laughed easily and gently. "Mentor," he asked sounding a bit more serious, "is the thing you place on the Initiator's genitals uncomfortable for him?" The Venerated One's tone reflected a mix of curiosity and concern.

"It is not, Venerated One, and I will tell you a secret: When he is in his residence, and his mentor is with him, he does not wear it. Only at night."

"Why then?"

"He is a boy with great will-power, but even his resolve might falter when he experiences...certain pressures. The Inhibitor will prevent any lapses in his resolve. May I ask: you seem...interested...in the Inhibitor."

"It is a curious device," The Boy replied, "...and I tried to imagine what it would feel like."

"Ahh, then I am bound to tell you, soon enough, you shall know exactly what such a device feels like." The Mentor smiled down at The Boy, and thought he discerned arousal at the notion.

"Mentor," the Venerated One said, ready to change the subject, "Will the hub be larger today as well?"

"Why do you ask? Does it continue to cause discomfort to you?"

"It does...at first anyway."

The Mentor smiled reassuringly. "It is one more way in which you are being prepared for the Bak'ur Lat. The more you are able to...be open...the less discomfort you will feel."

"I do not understand why this should have importance," The Boy said, "but it is clear that the Initiator must be able to open well, for he took your fingers easily, it seemed. I tried just one finger and it was not pleasing."

The Mentor rubbed his hand up and down his charge's upper arm. "He did, indeed." He smiled at The Boy's growing curiosity. Everything was coming together as it should.

"Today, at the Sug Ulk, there may be one more requirement, depending on the results, Venerated One. I must prepare you, for of all you have experienced, this will test your strength the most."

"What is it, Mentor?" The Boy asked with a growing uncertainty in his boyish voice.

"The Procurer will withdraw one more sample."

"But you already did so."

"No, Venerated One, this sample is taken not from your vein, but from your testicles."

The Mentor felt his charge stiffen, and he seemed to shrink from him. The Boy reached down under his skirt and handled his growing eggs. He squeezed one of them, and he felt the discomfort. Somehow he knew the sampling would be much worse.

"But Mentor..."

"Enough questions for now, Venerated One. You tire your ancient friend. And we are almost there."

They walked in silence, though after a dozen paces, The Boy spoke again.

"Mentor," he asked softly, "Is he nice--the Initiator, I mean? He seems..." The Boy searched for the right word to describe how he was feeling about the older boy he had seen in the Council Chamber. "...nice," the boy finally repeated.

Again the Mentor smiled and hugged The Boy tightly. "He is," the Mentor said. As he spoke, he felt the tenseness he had been sensing flow from The Boy.


All Council Members were present when the Venerated One and the Supreme Mentor arrived. All heads were bowed, and there was silence. The odd-shaped table which had held the Initiator had been removed. In its place was a round table, with a sort of stand on top of it. Also, at the center of the table was a jutting, small, smooth spike. The spike, or "hub" was about a half inch in diameter and about 4 inches long. While it appeared firm and hard, it was actually pliable with some flex in it.

The Mentor patted The Boy on the shoulder. The Boy sighed and took a breath.

"Council," The Boy said. "I am here."

"Praise be for the blessing you bestow upon us, Venerated One."

"The Sug Ulk awaits," the Supreme Mentor of the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo said.

"I am ready."

Two younger council members now rose and stepped to either side of the Venerated One. They lifted him, carefully, placing him on the table. The Boy turned and leaned on the stand. On previous sessions of the Sug Ulk, the Mentor simply lifted the skirt-like covering The Boy wore to reveal The Boy's glorious small, tight globes. Today, however, the Mentor removed the golden covering altogether. This made the boy blush - a fact that was not missed by the gathered Council. The two younger priests reached up, one on each side and carefully parted the cheeks, separating them, revealing the sacred bud. As they held the cheeks in this manner, they began to walk in a clockwise motion. The table rotated, affording each council member a glimpse of The Boy's tight, pink pucker. When they had completed one revolution, the priests stopped. The Mentor picked up a small daub of lubrication from a small golden bowel, and lubed the hub. Then gently, he set his finger upon the Venerated One's hole. It rested there for a moment. He felt The Boy tighten for an instant.

"I seek to enter into the greatest of the mysteries of Etuhc'nepo."

"To enter," replied The Boy, "requires sacrifice, for it is not done without difficulty."

"I have made my sacrifice even in generations past, O Venerated One."

"Then you may enter," The Boy responded according to the ritual.

"Blessed be the Entrance to the Venerated One," replied the Council.

The Mentor knew, since this had happened three times before, that despite the ritual, the Venerated One's entrance would be difficult to pass through. He knew the resistance was due simply to The Boy's fear, and so he tried to be gentle, yet firm. If the Council perceived any hesitation in the entry, he hoped they would think it due to an old man's weakness, rather than the Venerated One's resistance. The Mentor made a tiny, almost imperceptible circle around The Boy's ring, then pressed in. He did so quickly, and again this day, felt his tightness. The Mentor quickly lubed the opening, but today, unlike previous days, his finger remained and in fact pressed in deeper.

The Boy looked into his Mentor's eyes. The look that was returned said it will be alright. "Now," the Mentor said, "the Sug Ulk Kur." Each of the attending priests held the Venerated Virgin firmly. The Boy wasn't sure he liked being restrained in this manner, but he acquiesced. The old man's finger probed The Boy's bottom as never before. Then suddenly the finger touched something deep within him, and he trembled almost violently. Now he was glad the priests held him, for he might have fallen over otherwise. "Now, Venerated One," the Mentor whispered, "your indulgence, I beg of you." The old priest placed his free hand on The Boy's belly and pressed firmly down. He worked his buried finger even harder against that strange place, and The Boy bore down, tightening himself to fend off the feelings that were overwhelming him. In spite of himself, he grunted each time the Mentor pressed against that place. Again and again, the Mentor worked his finger against the firmness inside him. At the Mentor's first touch, his boyhood had begun to rise. Now it stood pointing almost straight up along the graceful, gentle curve of his belly. The Mentor reached around and slowly, carefully, retracted the royal foreskin. The Venerated One glanced at the Council members and noticed that rather than watching the Mentor's action, their eyes were trained as one upon his member. Again, this was new to The Boy, and it made him uncomfortable, but also - along with the action of the Mentor on his insides - strangely...excited. Still the Mentor pressed firmly against that place. Then, suddenly, one of the young assistant priests spoke with a sense of urgency. "My Lord Supreme Mentor! The Kur Lat!" With his finger still embedded deep inside The Boy, the Mentor twisted around and gazed down at the Venerated One's penis. A small droplet oozed from his slit, and now the boy, following the Mentor's gaze, saw it as well.

"What..." the Venerated One began, but the Mentor hushed him. "But Mentor," The Boy whispered. "...is it urine?"

