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By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 1

Mr. Goodnight was up early and went in to wake his only son, Waco.  Tomorrow would be his boy’s twelfth birthday and he was taking him to the county slave auction house to buy him a male servant; a body slave for a present.  Waco was a good son and Charlie was proud of his boy.  He wanted him to have all the best things in life he never had.  Charlie Goodnight was a successful rancher and he could afford a few things for his boy.  

He never spoiled Waco like so many father he’d seen do to their boys.  Charlie’s wife passed away when Waco was only a toddler, and he had to raise the boy himself.  He taught him to be a cowboy like him and believe in the goodness of the simple things in life and the cowboy way.  Waco was growing up to be a carbon copy of his dad; except, the boy had a few talents Charlie Goodnight found difficult to understand.  Even though he was sometimes amazed by his boy, he trusted him fully.

After a good, hearty ranch breakfast the two men set out for the county seat and the auction house.  Waco had no idea what to expect or what he wanted, but being a good young man, he had faith he would pick the right slave.  His dad, Charlie, was supportive and wanted Waco to have a good servant.  Money was no object, although Mr. Goodnight knows his son has a tendency toward being conservative.  He knows the boy will squeeze a nickel until the buffalo shits.  He stresses to is son he’d rather pay a little more for a fine slave for him than to get a maverick who’s head strong, rebellious, refuses to work or learn or be what he wants.

“Son, the sooner we git’ chu’ a servant the easier it’s gonna’ be to train him to be the help you’ll need to become a proper gentleman.  I want you to pick him, because he has to bond with you as your personal body slave.  I’m proud of you for taking all them 4H slave handler classes and all them ribbons you won.  I know you know how to handle any slave and examine him properly.”

The men arrived at the auction house and were shown all the stock the dealer had, but Waco couldn't seem to find one he liked.  He’d been taught to be an excellent but genteel slave handler.  They come down to the final salves and Waco still hadn’t shown much interest in any of them.  Waco goes through the motions of examining a few, but he doesn’t comment.

“Well, young man,” the slave dealer spoke to Waco, “we’ve shown you all our stock.  Ain’t there one we’ve shown you who might strike yore’ fancy.”

Waco heard a voice inside his head.

<< He ain’t shown you all his stock, young master,— I will be proud to be your new owner, your new slave.  They call me ‘the lummox.’  They think because I’m big, I’m clumsy.  I ain’t, but they don’t need to know that.  I am here.  I await you, my handsome young master. >>

Waco only heard the ponies on the ranch speak to him before and his own pony referred to himself as Waco’s owner.  Here, he heard a voice that was not a pony referring to himself as his “owner” and “slave” at the same time.  It was a subtle message,— one Waco fully understood.  To have a pony or a slave is, in essence, to be owned by it.  If you’re a responsible husbandman, you have no choice.  You must care for it and see to its needs for the rest of its life, unless you decide to sell it; but, what cowboy sells his good old pony who has worked with him without complaint in good weather and bad, and carried him faithfully many miles?  What man sells a devoted slave who has become more than his calling?

“No,— ” Waco paused, cocked his head and smiled at the dealer, “There is one other you haven’t shown me,— the one you call ‘the lummox.’”

The dealer looked at Waco like he was stunned.  How could this kid know about the wild man they just got in a couple of days before?

“There is, young master, but he is of no consequence.  He is little more than a wild man,— a horrible, ugly beast,--- a lummox, if you will.  He’s every young boy’s nightmare.  He’s the epitome of the monster every child prays is not hiding in their closet.  He’s only recently been enslaved.  We’ve just cleaned him.  He smelled awful when we got him.  He does not speak.  He’s untrained.  He is much too old for you as a body slave.  He’s huge.  He’s a giant.  We call him “the lummox” because he’s very clumsy.  We weren’t even sure he was a man when we first got him.  We’ve tried to clip a lot of hair from him to make him presentable, but we have more to go.  He’s chained up so we can complete his processing.  You wouldn’t be able to control him.  You need a slave closer to your size and age, to grow, and bond with you.”

“I will see him, Sir.  Dad, please tell Mr. Tennent to show us this giant.”

“Uhh,— I’ve learned when my son wants something strongly, Mr. Tennent, it usually ain’t a frivolous request.  He’s a conservative young man.  I taught him to be that way.  This is to be his birthday present, and I’d be grateful, Sir, if you would appease him.”

“Very well, but I’m warning both of you, he might be dangerous.”

“No he ain’t.” said Waco quietly.  Mr. Tennent just shrugged his shoulders and turned on his heels.

