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The Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo
Part 3 of 3
Will S


Ralkei wondered if today he would use the replica again. For the three days since he had shot in Laoron's ass, he had 'practiced' with the thing. It was weird, but even he could tell it was helping.

Laoron wheeled the thing into his residence three days ago. He removed the covering to reveal a model of a boy's bottom. It ended just below the butt with just the tops of two legs, and on top, it extended up to the navel in the front and the small of the back, behind. It was anatomically correct in every detail - having a small, three-inch, erect penis and a scrotum containing two balls. Finally, there were some wires leading to a viewing screen mounted above the 'model.'

Ralkei looked up at Laoron who was waiting for his reaction. "Anyone I know?" Somehow Ralkei felt foolish thinking about how he might be asked to use the thing.

"As a matter of fact, it is. This is an exact replica of the Venerated One's sexual apparatus. You will use it to learn how to give him the greatest pleasure."

"I...I'm not sure I really..."

"Be open to the possibilities, Initiator." Ralkei had come to understand that when Laoron wanted to make a point or to be really serious - or disapproving - he'd refer to him as 'Initiator.' Ralkei straightened up.

"You want me to...use this thing?"

"I do."

Ralkei stepped up to the device and touched the "cheeks." He suddenly froze. Just looking at it, it looked real enough, but he assumed it was a cold, lifeless, plastic form. Touching the cheeks, however, revealed something very different. They felt warm, alive - human - real. Slowly, Ralkei parted the cleft between those two delightful globes, and found a wonderfully shaped pucker. The boy sucked in his breath. Again it looked real.

"Go ahead," Laoron urged gently.

Ralkei placed the tip of his penis again the pucker. He pushed, but nothing happened. "It won't open," Ralkei hissed.

"Try some lube...perhaps on a finger first. Remember, this is to help you in your mission. No expense has been spared to make this...ah...useful."

Ralkei looked doubtful, but figured he'd play along for a while. He lubed up a finger, and gradually worked it into the hole. Again he was struck by how real it seemed. He worked in two fingers, then three.

He withdrew his fingers, then lubed his six inches, and tried again. This time he got the head in, then he had to wait. "Let him adjust to you," Laoron said.

"It's so tight," Ralkei replied.

"The Venerated One's ass is very tight. The Mentor is working to loosen it even as we speak."

Amazingly, as Ralkei waited the tightness lessened, and he was able to press in more. Suddenly the monitor lit up. In a moment, the view screen painted an image of...Ralkei shuddered. Deep inside the device was a camera. It fed images of the replica's chute and the head of Ralkei's tool, for as he began to press in further, the movement was tracked in the viewing screen.

Laoron pressed a few keys on a keyboard and on the viewer, an area next to Ralkei's glans was highlighted in a purple circle. "Do you know what that is?" the priest asked.

Ralkei thought. He pulled back, watched his cock recede on the screen, then be pushed back in. "The orb of energy?"

"Very good, Ralkei. Exactly." The boy beamed. "We're going to work on maximum stimulation of his orb." Laoron tapped some more keys; some numbers and a sort of bar graph appeared superimposed on the screen. "Your challenge is to get this number to go as high as possible. There are three factors: speed, frequency, and pressure. Now obviously speed and frequency are related. But the trick is to get all the numbers to rise at a somewhat steady rate. I mean, you could just buck for all you're worth."

"But that'd just increase speed."


"Well, have a go at it; see what you can do."

Ralkei thought how weird this was. Always in the past, his goal in sexual activity was move outside himself. Now, it was all about control - and staying inside himself. After several minutes of pumping, Ralkei was growing more and more frustrated. "You sure this thing is working right?"

"Ralkei. One hint. Pressure - your lowest reading - doesn't necessarily mean constant pressure. Sometimes the greatest impact is to vary things a bit. Here..." Laoron opened his robe, spread some lube on his manhood, and stepped behind Ralkei. In the next instant, the boy felt himself being entered. He bit down on his lip once, because he hadn't prepared for this, and he worked to relax - to open himself. The priest pressed on.

"Ahh..." gasped Ralkei. The priest had hit his orb and it seemed to drive him wild. Now Laoron held still. "See? But..." Laoron pulled back, lowered himself slightly, and pressed back in. "How was it that time?" Laoron pulled back again.

"Not as..." Ralkei grinned. "...as good."

"And now." Laoron jammed back in. The boy struggled to keep his balance. He felt like he was going to explode. "Did you see what I did?"

"No," Ralkei said truthfully. "Not really."

"Just the slightest change in angle. Of course it depends whether your partner is on his back or stomach. In your case, I raised slightly. Your ring acts as a kind of fulcrum, the result, pressing your 'lever' more against the orb. Try it." Laoron pulled all the way out.

Ralkei shifted himself slightly. "No," said Laoron softly. "When your partner is on his back, lower your angle of attack." Ralkei corrected his adjustment. "Not too much. Too much, and you'll cause too much pain at his rim. Okay...try it." The boy pressed in, and immediately there was a change in the pressure number. "Good boy!" Laoron praised. "Now, as the Venerated One loosens...you'll be able to make more adjustments, without elevating his pain levels too much. And he is a boy who can take a lot of pain, by the way. He's proven that often."

This time when Ralkei worked in the replica, the numbers all rose dramatically.

"That was very good," Laoron observed.

"Yeah, except, I won't have a monitor to guide me."

Laoron smiled. "True, Initiator. You will have something better."


"You will have the sighs, and whimpers, and moans of a virgin being taken for the first time. You will have his rapidly pulsing veins...you will have his incredible body tensing in waves of energy...you will have his flexing cock in your hand...you will have the glorious vision of his eyes, telling you exactly how you are making him feel, as you gaze upon them."

Ralkei reddened. Of course it was all true. He should have known that. He did know that, and he was embarrassed he'd gotten caught up in all the technology and forgotten sex is ultimately about bringing great pleasure to your partner, and in doing so, bringing great pleasure to yourself.

"Laoron, there was something else I felt when you entered me: a...'twitching.'"

Laoron smiled. He turned the boy around and again entered him. He loved the feel of his tight, hot chute surrounding his thick tool. Once deep inside, he flexed his penis, and Ralkei's eyes widened, he sucked in a sharp breath, and a wave of energy released in that instant from his orb spread throughout his body. "It is simple in concept. Each time the orb is stroked, flex your cock, lifting it against the object of your intention. Try it."

Ralkei re-entered the replica, and flexed. The pressure number spiked. Ralkei pulled back and began to pump in and out flexing each time at just the right moment. But as they both watched the viewer, after a while the pressure number seemed to peak, then actually began to drop.

"Ohhaawwww!" It was the ultimate groan of boy frustration. "Why is it doing that! I'm flexing every time!" Ralkei was indeed, and had actually worked up a sweat.

"Indeed, you have Ralkei," Laoron said, grasping the boy's hips and holding him still. "Again...remember what I said earlier. Perhaps the results could be more satisfying if you vary your attack. Constant, repetitive action may not elicit as great a response as a varied attack. Come, let us take a break. I can see you were about to cum...anyway...and we cannot allow that...can we?"

Another great groan escaped from the boy. "No...of course not. It's just...well...my fuse has been lit, Laoron."

"Yes," said the priest, reaching down and pinching the boy's penis hard on the glans. "And I've just cut the fuse...to prevent the impending explosion."

"Yeah," Ralkei said, sounding like all boy. "Yeah, you sure did that, all right!"

During their break, Ralkei almost asked about the Craltuk of the Initiator. Since the aftermath of his sex with Laoron, when he had first heard the Mentor and Laoron discussing it, he'd wondered what it was, and what it entailed. After all, it involved him, and he figured he deserved to know. But at the same time, he knew full well that they did not want him to know about it, and to mention it, would have only resulted in more frustration. Not to mention that he felt he had been eavesdropping, and that was troubling, too. So he sat quietly, holding these things in his thoughts.

With only four days remaining until Bak'ur Lat, Ralkei had perfected his technique. Both Laoron and the Mentor were in awe of the remarkable progress he'd made. Whenever they praised him, he found himself blushing like a schoolboy, but he also swelled with pride. These were the good moments, and he was glad to be busy, for in his quiet moments, his thoughts drifted back to the Venerated One - to 'Sirluk' - and his heart was filled with emptiness. It was such an odd feeling.

Like every healthy Etuhc'neposian boy his age, he'd had dozens of sex partners. Heck, he even tried it with a girl - when curiosity had gotten the best of him. He smiled and rolled his eyes at the memory. First, he had a difficult time becoming hard, then it was almost impossible for him to reach the climax that usually came so easily. Her insides were so soft and loose. He longed for the tightness of a boy or a man. Well...he had told himself...chalk it up to intellectual curiosity. But even with the most passionate lovers, he had never felt their absence as he was feeling the Venerated One's. It was agony. It was a longing, and, curiously, not simply one of physical gratification. Somehow he wanted to be with The Boy, not merely fuck him.