"Shhh, Venerated One. All is exactly as it should be. Be patient," the Mentor whispered. Then he resumed massaging that hidden spot, and as all watched, the tiny bit of moisture grew larger. Finally the fluid seemed almost in danger of spilling down the sides of The Boy's tool. Immediately one of the assistants produced a small glass tube and handed it to the Mentor. He, in turn, placed one end of the tube in his mouth, and carefully lowered the other end to the tip of The Boy's glans. The tiny tube touched the bead of fluid, and the old priest immediately sucked gently, drawing the liquid into the tube, then, as the drop diminished in size, he lowered the tube until it actually entered The Boy's slit. Had the young priests not been holding the Venerated One tightly, he would have squirmed, possibly doing injury to himself. Once the tube was filled with the most clear fluid, the Mentor lifted it out of the royal penis and tipped the tube until the fluid drained into his mouth. He seemed to taste The Boy's release as if it were a fine wine. Then he turned to the Council. "It is Kur Lat!" There was an immediate murmur of approval. Now the Mentor removed his imbedded finger and patted The Boy's bottom. For as uncomfortable as the pressure was inside him, now the Venerated One was almost disappointed at its absence.

The two priests released The Boy's cheeks, and he stood. The priests then removed the stand. The Mentor held the covering open, and the boy eased himself to a kneeling position. Now the priests held him in a sort of sitting position. He put his hands on the table, took a deep breath, and slowly lowered himself onto the hub. When he felt it press into his crack, he slowed. The Mentor repositioned him slightly, and then moved the hub to his pucker.

The two--the Mentor and the Venerated One never took their eyes from each other. Slowly The Boy lowered himself onto the hub. The Mentor saw The Boy's eyes change. He understood the pain he was feeling, and he also understood The Venerated One was desperately trying to keep his discomfort from being seen by the others. "Almost," the Mentor whispered so only The Boy could hear. He reached out and massaged The Boy's lower belly. And then he was spitted fully on the hub. Now, with the assistance of the two priests, he was reclined and his legs spread, his arms extended. The Mentor was pleased to see a tenting of the covering. He lifted the covering completely away, revealing The Boy's genitals. Again, the Mentor was pleased to see The Boy's member was extended to its full three and a half inches and was throbbing. His growing testicles hung loosely between his legs. The Mentor smiled at his charge, and through tremors of slight pain, The Boy smiled back.

A look of regret now flowed across the Mentor's face--a look that only the Venerated One noticed, and the Mentor pressed a button. Instantly the table began to change shape. Instead of being flat, it began to lift upward in the center, shaping itself something like a mushroom. The effect was to arch The Boy at his waist, and lift his penis high above the rest of him. He winced as this occurred, and the Mentor thought he could perceive a filling of The Boy's eyes with a tear.

Now the Procurer of Measures made his way to the table. He handed the Mentor the results of the blood test and the Mentor smiled.

"Council," the Mentor said. "The testosterone shows a marked increase." A sudden resounding wave of approval filled the room. The Procurer made several preliminary measures. The Boy remained stoic and unmoving save for his heaving chest. Next the Procurer measured The Boy's eggs. Carefully, the Procurer measured length and circumference of the royal penis.

The Procurer paused, then--departing from the norm--measured again.

He turned to the Council. "His testes are seven percent larger today, and the Venerated One is fully nine millimeters longer today, and twelve more in circumference!" he reported with an almost breathless note of excitement. A murmur spread throughout the Chamber. The Mentor looked down at The Boy who smiled back at him. "Now for the second sample," he whispered. Immediately the two assistant priests strapped down The Boy's arms and legs. The Mentor reached for a long piece of silk, which he proceeded to roll up to form a rod about four inches long and an inch in diameter. "Open," the Mentor said softly, and he placed the cloth roll in The Boy's mouth.

At the same time the Procurer examined the boy's two testicles. He studied which one hung lower, which might have been larger, which one's vesicles seemed fuller if either. "This one," he said to the Mentor. The old priest grasped testicle indicated by the Procurer, and tightened the skin surrounding it until it shown. The Procurer wiped down the stretched skin of The Boy's scrotum, then glanced up at the Mentor, who nodded his approval. The Council members were unmoving, tense and uncomfortable. The Procurer could not help but glance into the eyes of the Venerated One--even for a split second. He could not imagine the pain The Boy would soon experience. He sucked in a slow breath, placed the tip of the syringe against the skin of The Boy's sac, bit his lip, and inserted the needle into the royal testicle.

The Boy stiffened, and he tried to pull away, but he was still impaled on the hub, and the Mentor's hand held him firmly, as well. His face grew red, and the roll of cloth was compressed so that the Boy's teeth almost came together. The Mentor watched as The Boy struggled to hold the pain within him. It was an impressive effort, but finally a muffled cry tore from the Venerated One's mouth.

"It is completed, Supreme Mentor," the Procurer said.

In no time, it seemed the Supreme Mentor and the Venerated One were moving back to his sitting rooms. The Mentor carried The Boy, who had his arms wrapped around the Mentor's neck, his legs around his waist. The Boy was much heavier than the last time he had carried him in this manner, and the Mentor counted each step, fearing he might not make it to the residence, but he would use his last bit of strength to do this.

"I have not carried you like this since your fourth year, Venerated One." The Mentor felt hot tears on his neck.

"But why!" demanded a little boy full of hurt. It was not so much the physical pain--which remained considerable--but he felt betrayed by one he trusted.

"It is the final confirmation that your body is ready. I am sorry, Venerated One, but it must be. It is the way it has been for generations. I know your pain is great, not only in your eggs, but you have the pain that comes from disappointment in one you trusted. My heart is heavy to be the cause of such pain." The Mentor felt two small arms tighten their grip around him.

"Will they do it again?"

The Mentor took a few more steps, then stopped. "I must be honest, Venerated One. I do not know. It depends on the results of this sampling." The grip tightened even more.

"My child," the Mentor whispered in The Boy's ear, "My greatest hope in this moment is that the sampling has ended." The Mentor continued. "You were very brave. The Council was truly impressed...as was I. You have made me very proud to be the Supreme Mentor of a young one so strong."

The Boy snuffed once, and the Mentor felt two wet lips on his neck, and a royal kiss. The Mentor bent down and nuzzled The Boy's dark curls, then kissed him on his head. Then he resumed his trek to the residence.

After several more steps, the Venerated One spoke. "I was bigger today," he said with a note of pride.

"Indeed you were," the Mentor replied, hugging him as he carried him. "I've never seen the Procurer of Measures so uncertain of his skills!" he chuckled. "You made him measure twice! What made you get so big!"

The Boy shrugged and smiled, pleased that he had pleased his Mentor. They proceeded without speaking. Finally, the boy spoke in breathless, confessing tones: "I think it was because I was thinking of the Initiator--and that strange thing he did earlier--the thing you did to his penis."

"Ah-ha," the Mentor said, "I wondered what changed you."

"The images in my head made me feel strange, Mentor--a warming inside me...and..." He lifted himself slightly and whispered into the Mentor's ear. "And," continued the Venerated One, "the hub didn't hurt as much as I grew warmer with the memories of him."

With that, they heard rapidly approaching footsteps. It was the Procurer of Measures.

"By your leave, Venerated One," the Procurer said, "I shall carry eternal guilt for performing my duty this day. I regret causing you such...discomfort. Your great strength inspired all of us."

"Procurer," The Boy spoke. The Procurer trembled, for never had the Venerated One spoken to him before. It was not the proscribed way. "You simply fulfilled the requirements of the Sug Ulk. Though my pain is...real...I understand you performed to the utmost of your ability, and endeavored to cause me as little pain as possible. For that I am grateful."

