By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 13

The next morning was Saturday.  Lazarus had the day off.  He still had to check in with his crew leaders, but Saturday was a laid back day even for the slaves.  It was November first and the slaves were back to their winter schedule.  The days were getting pretty cold and they had to wear fleece lined jackets.  They were up before dawn, but they were off by early evening.  

Lazarus and Lucas slept in ‘til five o’clock.  Lazarus got up to shower and shave but left Lucas in bed.  He told him to sleep for a while longer and he would get him up for breakfast.  He didn’t want Lucas getting into the shower until after his bandages were removed, and he had a healing session with the Kryscellians.

Lazarus got him dressed, and they headed to the big house to have breakfast.

“I’m gonna’ get to eat real food, Father?”

“Why, yes, Son.  What did they feed Caleb?”

“Mostly slave chow, but once in a while one of my older brothers would slip me something they smuggled from the supper table.  Joshia, the oldest, was the best to me, but he still hurt me sometime and made me suck him off.”

“Sometimes you’ll eat regular food, but other times I’ll expect you to eat slave chow.  I eat slave chow and a biscuit ever’ day for lunch.  It’s good for you, and it controls your weight.  You eat too much freeman food, and it’s hard on your system.  So you and I will eat slave chow at least once a day.  Besides it saves our boss money ‘cause he don’t have to provide us with a noon day meal.”

The men were greeted by everyone.  Lucas was going to go through the ritual with Waco and Master Charlie, but Waco told him he didn’t have to when he came for breakfast or supper in the commons room.  He explained he and his dad were not real strict on that particular protocol unless it was a social function.  He would know or Waco would remind him.  He’d soon get the hang of it.  They sat down to a wonderful breakfast.  It was the best food Lucas ate in a long time.  Lucas was impressed Master Waco’s slaves ate with him and one of the cowboy-slaves he admired named Hank ate that morning with them.

Lazarus told Charlie his plans for the day and asked if he had anything special for him to do.  Charlie didn’t have anything, and told him to take the rest of the day off.  Lazarus talked with Hank over breakfast and told him what he wanted the men to do for the day.  Hank would tell Curley what was discussed for the day, so Lazarus was free to spend the day with Lucas.  He planned to take him to sickbay on the ship the first thing.  He had some other business to attend to on the ship.

When Lazarus and Lucas arrived at the ship they were met by Cable, David and Jonathan who were all concerned about Lucas and how he felt.  Lucas had a hug and kiss for each of his brothers assuring them he was fine.  Their father brought him for a healing session with the Kryscells.  They quickly got him undressed as Lazarus contacted the Kryscellians to ask if they would be so gracious to help Lucas one more time.  They, of course, knew what happened the previous evening from Lucas’ mind.  Lazarus never saw anyone who had the communication skills with the Kryscells like Lucas other than Ox and Ping.

They couldn’t wait to see Lucas again to help him.  They were more anxious than Lazarus ever remembered them.  Cable checked Lucas out and was satisfied his shoulder wound wasn’t infected and seemed to be starting the process of healing.  He knew after an hour with the Kryscellians there would hardly be a bruise left.

David and Jonathan took him into Ox’s stateroom on the anti-grav Gurney and positioned him in front of the Kryscells.  They asked if he wanted them to stay to keep him company, but Lucas assured them he wouldn't be lonely.  He had much to tell and discuss with his friends.  The android men left the room.  Lucas lay back and closed his eyes.  He immediately could see all the Kryscells in his mind.  He bowed stately to them mentally and thanked them for allowing him to come before them again.  He told them it was a great honor.

<< It is a great honor to have such a fine young hero come before us, Lucas.  We were there with you and experienced everything you did, even the pain.  Several lost their light for a few minutes it was so traumatic for them.  We did not want you hurt, but you made the right decision. >>

They sang softly to him as their healing rays began to pierce his body like tiny needles of ecstacy.  The more they sang the greater the penetration, the greater the ecstacy.  Lucas could feel the wound on his shoulder starting to move about and knew it was beginning to mend.  Lucas sang back to them calling each by name in his song of thanks and praise to them.

<< My Father does not know you have healed my mind as well as my body.  I don’t think they’re aware of all your capabilities.  You have opened new vistas for me I could’ve never done on my own,— for that I am grateful.  I will have no problem being a good slave for my Father,— my Master.  I’m glad I got another chance to sing with you.  I’ll have to talk with my Father about visiting you on a regular basis.  I know you asked and there’s nothing I would like more, but I must obey my Master. >>

<< All will work out fine, young slave.  You will see.  We will ask our savior to intercede on your behalf.  Now, is there anything we can teach you while we heal you? >>

<< You’ve taught me the English language, to read and write, could you teach me an introduction to mathematics? >>

<< Gladly, young one.  With your memory being enhanced we can give you an education to a highschool level this morning.  Lay back and concentrate, watch and listen to our songs.  We will begin. >>

When David and Jonathan came to get Lucas he was completely healed in his shoulder.  He looked even better than he did before.  He was every bit as good looking as his bigger android brothers.  David and Jonathan even commented on his beauty.  One thing Lucas learned from the Kryscellians was modesty and humility.  He simply blushed at their comments.  They laughed with him.

“I wish we could blush, brother.” said Jonathan to David.

“It would be nice.  Look at him.  He’s positively glowing, brother.”  David allowed.  They laughed again at Lucas’ expense.

All the improvements in his mind, Lucas kept to himself.  He didn’t share with his Father, because he wanted to surprise him by being the best he could for him.  He made up his mind he wouldn’t hide it from Lazarus, he just would let him find out as a natural process.

* * * * * * *

Waco, Travis and Rabbit were now in their first year of secondary school.  They had two years in secondary, then they would become freshmen in highschool.  The three of them chose to go out for football.  With the help of Ox’s milk and eating Charlie Goodnight into the poor house, the boys had grown bigger and filled out more over the summer than any of their school mates.  Travis was now bigger than his arch nemesis Tommy Sparks.  That didn’t keep Tommy and his cronies from trying to push Travis around.  It only happened once.  Travis called to his Master and slave brother in his mind and they were by his side in seconds.  Tommy Sparks didn’t have a clue how Travis got them there so fast, but it was a lesson to him and his friends.

“I always knew you was a slave lover, Goodnight.” he scoffed at Waco.

“Well, duh!” Waco spat right back in his face, “Travis is my property, asshole!  I own him!  He was a birthday gift to me from Ranger Gibbons!  Of course, I love him!  He’s my personal body slave.  Now!  Let me make it perfectly clear to you retards,— you fuck with my slaves, you done fucked with me.  I’ll squash you like the vermin you and your three hoodlums friends are.  If you so much as look the wrong way at Travis or Rabbit, I will personally whip each one of yore’ ass’s.  You got that, you rotten little juvenile delinquent?”

Tommy Sparks and his three buddies walked away muttering to each other.  Waco was loud enough he gathered a crowd from all over the school yard.  Afterwards, everyone was patting him on the back and told him he did the right thing.  Tommy and his crew decided Waco Goodnight was a cowboy they did not want to tangle with.  He was already almost half again their size.  Travis and Rabbit were close behind.

Angus bought the boys a complete gym set of free weights and Bow Flex technology.  They’d been working out almost every day the last two months of summer, and they were getting buffed.  Of course, Ox's milk acted like steriods would on a bodybuilder;  however, there was absolutely no bad side effects from lummox milk.  Since Rabbit and Travis were slaves they couldn’t defend themselves against a freeman boy which made them perfect targets for a cowardly bully like Tommy Sparks.  Other than the protection from their Master, they were almost helpless,— until, it came to football.

Tommy and his crew, Delbert Swinson, Paul Throson, and Jimmy Potter, decided they would go out for football, too.  They didn’t like the idea of having to play along side slaves, but there wasn’t anything they could do about it.  It was strictly enforced equality in the school system, and the coaches were the strictest of all because, some of their best player were slave boys.  They weren’t about to let the likes of Tommy Sparks and his boys ruin their chance for a winning streak.  If you wanted to survive as a football coach in a small town in Texas you made damn sure your team won.  It was brutal competition.

Tommy and his boys would try to get away with doing something rotten to Travis or Rabbit.  The coaches weren’t stupid men and would see what little assholes Tommy’s men were.  Del, Paul and Jim weren’t as bad as Tommy, but they went along with his hatred and bullying because they thought they should.  After they singled out Rabbit for one of their more nasty assaults in scrimmage, the coaches called for one on one scrimmage for the four of them against Waco.