The opening door refocused Ralkei's attention. Laoron stood there with a boy, almost identical in size and age to the Venerated One. He trembled wide-eyed as Laoron rested his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"This is Janor," the priest said.

Ralkei was struck by the child's beauty. "Hi," he said, "I'm R..." Laoron shot him a look. Ralkei cleared his throat and began again: "I'm the Initiator of the Venerated Virgin of Etuhc'nepo."

The boy's eyes grew even bigger. As usual, Ralkei was naked, save for the Inhibitor. The boy's gaze covered every inch of the Initiator's body. He swallowed. Laoron moved the boy to the bed. "I've told you that the Venerated One has been kept a virgin for his entire life. Until a week ago, he really had no understanding of sex." At the mention of sex, the younger boy reddened, eliciting a smile from Ralkei. Laoron continued. "But there are three other boys who have also been kept uninformed. Janor is one. These boys have been the royal playmates for the Venerated One, but they also serve several other functions. Janor?"

Again the boy blushed. "I am here to assist in your training. You are to take..." Here his voice faltered. "my virginity, as...as...you will take the Venerated One's."

Ralkei could see the growing fear in the boy's eyes. "Laoron," he began, "is this really necessary? I mean I've been using the replica. You said yourself everything is going better than you expected."

Laoron smiled, appreciating Ralkei's attempt to protect the boy who trembled in front of him. "It is not so much your technique at this point, it's to prepare you for any...emotional...response you may experience from the Venerated One." Ralkei thought back to the first time his uncle entered him. It had been a powerful event, not without some tears, and Ralkei's uncle had actually had to stop when the boy's pain brought him to softness. Only when Ralkei's efforts reversed the situation, could they resume. Ralkei took Laoron by the arm and the stepped away. Ralkei whispered: "So basically this kid's a guinea pig!"

"Basically, yes," Laoron whispered back. "It is a required preparation for the B..."

"Yeah, Bak'ur Lat. I know."

"Ralkei," the priest said, "If you do well with this one, you will not be required to do the others - unless you desire it. But if you do not perform...up to standards...then you'll be required to proceed to the others.

"Great motivation, Laoron," Ralkei said. "Really...sexy...You're really getting me wild and hot!"

Laoron tussled the boy's blond hair. "Complain...complain...complain. At least you'll get to take the Inhibitor off for a while." The priest reached down and released the lock. The Inhibitor fell the to carpeted floor. He offered Ralkei an undergarment, and he put it on, thinking the younger boy might be more comfortable.

"Right, no Inhibitor," Ralkei said. "A moment's freedom, only to have you...'cut the fuse' at just the last moment."

"Ahh...life's little pleasures...Do you know how I feel when I stop you like that?"

"Ha!" laughed the Initiator. "I can imagine, torturer!"

"Ralkei," the priest said, growing more serious, "your challenge is to bring this boy to orgasm...without bringing yourself. You may enter him, but I will be watching closely. If you are about to cum yourself - and I will know, Ralkei - then I will withdraw you and you will finish him off with this." The priest produced a dildo of precisely the dimensions and appearance of Ralkei's penis. "As you work it, place your finger inside the end, here, and when you wish to simulate an orgasm push on the button you feel buried inside."

Ralkei fisted the dildo and fingered the button with a sort of curiosity. But he had had enough talk. It was leading to something more serious and more frustrating. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's do this. But my way. I get to talk to the boy first." Ralkei strode off toward the bed and the boy who stood before it.


"Come here, Janor," Ralkei said as he sat on his bed. He patted the spot where the younger boy was to sit. The boy complied, still shaking.

"So..." Ralkei began, "big day, huh?"

The boy shot a look at him, then Ralkei broke into an impish grin. Janor, seemingly relieved that they could put off the 'act', realized Ralkei was playing with him. He grinned back. "Yeah," he said, "I guess."

"What have they told you of sex?"

"They said you will be free to touch me anywhere you wish. You will touch my private places - handle...my...thing...and you'll put your...yours...inside my bottom."

Ralkei began to reach for the boy's leg. "Janor, may I touch you there? On your leg?" The boy nodded. Ralkei placed his hand under the boy's robe and rested it on the top part of the boy's thigh, and left it there. "For a boy who's never done these things before, it must sound pretty strange, I guess."

Janor nodded.

"Did they tell you anything else?"

"They said I must be brave, Initiator. That it is a manly thing to do."

Ralkei leaned into the boy and whispered as he began to move his hand back and forth along the top of the boy's leg. "First, you are not to call me Initiator. From now on, while you are with me, you are to call me Ralkei." The boy blushed and looked down. "I cannot."

"You can, Janor, just as I call you by your name. When two people are bonding, there can be no barriers. There is a sharing of everything. Everything, Janor. Now, then, did they tell you it was fun?" Janor shot him a look. "Well, it is," Ralkei said. "Really."

"Fun Ini...Ralkei?" Janor blushed again.

"It is." Ralkei lightly scraped his fingertips across the boy's leg. He shivered and stiffened. Ralkei smiled. "See. Didn't that feel kind'a fun?"

"Yes...Ralkei," Janor admitted.

"Well, it only gets more fun." Ralkei began working him more aggressively, running his fingers up and down the boy's thigh. "Will you trust me?" Janor nodded and Ralkei smiled. "Good."

But the boy remained uncertain.

"What troubles you, Janor?"

"It will...when you put your...thing..."

"My cock," Ralkei stated matter-of-factly.

"...your cock...inside my bottom, it will hurt."

"Ahh...is that what they told you?"

"No," the fearful boy said, "I felt it when he put his finger inside. And your...cock...is much bigger."

"You trust me, right?" Ralkei asked. The younger boy nodded. He seemed on the verge of tears. "Then...look at me, Janor. I will tell you the truth. The first entry always hurts..." The color drained from Janor's face. "But, I promise you the pain will turn to pleasure and then, you will feel an explosion of joy in a way that you have never, never before experienced. And that, Janor, is also the truth!" As Ralkei studied the boy, his uncertainty seemed to be replaced by curiosity.

"And," Ralkei continued, "I will tell you one more thing: I will not enter you until you ask me to."

To the side, Laoron stiffened. Rarely did the Initiator anger him, but now he did. It was not his to make that decision. "Initiator," Laoron spoke coolly, harshly. Ralkei excused himself, and stepped to Laoron. "You will not offer that boy that possibility." Laoron watched Ralkei transform from the mild boy he'd always been to a seething cauldron of quiet fury.

"Priest," Ralkei said, with a gaze that burned into the man's soul. "In a handful of days, I will be bringing the Venerated One to Bak'ur Lat. I alone will be standing there, bringing him to his first virginal orgasm. How can it be that you trust me to do that, but do not trust me to do the same with the child before us!" Laoron felt like retreating as if he were a punished child. Only sheer will kept him facing the Initiator. He had never seen - never felt - such determination from the boy. Before he could answer, Ralkei continued. "Laoron, a boy's first time is a sublime moment. I had years to prepare, as, I am sure, did you. This boy has had days. Would you not share his uncertainty? What I am doing, I do because I honor Janor, as he honors me by allowing me to introduce him to the mysteries of carnal lust. So are the ways of sex, and to do otherwise will defile the sacred act."

Janor listened, and his face grew hotter and hotter. It seemed as if the Initiator was on the verge of blows with his instructor...and it's all my fault, Janor was thinking. Now the impossible happened. The priest bowed low. "As you wish, Initiator."

Laoron retreated to a corner and sat as Ralkei returned to the boy. "Well..." said Ralkei with a sly grin, "that seemed to go okay, wouldn't you say?" He poked Janor in the ribs, and the boy giggled. His laughter seemed to drain the tension from him.

"Ralkei," the boy said, "will you return your hand to...my...leg?"

Ralkei smiled. "I will, but first, let's get rid of this." He reached out and removed the boy's robe, causing yet again, the boy's smooth, pure cheeks to blush girlishly. The boy was a divine specimen of male childhood beauty. Long, lithe legs, smooth skin, firm, toned flesh, sparkling green eyes, blond hair. Perfection. Janor dropped his eyes, but Ralkei lifted the boy's head so that they held each other in their gaze.

"You are a beautiful boy," Ralkei said as he renewed his ministrations. "Just let yourself go. With sex, you mustn't hold back. Give in to your feelings...and let each feeling build upon the other." Ralkei's fingers danced across the boy's body. His fingers toyed with the younger boy's nipples, and Ralkei smiled as he watched the dormant urges awaken within the boy. A vein in the boy's neck pulsed with blood, the beat quickening again and again as Ralkei toyed with the smooth skin that covered him head to toe. Now little whimpering moans sounded from Janor's throat. The boy's body vibrated as if he were being wracked by countless tremors.