The words moved the Procurer as he had never been moved before, and tears filled his eyes. "I am blessed," he murmured breathlessly. Then remembering why he had come, he handed the Mentor a slip of paper.

"The royal sperm are ripening quickly," he said softly, then bowed low, and backed away, anxious to share the extraordinary blessing he had just received from the Venerated One...soon the be the High Priest of all of Etuhc'nepo.

When they were alone again, the Mentor smiled down at The Boy. "You have your wish, Venerated One," he said. "The Sug Ulk today was your last."

The Boy smiled back at him, beaming.

The Mentor drew in a long, slow breath, and sighed deeply. Now the real challenge would begin.


When The Venerated One was back in his residence, the Mentor retrieved The Boy's own Inhibitor.

"I must wear this, too?"

The Mentor nodded. "Venerated One, in so many ways, you are advanced in your knowledge--both of our world and of our ways. But in one area, you have been intentionally deprived of knowledge. Forgive me Venerated One, but it was necessary according to our ways. Now with the Bak'ur Lat fast approaching, that veil shall be lifted, and you will learn of the great mysteries of the energy which has brought peace to Etuhc'nepo for all these sixty-nine generations.

"What has been absent from your education is any discussion about sex."

"Sex, Mentor? I have heard this thing whispered about in the hallways, but it is unknown to me."

"Indeed, for good reason. Sex is a special pleasuring of one's body in a way that results in an orgasm--that is, an incredibly--overwhelmingly--pleasant release of energy that causes your body to react in a way that cannot be described."

"Sex? Is that what the Initiator and you were doing in the Chamber as I watched?"

The Mentor smiled. "It is, Venerated One."

"With the pleasuring and or...or..."

"Orgasm," the Mentor completed.

"...orgasm, comes the shooting which I saw."

"That is correct...for men and boys who have passed out of childhood. A boy who is not yet mature, does not ejaculate. That is the correct term for 'shooting.'"

The Boy thought about this, and about the Sug Ulk, and the Bak'ur Lat. "I think I understand," he began. "If I were to pleasure myself in this way earlier, I would not shoot...um...ejaculate...but now I would."

"Well, you are correct in theory, but it is the Council's belief, based on all these measurements, that you will not be ready to ejaculate for another ten days." The Mentor thought he could discern a wave of disappointment flood across the Venerated One's face. "That, Venerated One, is precisely what the Bak'ur Lat is about."

"My first ejaculating?"


"But how do you know the exact time it happens?"

"We cannot know. Though we do know if we try too soon, you will not ejaculate, and if we wait too long, nature may simply take over and you will shoot off spontaneously."

"That can happen?"

"It can if a boy or man does not partake in pleasuring--in sex--for several days."

"Mentor," The Boy said, "This is perplexing to try to find logic in this."

The Mentor smiled. "Sex is not an activity that welcomes logic."

"But the Bak'ur Lat, so how..."

"The measures and tests all suggest you are on the edge. When we compare the measures and test results from your Sug Ulk with those of former High Priests, there is a suggestion that in ten days--give or take--you will be ready." The Mentor smiled.


"Ready to have sex with the Initiator."

The Venerated One swallowed hard, and reddened. "Sex! With him?"

"Yes, Venerated One." The Mentor watched carefully. The Boy seemed to stir at the mention of the Initiator, and the notion of sex with him seemed to fire his imagination, and his cheeks reddened all the more. The Mentor glanced down at The Boy's front, and a visible and growing swelling could be seen under his garment. "If the sex is good, and I know it will be with your Initiator, then your ecstasy--the sexual energy which will be released during your orgasm--will cause your testicles to bring forth their treasure and you will shoot for the first time. It has been this way for sixty-eight generations."

The Boy thought about what the Mentor had been saying. It excited him, especially the part about sex with the Initiator, though he realized he didn't have the first clue about what was involved in sex, but he was excited, and the feelings he was experiencing seemed to be centered in his penis.

The Venerated One reached under his garment and began to tug on his stiff four inches. "This talk, Mentor, has caused me to have strange feelings...down... there."

The Mentor was pleased. "That is understandable in a boy who is ready to shoot any day..." The Boy beamed. "...but," continued the Mentor, "you must not cause yourself to reach orgasm prior to the ceremonial Bak'ur Lat.

"But why..." The Venerated One sounded like a little boy struggling with a major disappointment.

The Mentor smiled. "Because your first ejaculation is believed to be the sacred cream which will ensure our culture survives. I know this may be very hard for you..."

The Venerated One had kept his hand on his organ, and now he grinned like a mischievous boy. "It is hard, Mentor!" he interrupted

The Mentor chuckled at The Boy's joke. It was a good sign that the notion of sex intrigued him, and that his mind was already playing with possibilities. "...to understand, Venerated One," the Mentor concluded. "And indeed, it is," he added, dropping to his knees, lifting the skirt which The Boy wore, and replacing the small hand with his own. He worked The Boy's cock gently. Each session now would be fraught with dangers. He could not go so far as to cause an orgasm; yet, he must provide enough training to prepare the Venerated One--and to whet his appetite. Through the Sug Ulk, he'd already begun to learn to accept an object inside him, but it was small compared to the Initiator's tool.

The Boy trembled under the touch of the Mentor. He placed his two hands on the Mentor's shoulders to steady himself.

"You are very hard, Venerated One. But, are you not hard almost every morning when you awaken? Is it not so?"

"It is, Mentor. Every morning, my member is like a steel rod. And at other times, too. Today, as I watched the Initiator, it grew harder than ever, and it seemed to ache for me to do something--but I was uncertain what to do...or why." The Mentor smiled yet again. "Why do you find humor in this, Mentor?"

"Not humor, Venerated One. I smile as a father might who watches his son discovering the mysteries of sex. Because of the ways of the Temple, you have been kept in ignorance, but among Etuhc'neposians beyond the walls of the Temple, children are introduced into the ways of sex by the time they are three years. You have been denied this training and experimenting--and pleasure--but in the next ten days, you will be prepared so that your sexual knowledge and skill will rival the Initiator's." The Mentor knew this was an overstatement, but in all that was about to happen, it was crucial to keep the Venerated One's confidence as high as possible.

"I am filled with questions, Mentor, since I seem to have been cheated of the birthright of all other Etuhc children."

"Ask, Venerated One. All will be revealed to you."

"You spoke of the sacred cream. Is that the stuff which I saw shoot from the Initiator's penis?"

"It is, and..." The Mentor dropped his fingers down to The Boy's testes. He gently cupped the growing eggs in his hand. The Boy winced, still feeling the pain of the sampling. "I am sorry, Venerated One, I will try to be gentle. Some of the juice--the ejaculate--comes from your balls. Some comes from a place of mystery deep inside you." The Mentor pressed and massaged low on The Boy's firm tummy.

"The place which your finger found during the Sug Ulk."


"What is the purpose of this place?"

"Its release joins with that of your testicles. Combined, they form the ejaculate, and it's expulsion, as you saw with the Initiator, adds to the pleasuring. And for some men there is another purpose." The Mentor watched the curiosity build in his charge.


"You have seen women who have grown large bellies." The Boy nodded. "Well, while there are many men and boys who find sex is desirable only among themselves, there are others who wish to have sex not with other males, but with women."

