“I’m so glad you’re back,” Madden says, “I was getting a little worried.”

We are back the guild house after I was kidnapped. The guild house has expanded so much. There are a total of five building that have been constructed in the main courtyard for all our members. Our member count has grown to almost 125 members so far. We were becoming a well-known guild in the virtual world now and for once I felt good about our standing.

The room I’m in now is the biggest room in the Fire Walkers guild house. The room was designed by Sarafine. She has all her flowers outlined on the wood panels. There is a huge desk in there. I know she took some time to decorate it for me. I guess I feel a little important in this room.

I smile, “Thanks babe. I think it’s important that we know where Manolo headquarters are now. We should wait for Celeste to come back and see what kind of information she’s been able to dig up. Then we should plan some sort of attack.”

Madden smiles, “I like that idea. We can plan tomorrow though. Tonight…I’m throwing a party.”

“A party?”

“You know. Everyone works so hard. We got you guys back. I think it’s time to party and celebrate,” Madden explains, “Shaunie thought it was a good idea.”

He would be planning a guild party with Shaunie. I try to force a smile. A lot of the Rebellion guild didn’t think I was a good leader. I probably couldn’t even get all of them to come out for a party if I wanted to. Hell the only reason they all probably came to save us at Manolo Headquarters was probably because of Shaunie.

“Don’t you think you should have asked permission?” I ask.

“Why?” Madden asks.

He asks me that with a straight face.

“Because I’m the guild leader and Shaunie isn’t,” I reply, “What the fuck?”

I say it a little more aggressively then I want. I lay on the bed at that moment, clearly annoyed. Madden does have his own room but he spends a lot of time in mine. From the look of how my bed is made up neatly I’m sure that Madden has been in here while I was gone.

“Wait…” he starts off, “Are you mad?”

He seems a little confused.

“I’m just annoyed,” I respond, “Noah is dead. I don’t think it’s a time to be holding a celebration.”

“You’re worried about Demona,” Madden assumes before adding relatively quickly, “She will be OK…she’s strong.”

It’s the same reaction everyone else has had. When I told Demona about what had happened with Noah she didn’t react. Everyone waited expecting her to just explode with sadness, anger and frustration. The entire guild was watching Demona to see what would happen. Then nothing happened. Everyone just assumed nothing happened because Demona was strong. She just nodded and didn’t say anything.

Some people assumed maybe she wasn’t that into Noah?

Some people assumed maybe she was willing to just let things go.

I wasn’t convinced of either of those things. Demona’s reaction to Noah’s death scared the fuck out of me.

“I think we lost someone and we need to be more respectful to that,” I explain to him.

“What if I ask Demona if it’s OK?” Madden asks.


“You think I’m sucking up to Shaunie again,” Madden responds.

“Are you?”

Madden climbs on top of me. He separates my legs with my thighs. He pins me down on the bed. Madden smells so good. He kisses me slowly on the top of my lip. Then he kisses me on the bottom of my lip.

Then Madden slowly sucks on my lip, parts my mouth open and begins to suck on my tongue. He does it slowly and intently. He tastes so good. It feels perfect and calms me down a little bit.

“You’re the only one I’m sucking on,” he adds.

I try my hardest not to smile.

“Madden this is serious,” I respond.

“C`mon. Listen a lot of these people in this guild are young. At the end of the day this is a game, remember? We should be having fun. In the real world we would be having fun. You know?” Madden shakes his head, “Why does everything have to be so serious?”

Madden still believed this was some game. He still didn’t know the truth. My heart beats faster when I come to that realization. I’m reminded that I left him completely out of the loop. All of a sudden I feel completely bad. All of a sudden I feel guilty.

I sigh. Maybe it’s best if I let Madden live his lie, at least for a little longer.

“Well I guess if you ask Demona if it’s going to be OK and she says yes then we should be able to accept that.”

“See. I knew you’d come around,” Madden smiles, “Sometimes it’s important to…let your guard down. Have a little…fun…”

As he talks he teases me slowly. He nibbles on my neck. He’s so gentle that I let out a low laugh. Slowly he turns me around so that face down in a pillow. He starts pulling at my pants from the back snatching my belt off.

“What are you doing?”

“Having fun,” he responds.

He lowers my pants firmly. Within the next couple of seconds Madden digs between my ass with his head. His tongue presses up against the outside of my butt crack. Slowly he traces the outlining of the hole with his long wet tongue. While he does that he eases his hands up the side of my back. He’s slow and steady as he traces his hands up my back. It tickles and causes me to laugh a little and struggle to get away.