Waco showed them no mercy and hurt each boy pretty bad, but he saved the worst for Tommy Sparks.  He hurt him so bad they had to take him to the hospital.  Of course, Tommy’s dad was all over the coaches like a fly on shit complaining about that ruffian Waco Goodnight hurting his boy.  Why didn’t they do something to stop it, and what did they plan to do about it?  The coaches laughed at him and told him his precious son and his mates went after and hurt Waco’s slave just as bad the day before.  If his boy can’t stand the heat of the gridiron take him home and let him suck on his momma’s teat, because they didn’t want him back.  They were out to train a team of men, not babysit his delinquent bully of a son.
What Tommy’s dad didn’t know was Charlie and Angus Goodnight were the school’s largest contributors in the community to the sports department  every year.  A large chunk of the coaches’ salaries were paid by donations from the Goodnight’s Ranches.  The coaches were not only making sure the playing field was level, but their interests were being protected as well.  

After the first season Tommy lost all interest in football and dropped out, but his buddies didn’t follow him this time.  They wanted to keep playing.  Without his influence, they started to bond with Waco, Rabbit and Travis.  Waco and his men were becoming the big men on campus and everyone wanted to be apart of their social circle.  Tommy Sparks became a bitter little man.  The other boys wouldn’t go along with his nonsense anymore.  The coaches were developing a strongly coherent, bonded team, and they only seemed to grow stronger with each year.

The junior coaching staff coached the secondary teams for two years, then the boys would graduate into highschool; however, the six boys were beginning to attract the attention of the senior coaching staff, and they were chomping at the bit to get their hands on them as freshmen.  Waco led his team to two district victories.  Going into their freshmen year in highschool one more man from the Goodnight ranch was added to the team.

* * * * * * *

Lazarus was through with his business on the ship and came to sickbay to get Lucas to leave the ship with him.

“Would you like to see more of the ship before we leave, Son?”

“Yes, Father, I would like that very much.”

“Lazarus took Lucas on a whirlwind tour of the starship and the boy was overwhelmed by its size and magnificence.  He witnessed technology he could only imagine.  Lazarus showed him the several complete producing ag farms and ranches on the ship complete with cattle, trees and clouds in the sky.  Lazarus explained it all as miniature eco systems that not only produced food, but contributed to the fresh oxygen supply all over the ship.  The ship was enormous.

Lazarus even showed Lucas the bridge and his private Captain’s quarters where David and Jonathan resided to take care of the Captain when he was on the ship.  They called themselves ‘Captain’s Tigers’ and explained it was an ancient term used by nautical men the world over and still used by the Navy and Merchant Marines.  A boy or young man who took care of the Captain and his quarters was called ‘A Captain’s Tiger.’  

They had lunch in the galley and had a fine meal of some beef dish the Captain liked and Lucas found to his liking.  Everything seemed so fresh and tasted so wonderful, Lucas ate a lot.  Lazarus was pleased.  He thought Lucas was underweight.  His diet was also being supplemented by lummox milk.  He became as addicted to it as his brothers.

They left the ship and spent the afternoon together.  Lazarus showed the boy the foreman’s house and gave him a tour.  Lucas was more impressed with the house than he was the night before.  Lazarus saved showing Lucas his room until last.  It wasn’t fancy but it was pleasant and had a large, comfortable double bed.  Lazarus told him to look in the drawers of the chest and dresser.  There Lucas found several pairs of socks, undershirts, Wranglers and other accessories.  He even found some boxer underwear for going to church, Lazarus told him.  The rest of the time he didn’t have to wear underwear.  Lazarus explained, “Real cowboys don’t never wear underwear no how.”  There were also some shorts and ‘T’ shirts for casual wear.

Lazarus had him look in the closet and Lucas found six handsome Western shirts and another pair of Western boots.  They were much nicer than the pair he was wearing and Lazarus told him they were for dress occasions.  Lucas was overwhelmed and sat on the bed and wept.  Lazarus sat next to him, put his arm around him to comfort him.

“There, there, Son.  H’it’s all right.  Being my slave has some benefits.  I don’t want folks thinking I mistreat my slave-boy.”

“I don’t think they’d ever think that, Father.  You’ve been better to me than anyone ever has.  I just hope and pray I can repay you for all your kindness to me.”

“You will, Son.  Plan on it.” Lazarus smiled at him.

“Do you think Caleb’s dad will sell his brothers into slavery, Father?”

Lazarus sat and mused for a long moment.

“If’n I was a bet’n man, Son,— with his drink’n problem and his farm not doing too well,— I’d say there’s probably a ninety percent chance he will.  For a man what’s got a monkey on his back like alcohol with little or no income coming in, he’s gonna’ take the easiest way out and that’s selling his sons,— one by one.  If'n he sells off his labor force he’s gonna’ make even less money, and he’ll be like a snake try’n to eat its own tail.  The more he eats into his labor force the less productivity he’s gonna’ have and less income to feed what’s left.  Hell, he might even git his-self a good deal and sell ‘em all so’s he can continue feeding his monkey.  Why do you ask?  Are you concerned about Caleb's brothers?”

Lucas didn’t answer, he just hung his head.

“Of course you are.  No matter how they treated Caleb or what they done to him, they’re still his brothers.  Caleb can’t even hate his old man who sold him for dog food because no matter what he done, he’s still his pa,— right?”

That really got Lucas sobbing.  Lazarus didn’t try to stop him.  He knew this was coming sooner or later.

“I wanna’ hate them, Father, I really do, but I can’t.  What’s wrong with me?  I should want to see them all enslaved and horrible things happen to them like they done to Caleb, but I can’t wish that on them.”

“It’s simple, Son.  Caleb was hurt enough for both of you, but you ain’t like them.  It hurts to know someone you once loved is being hurt.  It’s like a double edged sword what cuts both ways.  You know if you wish them bad, it will come back to hurt you.  So there ain’t a damn thing wrong with you.  You’re the normal one, they’s the ones what are bad people.  They never showed you much compassion when you was suffering, and that’s the name of the game, Lucas,— compassion.  If a man owns the world and has not compassion he is as empty as a brass bell without a clapper.  Today, I showed you yore’ name, Lucas Long, formally Caleb Stamper, on the list of folks to be saved.  Caleb’s daddy and his brothers ain’t on the list; however, according to the rules I done told you about, that don’t mean they can’t be saved as the slaves of some good Master,— now, does it?”

“Naw, Sir, I suppose it don’t.  You’ve given some thought to buying my brothers, ain’t chu,’ Father?”

Lazarus looked down and smiled at him.  “If’n I’s to say ‘no’ I be a damn liar, and you’d know in a heartbeat,— wouldn’t chu,’ scamp?”

It was the first smile Lazarus got out of  the boy in a while.

“Yes, Sir,— I guess I’m jes’ beginning to learn the way you do things.  Just promise me one thing, Father.”

“Can’t say until I hear what it is, Son.”

“Don’t do it for me.  I have a new life, now.  I wanna’ walk away from Caleb and the past.  One a’ the best things you done for me was to gimme’ a new name and to share yore’ fine name with me.  Caleb is dead and Lucas Long don’t have no brothers other than, Cable, David, Jonathan, Master Waco, Little Bear, Travis and Master JR.  They’s enough for me.”

“I’ll make you that promise, Son.  If’n I buy them, h’it'll be for me and Master Charlie or Master Angus.  H’it won’t be for you.  If I should buy them, I don’t never want you revealing to them who you was.”

“I promise, Father, I won’t.”

* * * * * * *

Waco came to the front door of the house and knocked.  Lazarus yelled down the stairs for them to come in.  “Come on up, Son.  We’re up here.”

It sounded like a herd of buffalo clomping up the stairs.  Lazarus smiled and winked at Lucas.  He threw Lucas his bandana, and he wiped his tears away.  Waco and his posse came into the room followed by their guardian, Ox.

“Is this your room, bro?”  Waco asked.  Lucas smiled and nodded.

“Nice room, brother.”  Travis, JR, and Little Bear agreed.  Ox smiled and nodded his big head, he liked it, too.

“Master Long, us men was wonder’n if you’d let Lucas join us in a game of flag football.  We need one more man for two teams.  We got us four of the younger slaves who wanna’ play and we’d love to have Lucas join us if’n he’s recovered enough.”

“I think he is.  How ‘bout it, Son?  You wanna’ play football with your brothers?  I gotta’ see about some things around the ranch, and we can see each other for supper afterwards.”

“If’n you don’t mind, Sir, I’d enjoy that.”

“Go on ahead.  You boys be careful.”

“We will, Mr. Long.  Thanks,— c’mon, brother.  We’ll go toss a few before we get started.”  said Waco.

The boys clomped back down the stairs followed by their lummox.  Ox smiled and winked at Lazarus on his way out the door.

Charlie and Lazarus sat out on the porch drinking iced tea like country gentlemen and watched one hell of a football game in the compound.  Sooner or later all the slaves drifted into the compound to watch and cheer the boys on.  Lucas and Travis were on one team against Waco and Little Bear.