This seemed to shake The Boy. "But how, Mentor? I have not seen women as I have seen males, but I have heard it said they have another chute of some type where a man has his genitals."

"That is true, and..." The Mentor sought to find a comparison The Boy would understand. "...and as the hub of the round table entered your hole, so it is possible for a man's tool to enter that opening a woman has where a man has his parts."

"But what does this have to do with the cream?"

"A heterobonder--for that is what a man preferring a woman is called--orgasms and places his juice inside the woman. In one of the great mysteries, that juice then unites with an egg inside the woman and a new life begins from that union. As that life grows, the woman's belly swells. When it is ready, the child is birthed--coming out of the woman through that same chute."

The Venerated One frowned. "So, that is where I came from?"

"It is were we all have come from."

The Boy frowned again. So if I were ever to desire a son, I must do this...sex thing with...a woman?"

The Mentor laughed aloud at The Boy's apparent disgust. "For all men but you, Venerated One, the answer is yes. But for you, as your father gave his seed for you, you shall give your seed for your son. That is another purpose of the Bak'ur Lat. Your first seed is collected and is then placed in the womb--the place in the woman where the egg is found, and that sets the cycle in motion all over again. In nine months, a new boy will come into the world, and he will be raised as you have been raised. He will be prepared for his Bak'ur Lat in about twelve or thirteen years even as you are now. The mysterious cycle of our people and culture will be repeated even as it has been for sixty-nine generations now."

The Boy processed all this information. Though his arousal waned during the discussion about heterobonding, he was definitely excited about the new information and feelings he was sensing.

"So, Mentor, what is sex among males called--if the...other...is called heterobonding?

"Homobonding. Young homobonders discover many ways to have sex with each other...and you shall, too."

"With the Initiator?" The Venerated One sounded full of hope and curiosity. Again his thoughts of the Initiator seemed to enflame his passions.

"Indeed, at first, then there will be others as you desire." The Mentor saw a wave of disapproval flow across The Boy.

"But what if I prefer to continue with the Initiator?"

"I am sorry, Venerated One, but the Initiator has one specific role. He is to assist you in producing your first ejaculation. That is all. There are many who are even now present in the Temple to provide your with your pleasuring as many times a day as you desire."


"The members of the Council," the Mentor answered.

"But I want..." The Boy looked into the Mentor's eyes and saw sadness. It was a look he had seen many times before. It was the look which said no matter how hard you plead, you will not have your way on this issue. The Boy felt like screaming and kicking things in the room, but for somehow he managed to contain his frustration. He did not want the Mentor to see how much the Initiator affected him. Instead, The Boy focused on one thought: I will see the Initiator whether it is "the way" or not. With the talk of the Initiator, The Boy realized he was once again hard. "Place your hand upon my member, once more, Mentor, so that I might feel the tiny tremors spread from my penis." The Boy smiled.

"I am sorry, Venerated One, I must depart from you for a while, in order to ensure plans are unfolding as they should." The Mentor reached for the Inhibitor. He quickly placed it around the Venerated One's genitals, and then, drawing the strap up along his crack, locked the belt and the strap into place behind him.

"Why this?"

"To prevent you from pleasuring yourself to orgasm, Venerated One, as I have explained. It is preordained that you shall not reach that sacred mystery for ten days." Now The Boy did kick at the floor, knocking a small stool off to the side.

"Venerated One, it is..."

"I know," The Boy snapped. "...not the way of our culture. You are cruel, Mentor. You have denied me this pleasure for nearly twelve years, now you tell me of the impossible pleasures of sex, but in the same breath you continue to deny me what every other Etuhc boy enjoys--many times a day, if I am to believe you! And the Initiator...well...it's not fair!"

The Mentor understood his charge was just venting, and yet rarely had he seen such passion in the boy. It all seemed to be focused on the Initiator. This was indeed an interesting turn of events. He wondered if perhaps there might not be truth to the ancient prophecies. The Mentor bowed deeply, an act The Boy knew signaled the end of the discussion. "Until I return, Venerated One."


In the afternoons of Temple life there is always a Council Meeting. Both the Supreme Mentor and Laoron attend. And so it was that on that afternoon, Ralkei was in his residence reading about the history of the Bak'ur Lat. For something laden with pure, raw sexual energy, the writers of this book had managed to reduce it to pretty boring reading.

Finally, the boy closed the book and looked up to gaze out over his balcony at the city--the city of his family, of his mother and father, and his sister and brother. He thought of the little boy who at this very moment might be pleasuring himself, and his big brother wasn't there to guide him, to explore his silky smooth skin. Usually such thoughts would bring him to hardness. Today, it only brought tears to his eyes, and he turned away, burying his head in his arms and trying to snuff back the tears.

"Why do you cry?"

Ralkei snapped his head up to find the questioner. Stepping out from behind a drape came a small, robed figure. A hood covered the person, and it fell down over the face, keeping all but the mouth in deep shadow.

"None of your business," Ralkei replied.

"You will..." the unseen one began, then stopped. The robe shrouded a boy probably on the cusp of manhood, for his voice reminded Ralkei of his own two years ago, but there was something else: It was as if the boy were about to issue an order. Whatever, he apparently thought better of it. "I do not wish to pry, Initiator, but I inquire only to aid if possible."

"It's nothing. I was...just missing my family...that's all."

"Ahh..." the robed boy said. "You do not wish to be here?"

"No. I mean, I'm honored to be here. I just miss being around my father and mother and sisters and brother. I miss him so much. Little Sirluk would come to me with his hardness, and I would suck him off, and he'd be so happy. He couldn't do me yet...because...well...he couldn't..."

The robed boy interrupted: "...because of your great size."

Ralkei reddened and wondered how this boy could know so much about him. "It just makes me sad, is all. You know, they're my family...and they tell me I'll never see them again."

"I will be your friend, if it would help. Perhaps we could have sex."

Ralkei laughed out loud. Any other time, he might have been interested in having sex with a younger boy, but not now. Ralkei lifted his own robe. "I'm afraid that is not possible," he said, revealing his Inhibitor. "...though I would like a friend--to play with--behind these walls."

The robed figure stepped closer. Ralkei could see him run his tongue across his lips. He reached out and touched the Inhibitor. I am so close, the boy thought, and yet he is beyond my reach. "Tell me about sex, Initiator."

"Well, you know," Ralkei replied. "It's great. I mean, can you cum yet?"


"You know." Ralkei looked at the robed figure with growing curiosity. There was something odd about this boy. "Ejaculate. Shoot."

"Of course," the robed boy said quickly, "No, I can't...cum...yet...but soon."

"Well, you know how good it is now, when your orgasm is dry...but," Ralkei lowered his voice, it's even better when you can shoot! Awesome!"

"Mmm," the robed figure agreed, though without much enthusiasm.

"Hey..." Ralkei said, brightening, maybe I can't fuck you...or you suck me, but I could suck you off! You wanna?"

Now the robed figure hesitated. "I'm...let me think first."

"Sure," Ralkei said. "By the way, I'm Ralkei," he offered as he held out his hand. The robed figure reached out and grasped it, and held it firmly. "I'm..." the boy in the robe stopped, but suddenly, Ralkei had let go of the boy's hand and had dropped to his knees, bowing low.

It was the ring on the robed figure's hand that caused Ralkei to act this way. Suddenly he knew who the robe covered. "Venerated One, forgive me."