“This way, please.  I’ll take you to him.”   

The dealer took the two men to a room far to the back of the large building where there was a long row of individual rooms each containing a cell.  He led them to one of the rooms and opened the door for them to enter.  Chained to the wall was a giant, hairy, beast-like man.  He had to be the ugliest critter Waco ever saw; yet, the boy was strangely drawn to him.  Aside from the monster's imposing size there's a plaintive, child-like gentleness and intelligence about him and a raging masculine strength that cause Waco's dick to instantly spring to life as if it had a brain of its own.

The lummox stands over eight feet in height and looks like he would weigh well over three hundred pounds of solid muscle.  He is massive and well proportioned.  He’s nude except his body is completely covered with hair.  Even his huge feet are covered in a fine downy hair.  On his wrist and ankles are big iron cuffs attached to the wall behind him.  His arms are spread far apart.  Around his neck he wears a heavy iron collar and it is also attached to the wall.  The dealer unlocks the cell door, opens it and bids the two gentlemen enter.

Waco walks right in, but his dad lingers outside the cell, somewhat leery of the imposing size of the giant.  The giant slowly raises his lowered head so his dark orange eyes flecked with red meet Waco’s for the first time.  There is something that instantly passes between the boy and the giant.  Waco walks to the creature, throws his small, boy arms around as much as he can hold, and presses his body tightly up against the naked giant’s.

“Son,— ?”  Mr. Goodnight starts to speak to his son, but the boy holds up his hand as if to silence his dad.

<< You called to me, my giant, and I have come for you. >>

<< I hope I don’t frightened you, young master. >>

<< No,— not at all.  You would never harm me. >>

<< How do you know that, young Sir? >>

<< How am I able to hear your thoughts? >>

<< The same way you speak to your pony, Sir.>>

<< Indeed, but my pony is a horse and you are a man,— or are you? >>

<< Sort of, Sir,— first cousin. >>  The giant looked down at him.  Suddenly his face wasn’t quite so ugly to Waco.  It was a wise and powerful face.  One Waco knew he could look upon each day and feel good about having the lummox in his life.

“Release him.  I will examine him.”  Waco ordered Mr. Tennent.

“But, young master, it took eight very large men to get him chained to the wall.”

“Son, do you know what you’re doing?”  Mr. Goodnight asked in a concerned voice.

“I know what I’m doing, Dad.  Remember my pony?”  Was all Waco had to say to his rancher father.  His dad knew of his ability to speak to the horses.  His son was telling him he was communicating with the giant on a nonverbal level.  Mr. Goodnight had come to trust his son’s abilities.

“Release him, so my boy may examine him, Mr. Tennent.  It will be all right.  The giant will not harm my boy."

Shaking his head, the dealer unlocked the giant’s fetters, and handed Waco a pair of inspection gloves.  The giant stood there with his arms behind his back.  Waco could almost swear he saw a small smile cross his ugly face, but he quickly recovered and maintained his stoic regard of the situation.

<< You know what I must do to properly inspect you, don’t you, slave? >>

<< Yes, Sir, young master.  It is meant to be.  It has to be.  I will show them you are an excellent slave handler, quite capable of having me obey your every wish. >>

Waco first went to examine the giant’s mouth.  You can tell the age and health of a horse or a slave from the condition of their teeth.  A horse’s teeth grows all their lives.  If he’s long in the tooth, he’s an older horse.  That's why it's rude to look a gift horse in the mouth.  The condition of people’s teeth can tell much about them, too.  To Waco's amazement he discovers the lummox has a double row of teeth, upper and lower.   Waco is astounded but doesn’t comment on his finding.

Waco started running his hands over the giant creature rock hard, solid body.  It tickles the lummox, he flinches and moans a couple of times but he doesn’t move.  The more Waco felt him he wasn’t sure he was feeling a man; however, everything was in the proper place but more massively proportioned.  He came to his huge penis and almost couldn’t see his testicles, because they were hidden within so much fur.  He felt the giant’s enormous cock and pealed back its foreskin to reveal a beautiful head on a less hairy shaft.  The giant’s cock began to swell and rose to a strong fifteen inch salute.  

<< Should I order you to share your pride with me, would you have any problem? >> Waco asked the lummox.