The men couldn’t believe their eyes.  Lucas was a gifted young athlete and was just about equal to Waco as a quarterback.  He caught on to the game quickly and after several plays looked like a seasoned quarterback in the Cotton Bowl.  Travis was his receiver and Lucas could nail him anywhere in the compound.  What Waco thought was going to be an easy game had him digging deep to keep up with Lucas.  Waco and his team were leading until the final few minutes of the game and Lucas and Travis tied the score.  The slaves were going nuts and Charlie and Lazarus were jumping up and down.  Ida and Hank came out to the porch to watch and Hank stayed.  JR was playing his best, too.  He was on Lucas and Travis’ team.

Charlie yelled to them to make one more play and call it quits.  Waco’s team was in control of the ball.  They snapped the ball and Waco faked a handoff to Little Bear, faded back and passed to one of the cowboy slaves who was in the clear.  Out of nowhere Lucas flew in front of the slave and intercepted the pass and started running for the opposite goal.  The men were going crazy yelling for him to go all the way, but Waco managed to grab his flag just before he got across the goal line.  They settled for a tie game.  They were all over each other hugging and kissing, patting each other on the back and complimenting one another on a fine game.

“Guess I’m gonna’ have’ta’ git him a supporter and a pair of gym shoes.” allowed Lazarus in mock disgust, “If’n he weren’t wearing them damn cowboy boots and had better traction, he’d a’ made that run.”

“E’aup, Father,— I guess you will.” Charlie said drolly, then roared with laughter and slapped Lazarus on the back.

* * * * * * *

That night at the supper table the talk was all about the football game and how much Waco, Travis and Little Bear wished Lucas was going to school with them and playing on the team.  They asked Lazarus if there was a chance.

“We’ll have to see.  I don’t see him starting school before next fall; however, you men gotta’ convince him he should go to school with you.  He’s worried he might not fit in.  He told me the other evening he didn’t wanna’ go to school.  I think with a year’s worth of tutoring he might be able to attend school next fall.  It’s up to you men to talk him into it.  I ain’t gonna’ push him.  H’it’s his decision.  I already done told him he could go.”

Poor Lucas.  He was bombarded with pleas for going to school with his brothers.  Charlie laughed his ass off and told Lazarus he never heard the word ‘brother’ tossed around so much as that night.  As Lazarus and Lucas walked back to their house for the night, Lazarus put his arm around Lucas’ shoulder again.  Lucas leaned into him.

“‘At was a fine play you made at the last, Son.  Proud of ya.’” Lazarus said quietly.

“I was playing for you, Father.  I wanted you to be proud of me.  Ain’t never wanted nobody to be proud of me before, but it’s important to me for you to be.”

“Well, I am.  So are your brothers and Master Charlie.  What chu’ got in yore’ hand there?”

“Master Waco had a bunch of books in his room.  I asked him if’n I could borrow a couple to read.  He said to take what I wanted, so I took two.”

“What are they?”

“One’s ‘The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer,’ and the other is ‘The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn.’  Both by the same author named Mark Twain.

You should enjoy them.  I know I did.

“You read ‘em, Father?”

“Shore’ have.  Love ‘em both.  They’s fine books and good reading.  Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Clemens.  Mark Twain was his pen name.  

“You must know an awful lot having lived so long.”

“I guess I know a fair amount.  H’it ain’t what I know what’s important, h’it’s what I’ve forgotten what worries me.”  Lazarus chuckled.

They reached the house and went upstairs.  

“We better get into the shower before we go to bed.  You bunk’n it in with me again tonight, boy?” Lazarus asked him.

“I don’t think I’ll be afraid tonight, Father.” Lucas said quietly.

“What if I git afraid?” Lazarus grinned at him.

“I wouldn’t want that.” Lucas smiled at him, “I’ll be happy to bunk it in with you, Sir.”

“Good.  Maybe one more night, and I can make it on my own.”  Lazarus bull-shitted the boy.

Lucas laughed at him. “The Captain of a starship afraid to sleep by himself,— I don’t think so, Master.”  

“Oh, you don’t, huh?  Even starship Captains can be afraid sometimes.  In this case, I’m jes’ afraid of waking up and finding you not there.”

“I love you, too, Father.” Lucas said softly.

“Good.  Then it’s time you learned to take care of your Master in the shower.”

Lucas wasn’t the least bit shy getting into the shower with his Master.  Lazarus decided the best way to show Lucas how to tend him in the shower was to take care of Lucas first.  He showed Lucas how to gently skin back his foreskin and clean it thoroughly.

“You always wanna’ keep yourself clean.  The one drawback to having a foreskin is it’s where a man develops much of his musky male odors.  You want some, but you don’t want it to be overpowering.  Therefore, always clean yourself before you offer yourself to anyone.”  Lucas listened intently, but thought he was going to climax at Lazarus’ gentle cleaning of his penis.  

Lazarus cleaned his ass crack and got the cloth up into his hole a little ways.  It was terribly sensual to Lucas and he groaned.

“You sure you want me to do that to you, Father?”

“I’m sure.  I’m showing you exactly how I want you to clean me.”

Lucas took a clean cloth and started in on Lazarus once he rinsed off all the soap from his body.  He took his time and did a good job.  He kept a roaring hard-on the whole time he was bathing Lazarus.  His ‘father’ had a magnificent body for a man his age and Lucas found himself becoming more and more attracted to him.

“I think I’m gonna’ have to take care of that problem for you this evening.  I think it’s time your father takes you.”

Lucas didn’t comment, but his new, improved penis just got harder.  When he was finished and Lazarus rinsed all the soap from his body, they got out of the shower.  Lucas grabbed a large towel and began to dry his Master.  He didn’t need any instructions on how to dry Lazarus, and he did a first rate job of it.  He marveled at how much Lazarus’ penis looked like his and planted a quick kiss on the head of his dick in passing.  Lazarus didn’t say anything but just smiled.  It was innocent enough, but it spoke volumes to him.

Lazarus allowed Lucas to dry himself, and he went off to his bedroom.  Lucas joined him in a few minutes and turned the bed down for them.  They crawled into bed, Lazarus took Lucas into his arms and kissed him gently on the mouth.  Without any foreplay Lazarus threw back the covers and took Lucas in his mouth.  He sucked on him for a while then skinned back his foreskin and went down on him again.  That’s all it took and Lucas groaned deeply as he shot the biggest load he ever experienced.  Lucas came so quickly and fully, Lazarus had to gulp it down.  He managed to swallow every bit, and noticed the sweet after taste of Lucas’ come.  

“Oh, Father, thank you.  That was wonderful, Sir.  I appreciated it.  Having a foreskin makes all the difference in the world to the sensitivity of a man’s dick.  Thank you for my foreskin.  It’s such a wonderful thing.  I’m more than willing to take you, Father.”

“No, not until your sixteenth birthday, then you may take me.  Until then, if you want to experience sex, I can always arranged for Master Waco to take care of you; however, I won’t unless you want me to.  If you ain’t never been fucked, Master Waco is a thoughtful and caring sex partner.  He has a good size dick for a young man his age, but he’s gentle and considerate with virgins.  Talk with his slaves about him if you have any doubts.  A slave will never lie to another slave.  Or I can have Master Hoot train you sexually as part of your training.”  

“Are you giving me a choice, Father,— either, or?”  Lucas asked.

“Not really, you need to be trained to become a good sex partner for your Master when you come of age, but h’it don’t mean you can’t be trained well before hand.  Bobby Jessup trained Travis before he was given to Waco as a birthday present this last June so he could hit the ground running with his new Master should Waco want to take him.  Travis was Waco’s first partner.”

“Mr. Jessup trained his own son?  Wow, that’s hot, Father.  Mr. Jessup’s a good looking man.  I wouldn’t mind being trained by him.”

“It can easily be arranged, Son.”

“But then again, there’s jes’ some’um about Master Hoot that sort of scrambles my insides, if’n ya’ know what I mean, Father.”  Lucas laughed.

“I’ll let you think on it.  We can be flexible with that.”

The men went to sleep and rested well that night.  Lazarus spooned Lucas all night and held him close.  He wondered a couple of times if he was going to be able to give him up.  The boy felt so right next to him.  He was glad he decided to follow Hoot Austin’s advice and wait until after the first of the year to have Lucas trained.  They spent Sunday night together, as well.  It was like they were getting into a comfortable routine even though Lucas hadn’t been trained.  The boy seemed to pick up on things naturally and was right there when his Master needed him.

Sunday was a day of rest at the ranch; however, this was the one Sunday of the month Charlie took his family to church.  Lazarus decided to go along and take his new slave.  At most of the rabid right wing churches slaves sat separately from the freemen; however, in Charlie and Angus Episcopal church the slaves sat with or just behind their Master’s family.  Personal body slaves always sat with their Master’s family.  Travis, Little Bear and Ox always sat right beside Master Waco.  Waco wouldn’t have it any other way.   Charlie, Angus and Waco were the type men if the church was segregated they would still sit with their slaves.

