Virtual Boy

By: Gaco

Story Start Date: 10-19-2005

This story is fictional, I'm sorry if it resembles your life in any way shape or form. Constructive criticism is welcome. If gay relationships offend you, then "How did I manage to start reading this story?" is a good question to be asking yourself. This story does not include any sex scenes, and I do not plan on making any.

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Chapter 3

"'Ello mates!" Dango said pulling his arm back to throw the dagger.

"Duck!" Kevin screamed to Parker.

The two boys ducked simultaneously just as the dagger left Dango's hand. It flew over Kevin and Parker into the closet with a loud thud. The two boys shot back up, erect; staring at the grinning Dango.

"Blinding Light" Parker screamed.

"Thorns!" Kevin shouted.

There was a bright flash in the room, and vines started growing out of the floor, restraining Dango. Once the two boys were satisfied that Dango could do them no further harm, they approached him.

Angrily, Parker demanded "What did you do that for!"

Dango just smiled back at Parker and calmly said "I was just doing the gods a favor. Ridding this vile world of vermin."

"I thought you were our friend." Kevin pleaded. "However, now I guess we will have to destroy you, to protect our secret, and our lives.

Dango looked at the boys confused. Then his face brightened up like a light bulb turned on and started laughing uncontrollably.

"What's so funny? You're about to die!" Demanded Parker.

"You thought I was trying to kill you!?" Dango laughed. "You are only a couple of kids with weak nothingness powers, why would anyone want to do that. You're not worth the time" Dango noticed the still confused look on the two boy's faces. "Open the closet." He said.

Kevin cautiously walked over to the closet, and pushed the curtain aside. "Oh shit!" He exclaimed as the body came into view.

"Wow" was all Parker could muster.

"Who is he?" Kevin asked Dango, while releasing the spell he cast.

"I don't know, some thief, they're all over this city." Dango said nonchalantly. "I have a quest to kill like 50 of them and I get 1000 gold and 160 exp. The old man told me you'd need a friend and protector as he pushed you through the portal and sent me through as well. I followed you here."

"What was that bit about protecting a secret mate?" Dango asked.

"Uhm..." parker stuttered.

"What do you know about us Dango?" Kevin asked.

"I know you're both poofs. Low level ones at that." He replied.

"Poofs?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah... Gays, homos, fags... you know... poofs." Dango said.

"OH!" The two boys responded.

"And that's it?" Kevin asked.

Dango nodded his head.

"How much do you know about the legends and lore of World of Wonders, Dango?" Parker asked.

"Well mate I pride myself in reading all the legends and lore I come by. I even know the bit about the two kings... Personally I believe the creators were homos and just put that bit in to have some gay thing in the game." Dango said.

"That's cool. I guess Parker and I will have to read up on that kinda stuff then... Might help us out in the future." Kevin said elbowing Parker trying to quiet him down.

Noticing Kevin was seated on the bed and Parker was sitting in a chair Dango asked "How do you sit in the chair like that? I have never been able to do that!"

"I just do it... I don't know... Nothing special." Parker replied.

"Hrm... Okay... If you say so..." Dango said. "Ok guys we need to get you some armor and stuff so you're protected from attacks like that bird and stuff. We can't have you running around without weapons either. Let's go to the market."

The three boys walked out of the apartment. As soon as Dango was out of the apartment door and into the hall he disappeared. The boys reasoned that he might have just ran ahead so they walked down the stairs and out the front door. Once they exited the building they saw Dango waiting for them at the steps.

"Man you blokes must have slow ass computers. It took like a year for you to load." Dango said.

"Uhh... We were just walking down the stairs and out the hallway." Parker replied.

"RIGHT!" Dango retorted. "Don't try to cover up that you have cheap computers by making stuff up. Let's go."

Kevin and Parker looked at each other with wide eyes realizing other people don't see the World as they do. They silently nodded at one another and followed Dango towards the market.

As they were making their way from one cart to another they passed a couple of warriors talking and overheard their conversation.

"Did you hear about those two boys that went into comas from playing this game?" One warrior said to the other.

"Oh my god yeah I did! It was on CNN!" The second warrior responded. "I also heard from a friend that works at a hospital in New York that when one of the boy's bodies were taken into the hospital it vanished into thin air in the back of the ambulance!"

"OH MY GOD!" Kevin screamed.

Parker practically tackled one of the warriors trying to get information. "Did you hear anything else about them? Like were they found? Are they dead? What's going on!?"

"Pfft I wouldn't worry about it kid. Probably just two fags trying to get with each other from a long ways away. They'll hitchhike to each other or something... You know how those homos are when it comes to sex. Such disgusting people. They'll all rot in hell one day!" The warrior responded.

"Right... yeah... okay... Uhm. Thanks..." Parker said walking back over to Kevin.

Kevin wrapped his arms around Parker and held him close. Kevin kissed Parker on the forehead reassuringly trying to stop his tears.

"It'll all work out... You'll see. Please stop crying. It's O. K." Kevin said not even convincing himself.

"Ahem..." Dango interrupted. "If you to horn balls are done molesting each other's characters we're here for a reason."