"Initiator," the voice said suddenly sounding regal and commanding. "Ralkei," he repeated. "I command you to look at me."

Trembling, Ralkei lifted his head and brought his eyes to gaze upon the Venerated Virgin of all Etuhc'nepo.

The Boy reached up and lowered the hood that had covered him. Through Etuhc'nepo, posters and statues of the Venerated One were appearing beside those of the current High Priest. But Ralkei actually shuddered as he beheld the Venerated One, for he had a child-like beauty that Ralkei had only dreamt about. Ralkei began to bow again.

"No, Ralkei. Please," said The Boy. "We are to have sex, and since I saw you this morning, I have not been able to put you out of my mind."

Ralkei smiled in spite of his nervousness. If someone other than the Venerated One had been saying this, he would have thought him in love with him. The Boy continued, "I would love to have sex with you, but..." He now smiled coyly. "See...we are kindred spirits, Ralkei, my Initiator." The Boy parted his robe to reveal his own Inhibitor, much smaller than Ralkei's own, but still substantial for an eleven-year-old. Emboldened, Ralkei took the robe in his hands and opened it wide. After a moment of drinking in the Venerated One's beauty, Ralkei spoke again. "Forgive me Venerated One, but rarely have I been blessed to gaze upon such beauty." He allowed the robe to close, and he bowed his head.

"Ralkei, please look at me as you would look upon any friend, for I do wish to be your friend...and I hope you would be mine." Ralkei thought he could sense and almost desperate need in The Boy's voice.

"I...I don't think we should be together like this. I don't think the Mentor would approve."

"Nor do I," the Venerated One said, "but he need not know." A big grin spread across his face, and Ralkei grinned back. "There is so much I want to know...about life beyond the Temple...about...sex...about you...and your family. Everything, Ralkei. For I know nothing of these things. Even my name..." The Venerated One stopped and seemed to approach anger. "Do you know, Initiator, that I have no name...I am simply 'The Venerated One'"--a title, or Etuhc LXIX, but it is hardly a real name. I want you to know me...but not as a title. I am a boy...and..." He stopped, then brightened. "Would it offend you if I were to ask you to call me the name of your brother?"

Ralkei shook with fear. Somehow it seemed as though the entire future of the culture were in his hands, and yet, he felt the same attraction to the Venerated One that he felt for him, and so Ralkei heard himself saying, "Venerated One, I should like that."

The Boy beamed. "Sirluk, then, whenever we are alone together."

"Sirluk," Ralkei repeated. A great dimpled smile spread across his face.

"The Mentor will teach me about sex," said Sirluk, "but I want to learn from you, too. Is there nothing you can teach me--even with the Inhibitor?"

Ralkei thought. Did he dare to do the impossible? In a whispered voice, he said, "I can teach you this." He took The Boy's shoulders, and stepped to him, then he wet his lips and leaned in and lightly kissed the boy on his cheek, then his nose. A long sigh issued from "Sirluk." Then Ralkei leaned into The Boy and their lips found each other's. It was a light kiss at first, then heavier, stronger, harder. He could feel the Venerated One trembling under his touch. When their mouths worked to a point where Ralkei felt an opening, he let his tongue enter into the Venerated One's mouth. The Boy let him enter. The Initiator was awakening feelings and sensations in him which he had never experienced before. It was setting him afire. Finally, when he felt he was about to explode, he pulled back. The Venerated One was breathing hard, panting like a dog. He pressed his Inhibitor against Ralkei's.

"Ralkei," he mumbled, finding it hard to speak. "I feel as if I am on fire. How is it that simply kissing can cause such a thing!"

"It is the preliminary to sex, Ven...Sirluk. Was it pleasing?"

The Venerated One took Ralkei's hand and placed it inside his robe on his pounding heart. "You have given me feelings I have never felt before." He reached around Ralkei and embraced him. "And," Sirluk whispered, reddening in the face, "though you cannot see it, you have caused my tool to grow strong as an iron rod." He grinned as if he had just shared a dirty secret.

"As am I. I only wish I could finish what we have started."

"But you shall not." Both boys froze at the sound of the Mentor's words.

"Mentor..." Ralkei began.


"Supreme Mentor," The Boy said. "It was I who began this."

"It is a dangerous thing you both do. Have I not explained what is at stake here? To both of you!"

"Yes," Ralkei replied. "I knew better, Mentor. I am sorry. I am the older. It is my fault." He shot a look at the Venerated One. Let it drop, the look said.

"No, Mentor," the Venerated One said. "I commanded Ral...the Initiator. I made him fear for his life if he did not obey me." Now The Boy shot his new friend a look.

"Silence, both of you." The Mentor reached for Ralkei's robe, and pushed it off his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Only the Inhibitor covered him. Likewise he did this to the Venerated One. Then with first one, then the other, he released the devices the two boys wore and both gazed upon the other's nakedness. Both remained hard and erect. Both leaked precum. The Venerated One began to move toward Ralkei. "Stay," the Mentor commanded, and The Boy stopped. "Both of you drink in the beauty of the other, for that is what you want to do, is it not?" They swallowed hard and nodded, never taking their eyes from the other's boyhood. Ralkei, gaze upon the Venerated One and tell him what is in your heart."

Ralkei shot a look at the Mentor, then back at the eleven-year-old. The closeness of The Boy made him ache with a desire he had never known before. He could not share the inner-most feelings with the Venerated One. It was too soon, too personal...it risked too much; what if he should reject his...his love. "I cannot, Mentor," Ralkei whispered, shaking with uncertainty.

The Mentor stared at him straight in the eyes. Ralkei felt something strange happening, as if the ancient one were pulling away any resistance. Ralkei swallowed hard.

"I..." Ralkei wet his lips. "I love gazing upon you, for in my eyes, you are perfection--everything is perfect--as if the gods themselves shaped your every feature--from your dark eyes that entrap me, to your smooth, muscled body to your throbbing cock, and sac with which I long to play...to suck it into my mouth, and bring you to orgasm." The boy reddened at being so bold to share his innermost thoughts. "Forgive me, Venerated One, for my boldness, but I must ask one thing. Will you turn around so I may gaze upon...all of you." The Venerated One did as he was asked, and Ralkei sucked in a sharp breath. The Boy was just as perfect from behind. His muscled torso tapered to narrow hips. And the mere sight of his firm, smooth ass, those two pillows that begged for him to split them with his body, sent him into such ecstasy that he thought he might orgasm at the mere vision of such perfection. As Ralkei stood there, the precum which oozed from his slit, fell to the floor, creating a long, thin crystalline thread. The Mentor longed to slurp it into his mouth.

"And you, Venerated One."

"Initiator...my Initiator...Ralkei. Daydreams of you drive me to hardness. My body is alive as I have never before experienced. I am unable to think of anything but you...and your penis as it pulsed and shot its juices into the air. And now...to behold you standing just inches from me--seeing your body as a living statue--smelling your scent--seeing your throbbing penis...again causes me such sensations inside me. I wonder how I can survive if you are taken from me. I ache to have you...near me...to have you...hold me...to do to each other what I saw the Mentor do to you even this day...for that is all I can say now. I want you to have sex with me, though in truth I know not what that means...but if it is but a fraction of what I felt as you kissed me, then I shall know the agony of being a captive in paradise."