Ralkei, keeping his hands busy, leaned in and gently kissed the boy's nose. He watched for a reaction, understanding that some young boys don't like the intimacy of kissing, but Janor, alive with the new sensations that washed over him, seemed only to grow more sensitized when the two soft lips drew across his nose. Ralkei shifted, dropped his head, and placed his two lips on Janor's. Ralkei sucked in slightly, and Janor responded. With each additional brushing of lips on lips, of suction...of the first tentative explorations of the tongue, Janor became desperate for more attention.

Now Ralkei reached down and grasped the boy's undergarment, tugging it down, It is a supremely rewarding moment, to reveal for the first time a boy's treasure, and when the four inches of throbbing boymeat popped free, Ralkei dropped down licked the organ immediately. Janor trembled. Carefully, Ralkei pulled the boy's foreskin back revealing a gloriously smooth, pink cockhead. The older boy sucked the head inside his hot, wet mouth, and went to work. Janor moaned, thrust his head back and snapped it from side to side. Now, while he sucked all of the boy's tool inside him, Ralkei held onto the boy's arms, and urged him backward. Back and forth Ralkei moved on the boy's cock, and at the same time folded his golden legs up and out. He lifted away from the boy's dripping lollipop of a prick and gazed down at his pucker. It looked like a three-year-old's, having none of the swollen, bruised, colored markings of a well-used entranceway normally belonging to a boy of Janor's age. "It's beautiful," Ralkei whispered, and he bent down and kissed it. He rimmed the boy, adding to Janor's frenzy, pressing in on the virgin hole, tasting his purity, beginning to loosen him with his tongue. Now the whimpering and gasps were loud enough to fill the room. Ralkei reached for the lube, and massaged the boy's sacred bud. He covered two fingers, then his own throbbing six inches.

Ralkei's mouth drifted up and toyed with the boy's balls, taking first one, then the other into his mouth. He rolled the testicles around inside his mouth for a bit, then released them, and sucked in the boy's tool. Janor trembled, and at that moment, Ralkei's finger landed on the boy's bud. It tightened at the touch. He held his finger still, and then, when he felt it relax, he pressed in. Janor sucked in a violent breath: "Ahghhh!"

Releasing his cock, Ralkei said, "Just relax, Janor. Try very hard to relax. And remember with sex, be open to everything." Now Ralkei eased his finger in slowly. The boy's tightness was astounding, pressing on his finger holding it firmly and hotly. With the slightest of movements, Ralkei began the process of loosening him. The boy's ring was about as tight as any he ever felt, and he momentarily wondered if he would be able to take him, but of course he would. Any boy could be taken, though not, in some cases, without considerable pain. Though, in truth, every boy he knew had been playing with his asshole from years, stretching it and preparing himself. He pressed against the boy's anal ring, and slowly felt it loosening. "That's the way, Janor, feel it getting looser?"

"Yes," the boy replied, but each time Ralkei probed, a little gasp would escape from the boy. Now Ralkei resumed his mouth action on the rigid boy-tool. He also pulled his finger out of the boy, then reinserted it along with a second finger. He gently moved both past the ring. Janor moaned, then cried out when Ralkei pushed too fast. The boy reached down to stop Ralkei's hand, but after a moment, Ralkei felt the rim loosen more, and Janor actually pressed Ralkei's fingers in further. Janor felt waves of tremors coursing through his body. He'd never felt anything close to this. There were strange and powerful feelings surging through him, and he needed to feel even more of those awesome feelings.

Inside his mouth, Ralkei felt the boy's penis swell, and he knew he was close. The Initiator pulled off, and let his fingers work at the stretching a while longer. The boy was actually panting now and his body was writhing as if something outside his consciousness were controlling his body's movements. Slowly Ralkei withdrew his fingers. "That's just a taste, my friend," Ralkei breathed, leaning over the boy's torso. He brought his cocktip to the boy's sacred bud. "But there's more," he hissed as he rubbed his glans up and down the boy's furrow, centering each time on his pucker. Finally, he let it settle right on top of Janor's opening. "There's so much more just a little bit further on in our journey. Do you want it, Janor?"

The boy whimpered his desire.

"You must tell me, Janor. Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me how bad you want me to do it."

"I do!" the younger boy cried. "I want you inside me! I want you to do it me!" He shook with wild, raw, sex. All his inhibitions were rapidly disappearing. Hadn't the older boy said just to let go. If he could just let go, the sex would be so great! That's what he'd told him. He didn't believe him then. But he did now. The younger boy reached down and pulled on Ralkei's tool.

"Okay, my little virgin," Ralkei whispered. "Okay, I'll grant you your wish." He bent down and kissed the boy hard on his mouth. Then he pushed against the entrance. The boy groaned. Ralkei broke away from the kiss. "Let me in, Janor." Ralkei waited, felt the boy's asshole twitch, then relax, and Ralkei began his assault in earnest. The glans pressed through the tight ring. It spasmed around Ralkei's cockhead, and the boy cried out. "No...no..."

Ralkei muffled the boy's cries with more kisses, and when he had quieted, Ralkei whispered again. "It's going to be okay, Janor. Where there is pain now, soon there will be pleasure. Open up to me, sweet boy. Open up to me. Ralkei held as still as he could, and soon he felt the muscular ring loosen, and he pushed on. Again, Janor cried, but Ralkei's mouth again stifled the cries with hard, desperate kisses. Again, Ralkei pressed into the boy again. There were more cries. "Just one more," Ralkei breathed, and his hips bucked, thrusting his boyhood into the hole of the virgin...and then he was a virgin no longer.

"I'm there, Janor...all the way...feel me." Ralkei made his penis throb once.

"It hurts," Janor whimpered through clenched teeth.

"I know, Janor, be brave. Open yourself to me." The boy was so tight it felt as if his asshole were a clamp, cutting into Ralkei's boyhood. But as he held himself still, Ralkei felt the boy loosening like a ratchet in a series of shudders. Finally he was able to pull back, and his friction was met with another series of shudders, a sharp intake of air, and moan. But he was definitely looser, and so Ralkei shoved back in. And in this way, he began the rhythmic ancient movement of all homobonders. Like a law of physics, each action was met with another action...at first simply a manifestation of pain...but then somewhere along the way, the pain, just as Ralkei predicted, turned to pleasure. Janor knew the pain was still there, but it almost seemed to release the pleasure - as if he could not have the latter without the former.

Now Ralkei applied his learnings from the replica, and began his assault on the boy's orb of energy. Janor was suddenly beside himself with a flood of new, tumultuous sensations. He threw his head back and forth as if he were in a futile effort to escape a force that was driving him to some point of no return. He was writhing in exquisite agony, unable to control himself. The Initiator's words echoed in his head: give into the feelings that are surging over you. Now he couldn't have resisted them if he tried.

Ralkei shivered himself, the pressure on his six inches finally moving him to where he could no longer contain himself, and it was then, that Laoron grasped the Initiator's hips and pulled him away, quickly sliding the dildo in its place. Ralkei, barely in his own mind himself, jammed the tool deep into the boy's ass, making him rise up off the bed. Now with each pistoning of the tool, Janor choked a cry - not of mere pain, but of an exquisite blend of pain and pleasure. Tremors shook him without release, and finally his whole body - glistening with sweat - tensed impossibly.

In his fingers, Ralkei felt the boy's penis swell and throb in the same instant, and Ralkei pressed on the button deep within the dildo, and a loud scream tore from the boy's throat and his body contracted to push some absent substance from within him out through his penis. The younger boy's organ quivered and pulsed, but it was without the precious fluid that would add to his ecstasy. Once, twice, a half-dozen times the boy humped up, trying to shoot. And then it was over, his orgasm passing. Ralkei smiled, easing the dildo from the boy's slippery ass, wet with lube, and his own juices, mingled with the fluid from the dildo. The tool slid out with a pop, and the red and welted pucker remained open, allowing the boy's juices to drain out of him. He panted like an athlete on the edge of exhaustion. His body, coming off its high, settled back down on the bed. His chest heaved, struggling to find the oxygen it craved.

The salty tears of his virginal sacrifice dried on his cheeks, a smile stretched lazily upon his face, and he lay there, dazed.

Laoron was stunned. The Initiator was capable of feats that he might have thought impossible. He stepped to his boy and moving behind him, pulled him to him, allowing his manhood to nestle into his naked furrow. He whispered into the boy's ear, "I have been blessed by what I have witnessed today, Initiator of the Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo. I am humbled in your presence." Laoron leaned around and placed a kiss on Ralkei's cheek. "The gods have blessed you, Ralkei of the house of Similaithia." But thinking about the power of the boy's presence earlier - of his confrontation with the priest - caused another thought to find its way to Laoron's consciousness. Who is this boy, Ralkei of the house of Similaithia? Before another 24 hours would pass, he would know.


Ralkei could not sleep, and yet of all nights in his young life, this was perhaps the most important one for sleep. Tomorrow he would be truly the Initiator. His skills and his "resources" alone would bring the Venerated One to Bak'ur Lat. He lay in his bed, hoping sleep would come. In the dim consciousness of his restless mind, he dreamed he heard a sound, someone entering his room, stealthfully approaching him, then assaulting him.