Lucas sat beside his Master.  He was horrified to see his ex-dad come in all cleaned up in his best cowboy clothes, with a recently widowed woman on his arm he was dating.  He walked right by his own son and didn’t recognize him.  Lazarus was as shocked and surprised as Lucas.  He leaned over and whispered to the boy,

“Are you all right?  Do you wanna’ leave, Son?”

“No, Master Long.  I’m not afraid.  I’m no longer his son,— I’m your devoted slave, Master.  I have no father other than you, Sir.”  Lucas said softly.

“Glad to hear it, boy.  Just remember, yore’ father loves you.”  Lazarus slipped his hand into Lucas.’

Lazarus caught the old man looking over at Lucas several times in admiration.  He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off the handsome young man who was sitting next to the tall, fine looking cowboy he heard was the new ramrod of the Goodnight Ranch.  The men looked so much alike, he thought surely Lazarus and Lucas must be father and son.

* * * * * * *

Sunday afternoon was the scene of another hell raising football game.  This time they decided Lucas and Little Bear would be on the same team.  JR wanted to remain on Lucas’ team, and Lucas was glad to have him.  He was smaller than the other men, but he was fast and slippery.  Lucas took advantage of his speed.  He organized his men to form a wedge and plowed right down the middle of Waco and his men with JR carrying the ball.  He made it in the clear and everyone was yelling and stomping their boots for him to go all the way.  He made the first touchdown of the game and tried to do a little victory dance in celebration, which turned out to look more like a cross between a chicken dance and a duck waddle, but it was done with such wild abandon and enthusiasm he had everyone rolling on the ground laughing with him.  Hank was beside himself.  Lazarus and Charlie were patting him on the back and congratulating him.

That afternoon Waco and Travis’ team won by one touchdown, but it was a hard won game.  Lucas and his men didn’t just give it to them.  It was a battle right down to the final minutes of the game.  Charlie allowed the games in their compound were more entertaining and interesting than professional sports.  Hank and Lazarus had to agree with him.  The next weekend Lazarus and Lucas rode into the small town with Charlie, Waco and his men, and Lazarus bought Lucas an athletic supporter with a cup and some sturdy athletic shoes.  Charlie laughed at him, but couldn’t help admire Lazarus.  As stern as he could sometimes seem be, Lazarus had a soft heart when it came to those he loved, and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind he had fallen in love with Lucas.

After that Sunday evening Lazarus and Lucas slept separately; however, on a Friday or Saturday night Lazarus would insist his slave sleep with him.  Lucas was always happy to oblige.  He enjoyed their time together as much as Lazarus.  When they stayed apart Lazarus would wake up late in the night and see a light shining from Lucas’ room.  He would tiptoe to look in on the boy and find him with his back to the door at his desk reading.  This went on night after night and Lazarus was aware of books being returned to Waco and more books being borrowed.  Lazarus was concerned Lucas staying up late would affect his work and responsibilities he already began to do.

Unprompted by Lazarus, Lucas began getting up early to help Ida Mae in the kitchen.  He worked for her and picked her brain at the same time.  He wanted to know what he should do to take care of his Master.  Ida Mae was so impressed with Lucas and his work ethic she gave him all sorts of helpful tips and suggestions.  She also loved his help in the kitchen and came to depend on him.  He was a life saver to her over the holidays, and she couldn’t hug and thank him enough.

He set up a routine of stripping Lazarus’ and his beds every Monday morning.  Ida Mae taught him how to use the washer and dryer, what temperature settings to use for what he was washing, and whether or not to use bleach.  She taught him the difference between bleachable whites, whites which took an organic bleach and colors.  Lucas made copious notes in an old spiral notebook Ida Mae got him from some of JR’s old school supplies he wasn’t using any more.  He didn’t try to work himself to death.  He set certain goals and gave himself ample time to get them done.  Ida took care of the foreman’s house for several years and knew what needed to be done and when.  She was a fount of information about how to get something done in the least amount of time and still do a good job.  As long as Lucas was working while Lazarus was at work and keeping the house in good order, he didn’t much care what the boy did on his off time.

Lucas was keeping their clothes washed, folded and put away.  Lazarus’ Western shirts were hung in his closet with care.  His several pair of boots never looked better, and the boy accomplished all this on his own in a couple of weeks.  Lazarus was impressed, but even more so that Lucas didn’t seem to be overly concerned about praise.  He just saw it as his duty to repay his Master for his kindness to him.  He wanted to make Lazarus' life as easy and as good as possible for him.

* * * * * * *

Thanksgiving came and it was Charlie’s turn to host the annual Goodnight Ranches Thanksgiving feast.  Angus, his family and all their slaves were invited, along with their two brothers and their families who always came to the holiday bashes.  They saw it as their duty to visit their brothers over the holidays.  Of course, Charlie and Angus footed the bill for the food and drink.  Ida Mae hired a couple of extra women from the community to help her prepare food, and Angus and his family brought as much and sometimes more than Charlie’s kitchen produced.  Ida Mae and her staff prepared four large tom turkeys and four hams.  Angus brought at least that many turkeys and hams.

It had overgrown just the Goodnight family and now included Ranger Gibbons, his slave-foreman and wife and Ranger’s slaves.  It now included Cotton Daniels and Hoot Austin and a couple of their buddies.  Charlie and Angus invited the sheriff and his family this year, and he readily accepted.  Charlie invited the football coaches and their families and they accepted.  He also invited several of the sheriff’s deputies who were not on duty and their families.  Final count was close to a hundred and fifty people attended.

It was a great day and a good time was had by all.  Ida Mae finally had to throw Lucas out of her kitchen.  The boy was there well before the sun was up pealing, slicing, dicing and cleaning up after himself, Ida Mae and her staff.  A dirty pot or bowl he would whisk away for cleaning to the big stainless steel metal sink on the back porch that had an overhead spray to more easily clean and rinse huge pots and pans.  Lucas single handedly fixed breakfast for Master Charlie’s household, himself and his own Master.  He never said a word until Ida Mae stormed out of the kitchen, and the men thanked her for breakfast.

“Don’t thank me!  Thank Master Long’s young slave.  You men wouldn’t be eating no breakfast if’n it weren’t for him.  He done the whole thing by himself.  Thank you, Lucas for your dedication and help.  I couldn’t a done it without you, Son.”  Ida leaned over and gave Lucas a peck on his cheek. 

The men applauded a blushing Lucas.  Lazarus beamed.

“How many of Master Waco’s books have you read, Son?”  Lazarus asked him at breakfast.

“I don’t remember, Master.” Lucas replied.  He really didn’t.

“I do.” piped up Waco, “He’s borrowed sixteen of my books and returned everyone within a day or so afterward.  I thought it was because he didn’t like ‘em, but that weren’t it.  He’s read’n ‘em all right.  Don’t ask me how I know,— I jes’ do.”

“Are you enjoying them, Son?”

“Yes, Sir.  I tell the Kryscellians about what I’m reading.  They love to hear about the stories in the books, then they teach me stuff in return.”

“Like what, Lucas?” Lazarus inquired.

“Math and science.  Things I couldn’t understand from jes’ reading.”

“I wondered why you’re still going to see them.  I know you don’t need more healing.  Cable checked you out and you’re doing fine.  Ox said you’re fit as a fiddle.  He told me the Kryscellians asked for you to visit, that’s why I okay’d it.  They’ve done so much for us, I can’t deny them seeing you a couple of times a week.”  

“Thanks, Master Long.  I appreciate it.  I always feel better after I’ve sung to them about what I’ve learned.  They seem to enjoy it so much.”

* * * * * * *

It was a memorable day in more than one way.  With his brother’s wholehearted approval, Angus made an arrangement with the sheriff and his family to bring a surprise guest to the Thanksgiving festivities.  No one was the wiser but Angus, Charlie, Waco and Lazarus.  When the sheriff’s ranch van pulled up and stopped it was mobbed by Waco and the boys including Lucas who had a big hug and a kiss for the sheriff.  The windows of the van were darkly tinted and you couldn’t see people inside until they began to get out.  The sheriff spoke directly to Little Bear.

“Come here a second, Son.  I have a surprised for you.”  Little Bear had no idea what to expect as the sheriff pulled the lever and opened the side compartment door.   Sitting there, big as life, was Little Bear’s granddad.  The old man couldn’t get out of the van fast enough to suit his grandson.  They were in each others' arms hugging and kissing one another.  The old man swore he would be strong for his grandson and wouldn’t shed a tear.  He failed.  He cried as much as Little Bear.  Everyone was moved to tears to see two men who loved each other so much be reunited.  Little Bear turned to the sheriff.