Madden is strong. He pins me down.

“It tickles.”

“Don’t run from me,” Madden tells me, “I’m making you wet. Then I’m going to make love to you. Do I have to ask permission for that too, Guild Leader?”

I laugh at his teasing.

“Permission granted.”

Madden dives in as though attempting to impress me. His tongue lashes around my hole several times until I’m yearning for penetration. He sticks his tongue in deep in my ass when I can’t take anymore. He pops it back out. Then he inserts his middle finger as deep as possible. I let out a loud moan into the pillow as he fingers me.

I feel him climb the side of my back, dropping his pants while he does it. His dick is hard as fuck. He presses it on the side of my ass cheek while he nibbles on my ear lobe.

He whispers, “I love when you make that sound.”

Madden is on two fingers now. I moan louder. His dick twitches and precums letting me know that he’s ready to get this started. He seems turned on by my moaning and I do it louder and louder to appease him.

He slowly pushes his dick at the rim of my ass.

That’s when the fucking door opens!

“Sorry about that,” the voice says.

The voice doesn’t sound too sorry about it. I know exactly who it is. It’s Hunter. Hunter walks in on Madden and I. Instead of running out after seeing what he we were doing, he just stands there watching us from the doorway.

I struggle to pull my pants up when I notice Hunter is standing there. Madden on the other hand just rolls over as though attempting to show Hunter exactly what he was walking in on. He doesn’t even seem to be embarrassed by his nudity and the fact that he was on hard and about to have sex with his boyfriend.

“Do you fucking mind?” Madden asks Hunter.

“I came to get my guild leader,” Hunter responds bluntly without any emotion or any sort of concern about Madden’s throbbing dick.

“Your guild leader is about to get fucked. So unless you want to stand there and watch I suggest you leave,” Madden starts off, clearly attempting to start some sort of confrontation.

I interrupt almost immediately.

“What’s wrong Hunter?”

“It’s Shaunie. I asked you if that guy was going to be a problem and you said no…”

“How is he a problem?” I ask.

“I walked by the conference room. He’s having a meeting, right now, with some higher levels in the guild. They are talking about attacking the headquarters and taking out Manolo,” Hunter states and crosses his arms.

“Without me?” I ask.

What the fuck?

“Well it won’t be without you if you come with me and break this up,” Hunter replies.

Madden shakes his head, “I’m sure it’s nothing. They are probably just weighing their options. Shaunie is probably just considering things.”

“It’s not his choice. He’s not the guild leader,” I respond.

“Still Shaunie is…”

I’m annoyed. I hold a hand up to Madden to stop him from talking. He’s always going to defend Shaunie and in all honesty it’s getting annoying. I like Madden. Well probably a lot more than like. Hell I may even be falling in love with the guy. The fact that he is constantly defending my brother and the stupid shit he does gets on my nerves however.

“You know what. Why don’t you stay here Madden and I’ll be right back.”

“Are you serious? You’re going to go with Hunter.”

“At least Hunter’s on my side,” I reply.

I know it sounds bad for me to say to my boyfriend right in front of Hunter. I want to take it back almost immediately. I am even about to but Madden jumps off the bed, goes into the bathroom and slams the door so hard that I think he fractured it a little bit.

Hunter on the other hand is just smiling.

“Sorry to interrupt again,” Hunter says, his smile getting wider.

I roll my eyes, “Yeah I’m sure you are. Let’s go.”

We are in the hallway before anything. Being around Hunter after the time we spent in Headquarters I have to admit does feel right. I want to bring up what he said to me before we were rescued. When he said that he would cry for me. I wonder what that means. I don’t ask him though. I just walk. I have to respect what I have going on with Madden. Madden may have been acting weird when it came to Shaunie but at least Madden showed me some affection now. It was more than I can say with Shaunie.

Was the only time that he was going to show me anything right before he thought we were about to probably die?

“Is he good at it?” Hunter asks me.

We are walking to the 2nd building. There are some Fire Walker mages lighting shit on fire in the main courtyard. Once they see me they put the fire out and wave as though they aren’t doing anything. To the right I see Sarafine. She’s planting some flowers and I’m glad to see she’s made some friends with some of the other lower level characters in the guild who are watching her with delight. She is a real people person…even though she’s not a real person.

I’m so distracted by how much the guild house had upgraded I don’t even remember Hunter’s question.