"Huhhhh!" Ralkei sucked in a sharp breath. Was he still dreaming? Or...no, he was not, but how much had been a dream, and how much had been real? In the darkness, he could only trust his senses of sound and touch and smell.

"Shhh, Ralkei, it is I."

The Initiator had only heard that voice speak a handful of words, but he knew instantly who it was. "You should not be here, Venerated One," Ralkei whispered.

"Sirluk," the Venerated One corrected.

"If they catch us..." Ralkei began.

"If..." The Boy repeated, "...what can they do. The entire home world waits for the Bak'ur Lat tomorrow. They can do nothing to us, Ralkei...and why should they? I only wish to be near you. After enduring your absence for these many days, I can wait for sex with you. Now I only wish to touch you, to feel your strength, to know you."

"I wish I had your confidence...Sirluk...that this touching...and feeling...and knowing...will not lead to sex. For I am nearly beside myself with longing for you." Ralkei heard a boyish giggle.

"I laugh, Ralkei, for your words are my words as well. Over the last days, I have been handled and poked and stretched...all to make my body ready to receive yours. And the only way I could endure those insults to my body was to focus on my memory of your body." Now Ralkei felt soft hands exploring his arms and neck, and face, and chest, and belly and legs. His breath came in trembles.

"I think, Sirluk, that it is a good thing we wear these cruel devices which prevent us from the pleasures we where meant to share...for otherwise the Bak'ur Lat would come a bit earlier than planned!

They chuckled together at the thoughts. "Oh, I should like that, Ralkei." The Boy stretched and arched, and relaxed, snuggling back against the Initiator.

"The Supreme Mentor has said we shall only have tomorrow, Sirluk," Ralkei breathed.

"I do not wish to talk about it."

"Nor I, but I fear we will not have a chance to say anymore after the ritual, and I...I...must tell you...what I do not understand, but the words keep forming in my head, and they will not let me rest.

"Then," said The Boy, "let them be spoken."

"It is not easy for me, Sirluk, for it seems so impossible."

"Ralkei, place your hands on me. See how I shake, as I know those words that give you no peace...but in speaking them, they will bring peace. Come, we shall speak them together."

Ralkei was confused. The words were his words - not words given to him by anyone else. How, then could the Venerated One presume to know them?

"I will speak them, then," the Initiator breathed. He hands drew The Boy closer.

"I love you."

Ralkei was stunned. For as he spoke the words, so too did the Venerated One speak exactly the same words.

"So," The Boy said, "You see. It is true."

"But speaking them will only add to the torture of the day tomorrow. And I fear, knowing the ritual bonding will be our last may make it impossible for me to...fulfill my role."

"No, Ralkei. You must not think that way. You must think only of the pleasure you will give me...and I will endeavor to give back to you. In that moment, that single moment, we must focus energy enough to last us a lifetime. You must do that for me, and I for you, my love. You must promise me that."

"I will try."

"No, Ralkei. You will. Promise." The younger boy reached out and kissed Ralkei hard on the mouth.

"I promise," Ralkei said when their lips had parted.

"I long to lay with you far into the night, but the guardians will be returning soon to my residence. I must leave. My day, following the ritual will be full, Ralkei, but the next day, I shall find a way to see you.

"That may not be possible, Sirluk. For it is another day of ritual for me. I have heard the Mentor speak of the Craltuk. Though much of it is kept from me, I do know that they will cut my foreskin from my penis, and I cannot find satisfaction in that."

"Surely that is a not true!" the Venerated One said with alarm.

"Laoron confirmed that, for his member has had the same thing done to it. What do you know of the Craltuk?"

"Only that it is a ritual reserved for each High Priest and his Initiator. But it's exact content is unknown to me. I have been assured it is nothing to worry about."

Ralkei was concerned and he shared it now. "I did not know it was intended for you as well, Sirluk, but I must tell you this: I have tried - when the Inhibitor has been removed, to feel what pleasuring myself would be like without the foreskin..."


"And...the pleasure is...diminished at best."

"This saddens me, Ralkei. But again, I urge you to focus only on tomorrow. It shall be for us, the rest of our lives."

They embraced again, then the Venerated One rose. "I must leave."

"Tomorrow," Ralkei breathed.

"Tomorrow," The Boy responded. He reached down and tweaked Ralkei's nipple. "Fuck me good, Initiator." They both giggled at his crudeness.

"I will," Ralkei answered, but the Venerated One had already gone.


At 7:00 A.M. the lavish curtains were parted, and Laoron urged the Initiator from his sleep.

"Did you rest well, Initiator?"

Ralkei stretched, and absentmindedly reached down to poke at his morning hard-on, only to be foiled by the Inhibitor.

"I slept...I guess," Ralkei said finally.

Now Laoron clapped and a wonderful meal was rolled in. Juices and fruits, and eggs, and pancakes with syrups and whipped cream...anything a boy could desire. They ate for perhaps an hour, lounging on the bed and cushions on the floor. Laoron touched the boy often, stroking him, massaging. It struck Ralkei that Laoron was acting much like a trainer might to prepare his boxer for a big fight.

At 8:00 A.M., precisely, the Mentor appeared. I will drain you for one last time, Initiator...and I will regret that this will complete this part of our ritual. Laoron removed the Inhibitor, and Ralkei stepped to the Mentor who sat on his low stool. He urinated into the Mentor's mouth, and the Mentor swallowed every drop, finally running his tongue over his lips. Now the Mentor produced a fine tube and a small glass flask. "There always remains some of your golden essence in the bladder. Today, we shall remove it." With that, the Mentor grasped Ralkei's penis, and slowly, but deliberately introduced the tube into his slit. Inch after inch entered him, and he could feel it inside. Finally a flow of urine began to fill the flask. "Good boy," the Mentor observed. When the flow had ceased, the ancient one removed the tube. "Let us now move to the bath," he said, and no sooner had they entered, than he directed Ralkei to get down on his hands and knees, with his head on the soft, plush carpet. Again, Ralkei felt a tube being inserted, this time in his asshole. He knew he was being given an enema, but as he looked back, he was startled to see the Mentor relieving himself in the vial that was connected to the tube. The Mentor's hot urine filled him, and he felt it begin to work. He expelled the awful in three bouts, and once finished, the Mentor inserted his finger to inspect.

"He is certified," the Mentor said, then exited.

With that two more priests arrived and began the tedious process of bathing him. When every pore had been cleansed, he was rubbed with a lightly scented oil. The assault on his body brought him to hardness. Each priest commented on the beauty and size of his organ. Each fondled his balls, and exchanged knowing glances.

"Your balls have grown, Initiator. They are filled with your seed. You shall fill the Venerated One today as never before!" Laoron bubbled.

Now one priest brought Ralkei a different Inhibitor. This one was gold in color and was highlighted with two large diamonds below and on either side of the sheath that would hold his penis.

Next the priest-attendants brought in a new robe. It was breath-taking in its beauty. Rich, deep reds, trimmed with ermine, and emblazoned with intricate gold embroidery.

Before either the Inhibitor or the robe could be placed on the boy, however, Laoron spoke.

"There is one more thing we must do, Initiator. As you now understand, we do everything possible to ensure a successful Bak'ur Lat, and for sixty-nine generations it has proven that we have done well. Laoron nodded to the other priests, and they grasped Ralkei's arms and bent him over at the waist and steadied him. Another spread his cheeks, and Laoron held up a strange looking device about an inch and a half long and three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Laoron inserted it into his mouth, then introduced it into the boy asshole. Ralkei gasped. Once inside the thing seemed to swell, filling him. "This will aid you as you approach the moment of Bak'ur Lat," Laoron announced.

"Wh..what if it slips out?" the boy asked.

Laoron glanced at the others and smiled. "It is an amazing device, Initiator. It is impossible for it to slip out until I direct it to."

By 10:00 A.M. all was ready, and they moved to the Chamber of the Bak'ur Lat. It was lavishly draped in a pearly white. It was not brightly lit, but there was ample light for all witnesses to see. There were perhaps two hundred chairs ringing the center raised area. On that was a padded platform perhaps about two and a half feet off the ground. Beside it was a low stand holding a bowl filled with lubrication.

So this is where it will take place, thought Ralkei. He glanced down and understood that his cock would come just above the top of the platform. "Is the platform adjustable, priest?" Ralkei asked Laoron.

"It is Initiator," he replied, "And all necessary adjustments have been made. Sit." Laoron now whispered into the boy's ear, "Try to relax, Ralkei. Shut everything else out. Focus only on the Bak'ur Lat. I will intercede on your behalf whenever anything is required of you. Just take my lead. Otherwise, focus on your task."

The boy, seemingly dazed, nodded. Yeah, right, he thought, relax.

At precisely 11:00 a gong sounded, and all who had gathered, stood. "Move to the edge of the bed, Initiator," Laoron whispered, and he guided Ralkei to the proper position.

Now a priest who appeared even older than the Mentor spoke. "It is the time of the Bak'ur Lat. Is the Initiator ready?"