“Thank you, Sir.  You don’t know what this means to me to see my grandfather’s wonderful face again.  You’re a generous and kind man, Sheriff Lassiter.”

“I's jes’ the delivery man, Son.  You got two other fine men to thank for your surprise, Master Charlie and Master Angus.”

Little Bear fell to his knees in front of Master Angus and asked permission to pay homage to his boots.  After he thanked Angus and performed the ritual with him he moved to Master Charlie and then his own Master to thank him.  He imagined Waco had a hand in this as well.  He was right.  His grandfather watched all this and was proud of his grandson he knew how to be a good slave and thank his Masters for being kind to him.  He had much to tell his grandson, and they had all day to be together.  The old man was pleased everyone was calling his grandson ‘Little Bear.’  Little Bear didn’t leave his grandfather’s side all day except to play football later in the afternoon.

* * * * * * *

And what a football game it was.  There were more men who wanted to play than they had room for.  Any number of the younger slaves wanted to play.  Cotton and Hoot wanted to play.  There was almost too many; however, the coaches felt those extra could be run in to replace those who needed a break.  Naturally they brought their whistles with them.  Any coach worth his salt always has a spare whistle,— just in case.  The boys insisted Waco and Lucas couldn’t be on the same team because they’d run all over everyone else, and it wouldn’t be as much fun.  The coaches were interested to see what this new kid could do.  Lucas didn’t let them down.  It was like he could do no wrong.  His last two games only seemed to make him stronger and more knowledgeable of the game.

Waco was no slouch.  He kept up with Lucas play for play and worked his ass off for his team.  Little Bear and JR teamed up with Lucas, and Travis was Waco’s right hand man.  There were some big men who played guards.  Shane and Bill Birdsall were on opposite teams.  Bill was on Lucas’ team and Shane was on his nephew’s.  Younger slave’s from all three ranches were equally divided.  Now and then, the coaches would run someone in to replace another man so everyone got a chance to play; however, the quarterbacks, Waco and Lucas, played the whole game.

It was like Lucas and Little Bear couldn't make a mistake and Lucas bombed him every damn time.  The coaches eyes were popping at these kids who were little more than twelve years old handling a ball like pros.  The game came down to the final few minutes and the game was tied.  Lucas’ team had control of the ball on Waco’s team’s one yard line.  You could’ve cut the tension with a knife.  Charlie thought Lazarus was going to have a heart attack.  Lucas got his men in a huddle.

“I been saving the best for last.  It’s sure fire, men, and it will win us the game.”  Lucas looked at JR and grinned real big.  “You ready, little brother?”  

“I am so ready, brother Lucas!”

Here’s the play, gentlemen,— .”  And Lucas went on to explain to the men.  They knew it would work.

The men got on the scrimmage line and Lucas counted off the hike.  Lucas got the ball, turned and faked like he was going to run toward the back for a pass.  He did, all right, but JR was moving toward him.  They almost collided, turned and continued on their way.  Unseen by the other team, Lucas passed the ball off to JR, and he was hiding it under his sweat shirt.  No one knew where the ball was.  Bill Birdsall and one of the huge slaves picked JR up by the seat of his pants and tossed him over the goal line into the waiting arms of one of Lucas’ linemen.  The huge lineman caught him and the touchdown was made.  Everyone went nuts, but some on Waco’s team cried foul.  The coaches ruled there was no foul.  Lucas’ team won fair and square.  Then there was mayhem as Waco and his men accepted defeat graciously.  They were just outplayed and outsmarted.  Waco came over, hugged and kissed Lucas right on the mouth.  Lucas didn’t hold back from him either.

“Sorry, brother.” Lucas offered with a sly grin.

“Don’t be, we’ll stomp yore’ butts next time.  One day we’ll be on the same team, brother, and we won’t be stopped.  We’ll go all the way, together.”

“I hope so, Master Waco.” agreed Lucas.  

Everyone was all over the boys.  Even old stoic Lazarus couldn’t help grab Lucas up for a hug and a big kiss.

“Proud of you, boy, in more ways than one.  You played a damn good game.”

The coaches walked up to Lazarus, shook his hand and complimented Lucas on a game well played.  They wanted to know where he learned to play like that?   

“I ain’t been play’n that long, Sirs.  I jes’ sort a picked it up as I went along.”

“Why ain’t chore’ boy in school, Mr. Long?”

“We didn’t have time to get him ready academically for this year.  He ain't never been to school before, but we’re working on catching him up.  It may be another year or so before he catches up; however, when he does, and if’n he wants to go, I told him he could.”

“We’d shore’ like to see him on our team, Sir.  With talent like his and Waco’s combined, no one could touch them boys.”

“I ain’t against it, gentlemen.  I told his brothers it would be up to them to talk him into it.  I think he might wanna’ start as a freshman in highschool.  That’ll give him a year and a half to catch up with his schoolmates academically.”

“Of course we’d like to git our hands on him as soon as possible, but we understand the boy would have to be academically sound to play.  We’ll leave it up to your and his best judgement.  In the meantime, he’s always welcome to come scrimmage with us.  Can’t hurt the kid to learn a little football as he’s learn’n the other stuff.”

“Thanks, Coach Davis, we’ll keep that in mind, Sir.”

Hank and Ida Mae were all over JR for having made the winning touchdown.  Charlie was lavish in his praise for JR and Waco.  He told his son there's no shame in losing a hard fought game.  He was proud of Waco and JR for their sportsmanship.

The coaches got to be regulars at both Goodnight Ranches because they knew there was always going to be an impromptu cow-lot football game played during the afternoon.  Many were better than the one’s on the T.V.

* * * * * * *

Little Bear got Lazarus off to the side for a minute.

“Master Long, can I tell my granddad about the shot you gimme,’ Sir?”

“I appreciate you asking, Son.  I don’t see why not.  Yore’ granddaddy and his brother are on my list.  Two of your uncles and their families are on the list, but I’m sorry, Son, yore’ daddy ain’t on the list of folks to save; however, you never know.  It might change.  Do you think the old man would let me give him the shot?”

“I don’t know, Master Long.  I can only try to reason with him.  Will it keep him about the same age he is now?”

“With the elderly, the shot works a little different.  It will somewhat reverse the aging process until he becomes like he was in his mid-forties or fifties.  It depends on how old he is now.  It will considerably improve his physical stamina, and he will have more energy and sexual vigor.  He’ll become like a middle-aged buffalo again.”  Lazarus winked at Little Bear.

“Oh, Lord, Master Long, ain’t nothing wrong with my grandpa sexually.  He jes’ bought his-self two young squaws who say he’s about to wear them out.”  Lazarus and Little Bear shared a laugh.  

“Good!  Then he can buy two more to replace ‘em.” Lazarus allowed. The men shared a laugh.

* * * * * * *

Little Bear talked with his granddad in private.

“Honored grandfather.  Do you remember telling me the story of the star people who will one day come to Earth and take away those who are worthy?”

“Yes, my Son.  It is true, they will come, but I don’t think they will come in my day,— perhaps you will live to see them.”

“Do you believe I will always honor you by telling you the truth, grandfather?”

“I know in my heart, you will only tell me the truth, Son.”

“Grandfather, they are here, now,— today.  They have come to live among us for a while until the time is right, and then they will take us away.  You were right, grandfather.  The star people have come for us.  I have been aboard one of their ships and visited the planets Mars and Venus.  I have been given a vaccination against aging that will allow me to live several thousand years, grandfather.  I want you to take the shot, so you can survive along with me.  Your brother will be chosen as well.  My two uncles will be chosen, but unfortunately, not my dad.  If you take the shot it will somewhat reverse your aging process until you will be a man in your late forties to early fifties.  Please, grandfather, I can arrange for you to have the shot this afternoon before you leave, and then when the time comes, we will be together again.”

“What you say is remarkable, and coming from anyone else, Little Bear, I would scoff at them; but, I have watched you carefully today and have only seen happiness and contentment in your soul.  I don’t think you would play a cruel joke on your old granddad to promise him more life at a younger age.  Can you take me to meet this ‘star man’ you speak of?”

“Absolutely, grandfather.”  Little Bear hailed Lazarus, and he came over.  “Grandfather, I think you met Master Long before.  Captain Long this is my grandfather, Chief Tin Penny, whom I’ve told you about.  He wanted to meet the Captain of the ship I described to him.”

“We’ve heard great things about you, Chief Tin Penny.  It is an honor to meet you again in a bit different circumstances.  What your grandson told you is true, and it would be my privilege and a great honor to provide you with the longevity serum that will prolong your life considerably so that you may witness many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and more.  We know it works.  My Godson over there, the huge man who is Master Waco’s slave is several  hundred years old.  I gave him the serum when he was a child.”

