Virtual Boy

By: Gaco
Story Start Date: 10-19-2005

This story is fictional, I'm sorry if it resembles your life in any way shape or form. Constructive criticism is welcome. If gay relationships offend you, then “How did I manage to start reading this story?” is a good question to be asking yourself. This story does not include any sex scenes, and I do not plan on making any.

This story is owned solely by Gaco and may not be copied by any means by any unlicensed individuals, groups, or orginazations.

Copyright ©2005 Gaco. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 1

Kevin Oscar is 15. He plays computer games and he is gay. When he started playing the hit game Counter-Strike he met a player who called himself Parker. After talking and chatting a lot with ‘Parker’, Kevin found out his real name was Thomas. Thomas and Kevin both had the same interest when it came to computer games; they both played many FPS games and a couple MMOG’s (Massive Multiplayer Online Game).

Kevin: Have you heard of the new game? It’s called World of Wonders.

Parker: No I haven’t. What’s it like?

Kevin: Well, there is this really cool VR interface, where it almost feels like you are there in person.

Parker: That’s awesome. When does it come out?

Kevin: Tomorrow. I’m going to get it from the game store after school.

Parker: Awesome, I guess I’ll get it too, so we can play together.

Kevin: Yeah I hope we can, it’d be a crime to not play a game with you after all this time of playing games together.

Parker: That’s true I suppose.

Kevin: Hey, it’s late I have to go to bed, school comes early you know.

Parker: LOL I know… Talk to you later I suppose.

Kevin: Cya.

The two boys then logged off of their computers. Kevin set his alarm, crawled into bed and fell asleep. He had a multitude of dreams that night one of which included Parker. Parker and Kevin were together, holding hands and walking through a forest, when they were suddenly attacked by a group of bandits. They used magic and weapons just like in a game, yet, it seemed so very real. Kevin woke up to the blaring alarm clock, hitting the snooze button so hard he thought he could have broken it. He got up, went through his normal morning routine of taking a shower, brushing his teeth, and finally getting dressed. After eating a quick breakfast of cereal he ran outside to catch the bus.

The bus was overcrowded and extremely uncomfortable. Since he was the last person on the bus, he always had to share a seat with 2 other people, this was not at all enjoyable. Once the horrible journey to school was complete, he went inside to attend his first class, math. No better way to make a typical Monday other than having math first thing in the morning. Kevin was pretty good in math but by far it wasn’t his favorite subject. He managed to drag through the day daydreaming about the new game he would get after school.

When school finally let out, Kevin walked the mile and a half to the city bus station. He used his bus pass to get on the bus and ride to the game shop. After purchasing his game, he went home and installed it. Kevin decided to wait for Parker to get online to actually start the game, he wanted to experience it at the same time. After about an hour of surfing the web Parker logged on.

Kevin: Hey Parker. What’s up?

Parker: Not much, just got back from the game store, you ready for this?

Kevin: Yeah I’ve already installed it, just waiting for you to install so we can go into it together.

Parker: Cool, give me a second.

Parker took the time to install his game and bring up the launch menu. He then messaged Kevin.

Parker: Ok ready when you are.

Kevin: Lets do it!

Kevin clicked the “start game” button and the screen went blank. After a few seconds a menu came up with a basic mannequin. He was asked to customize his avatar. Kevin gave himself the typical blonde hair blue eyes. And a lean body that’s about 5’9 and the perfect amount of muscle. After Kevin created his character’s avatar, he clicked ‘next’. A menu came up and asked ‘What is your name’ Kevin entered ‘Kevin’. ‘How old are you?’ Kevin entered ‘15’. ‘Male or female?’ ‘Male’ ‘Please choose your sexual orientation from the list below.’ Kevin had to pause for this one. He wasn’t sure if he should be honest, or tell it what people wanted to hear. Kevin decided it wouldn’t matter since it was online anyways, and clicked gay. Once again Kevin clicked ‘next’. The screen went blank again and text came up in the center. ‘Do you TRULY wish to escape this world?’ Kevin thought about the question, and decided it was pretty harmless and he didn’t see any objections. It was a computer game after all, right?