The Mentor smiled. Both boys had their eyes riveted on the other's body, the focus of their interest being, predictably, their throbbing cocks. Rarely had he been in the company of such hot young lovers--and yet as the Venerated One was so painfully making clear, they had not even consummated their love. "You will not be in each other's company again until the Bak'ur Lat. Is that clear?"


Laoron shook with anticipation. This would be the day of the Initiator's last cuming before the Bak'ur Lat.

"Initiator, did you sleep well?" the priest asked.

"I continue to be restless, Laoron."

Perhaps a sleeping potent, Initiator."

"I don't know."

"Have you been studying the assigned materials?"

"I have Laoron."

"Good." Laoron reached down and released the catch on Ralkei's Inhibitor. It fell off him effortlessly. The boy is always hard, Laoron marveled. He smiled at his young charge. Laoron ticked off several technical questions about anatomy of the male reproduction system. With each question he'd handle the boy, and now he eased the boy onto his back. He lifted his legs and spread them. He then inserted his lubed finger into Ralkei's perfect little pucker. "And what of this gland upon which my finger is laid," Laoron asked as he poked into Ralkei's prostate. The boy stiffened and his boyhood pulsed once hard.

"It is the Orb of Energy, Laoron. Its purpose is two-fold. First it releases fluid which forms part of the semen, but stimulating it also causes a release of incredible sexual energy...even...ahhhghhh...you...are...doing...now."

"Initiator." Ralkei twisted in time to see the Mentor entering his residence. "Yes, Mentor."

"Today you shall demonstrate your skill in bonding. Are you prepared to do that?"

"I am, Mentor." Ralkei answered. Laoron removed his finger from Ralkei's asshole. The boy closed his legs and the priest pulled him to his feet. Now Laoron switched places with the boy. He unfastened his robe, and slipped it off. He was naked. Ralkei glanced down, and his mentor was half hard, but the vision which the priest presented excited the boy. Laoron was hairless--he had shaved every bit of hair from his body, and it had a strange effect on Ralkei. None of his coupling partners did that, and he was surprised by his response to the priest's smooth body.

"Make love to your instructor, Initiator, while I study you."

"Mentor, am I to allow myself to cum?"


Ralkei began his play with the young priest, first lightly stroking the priest's body, down his arms, behind his ears, following the contours of his face and neck, tweaking his nipples, until they stood erect and hard. Ralkei smiled as Laoron began breathing more rapidly. The boy glanced down as the priest's hoodless tool filled with blood. Now Ralkei leaned in and kissed his mentor on the side of his neck, and he thought he felt a tremor spread out from the spot his lips touched. He parted his lips and extended his tongue and let it explore the man's skin. He lifted momentarily, and lowered to the priest's nipples. For long minutes, he laved, and tasted and nibbled and kissed those tiny erections of dark flesh. Laoron began a low, almost inaudible moaning. His head swung from side to side.

Now Ralkei grasped the man by the hips and guided him backward to the bed. Ralkei dove rapidly downward from the priest's nipples to his belly. With his tongue he explored his navel. All the while, the boy's fingers ran up and down along the man's legs, first on the front, then dipping in along the inner thighs. The priest's groans grew louder, and he parted his legs, opening them wide and exposing an adult pucker--one that long ago had lost it's pink innocence. As Ralkei worked on the man's belly, his chin hit the smooth, exposed head of his penis, and the man shuddered. Though he had intended to use his mouth to explore the man's legs, Ralkei now changed his plan, and dropped down to bath the man's balls in saliva. He moved his tongue along every compressed ridge of flesh on the man's scrotum. The balls were pulled tightly up, and Ralkei's mouth now pressed around one testicle, coaxing it inside his hot cavern.

The Mentor watched all this carefully. He listened to Laoron's responses, and he closely studied Ralkei for any signs of awareness. He could detect none, and he grew less anxious.

The boy rolled the large ball around in his mouth before releasing it and taking in the second one. He rolled his tongue around it, and noticed something odd. Releasing the second testicle, Ralkei drew his tongue around the place where the sac connects to the body, and moved upward, following the groove between the leg and the belly. Now he lifted off, and lightly brushed the priest's penis with the tip of his nose, breathing in his essence. The young man breathed in sharply. Ralkei flicked out his tongue and tasted the man's tip. There wasn't much precum flowing, but to feel his smooth helmet made the boy's heart pound. He ran his tongue around the rim of the man's glans, and suddenly, he felt the priest's hands holding his head in place.

Reaching down with his hand, Ralkei gently grasped the man's balls and felt them carefully. Still working his mouth over the glans, Ralkei used his fingertips to search for the mass of tubes that grew from the testicles...except within the priest's sac they weren't to be found. Puzzling, Ralkei thought, though he was careful not to let this discovery keep him from his pleasuring of his mentor.

Lifting momentarily away from his cock, Ralkei wet his finger, then lowered to below the man's scrotum. Moving downward, his finger came to rest on the man's brownish pucker. Wiggling back and forth over it, Ralkei felt it spasm, then he pressed inward. His mentor's chute was hot and moist. It contacted tightly on his finger. Now he lowered his head to the priest's penis, and sucked in his head. He was bigger than Ralkei, but the boy had no trouble holding the glans inside his mouth. The priest seemed to have let go of any control. He moaned loudly as the boy worked him. Now, as Ralkei explored the insides of the man with his finger, he explored the man's tool with his mouth. In one action, he sucked down on the penis and swallowed it right up to its root. With his practiced throat, he squeezed the head once before backing off until his lips caught the rim of the glans. The priest shuddered and cried out. The Mentor stood in awe, for he could easily see the priest was being transported to the heights of ecstasy. Incredible. The Mentor saw Ralkei's eyes look up, then off to the side, and the Mentor understood what he was seeking. With a smile, the Mentor reached for a bowl of lube, gathered some on his fingers, reached under both Ralkei and the young priest, and grasped the boy's rigid tool. Now it was Ralkei who shuddered, and he instinctively held still for the Mentor to lube him up.

When he was done, Ralkei withdrew his finger, and raised himself up, lifting off the man's penis. The boy positioned himself to bring his weapon to the man's hole. His slit kissed the opening left by his finger. He rotated his hips slightly and pressed in. His head lodged inside the man. For an adult, the ring was surprisingly tight, and it clamped down on the boy's head. Now tremors rippled through him, and those tremblings in turn fired the man's desire for more. The priest's body contracted and tightened, as the energy spread. His heart pounded. Ralkei waited for the anus to relax, and when it did, he pressed in more. On and on he slid, until his blond teen bush was pressed flat between his pubes and his mentor's ass. The man groaned aloud, and Ralkei made his tool throb, and he felt the man's orb of energy buried deep inside him. The man groaned again and arched his back. His strength surprised the boy, lifting him upward slightly. Ralkei stood on his tip-toes until the man dropped back down, the boy repositioning himself to stay aligned. Now Ralkei pulled back, and after a hesitation, thrust home. "Ughhh," the man groaned. He pressed his head back into the bed as another spasm flowed across his body.