“Then you must be many years yourself, Captain.”

“I am, great Chief,— I’m over two thousand years old.”

“May I see your ship, Captain Long?”

“Of course you may, if you come with Little Bear and me, we’ll be happy to take you there.  It will only take a few minutes.”

The old man got up and followed Lazarus with his grandson on his arm.  They headed down to the old barn.  The sheriff caught up with them and asked if he might join them.

“Shore,’ Sheriff Lassiter.  Glad to have you along.”

The old man didn’t know what to think walking into the old barn and behind the bales of hay.  Lazarus showed him the remote he pulled from his pocket and pressed a button.  The portal sprang up, and the old man jumped.  Little Bear held on to his granddad tightly and encouraged him.

“It’s simply a door to my ship, Chief Tin Penny.  Sheriff, you wanna’ go through first to show him there is nothing to fear.”

“Glad to, Captain Long.” The sheriff disappeared through the portal.  

“Come, grandfather, we will go together.  I’ve been through this portal fifty times or more.  It tickles a little like static electricity on a cloudy day.”

“The old man walked through with his grandson into another world it seemed to him.  There were three beautiful men wearing no clothes.  They walked around nude like the braves of old, proud of themselves and their bodies.  They were not the least uncomfortable with their appearance and because of their lack of modesty they made you comfortable to be around them.  The old Chief found it quite refreshing.  They were so handsome and perfect they made the old man’s penis stir in his breach.  The sheriff seemed to be comfortable with them and his grandson spoke to the beautiful men.

“Mr. Cable, David, and Jonathan, I’d like you to meet my honored grandfather, Chief Tin Penny.”

“The men took his hand one by one, shook it and bowed to him.”

“It is, indeed, a great honor to have you aboard our ship, great Chief.  We love and care for your grandson deeply, Sir.  He has become a close member of our family.”

“Cable, would you prepare a shot of the longevity serum for Chief Tin Penny?”

“At once, Father.” Cable responded and was away to a cabinet to get the supplies.

“We’ll have to ask you to drop your breach, Chief, so Cable might give it to you in your butt.”

The old man didn’t blink an eye, undid his breach and let it drop.  For an old man he was still in great shape, and he was a fine looking red man.  Lazarus could see where Little Bear got his good looks.  Cable quickly gave the old man his shot and wiped it with alcohol.  Little Bear helped his granddad with his breach, and the old man thanked Lazarus and the sheriff.  Lazarus gave him and the sheriff a brief tour of the ship.  He hadn’t shown the sheriff much of the ship on Halloween night.  Too many other things were happening.  The old man and the sheriff were both in awe of the size and scope of the ship.  The old man was almost in tears.

“I knew when my grandson told me the star people were here, it was true.  Now I have seen the truth with my own eyes and will look forward to the day we escape this world.  It is getting worse by the day, gentlemen.  How long, Captain Long?”

“Not for a while yet, Chief.  Perhaps ten years, maybe a couple more.  It will depend.  Until then, there’s a lot of work to be done and a lot of good folks to be brought onboard.  We will need to see your brother and his family, and two of your sons and their families.”

“Little Bear already gave me the bad news about his father.  I’m as sorry as he is, but there’s nothing we can do about it.  I only allow him to see him now because my grandson is a bigger man than I am.”

“You gave him the right name, Chief.  He is a ‘Little Bear.’” said the sheriff.  “He’s much loved on both Goodnight Ranches.”

“I’m happy for him.  If he has to live as a slave, he is living, working for and being taken care of by some fine men.  I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen today.  A grandfather would know if his grandson wasn’t happy where he is.”

* * * * * * *

Charlie and Angus’ two younger brothers were bored with the day and made excuses to leave shortly after eating thanksgiving dinner.  Angus and Charlie didn’t seem to care one way or the other.  They just seemed to take it in stride.  Even Waco seemed to have given up on them and only tolerated their kids.  On the other hand, the sheriff’s boy whom he and Ox rescued was all over him, Ox and his slaves.  After watching the football game, Lucas became his new hero.  He followed him everywhere he went.  Lucas wasn’t put off by him at all and most of the time carried him around in his arms.

The day was a great success.  The guests started leaving in the late afternoon.  Little Bear said a tearful goodbye to his grandfather and once again the old man shed a few.

"I have hope we will be together again, grandson.  My heart has been happy today to see how well you look and how loved you are among these people.  Who would've thought the white man would one day save our race from extinction.  I think it is a little more than fate you have been placed among them.  The sheriff was right, I did give you the right name, and when you reach eighteen, you will no longer be known as Little Bear, you will be known as Great Bear.   You must know how much your grandfather loves you, Son.  You are my greatest hope for the future."

"I love you, too, grandfather.  It is only because of my thoughts and memories of you I have managed to get this far.   Now that we both have hope,  I know I will have the strength and courage to see us through.  We will someday share the same ground, grandfather, and then my heart will be happy, too."

They hugged and kissed.  The old man got into the sheriff's van to leave.

The sheriff took Lucas in him arms for a final hug and a kiss.

"I say a prayer of thanks ever' damn day for you, young'un.  I'm so grateful for your act of selflessness in saving my life.  It was at that moment, when I held you in my arms and you were bleeding did I fully understand the meaning and importance of extended family and commitment.  You are now an important part of my greater family, and if there's ever anything I can do for you or your Master, don't hesitate to ask.  Whatever is to come our way in the future, we will get through it together.  In the meantime, you have my love behind you, Son."

"I only did what I had to do, Sheriff.  You have become a part of our family.  I appreciate your kind words, and it helps to know I have a man as good hearted as you looking out for me.  Thank you, Sir."

The crowd dwindled down to Angus, his immediate family, his ramrod and slave,--- Ranger Gibbon, his wife, slave-foreman and his wife.  Angus sent his slaves back to his ranch and Ranger sent his back to his.  Charlie’s slaves knew to give their master his private time with his family.  The only slaves left were Hank Morgan, Lucas and Waco’s slaves.  They were all sitting around the picnic tables eating more dessert.   

Ranger was so solicitous of his wife Mary.  He couldn’t do enough for her now that she was pregnant.  He was so worried about her and her health.  At first, he was devastated to find out she was pregnant and knew beyond a doubt it would shorten her time with him; however, she carefully explained to him that was what she wanted.  She loved him so much she wanted to leave him a part of her and him.  She knew, with Lazarus Long’s help, she would deliver a healthy baby.

The boys made good on their word and delivered a gallon of fresh cow supplemented with lummox milk every week to be shared by Mrs. Gibbons and Elsie Jessup.  It was easy enough now they had a portal in the old barn and could step through into Ranger Gibbon’s barn.  Travis wanted to make sure his new little brother was born sound.  Elsie and Bobby were proud of the way their boy accepted the news, and he was doing his part to see his mother had an easy birth.  From scans of both women by Cable and the med-bots in sickbay they estimated the boys would be born within a week of each other.

They scheduled sessions for both women with the Kryscellians once a month.  By Thanksgiving they completed three sessions with them.  Mary began to talk with Elsie about her baby and things she was noticing wondering if what she was experiencing was normal.  Elsie assured her what she was talking about was unusual, but she was experiencing the same.  They decided to speak with Captain Long about it.  Outside the ship they learned to use Lazarus’ official title or just use the honorific of ‘Mister.’

“Foreman Long,” started Mary, “Elsie and I’ve been noticing some strange things with our babies.”

“Like what, Mary?” Lazarus asked.

“We seem to be getting messages from them about foods they want us to eat, but some of it is not what I would ordinarily eat.  My baby wants me to eat slave chow and a biscuit at least once a day.  I don’t mind, but it’s something I wouldn’t think to eat.  Elsie tells me her baby insists she eat slave chow and a biscuit once a day.  And, God forbid we don’t remember to drink at least a couple of glasses of the special milk Waco and the boys bring us once a week.  They get very upset if they haven’t had their milk.  Sometimes, I could swear I hear my baby humming or trying to talk.  Tell him about your experiences, Elsie.”

“Yes, Mistress.   Master Long, when I have the radio on and by accident tune into a popular rock and roll station he seems to become agitated, and I don’t mean just a little.  He hates hip-hop and rap.  He kicks and moves his arms about like he’s crying in distress, but when I turn to a country/Western station or his favorite, a classical music station, he calms right down, and I can feel him relax.  I never listened to classical music in my life, but I’m beginning to like it.  Then sometimes, Mistress Mary and I could swear the babies are conversing with each other.  I know it sounds crazy, but that’s jes’ the feeling we get.”