Kevin typed in yes, and the screen went blank again. After about 10 seconds of stairing at the screen, everything around him turned black, and he begun to get scared.  Then as suddenly as it had started, he appeared in a meadow outside of a town. ”What the…” Kevin asked himself. He turned around and realized he was no longer still in his room! He could feel the air moving around him, the soil under his feet, and smell the fire burning in the town about 100 meters away. ‘No’, Kevin thought, ‘this definitely isn’t my room.’ Just then he heard a voice from behind him. ‘A voice. I cant hear players voices… I don’t have headphones or a microphone.’ He thought. Instinctively almost he knew the name of the person in front of him without ever seeing this person before. It was Parker.

“Hello.” Parker repeated.

“OH hey Parker, what’s up” Kevin asked.

“Not much he said, just got in the game too.” Parker replied.

“It feels kind of crazy actually… almost too real.” Kevin said.

Kevin had the urge to reach out and touch Parker’s arm. Instantly after he touched Parkers arm, Kevin knew all the information about parker, including the fact that he’s homosexual. Kevin was surprised at that fact, but was also excited. The friend who he had always played games with, who constantly got him excited is gay too! They decided they should start playing the game.

They walked towards the town and as soon as they entered a computer controlled character approached them. “Hello. I am Arwin, and I’ll be your guide to the World of Wonders. The first thing you will need to do is choose a class. You can do so by speaking with a QuestMaster. There is a QuestMaster in each town and they are denoted by the sign you see hanging above the third door on the right.” He said, pointing to a sign with a big blue engraved eye on it.

We thanked Arwin and went on our way to visit the questmaster. Once we got into the shack we saw an old man. He was talking to himself and waving his hands like a madman. ‘Hmm, he seems pretty deranged’ Parker accidentally thought aloud.

He looked around and Kevin was just smiling. The old man didn’t hear the comment so they approached him. He finally recognized their presence.

“Greetings newcomers! I am John the Namer. You will get your classes from me. Let’s see here. Do you boys know what it is that you want to be.”

They both shook their heads no.

“Very well then” John said. “Let me read them off the list to you.






“MAGE!” Kevin and Parker said in unison, interrupting John. They looked at each other and gave each other a high five for choosing the same thing. ‘Strange’ Thought Kevin. ‘I feel as if I am in complete control of my surroundings, I’ve never been able to do that in a game’.

“Very well.” John said. He waved his hands and the two boys were encompassed in a volley of light. Kevin felt a cold shiver as the light passed over him. They were given two basic spells ‘Shock’ and ‘Mundane Flame’.

“Awsome” they both said, once again in unison.

Both boys ran out of the shack while the old man was babbling on to no one in particular. On their way into the city they saw some wild boar just outside of the city gates. They went outside and practiced their skills. Each boy took a different boar, and fired several volleys of flame and sparks at boar. Once they both reached level 3 from slaying wild boar. The server clock chimed 6 times, signaling 6PM EST. Both boys realized that it would be time to eat dinner shortly, and said their goodbyes. It wasn’t until they tried to log out of the game, that they realized it wasn’t working.

Chapter 2

“What do we do?!” Parker cried after trying to log out for 5 minutes.

“Well I consulted the help files, all we are supposed to do is think log out…” Kevin replied.

“Obviously its not working.” Parker said stating the obvious.

“No shit Sherlock… Let me think.” Kevin said, pausing for a minute. “Parker… Did you happen to answer a strange question when you were registering your account?”

“Uhm… What are you talking about?” He replied.

“When I registered, there was a question. It asked ‘Do you truly want to escape the world?’ I answered yes to it.”

“Wow… I answered the same question the same way.” Parker said, while the meaning dawned on him.

“I think we are stuck here bud.” Kevin said.

Just then, Parker heard his stomach grumble. “What are we going to do? I’m hungry, Kevin.”
“We’ll figure something out. Let’s collect these boar hides and see if we can sell them or something.”

After collecting about 6 boar hides a piece, they had no more room in their packs. They started to head back into town when the wind picked up. Suddenly, out of no where a bird, the size of a house swooped down towards the two boys. They both dove separate directions, out of the way. The bird hit the ground, pulling up dirt in it’s talons as it flew back into the air. Kevin noticed it was coming around to attack Parker. Kevin cast both his shock spell and mundane flame. However, the great bird was hardly phased. Just as the bird’s talons were inches from Parker’s face, someone in the distance shouted “FREEZE!” Instantly the bird stopped. Slowly a sheet of ice encased the bird and the bird fell to the ground with a very loud and resounding thud.