"Repeat, as I speak, Ralkei. The boy listened, and spoke the words, hardly understanding them: "I am ready, my seed is thick and my eggs long for release. My spear of life longs to enter the Virgin's hole and issue a new generation."

"Your words say you are ready. Show us that it is so."

Now many hands removed the robe and the slippers, so that only the Inhibitor remained.

Many eyes scanned the boy's muscled body. They hung on his tapered torso, and rippled belly, his swollen pectorals, his long, lithe limbs.

"Remove the symbol of his loyalty."

Laoron released the Inhibitor. Immediately Ralkei's six inches sprang up, throbbing in readiness. A murmur of approval spread throughout the crowd. As Ralkei glanced up at the ancient one, he thought he saw the hint of a smile. "Inspect him."

Another priest now proceeded to do just that. Checking every possible part of his anatomy, including another finger up the ass.

"He is ready," the inspector announced.

"Then it is decreed."

Instantly there was another gong, and a procession entered. The Mentor finally appeared, followed by several priests carrying a chair upon which was seated the Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo.

His robe was gold trimmed with red ermine. He wore gold sandals. He gazed lustfully upon his Initiator.

The chair was set down, and the Venerated One stepped onto the central platform. All bowed. Ralkei, began to bow like the others, but Laoron stopped him. "No, Initiator," he whispered. "Today - only - you dominate the Venerated One. He shall bow to you." Which The Boy did almost as Laoron was speaking.

Again the ancient one spoke: "Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo, why have you come to this place?"

"I seek to become a man, as is prophesied by the Beloved One sixty-nine generations ago."

"Is he ready to become a man, Mentor."

"He is. His balls are full and his rod is like iron."

"Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo, are you ready to spill your seed, and thus perpetuate our race?"

"Lord, I am ready. My balls ache with fullness, and I hunger for release."

Ralkei worked to hide his smile, though it was difficult when the Venerated One glanced at him with a twinkle in his eye.

"The moment of Bak'ur Lat has arrived, Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo. Are you prepared to be mounted...to open yourself to the mysteries of our culture, to allow him who represents all Etuhc'neposians to bond with you. As you become one with the Initiator, so you become one with all our people. Are you ready, Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo?"

"I am, Lord."

"Then reveal yourself to Etuhc'nepo, and to the one who shall, in one act, guide on your journey from boyhood to manhood. By this act, you will spill your seed and he will bring you to manhood."

Here several priests stepped forward and removed the Venerated One's robe and sandals. His Inhibitor was completely covered with tiny gems.

"Remove the symbol of his chastity."

The Mentor removed the Inhibitor.

Now both boys stood before each other. The Venerated One bowed again, then stepped to Ralkei. "Initiator, you have been chosen to lead me into the sacred mysteries. Bless me with your strength, and spill in me your torrent of seed, that I may cross the threshold of my childhood, and release my essence even as yours fills me."

Ralkei, following Laoron responded: "I will fill you, Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo. I shall transport you to mysteries you have never before experienced, and Etuhc'nepo shall be made whole, once more."

The ancient one now spoke. "Show your respect to the Initiator."

The Venerated One glanced up at Ralkei and smirked for just an instant, then quickly knelt, pulled back the older boy's foreskin, and placed a kiss on his head. Ralkei felt a shiver of energy surge through him. The Venerated One sighed, as if finally a deep longing had been fulfilled. Ralkei felt his soft breath on his wet glans, and shivered again.

The ancient one motioned, and sat. All others moved away from the central platform and sat. The lights lowered all around, with the only light remaining in the center, focused on the platform. Ralkei looked over at Laoron. The priest held a small electronic control in his hand. He nodded to Ralkei.

The older boy leaned over and whispered in the Venerated One's ear, "So it begins, Sirluk. We shall love today as if all our tomorrows exist in this one moment." He reached out, took the younger boy's hand and led him to the bed. They stood together, their spears poking at each other. The Venerated one was almost three inches shorter than Ralkei, so their tips did not touch. but the poking of the royal member into Ralkei's sac and Ralkei's member poking the soft dark patch of silky pubic hair set each on fire.

Ralkei, taking the lead, breathed in The Boy's scent, and began tasting him, at the same time, working his hands over the younger boy's body. His mouth found The Boy's nipples, and he awakened them, causing them to rise into tiny erections, he lifted up and kissed The Boy's face, covering him with kisses, on his cheeks, forehead, eyelids, nose, ears, and mouth. The Venerated One was desperate, and he returned the kisses with hard, breathless kisses of his own. As their mouths were occupied, so too were their hands, traveling up and down their bodies. Ralkei, anxious to satisfy his hunger, reached behind and let his hands follow the tapering lines of The Boy's back, coming finally to rest on his royal ass. The two mounds were as smooth and firm and sculpted as he had imagined. He sighed into the Venerated One's mouth as his fingers caressed the smoothness of those two perfect boy globes.

This continued for several minutes - five, then seven, finally approaching ten - and the boys - unlike many children desperate to cum - continued their slow dance upon the other's body; each slowly awakening the other. Older priests wondered at the sight. Most boys, Venerated Ones and Initiators alike, were so driven my lust that they quickly moved to orgasm, most had shot within ten minutes.

Now, as if sensing the watchers' impatience, Ralkei grasped The Boy by his hips and urged him backward. The Venerated One settled onto the padded platform. A look which mixed fear with desperate wanting filled his eyes.

Ralkei began to go down on The Boy, but he stopped him, and drew Ralkei up over him so the older boy was kneeling, straddling his royal chest. A murmur spread throughout the room. The Venerated One kissed the Initiator's penis, licked it, then took Ralkei hesitantly into his mouth. Though Ralkei was unaware, certainly the Venerated One was aware of the tradition, the tradition which he now blatantly ignored, the tradition that said the Venerated One was to be passive.

Ralkei's muscles seemed to be charged by the inexpert sucking his cock was receiving. From behind, the watchers marveled at the way his buttocks pulled in at their sides, the hollows adding to the topography of two succulent melons of boy ass. Tiny tremors wracked the older boy's body, and now he bent down, whispering. "Sirluk, I must pull out, for if I do not, my seed will end up in the wrong opening." The Boy's eyes rolled up to find Ralkei's gaze. He released the Initiator's cock, and grinned. "Let me treat you to the same pleasures," Ralkei added.

Now Ralkei slid backward, off the bed, and folded The Boy's legs back and out of the way. He glanced up at the Venerated Virgin and could see the uncertainty forming on his face - uncertainty mixed with lust. Now Ralkei leaned over and tongue-bathed The Boy's legs, working his way toward the royal cock. He nuzzled his way into The Boy's patch of downy hair, then dropped down, nibbling on the loose skin that shaped the royal sac. He took each testicle in their turn into his mouth. His hands continued to stroke the silky-smooth skin of the Venerated One's body. He felt the tell-tale tremblings of pure, raw energy flooding across his body. His breathing was punctuated with sharp gasps, and Ralkei continued his work. Now, with The Boy's scrotum dripping from Ralkei's ministrations, the Initiator released the sac from his mouth, and extended his tongue to explore the buried root of the penis hidden behind the scrotum. For the first time, the watchers heard a groan from The Boy. There were nods of approval.

Ralkei dropped down again, drawing his long pointed tongue down between The Boy's two balls, snaking under his sac, to his perineum. The tiny, sharp ridge at it's center pressed into the tip of Ralkei's tongue as he trailed it downward toward the sacred bud. Where Ralkei had danced a delicate ballet before, he now danced a bold, brash flamenco, attacking the pucker with his soft, wet probing tongue. A whimper escaped from the Venerated one. At first Ralkei let his tongue circle the muscled ring searching for any sign of acceptance. Finally sensing a tiny spasm, Ralkei pressed in with his tongue, and the incredibly tight ring clamped hard on his tongue. A cry tore from The Boy's throat. Ralkei breathed in, luxuriating in the fragrance of The Boy's secret place. Then he planted his lips forming a tight seal over the pucker. He sucked hard and probed as deeply as possible and gradually felt the Virgin opening to him.

Backing away, he moved back to The Boy's balls, then finally, to his rigid three and a half inches of boycock. He licked up as if it were a popsicle. He heard and groan and looked up to see all the signs of total arousal. He licked back down, then up again, and this time swiveled his head and sucked The Boy's cockhead into his mouth. He tried to make his mouth as tight as The Boy's ass. The Venerated One's head snapped to the side, all the tendons and muscles in his neck straining. His body tensed. Ralkei began a slow up and down motion, keeping his tongue in constant motion around the half-inch diameter tool. The moaning was almost constant, and Ralkei knew the Venerated One was close. With effort, he pulled off, and straightened. He reached into the bowl and lathered his cock with lubrication. He reached down, and worked his finger into the tight hole that would soon be freed of its virginity. Ralkei had his other hand wrapped about The Boy's penis. As he probed The Boy's opening, the cock throbbed. Now Ralkei worked another finger in. As tight as The Boy was, Ralkei could tell he had been stretched in recent days. Now holding his fingers still, reveling in the warmth that surrounded them, Ralkei leaned over the Venerated One and whispered into his ear. "Soon, now, my love. Soon I will make you shoot like the fountains of Nalmor." He grinned, and The Boy whispered back, "Do not fear for the pain, should you see it on my face, for if your member is the source of my pain, then it is the sweetest pleasure indeed." Ralkei, at those words, bent down, and the two kissed like the lovers they were, tongues reaching in and exploring the other. Then Ralkei felt royal fingers press between them and reach down, grasping his cock. The fingers guided his tip to the sacred bud, then gently retracted the Initiator's foreskin. They lifted away from their kisses, Ralkei rising high above the Venerated One's genitals. They held each other in their gaze.