Mary picked up the conversation.  “We’ve noticed if we read to each other they seem to be listening, and if we quit before they’ve heard enough, they let us know about it.  My baby won’t let me listen to anything else but classical music, and he gets very upset when I watch Television and the news.  There’s nothing on the news anymore but war, war, war, and the New Republic losing thousands of our young men and women.  I know it’s treasonous to say anything against our government and their policies, but he doesn’t seem to like them much.  Elsie tells me the same about her baby.”

Mary and Elsie were quiet for a while like they were waiting for a response from Lazarus.

“Have you related these things to Cable and the med-bots in sickbay?”

“No, Sir,” said Mary, “we wanted to talk with you first.”

“My first reaction is not to worry about it.  Second, it’s hard to say without doing some scans.  We’ll schedule some test before your next session with the Kryscellians.  Chances are your little men are experiencing some rapid development in their brain areas and are becoming very much aware of their situations and surroundings.  That ain’t bad, it’s just your babies might be born a little more advanced than a regular human baby.  I can understand their craving for lummox milk.  Slave chow and a biscuit ain't gonna' hurt you or them.  It's loaded with extra minerals and nutrients freemen don't git enough of in their regular diet.  They must know there's some'um in slave chow they require.  Me and my slave eat slave chow and a biscuit at least once a day.  It keeps us regular and helps control weight.  As far as the music is concerned let them listen to what they want.  They’re either gonna’ wear cowboy boots, big hats, strum gee-tars and sing through their noses or conduct symphony orchestras.”  Lazarus got a laugh out of the folks gathered.

“To be honest, we’re still learning what the Kryscells can do.  I’m learning things about them with my new slave being exposed to them on a regular basis.  I have a feeling they’re doing things to him I’m not aware of.”  Waco, JR, Travis and Little Bear chuckled and winked at Lucas.  Lucas put his head down and blushed.  Lazarus didn’t miss that.  “Until now, we’ve only asked them to heal folks and in your case to make sure the babies are born normal with optimal functions, be sound, healthy and provide you with as easy a birth as possible.  We don’t know what their criterion is for ‘optimal’ or ‘normal’ for that matter.  Let’s run some test before and after your next session, and I’ll have a better answer for you at that time.  However, like I said before, I wouldn’t worry about it.  Perhaps your sons will have a jump start on life.  That couldn’t be bad.”

The ladies were satisfied they weren’t crazy and thanked Lazarus for his opinion.  They said they would look forward to their next visit to sickbay.

The day came to an end, and the last of the guest said their goodbyes.  Waco was sad to see his uncles and Master Bill go.  He had a feeling he was going to see a lot more of them soon enough.  Lazarus asked if he could place a portal button in Angus’ old barn, and he said he’d be happy for him to.  It would mean he could drop by to see his brother and nephew anytime without have to plan a caravan and vice versa.  Charlie could drop in with the boys for dinner more often.  Lazarus stressed that while he was certainly welcome to use the portal for that, his main concern was in case of an emergency, they had a direct link between ranches.  Angus agreed with him it was a good idea.

* * * * * * *

Lazarus went to the kitchen to pickup Lucas.  He was doing some last minute cleanup and helping put food away for Ida Mae.  She made up a couple of bags of food and desserts for him and Lazarus in case they got hungry and wanted to raid the fridge.  Ida hugged and gave Lucas a kiss.  She told Lazarus she didn’t think she wanted Lucas going off for training for three months.  Lazarus laughed and told her he didn’t think she had anything to worry about.
They walked to their house together.  Lucas had his arms full and Lazarus had a bag in one hand.  He managed to put his free arm around Lucas’ shoulder as they walked.

“Are you going to tell me what the Kryscells are doing to or for you, Son?”

“I wasn’t, but I will, Father.  I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“I have a feeling it will be anyway, Lucas.” he grinned at the boy.

“When I asked them to sing to me of math they could only teach me binary math.  While I learned it, it didn’t have any practical application for my world.  It’s basically how they communicate and impart large chunks of knowledge to us slower life forms.  Waco suggested I borrow his little brother’s fifth grade math book, read it, sing it to the Kryscells and let them explain it to me.

Well,— after I read it, I understood it pretty good and didn’t really need to sing it to the Kryscells, but they’re interested in everything I learn so they ask me to sing to them what I learned.  They were fascinated by the Arabian numerals and symbols.  JR's math book is a pre-algebra text, and at the end of the book  is an explanation of what was to come in the following year about algebra and learning other counting systems like binary, and hexadecimal.  They went nuts when I sang to them of  algebra and the hexadecimal system.  They thanked me and told me they would have to think on these startling new revelations.  They asked if I could get a text on algebra or any other counting systems, so I borrowed Master Waco's introduction to Algebra book and sang that to them.  They spent several days digesting it, and then explained it to me in detail.  They were thrilled with the information and told me they hadn't had such wonderful new ways of thinking about math, language and singing in thousands of years.

“Wait a minute!  How are you singing or telling them all this information?”

“I sing the book to them in binary, Father.”

“You what?” Lazarus exclaimed and laughed.

“Don’t be upset with me, Father.”

“I ain’t upset with you, Son,— I’m jes’ amazed by what you’re telling me.  You mean you take the book with you and read it to them?”

“Naw, Sir, I don’t take the book.  I gave 'em back to JR  and Master Waco for school after keeping 'em for a weekend.”

“You ain’t gonna’ tell me you memorized the math book.”

“H’it ain’t what you’d call memorizing, Father.  H’it’s more like instant and total recall.  My mind takes a snapshot of every page.  All I gotta' do is sing it to them."

The men arrived at the house, and Lazarus held the door for Lucas.  He followed him into the kitchen where the boy started putting the food away.

“Would you like a cup of coffee and another slice of chocolate pie, Father?”

“Not right now, thank you.  Sit down here and tell me about this.  Is that why the Kryscells want you to visit them more often?  You’re singing to them the books you’re reading?”

“Yes, Father.”

Lazarus was stunned.  He sat there for a minute and then remembered something.

“Did your read that Herman Melville book I gave you?”

“Moby Dick?  Yes, Sir, I read it.  It was one of the most wonderful books I’ve ever read, and I ain't jes' say'n that 'cause you loved it.  The Kryscellians loved it, too.  They agreed with me it was a powerful story.  I left it in your night stand when I finished it.”

“How long did it take you to read it, Son?”

“It was pretty long and difficult.  It took me two evenings.”

“And you sang it to the Kryscellians without the book?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Can you still recall it?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Go get the book for me.”

“Yes, Father,— right away.”

Lazarus sat there contemplating.  If he had known about this, he would’ve been able to give Mary and Elsie more information; however, he didn’t know if that would’ve been good until he knew more.  Lucas returned and handed Lazarus the thick book.

“Begin at the beginning, Son, and recite until I tell you to stop.”

“Yes, Father.  Call me Ishmael.— ”  Lucas recited almost half the first chapter word for word.  Lazarus couldn’t believe the boy didn’t hesitate once and never missed a word.  Lazarus finally told him to stop.  He thumbed through the book and came to the eighth chapter.

“Start with the eighth chapter, Son, and recite from there.”

Lucas started in again and after three pages of perfect recitation Lazarus told him to halt.  He turned to the last page and told Lucas to recite the last page.  The boy didn’t hesitate and recited the rest of the novel without missing a word.  Lazarus closed the book, and a cold chill ran up his spine.

“How many of these books you’ve read can you recall, Son?” He asked quietly.

“All of them, Father.”

Lazarus shook his head. “I was afraid you’s gonna' say that.” he grinned at Lucas. “So you recited the math book to them as well?”

“Yes, Sir, Father.  Did I do wrong?”

“No, not at all, Son.  C’mere.”  he held his arms open for Lucas, and he moved into them, still unsure of his Master’s mood.

“What you’ve accomplished is nothing short of phenomenal.  Few humans can do that, Son.  I’ve known of a couple in my travels, but they’s damn few.  I’m taking you to the Bandersnatch tomorrow morning.  We got us a long weekend, and I’m entertaining my partner for the weekend.  You haven’t met him yet, but he saw you under reconstruction.  I want Cable and the med-bots to run some tests on you.  They won’t hurt chu’ none.  They’ll jes’ give us a better idea what’s going on in your brain.  This is a remarkable development to say the least.  With your learning capabilities you should be able to catch up with the boys in no time; however, I think we have to come to an agreement as to when and if you want to attend school.”

“I’ve thought about it a lot, Father, and I seem to be soaking in information at a tremendous rate.  It’s so much it seems overwhelming to me at times.  It’s like I live these books I’m reading.  After Waco explained the rules of football to me and we played a few downs, my mind leapt ahead and I saw what was necessary to win the game.  Not only that, but I taught my muscles, in a short period of time to respond to what I wanted to accomplish.  My brain told my muscles how to function to get the optimal performance for the purpose I was undertaking.  With all this knowledge, I have no urge to plan for myself, Father.  I don’t know about learning and what or how much I should be knowing for a boy my age.  Is it healthy for me to know more than is normal for my age?  Will it change me?  I have fears, Father.  I read and hear about boys who grow and learn too fast to understand and rebel against their fathers.  I never want that to happen to me.  I keep telling myself how fortunate I am to be your slave because you will never let it happen to me.  You will control me and guide me through this.”