The boy began a rhythmic pistoning motion, each time pressing his cockhead against the priest's orb of energy. Both were reaching their climax. Both were beyond conscious control, each dominated by the lust that drove them to want more. Ralkei reached down and began to masturbate his mentor. He felt the man's chute clamp down on him as he rammed in and out. Ralkei knew he was close, and he sensed his master was close as well. Both were like oceans of small waves of tremors spreading throughout their bodies. Ralkei felt his mentor's penis swell, His own tool swelled at the same time. Then the contraction hit Ralkei's body, and he rammed his penis deep into the man. He shot a blast of cum, and Laoron cried out. The man's entire body stiffened, and the boy felt a wetness on his hand that jacked off his mentor.

Blast after blast of the boy's cum filled the man's insides. A tormented cry tore from the boy with each spurt, as if he'd never worked so hard in all his life. His effort was prodigious, and when he released all the milk he could, the Mentor eased him down, to lay on Laoron. The priest relaxed his legs, wrapping them around the boy, holding him in him for as long as he could.

The Mentor listened as the Initiator and his mentor came down off their orgasmic high. Their breathing slowed and returned to normal.


Ralkei dozed on his bed.

"Assess the boy's performance, Laoron."

The young priest looked at the Supreme Mentor and grinned. "It's actually a bit difficult for me to remember. He transported me to heights which had remained elusive in the past several years."

The Mentor smiled. "High praise indeed. But what of his action on your prostate?"

Laoron thought. "Quite good...very good."

"But not perfect."

"Not quite." The young priest breathed in slowly, then released the breath in a long, slow sigh. "But quite remarkable for a 14-year old."

"So there is where you shall focus his training."

"It is so." The priest grew more serious now and lowered his voice. "Mentor, I worry he may question me about the Craltuk of the Initiator."

"Does he even know of it?" the Mentor asked sounding somewhat surprised.

"He knows of the rite of circumcision."

"And how did he respond?"

"More or less as I did when I was Initiator. Curiosity. Worry. Ultimately acceptance. I believe. But the discussion went no further."

"So why this worry, Laoron?"

"He held the balls in his hand. I think he sensed something...unusual."

The Mentor looked over at the sleeping boy--a vision of youthful perfection and sighed. "Laoron," he said, "as difficult as it may be, he cannot know the whole ritual of the Craltuk at this time. It could put the entire Bak'ur Lat in jeopardy."

"I know, Mentor. But there is something else. As I came, I gazed into his eyes. For an instant he looked upon my discharge. Again, I think he sensed something."

The Mentor looked grim. "It is all the more important then."

"Agreed. Though he is not a boy to be put off, Mentor."

The Mentor rolled his eyes upward. "He is not the only boy in the Temple like that, Laoron. What a pair. I will be glad when the bonding is completed, and we can separate them for good. Their passion for each other was almost more than I could bare. How can such a thing happen among ones so young?"

Laoron was silent for a long time. "Master..." he began, then hesitated. "Could it be the beginnings of what was foretold..."

"In the Chronicles of Lhorem, you mean," the Mentor asked.

Laoron nodded.

The Mentor placed his hand upon the priest's still-oozing manhood. "Ahh, Laoron. If only I dared to believe. For some forty generations there have been those who have waited. I guess I am too cynical to be counted among them."

"But the time of his first cuming..."

"Yes, Laoron," the Mentor said, working the young priest back to hardness. "You, my son, have faith where I do not."

"Look upon him, Mentor. Behold the beauty of his form. Even in his sleep, his body responds to the energy which seems to consume him. As they watched, Ralkei's organ began to harden. From its softened two inches, laying up against his belly, it swelled and rolled to the right. Then, throbbing with his heartbeat, it slowly stretched, finally lifting.

"Look at his balls, Laoron," the Mentor urged. "Remember what that was like? Even after all these years, I remember. The memory is variously a blessing or a curse. But to have your eggs pulled up and rolling as if with a mind of their own...to feel the jolts of the juices..." He did not, could not, finish his thought.

They moved closer to watch as the boy's penis pulsed to it's full six inches, pointing like a rocket straight up. The Mentor reached out and lightly grasped it, pulling back the foreskin. "Look at that, Laoron. What a beauty that pink, perfect head is. In just eight days it will be made to look like that forever." The Mentor bent over and lightly kissed the boy's glans. Ralkei shuddered and shifted, drawing his left leg up slightly.

His breathing remained slow and steady.

"I must go," whispered the Mentor. "There is another boy anxious for some attention." He smiled. "Make sure the Inhibitor is applied soon. He is a randy child indeed, and from now on, the training must bring him just to the peak without allowing the orgasm, or we shall jeopardize the Bak'ur Lat."

"Yes, Mentor, I will be watchful."

The Mentor found the Venerated One alone in his room. Save for the Inhibitor, he was naked.

"So...Venerated One, have you forgiven your ancient mentor for his cruel actions of yesterday afternoon?"

"My bile no longer churns, though I remain despondent. I long to see my Initiator."

"Venerated One, you know that is not possible; it not our way. He fulfills a specific and single purpose--to cause your first virginal ejaculation. That is all. After that he goes through the Craltuk, and then his journey changes course. His partners will be among the royal priesthood--and not in this chamber."


"No buts, Venerated One...except this one." The Mentor reached behind The Boy and stroked his smooth bottom. Then he released the Inhibitor. It fell away. "Come," the old priest said, patting his lap. The eleven-year-old scrambled up into his lap like a small boy. He sat leaning back against the Mentor's chest, his legs crossed like a peasant sitting around a campfire. The Mentor reached down and began to toy with The Boy's soft member--not quite an inch and a half long. The Boy grew still, and settled. His relaxed state evoked countless similar nightly events, though it was simply a stroking of his skin, not his genitals, that caused him to relax then. The Boy drew in a slow, long breath, then released it.

"It feels good," The Boy breathed as the Mentor fondled him to hardness. His relaxation gave way to a pleasant tension.

"Mmm," the Mentor replied. "Sense how your body responds. Tell me."

The Boy hesitated, then began. "There is a...a...tightness in that part of me which you are handling. I can feel my heart pump. I gasp for breath, as if I were completing a race. Look, Mentor, at the hair on my neck and on my arms and legs. It rises, as if I shiver with the cold; yet it is a strange warmth that I feel. I want to relax, but you are awakening feelings...which will not be denied."

The Mentor smiled. "So it is with sex, Venerated One."

"We're...going to have sex!" The Boy asked breathlessly.

The Mentor's smile stretched. "I am pleased to bring you such pleasure, Venerated One, but if this is to be sex, then it will be unfulfilled and unconsummated sex, for you will not reach orgasm with my hand."

"Because," the Venerated One said, "of the ritual impending."


"So, why do you tease me so?"

The Mentor suppressed a smile. "You must learn to recognize the signals your body sends. Sex is like a dance which becomes with each step more intense."

"I know," The Boy interrupted with a wide smile. His chest heaved, drawing in more and more air as his body's effort required more and more oxygen.

"Yes," the Mentor agreed, "however, my efforts are only to awaken you to these sensations. To prepare you for what is yet to come."

"So to speak..." The Boy added coyly.

"Indeed. Which, though with regret, is why I must now slow my action, and stop."