Kevin ran over to Parker who was still frozen with fright. Kevin saw that the bird was beginning to thaw and was still very much alive and snatched Parker in the direction of the voice. They ran as fast as they could, but soon heard the familiar sound of those great beating wings. They ducked into a small crevice between several rocks. Holding each other tight, both terrified for their life, they looked up to once again see it coming at them. Knowing this would be their last time, they kissed. It was not a kiss full of lust, but only of eternal love; love that one only realizes before death.

They looked up to see the great bird only a foot from them claws ready to pick them up. They decided at the same time to give the bird one last chance with mundane fire. They both raised their unoccupied hands, pointing their palms towards the bird. Just as they forced the magic from their hands, they were shaken, almost like being electrocuted. A great power coursed through the two and the bird was obliterated. Feathers, guts, blood, and bird meat flew everywhere. Ironically, it smelt like chicken. Seconds later, the two boys passed out.

They awoke with someone shaking them from their hiding place. There was a grinning face staring down at them.

“Which one of you did that!?!?”

“Uh… Neither? I don’t know” Was Kevin’s dazed response.

“Well I sure didn’t do it, and we are the only people around.” The stranger mused.

“I don’t know then.” Kevin shrugged.

“Well….. You two ok?” the stranger asked.

The two boys nodded and stood up. Noticing they were still holding hands, the dropped each other’s immediately. They both blushed.

“Don’t worry about it mate, you were terrified… close to death, I would have done the same thing.”

The two boys knew that was true, but there was also much more than death that brought them together. They could both feel it from when the power expelled it’s self from their bodies.

“I’m Dango by the way.” The boy said.

“Cool. I’m Kevin, and this is my friend Parker.” Kevin spoke

Dango shook both their hands. Smiling the entire time.

“Where are you from Dango?” Parker asked.

“Australia, mate. You two?”

“We’re both from the US. I’m from Georgia.” Kevin spoke.

“And I’m from New York. Why are you online so late, Dango?”

“Late? It’s nearly 10 AM. It’s the morning.” Dango spoke.  “I do have to get going in a bit however, I got school. Only a half day today. Im sure you two could make a meal out of the bird meat. Go to the Inn, in town, and see if you can get a room. You two look like you need your energy build back up. I’ll be goin now. Gday.” As Dango finished speaking, he vanished into thin air.

Both boys’ mouth was hanging open from Dango logging out.

“I guess it is us…” Kevin spoke.

“I wonder if our bodies are still in front of our computers…. Or if we truly are here.” Parker said more to himself than anyone else.

“Come on, we need to rest.” Kevin spoke up. “I’m completely exhausted from that huge blast. Lets get to that Inn.”

They begun walking when Parker spoke up. “How did we do that?” He said, referring to the power.

“I have no idea. I do know that I love you though.” As Kevin said it they both felt a surge.

Parker smiled back to Kevin and said “I love you too.”

They walked silently to the town. Once they found the inn, they traded 8 boars’ hide for one night’s stay. They walked into their room and noticed it was quite like the rest of the ‘game’. No technology. Kevin decided to use the rotisserie over the fireplace for their chicken. After it was cooked, they ate a small portion and decided to rest. They both got into the only bed in the room, laid down, and both passed out, into a dreamless sleep just after 8pm.

They woke to hear a banging on the door. Kevin got up, walked to the door and opened it. It was a maid. She told them they had 1 hour to get out. “So early” Kevin yawned while walking back to the bed where Parker was still laying. Kevin slithered back under the covers and cuddled next to Parker.

Kevin kissed parker on the back of the neck then whispered “It’s time to get up my love.”

“Can’t we just sleep another few minutes?” Parker begged.

“Only if you want that big scary maid to take you to the cleaners with the sheets.” Kevin joked.

Parker jumped up like he was terrified and made an insane dance. They both broke out into a laugh that was sure to be heard for miles. They both got dressed and walked out of the Inn.

“It’s all so realistic, Kevin. I wonder if other people see it the way we do; with the maids, beds, cuddling and all those details.” Parker thought.

“I don’t know.” Answered Kevin.

The pair went to talk to the QuestMaster. Once they arrived the crazy man was once again babbling to himself. However, the second we walked into the room he stopped.

“You two have gained 10 levels!?” He screamed, incredulously.

“Did we?” Kevin paused. “Oh wow! We did!”