“Is he good at it?” Hunter asks but them emphasizes soon after, “Does he make you feel good sexually?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah I am,” he asks, “I want to know if Madden satisfies you. He seems like he gets into a lot of vanilla shit. He seems so gentle when he’s having sex with you. Like you’re made out of glass. Doesn’t he know you’re tough? You can take a little bit of pain.”

“I’m satisfied in my relationship,” I tell Hunter.

“Humph…” he grunts.

“What’s that for?”

Hunter just shrugs his shoulders, “I dunno. Sometimes I just wonder. Was I good too? The times we had sex? Did you like it?”

“Does it matter?”

Hunter laughs, “I guess the fact that you are blushing right now answers my question.”

“Hunter. It’s not all about sex.”

“Well how’s it going to be about anything else if you’re with him?” Hunter asks me.

“Aren’t you with Joaquin?” I ask him rolling my eyes again, “Don’t act like that isn’t the first place you went when you got back.”

“He’s not as good as you,” Hunter admits.

“In bed?”

“Period. Sex and everything else,” Hunter explains to me. He leans in, whispering deep in my ear, “When I fucked you it felt like every stroke was me holding back an orgasm. When you fucked me it felt like you were making love to me. Isn’t Madden like a top? Does he know you’re not a bottom? Does he know that you like ass too?”

“Like I said, it’s not about sex,” I tell Hunter.

“Prove it.”


“Go on a date with me.”

“You do realize I’m in a relationship right?” I ask Hunter.

Hunter nods, “Yeah. So then you should be confident enough in your relationship to prove your point. I’m telling you what you and I share is more than sex and you’re telling me that it isn’t. Prove it. Go out with me.”

“Where’s this coming from?” I ask.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” he asks me back.

Was he just doing this because he thought this is what I wanted? Did he really want to be with me? With Madden it wasn’t a guessing game. With Hunter it always is. I had no idea what to think about the words coming out of his mouth.

“No…” I respond.

I walk on ahead and I can feel Hunter’s eyes digging at my back. I wasn’t going to betray Madden…not like this.

Things are pretty awkward between Hunter and I once we get to the conference room in the other building of the Fire Walkers guild house. A lot of the old Revolution guild lived in this building. There were dorms on the second and third floor, but on the first floor was the conference room.

I think Hunter and I manage to put aside our differences by the time I walk into the room on my brother and a couple of his guys.

“What’s going on here?” I ask.

Shaunie is sitting with a rogue named Melissa, two mages whose names I’m not sure of and a warrior that I’m pretty sure he’s being seeing named Trina. They sit at a round table with wooden chairs we got from Yellow City. There is a huge banner with the Fire Walkers logo on it. Sarafine designed the logo. They were all pretty high level and they were all obsessively loyal to Shaunie. I don’t think they ever really spoke to me one on one. If they had any concerns they always went to Shaunie and then he came to me. Maybe they preferred it that way or maybe Shaunie did, but right now I was feeling like it was a little bit of both.

“Killian, I was just about to have you join us,” Shaunie states.

It’s not hard to tell from stares that these people share that Shaunie is lying. They are all higher level than I am. I believe they are already between level 65 and 75. Still, I am the leader of this guild and the fact that they are having this kind of meeting without me is uncalled for.

“I’m sure you were,” I respond playing his game as best I can but putting on a serious face, “So like I asked. What were you all discussing?”

“We think it’s important to take Manolo out, while we can,” he states, “We were discussing our options.”

“You want to attack his Headquarters?” I ask.

“That’s exactly what we want to do,” he replies.

He stands up. It’s clear he is challenging me. It’s clear that he has a problem with me leading this guild. It started before what happened with Noah but the tension after Noah is making this beyond awkward.

“I promised Celeste I’d wait for her before I make any moves. She is off gathering intel.”

“We know where he is,” Shaunie replied, “How much more intelligence do you need?”

He’s so obviously one sided with this. I want to just shut him down but I know I have to be a little bit more patience. I take a deep breath.

I’m surprised when I realize Hunter isn’t nearly as patient as I am.

“Last time I checked, Killian was the leader of the Fire Walkers,” Hunter explains.

“Last time I checked the majority of this guild were from Revolution,” one of the mages with Shaunie barks back at Hunter.

Hunter takes a step forward clearly trying to defend me. The mage gets in Hunter’s face. I don’t care what level this mage is. He has no idea who he’s fucking with. I’ve seen Hunter in action myself. A fireball wasn’t going to save this guy from Hunter if Hunter really wanted to do something to him.