Ralkei waited, tracing tiny circles around the anus, a coy dance seeking an invitation. When he felt a quiver, the invitation had come and he pressed, willing an opening where there was none. The watchers instinctively straightened, straining for a better view, perhaps. Many were literally on the edge of their seats. Faces flushed and hearts raced. More than a few reached under their robes to satisfy a longing that had been building since the two boys first touched. The Venerated One stifled a gasp of pain and bit down on his bottom lip.

"Open to your Initiator," Ralkei mumbled. "Open now, Venerated Virgin of all of Etuhc'nepo. For your moment is upon us." He smiled down at his lover, proud of his addition to the ritual. His Sirluk struggled to smile back, and in that moment opened more to the thing that was assaulting him.

Ralkei pressed in. Oh, divine tightness. He stopped, for had he pressed on at that moment, he feared his seed would shoot before he wanted. Still he slowly masturbated The Boy. If the pain is too great, Ralkei knew, some boys lost their hardness. His entire consciousness seemed to be focused on The Boy's tool, to be sure it remained erect and steel-hard.

Now Ralkei pressed on. Tears filled The Boy's eyes, but behind them, he saw eyes full of lustful desire. It drove him onward, and Ralkei drove one final thrust deep into The Boy's chute. A cry escaped from the Venerated One as he lifted himself off the bed. A gasp ran through the crowd.

Ralkei panted with raw sex. He would have this boy under him. He would have him until he shot like a hard rain.

He waited for The Boy to accommodate him, and then he pulled back, beginning his thrusting. Waves of pain spread across The Boy's face with each action, but as Ralkei continued, he watched the pain yield to something else. At first the expression on the Venerated One's face seemed confused, as if he himself couldn't understand what was happening. But it brought relief to Ralkei, for he had seen it many times before. Many boys are unprepared for the transition from pain to pleasure. Many do not realize that the pain is the result of over-firing the nerves centered in the anal ring - the same nerves that transmit the sensations of pleasure.

Now Ralkei increased his action-both in The Boy's ass and on his cock. Waves of energy swept through the royal body, tightening every straining muscle. The Boy's chest heaved with desperate breaths. His head snapped to and fro. Everything within him sought the release which his exquisite agony demanded.

"Pleezzz," The Boy breathed.

Ralkei's muscled body strained every bit as much. From the back, watchers could see his large dorsal muscles bulge, further accenting the manly tapering of his torso. The sharp angles of his body seemed to pull all attention to the point of union between the two boys.

Now Ralkei worked his cock with increasing speed. He made sure to attack The Boy's orb of energy as he had been trained. Waves of spasms flowed across both boys. Ralkei knew it was near. Now the Mentor aided the ancient Lord to his feet; together they stepped to the bed. The Mentor handed an instrument shaped like a large spoon whose bowl extended upward to form a sort of hood. The Lord extended his hand outward, holding the instrument near The Boy's penis. The mentor reached out to the older man's hand and steadied it. The hood of the instrument extended over the pulsing cock and the hand that pleasured it.

The Mentor looked over at Laoron, and the priest turned a knob. Ralkei had forgotten about the device implanted inside his ass, but now he felt a new, odd pressure deep within him. It massaged his orb of energy, adding new urgency to his actions within his lover's chute...which caused The Boy's response to ratchet upward yet another notch. Now Laoron again adjusted the knob. Ralkei cried out and rammed the Venerated One's ass. Ralkei felt his cock swell, and his pumping became frantic. Every muscle in his body contracted to push the juice from him, and he blasted the first cum he'd shot in over a week.

The Venerated One heard the cries of his lover, then shook violently as deep inside his ass, he felt something strike the walls of his chute, and he whimpered as his whole body seemed to contract like some giant red star collapsing on itself. His back arched upward, until only his feet and his shoulders were on the bed. He thought, as his penis seemed to suck every bit of energy from the rest of his body, that he was about to die - for unless something changed, he could not continue like this...and then it did change. A violent spasm centered in his dick struck, and he exploded, screaming out in blessed release. A massive bolt of thin boycum sprayed out from his slit, drawing with it a huge release of energy. To the watchers, he seemed almost to be in the throes of a fit. Then before he could recover, before he could savor the first release, another spasm, and another blast of cum splashed against the instrument which the ancient Lord held. And another, and another, each one in synchronization with Ralkei's own spasms. After the third one, each one became a smaller echo of the previous one, until finally, the two boys collapsed on each other. The Venerated One's legs unfolded and wrapped around Ralkei, holding him, and they lay unmoving. The Mentor handed the Lord a vial, and with shaking hands, the Lord poured The Boy's essence into the tube.

There was stunned silence. Never had anyone remembered such a Lat - such a production of seed from a High Priest - for that is what in the instant of his cuming, the Venerated One had become. To be sure there were additional rituals, and the Craltuk for both boys, but The Boy who lay before them still linked in the sacred act of bonding was the High Priest of all of Etuhc'nepo.

Neither boy stirred, for they were both exhausted, and it would be many long minutes before they had recovered, and so it was, that neither was really fully conscious when many hands, lifted them apart, sucked them clean, and carried each of them to their respective residences. When they finally did come to, they were alone, save for the Mentor with the High Priest, and his assistant, Laoron, with the Initiator.


Ralkei stirred in his own bed. He stretched, still in sleep, arching and tightening his muscles. He blinked open, then dazed, let his eyes close again. Then his eyes opened again, trying to focus.

"You did very well, Initiator. Never has there been such as Bak'ur Lat. I swell with pride." Ralkei lay there on his back with his left leg bent at the knee, his other leg resting on top of his left foot.

The boy smiled, sighed, and closed his eyes again. "For once, Kei," Laoron said, "you are soft." The boy giggled, and stretched again. "Would you like me to pleasure you?"

Ralkei drew in a great, slow breath. "Not now," he said dreamily, and he reached down to fondle his genitals. That awakened him more, and he looked up. "How is the Venerated One?"

"I'm sure he is fine, Ralkei."

"Where is he?"

"I suspect he is being prepared for his first public appearance as the High Priest...if they can wake him, that is...for he sleeps as soundly as you."

Ralkei smiled that wonderful dimpled smile and his blue eyes sparkled. "I could sleep for a thousand years," he sighed.

"Well, perhaps after tomorrow," Laoron said, "But there is yet one more ritual for you to be a part of."

Ralkei propped himself up on his elbows. "What is its purpose, Laoron." The boy could see discomfort in the priest.

"It is called the Craltuk, Initiator, and it is a...a..." The priest seemed to be searching for just the right word, which was unusual for Laoron. "permanent 'marking' of the Initiator, signifying he has given his all to the High Priest. In that, you become the symbol for all Etuhc'neposians."

"What does it entail?" Ralkei watched as the priest's discomfort grew.

"You already know...the most visible part of the ritual."

Ralkei nodded. "My foreskin is cut away." He trembled at the thought, and again reached down to feel that part of him which soon would be missing.

"My son, your fear is born in not knowing. Look at me, Kei, am I not whole, though I am without the hood?" Ralkei shrugged. "And I will tell you, it is easier to keep myself clean down there." Laoron poked the boy in his most ticklish spot and smiled a wistful smile.

Ralkei barely reacted and shrugged as if he weren't sure it was an adequate trade-off. "Is there nothing else to this ceremony? For it seems there is something you are not saying."

"Ralkei," Laoron began, hoping the boy would not notice the quavering in his voice, "there are some secrets of which even I cannot speak; however, I shall tell you this: Anything else affecting you in the ritual of the Craltuk will not in any way cause you to appear any different than you are now - even to your closest friends." Laoron smiled again, trying to be reassuring, but to the boy, the smile seemed forced, and it had the opposite effect. "Now, Kei, allow me to pleasure you." The priest reached down and began to play with the soft two inch tool that hung over the boy's luscious, cum-filled balls. Laoron gazed upon them and sighed. The boy did not resist, and for this, Laoron was grateful, for the more times the boy could shoot his seed before the Craltuk, the easier it would be for him.

Unless... Laoron considered what he had discovered about Ralkei's heritage. The priest had had to go back thirty generations, but he found what he hoped he would find. It was one more link to the legend. Perhaps tomorrow, he would find out if it were only legend or not. Either way, the priest understood he must remain absolutely neutral in his attention...but still.