<< As your slave, I would be yours to command, young master.  I will never disobey you. >>
Waco’s dad watched as his son turned bright red.  Charlie Goodnight could only imagine the converstation between his boy and the lummox.  Waco gently found the huge man’s testicles and weighed them in his hand.  Then he put both hands under them and weighed them individually.  Waco noticed something unusual about the giant’s dick.  He maintained a more solid erection than any he’d ever seen before.  He took hold of it again and felt the heft of it in comparison to his testicles he held in his other hand.

<< My God, you ain’t no man!  You have a penis like my pony’s.  You have a bone in yore’ cock. >>

<< You’re correct, young master.  You discovered my double row of teeth as well. >>

<< Do they know? >>

<< No, Sir,— they only recently enslaved me.  I wouldn’t let ‘em look into my mouth.  They haven’t performed any test on me.  If they do, they’ll find out.  I can’t let that happen.  I’m praying you won’t let it happen. >>

<< You’re right!  I won’t.  Now I must ask something humiliating of you, my beast— >>

<< I understand, little master. >>

The giant slowly turned bent at his waist, reached back with his hands and spread his butt cheeks.  Waco spit on his finger and gently probed the big creature’s ass, but not before he had to spread a couple of layers of fur out of the way.  As he was feeling around he discovered the giant was a virgin in his hole.

Mr. Goodnight looked over at the slave dealer and smiled.  Mr. Tennent’s mouth was open he was in such awe of Waco’s handling abilities.

<< And if I wished to find pleasure within this magnificent hole of yours? >>

<< If you purchase me, it will become yours, young master.  I will teach you to perform for both our pleasure. >>

Waco withdrew his fingers and slapped the big ape-man gently on his butt.  The lummox rose and turned around.

<< There is but one other task, salve. >>

The giant fell to his knees and started undoing the young cowboy’s Wranglers before him.  He allowed them to drop to his boot tops and looked up into Waco’s gentle eyes.  Waco smiled, put his hand to the giant’s ugly face and nodded his head slightly.  The lummox took the boy completely in his huge maw of a mouth, including his balls.  Waco didn’t have a small dick for a boy his age either.  He was going to be very much his cowboy dad’s son.  It had to be the most exciting and sensual thing Waco ever felt.

<< Ah, my wonderful giant, you feel so good.  We have performed well for our audience.  You don’t have to get me off this afternoon. >>

<< Please, young master, your flavor is so good.  Would you deny the lummox who will serve you faithfully the rest of your life his first taste of you? >>

<< How could I say ‘no’ to you, my beast?  I’m within a hair’s breath of coming.  Oh, God!  I’m there, lummox!  Take me, my beast! >>

The two men watched in awe as Waco’s back arched upward to the giant’s mouth and let out a yell as he came again and again.  The dealer started to rush to Waco’s aid, but his dad caught him by the arm and held him.

“It’s all right, Mr. Tennent, I know my boy.  He’s in no danger.”

The giant cleaned his young master well, lifted his Wranglers, gently returned his penis to his pants, buttoned him up and secured his belt buckle.  Waco’s dad didn’t even have to ask his son, he simply turned to the dealer.

“How much for the giant, Mr. Tennent?”

“Well, we haven’t really set a price.  A huge man like him should be capable of a lot of hard labor; however, you’re a good customer, Mr. Goodnight, and see’n as how it’s for yore’ boy, I can let him go for fifty thousand.”

“You would never get fifty thousand for an untrained beast like him, Mr. Tennent, and you know it.  I’ll give you thirty-five and we'll take him off your hands today.”

“You don’t want him, circumcised, branded or ringed?  We’ll be happy to do it for that price.  A slave that big should at least have a nose ring, Mr. Goodnight.”

“Son?”  Charlied addressed Waco.

“No brands.  If I decide he’s to have rings, I’ll install them myself.  He will not be cut either.  He is to remain just as he is.”

“What about an implant?”  The dealer asked.

“He will never leave a master who takes good care of him and whom he loves.”  stated Waco quietly looking deep within his slave’s eyes.

“Do you have any clothes for him, Mr. Tennent?”  Charlie Goodnight asked.

“No, Sir.  He was brought in that way.”

“He don’t need no clothes, Dad.  He won’t be wearing any clothes unless we have to go out in public.  We can get those later.  Besides, I have special clothes in mind for my slave.  Come, lummox, you’ll be coming home with me.  From this day forth you will no longer be thought of as clumsy;  however, in my heart you will always remain my "lummox."  You will be my slave and companion, my strong right arm, you will be known as "Lummy"  my giant ox-man.”

Waco offered his hand to his new slave.  Ox smiled at him and took his much smaller hand and followed his new, young master from his cell.

End Chapter 1 ~  Waco's Lummox
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