The two boys searched through their knowledge and realized they now knew a numerous amount of new spells. The spells were ‘Blinding Light’, which blinds their opponents with a bright flash, ‘Ethereal Shield’, which is a protective barrier around the caster, ‘Thorns’, which grows a field of thorns that slows their opponents down, ‘Lightning Bolt’, which calls for a bolt of lightning to fall from the sky and attack an opponent, ‘Torch’ which sets opponents to flame, ‘Reign of Stone’, which rains small stones down from the sky, ‘Freeze’, which temporarily freezes their opponents while doing damage, ‘Apprentice Lock smith’ which allows for locks up to level 5 to be opened, and finally ‘Home’, which allows the mage to create a temporary abode anywhere with a 10 foot clearing and although it does not offer perfect protection, it does offer protection from the elements.

Speaking very clearly for the first time, John the Namer sounded excited and sad at the same time. “The two of you are not normal mages of the World of Wonders. unlike the other players of the ‘game’, I am sure you have noticed that you can not leave. The World has chosen you two. You will become great kings together. Kings of the World. There will be great love and happiness in your lives. However, there will be great loss and sorrow as well.” By this time Kevin was looking at Parker like the guy was crazy. He knew they couldn’t leave, but he felt all this was a bit far fetched. “The prophecies of The World have foretold the two of you. Lovers, separated by a great distance, brought together by an imaginary land which is more real than they think. Life as you know it has changed. The prophecies speak of death, destruction, and chaos. You will experience the suffering of a dying race, and will have little control over the process. I will attempt to guide you through your path. However, be warned, temptation leers at every corner. It is time. I will unlock what hidden powers of yours that I can, however, you must unlock your TRUE power on your own, in time.”

He placed his hands on our shoulders and instructed us to clear our minds. I felt a gentle energy flow through me and after a few seconds I felt his feelings, several of his strongest thoughts, and everything about his stats, like I noted about Parker.

John began to speak again after regaining his composure. “You both can now sense feelings, which includes truth or lies. You can ‘hear’ a persons’ most strongly felt thoughts. You can also instantly know everything in a player or character’s profile such as name, age, level, powers, etc. Know this however; you are not invincible or unique. As we speak, there are two others, like yourselves who have extraordinary powers. You have the ability to hide your powers, feelings, identity, and level from all who seeks that information, save the two evil ones. Beware of their promise of power, and their amazing beauty, for it is not as wonderful as it seems. Greed and lust are their true power. If you didn’t need them, I would rip your eyes out now, and tell you that you will never advance beyond a stable boy. Yet, I know your true destiny, and I know what you are to become.”

John paused for a bit, apparently thinking; however, he quickly opened his eyes wide and whispered harshly while waving magic about. “Quickly! You must escape; the Evil Ones are in this very town, looking for you. They are much too powerful for you to face this early.” As he said that, a hole in space appeared in front of us. It’s sides were like water, distorting the things behind them, yet the center was a swirling of black and white. “Go through this portal, you will arrive in Braximus Prime. Lie low and conceal your identity from all. It will be simple, since it is the capital city of The World. Do not worry about me, I will be safe.”

John more or less pushed the two boys through the portal and when they stepped out they were in a city with buildings as tall as the sky. Even though The World did not have great technology, it still had amazingly tall buildings. Kevin was lost; being from Georgia he had never saw buildings so tall. However, Parker was right at home in the gigantic city. Parker immediately set off walking, looking around. He had to drag Kevin to get him to follow and not gape at the view, in a stupor.

They stopped in front of a large building with a sign in front of it that said ‘Eternal Sleep Apartments’. Kevin didn’t like the idea of sleeping forever but parker didn’t care and dragged him inside.

Kevin then spoke “How are we going to pay for this?”

“John slipped me some coin when we were going through the portal.” Parker replied smugly.

“I see.” Was Kevin’s response.

“We need a place to live; I think we are stuck here.” Parker said.

“As long as I am stuck here with you, I think it will be bearable” Said Kevin.

The two boys walked to the front desk and spoke with the attendant. After paying the rent of the first month’s pay, and arriving inside the apartment. Kevin let loose.

“700 coin!? Have you gone mad!? We can’t afford that, do we even have money left for food?”

“Don’t stress, love. We still have enough for next month’s rent and food to hold us until then.” Parker said trying to calm Kevin down.

Kevin was still visibly upset when there was a knock on the door. He sighed, walked to the door, and opened it. He was shocked to see Dango, grinning at him, dagger in hand.

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