I struggle to save the mage, pulling Hunter back. What annoys me is that when I do it Shaunie and his friends smirk as though I’m trying to save Hunter from them.

They have no idea…

“Listen. I’m not trying to make this an issue but we need to stick together,” I state.

“Then come with us,” Shaunie replies.

I pause. He says it in an almost demanding way. It’s almost like he’s saying that he plans on going regardless of if I disagree or not.

“Shaunie what is your plan? Just go in there, wander around until you find Manolo and then you kill him?”


“Good I’m glad because that’s a dumb idea,” I state.

“We’re going to take Sarafine with us,” he explains, “She’ll know where to locate Manolo.”

I stare Shaunie down hard, “She’s not going anywhere with you, let alone to the Headquarters of the guy who wants her. Sarafine is very important.”

Shaunie rolls his eyes, “Why the fuck are you so fucking…weak? Seriously? After all this shit you’ve been through you are still that same LOSER from before.”

I don’t hesitate at that moment. I don’t where it comes from. I draw my bow almost immediately. Shaunie attempts to take out his staff but I shoot an arrow right into his staff. The staff flies across the room! I have another arrow drawn before he gets a chance to react.

I have never moved so fast in my life.

Shaunie’s friends get out their weapons. Hunter jumps forward knocks one to the ground, goes invisible, disarms the other and points his gun at the last two before they can draw their weapons.

Shaunie looks at me shocked and surprised that Hunter and I was able to do that to them with them being such higher levels than us.

“You can’t even beat us and you want to take on Manolo?” I ask Shaunie.

Shaunie looks at me. His eyes glare at me trying to figure out where my speed comes from. He stares long and hard at my bow trying to understand where I got such a rare weapon from. He takes a moment and stares across the room at the staff that I sent flying out of his grasp. It’s clear he’s out of his league right now and I think I just proved to him I wasn’t that loser he thought I was.

Shaunie nods at that moment, “OK.”

“Ok what?” I ask.

“You’re right. You’re the guild leader. We’ll follow your rules,” he states before staring at the ground at that moment, “I…apologize.”

I lower my bow and signal for Hunter to stand down. Hunter quickly puts down his weapons and comes to stand right next to me again. There is still tension but it’s clear my brother’s resistance is fading a little especially when he saw how quickly we disarmed them.

“We all know that this isn’t a game,” I tell them, “We all know that this is our reality now. There is no restart. There is no start again from your last save point. When you are gone, you are really gone. We have to be smarter. I told Celeste we’ll wait for her to come back. That’s exactly what we are going to do. We are going to wait for her to come back.”


The party later seems like we are finally taking a break from the Virtual World. Shaunie doesn’t come over to where I am but then again I just assume he’s a little embarrassed about earlier. He sits at the more crowded table where a bunch of the other guild members are.

I’m hanging out by this pop up bar that was built. It serves beer. I tried to dress casual but there weren’t a lot of options. I’m wearing a plain black shirt and some under armor tights that I bought in Yellow City a while back. Everyone else is wearing pretty much the same sort of thing so I don’t feel completely out touch.

I’m hanging out with Sarafine. In the distance I’m watching Joaquin attempting to get Hunter to go socialize with people more. It makes me laugh a little bit. Clearly Joaquin had no clue the kind of person Hunter was. Hunter crosses his arms and he doesn’t even budge from the spot that he’s standing while Joaquin tries everything in the book to get him to leave.

“You guys having fun?” Madden asks.

He’s been at the ‘popular’ table this entire time but I guess he feels bad when he comes out to talk to Sarafine and I. I struggle to smile but luckily Sarafine’s smile enough is wide for the both of us.

“It’s great,” she states, “I love the set up. You did a good job with this Madden.”

“I’m glad someone’s happy with me,” Madden states.

He’s clearly talking about me when he says it. I look away. I can’t help but to look right over at Hunter when I do it. What’s even more weird is Hunter is looking back at me. Joaquin is attempting to get Hunter’s attention but his eyes lock on me almost like a navigation system. I wonder if Joaquin notices. I don’t have time to keep eye contact and find out. Madden is standing right in front of my face clearly wanting some attention.

“You did a good job Madden,” I state.

“Shaunie helped,” Madden replies, “Why don’t we go over there? You just stick to the same people all the time. Don’t you think it’s important to get to know the rest of the people in the guild?”