"Ralkei," he said in a low voice, "in all that happens tomorrow, listen for the spirits that may come to you, and open yourself to their urgings.


The next morning, the Mentor awoke the High Priest.

"Good morning, Venerated One."

"Good morning, Mentor."

As The Boy was dressed, he asked about the events of the day, for there were still ceremonies to come. That much he knew, and he knew for several days following, there was nothing scheduled - a time of rest and recovery, the Mentor explained.

"Well," the Mentor began. "There is the Craltuk of the Initiator this morning, at nine, though that only requires your signature on a document to authorize it...and then this afternoon, your Craltuk is scheduled."

"Just what is the Craltuk, Mentor?"

The Mentor maintained his passive gaze on the High Priest. "It is a ritual with two meanings. First for the Initiator, it signifies his absolute and total commitment to you, as he has given his all to you in the Bak'ur Lat...and for you, in your Craltuk, it symbolizes your bonding with the people of Etuhc'nepo - again a complete and total commitment in which your all is freely given to your people." The Mentor turned quickly to another subject. "Now, the Council will be..."

"But Mentor, what exactly happens during the Craltuk?"

"These are issues of ritual, and must not be spoken of before the appointed time."

"I see, Mentor." The High Priest was not satisfied with the response, yet he knew the Mentor would not add to his understanding.

"Now, Venerated One, I must see to preparations." He bowed, and the High Priest bowed in response.

When he had gone, the High Priest stepped into the hallway. Immediately guards came to attention. He passed quickly among them and before too many paces stepped into the Temple Library. A flurry of activity ensued.

"It's okay, it's okay," The Boy reassured. Before another moment passed the head librarian was standing before him. "How many we help, Venerated One?"

"I'm simply looking for some information," The Boy said, moving to a keyboard and a monitor. He glanced up to be sure the librarian was not too attentive. He typed in the word which interested him, but to his amazement, there was no entries found. He glanced at the large clock on the library wall. There was less than an hour before Ralkei's Craltuk.

"Head Librarian, perhaps I do require your assistance."

"Anything, High Priest."

"I seek to know about the Craltuk."

The Head Librarian literally shook with fear. Color drained from the top of his bald head to his neck. "It...it is not possible...High Priest."

"It is possible," The Boy responded with growing coldness, "for I am the High Priest. And you...you are but my underling - and perhaps not a very smart one at that, for if you were, you would understand the folly of denying the High Priest a simple request. Am I clear?"

The librarian nodded.

"Then I wish to see the source - complete."

With great reluctance, the librarian guided The Boy to the stacks of ancient books. The first book the librarian retrieved was in an ancient language.

"Something more modern, perhaps. Something I can read, librarian."

The librarian sighed, apparently resolved that he had lost. The next book was exactly what the High Priest needed."

"Thank you, librarian," The Boy said. "You have served me well, and I see no need to share our research with anyone else, do you not agree."

The librarian frowned, but bowed in acquiescence.

The first several chapters dealt with the history and meaning of the Craltuk. It was filled with uninteresting theories and facts. "The Craltuk will end with the coming of the second age of Etuhc'nepo." he read. "Yeah," he mumbled under his breath. All his life he'd been hearing about the second age of Etuhc'nepo. It was to be an age in which all strife ceased, all lived in abundance. The end of the Craltuk was just one more of the unfulfilled promises of the apparent myth of the second age.

Frustrated, the High Priest turned to the Table of Contents. "The steps of the Ritual," Chapter 8. The Boy quickly flipped through the first few pages, then came to the sub-heading, "The Circumcision". The High Priest stiffened, and without thinking, placed his hand around his boyhood. Indeed Ralkei had been correct. The procedure of removing the foreskin was described in great detail, complete with drawings, lest, apparently, the words not be clear enough. There followed another section presenting more words of the ritual. Then a section sub-headed, "Symbolic Yielding to The Greater Power." The High Priest began to read, but as he did so, his heart began to pound and he grew red with anger. "No," he murmured. "No...no...noo!" he moaned. "No!" he screamed finally. Glancing at the clock on the wall, he thought, it's too late, but perhaps he still had a chance.

Eight minutes earlier, Ralkei had stood at the entrance to Council Chamber. He was waiting to be summoned, waiting to learn what fate awaited, wondering what life as a former initiator would hold for him now. He stood as he had been instructed: straight and unmoving, head bowed. His life was about to change forever. He had become one of the elite in the mysteries of our home world; yet he had no real idea what that entailed save the one thing for which he had been mentored - the one thing he had already performed. What awaited beyond this door, like so much else about his new life, remained hidden. He had been selected to participate in most sacred of all the rituals of his people. Two weeks ago, he was just a normal 14 year old guy, then in an instant, that all changed.

Ralkei was summoned into the Chamber. There in the center was a round table with a large phallus at its center. One section of the table - pie shaped - had been removed. Ralkei was stripped completely, then the Mentor greased his hole. It struck Ralkei that this time everything was more rushed. It seemed there was an agenda and all where anxious to get to it.

Strong hands lifted the boy and placed him on the table. The phallus, some nine inches in length and an inch and a half in diameter rammed into his asshole, and he worked hard to open himself lest he be injured. His body stiffened, and the pain made it hard for him to focus. He felt his arms being strapped down to the table. Someone bound his head, making it impossible to move it from side to side. He could glance down, to see his splayed body, but otherwise he was immobile. Then his legs were secured on either side of the opening created by the missing pie-shaped wedge. Spitted on the phallus, and strapped down as he was, he was helpless.

Now the Mentor drew some strong incense close to his nose, and he breathed in. The Mentor did this several times, and each time the pain of the phallus in his ass seemed to lessen - or at least he seemed unable to focus on it as much, or anything else for that matter.

Now, as he looked dumbly down at his penis, the Mentor placed a metal sleeve over his head. Focusing with all his could summon, he realized it had been placed under his foreskin. Now, a glint caught his eye, and he looked from his cock. A sharp, shiny knife was the source of the flash that caught his attention. The Mentor dipped it in a solution, then carefully laid it on a tray. Ralkei struggled to focus on the tray. There was something else there, a lump...no...two lumps...under a cloth. Now the Mentor removed the cloth to reveal two large balls, not precisely round, but more oval in shape. In his dazed state, Ralkei thought they looked like what testicles must look like. Somewhere deep inside, a simmering discomfort began to build.

Now the Mentor reached down and gently massaged Ralkei's own testicles, stretching the sac, pulling down with increasing strength. Now the Mentor spread a liquid completely covering his scrotum. An assistant then produced a string and bound his balls tightly.

"Why..." Ralkei murmured. He wanted to say more, but the words wouldn't come. But it didn't matter anyway. A hard object...another phallus-shaped device - filled his mouth. Someone held his mouth closed, so words were impossible.

The boy looked down and saw the Mentor pick up the knife. He sat on a low stool, then pulled himself closer to the boy's genitals. He grasped Ralkei's penis in his hand. It had lost some of its hardness, so it was easy to bend. The first touch of the knife moved the boy from his stupor. He looked down, and a thin line appeared bright red where the knife did its work. Suddenly the knife created a feeling of burning in the boy, but it was just fleeting, immediately replaced by a searing, raging pain unlike anything he'd ever felt before. He struggled, but he was unable to move. Any attempt resulted in the phallus in his ass causing another - duller - pain, but no less real. Ralkei bit hard on the thing in his mouth and every muscle in his body grew taut and hard. The Mentor, unfazed, continued to draw the knife around his penis. The blood flowed everywhere...and then the priest was done. He began to peal the useless hood away from what remained.

"NO!" A boy's high-pitched scream filled the chamber. "Stop!"

Not a body moved. Then recovering his composure, the Mentor rose. "This is not your place, High Priest. Leave, and allow us to complete the Craltuk."

"And what," The Boy snarled. "Leave, so you can cut off his balls!"

Ralkei's eyes widened now, showing he understood all too well what had been clouded in his understanding before. He understood now why Laoron's balls felt different, why his cum was merely a thin oozing - less than that even of a boy's at his first cuming. All this he understood, and he understood he, too, was about to be gelded, but he was helpless to move, to do anything to save himself.

"It is our way, High Priest. It is a symbol of..."

"Yes, yes, Mentor...a symbol...of destruction, but that's not the real purpose, is it Mentor! It's no mere symbol, is it!" The High Priest turned to the Council members. "Is it!" he screamed. "No, it's to be sure no other can feel the seed of the Initiator...and that the seed of the High Priest is only available once...so no other of his offspring may come into this world." He glared at all around him. "That's the real purpose, so your ritual be damned!" His blazing eyes gazed down at his love. He cast his glance to the bloody appendage that hung over stretched balls.

"I shall continue," the Mentor said with determination. He turned now and prepared to make an incision, stretching the scrotal skin tight over one testicle.