"Arrrhhhhhg!" An expression of immense frustration issued from the Venerated One, and the Mentor smiled once more at how explosive boys are--how easily they are aroused...how demanding they become when a fulfillment is hinted at, but slow to arrive. The testosterone newly coursing through The Boy's body was like a volatile fuel which was in danger of ignition with the smallest spark. Though ignorant of its presence, The Boy did know of its effect, and he found himself trembling as if his body were about to fall into some kind of monstrous spasm.

"Venerated One, at the moment of your Bak'ur Lat, you must not will this thing that you are sensing now to happen quickly."

"But why! I want it so badly now--and you toyed with me for only a moment--an all too fleeting moment!"

"That is so, but the sensations which are only being hinted at now...will be magnified ten-fold if you have the will to deny yourself immediate gratification. You must allow the energy which is now just beginning to course through your body to build." The Venerated One reached down to stroke himself, and the Mentor's fingers curled around The Boy's cock and balls like a bony, living Inhibitor.

"I feel like I must explode. Like there's something inside me which I must expel." The Mentor laughed at The Boy's desperation. "It is not amusing, Mentor," he said seriously.

The Mentor leaned down and placed his lips on The Boy's head, nuzzling him in his tight, fine black curls. He closed his eyes and breathed in his boy-scent. "It brings me such joy to see you awaken to this part of your life which has been so cruelly denied until now."

"Yes, Mentor. By you!"

The smile would not leave the Mentor's face. "By our ways, Venerated One. My duty brought me no pleasure, for as I watched you grow, daily I recognized how you would so enjoy sex--as all small boys do. Truthfully, not only were you denied the pleasure of discovering sex and of that awakening of energy from within, but so was I, for I would have been your partner in that discovery. I would have pleasured you, as you would have pleasured me."

The Boy was silent for a moment. "I...could provide that pleasure now, if you desire, Mentor." In the Venerated One's response, the Mentor sensed many things: the desire to please his teacher, a genuine expression of affection and perhaps even love, and not inconsequentially, the desire to explore this brand new idea of sex--of touching another to bring to him the same sensations The Boy had only just begun to sense.

"You are sweet to offer, Venerated One, but..."

The Boy smashed his fist down on the seat upon which they reclined. "...it is not the proscribed way of the Temple."

The Mentor felt the tension in the 12-year-old. Oh, he hoped, let these eight days pass quickly.

"Venerated one," the Mentor said, lifting The Boy and moving to the lounge. He sat down on it. "Lay down with your front right here...butt up, please." The Boy did as instructed. The Mentor, as so many times before, marveled at the two tight, perfectly formed globes, pinched in at the sides with firm, strong flesh. He bent down and lightly rubbed his cheek across first one cheek of The Boy, then the other. Heavenly smooth, exquisitely soft. In the past, he could only look. Today, however, would be different from other times. Today he would do more. "In sex, your whole body becomes the playground of your partner. Just touching, patting, soothing, can be sexual. It may be kissing...mouth-to-mouth, lips and tongues shared. It is all part of sex." The Mentor demonstrated, his lips dancing across the protruding shoulder blades, a lightly trailing finger along the boy's crack, and the visible trembling response of the subject. "In sex, as you glimpsed earlier, nothing is off-limits. Your mouth finds it way to unexpected places. Places normally hidden are suddenly places of great honor. So it is, Venerated One, that in sex you must abandon reservation."

"How do you mean, Mentor?"

"Well..." The Mentor gently grasped The Boy's two globes and spread them, exposing his beautiful virginal sacred bud. "Instead of fighting an unexpected sensation, open yourself to it." The Mentor bent down and ran his nose along The Boy's furrow, settling just above his bud, and breathed in. He felt The Boy stiffen. "Open yourself, Venerated One."

"I...I'll try..." the boy squeaked.

"For when you open yourself to possibilities...the unexpected happens." The Mentor leaned in and lightly kissed the sacred bud. It spasmed once and The Boy gasped.

"What...what are you...doing to me?"

"What does it feel like? I'm kissing your sweetness." The Mentor took a breath and let his tongue explore the bud. The pucker tightened protectively, but the Mentor breathed "open yourself," and pressed back down, and eventually, he managed to insert the tip of his tongue. The Boy gasped, and the Mentor felt his tongue squeezed tightly. But the Mentor had surprising strength in his tongue, and he assaulted the virgin hole again and again. It pleased the old man when The Boy actually lifted himself up, trying to press himself further onto the Mentor's tongue. The Boy whimpered more than moaned, sounding as if every bit of strength had been sapped from him, but the electric effect on him was clear.

Now the Mentor pulled his tongue away from the bud, but not before running it across the smooth rim of the pucker.

"Mmmmm," he breathed. Still holding the cheeks apart, still gazing upon the sacred bud, he leaned down again, and kissed The Boy's cheek. The Venerated One sighed deeply and seemed to collapse on the Mentor's lap. Now the Mentor removed a sealed bag from his robe and opened it. He dipped a finger, then two, coating them with lubrication. He returned to the sacred bud, first simply letting one coated finger to rest on the pucker, Even after the tonguing, none of the tightness has left. Slowly he stroked the tightly contacted entrance. As he plied the slippery ointment, he felt the organ quiver at the unfamiliar sensation. Finally, he slowly inserted his finger. "One of the ways you will have sex with the Initiator," the Mentor began, "is by taking him in your bottom. Do you understand, Venerated One?"

"As you are doing now, Mentor?" The Boy's voice shook with a mixture of excitement and uncertainty.

"Not exactly, Venerated One. With another probing part of his anatomy." For an instant The Boy didn't move. Then he understood, and his whole body stiffened. His anus clamped tightly on the Mentor's finger.

"I...I...can't. It's too big, Mentor!" The Boy was truly alarmed. The ancient one bent low again and kissed the royal butt. "Feel..." The Mentor moved his finger, and The Boy winced. "Open yourself." After a moment, the finger was sliding easily in and out. "Now, I'm going to put two in," The Mentor patiently waited for the tight ring to relax, and in no time, the boy had accommodated the additional assault. "See...Venerated One, your sacred bud is truly amazing, for it can stretch...and grow--as you are now experiencing. Does it hurt?"

"It did at first...but..." The Mentor deliberately jammed a bit more aggressively, and the Venerated One sucked in a sharp breath. "...not so much now," The Boy gasped, struggled to maintain control, and the Mentor felt him clamp once more down on his two fingers." The Mentor leaned over and whispered into The Boy's ear: "I know you can take him. Tell me you can take him. Tell me." the priest worked his fingers back and forth.

"I can..." breathed the Venerated One. "I can." More whimpering. The ancient one felt The Boy's hardness poking his thigh. It seemed stronger than ever.

"Before the Bak'ur Lat," the Mentor breathed, I will have three fingers inside your tight hole...to prepare you for the Initiator. You will be ready for him, but he will not be gentle. And he will transport you to a place impossible to imagine. Tell me you want that, Venerated One."

"I want it!," The Boy cried. "I want it! I want his tool inside me!"

Slowly, the Mentor removed his fingers from The Boy's tight orifice. "And so you shall have it, so you shall."

The Boy sighed a massive sigh, and the Mentor worried for a moment he had gone too far. He rolled the boy over, and looked for any signs of cum; there were none. Only a thin thread of precum and a wet spot on the Mentor's robe. The Venerated One smiled up at the Mentor.

"Rise, Venerated One," said the Mentor softly, "and bring me your Inhibitor."