He’s talking about the bigger table. It’s loud and raucous over there. Everyone’s pretty much drunk. I think Sarafine would like to go over there as well. I’m pretty sure she’s made way more friends than I have. She’s a lot friendlier.

“I was actually going to go check on Demona in a minute,” I reply.

“She’s fine. She’s OK with us having this,” he replies, “C`mon. You too Sarafine.”

Madden grabs my hand. He walks us over to the table. I know what Madden is trying to do. He wants to be around his new friends but he also wants to be around me. As we walk over it’s clear he’s holding my hand. It’s also clear that Shaunie notices us holding hands.

I wonder what my older brother thinks about it as he sees us approach. He whispers something to the girl Trina but god knows what it is. A few of the Revolution guild sees me coming and clears enough space for me to sit at the long picnic table that is stationed out in the open courtyard. There are stars above us that shine down. A cool breeze whistles through the courtyard. It does feel like a relaxing cool social night.

I guess it makes them feel at home. I guess it’s a good thing. I figure I can at least attempt to be social. I can at least attempt to smile.

“We used to have cookouts all the time,” Shaunie tells me when I sit, “Remember, Killian?”

I pause, “Yeah.”

I know it’s awkward. It has to be. A lot of the members of my guild look over at me as though assuming I was going to say a lot more. I don’t however.

“I used to come all the time,” Madden replies, “Especially to your family ones. Cheers to your mother. She was a great cook man.”

Madden makes a cheers with Shaunie. I think for a minute he wants to do the same with me but I have already pretty much finished my beer. Madden looks good today. I know he is attractive and a lot of these Revolution girls are staring at him. He has on his tight little shirt and his man bun is at the top of his head making him look like some sort of Samurai stripper.

“You never paid me any attention back then,” I mention to Madden.

“That was a mistake,” Madden states but then quickly catches himself, “I mean um…”

Madden coughs a little bit. I think he feels awkward because Shaunie is there.

There is a little bit of laughter across the table. Madden joins in. I think he feels relieved more than anything else. Shaunie doesn’t seem mad.

“It’s cool,” Shaunie finally states.

“You OK with it?” Madden asks his best friend.

“Killian’s a big boy now,” Shaunie states, “Isn’t that right Killian?”

Strange. I guess what happened earlier may have impressed Shaunie more than I thought. I don’t even have the time to answer because Shaunie’s girl is there as well. She gives me a slight smile.

“Handsome too,” she states.

“First you steal my best friend and now you steal my girl?” Shaunie laughs.

He’s joking and it comes across. A couple of people around us laugh as well. I don’t know what it is but I have to admit at this moment, I kind of feel…happy.

We go back and forth. Most of the time Shaunie is telling embarrassing stories about the past. I find it all funny but it definitely seems to break the ice with me and the rest of the guild. Maybe this was actually a good idea to spend time over there.

Madden gets comfortable as well. Before I know it he seems to forget how awkward it is to be around Shaunie and he puts his hand around me as though claiming me as his. I can feel Hunter’s eyes glaring at me from behind. Joaquin has given up on trying to make Hunter join us and is instead just standing there looking like he was over this entire night.

“Killian used to cut out pictures of Madden from the basketball articles and keep a scrap book under his bed,” Shaunie states.

“Shaunie!” I find my getting red in the face.

Shaunie finds this hilarious though, “He thought I didn’t know about it.”

I’m beyond embarrassed. It would have been more embarrassing though if we weren’t talking about the boy that I was dating right now.

Madden grabs me by my waist and pulls me close, “Aw baby, I had no idea. How many pictures did you have?”

I shrug, “Way too many. Does that make me crazy?”

“Well I’m crazy for you too so I don’t care,” Madden explains, “Come here.”

That’s when Madden does it. He leans over to me and kisses me in public in front of all these people. My heart stops. I don’t think Madden was so far in the closet that he cared about everyone. I think he just didn’t want to burn bridges with my brother. The fact that my brother not only smiles but nods a few times when we kiss lets me know that he approves.

As we’re kissing I notice that Shaunie gets distracted , “Hey there goes your friend Demona. DEMONA! DEMONA! Why don’t you come join us?”

I stop him, “Wait. Maybe we should let her be…”

It’s too late though. Demona heard her being called. She walks over. She doesn’t look too well. The girl has an axe in her hand. God knows where she was going with that thing.

She walks over and just stands there. It’s awkward as hell. I know Demona. She wasn’t really the bubbly Sarafine kind of personality. She was always dark, but this was a different level. There is a darkness over her. There are bags underneath her eyes. Her hair for the first time ever is unkempt and looks a little crazy.