"You shall not, Mentor!" The Boy sounded fierce and several in the Council actually trembled.

What happened next became the source of legends for generations later. The Venerated One could think only of his love for Ralkei. Only of the flooding of his chute with his lover's seed...only of the fact that that was about to be taken from him forever.

The Boy stepped forward as the Mentor brought the knife point to the skin that glistened, stretched. "I said, NO!" Though he stood ten feet away, he flung his hand out as if to grasp the wretched impliment and wrest it from the Mentor, and suddenly the stroke of the knife stopped. The Mentor seemed to struggle to continue. Now, in shock and fear, Council members began to rise. "Away," the High Priest commanded, and now, as if all strength had been sapped from him, the Mentor seemed to relent, and suddenly threw the knife behind him, where it imbedded deep in a column (and there it remains to this day). Later some would say the knife flew from his hand, but what actually happened is less clear. With respect to the knife, that is. What happened next is recorded in the history of Etuhc'nepo, for all eternity. The High Priest stepped to the Initiator, pushed the Mentor away. The Mentor made an attempt to resist, but the young priest, Laoron, stepped to him, and guided him away, as if leading a feeble old woman. The High Priest bent down and stared at the foreskin. Such ugliness where there should have been only beauty. Dazed, and realizing it would make little difference, the High Priest gently removed the metal sleeve, and then with the utmost care slid the foreskin back into place. It continued to bleed. Ralkei winced for the pain was great. The High Priest wrapped a cloth around it. He would see to it that the best surgeons in the home world would try to repair the damage. removed the phallus from Ralkei's mouth.

"I'm okay," Ralkei breathed.

"I'll get you aid," the High Priest said.

"No, just..." Ralkei suddenly felt a strange presence guiding him to a place he was uncertain of, yet he could not resist - did not want to resist. "...just take me inside your mouth."

The High Priest was immediately repulsed by the prospects of a bloody stump in his mouth, but how could he deny the boy he loved. And so he did. He tasted the blood of his lover, but soon it was as if it never was there. He worried that his action would rip the severed foreskin off, but as Ralkei's hands on his head urged him, he began an slow, delicate up and down motion. At first Ralkei moaned in pain, but soon that gave way to something different, and once, when in his fervor, the High Priest allowed the stiffened cock to slip from his mouth, the Council members gasped, for the cruel wound had been healed. The High Priest, drew back the foreskin and found it once again attached.

"The prophecy, Mentor," Laoron breathed. "'And he shall make him whole.'"

"Perhaps," mumbled the Mentor, but that is only half."

The young priest shook his head in disappointment, sad that the Mentor truly had such little faith.

The High Priest resumed his efforts on the six-inch cock that he held in his hand. Though he had not been instructed in the ways of taking a man in his throat, he did so now in a way Ralkei had never felt before. It was as if the High Priest had tiny tongues all up and down his throat. Energy coursed through his veins, and he moaned, feeling the release was quickly approaching. The High Priest felt a change, too. A force greater than all others compelled him to act upon his lover as he was now doing. The more he savored his lover's penis, the greater he felt the power. Now, feeling the boy's soft hair on his lips, the High Priest sucked down hard on the cock that filled his mouth and throat. He felt the organ strengthen and grow. He pulled back one more time, and Ralkei, unable to hold any longer shot is essence into the High Priest's mouth. The sensations of blast after blast of his lover's come transported the High Priest to a place of incredible lightness. Oddly, while the penis in his mouth remained rigid, it seemed to grow smaller - more he thought, the size of his own boyhood. At the same time, the soft hair pressed against his lips seemed to disappear. The High Priest felt as though he were glowing, and when he heard another gasp and loud murmurs from the gathered council, he opened his eyes. He looked again at Ralkei, and he too, was aglow - literally. Sex, he thought, in his dazed state, is an incredible thing. But as the High Priest watched the boy he loved so much, he - Ralkei - seemed to change, growing younger - smaller - somehow. Yet, at the same time, as Ralkei gazed up his lover, his 'Sirluk', the younger boy seemed to grow bigger before his eyes.

In their mystical reverie, the two boys loved each other as no two had done before; they loved what the other had become in these sacred moments. But after a moment, they focused off themselves and onto the Council. Startled murmurs of "miracle" and "the prophecy fulfilled" and "two shall become as one" spread among the members. Even the Mentor, overcome, stood in awe.

For while the two boys thought at first the changes they had seen in themselves were merely shared dreams of their deepest wishes, now they understood, the Council members had seen the changes as well. The changes were physical; they were real. While Ralkei's body had become smaller, the High Priest had changed to become almost the mirror image of Ralkei. The High Priest removed the straps that bound Ralkei. Together they stood before the Council - together, as equals. Two made for each other: perfect complements, the yin and the yang, two sides of joined perfection. They basked in the stunned silence that greeted them, and understood - though how exactly remained a mystery - that great things were unfolding for the people of Etuhc'nepo.

The prophecy was clear: It revealed a coming time in which two would rule as one. It would be an age where all strife would cease, where all would live in abundance. There would be no doubt when this age arrived, for it would be ushered in by a miracle. In the two boys who stood before them, perhaps both appearing to be thirteen years of age and on the cusp of puberty, the people of Etuhc'nepo found the prophecy fulfilled.


It was a late night several weeks after the events of the days of the Bak'ur Lat. In the home of the family of Ralkei of Similaithia all was quiet. People still drove by, leering, trying to see where the Venerated One once lived and grew into puberty, where he spilled his first seed, where he pleasured himself and others who had come forward to say he had entered them or brought them to orgasm, but it had begun to quiet down, and in the quiet, the family struggled with their emotions. They were confused emotions: pride, fear, loss, joy, sorrow.

"What will become of him," Ralkei's mother had asked her husband over and over. But she already knew there was no real answer. Tonight, like so many nights of the past weeks, little Sirluk sulked, feeling robbed of his brother's hand which had brought him so much pleasure. As it was, his sister sat at her mother's feet watching the video of the two Venerated One's blessing some school children. "He looks happy," she said to her mother, and Ralkei did. But Sirluk was not so content. Little boys, it seems, are more demanding of pleasuring than little girls, and so he pressed himself against his father's genitals. "Pleezzz, father," he whined. "Again, Sirluk?" his father moaned. He reached down and burrowed his fingers inside the boy's tunic and inside his undergarment. The boy's tiny poker slid easily between his fingers. The boy sighed.

His father's ministrations on the boy were, however, interrupted. "Mother!" the girl gasped, and immediately the father, still cradling the small boy, rose up off the sofa. Before them stood two robed priests - two boys, it seemed - their hoods shielding them from all sight. A wave of fear flooded across the family. Suddenly all the uncertainty of the past weeks was focused in this moment. Slowly, one reached up and lifted back his hood.

"Kei!" the little boy screamed, but the others shifted uneasily. Was this indeed their Ralkei, or were they now standing before the Venerated One - who was once their Ralkei?

The little boy scrambled down from his father and leapt into his brother's arms. They hugged and laughed and cried, and when he could catch his breath, Ralkei turned to the figure that had remained hooded and spoke. "This, is the other Sirluk, this is my love."

With that, the other robed figure removed his hood to reveal the boy who had been known to all of Etuhc'nepo as the Venerated Virgin.

"I see why you miss him," the older Sirluk said with a grin. "Come here, Sirluk, namesake of the High Priest of Etuhc'nepo." The younger High Priest held out his arms, and little Sirluk shyly reached out and was lifted into his arms. After a moment, he snuggled against his brother's partner, and sighed. The two boy-priests smiled.

"This is my family," Ralkei said. "My family who was my family before all of Etuhc'nepo became my family," he restated to express the true facts. "But they are still the ones whom I love with all my heart."

"Then they are also my family," the younger priest said, "for your Ralkei and I are one. What is of him, is of me. And what is of me is of him."

"Huh?" the little boy said. "That's talking in circles."

A look of horror spread across Ralkei's mother and father and his sister. Such a contradiction of the High Priest must be treasonous. Ralkei and his lover looked at each other and broke into silly boy grins. "Well, Sirluk, maybe you're right. Perhaps we need to appoint you to be a special advisor to the High Council. He grinned at the two adults. Now Ralkei stepped to his father and mother who embraced him, and covered his face with kisses. For Ralkei there could be no better life than what he had right now. Tears of gratitude and happiness welled up in his eyes. He turned to the other Venerated One and saw tears spilling from his eyes as well. Truly, they were one. He glanced down and found his lover's hand already pleasuring his little brother. He smiled, and added his hand to bring the small child even more pleasure.


The Reign of The Two, as it was known down through the ages, was said to last as long as their adolescence, as was the Etuhc custom. But histories seem to mix myth with fact at this point, for it is said that their adolescence spanned a quarter century. People were neither surprised nor disappointed, for it, too, had been prophesied.

It was said that their love for each other kept them perpetually young, and in their youth, they wished only happiness for their people. And as was prophesied, their people did know happiness and fulfillment in the second age of Etuhc'nepo.