Lazarus held him tighter and kissed the boy on his forehead.

“I won’t let it happen to you.  I don’t think it will anyway.  I think you’re too intelligent and sensitive to others’ feelings to allow yourself thoughts like that.  You’re too eager to please and help others.  Look what you’ve done for Ida Mae.  She’s ready to kidnap you from me.” Lazarus chuckled. “You’re learning quickly to take care of the house and me.  I’m quite comfortable with your efforts.  I don’t want you worrying about training.  I’ve never done it before with a slave, but I’m going to work closely with you to see you get the best training so you get the most out of it for you as well as for me.  I’ve decided I don’t want Waco taking you for your first time.  I’ve decided I want a mature man to break you in; one who will be gentle yet strong to show you the pleasures as well as the ecstacy of giving yourself to a Master.  That ain’t gonna’ take no three months.  We’ll discuss it more, but I’m thinking you have a choice between three mature men,— Bobby Jessup, Hoot Austin, and one other you probably haven’t thought about.”

“Hank Morgan, Father?” Lucas grinned at him, and Lazarus smiled back.  “I’ve thought about him a lot, Father.  It will be a tough decision.”

“Of course, you ain’t met my partner yet, either.  He ain’t nothing but an old wild-West cowboy, but he’s managed to keep me entertained for well over three hundred years.” Lazarus grinned and winked at Lucas. “You’ll meet him tomorrow.  You ain’t gonna’ have no problems with him staying with me are you?”

“Naw, Sir.  I understand you have your life along with mine.  I don’t have me no fears of ever being outside yore’ life.  I’ll always be within your sphere of love.  Because you love another don’t mean you love me less.  It jes’ means you love me differently and that’s okay.  You love me in a way you don’t love your partner.”

“That’s right.  You learn that from yore’ reading, Son?”

“Yes, Sir.  I read a couple of books by Robert Heinlein.  ‘Stranger In A Strange Land’and ‘Job.’  He's got some rather advanced ideas about love, sexuality and relationships.  I want to read more of his work.”

“That’s fine, just don’t believe a word the son of a bitch has to say about me.”  Lazarus grinned real big.

“He wrote about you, Father?”

“He mentioned my name a couple of times.”  Lazarus tossed off.

“Are we okay, Father.”

“Of course we’re okay, boy.  Now, I’ll have me that coffee and another piece of Ms. Wallace's delicious chocolate pie.”

“Uhhh, Ms. Wallace didn’t cook that pie, Father,— I did, but she told me how.”

“Is it yore’ first?”


“Damn fine pie, Son.  Enjoying a good piece of pie is the closest a man can get to an orgasm without having one.”

“Thanks, Father, glad you like it.  She told me about JR, Father.  I mentioned how much he looked like Mr. Morgan.  She asked me not to say anything.  I won’t, but I have a feeling JR knows anyway.”

“I have a feeling you may be right, Son, but that’s for them to work out.  I think JR knows, but he ain’t ready to have it confirmed yet.  He will be soon enough.  He loves Hank with all his heart.  Ida and Hank ain’t gonna’ have to tell him.  He’ll jes’ tell them he knows one day, and h’it don’t make him no never mind.”

“Why do we talk the way we do, Father?”
“You mean Texas speak as opposed to what your read in books, Son?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Comfort.” was all Lazarus explained as he took another bite of his pie and a good sip of coffee.

“I figured as much.  I’m comfortable with it.”

“Good.  You bunk’n it in with yore’ old Master tonight, Son?”

“I’d really like to, if’n you don’t mind, Sir, since you’ll be occupied all weekend.”

“Not all weekend.  I plan to include you in some things.  You might have a little more free time this weekend to read or join the boys.  Do you enjoy running with them boys, Son?”

“Very much, Father.  They’re each unique and have different things to love about them.  I find Master Waco very attractive.  After I’m broken in, I certainly wouldn’t mind entertaining him for an evening if he found me to his liking.”

“Don’t think you got much to worry about in that department.  I see the way he looks on you sometimes.  There’s lust in that boy’s heart.” Lazarus laughed.  “You really gained his respect today.  He wants you on his football team in the worst way.  He told me you and him would be unbeatable.”

“He told me the same, Father.  I really admire him.  I think he’s as fine a man as his dad and uncles.  I also like Shane and Master Bill a lot.”

“They’s fine men, Son.  I like them, too.  They’re gonna’ be major players in our escape during the final days.”

“Will I have a part to play, Father?”

“A big part, Son.  All you boys will.  You’ll be our front line of defense.  I can’t tell you more, but more will be revealed to you as time goes on.”

“Thanks for the coffee and pie, Son.  We smell like locker rooms.  What say we jump in the shower and hit the hay.  We got us a busy day ahead tomorrow.  Do you have to be up early in the morning?”

“Naw, Sir, I wanted to help Ms. Wallace, but she told me ‘no.’  Said she didn’t need no help tomorrow morning, and for me to sleep in with my Master.  Said to tell you breakfast would be an hour later than usual.”

“Good.  I’d like to wallow around in bed with my slave-boy tomorrow morning and be lazy for a little while.”

“Sounds good to me, Sir.”

The men went upstair and Lucas undressed his Master.  Before he removed his Master’s boots he asked permission to pay homage to them.  Lazarus granted his request and the boy made gentle love to the big cowboy’s boots.  They completed the ritual and completed a kiss with a bit more passion than the usual Master/slave kiss.  Lucas had something to tell his Master, and it was the only way he could do it.  Words wouldn’t have worked.  Lazarus got the boy’s message loud and clear.  He returned Lucas kiss to let him know he understood and felt the same.  There was no gap between their understanding.

Lucas removed Lazarus’ boots and carefully set them aside for polishing tomorrow.  He put his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper.  He quickly undressed himself and followed his Master to the shower.  Lucas cleaned his Master first and while it wasn’t Lazarus’ habit to bathe his slave, he made an exception were Lucas was concerned.  The boy was so perfect in every detail his mere presence aroused Lazarus.  They stood under the hot water and Lazarus stroked the young man until he ejaculated on the shower floor.

Lucas was sucking on Lazarus tit like he was expecting lummox milk to flow, but instead he got the wonderful flavors of his creator.  After he came, he asked Lazarus if he could do the same for him.  Lazarus granted him permission and the boy had him off in no time.  He was still chewing and sucking on Lazarus’ tit as he exploded onto the shower floor.  They cleaned each others’ foreskin one last time and exited the shower.

Lucas took his time drying Lazarus and gave him a sensual rubdown with the towel.  He hurriedly finished drying himself and joined his Master in his bedroom.  Lazarus had the covers rolled down and motioned for Lucas to get into bed.  They got into bed and Lazarus opened his arms to the boy.  Lucas rolled into his Master’s cowboy arms and let out a deep sigh.  Lazarus didn’t have to ask about that one.  He knew.

“Thanks for the help in the shower, Son.  It was much appreciated.”

“Anytime, Father.  It’s my only wish to serve you and make you proud of me.”

“I am proud of you, Lucas.  I couldn’t be more proud of you.  Don’t have fears, Son.  As soon as I understand what’s going on, I’ll take over from there.  I won’t let you go further or faster than I think you should.  I’m always open for discussion, but you must know, I own you, and as your Master any decisions I make are final.  You may not always agree with my decisions, but you must go along with them because it's my right as your Master to decided for your life; however, I will always try to do the right thing for you.”

“I’m not afraid, Father.  I accept my situation and I’m comfortable with it.  More comfortable than I’ve ever been in my life.  I love you, Father.”

“I love you, too, Son.  Now, let’s get some sleep.”

“Goodnight, Father.”

“Goodnight, Son.”

Lazarus wondered how you could set the worth of any human being?  Each one brings to life different experiences and different ways of loving.  How could anyone set a price on this boy of ten dollars per pound four months ago?  What was he worth today?  Lazarus knew there were members of secret government agencies who would love to get their hands on a young man with Lucas’ talents.  What would they pay?  Millions perhaps?  After all, it was only money.  Taxpayer dollars.  But, what of the true worth of the boy he held in his arms?  He was worth far more than can be decided by money.  He was like a diamond in the rough, uncut, with little more than the surface polished.  The voices of the ancients had chosen well for them.  Their fortune was their growing love for one another that lay safely, rapidly compounding interest, within the fortress of their strong hearts, and that,— was priceless.

End Chapter 12 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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