“What?” she says, “I was going to train.”

It’s the middle of the night. Why she was going out to train at this time was beyond me. Shes not lying though. She’s in full armor with this huge fucking axe.

“Demona you can go ahead, I’ll come check on you later,” I tell her.

She starts to walk away but Shaunie grabs her by her wrist.

“We all wanted to say sorry about your boyfriend. He was a good guy.”

“He’s alive.”

Shaunie and the others look at one another. The entire table is looking at her with this confused look. Other people who are further down have even turned as though confused on what she’s saying.

“Demona…Noah is dead. Killian and I were there,” he states.

“No. It’s OK. He’s alive,” Demona responds, “Once we beat this game and get back to reality he’ll be alive.”

There is laughter. It blows my mind that there is laughter. The loudest one is Shaunie’s girlfriend Trina. This girl is seriously amused. I can’t help but to shake my head. I get up from the table, walk around it and make my way to Demona.

I’m ready to just take her out of here. She doesn’t deserve to be laughed at.

“Demona, didn’t you hear Manolo during the opening ceremony?” Madden asks, “If you die in the game, you die in real life.”

Madden is so unaware. There is even more laughter. Demona takes this as they are laughing at her but I think they are laughing at Madden this time. All of these people knew the truth.

“He’s lying,” Demona states shaking her head, “I can tell.”

“Can you?” Trina says.

Her and the girl Melissa continue to giggle making fun of Demona.

I grab Demona, “Let’s go D.”

Demona doesn’t move a step, “Something funny?”

I stare bullets into Trina and Melissa, “Ignore them Demona.”

“They’re right though, little bro,” Shaunie states, “He’s not coming back. He didn’t unplug anywhere. There’s nothing to unplug from.”

It gets real quiet.


“Excuse me?” Demona asks.

“I’m drinking a little heavy,” Shaunie states shaking his head, “Sorry, Nevermind me.”

“What are you talking about Shaunie?” Madden asks.

Shaunie looks like he is about to spill the beans about this not being a game. I can’t believe him. He was the same one warning me about how dangerous it was to say something and now he was the one about to say something.

“Shaunie I think it’s time you shut up,” I state, “Demona has been through a lot. She doesn’t need your fucking friends laughing at her.”

“I’m so confused,” Madden states.

Shaunie shakes his head, “Nothing guys. Ignore me. This beer though. Strong shit…”

“Good,” I state.

“Don’t let him boss you around, Shaunie,” Trina comes out of no where and says, “You’re telling them the truth. They deserve to know.”

“Shut up girl,” I state.

“Don’t talk to her like that,” Shaunie replies getting in my face.

I stare at Shaunie, “Then…control her…”

Shaunie gives me a long hard look.

Then he just shakes his head, “No.”

No? Really? I’m blown away at this moment. I’m blown away that Shaunie is acting like such a fucking asshole.

As though I’m watching a movie Trina comes out of no where.

“There is nothing to go back to. This isn’t a game. This is reality,” Trina states.

The tension right now is so deep that I’m drenched in it. Shaunie let this bitch just say it to everyone as though it was nothing. As if that isn’t enough she starts to laugh. I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or whether she is indeed a rude fucking bitch. Why did she find all this funny? Demona’s boyfriend was fucking dead and she was laughing about this.

She found this funny?

“You’re so full of shit,” Madden states.

He shakes his head and frowns his face.

“She’s telling the truth,” Shaunie states.

“Yeah ask your boyfriend. He knows about it,” Trina says.

More laughter.

Madden looks over at me. I look down on the floor. I just feel guilty at that moment. I feel guilty this has to come out like this by some drunk girl who can’t be controlled.

“Fuck you, liar,” Demona states, “Noah is alive. Noah is FUCKING alive! You hear me bitch? How dar you sit here and make up such a fucking lie. Open those beef sucker lips of yours one more time. I SWEAR TO GOD!”

“Demona please---“ I tell her.

“He’s Dead,” Trina laughs.

Her friends join in.

“Fuck…” I shake my head. This was completely out of control.

If that’s not enough Trina gets in Demona’s face, “Your boyfriend is DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD---“

Trina gags.

She doesn’t choke. No. Something else has happened. Demona has dug her AXE deep into Trina’s stomach! Trina gags on her own blood as she trips up and falls over.

And I think it’s clear from the first attack that this is going to cause a Fire Walker civil war.

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