"Oh yeah.." Kevin said, pulling Parker with him.

They arrived in front of a cart full of armor and weapons. At first glance the wares look to be from medieval times. However after closer examination they are noticeably different.

"Interested in buying some weapons and armor younglings?" A snakelike creature manning the cart asked us.

"We are." Dango replied.

"Well, I have a number of different assortments of armor and weapons for you. I believe you level 10 boys will be most interested in the light woven chain mail that is enchanted to help protect from fire and disease damage by 70. You may need that sooner than later." The dealer eyed Parker and Kevin suspiciously. "I also have some short swords that would probably interest you. They increase damage by also adding divine damage to your strikes. The increased damage is good for 100 points."

"LEVEL 10!?" Dango exclaimed. "I thought you guys were newbies. You were only level one yesterday. Wow you are good."

"Sure." Parker shrugged.

"We'll take two of each." Kevin said to the dealer.

Once everything was said and done, they spend all of their coin and sold their remaining wild boar hides for extra coin to pay for the armor and weapons. The two boys noticed that they were weighed down a bit by the extra armor and the swords and wouldn't be able to carry as much until they built their strength up more.

"We are out of money... You know of a good way to make some coin, Dango?" Parker asked.

"Sure do." Dango replied. "Bear hides sell pretty well in the market. There are a lot of them to kill in the forest to the west. Let's go. It'll help us level as well."

While walking towards the forest the three boys got to know each other better. After a few minutes of small talk Dango thought of something that he found odd.

"Say... The computerized characters seem to treat you two differently than everyone else. Ever notice that?" Dango asked.

"Uhhh. What do you mean, Dango?" Kevin asked confused.

"They just seem to be more... I don't know... real... free... They don't ask the same questions or say the same thing every time and repeat themselves."

"I haven't noticed that..." Parker said while arching his eyebrows to Kevin.

About that time they arrived to the forest. The path leading into the forest snaked its way between trees and shrubs cutting a path in the dense, dark forest. Occasionally there would be a rustling in the bushes or a chirp in the trees. After a few minutes of walking Dango spotted a group brown bears.

"Ok guys, here's the deal. There are three bears and three of us. Each of us can take a bear. To keep all three of them from attacking one of us we have to attack them at the same time. So, on the count of three attack the bear that is on your side (or middle) of the group." Dango said. "One, Two, Three, ATTACK!"

Kevin attacked his bear by summoning a lightning bolt. While the bear was stunned by the blow he pulled his sword out. Parker used light his bear on fire with the Torch spell and summoned the Etheral Shield to protect him. Dango used the freeze attack turning his bear into a big block of ice, and while it was melting he pulled his dagger.

The boys made short work of nearly fifty bear a piece. However they only gained one level. Dango noticed the boys had a few health lost from their battles and offered them a vial of health potion. They took them at the same time.

"Tastes like Koolaid." Kevin commented. Parker nodded his head in agreement.

"You two get wayyy too much into the game." Dango laughed.

The boys walked back to the market and sold off their bear hides so the dealer offering the highest amount of coin.

"Those bears sure are good to make money but they SUCK for gaining XP." Parker said.

"Yeah... We'll have to work on that." Dango said. "That was great guys. I had fun. It's time for me to go out and party... Isn't it like REALLY late where you guys are from? Don't you ever sleep?"

"Oh man! We gotta get going!" Parker motioned to Kevin keeping the act up.

"Later man!" Kevin said to Dango as he disappeared.

"This is so weird." Kevin said to Parker as soon as Dango was gone.

"You're telling me!" Parker said. "If we do this much more with him he's going to figure us out."

"Maybe..." Kevin replied. "Let's get back to our apartment. Killing all of those bear really wore me out. It's like I really did all of the work."

"You did... I think..." Parker said. "I don't know what's real any more. As long as you are with me, I really don't care. I'm dieing to get out of this armor too. God it's so heavy and constricting. I mean... You're sexy wearing it and all... but yeah... I like what's underneath more." Parker said smiling.

The boys arrived back at their apartment and went inside. Kevin closed and locked the door, being sure to lock all 3 locks on it. He then took off all his armor and clothes except for his underwear. Once he had everything put away he noticed Parker was attired the same.

"You know... In all these games the underwear never come off." Parker said to Kevin.

"Let's find out if it's the same for this one!" Kevin grinned.

They pulled their undergarments off at the same time and stared at each other giggling. The two boys walked up to each other and took one another into their arms.

"God it's so good to be able to do this." Kevin said to Parker.

"All the time we have been playing games I always hoped that you were gay, but was too scared to ask, for fear that you would stop being my friend." Parker mentioned.

"Well, now we're here, together, and from the sound of it we have quite the future together."

"Mmmmm I sure hope so." Parker responded.

"Lets go to bed. I want to cuddle." Kevin said.

Parker followed Kevin to their bed and they lay down. Kevin got in first and was closest to the wall. Parker got in second and scooted his back up against Kevin's chest. Kevin wrapped his arms around Parker and kissed the back of his neck. The boys both let out contented sighs and fell asleep happy as ever

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